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For Honor's Beta Debuts at the Top of Twitch

Ubisoft’s New Multiplayer Melee IP Set for a Big Launch

January 30, 2017 by

Ubisoft has recently been feeling the backlash of over-promising and under-delivering with their sequels failing to perform anywhere near as well as the originals from prior years. And while they still couldn’t help themselves from releasing stunning cinematic trailers to promote For Honor, the actual gameplay seems to be living up to the hype based on the positive feedback from the closed beta.

For Honor’s beta debuted Thursday on Twitch at #1 with 146k viewers. After its debut, interest slightly decreased over the course of the beta’s 4-day run, but viewership was still high enough to keep Ubisoft’s new multiplayer melee IP in Twitch’s top 5 most viewed games over the weekend.

For Honor’s Viewer Count Per Hour Data via GitHyp

Although Steam is currently not tracking player counts for the beta, For Honor’s in-game client has been reporting player counts averaging around 25-50k players online – which would easily put the beta in Steam’s Top 20 most played games – an impressive number for a closed beta that should be much higher once the full game is released.

It’s worth noting that Ubisoft gave out keys to most of Twitch’s top streamers and the publisher ran a rewards promotion on their website that gave away credits for tuning in to the beta’s livestream. But it’s also good to see Ubisoft being more transparent with gamers by displaying live player counts — especially after we caught them misleading the media regarding The Division’s player counts rising.

Hopefully, the in-game player count feature will remain in the full version of For Honor which launches in two weeks on February 14, 2017.