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PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

4th Anniversary - Graffiti Contest ResultsMar 3, 2021 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/27971017/815efb743ab5dff826330359d4664941a10b44da.png Hello PUBG Fans! PUBG's 4th Anniversary is nearly upon us! A while back, we asked our fans to submit their designs for our 4th Anniversary Graffiti Contest and announced that 4 lucky and talented winners will have their designs added to Erangel, Miramar, and Vikendi to add some celebratory flair to the Battlegrounds. We've been pouring over all of your entries and are just blown away by all the superb designs you've sent in. So blown away in fact, that we've decided to add a 5th winner to the bunch! That's right, these 5 talented folks are each taking home the First Place Prize of 40,000 G-Coin and a collection of special PUBG merchandise that should be arriving sometime this month! Of course, of equal importance are the bragging rights that come with having their amazing artwork in the game for all our fans to see. Congratulations to our winners! Frog-Bree*** {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/27971017/6d2d60c513cb3cf94cb19ccd70df64df6a36c2a0.png Shin_As*** {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/27971017/d0f6fd126447b510a4e571fbede96e631a794139.png mumua0*** {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/27971017/8ccbc600d3a17341fa0be6f9832ee55379132b7f.png VN_*** {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/27971017/273fc274868f1d5c51b00f4fda4ccb8d9a3a9600.png d92*** {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/27971017/8cef87986c0d08370c41f4c4d73d3ae54cd21830.png Narrowing all your amazing submissions down to 40 finalists, let alone just 5 winners, was extremely difficult. The remaining 35 qualifiers aren't going home empty handed, though. They will each receive 10,000 G-Coin as a token of gratitude for their great designs! Check out the following video to view all the marvelous designs. Prizes for the winners and finalists should be hitting their accounts today and you can see all the winning designs live on the Battlegrounds from March 10th after the update through April 28th on PC and from March 18th after the update through May 6th on Console platforms. Drop in, grab a photo with your squad, and share them on Social Media with the #PUBG4thAnniversary hashtag! A special thanks to everyone who participated in the PUBG 4th Anniversary Graffiti Contest. For a full list of everyone We're grateful to have such a dedicated (and talented!) fanbase. Thank you all for 4 amazing years of PUBG! 5 First Prize Winners Frog-Bree*** Shin_As*** mumua0*** VN_*** d92*** 35 Finalists 2xP* Sugooo*** DouYu-MW-7039*** XXX_TENTA-C*** DY_BU*** 4xv** SC3*** KXXGBL*** ILM** DriedCuttleF*** MJ_** KINGR*** Tez691*** pista_*** BaN*** ZupF*** KniZi*** 13_AnhNong*** 4HM_Gid*** Steel*** FoxyNob*** GRAF_Kallink*** Macst*** B54E_Mari*** blueboxg*** GRAF_Flatul*** Apro*** JinxGlat*** Tigrinyi*** TheRayZer*** FBGGWILLD*** Xixonu*** DJJ*** Bunzo*** penacola*** PUBG 2 is not New State, expected 2022Feb 28, 2021 - PCGamesNA PUBG sequel, in some form or other, is expected to arrive by 2022 for PC and consoles. This is a different game to the mobile-only PUBG: New State, a futuristic battle royale game revealed this past week. Well known PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds dataminer PlayerIGN (no relation to IGN or its subsidiaries) tweeted that New State is not the eponymous PUBG 2 that's been expected for some time now. In response to someone asking if New State is the followup we've been waiting for, PlayerIGN replied, "the PUBG 2 thing (PC/console) is something we're still waiting for by 2022." He stated that New State is going to stay on mobile, at least for now, and it's not expected to interact with any of the other versions of PUBG currently available. This lines up with a report from January that a mobile game was due this year, and another PUBG release next year. Developed by PUBG Corp and published by Krafton Inc., PUBG: New State drops players into a new 8x8 map called Troi. Set in 2051, it features futuristic vehicles, more destructible environments, and according to the initial press release, players can "enjoy next generation survival features that evolve the battlegrounds." Read the rest of the story... RELATED LINKS: PUBG gets its second batch of PGI.S items this week PUBG wants to know if you'd like to see more building and team communication features PUBG is testing out a weird new mode called Zone Tag PGI.S Event Match: Survival TournamentFeb 26, 2021 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/27971017/748eeabb370323cd60ce02fa4b18381babb01c9c.jpg Hello, PUBG Esports fans! We're halfway through PGI.S, which means it's time to switch things up for our halftime showdown, the Survival Tournament! A true free-for-all test of each team's combat skills, the Survival Showdown awards points for kills as well as placement, allowing teams more ways to play to their strengths and take home cold hard cash! Survival Tournament {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/27971017/be75424047fd9507251c403c64180e106a6aff01.png First, teams will be divided into 8 groups based on their current PGI.S standings. These 8 groups of 4 teams each will then battle it out in a tournament format from March 5th - 7th. Each match will consist of 3 rounds using the familiar SUPER point system, so both placement and kills matter in your overall ranking. Top teams will receive 10, 6, 5, or 4 placement points Players will earn an additional point for each kill earned during the match The team with the highest point total at the end of 3 rounds will win the match. Match Flow Mar. 5th (Day 1 / Round of 32) - winners of each group will advance to Quarterfinals Group Match A Group Match B Group Match C Group Match D Mar. 6th (Day 2 / Round of 32) Group Match E Group Match F Group Match G Group Match H Mar. 7th (Day 3 / Quarterfinal & Final) Quarterfinal - 1st and 2nd place of each group will advance to the final Quarterfinal Group A (Winners of the group match A, B, C, D) Quarterfinal Group B (Winners of the group match E, F, G, H ) Final 1st and 2nd place of Quarterfinal Group A + 1st and 2nd place of Quarterfinal Group B Match Settings The tournament takes place in TPP on Erangel and has special bluezone timers for shorter and more fast-paced matches. The first bluezone will have a diameter of 2.5km and will be shown as players begin to fly over the Erangel providing a heads-up to plan their drop. The overall zone size will shrink to the final circle in fewer phases, resulting in about a 13m match time. The speed in which the circle shrinks will be enough for players to perform maneuvers. However, it will shrink rather dramatically fast in early 1~2 phases. There will be no redzones or care packages and bluezone damage will be increased, forcing team to stay on the move and fight in safe areas. Prize Pool Survival Tournament will grant teams not only chances to show off their true combat skills but also provide chances to earn extra cashes with the total prize pool of $60,000. 