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Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege

Rainbow Six Siege may finally see Zofia's Withstand ability nerfedJan 25, 2021 - PCGamesNUbisoft is testing out a version of Rainbow Six Siege attacker Zofia that has been stripped of her controversial Withstand ability, which allows Zofia to stand up with 5% of her health after being downed. The change comes hot on the heels of an EU League Finals match in which MnM Gaming's Yuzus pulled off a 1v2 win using the ability. In the Y5S4.3 Designer's Notes published today, Ubisoft runs through some balancing changes that will be arriving with the multiplayer game's 4.3 patch. In Platinum ranks and above, Zofia appears in around 70% of matches - the second most popular, among attackers - and while her Withstand ability isn't usually a factor in determining the outcome of games, situations where it does prove the deciding factor are generally derided as being unfair. So after three years or so of the ability taking flak from top players, Withstand looks like it's finally getting the axe. It's been removed from Zofia's ability set on the test server, along with her resistance to concussion effects. Ubisoft has also reduced the explosive range of her impact grenade, from three metres down to two. Read the rest of the story... RELATED LINKS: Rainbow Six Siege's The Road to SI is back for 2021 Rainbow Six Siege update fixes bizarre rapid spinning fps bug (and others, too) Rainbow Six Siege hotfix requires players to have a friend in a squad to join a lobby Y5S4.3 DESIGNER'S NOTESJan 25, 2021 - Community AnnouncementsIn this latest edition of Designer’s Notes, we'll go into more detail about the balancing changes that’ll come with the 4.3 patch and give you an insight into the reasons behind these changes. BALANCING MATRIX AND TOP OPERATOR BANS WIN DELTA VS. PRESENCE {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/8328525/2c7caac51a2fb40fce7f8895d40f15b6a07fc833.png {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/8328525/0a326d3b3b481bc1f83d3ff9324de02068db5232.png *Please note that we are using presence to gauge the popularity of an Operator. This notion had to be introduced to reflect the implementation of the pick & ban.* *Presence definition: pick rate of an Operator when not banned. Win Delta: The Win Delta is aggregated from Operator’s Win Deltas per Bomb Site.* OPERATOR BAN RATE {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/8328525/abc95d6442d27fb3795db622efeeba4c5658dcb2.png {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/8328525/663a0325f6a135bf8939a39615f37721bd660316.png *Due to a continued tracking issue, we are unable to provide the "No Ban" details for this edition of Designer’s Notes. We hope to have this fixed for the next one.* OPERATOR BALANCING ASH - Reduced Breaching Round explosive damage range to 2m (from 3.5m) Population targeted by this change: Casual, Top Ranked and Pros. According to the Balancing Matrix, Ash continues to be the Attacker with the highest presence, owing to her strong versatility. Specifically, the explosion range on her Breaching Round has made her an effective utility denier from below, destroying gadgets in the top floor ceiling, like Kaid's Electroclaws. By reducing this range, this will bring her versatility more in line with other Attackers. BUCK - Increased shotgun's total ammo to 30+1 (from 26) - Added Hard Breach Charge (Removed Claymore) Population targeted by this change: Pros. Further differentiating Buck from Sledge and highlighting his unique strategies as a master of destruction, we are increasing his utility with a Hard Breach Charge and additional shotgun ammo. Combined with his Stun Grenades, we expect the Hard Breach Charge to offer additional versatility and increase his presence in matches. As his shotgun is less reliable than Sledge's trusty hammer, the extra ammo will ensure Buck brings value to team compositions while accounting for the additional shots required (i.e. two shots required to destroy both layers of the floor). ECHO - Reduced Yokai drone jump cooldown to 2s (from 3s) - Reduced animation time when Yokai fails to stick to the ceiling to 0.5s (from 2s) - Reduced Sonic Burst cooldown to 16s (from 20s) Population targeted by this change: Casual, Top Ranked and Pros. With this patch, we wanted to improve the way Echo's Yokai drone feels to use, focusing on quality of life changes. Compensating for the removal of invisibility, players will find that the Yokai is more reactive to their commands and has a snappier feel. This empowers Echo to be more aggressive with his drone use. ELA - Removed resistance to Concussion effects - Removed the "extra" mine while in DBNO Population targeted by this change: ...Rainbow Six Siege cheaters find their PCs are being used to mine BitcoinJan 22, 2021 - The Loadout22/01/2021 Ubisoft tells The Loadout it is "dedicated to fighting against cheating" Anyone who plays online multiplayer games knows that cheating is a morally corrupt pastime. Whatever game you play, cheaters are the bane of your games. It's no fun to play against someone who has an unfair advantage - especially in any of the biggest esports games - whether it's an aimbot, a wallhack, or anything else. Therefore, most players will be happy when cheaters get their comeuppance. However, that usually takes the form of a ban from the game that they're cheating in. In this instance, the creators of a free Rainbow Six Siege cheat installed supplementary software on cheaters' PCs so that they could use the CPU to mine Bitcoin. If you've ever come up against a cheater while climbing the RS6 ranks, you may think that they've got what they deserved. While the cheat's creators acknowledge that what they're doing "may not be legal," they say that they "need to make money somehow." They also point out that uninstalling the cheat will not restrict their access as they now have multiple backdoor