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Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege

TOP ISSUES AND COMMUNITY CONCERNSJul 16, 2019 - Community Announcements TOP ISSUES AND COMMUNITY CONCERNS Updated: 15 July 2019 We will be updating the following list regularly to outline the status of certain issues that are currently pressing for our community. Please note that this list is not exhaustive, and should only be used as a reference to give a general idea of where our focus currently is. TOP ISSUES SOUND BUGS Description: Muffled, missing sounds + various sound issues. Status: We have identified a bug that allows sound to travel more easily that intended through solid objects/walls. We are also continuing to go through videos that are sent to us to identify standalone sound/audio issues. CONNECTIVITY Description: Players are losing control on their Operator and then being disconnected and presented with an error message. Status: We have dedicated a team specifically to these connectivity topics, and have identified a couple of issues that are sometimes interpreted as a “Denial of Service” attacks. These issues are a priority for us. TOP GAMEPLAY TOPICS SMOKE GAS CANISTER PROPAGATION Description: Gas from Smoke’s Gas Grenades clips through walls. Objective: Our goal is to rework the propagation so it is similar to the new Capitao fire bolt, and use this as an opportunity to revisit the visual. Status: We have encountered an issue and will be pushing this change to Season 3 to ensure that it is released in a more comfortable state. WEAPON SIGHT ALIGNMENT Description: Weapon optics are a few pixels off center in some situations. Objective: We want to implement a system to prevent most misalignment issues in the future. At the same time, we are improving the look of the guns in ADS by adding secondary motion, which is now possible due to the tech that keeps the scopes aligned with the reticule. Status: Feedback is currently being gathered in internal play sessions. SHOTGUN WALL DESTRUCTION IS UNRELIABLE Description: Shotguns are inconsistent when being used to destroy wooden beams. Objective: We want to ensure that the destruction of wooden beams is reliable, for both player comfort and ensuring we do not force players to spend extra time attempting to destroy wooden beams. Status: We are assessing the initial results of the change, and continuing to fine tune the destruction.. OPERATOR/GADGET KILL SWITCH Description: Operators that are disruptive due to exploits being removed from play. Objective: When an Operator or Gadget is disabled, provide players with feedback on what/why. Status: We have a bit of programming work left, and some UI work as well. DEBRIS STUCK IN WINDOW/DOOR BARRICADES Description: Debris sometimes remains stuck in the barricades on doors and windows, causing players to have different sight lines. Objective: Provide consistency for all players for barricade destruction. Status: We are currently in the design phase to determine how we want to approach this topic. We ar...Y4S2.2 PATCH NOTESJul 11, 2019 - Community Announcements The Y4S2.2 patch will be primarily bugfixes aimed at cleaning up issues raised during the Test Server and during the early weeks of season release while we prepare for the next update and work on other major issues. Clash and deployable shields have previously been re-enabled on live servers across all platforms, but we are continuing to monitor the fix that went out. GAMEPLAY Updated parameters for Reverse Friendly Fire interactions with hostageRFF triggers for hostage interactions have been aligned to be more reflective of global RFF parametersLesion Gu Mine CloakingLesion Gu Mine cloaking mechanics have been updated with Echo’s cloaking mechanic to prevent detection through ballistic shields.Idle KickReduced Idle kick timer during prep phase.Additional new idle-kick feedback warning prompt. BUG FIXESFixed – Attackers can break their rotation axis through a series of steps, allowing them to spin like a top. No more Beyblade.Fixed – Placing certain gadgets (Jammer, Prisma, Evil Eye, etc.) in front of a destructible wall segment can interfere with later attempts to reinforce.Fixed – Shield operators can see an invisible Yokai VFX through their shield when the glass is damaged.Fixed – Players can lose partial functionality if they started to defuse at the same time as another defender.Fixed – Sometimes the Defuser can be pushed outside the bomb site by interactions with barricades and wall reinforcements.Fixed – Players are kicked after putting the hostage in DBNO during prep phase. OPERATORS ECHOFixed – Echo drones fixed on a ceiling hatch continue to stay in place even after hatch is destroyed.MOZZIEFixed – Mozzie’s hacked drone view for Defender Operators in Support mode are in color when they should be black + white. (Only Mozzie should see hacked drones in full-color).NOMADFixed –Airjab proximity SFX is not present in replays.NØKKFixed – Glitches