1st: $30,000 2nd: $15,000 3rd: $10,000 4th: $5,000 *Prizing earned from the Survival Tournament doesn't contribute towards the overall PGI.S tournament rankings. Pick’em Challenge You can vote on the winner of the Survival Tournament as well! Voting for this event doesn't require a voting coupon and you can win up to 50,000 EP for choosing correctly, so there's no reason not to try! Voting closes on Mar 6th 19:00 KST, so make sure you get your votes in early! PGI.S has plenty of action left to give, so be...PUBG gets its second batch of PGI.S items this weekFeb 24, 2021 - PCGamesNA new batch of items is on the way for all you battle royale fans out there who have been following along with the PUBG Global Invitational.S esports tournament. PUBG Corp reveals on its Steam page that the second batch of PGI.S items will be arriving in the esports shop on February 26, so you don't have too long to wait. The developer explains that you can buy the new items from 9pm EST / 6pm PST on February 26 (2am GMT on February 27). They come in addition to the shop's current items, too, so you can still buy some goodies from the previous batch if you fancy it. These items are hanging around until March 27, so you've got plenty of time to weigh up if there's something there that takes your fancy. This time around we've got parachute, SLR, Mosin Nagant, Scar-l, and mini 14 bundles on offer for two voting coupons. The most expensive pick of the bunch is the PGI.S Hydrodip weapon pack that's worth 11 voting coupons. Read the rest of the story... RELATED LINKS: PUBG wants to know if you'd like to see more building and team communication features PUBG is testing out a weird new mode called Zone Tag PUBG's Lunar New Year event kicks off today, with "exclusive" themed rewards PGI.S Items: Batch 2Feb 22, 2021 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/27971017/5c669431d9ad815de04a1e132eb2b39a030162e2.png Hello, PUBG Esports fans! The second batch of hot new PGI.S items will be arriving in the esports shop on Feb 27th! These items, which will be purchasable starting from 11:00 KST on the 27th, are in addition to the current items in the shop, so don’t worry if there’s stuff from the last batch you still want! However, do remember that you only have until March 27th 18:00 KST before all items are out of the shop for good, so make sure to pick up what you want before then. PGI.S Batch 2 Items PGI.S VOTER’S PARACHUTE BUNDLE + (2 voting coupons) PGI.S VOTER’S SLR BUNDLE + (2 voting coupons) PGI.S VOTER’S MOSIN NAGANT BUNDLE + (2 voting coupons) PGI.S VOTER’S SCAR-L BUNDLE + (2 voting coupons) PGI.S VOTER’S MINI14 BUNDLE + (2 voting coupons) PGI.S HYDRODIP WEAPON PACK + (11 voting coupons) {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/27971017/2547da2db300780e8acb80d989eb6fdad5fb5ed4.png Don’t forget that every PGI.S purchase supports our teams and contributes to the total prize pool. So far, the total amount of the prize pool has been DOUBLED reaching approx. 4.8 million dollars! Pick up your favorite items and tune in each week as the PGI.S action continues! Steam Global Top Sellers for the Week ending 21 February 2021Feb 20, 2021 - SteamDB * Valheim; * 鬼谷八荒; * Valve Index VR Kit; * PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS; * Rust; * Nioh 2 – The Complete Edition; * Battlefield V; * Sea of Thieves; * Grand Theft Auto V; * Persona® 5 Strikers; View more information and data on SteamDBPUBG wants to know if you'd like to see more building and team communication featuresFeb 14, 2021 - PCGamesNA new survey is asking PUBG players what kind of features they might like to see in the battle royale game. Some interesting suggestions are among the possible answers, drawing from several other established multiplayer games. The information comes from PlayerIGN, who tweeted out some screencaps and highlights of the questionnaire. The ability to fortify defenses in a building is one possibility that immediately stands out, bringing to mind the way Fortnite integrates construction and active combat. It's unlikely PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds would ever allow you build some multi-story maze in order to trap an opponent, but gathering resources to block doors and repair walls would be interesting strategically. Another is an item for leaving a "visual marker" that only your squad can see, that highlights enemies on your maps. This is part of what Apex Legends' ping system of communication already does. Unless you've voice chat, your options for trading information as a squad in PUBG are limited, and developer PUBG Corp is likely very aware of this. Adopting some variant of Apex's pings could be helpful, but it could also disrupt how players already like to do things. Read the rest of the story... RELATED LINKS: PUBG is testing out a weird new mode called Zone Tag PUBG's Lunar New Year event kicks off today, with "exclusive" themed rewards PUBG's update 10.3 is live, with new lighting for Karakin and selectable weapon sounds Steam Global Top Sellers for the Week ending 14 February 2021Feb 13, 2021 - SteamDB * Valheim; * 鬼谷八荒; * Nioh 2 – The Complete Edition; * PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS; * Rust; * Valve Index VR Kit; * HuniePop 2: Double Date; * Cyberpunk 2077; * Sea of Thieves; * Dyson Sphere Program; View more information and data on SteamDBPUBG Karakin guide: The best places to drop and lootFeb 11, 2021 - The LoadoutPlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds' latest map Karakin is the smallest and most competitive in the battle royale yet. Measuring just 2x2km, Karakin is every hot droppers dream, beating all of PUBG previous maps, Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, and Vikendi, in size. Karakin features a small dusty terrain with wide open areas, underground bunkers, and hidden threats. The map is built for close-quarters combat and has destructible walls, new bullet penetration mechanics, and new deadly weapons like sticky bombs. The size of the map means you're more likely to share your drop location with a few others, so arm yourself quickly and prepare to fight. Be aware of black zones though - they'll destroy your buildings and force you out into the open, where there's probably someone waiting for you. So if you're dying a lot in Karakin or you're not sure where to start, here are some of the best places to drop to give yourself a better chance of that delicious chicken dinner. Read the rest of the story... RELATED LINKS: Who are the biggest Twitch streamers? The best multiplayer PS4 games in 2021 PUBG Sanhok guide: The best places to drop and loot PUBG LABS: Zone tagFeb 10, 2021 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/27971017/029930eb9c3de1ee9b6dc78770b6c9f57a764dce.png A whole new way to play PUBG is coming to LABS! In Zone Tag, players will compete to gain and keep possession of a ball that spawns into the match. From this point on, the entire blue zone will center on the player holding the ball, bathing