entries through your BIOS. They maintain that what they're doing is moral, due to the fact that they will only mine Bitcoin at 23:00 EST when your computer is idle. Read the rest of the story... RELATED LINKS: Rainbow Six Siege's 2021 Six Invitational will be hosted in Paris Ubisoft merges US and Canada Rainbow Six Siege divisions into one NA League Chaos Esports Club to exit CS:GO and Rainbow Six Siege scenes Rainbow Six Siege's The Road to SI is back for 2021Jan 19, 2021 - PCGamesNThe Operator Olympics are back, just in time for the 2021 Six Invitational in Rainbow Six Siege. The in-game event centers on the Stadium map and comes with a new battle pass, which is full of rewards to earn and unlock between now and conclusion to the Six Invitational, Siege's first in-person pro event in a year. During the multiplayer game's Road to SI event, which begins January 21, you'll be able to play as any operator in three-minute, three-round unranked Plant the Bomb, with Pick and Ban enabled. Four captains have been chosen from Siege's roster: Mira, Capitão, Ash, and Vigil. Each team will be decked out in uniforms based on battle pass-themed content, Ubisoft says. The battle pass itself offers the usual free and premium tracks. The premium track can be unlocked for 1,200 R6 Credits, and 30% of the revenue raised from sales will be dropped directly into the Six Invitational prize pool, up to a maximum of $3 million USD. That tournament is scheduled to run from February 9-21 in Paris, and as the first in-person LAN event held in Siege since the outbreak of COVID-19, it will be following "strict sanitary measures, in line with guidelines from health organisations and local authorities." Read the rest of the story... RELATED LINKS: Rainbow Six Siege update fixes bizarre rapid spinning fps bug (and others, too) Rainbow Six Siege hotfix requires players to have a friend in a squad to join a lobby Rainbow Six Siege's new battle pass is its biggest and longest ever Y5S4.2 Patch NotesJan 19, 2021 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/8328525/2a023aa61770648db08a64eacd4e57c6ce5b3720.png Y5S4.2 PATCH SIZE Below you will find the download sizes for each platform. - Ubisoft Connect: 1.2 GB - Steam: 775.0 MB - Xbox One: 1.6 GB - Xbox Series X: 2.0 GB - PS4: 1.5 GB - PS5: 3.6 GB BUG FIXES GAMEPLAY - FIXED – Once a PVE session is completed and the "Vote for Retry" button is pressed, after the next PVE session, the "Find Another" button exhibits the same functionality. - FIXED – HUD settings applied from the Custom Game playlist are not being applied to the host. LEVEL DESIGN - FIXED – Various LOD issues present across a multitude of maps. - FIXED – Several gadget deployment issues present on Theme Park, Outback, and Border maps. - FIXED – Multiple vault prompt issues present across several maps that either prevent players from properly vaulting or cause rubber banding. - FIXED – Updated the wall shelf in the Kitchen on Chalet map. - FIXED – SFX are missing when placing Nomad's Airjab Launcher in the Main Entrance Barricade on Oregon map. - FIXED – Arcade machine glass is destroyed inconsistently on Theme Park map. - FIXED – Players can glitch themselves into the concrete dock in EXT Back Alley on Bank map. - FIXED – FPS drops can occur for everyone in the session if a player spins rapidly in a certain spot of 1F Archives on Bank map. - FIXED – Drone can be placed on a fence on EXT Back Alley to see through a gap in the West Wall on Bank map. - FIXED – Players pushed on top of the vase at 1F ATMs can spawn peek out of the window on Bank map. - FIXED – Several texture issues present that impact drones in 2F Executive Lounge, EXT Low Roof, EXT Parking, and 2F Hallway on Bank map. - FIXED – Unfair line of sight created by the gap between the column and the wall near 1F Staff Room on Bank map. - FIXED – Several items can be seen floating in the air after destroying surrounding items on various maps. - FIXED – Shaded gap is present between patches of snow at EXT Campfire Woods on Chalet map. - FIXED – Gadgets are experiencing clipping and collision issues in various places on maps. - FIXED – Drone camera issues present, allowing players to see under the world on both Clubhouse and House maps. - FIXED – Drone capture and retrieval issues present in 2F Control Room Hallway on Kanal map if Mozzie's Pest Launcher clips through the ground. - FIXED – EXT Control Tower, EXT Street, and EXT Spitfire Courtyard location names are not displaying on screen while a drone is being used in those particular areas on Hereford Base map. - FIXED – Maverick's Breaching Torch has to be used in order to destroy the wooden floors under the blue tarp carpets on Outback map. - FIXED – The "You will die in" message displays when entering the 1F Kitchen from 1F Restaurant for a brief moment when under the doorframe on Outback map. - FIXED – Attackers can enter Frost's Welcome Mat through the wall of 1F Kitchen on Outback map under particular circumstances. - FIXED – Operators can get stuck when g...Rainbow Six Siege update fixes bizarre rapid spinning fps bug (and others, too)Jan 19, 2021 - PCGamesNUbisoft is dropping a new Rainbow Six Siege update today and, alongside a host of gameplay, level design, operator, and user experience fixes and adjustments, there are a few, er, quirky hiccups that are getting patched. One of which involves causing frames-per-second dips by doing doughnuts really, really quickly in a certain spot. Huh. "Fixed - fps drops can occur for everyone in the session if a player spins rapidly in a certain spot of 1F Archives on Bank map," the latest Siege patch notes detail. It's not quite clear what this certain spot is from the notes, but the hiccup sounds mighty similar to one described back in November 2018 by YouTuber DBL Online. They showed that, if a group of players headed to a certain corner in the Bank map's first-floor archives room (having dialled up vertical and horizontal sensitivity to 