feedback in first person POV continues playing after leaving rappel.WARDENFixed –HUD becomes larger when deploying a shield, placing a reinforcement, or when on a ladder.TWITCHFixed – Shock drone's beams cannot travel through railings on some maps to destroy camerasFixed – Twitch drone view for Defender Operators in Support mode are in color when they should be black + white. (Only Twitch should see her drones in full-color). LEVEL DESIGN BANKFixed – Players can vault the shelves at 1F Electrical Room.Fixed – Drone can be thrown into ceiling of 1F Teller’s Office.Fixed – Missing entry prompt when rappelling down from EXT Low Roof Skylight.Fixed – Operators clip through the South building's wall when rappeling down EXT Low Roof while holding the hostage.Fixed - Lesion cannot deploy his Gu mines on a specific location at the entrance of Ext Tunnel.BORDERFixed – Players can vault and go through ceiling areas of EXT Pedestrian Customs.Fixed – Missing drone collision with in 1F Workshop ...Rainbow Six Siege hosts an old west shootout for two weeks onlyJul 2, 2019 - Rock, Paper, ShotgunI may not be the most regular player of Rainbow Six Siege, but Ubisoft’s twitchy team shooter always brings me back with its special events. Today’s Showdown event is an old western three-on-three scenario set in an all new map, Fort Truth. Pump shotguns and magnum revolvers only, befitting the reskinned and old-timey operators. While not quite as ambitious as their alien mutant invasion event (which has spun off into its own game), I’m expecting a fun, messy close-quarters shootfight. If your trigger finger is itchy, there’s a trailer below waiting for high noon. (more…) Rainbow Six Siege's new Showdown event is a rootin' tootin' good timeJul 2, 2019 - PC GamerA fine posse of Rainbow Six Siege operators have yeehawed up for a new limited time event, Showdown. Ubisoft surprise-dropped the Showdown mode alongside a new map, Fort Truth. It's only running for two weeks, but I'm already wishing it'd stay around longer. Fort Truth is a very small map, consisting mostly of outdoor ruins and a central church. The mode is 3v3 elimination with short 90 second rounds. Instead of Siege's usual automatic assault rifles, everyone's equipped with a BOSG double-barreled slug shotgun reskinned to look like a Wild West-era repeater rifle and a trust revolver. Showdown matches are brief, but extremely tense. Compared to Siege's last LTM, Rainbow Is Magic, Showdown is refreshing. There was novelty to RIM's reskinned Plane map and sugar-coated sound effects, but Showdown gives players a brand new mode that feels completely different from typical Siege. Defenders can venture outside Fort Truth without being spotted, which racks up the tension when a round begins. The BOSG and revolver are tough weapons to shoot accurately under stress, but it only takes one or two shots to go down. Best of all, Fort Truth is just a really cool map. It's light on destruction, but heavy on cover and little details that make Siege maps feel alive. It'd be a real shame if the map truly went away after the two week event. I reached out to Ubi on Twitter to see if they're considering keeping the map available in custom games, but I haven't heard back yet. The only blemish on the event is, unfortunately, the premium Showdown packs that Ubi is hoping you'll buy. Most of the Showdown skins are lackluster (par for the course with Siege) with a few exceptions, like Maestro's badass "Sheriff Black" headgear seen above. I'd love to get my hands on Hot Cowboy Maestro, but since event skins can't be bought piecemeal like the rest of Siege's cosmetics, my only option is to keep buying packs until it pops up. And that can get expensive—buying all 31 Showdown cosmetics costs about $70. Yea, no thanks Ubi. Rainbow Six Siege Showdown is free for all players to try out and is running from today through July 16. Hopefully, Fort Truth won't disappear with it. Steam Charts: Meaningful Effluence EditionJun 24, 2019 - Rock, Paper, Shotgun Hello friendly people! Welcome to the always-lovely, always-cheerful soft-play-of-fun-and-hyphens that is Steam Charts! Today we’re going to laugh together, learn together, and maybe, just maybe, if we’re lucky, laugh and learn a little. Please, pull up a trouser, take a seat (take as many seats as you need – we have too many seats), and prepare to enjoy, laugh, and maybe even learn. (more…) Steam Charts: The Worst Week Ever EditionJun 17, 2019 - Rock, Paper, Shotgun I’m declaring it: this is the Worst Week Ever for Steam Charts. And let’s face it – this is entirely your fault. If you were a better person, you’d buy better games. But instead you buy the same eight bloody games every bloody week, and then buy a game that isn’t even out for over a year. A YEAR! You are awful, and you do not deserve me. This is your punishment. (more…) One Rainbow Six Siege player found a way to play as an entire teamJun 16, 2019 - PC GamerCo-operation? Teamwork? Totally overrated. A