them in a pillar of light and following them until they are knocked and the ball is dropped. All players in that squad also benefit from an unlimited boost gauge! If not held by any player, the ball will seek an eligible target nearby or begin making its way towards Pochinki in the center of the map, dragging the Blue Zone with it until it is picked up again. This mode is meant to be fast and furious, so land vehicles will spawn at every possible point on the map, are invulnerable to weapon damage and tire puncture, and provide players with unlimited ammunition while inside. Your gun will still have a capacity and require a reload when empty, but reloading it will not consume your ammo stockpile. Once phase 6 of the game begins, the ball will disappear and the circle’s location will be set. From this point on, zone settings will be like any other match and squads will have to battle it out to be the last ones standing. A few more quick notes on the rules; water, the small islands around Erangel, some generally inaccessible rooftops, and ferries are all no bueno. Entering one of these restricted areas will automatically detach the ball and players in these areas are not considered eligible targets for it to attach to. Players will also receive damage just by entering the water, so keep those boots dry as you plot out your route. A detailed breakdown of the rules can also be found below. LABS: Zone Tag will be available from February 9th – 15th for PC and from February 23 – March 1st for Console. This is something pretty different for us, so drop in and let us know what you think! Get the ball, fend off your attackers, and set up your own end circle to finish off any who remain in Zone Tag! The Ball {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/27971017/6c8b659c792a61c4f438029b0f0461b6d8b67be8.png The Ball spawns on a random player at the start of the match. The Ball drags the center of the circle along with it wherever it moves. The Ball grants a special visual effect to the carrier. All players in the carrier’s squad receive a full boost. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/27971017/53798d4b507b1ffe766cc2d1e2db7b0049b18fb1.png The player with the ball will be lit up by a pillar of light visible starting from 100m distance. The Ball cannot be manually dropped or passed but will drop automatically if a player is knocked, killed, or enters a restricted area. When not attached to a player, The Ball will slowly rise into the air for 5 seconds or until it is no longer blocked by a structure. The Ball will then seek a new eligible target within 30m and begin to home in on them. If no eligible target is found, The Ball will remain stationary for 15 seconds before it starts to move towards ...PUBG is testing out a weird new mode called Zone TagFeb 10, 2021 - PCGamesNThere's a new and experimental limited-time mode available in PUBG Labs right now called Zone Tag, and it's all about fighting for control of a glowing ball of energy. Zone tag is available on PC until February 15, so you'll want to hurry if you want to give it a try. Zone Tag is built around a ball of energy that can be picked up and carried by any player. When you pick it up, you'll be bathed "in a pillar of light" that follows you around until you're knocked down and the ball is picked back up. The entire blue zone is centered on this ball, so whoever has it is always going to be in the very middle of the safe area on the map, which for Zone Tag is Erangel. This continues until phase six, at which point the ball disappears and the match proceeds as usual, with the remaining squads duking it out for the chicken dinner. You may be wondering why anyone would want to pick this ball up at all - why not let someone else take the heat? Well, the squad that controls the ball gains unlimited boost gauge, which is a nice advantage to have when everyone within 100 metres knows exactly where you are. Read the rest of the story... RELATED LINKS: PUBG's Lunar New Year event kicks off today, with "exclusive" themed rewards PUBG's update 10.3 is live, with new lighting for Karakin and selectable weapon sounds Another PUBG universe game is set to release "by next year" PUBG's Lunar New Year event kicks off today, with "exclusive" themed rewardsFeb 10, 2021 - PCGamesNPlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds gets a new in-game event to celebrate the Lunar New Year starting today, which brings some new "exclusive" goodies to the battle royale game. Appropriately named the PUBG 2021 Lunar New Year Event, the festival lets you unlock a bunch of in-game items by completing gameplay and login goals while it's live. The way the event works is by letting you earn 'Lucky Points' that you can use to claim various Lunar New Year-themed prizes. To get started, you have to connect up to the event by clicking on the relevant banner in-game if you're playing on our home platform (if you're on Steam or console, you can alternatively log into your PUBG account or create a new account). Then, you can choose to complete the daily tasks on offer to scoop up Lucky Points. For example, you'll score some points by completing objectives like logging into the PUBG game lobby and hopping in during the Lunar New Year (February 10-14) and the weekend following (February 20-21). Read the rest of the story... RELATED LINKS: PUBG is testing out a weird new mode called Zone Tag PUBG's update 10.3 is live, with new lighting for Karakin and selectable weapon sounds Another PUBG universe game is set to release "by next year" PUBG's update 10.3 is live, with new lighting for Karakin and selectable weapon soundsFeb 9, 2021 - PCGamesNThe latest patch for Playerunknown's Battlegrounds has moved from the test servers to the public branch, bringing with it a host of fixes and tweaks, plus a few nice new features. Update 10.3 includes a lighting rework for the Karakin map, the new weapon sound select system, and emotes that sync with your squad mates. Let's dig in. Taking the changes in the order they're highlighted in the official patch notes, the first big new item is the weapon sound select system. This new feature lets you pick between the original weapon sounds and the new remastered versions on a per-weapon basis. For the time being, it's enabled for the M249, M416, Kar98k, and SKS. You can pick which sounds you want for each of these PUBG guns in the settings menu, under the audio tab. Karakin has gotten a new pass on its lighting, as well as an additional bug-fixing pass across the map. PUBG Corp says the pass is aimed at "improving overall lighting and giving each area its own unique feel and tone". Read the rest of the story... RELATED LINKS: PUBG is testing out a weird new mode called Zone Tag PUBG's Lunar New Year event kicks off today, with "exclusive" themed rewards Another PUBG universe game is set to release "by next year" PUBG has "every unexpected event" covered for its PGI.S LAN tournamentFeb 4, 2021 - The LoadoutWe're now just days away from the start of PGI.S, PlayerUnknown's Battleground's first offline event in a year. With 32 teams competing