100, and dead zones down low) and span around on the spot very quickly, the FPS game's, er, fps would drop significantly. At the time, the YouTuber reported that the glitch could affect everyone in a game. Read the rest of the story... RELATED LINKS: Rainbow Six Siege's The Road to SI is back for 2021 Rainbow Six Siege hotfix requires players to have a friend in a squad to join a lobby Rainbow Six Siege's new battle pass is its biggest and longest ever Rainbow Six Siege's 2021 Six Invitational will be hosted in ParisJan 18, 2021 - The LoadoutUbisoft has confirmed that this year's Rainbow Six Siege Six Invitational will be held in Paris next month, with 20 of the world's top Siege teams descending on the French capital. The tournament will be offline but with strict health and safety protocols, and it will be the first to not be held in Montreal. The prize pool is currently not set in stone, but Ubisoft has announced that it will be capped at a total of $3 million. It will start with a base of $500,000 and revenue from the sales of the Six Invitational Battle Pass will top up the rest. If the community generates enough revenue to pass the $3 million cap, the extra money will be used by Ubisoft to fund this year's competitive scene. The format will see the 20 teams split into two groups. Each team will play nine best-of-one matches, and the top eight teams from each group will progress to the playoffs. This means only two teams in total will be eliminated from the group stage. Read the rest of the story... RELATED LINKS: Rainbow Six Siege cheaters find their PCs are being used to mine Bitcoin Ubisoft merges US and Canada Rainbow Six Siege divisions into one NA League Chaos Esports Club to exit CS:GO and Rainbow Six Siege scenes Rainbow Six Siege hotfix requires players to have a friend in a squad to join a lobbyJan 8, 2021 - PCGamesNUbisoft has pushed a hotfix for Rainbow Six Siege that requires PC players to have a friend in one of a lobby's squads before joining. The fix is meant to shut down an exploit that allowed hackers to force their way into lobbies where they weren't welcome. This latest hotfix to Ubisoft's multiplayer game only applies to players on PC for the time being. "Now players can only join games in which they have a friend already in that squad (whether it be the squad host, or someone else already in that party)", Ubisoft tweeted today from the official Rainbow Six Siege twitter account. "Players can no longer use an exploit to force themselves into squads with other players", the tweet concludes. The lobby hacking issue has come to light mainly due to Siege streamers, who have in the past week found themselves seeing unfamiliar players barging into their pre-game lobbies and refusing to leave. FPL players have encountered these invaders as well, so it's not surprising that Ubisoft has moved swiftly to address the issue. Read the rest of the story... RELATED LINKS: Rainbow Six Siege's new battle pass is its biggest and longest ever Rainbow Six Siege Neon Dawn release date: every change detailed Rainbow Six Siege Neon Dawn release times and patch size announced Ubisoft merges US and Canada Rainbow Six Siege divisions into one NA LeagueJan 6, 2021 - The LoadoutFollowing a number of high-profile esports organisations dropping out of the competitive Rainbow Six Siege scene, Ubisoft has made the decision to merge the US and Canada divisions into a single North America Division. While Ubisoft claims the move is being done to "ensure that all North American players are competing at the highest level of competition," this is also certainly a workaround to make up the numbers in the US, where organisations such as eUnited and Tempo Storm recently pulled out. The same merger will be happening with the Challenger Leagues that sat under the top divisions in the US and Canada. Ubisoft says more details about how the NA Division will work will be released after the Six Invitational in February. According to a coach of one of the Canadian teams, the merger will see teams from the region given the ultimatum of relocating to Las Vegas before the NA Division begins in March or face losing their spot in top-tier Siege. Read the rest of the story... RELATED LINKS: Chaos Esports Club to exit CS:GO and Rainbow Six Siege scenes Rainbow Six Siege patch notes Neon Dawn - next-gen upgrades and Aruni Rainbow Six Siege is getting a streamer mode in Year 6 Rainbow Six Siege legacy version comes to the ArcadeDec 18, 2020 - Rock, Paper, ShotgunThe year 2021 is fast approaching, but rather than confront the horrors of the unknown just yet, Rainbow Six Siege is taking a step back into its past. Ubisoft have summoned up R6 Siege: Classic, if you will. The Legacy Arcade is a version of Siege from its early days that you can play from now until January 5th. (more…) Rainbow Six Siege legacy version comes to the ArcadeDec 18, 2020 - Rock, Paper, ShotgunThe year 2021 is fast approaching, but rather than confront the horrors of the unknown just yet, Rainbow Six Siege is taking a step back into its past. Ubisoft have summoned up R6 Siege: Classic, if you will. The Legacy Arcade is a version of Siege from its early days that you can play from now until January 5th. (more…) DevBlog: Reputation SystemDec 18, 2020 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/8328525/d8baddb817b1cffce3278abbe47cadb00cfbb870.png Early in Year 5, we announced the development of the Reputation System within Rainbow Six Siege. We planned to make it available at the end of the year, but due to the pandemic, we postponed the global release. However, we deployed parts of the system with every season launch since Operation Shifting Tides, resulting in a live system that is currently in the background. Reputation System at a Glance The Reputation System gives players the tools they need to be positive members of the Siege community while also acting as an educational tool helping players to understand when and why an