YouTuber called Basically Homeless has proved that you can win matches in Rainbow Six Siege all on your own, even in ranked mode. All you have to do is get five PCs with separate Siege accounts all in the one room, get your mouse and keyboard hooked up to a switcher, and then somehow have the dedication to keep playing over the cacophony of five games going on at once. You can see how he managed it in the video above. Rather than try to switch between characters constantly he tended to play them one by one, treating each death as a respawn. He used the information he gathered about the enemy's location from one life to hit them hard in the next, playing aggressively rather than defending. Sometimes, especially in casual, it went OK! While I can't imagine anyone else trying this—the nightmare of all those matchmaking errors alone would have made me give up, even if I had five PCs to begin with—it's still an impressive feat and it made for a fun video. Every Google Stadia game confirmed at E3 2019Jun 14, 2019 - Rock, Paper, Shotgun It’s been just over a week since Google announced their big launch line-up of Stadia games, but with E3 2019 now drawing to a close that list has now become ever so slightly longer, with new tiles such as Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs Legion, Square Enix’s Marvel’s Avengers and more joining the ranks. To help keep track of them all, here’s a list of every Google Stadia game confirmed so far, as well as which games are coming at launch, which ones will be arriving a little bit later, and which games you’ll only be able to play by subscribing to one of the special Stadia publisher subscriptions. (more…) Rainbow Six Siege Season 3 gadgets leaked: a grappling hook and a shield with a surpriseJun 13, 2019 - PC GamerWith Rainbow Six Siege's Operation Phantom Sight kicking off this week, we've entered the season for leaks. If a new info dump on ResetEra by reliable leaker Kormora is to be believed, the operators gadgets for Siege's Year 4 Season 3 are coming into focus. Kormora's source shared the function of both Year 4 Season 3 operator gadgets. The attacker uses a grappling hook to quickly ascend up to windows and through hatches. We first reported this info back in April, so nothing totally new there, but it is further confirmation. The defender is a new story, though. They use a "special deployable shield" equipped with a canister that drops fire on the ground when destroyed. The special deployable shield is consistent with how the Season 3 defender has been described to me. I've also been told the fire canister can be remotely triggered by the defender, similar to Smoke's area-denying gas canisters. It's unclear if the shield has any other unique properties or how its appearance will compare to a typical deployable shield. Both the grappling hook and shield gadgets are also backed up by an easter egg hidden in Nøkk's concept art posted by Ubisoft (pictured above). On the chalkboard in the background, you can spot references to a grappling hook and some sort of gas canister with "BURN?" written above. Both gadgets were described to me months before this concept art was public, so the legitimacy looks increasingly solid. E3 2019 games every game confirmedJun 13, 2019 - Rock, Paper, ShotgunThey just keep coming don’t they? A lot of games were announced at E3 2019, things that we didn’t know about, as well as stuff that’s previously announced, or expansions to already released games. Now, to the casual outsider, what we’re doing might seem absolutely nuts, but we thought we’d put together an alphabetical list of all the PC games that have been confirmed to appear at this year’s E3 show. With well over a hundred of them now in the books, the next year or so looks packed. (more…) E3 2019 games every game confirmedJun 12, 2019 - Rock, Paper, ShotgunThey just keep coming don’t they? A lot of games were announced at E3 2019, things that we didn’t know about, as well as stuff that’s previously announced, or expansions to already released games. Now, to the casual outsider, what we’re doing might seem absolutely nuts, but we thought we’d put together an alphabetical list of all the PC games that have been confirmed to appear at this year’s E3 show. With well over a hundred of them now in the books, the next year or so looks packed. (more…) Y4S2 PATCH NOTES ADDENDUMJun 11, 2019 - Community Announcements Over the course of the Test Server we've made a number of changes based on feedback and addressed a number of bugs reported on the TS. For the full season patch notes please go to: GAMEPLAY BALANCING CHANGES STEALTH GAUGE Vigil’s ERC-7 cloaking and Caveira’s Silent step now use the same new gauge behavior system that we have introduced with Nøkk. All three abilities can be activated at any time (even while refilling) if above 20% ratio. We have unified the stealth gauge system to maintain gameplay clarity and consistency. FROST Reduce Frost's Welcome Mats to 66 HP (down