across eight weeks in a series of chicken dinner challenges in South Korea, getting everything ready has been a mammoth operation for PUBG Corp. Although the tournament officially starts tomorrow (February 5) with the rank decision matches, PUBG Corp has been busy for the last couple of weeks, meticulously planning for the arrival of players amid a global pandemic. While organising the tournament has been quite stressful, PUBG Esports' team lead, Hyeonseop Jeong tells The Loadout during the PGI.S media day that it's all worth it. "It wasn't easy managing the players flying into Korea," he says. "The moment they step out of the plane inside the airport, everywhere they go we have to manage entirely. This is no easy feat because not everyone speaks Korean, and we had to make sure everyone kept safe. Read the rest of the story... RELATED LINKS: The best multiplayer PS4 games in 2021 PUBG Karakin guide: The best places to drop and loot PUBG Sanhok guide: The best places to drop and loot PUBG announces three more big esports events for 2021Feb 4, 2021 - The LoadoutAs the world continues to tackle the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, PUBG Corp has laid out its plans for the esports season ahead. The popular PCS series returns later this year with two more online regional tournaments, and a global championship. Once the PGI.S tournament comes to a conclusion on March 28, Mianho Yi, the head of PUBG Esports, says PUBG Corp will be looking ahead to PCS4 and 5, which will take place in June and September respectively. These tournaments will take place across Europe, Asia, Asia-Pacific, and the Americas, which now includes North America and LATAM, and will provide a chance for teams to fight for the glory of becoming regional champions. During these tournaments, teams will also pick up qualifying points which count towards the 2021 PUBG Global Championship at the end of November. Read the rest of the story... RELATED LINKS: PUBG Karakin guide: The best places to drop and loot PUBG Sanhok guide: The best places to drop and loot PUBG has "every unexpected event" covered for its PGI.S LAN tournament Esports 2021: Road to PGCFeb 4, 2021 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/27971017/634dce57af65c3a292dc7344c38e89cd605a15c8.png Hello, PUBG esports fans, When we think about PUBG esports, there are three main things we focus on in our efforts to deliver the best experience possible. First is you, our fans. This means providing as many ways for you to conveniently watch as possible, including new screens that you can watch right on the Battlegrounds as you play, awesome new rewards for the Pick’em Challenge, giveaways throughout the broadcast, and more! Second, is our players. We’ve steadily worked to increase our prize pools, worked with and accommodated teams as best we can during this unprecedented pandemic, and introduced even more revenue sharing into our programs so that participating teams can earn even more. And lastly, a focus on global competition. PUBG is and always has been a worldwide game. The reason we’re able to put on tournaments like we do, is because of the widespread support from our fans that continues to this day. Giving as many regions as possible a chance to represent their home is important and something we try to do as fairly as possible. We kept these goals, among others, in mind when coming up with our 2021 esports plan, and we are happy to share our current schedule with you all. ROAD TO PGC {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/27971017/3e7fe5cb12105e20e65cd5a356fca9674b29a0bb.png Starting with the upcoming PGI.S tournament, we are planning a total of four global esports tournaments in 2021. We tried something new last year with the PCS format, and based on your great support have decided it will continue this year! PCS4 will be held in June and PCS5 will follow, in September. The action culminates at the PUBG Global Championship (PGC), which will mark the conclusion of the 2021 PUBG esports season. Look forward to a hard fought final showdown in November! PUBG CONTINENTAL SERIES 2021 INFO {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/27971017/bd284e7931c41fe11e11ae2f69837fc4c769b839.png Much like their predecessors, PCS4 & PCS5 are online tournaments that take place across four different regions. However, there are several changes to the PCS tournaments in 2021. First of all, the North American region has been expanded to also include the Latin American (LATAM) region, allowing teams from Latin America to also represent their region in PCS. The consolidated region will now be called the Americas. We’re expanding our selection process for which teams can participate and also plan on increasing the overall number of matches. We hope to provide a stable window of opportunity for skilled players to show off what they can do while giving our fans more Battle Royale action to look forward to. Lastly, we’re also looking into the addition of more third-party events to further diversify and bolster PUBG esports. More info on that at a later time! PUBG Global Championship INFO {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/27971017/43d47f741e112f0ecb60c4037d2880f3b6548eee.png More matches and tournaments is fun, but it’s important to also celebrate the ...Update 10.3 - Patch NotesFeb 3, 2021 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/27971017/49bb0225890446932b9376a534a3deff3f33407a.png Hey Survivors, Update 10.3 is here with an assortment of new features and performance upgrades including a new Weapon Sound Selection system, some lighting improvements for Karakin, and even the ability to emote with your teammates! Dive into the full patch notes below for details on everything new! 11.1 Update In consideration of the PGI.S tournament schedule, the next monthly update will be later than usual. Also, from next Season the general structure will change and we'll have more details to share with you as we get closer to release. Weapon Sound Select System {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/27971017/f4ee686f9848717552ea68720a9a3889e91ca85b.png As previously introduced in last December's Dev Letter, we're happy to be implementing the Weapon Sound Select System. This feature allows players to select between the original and remastered versions of certain weapon sounds. Supported Weapons: M249M416Kar98kSKS Select your preference from the Settings Menu, under the Audio tab. Karakin Map Improvements {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/27971017/db8f69c0d039d360613e690766c5b068c8727497.png {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/27971017/e46ed7e295068c4fbff0fbd36edf0c4afb6793d9.png Karakin Lighting ImprovementsKarakin has received lighting pass, improving overall lighting and giving each area it's own unique feel and tone.General bug fixes across the map to improve the player experience. Kicking AFK Players in Training Mode {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/27971017/97c389f508bbb355bcf2deaed9588bc1eba742c9.png Much like in TDM, players who AFK in Training