action is disruptive. It leverages the actions and experiences of players to determine the reputability of the entire community. Our goal is to discourage toxicity and promote positive behavior while giving more feedback to players so they can have agency over their reputation. We want to help players prioritize healthy interactions, improve cooperation, and reward positive behaviors so those creating a safe atmosphere feel recognized and valued as key members of the Rainbow Six Siege community. Newcomers, pros, casual players, and streamers alike all deserve to feel safe while playing Siege, and this system intends to help enforce that. Over the past year, deployments for the Reputation System were made in the background, so while the entire system is currently live, it is not visible in the front-end and has no impact yet on players. These “shadow” deployments have allowed us to continue making the observations, iterations, and balancing updates needed to improve the scoring system so that it treats all players in a fair way.   Scoring and Sanction System As seen in Figure 1, players are evaluated based on their positive or negative actions and are given a reputation score. This score is part of a level system that distributes sanctions and rewards. The reputation score is informed by two layers: actions and branches (Figure 2). The various actions a player takes in-game result in action scores. These branches are then summed up to influence the player’s overall reputation score. The reputation score is vital for determining a player’s overall behavior. A low enough reputation score results in a sanction. However, in order to be proactive with sanctioning players who are actively being toxic, we have designed the system so players can also receive preventive sanctions and warnings based on the score of their immediate actions. Year 6 Plan In the coming year, we will continue to bala...Y5S4.1 Patch NotesDec 17, 2020 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/8328525/a9756852ee300889ee30b1b46bc1cabe3d82675a.png Y5S4.1 PATCH SIZE Below you will find the download sizes for each platform. - Ubisoft Connect: 1.07 GB - Steam: 803.2 MB - Xbox One: 1.02 GB - Xbox Series X: 1.02 GB - PS4: 977 MiB - PS5: 875 MiB TWEAKS AND IMPROVEMENTS GAME HEALTH Custom Game Timers - A pause/resume timer option has been added to lobby creator's menu options during the Planning Phase for Online Custom Games. This setting is accessible by click the Menu icon found in the top right of the screen. - This pause timer has a default timeout setting of 10 minutes and can be adjusted as needed. BUG FIXES LEVEL DESIGN - FIXED – Various defuser planting and retrieval issues in specific areas on maps. - FIXED – Minor rappel issues present on Skyscraper and Plane maps. - FIXED – Several glass resistance and destruction issues present on Bank and Outback maps. - FIXED – Drones are able to pass through multiple objects and textures. - FIXED – A multitude of LOD issues present on Skyscraper map. - FIXED – Line of sight issue present between the railing and wall in 2F Exhibition Room on Skyscraper map. - FIXED – Misaligned textures and clipping are present on various surfaces on Skyscraper map. - FIXED – Deployable gadgets can be heavily obscured in table debris in 2F Geisha Room on Skyscraper map. - FIXED – Compass location is missing in drone view on top of the fence in EXT Ventilation Units on Skyscraper map. - FIXED – An Operator will spawn on top of the display case on the north side of 2F Exhibition Room on Skyscraper map. - FIXED – Ceiling vents are not visible underneath the ceiling in 2F Shrine on Skyscraper map. - FIXED – Several collision issues present when destroying items on Skyscraper map. - FIXED – Various gaps and seams present between objects on Skyscraper map. - FIXED – LOD issue present on a box located at the south side of 1F Cargo Hold on Plane map. - FIXED – A gap is visible between the west wall and ceiling in 1F Garage on Clubhouse map. - FIXED – Players can clip at the NE corner of the EXT Roof on Border map. - FIXED – Attackers can navigate to certain points on Coastline map to create an unfair line of sight. - FIXED – Lighting issues on Skyscraper map create various hiding points for Operators and their gadgets. - FIXED – Some cardboard boxes have a delay when being destroyed on Tower map. OPERATORS - FIXED – Twitch's Shock drones and Echo's Yokai drone are shooting when the player begins to pull the trigger rather than the end position of the trigger. - FIXED – Inputs for Operator drones and cameras are not swapping when left-handed controls are selected. - FIXED – Montagne can melee and extend his shield in the same animation. - FIXED – Sound effects aren't present when Tachanka melees an indestructible wall or item with the Shumikha Launcher. - FIXED – Fire sound effects are present even when fire does not emit from Tachanka's weapon. - FIXED – Rook's facemask is white instead of the intended ...Chaos Esports Club to exit CS:GO and Rainbow Six Siege scenesDec 3, 2020 - The LoadoutLess than four months after announcing two music industry heavyweights as its parent company's new co-owners, Chaos Esports Club has dropped its rosters from two of the biggest esports scenes. Despite revealing rappers Logic and Pusha T as co-owners of GG Group in August of this year, Chaos has now announced that it is looking to rehome its Counter-Strike Global Offensive and Rainbow Six Siege teams before the end of the year and will completely exit both competitive scenes. Citing the drop in sponsorship revenue caused by the pandemic, Chaos says in a statement that it can no longer "support our rosters and the incredible players behind them." 2020 has also seen Chaos drop out of the professional Dota 2 and Rocket League scenes in what appears to be a conscious shift away from competing towards content creation. In the CS:GO and Siege announcement, Chaos says: "As an organization we will be accelerating