from 100 HP) By reducing the health points of Frost traps, we aim at making them easier to destroy. At 100 HP, we felt Frost Mats were sometimes too hard to destroy, and we want cautious players to be rewarded accordingly. KAID Swapping Kaid’s barbed wire for Nitro Cell. We are replacing Kaid’s barbed wire for the Nitro Cell after reviewing Kaid’s performance and player feedback. By adding the C4 to his loadout, we hope to make him more versatile and to up his pickrate. PULSE Decreased to Pulses Cardiac Sensor unequipping time to 0.65s (down from 0.8s) By increasing the swap speed of Pulse’s gadget, we are trying to make Pulse’s gadget a bit more appealing and comfortable to use during a round. Following community feedback on the change over the course of the TS, we feel 0.65 is a good middle ground. TWITCH F2 assault rifle recoil increased. We have increased the recoil of the F2 assault rifle. As an Operator with one of the highest performance and pick rates, having one of the most powerful weapons in her hands made her a bit too powerful. To address this, we’ve increased the recoil of the Famas based on feedback and will continue monitoring for future changes. SOUND PROPAGATION CHANGES We have been continuously working to gradually improve sound propagation in game and on our maps. With this Y4S2 update we’ve made global improvements to sound propagation in order to address inconsistent results when interacting with reinforcements. Fixed inconsistent propagation obstruction on partially reinforced walls. Fixed inconsistent propagation on reinforced tall walls with a destroyable upper half where sound would not pass. With this fix we're aware that an issue still exists where sound will propagate over broken walls even when the wall is reinforced. We will continue working to address it in a future update. CHANGES TO UBICLUB CHALLENGES , TROPHIES AND ACHIEVEMENTS. With this new season, our trophies and achievements are modified to offer challenges that are corresponding to the current Siege experience. Here is how different platforms will be impacted, keep in mind that completion criteria might have changed. (Check trophy description if needed.) PS4/PC Trophies in progress and not finished will be reset. Trophies completed, will still be...E3 2019 games every game confirmedJun 11, 2019 - Rock, Paper, ShotgunThey just keep coming don’t they? A lot of games were announced at E3 2019, things that we didn’t know about, as well as stuff that’s previously announced, or expansions to already released games. Now, to the casual outsider, what we’re doing might seem absolutely nuts, but we thought we’d put together an alphabetical list of all the PC games that have been confirmed to appear at this year’s E3 show. With well over a hundred of them now in the books, the next year or so looks packed. (more…) Rainbow Six Quarantine will fight more alien mutants in co-opJun 10, 2019 - Rock, Paper, Shotgun Mutant alien beasties will return to trouble the Rainbow 6 gang in new three-player cooperative FPS Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Quarantine, Ubisoft announced today. The two tangled in R6 Siege’s Outbreak event mode in 2018 and now “a totally new breed of mutated alien parasite” is back for a full-on rumble. Ubisoft are pretty vague about this for now, sitting firmly in the “teaser” stage of their marketing plan. That said, the obvious assumption about Quarantine is that it’s an an expansion of ideas in Outbreak and Ubisoft don’t do anything to head off such assumptions. But here, enjoy a vague trailer. (more…) Ubisoft confirms Rainbow Six Quarantine, a 3-player co-op shooter releasing early 2020Jun 10, 2019 - PC GamerUbisoft has officially revealed Rainbow Six Quarantine, a co-op PvE spin-off to Rainbow Six Siege. Unfortunately, that's almost all that we know—despite making the announcement on its E3 stage today, Ubi didn't have much else to say beyond the brief teaser above.  It's likely that Quarantine is based on popular Outbreak mode from Siege's Year 3, a temporary mode that seemed like a weird thematic departure at the time, but with hindsight was clearly a proof-of-concept.  Ubisoft has big ambitions for Quarantine. "What Siege is to the PvP shooter genre, we will be to PvE co-op," Ubisoft said. Quarantine is being developed by a new team inside Ubisoft Montreal, the developers of Rainbow Six Siege. The teaser video doesn't show any gameplay, but we can assume a certain amount of similarity to Siege's Outbreak mode. The infection seen in the teaser looks similar to the black, messy texture of Outbreak's alien zombies. You can also see Siege operators Ela and Vigil, confirming that Quarantine takes place in the same world. Rainbow Six Quarantine is coming in early 2020, but you can already sign up to receive updates and get a chance to play an early beta. E3 2019 games every game confirmedJun 10, 2019 - Rock, Paper, ShotgunOh dear god, there’s a lot of games announced at E3 2019. A lot of new things