Mode will be removed from the session, with a 10 second warning prior to removal.Players will receive a message after being kicked, to let you know why you've been removed.Players who AFK in Training Mode after queuing for Ranked with our Dual Matchmaking will be removed from the Training Mode session, but remain in their Ranked queue. Emote With Your Squad Mates {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/27971017/801a319bc5a23932262f92501e29ac5852a33c16.png Certain emotes can now be used together, in sync with teammates! Emotes which support this feature are displayed with two characters in the emote image. Sync-up your emotes with players within a 15 meter radius of your character or in the lobby on the main menu.You can choose to stop emoting at any time, independent of the person who had initiated the emotes.Free-look camera is supported while emoting in TPP only.View each emote and the maximum number of players who can sync-up with you at once under Customization, Emotes, on the main menu.You're unable to use other interactions while emoting, such as vaulting or picking up items. Improved Store Experience {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/27971017/256e5d93e50b7a4e58a68bc153d796653af94b2f.png Improved G-Coin messaging on purchases to ensure players understand the value of their G-Coin purchase.Previously, any bonus G-Coin was bundled into one G-Coin total. Now, bonus G-Coin is also displayed as an independent figure. {STEA...PUBG hacking: Why do people hack, what hacks are there, and moreFeb 1, 2021 - The LoadoutChicken dinners in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds can be elusive, and there's nothing more frustrating than coming so close to victory than being pipped to the post by a hacker. Like most competitive games out there, PUBG's servers are rife with cheaters, and it's hard to fall in love with a game when you're being shot from 800 metres away. When games are that competitive, it's easy to fall into the trap of wanting to cheat, but PUBG Corp has dedicated a lot of time and research into finding and banning hackers since the game launched in 2018. The developer has set up an extensive anti-cheat system which can shut down hackers pretty quickly, and it has in the past even caught out professional players too. So if you're here because you're wondering what hacks look like in PUBG, or you're contemplating trying them out for yourself, we've put together a guide on everything you need to know about hacking in PUBG, including what will happen if you get caught. TL;DR, it's not good news. Read the rest of the story... RELATED LINKS: PUBG has "every unexpected event" covered for its PGI.S LAN tournament PUBG announces three more big esports events for 2021 Who are the biggest streamers? PGI.S Broadcasting Channels and Talent LineupJan 31, 2021 - Community Announcements Hello, PUBG Esports fans! Coming up at the Studio Paradise, Incheon, South Korea in February, The exhilarating journey of the PUBG Global Invitational.S is just about to begin! We’re providing English broadcasts for PGI.S across all regions, as well as multiple languages, with the best PUBG Esports talent and casters for every match, all around the world. There are much more special pieces of PGI.S content ready for your entertainment! Every Tuesday, WEEKLY PGI.S will be live just before the main matches begin, to cover results of the previous week's PGI.S! On every Saturday 6PM, the PGI.S SHOW, a weekly PGI.S-themed show will be live with special guests.  Stay tuned and don't miss a single episode! PGI.S Broadcast Schedule Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Sunday On Air: 6:30 PM KST (Tuesday: WEEKLY PGI.S) Match Start: 7 PM KST Saturday On Air: 6 PM KST (PGI.S SHOW) Match Start: 7 PM KST PGI.S Global (English) Feed Talent Where to watch Twitch: Youtube: Map Feed: Talent: Toffees, Kaelaris, Frosz, Avnqr, Godspeed, Cameron Davis, Klov3r, hypoc, Porosaurus, Paperthin, Matrym, TheSimms, pansy, TheNameIsToby In addition to the Global (English) stream, PGI.S will be broadcast in additional languages as shown below! Regional Broadcast & Channels Korea Talent: Sanghyun Park, Seungheon Seong, Minjoon Chae, Dongjoon Kim, Jisoo Kim, Jungmin Shin, Hyunkyung Lee China Talent: Msjoy, Xiaotong, Xieyan, Yehao, Yinxi, Zhaizhai, Xinba, Mifan, Fengzheng, Xiaoxian, Seven Japan Talent: OoodDa, Shinichiro, Junyou Yamauchi, arika, RintoXD, kimari_ronzo, morimori Chinese Taipei Talent: AsSen, Krapy, Nia, Paul, Rex, KMoMo Latin America Portuguese (Brazil) Talent: Neves, Marcatto, Ivanzito, Canedo, Releen. Spanish Talent: Jerry, Enoquiano, Psycorn, Queretarock SEA Vietnam Thailand Tournament Format & RulesJan 24, 2021 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/27971017/eccc9b6e14bea87de7f735cfef1735bb2c5cddf3.png Hello PUBG Esports fans! Our biggest tournament ever, the PUBG Global Invitational.S, is just two weeks away! 32 teams from around the globe will battle week over week to claim as much prize money as they can! Let’s take a look at the tournament and rules for PGI.S 2021. PGI.S Tournament Structure First off, starting with PGI.S, we’re adopting a new ruleset for PUBG Esports. All PUBG esports will have identical bluezone settings to PUBG Ranked matches! We will continue to monitor and review the new rule set with the aim to gradually combine PUBG esports and Ranked matches into identical rule sets. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/27971017/ab660f580cc0f1d0811ae7c3b0f8bbd56d5e9437.jpg Rank Decision Starting on February 5th, before the main tournament starts, teams will battle it out in 24 deciding matches across 3 days. The results of these matches will split our 32 teams into 4 different groups and decide their placement order for the first set of Weekly Survival matches. The Top 16 and Bottom 16 teams from this decision are important - more on that in a bit. Weekly Series The meat of PGI.S are 6 different Weekly Series where teams battle for placement and prize money. These consist of the Weekly Survival matches held during the week and the Weekly Finals matches held on the weekend. Unlike our previous tournaments, teams earn prize money each week and the team with the most at the end of the tournament is crowned the winner. Weekly Survival Let’s go over Weekly Survival first. Weekly Survival matches are 16 matches played over the course of 3 days during the week. The object here is pretty simple, 16 teams fight to the last team standing. The team who brings home the Chicken Dinner moves on to the Weekly Final. The remaining 15 teams are joined by the next team on the Bottom 16 waiting list and another match begins. This goes on until 16 teams qualify for the Weekly Finals. The first 8 teams to win a Survival Match each week also win some prize money, with more money given the sooner you win. Weekly Finals The 16 qualifying teams from the Weekly Survival matches then compete in a 10 match tournament over the weekend. This tournament follows traditional PUBG Esports tournament structure and the top teams bring home an even bigger amount of prize