our shift to focus on supporting more content creators both in and outside of gaming." Read the rest of the story... RELATED LINKS: CS:GO teams clash with CSPPA over BLAST Premier player protests CS:GO major in spring 2021 reportedly cancelled by Valve G2 drops CS:GO veteran JaCkz Y5S4 Neon Dawn Patch Notes AddendumDec 3, 2020 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/8328525/af7c5ffddb1a362169dfce4267a7a34105d2ecb2.png Updates and fixes made over the course of the Y5S4 Test Server. For the full Neon Dawn Patch Notes, follow the link below. Neon Dawn Patch Notes Y5S4 PATCH SIZE - A larger download will be required for Y5S4 due to a data consolidation. - This is to save disk space, reduce overall build size, and improve loading times for players. - Below you will find the download sizes for each platform. - PC: 60-87GB - Series X: 3.2GB - Xbox One: 35.9GB - PS4: 35.9GB - PS5: 5.38GB TWEAKS AND IMPROVEMENTS GAME HEALTH Defuser Pickup - The defuser pick up interaction that was introduced during the 3.3 update has been deactivated. The defuser prompt will be available later on in Season 4. - Auto-pickup, when walking over the defuser, is still active. Explosion Haze - Explosion haze will be removed from all maps with Y5S4.0 to ensure consistency and reliability, which is not achieved with the current haze system. Muffled Sounds - Low Health - Muffled sounds when players are low in health have been toned down. Players will find themselves at less of a disadvantage in these situations. BUG FIXES GAMEPLAY - FIXED – Players are unable to start Training Grounds through matchmaking. - FIXED – Exploit that allowed players to overwrite the game mode, rules, or map in matchmade games. - FIXED – Player can lose control of their character at the end of a round. - FIXED – Several functionality issues present when picking up or attempting to detonate a Nitro Cell. - FIXED – Various matchmaking capabilities when finding another match after a match cancellation and when the player joins a match in progress. - FIXED – Players are able to see the opposing team before joining the match. - FIXED – Deployable gadgets' colliders don't rotate with player perspective. - FIXED – Sticky gadgets are bouncing off of bulletproof gadgets. - FIXED – All players in a game are experiencing FPS drops when a player spins in a specific location on some maps. LEVEL DESIGN - FIXED – Bomb asset has a minor gap visible on all maps. - FIXED – Teamkills with RFF disabled will take effect on the first map with RFF enabled. - FIXED – Various map asset destruction issues. - FIXED – Audio issues are present on various maps. - FIXED – Inconsistent vault prompts found on several maps. - FIXED – Various defuser planting and retrieval issues in specific areas on maps. - FIXED – Gadget deployment issues found on multiple maps. - FIXED – Lighting and mesh issues visible on various maps. - FIXED – Collision issues present on several different maps. CHALET - FIXED – Ability to use a shield to vault onto the counter in the Piano Room on Chalet map. - FIXED – Glass cannot be properly destroyed in the fridge and cigar cabinet on Chalet map. - FIXED – Operator's legs clip through all the stone walls that surround B Backyard Stairs on Chalet map. CLUBHOUSE - FIXED – LOS issues on Clubhouse map from 1F Garage to Eastern Sub-roof. SKYSCRAPER - FIXED – A ...Rainbow Six Siege patch notes Neon Dawn - next-gen upgrades and AruniDec 2, 2020 - The LoadoutThe latest season of Rainbow Six Siege, Operation Neon Dawn, has finally arrived as part of a major update that also delivers next-gen upgrades for Xbox Series X|S and PS5. Regardless of your platform of choice, this is a very sizeable update indeed, weighing in at a whopping 60-87GB on PC, 35.9GB on Xbox One and PS4, 3.2GB on Xbox Series X, and 5.38GB on PS5. In the update's patch notes, Ubisoft confirms that the larger download size is required due to a data consolidation. While downloading such a hefty update isn't ideal, it will ultimately reduce the game's required disc space and boost loading times. Neon Dawn's headline additions are the reworked Skyscraper map and new operator Aruni, whose laser traps should come in handy when playing defensively. The recent update also delivers a number of bug fixes, tweaks, and more - the full list of which can be seen in the Neon Dawn patch notes. Read the rest of the story... RELATED LINKS: Chaos Esports Club to exit CS:GO and Rainbow Six Siege scenes Rainbow Six Siege is getting a streamer mode in Year 6 Rainbow Six Siege on PS5 to get adaptive trigger and haptic feedback support Rainbow Six Siege's new battle pass is its biggest and longest everDec 1, 2020 - PCGamesNOperation Neon Dawn has arrived in Rainbow Six Siege, bringing with it a new battle pass. At 100 tiers, this is the biggest Siege battle pass ever, and it's set to last all season - making it the longest battle pass, too. The new Six Invitational battle pass for the multiplayer game is out now, and it has a premium track available for 1200 R6 credits (which cost $9.99 USD if you buy them outright). 