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The Division's Player Count Has Dropped 93% Since Launch

Ubisoft's Fastest Selling Game Ever is Quickly Losing Its Player Base

June 8, 2016 by

Since The Division‘s launch exactly three months ago, Ubisoft’s “fastest-selling game ever” (according to the publisher who did not provide exact numbers at the time) has gone from a daily total of 2.1 million players at its peak to now down 93% to just 143k total players yesterday on Steam.

At one point, The Division‘s current player count ranked as high as #3 on Steam… now it sits at #43.

Compared to Ubisoft’s first-person shooter Rainbow Six: Siege, which launched three months prior on Steam, The Division has experienced a drastic player drop off that’s cause for concern for Ubisoft. While Siege has had its share of highs and lows over the course of the past six months, the player base has recently shown signs of growth with an increase of around 20% since its launch.

Yesterday, Siege brought in a total of 203k players, again beating The Division, and ranking it as high as the #28 position on Steam.

Certainly bad news for the French-based publisher/developer’s new third-person shooter that they hoped would become their flagship title. With the recent content updates not being enough to keep players around, future DLC and expansion packs might also not be enough and at this point with so many players lost, a sequel might be the only thing that will ever bring players back to playing The Division.


GitHyp’s The Division Player Count Data via Steam


Update: The player count numbers have dropped even further down to 97% since the time of the article being posted.