that we didn’t know about as well, especially coming out of Microsoft’s conference. It might seem absolutely nuts, but we thought we’d put together an alphabetical list of games that have been confirmed to appear at this year’s E3 show. With well over a hundred of them now in the books, the next year or so looks packed. (more…) Rumor: Rainbow Six Quarantine, a new co-op shooter, could be announced at E3 2019Jun 7, 2019 - PC GamerAnother game has fallen victim to one of the leakiest E3 seasons ever recorded. According to reliable industry insider Nibel, Ubisoft will announce Rainbow Six Quarantine, a new co-op focused Siege spin-off game, at its E3 2019 conference. Rumblings of a new co-op shooter from Ubisoft began earlier this week when Kotaku's Jason Schreier suggested on the Kotaku Splitscreen podcast that it would be based on Ubi's scrapped Pioneer project. Industry analyst ZhugeEx partially refuted this claim on a ResetEra thread, saying that the game is indeed real, but it isn't based on Pioneer. Now framed as a new Rainbow Six game, the pieces are all starting to make more sense. It's likely that Quarantine is based on the popular Outbreak mode introduced to Rainbow Six Siege in March 2018. Combining Siege's tight gunplay and destruction model with the structure of Left 4 Dead, the mode was adored by players. The 3-mission campaign felt surprisingly robust. At the time, players assumed that Ubi would revisit the concept and add more missions, similar to Overwatch's annual PvE events. Since the event came and went last year, fans have continually pleaded to Ubisoft to bring Outbreak back. And on every occasion, Ubisoft has steadfastly (and frustratingly) insisted that, while a successful experiment, Outbreak was a one-time thing. If Quarantine's existence is to be believed, we now know why: Outbreak is expanding into its own game.  To be clear, we don't know to what degree Quarantine is based on Siege. While the Outbreak mode starred a handful of Siege's operators sent to put down a zombie alien infestation, Quarantine could ditch all of that in favor of its own world and characters. Though, the names "Outbreak" and "Quarantine" do suggest similar themes. But why make a whole new game instead of slotting it into Siege, a game with a built-in player base? The obvious answer is that Ubi would like to sell you a new game at full price, but it also strikes me as an image issue. In the landscape of competitive service games, products benefit from having a very clear identity. Overwatch dabbles in PvE here and there, but Blizzard keeps these events time-limited because it ultimately wants players to think of the game as a competitive PvP shooter. In fact, another Schreier report suggests that Blizzard is expanding its PvE ideas into a new, separate Overwatch game. It all feels a bit serendipitous, but Quarantine is likely a similar move for Ubi—a potential spiritual successor to Outbreak quite literally "quarantined" to its own game that doesn't interfere with Siege's competitive PvP focus. If Rainbow Six Quarantine is legit, we'll hear more about it at Ubisoft's E3 conference on Monday, June 10. To be sure you're there to see it live, here's how to watch Ubisoft's E3 2019 press conference. Thanks, Eurogamer. E3 2019 games every game confirmedJun 7, 2019 - Rock, Paper, ShotgunA new Baldur’s Gate! That’s a big surprise if I’ve ever seen one. But what if sequels to classic RPGs are not your thing? Well there will be lots of other games, though the big companies will shout the loudest. That doesn’t seem fair as even smaller games deserve some time in the spotlight, because with enough eyes, they could rise to prominence. Then there’s those that have been rumoured, but may not appear. With over 50 games already confirmed to be at the show, we thought we’d put together an alphabetical list of games that have been confirmed to appear at this year’s E3 show. (more…) It's T-Pain vs Lil Yachty in a Rainbow Six Siege tournament for charityJun 6, 2019 - PC GamerAnother Rainbow Six Siege free weekend is now underway: From now until 1pm PT/4 pm ET on June 9, the full game including all maps, modes, and operators are yours to play as much as you like on Steam and Uplay. It's also on sale on both storefronts, and if you opt to pick it up any progress you make during the freebie will carry over. And if you just like to watch, Ubisoft's got you covered there, too.  On June 10, after Ubisoft's E3 press conference, an E3 Charity Challenge tournament will pit teams of Siege streamers headed by T-Pain and Lil Yachty for a slice of a $50,000 prize pool for charity. $40,000 will be donated to the winning captain's charity of choice, while the losing captain will have $10,000 to direct as he sees fit. Another $50,000 will be split between the streamers on the winning team.  