30% of the revenues go to the Six Invitational prize pool. In it, you'll find a selection of cosmetics like skins, weapon wraps, charms, and the like to unlock and earn on both the free and premium tracks, and you'll have all season to complete it. That's the longest we've ever had with a Rainbow Six Siege battle pass. The battle pass arrives alongside the rework of Skyscraper and the debut of Thai operator Aruni, a defender who can set up laser grids called Surya gates over doorways. These will toast anything that passes through them, which can buy the defending team some crucial extra time. Read the rest of the story... RELATED LINKS: Rainbow Six Siege Neon Dawn release date: every change detailed Rainbow Six Siege Neon Dawn release times and patch size announced Rainbow Six Siege's new operator bundle benefits AbleGamers Operation Neon Dawn LaunchDec 1, 2020 - Community AnnouncementsOperation Neon Dawn, the final season of Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege Year 5, is now available. This new season brings new features such as Aruni, a brand-new Operator, the rework of the Skyscraper map as well as new accessibility settings. Owners of the Year 5 Pass can play with Aruni immediately, while other players can unlock her with Renown or R6 Credits starting December 8. New seasonal content, including the Skyscraper map rework, are available for free to all players. Year 5 Season 4 also welcomes the Battle Pass, available now through February 22nd. Equipped with an original gadget called the Surya Gate, Aruni can deploy laser gates on walls, hatches, doors, and windows. Those gates damage Attackers and their utility but turn off to allow defenders to access. The gate is intended as an obstacle, zapping all drones, projectiles and damage Operators. Aruni comes with a P10 RONI or a MK 14 EBR as a primary weapon, and a PRB 92 as a secondary weapon. In addition to this new Operator, players can now discover a reimagined Skyscraper map, which has been newly reworked with three major objectives. The first is driving Attackers inside by lowering the number of balconies and relocating them to remove some of the crossfire players could create previously from outside. An entirely new rotation between the two sides of the building on the second floor was also added. Lastly, the bombsites have been balanced to make them all more competitive. Operation Neon Dawn also marks the launch of the Sixth Guardian program, in which certain seasons have a limited-time bundle dedicated to a different charity. As of today, Rainbow Six Siege players can purchase a bundle with a uniform, weapon skin, charm, and headgear for Doc. One hundred percent of net proceeds, with a minimum of $6 USD per bundle sold, will be donated to The AbleGamers Charity. AbleGamers is a U.S.-based nonprofit organization that aims to support players with disabilities by providing gamers with the tools they need to enjoy their playing experience and by promoting inclusion in the video game industry. For more information about Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, please visit Rainbow Six Siege season Neon Dawn launches tomorrowNov 30, 2020 - Rock, Paper, ShotgunRight about now I hear “neon” and I think “cyberpunk” but hold up, Neon Dawn is the next season of Rainbow Six Siege and it launches tomorrow. Ubisoft have detailed exactly when you can expect them to deploy the dawn and how big the update will be. You’ll be up against the new defender Aruni before long. (more…) Rainbow Six Siege Neon Dawn release times and patch size announcedNov 30, 2020 - PCGamesNThe Rainbow Six Siege Neon Dawn release date is now upon us. Ubisoft has announced that the FPS game's Year 5, Season 2 patch will be launching onto live servers this week, and has detailed the release times as well as patch sizes across the various platforms, giving us an idea of how just much space it'll take up. And, there's good news on that front, as the studio says the Neon Dawn update will be making the overall size of the game a bit smaller. First up, those release times. Ubisoft has announced on Twitter that the Rainbow Six Siege Neon Dawn release times will be 05:00 PT / 08:00 ET / 13:00 GMT / 14:00 CET on December 1 for PC players (one hour later for PlayStation players and two hours later for those on Xbox). The approximate downtime while the patch drops will be around one hour. In addition, the developer announces: "With Operation Neon Dawn, we will be consolidating data files which means this patch is larger than usual, but when complete will take up less memory on your computer/console". Read the rest of the story... RELATED LINKS: Rainbow Six Siege's new battle pass is its biggest and longest ever Rainbow Six Siege Neon Dawn release date: every change detailed Rainbow Six Siege's new operator bundle benefits AbleGamers Rainbow Six: Siege Hits New All-Time High Player Count, Up 51% After Operation Chimera UpdateMar 7, 2018 - GitHypRainbow Six: Siege was last year’s biggest comeback story on Steam. Launching with a peak of only 12k players back in 2015, Ubisoft’s tactical shooter saw its player base break 100k players for the first time ever in 2017. Now in its third year on Steam, Rainbow Six: Siege is bigger than ever. Today, R6S saw its player base rise by 51% from yesterday, hitting a new all-time peak of 176k concurrent players after releasing its biggest content update yet. [caption id="attachment_334858" align="aligncenter" width="770"] Rainbow Six: Siege's Peak Concurrent Players on Steam via GitHyp[/caption] The Operation Chimera content update that was responsible for the explosive growth brings two new operator characters, a co-op zombie mode called Outbreak, and has also unlocked features such as weapon attachments and all 20 of the original operators for those who purchased prior versions of the game. 2018 was already a great year for R6S with the player base increasing by 10k players in both January and February. And with interest among gamers now stronger than ever for the competitive shooter, Rainbow Six: Siege is likely to continue its growth this year and remain in Steam’s top 5 most played games right behind PUBG, Dota 2, and CS:GO.Gaming's Biggest Bombs and Best Comebacks on Steam in 2017Jan 10, 2018 - GitHyp2017 was an odd year for gaming. After most of the overhyped games that didn’t deliver in 2016, gamers weren’t as quick to jump on the hype train of new titles in 2017. As a result, only one game in 2017 broke into Steam’s top 10 most played, compared to five in 2016. That one game? If you couldn’t guess, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, which had a record-breaking year and toppled Valve's own top games, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Dota 2, to become Steam's new #1 game. The next closest new game was Divinity: Original Sin II, which despite