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For Honor Lost Over Half of Its Playerbase in Its First Two Weeks on Steam

Ubisoft's New Multiplayer IP Following in the Footsteps of The Division

March 6, 2017 by

When For Honor‘s open beta debuted at #3 on Steam one month ago, it seemed like the new IP could help win back gamers who have recently lost faith in Ubisoft. But after For Honor‘s official launch debuted with 36% less players than the beta, the hype train seemed to be losing some steam — and not just on Steam, as Ubisoft’s own in-game player counter reported the same drop in players.

As we originally reported, For Honor‘s launch brought in an average of 39k players per hour on Steam. One week later, that number was down to 21k players. Two weeks later, For Honor brought in less than half of that launch number with an average of only 15k players per hour — a huge 62% drop in players.

One of the main factors attributing to the game’s downfall has been Ubisoft’s own servers. Many players reported connection issues at launch that caused long matchmaking queues or even kept them from playing at all. To make matters worse, during its second post-launch weekend, a global server outage prevented the majority of the game’s owners from playing online.

To try and remedy the situation and bring players back, Ubisoft made an official statement on the various server issues and over the past weekend held a special event with XP bonuses and rewards… but even with the server outage fixed and more rewards, For Honor at its best this weekend was only able to average 17k players per hour on Saturday… which was still down 56% from launch.

We’ve seen a drop like this before with Ubisoft’s The Division — which also lost 57% of its playerbase by its third week on Steam. Which leads us to believe that based on the numbers, unless Ubisoft starts slashing prices or releasing new content that gives players a reason to come back, For Honor is on track to lose over 90% of its playerbase towards the end of its second month.