money, which increases week over week. These 16 teams become the first teams to play in next week’s Weekly Survival matches and the Bottom 16 compete in another set of placement matches to determine their position on the waiting list. These placement matches happen on Saturdays before the main tournament starts. *Bottom 16 placement matches are not broadcasted. You can find the placement results from your region's official PUBG esports social channels! Prize Pool {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/27971017/18a85feee94150e42de070586ec34bceed0664af.jpg PGI.S offers teams plenty of opportunities to earn prize money throughout the tournament. In fact, there’s a whoppi...PUBG is on Sale for the First Time Ever After Losing Half of its Player Base on SteamJun 21, 2018 - GitHypDespite still being at the top of Steam as the most played game, things haven’t been going too well for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds over the past few months. With Fortnite continuing to grow in popularity, and new battle royale games on Steam like Realm Royale stealing a few players away, PUBG’s numbers have been on the decline since peaking at 3.2 million concurrent players back in January. In May, PUBG’s average had dropped by 50% when compared to January’s average of 1.6 million concurrent players. And June has been just as bad with an average of only 809k players and reviews from players recently turning to mostly negative. Now, the team at Bluehole are trying to put a positive spin on the game’s declining popularity by recently announcing that PUBG has reached 400 million players worldwide (with Mobile and Xbox included) and to celebrate the milestone the publisher is discounting the game by 33% on Steam. So far, the sale doesn’t seem to be helping the game… and player counts have continued to decline even after PUBG’s first two days of being marked down to $19.99. But with Valve’s Steam Summer Sale about to start any day now, PUBG should see a boost in sales. Last summer, PUBG was the hottest selling game during the Summer Sale, despite being one of the only games sold throughout the sale at its full retail price. Now discounted for the first time ever, Bluehole has clearly marked PUBG down to attract more buyers during Steam’s busiest sales week of the year. And with gamers losing control of their wallets during the beloved Summer Sale, PUBG is likely to see a wave of new players very soon… whether or not it can retain those players is what we’ll be keeping a close eye on in the coming months.February Marks the First Month That PUBG’s Player Base Has DeclinedFeb 12, 2018 - GitHypOver the past year, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has seen a meteoric rise on a level that no other game has ever come close to matching on Steam. But after having one of the best years ever for a new PC game, it looks like PUBG’s growth has finally hit a ceiling. Shortly after leaving early access, PUBG started 2018 strong reaching a new all-time high of 3.2 million concurrent players with an average of 1.5 million players per hour. PUBG’s numbers in December and January didn’t just set new records on Steam, but absolutely crushed the previous record of 1.2 million simultaneous players held by Valve’s own Dota 2. But after hitting 3.2 million players last month, PUBG’s community has been on the decline week after week. So far in February, PUBG hasn’t been able to break 3 million players and this past weekend’s peak was down 17% with only 2.6 million players. [caption id="attachment_326726" align="aligncenter" width="786"] PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Peak Concurrent Players on Steam via GitHyp[/caption] Brendan Greene (aka PlayerUnknown) had commented back in the summer that he was looking to follow League of Legends’ growth and was shooting for 100 million active users a month. A feat which didn’t seem as crazy as it sounded with PUBG being the first game to top Dota 2 on Steam and the first game to top LoL on Twitch back in August. While PUBG is certainly not going to die out any time soon like H1Z1, going head-to-head with League of Legends doesn’t seem possible now due to a few factors leading to the game’s first month in the red. For starters, the developers themselves have been aggressively banning over a million active players each month for cheating. While most PC gamers would approve of Bluehole’s decision regarding bans, players haven’t been happy about the dev's focus on the Xbox One and mobile releases while many major technical issues persist in the full PC version. [caption id="attachment_326727" align="aligncenter" width="786"] Average Viewers per Hour on Twitch in February 2018 via GitHyp[/caption] Another huge factor in PUBG’s decline is the success of Fortnite. The free-to-play cartoony take on PUBG’s battle royale mode has also been exploding in popularity recently. Last week, Epic Games took to Twitter to claim they’ve broken PUBG’s record with 3.4 million concurrent players. Although Epic doesn’t make their player counts available to the public, interest among streamers and viewers on Twitch seems to backup that number. Over the past month, Fortnite just barely edged out PUBG with an average of one thousand more viewers each hour on Twitch. Twitch’s most popular streamer and best free advertisement PlayerUnknown could ever ask for, Dr DisRespect, also took the entire month of January off for personal reasons. Despite often criticizing the game’s technical problems, his viewer base was usually what put PUBG at the top of Twitch and his hiatus has certainly hurt the game’s growth. With the Doc now back at the top of Twitch promoting PUBG over Fortnite, it’ll be interesting to see where PUBG goes from here. His record-breaking return wasn't enough to help PUBG regain the #2 spot on Twitch over Fortnite last week... and if the Doc can’t help stop the bleeding, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds could be in trouble if the developers don’t make some big changes soon.Only One of 2017's Top 10 Most Played Games on Steam was Released in 2017, Compared to Five in 2016Jan 3, 2018 - GitHypLast year, GitHyp reported 2016’s Most Played Games on Steam, and many were shocked to find how similar 2016 was compared to 2015. Although five new games cracked the top 10 when they launched in 2016, not even one managed to hold its position at the top by the end of the year. So how was 2017? Sadly, even worse. Despite more games than ever being released each day on Steam, only one new game cracked the top 10 in 2017, and that was PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. In 2016, there were five new games that made it into the top 10 on Steam: 3) No Man's Sky w/ 212k peak players, 4) XCOM 2 w/ 132k peak players, 5) Dark Souls III w/ 129k peak players, 8) Tom Clancy’s The Division w/ 114k peak players, and 9) Total War: Warhammer w/ 112k peak players. In 2017, PUBG took the number one spot on Steam's top 10 with a record-breaking peak of 3 million players. The next closest new game was Divinity: Original Sin II at #12 with 93k players.