very positive reviews and winning multiple Game of the Year awards, only debuted at #12 with 93k players. So, what exactly happened in 2017? Conan Exiles was the hottest new game at the start of the year. The game's open world combined with nude character models caused it to explode in popularity on Twitch, which in turn helped the player base skyrocket to a peak of 53k players back in February 2017. But Conan quickly lost momentum and saw 93% of his player base exit the game just a couple months later due to bugs, limited content, and other early access issues. With Ubisoft’s poor track record and some of the previous year’s biggest bombs, many still had hope that their new melee brawler, For Honor, was unique enough to break the cycle. And it seemed possible after a successful beta. Sadly, For Honor went on to become 2017’s biggest flop with an even quicker player base drop-off than The Division -- falling from a peak of 71k players all the way down to an average of 1.9k players to end the year. GitHyp predicted LawBreakers would flop based on early beta player counts and we compared it to 2016’s Battleborn. But LawBreakers ended up much worse than Battleborn’s disappointing peak of 12k players at launch. The new shooter from CliffyB peaked at 7.5k players and since has lost 99% of its player base, now struggling to break 50 concurrent players each day and often dropping down into the single digits. Publisher Nexon recently wrote the entire game off, blaming PUBG for their shooter not clicking with audiences, while most games have placed the blame on the marketing and developers at Boss Key. Speaking of Battleborn, it too was in the news in 2017 despite its failed launched in 2016. The dying class-based shooter switched to the free-to-play model in 2017 to try and salvage the title. And sure enough, the f2p switch helped spike the player base back up to over one thousand players… but, that number quickly dropped back down to under one hundred. And just like LawBreakers, it too has since lost 99% of its player base. Although, switching to the free-to-play model wasn’t enough to save most struggling games, there were also many success stories in 2017. The MOBA-inspired, Battlerite, started with a peak of 13k players towards the end of 2016. One year later it was struggling to break 1k players. After switching to f2p, the peak spiked at 45k players, and the arena brawler is still managing to maintain an average of over 10k concurrent players. Ubisoft might have been responsible for 2017's biggest bomb, but they were also responsible for 2017's biggest comeback. Their competitive squad shooter, Rainbow Six: Siege, had a rough start when it was overshadowed by Ubisoft's other upcoming title, The Division, back in 2015. But after numerous tweaks, balances, and updates to the gameplay and pricing format, Siege has seen its player base continue to rise each month. In November 2015, Siege launched with a average of 7.6k players per hour. In December 2017, that number grew to an average of 69k players per hour. Siege even broke 100k players at its peak last month and is now almost always in Steam's top 5 most played games. Payday 2 was the year's other biggest success story. The four-player co-op shooter originally launched on Steam all the way back in 2013, but the game exploded in popularity over the summer hitting a new all-time peak of 245k concurrent players after the developers gave away five million free copies. That number has since dropped, but Payday 2 has remained in Steam’s top 20 games each day pulling in an impressive average of 36k players per hour. Other popular f2p games also set new all-time peaks in 2017. Warframe’s 'Plains of Eildon' expansion helped double its player base with 122k players. While Path of Exile saw its player base peak just short of 100k players for the first time ever after launching its most popular content update in over five years. Even some of the previous year’s biggest bombs showed signs of life in 2017. No Man’s Sky released multiple big content updates throughout the year with its latest bringing in the most players since launch and breaking back into Steam’s top 20 most played games. Ubisoft’s The Division also came back from the dead, hitting its highest peak since December 2016 with 33k concurrent players over a free-to-play weekend in December 2017. So, what's going to happen in 2018? With PUBG continuing to dominate at the start of the year, 2018 could already be in the same situation as 2017. Dragon Ball FighterZ will likely be the biggest fighting game launch ever on Steam, but most fighting games see their player bases decline shortly after launch, so its hype might not last outside of the FGC. And it’s not helping that some of the year’s other most anticipated games have been delayed on Steam way after their console launches (or not even confirmed to be coming to PC yet), such as in the case with Monster Hunter: World and Red Dead Redemption 2. Looks like it’s all up to you to make 2018 a great year for new PC games on Steam, Untitled Goose Game!Rainbow Six: Siege Breaks 100k Concurrent Players on Steam for the First TimeDec 9, 2017 - GitHypAfter only managing to bring in a peak of 12k concurrent players during its first weekend, Rainbow Six: Siege's launch on Steam back in December 2015 was underwhelming to say the least. With the player counts dropping after its first week, things didn’t look good for the squad-based shooter. And to make matters worse, Ubisoft’s own upcoming launch of The Division shifted most of the publisher's marketing focus to promoting the more highly anticipated of the two Tom Clancy shooters. But while The Division's player base started with over 100k players and overshadowed Rainbow Six, it quickly lost 93% of them 3 months after launch. Now, two years later, Siege has become Ubisoft's flagship shooter and is on the heels of surpassing The Division's all-time peak after hitting 100,048 concurrent