Here's who's competing:  Team T-Pain:  * Therussianbadger; * Bnans; * Lil_Lexi; * Annemunition; The Lil Yachty Unit: * BikiniBodhi; * Sacriel; * ZanderLP; * Moondye7; The Rainbow Six Siege Charity Challenge will be livestreamed on Twitch following Ubisoft's E3 2019 press conference, which begins at 1 pm PT/4 pm ET on June 10. The full schedule of E3 press conferences is posted for your perusal here. E3 2019 games every game confirmedJun 6, 2019 - Rock, Paper, ShotgunProfound excitement took over me like a dog getting a squeaky chew toy today when I learned that Grandia HD Collection was at E3. We might even get a release date! But what if upscaled remasters of 90s JRPGs are not your thing? Well there will be lots of other games, though the big companies will shout the loudest. That doesn’t seem fair as even smaller games deserve some time in the spotlight, because with enough eyes, they could rise to prominence. Then there’s those that have been rumoured, but may not appear. With nearly 50 games already confirmed to be at the show, we thought we’d put together an alphabetical list of games that have been confirmed to appear at this year’s E3 show. (more…) Rainbow Six: Siege Hits New All-Time High Player Count, Up 51% After Operation Chimera UpdateMar 7, 2018 - GitHypRainbow Six: Siege was last year’s biggest comeback story on Steam. Launching with a peak of only 12k players back in 2015, Ubisoft’s tactical shooter saw its player base break 100k players for the first time ever in 2017. Now in its third year on Steam, Rainbow Six: Siege is bigger than ever. Today, R6S saw its player base rise by 51% from yesterday, hitting a new all-time peak of 176k concurrent players after releasing its biggest content update yet. [caption id="attachment_334858" align="aligncenter" width="770"] Rainbow Six: Siege's Peak Concurrent Players on Steam via GitHyp[/caption] The Operation Chimera content update that was responsible for the explosive growth brings two new operator characters, a co-op zombie mode called Outbreak, and has also unlocked features such as weapon attachments and all 20 of the original operators for those who purchased prior versions of the game. 2018 was already a great year for R6S with the player base increasing by 10k players in both January and February. And with interest among gamers now stronger than ever for the competitive shooter, Rainbow Six: Siege is likely to continue its growth this year and remain in Steam’s top 5 most played games right behind PUBG, Dota 2, and CS:GO.Gaming's Biggest Bombs and Best Comebacks on Steam in 2017Jan 10, 2018 - GitHyp2017 was an odd year for gaming. After most of the overhyped games that didn’t deliver in 2016, gamers weren’t as quick to jump on the hype train of new titles in 2017. As a result, only one game in 2017 broke into Steam’s top 10 most played, compared to five in 2016. That one game? If you couldn’t guess, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, which had a record-breaking year and toppled Valve's own top games, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Dota 2, to become Steam's new #1 game. The next closest new game was Divinity: Original Sin II, which despite very positive reviews and winning multiple Game of the Year awards, only debuted at #12 with 93k players. So, what exactly happened in 2017? Conan Exiles was the hottest new game at the start of the year. The game's open world combined with nude character models caused it to explode in popularity on Twitch, which in turn helped the player base skyrocket to a peak of 53k players back in February 2017. But Conan quickly lost momentum and saw 93% of his player base exit the game just a couple months later due to bugs, limited content, and other early access issues. With Ubisoft’s poor track record and some of the previous year’s biggest bombs, many still had hope that their new melee brawler, For Honor, was unique enough to break the cycle. And it seemed possible after a successful beta. Sadly, For Honor went on to become 2017’s biggest flop with an even quicker player base drop-off than The Division -- falling from a peak of 71k players all the way down to an average of 1.9k players to end the year. GitHyp predicted LawBreakers would flop based on early beta player counts and we compared it to 2016’s Battleborn. But LawBreakers ended up much worse than Battleborn’s disappointing peak of 12k players at launch. The new shooter from CliffyB peaked at 7.5k players and since has lost 99% of its player base, now struggling to break 50 concurrent players each day and often dropping down into the single digits. Publisher Nexon recently wrote the entire game off, blaming PUBG for their shooter not clicking with audiences, while most games have placed the blame on the marketing and developers at Boss Key. Speaking of Battleborn, it too was in the news in 2017 despite its failed launched in 2016. The dying class-based shooter switched to the free-to-play model in 2017 to try and salvage the title. And sure enough, the f2p switch helped spike the player base back up to over one thousand players… but, that number quickly dropped back down to under