  1. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds -- 3 million peak players (new)
  2. Dota 2 -- 1 million peak players (#1 in 2016)
  3. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive -- 815k peak players (#2 in 2016)
  4. Payday 2 -- 248k peak players (#34 in 2016)
  5. Grand Theft Auto V -- 171k peak players (#6 in 2016)
PUBG’s phenomenal growth also overshadowed one the year’s other biggest success stories: Payday 2’s extraordinary comeback. The four-player co-op shooter released all the way back in 2013 on Steam, but the developer’s unique promotion of giving away five million free copies back in June helped it too explode in popularity over the summer. Just like in 2016, the rankings for new games in 2017 was even worse when looking at average player counts. PUBG also held the #1 position here. While the second biggest launch of the year, Divinity: Original Sin II, dropped from #12 to #58 overall with an average of only 6k players per hour. Payday 2 ended the year with an average of 32k pph, 3x more than its average in 2016. Steam’s highest played new games based on averages were those that benefited from releasing at the very end of 2017. Football Manager 2018 took #14 with 27k pph while Call of Duty: WWII's multiplayer took #25 with 15k pph. Both launched in November and WWII’s player base has already dropped drastically.
  1. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds -- 550k avg. players per hour (new)
  2. Dota 2 -- 532k avg. players per hour (#1 in 2016)
  3. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive -- 370k avg. players per hour (#2 in 2016)
  4. Grand Theft Auto V -- 53k avg. players per hour (#4 in 2016)
  5. Team Fortress 2 -- 52k avg. players per hour (#3 in 2016)
With so many new games missing from the top of Steam, some of the year's biggest stories were the bombs. Conan Exiles started out as one of the most played and streamed games in 2017, but the early access title lost 97% of its player base in the first four months. Ubisoft's For Honor was the year's biggest flop dropping from a peak of 71k players all the way down to an average of 4.4k players. While LawBreakers ended up even worse than 2016's disappointing Battleborn launch with the beta for CliffyB's new shooter peaking at 7.5k players and struggling to break 50 concurrent players by the end of 2017. Other singleplayer games that were considered on many Best of 2017 lists also didn't bring in huge player counts at launch. Prey peaked with 24k players at #61 and ended 2017 with 1.7k pph at #152. Resident Evil 7 peaked with 20k players at #74 back in February, lost 90% of its playerbase one month later, and new free DLC wasn’t enough to help raise its average of only 863 pph at #262. And one of the most rage-inducing/beloved indie games in years, Cuphead, peaked with 19k players at #82 and ended with an average of 3.6k pph at #82. Looking back at 2017 in review, gamers just weren't as hyped for new titles on Steam as they were in 2016. Most looking for a new experience flocked to PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. Its explosive growth dethroned Valve's own top games, CS:GO and Dota 2, and as a result became Steam's new #1 game -- even with mixed reviews and most claiming it doesn’t deserve to be called "Game of the Year." But aside from PUBG, 2017 was an even worse year than before for new games looking to build their player bases.
PUBG Just Surpassed Dota 2 and Destiny 2’s Highest Concurrent Player PeaksSep 16, 2017 - GitHypPlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds absolutely dominated Summer 2017 with its player base growing by 3000% since hitting early access back in March. The survival shooter has been breaking records week after week, and now, it has set the record for arguably the most important stat on Steam: All-Time Peak Concurrent Players. Last week, PUBG became the second game ever to pass 1 million concurrent players on Steam. An impressive feat for a six-month-old game -- especially considering that the only other game to hit seven figures on Steam has been Valve’s own Dota 2 -- which peaked at 1.2 million players back in March 2016. Today, just one week after joining the dos commas club, PUBG has added another 300k gamers to its player base and set the new all-time peak player record on Steam at 1.3 million players. [caption id="attachment_291248" align="aligncenter" width="770"] PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Peak Concurrent Players on Steam via GitHyp[/caption] To put PUBG’s player base success into perspective, Dota 2 has been the most popular game on Steam for years and Valve’s Counter-Strike: Global Offensive was the previous No. 2 with a peak of 845k players. Bungie recently touted on Twitter that Destiny 2 also had 1.2 million concurrent players during its launch last week. Unfortunately, only Bungie and Activision know whether that number has gone up or down since then, and sadly even when Destiny 2 comes to PC next month, the sequel won’t be released on Steam for GitHyp to continue tracking the player counts. PlayerUnknown himself, Brendan Greene, has stated in prior interviews that he’s looking to follow League of Legends’ growth with hopes of PUBG some time in the future having 100 million active users a month. Although that number seems crazy at the moment, PUBG’s player base has shown no signs of slowing down and the survival shooter was actually the most watched game on Twitch in August, taking the No. 1 spot from LoL for the first time in years.PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Hits 1 Million Concurrent Players on SteamSep 8, 2017 - GitHypPlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has been on an unstoppable run breaking records all summer long. In August, the survival-based shooter dethroned League of Legends as the most watched game on Twitch. And now, it’s the second game ever to break 1 million concurrent players on Steam. Just one month ago, we reported that PUBG’s player base passed Counter-Strike: Global Offensive for the first time to rank in at No. 2 on Steam. A few weeks later, it broke CS:GO’s all-time record of 845k players. As predicted, PUBG is now challenging Dota 2 on a daily basis for the No. 1 spot on Steam. But what’s more shocking, is that the popular battle royale game is already gunning for the No. 1 all-time peak player count record currently held by Valve’s most popular IP. [caption id="attachment_289354" align="aligncenter" width="770"] PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Peak Players per Hour on Steam via GitHyp[/caption] Today, PUBG brought in a new peak of 1,028,540 players. Dota 2 at its peak back in March 2016 hit 1.2 million players. Despite its viewer base on the rise, Dota 2 hasn’t seen over 1 million players since January 2017 and its player base has slightly declined over the past year. Back in June, we reported that PUBG was impressively adding 25k+ new players each week. We expected its growth to continue, but admittedly not anywhere near the ridiculous rate it has been on as of late. More recently, the shooter has been