players this weekend on Steam. [caption id="attachment_309285" align="aligncenter" width="786"] Rainbow Six: Siege's Peak Player Counts on Steam via GitHyp[/caption] Siege's success is due to a combination of factors, many of which Ubisoft hasn't been able to successfully pull off in any of their other recent multiplayer games. Free-to-play weekends have enticed new players, while constant waves of new updates and characters such as this weekend's 'Operation White Noise' have been enough to keep players around. Although Rainbow Six: Siege started as a full priced $60 game, Ubisoft made the clever decision to adopt a free-to-play model with a hybrid season pass system to reduce the game's barrier to entry. Siege still costs $14.99 for the base game (which doesn't include all of the Operator characters), but Ubisoft's handling of the tiered systems has been embraced by the community with Very Positive recent and overall reviews on Steam. The increase in Siege's player base has even been enough to help it surpass Team Fortress 2 and become the #4 most played game on Steam. But Rainbow Siege: Siege still has a long way to go before it topples Steam's current top squad shooter, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, which pulls in peaks of 400-500k concurrent players at #3 on Steam.Rainbow Six: Siege’s Playerbase Has More Than Tripled Since LaunchJun 5, 2017 - GitHypOver the past year, Ubisoft has seen drastic drop-offs in the playerbases for almost all of their popular new releases. As we first reported last June, the most shocking of these declines was their best-selling game ever, The Division, losing 93% of its players in just the first 3 months. And since then, we’ve seen Watch Dogs 2, For Honor, and Ghost Recon: Wildlands all follow the same trend. However, the same cannot be said about Ubisoft’s competitive shooter, Rainbow Six: Siege, which has seen its playerbase triple (even quintuple at one point) in size since its launch back in December 2015. Unlike Ubisoft’s more recent top 2016 and 2017 titles, Siege didn’t have the strongest debut when it peaked at 12k players over its first weekend. This lead to Ubisoft being quick to announce a 40% spike in players right after releasing the “Skull Rain” DLC last August… a number which quickly fell back down as the game struggled in its early days to build a fanbase. [caption id="attachment_268641" align="aligncenter" width="800"] Rainbow Six: Siege's Average Player Count per Hour via GitHyp[/caption] But Ubisoft’s continued support of Siege with new content, balance updates, price reductions, and free weekend promotions have all contributed to the game’s growth. The developer’s big Year 2 “Operation: Velvet Shell” update combined with a free-to-play weekend back in February brought in a new record high of 65k concurrent players – a number large enough to also help Siege break into Steam’s top 5 most played games for the first time. Since that record-setting weekend, Siege’s numbers have slightly declined, but Rainbow Six’s future still looks bright for both Ubisoft and fans. Recent player counts are on average higher than they ever were before the Velvet Shell update. And Siege is constantly in Steam’s top 10 most played games with peaks around 40k concurrent players and averages around 30k players per hour each weekend. With an upcoming Steam Summer Sale, where the game is surely to be discounted even further, and plenty of new content on the way (as Ubisoft has shared with the Year Two Roadmap) Rainbow Six: Siege’s playerbase is expected to show even more growth in the near future.Ubisoft Reports a 40% Spike in Rainbow Six: Siege Players After New Content ReleasesAug 17, 2016 - GitHypBack in June, we reported that The Division had lost a shocking 93% of its playerbase since launching on Steam. We even compared The Division's plummeting player counts to Ubisoft's other Tom Clancy-inspired online shooter, Rainbow Six: Siege, and mentioned that Ubisoft’s underdog was actually outperforming their “fastest selling game ever” and was even showing signs of growth. While our story made headlines on the eve of E3, Ubisoft stayed silent and spent gaming’s biggest week of the year focusing on hyping up their other upcoming titles. But now, two months later, Ubisoft is boasting about Rainbow Six's numbers and how more people are currently playing than at launch.   [caption id="attachment_193038" align="aligncenter" width="800"]Rainbow-Six-Siege-IGN-Graph Ubisoft's Rainbow Six: Siege Player Count Data[/caption] Ubisoft recently shared the above graph of Siege’s player activity since launch with IGN and we can confirm that based on GitHyp's own hourly player data that the Operation: Skull Rain DLC and free-to-play weekend did in fact combine to double the game’s original daily peaks of PC players on Steam recorded back in January. Unfortunately, while it's good to see Ubisoft taking a step in the right direction and reporting player counts, their quick report didn't give actual player count numbers and only focused on the launch hype... and now two weeks later, the player counts on Steam have already dropped back down significantly. It's been so much of a decrease that the 40% increase they originally reported to IGN is now almost back down to 0% with an average player count that has returned to close to what it was in January of around 13k players per hour. [caption id="attachment_193039" align="aligncenter" width="800"]Rainbow-Six-Siege-GitHyp-Graph GitHyp's Rainbow Six: Siege Player Count per Hour Data[/caption] Still, the new content and changes being made to the game by the devs certainly proves that there’s a strong interest among both new and old players that’s keeping Rainbow Six: Siege in Steam’s daily top 20 games with no signs of it falling off drastically any time soon. Meanwhile, The Division is on the verge of falling out of Steam's top 100 games with only about 1/6 of the average players per hour that Siege has now.