one hundred. And just like LawBreakers, it too has since lost 99% of its player base. Although, switching to the free-to-play model wasn’t enough to save most struggling games, there were also many success stories in 2017. The MOBA-inspired, Battlerite, started with a peak of 13k players towards the end of 2016. One year later it was struggling to break 1k players. After switching to f2p, the peak spiked at 45k players, and the arena brawler is still managing to maintain an average of over 10k concurrent players. Ubisoft might have been responsible for 2017's biggest bomb, but they were also responsible for 2017's biggest comeback. Their competitive squad shooter, Rainbow Six: Siege, had a rough start when it was overshadowed by Ubisoft's other upcoming title, The Division, back in 2015. But after numerous tweaks, balances, and updates to the gameplay and pricing format, Siege has seen its player base continue to rise each month. In November 2015, Siege launched with a average of 7.6k players per hour. In December 2017, that number grew to an average of 69k players per hour. Siege even broke 100k players at its peak last month and is now almost always in Steam's top 5 most played games. Payday 2 was the year's other biggest success story. The four-player co-op shooter originally launched on Steam all the way back in 2013, but the game exploded in popularity over the summer hitting a new all-time peak of 245k concurrent players after the developers gave away five million free copies. That number has since dropped, but Payday 2 has remained in Steam’s top 20 games each day pulling in an impressive average of 36k players per hour. Other popular f2p games also set new all-time peaks in 2017. Warframe’s 'Plains of Eildon' expansion helped double its player base with 122k players. While Path of Exile saw its player base peak just short of 100k players for the first time ever after launching its most popular content update in over five years. Even some of the previous year’s biggest bombs showed signs of life in 2017. No Man’s Sky released multiple big content updates throughout the year with its latest bringing in the most players since launch and breaking back into Steam’s top 20 most played games. Ubisoft’s The Division also came back from the dead, hitting its highest peak since December 2016 with 33k concurrent players over a free-to-play weekend in December 2017. So, what's going to happen in 2018? With PUBG continuing to dominate at the start of the year, 2018 could already be in the same situation as 2017. Dragon Ball FighterZ will likely be the biggest fighting game launch ever on Steam, but most fighting games see their player bases decline shortly after launch, so its hype might not last outside of the FGC. And it’s not helping that some of the year’s other most anticipated games have been delayed on Steam way after their console launches (or not even confirmed to be coming to PC yet), such as in the case with Monster Hunter: World and Red Dead Redemption 2. Looks like it’s all up to you to make 2018 a great year for new PC games on Steam, Untitled Goose Game!Rainbow Six: Siege Breaks 100k Concurrent Players on Steam for the First TimeDec 9, 2017 - GitHypAfter only managing to bring in a peak of 12k concurrent players during its first weekend, Rainbow Six: Siege's launch on Steam back in December 2015 was underwhelming to say the least. With the player counts dropping after its first week, things didn’t look good for the squad-based shooter. And to make matters worse, Ubisoft’s own upcoming launch of The Division shifted most of the publisher's marketing focus to promoting the more highly anticipated of the two Tom Clancy shooters. But while The Division's player base started with over 100k players and overshadowed Rainbow Six, it quickly lost 93% of them 3 months after launch. Now, two years later, Siege has become Ubisoft's flagship shooter and is on the heels of surpassing The Division's all-time peak after hitting 100,048 concurrent players this weekend on Steam. [caption id="attachment_309285" align="aligncenter" width="786"] Rainbow Six: Siege's Peak Player Counts on Steam via GitHyp[/caption] Siege's success is due to a combination of factors, many of which Ubisoft hasn't been able to successfully pull off in any of their other recent multiplayer games. Free-to-play weekends have enticed new players, while constant waves of new updates and characters such as this weekend's 'Operation White Noise' have been enough to keep players around. Although Rainbow Six: Siege started as a full priced $60 game, Ubisoft made the clever decision to adopt a free-to-play model with a hybrid season pass system to reduce the game's barrier to entry. Siege still costs $14.99 for the base game (which doesn't include all of the Operator characters), but Ubisoft's handling of the tiered systems has been embraced by the community with Very Positive recent and overall reviews on Steam. The increase in Siege's player base