adding over 100k new players each week and is still growing. Based off PUBG’s current explosive growth, the survival shooter is on track to also break Dota 2’s all-time concurrent player record in just the next couple weeks.For the First Time in Years, League of Legends Wasn’t the Most Watched Game on Twitch Last MonthSep 5, 2017 - GitHypSince GitHyp started tracking Twitch’s most watched games back in 2015, League of Legends has been the undefeated champion holding the top spot every single month. But with LoL’s viewership down 15% compared to last year and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds exploding in popularity this summer, August 2017 was the first month that the most popular game in the world didn’t take the No. 1 spot on Twitch. Just like its rising player base on Steam, PUBG’s viewership on Twitch has grown tremendously over the past few months. The battle royale stand-alone had an impressive 70k viewers per hour when it debuted back in March. However, unlike other recent new releases over the past few months which have seen their hype die down after launching, interest in PUBG has actually continued to grow – most recently pulling in 100,864 viewers per hour last month. August 2017’s Top 5 Most Watched Games on Twitch via GitHyp:
  1. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds – 100k viewers per hour / 393k peak viewers / 69.8 million viewers
  2. League of Legends – 97k viewers per hour / 377k peak viewers / 67.6 million viewers
  3. Dota 2 – 66k viewers per hour / 845k peak viewers / 46.4 million viewers
  4. Hearthstone – 63k viewers per hour / 209k peak viewers / 44.2 million viewers
  5. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – 35k viewers per hour / 286k peak viewers / 24.2 million viewers
Looking at Twitch’s Top 5 in August, developer Bluehole’s PUBG beat Riot Games’ League in all three major categories: viewers per hour, peak viewers, and total viewers. The only stat PUBG didn’t hit No. 1 for was peak viewers, which went to Valve’s Dota 2 during The International 7’s $24 million tournament. Part of what contributed to PUBG becoming the new king of the hill on Twitch was the game’s own first-ever LAN invitational at Gamescom in Cologne, Germany. With $350,000 in prize money on the line, PUBG brought in a new all-time peak of 393k viewers on Twitch during the four-day tournament. Many have debated if PUBG’s unique multiplayer format can truly work as an eSport. That question remains to be seen as the game continues to evolve in Early Access, but the popular survival shooter is without question off to an exciting start – especially considering that it had more total viewers and a higher average viewer count than Dota 2 during the 4-year-old MOBA’s own best month ever on Twitch.
PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Just Passed CS:GO with a New Peak of 518k PlayersAug 4, 2017 - GitHypPlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has exploded in popularity over the past few months. We first reported back in April that it debuted at #3 on Steam with a peak of 60k concurrent players during its first weekend. Now, four months later, PUBG has hit a new peak of 518k concurrent players. Not only is the 763% increase in players impressive, but the more newsworthy feat is that this new peak number has dethroned the long-reigning #2 most played game on Steam, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, at its own peak of 509k players today. [caption id="attachment_282030" align="aligncenter" width="770"] PlayerUnknown's Peak Concurrent Player Counts on Steam via GitHyp[/caption] When PUBG debuted, it was going head-to-head with H1Z1: King of the Kill for the Battle Royale genre. We originally predicted that it would dethrone H1Z1, but it’s shocking that PUBG is already taking on CS:GO with all signs pointing to it soon surpassing Valve’s beloved shooter for good. Looking at the growing playerbase trend, PUBG isn't showing any signs of slowing down and likely has another game already in its sights. Back in June, PUBG was adding around 25k-50k new players to its playerbase each week. In July it was going up by 40k-60k each week. At this continued growth rate, PUBG will be battling with Valve’s most played game on Steam, Dota 2, in just a few more months with a quarter million concurrent players.PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Debuts at #3 on Steam and #1 on TwitchApr 3, 2017 - GitHypAfter fighting its way back to the top of Steam, H1Z1: King of the Kill now has some new competition. Brendan Greene aka PlayerUnknown, the original developer of the ARMA/DayZ Battle Royale mod (who also worked on King of the Kill), has just released his own take on the survival genre. And in just the first week of early access, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has already become the No. 3 most played game on Steam. While it’s off to a great start, Battlegrounds is still far from topping the King. The two games’ peaks occur at opposite times of the day, so who occupies the No. 3 position changes based on what time you look. King of the King still edges out Battlegrounds holding the No. 3 spot a few more hours each day, but the more important stat is King of the King’s much higher player count numbers during its peak hours. Battlegrounds has been peaking at around 60k concurrent players during afternoons in the US. Those player counts drop by half throughout the night in the US, which is when King of the Kill begins seeing its playerbase rise to over 100k. King of the Kill's all-time highest peak was 124k concurrent players last month, but Battlegrounds is catching up quick and over this past weekend hit a new peak of 86k players. [caption id="attachment_254747" align="aligncenter" width="770"] PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Peak Player Counts Per Day Since Launch via GitHyp[/caption] The success of PlayerUnknown’s new last person standing standalone is in large part due to the game's rising popularity on Twitch. Just as how Twitch’s top streamers embraced H1Z1 over DayZ and helped King of the Kill explode in popularity six months ago, we're now seeing those same streamers switching to Battlegrounds and bringing their viewers with them. PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is constantly hitting over 100k concurrent viewers on Twitch where it has taken the No. 1 spot multiple times over fan favorites such as League of Legends, Dota 2, and Counter-Strike. Meanwhile, after peaking at 89k viewers last month, H1Z1 has dropped out of Twitch’s top 10 most viewed games and now averages highs around 30k viewers per hour. Although nowhere near as drastic as the drop-off in viewers after the launch of Battlegrounds, King of the Kill’s player counts have also started to slightly decline after the game reached its record-setting peaks two weeks ago. With the two games now going head-to-head, it’ll be interesting to see which game-changing features help the two games stay at the top of Steam and which game-breaking issues or new entries in the genre cause either of the two to fall off.