has even been enough to help it surpass Team Fortress 2 and become the #4 most played game on Steam. But Rainbow Siege: Siege still has a long way to go before it topples Steam's current top squad shooter, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, which pulls in peaks of 400-500k concurrent players at #3 on Steam.Rainbow Six: Siege’s Playerbase Has More Than Tripled Since LaunchJun 5, 2017 - GitHypOver the past year, Ubisoft has seen drastic drop-offs in the playerbases for almost all of their popular new releases. As we first reported last June, the most shocking of these declines was their best-selling game ever, The Division, losing 93% of its players in just the first 3 months. And since then, we’ve seen Watch Dogs 2, For Honor, and Ghost Recon: Wildlands all follow the same trend. However, the same cannot be said about Ubisoft’s competitive shooter, Rainbow Six: Siege, which has seen its playerbase triple (even quintuple at one point) in size since its launch back in December 2015. Unlike Ubisoft’s more recent top 2016 and 2017 titles, Siege didn’t have the strongest debut when it peaked at 12k players over its first weekend. This lead to Ubisoft being quick to announce a 40% spike in players right after releasing the “Skull Rain” DLC last August… a number which quickly fell back down as the game struggled in its early days to build a fanbase. [caption id="attachment_268641" align="aligncenter" width="800"] Rainbow Six: Siege's Average Player Count per Hour via GitHyp[/caption] But Ubisoft’s continued support of Siege with new content, balance updates, price reductions, and free weekend promotions have all contributed to the game’s growth. The developer’s big Year 2 “Operation: Velvet Shell” update combined with a free-to-play weekend back in February brought in a new record high of 65k concurrent players – a number large enough to also help Siege break into Steam’s top 5 most played games for the first time. Since that record-setting weekend, Siege’s numbers have slightly declined, but Rainbow Six’s future still looks bright for both Ubisoft and fans. Recent player counts are on average higher than they ever were before the Velvet Shell update. And Siege is constantly in Steam’s top 10 most played games with peaks around 40k concurrent players and averages around 30k players per hour each weekend. With an upcoming Steam Summer Sale, where the game is surely to be discounted even further, and plenty of new content on the way (as Ubisoft has shared with the Year Two Roadmap) Rainbow Six: Siege’s playerbase is expected to show even more growth in the near future.Ubisoft Reports a 40% Spike in Rainbow Six: Siege Players After New Content ReleasesAug 17, 2016 - GitHypBack in June, we reported that The Division had lost a shocking 93% of its playerbase since launching on Steam. We even compared The Division's plummeting player counts to Ubisoft's other Tom Clancy-inspired online shooter, Rainbow Six: Siege, and mentioned that Ubisoft’s underdog was actually outperforming their “fastest selling game ever” and was even showing signs of growth. While our story made headlines on the eve of E3, Ubisoft stayed silent and spent gaming’s biggest week of the year focusing on hyping up their other upcoming titles. But now, two months later, Ubisoft is boasting about Rainbow Six's numbers and how more people are currently playing than at launch.   [caption id="attachment_193038" align="aligncenter" width="800"]Rainbow-Six-Siege-IGN-Graph Ubisoft's Rainbow Six: Siege Player Count Data[/caption] Ubisoft recently shared the above graph of Siege’s player activity since launch with IGN and we can confirm that based on GitHyp's own hourly player data that the Operation: Skull Rain DLC and free-to-play weekend did in fact combine to double the game’s original daily peaks of PC players on Steam recorded back in January. Unfortunately, while it's good to see Ubisoft taking a step in the right direction and reporting player counts, their quick report didn't give actual player count numbers and only focused on the launch hype... and now two weeks later, the player counts on Steam have already dropped back down significantly. It's been so much of a decrease that the 40% increase they originally reported to IGN is now almost back down to 0% with an average player count that has returned to close to what it was in January of around 13k players per hour. [caption id="attachment_193039" align="aligncenter" width="800"]Rainbow-Six-Siege-GitHyp-Graph GitHyp's Rainbow Six: Siege Player Count per Hour Data[/caption] Still, the new content and changes being made to the game by the devs certainly proves that there’s a strong interest among both new and old players that’s keeping Rainbow Six: Siege in Steam’s daily top 20 games with no signs of it falling off drastically any time soon. Meanwhile, The Division is on the verge of falling out of Steam's top 100 games with only about 1/6 of the average players per hour that Siege has now.