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LawBreakers Launches Outside Steam’s Top 100 Most Played Games

Playerbase Down 60% From the Beta’s Peak and Already Close to Dropping Below 1k Concurrent Players

August 9, 2017 by

When the beta for LawBreakers in June peaked at 7.5k players on Steam, we suggested that the upcoming class-based shooter could flop. When the second open beta one month later had 40% less players, we knew that the game’s August launch was in trouble.

Now, LawBreakers has officially launched on Steam, and despite very positive reviews, the player counts are lower than ever. 60% lower than the beta to be exact with the game’s launch night topping out at 3k concurrent players.

LawBreakers’ Peak Concurrent Player Counts on Steam via GitHyp

We had originally compared the low player counts to one of last year’s biggest class-based shooter flops, Battleborn. Sadly, that comparison might now be a bit generous considering that Battleborn launched with a peak of 12k players which ranked it as high as #19 on Steam’s most played list.

The beta for LawBreakers hit #73 on Steam at its best, but since the official launch, the playerbase has been struggling to crack Steam’s top 100. With only a peak of 2.7k players on Tuesday and daily lows already close to dropping below 1k concurrent players, it’s unlikely that LawBreakers will be able to do much better in its current state.

Considering how low the numbers already are just two days in, it’ll be interesting to see what Cliff Bleszinski and his team at Boss Key have planned next for their new IP. LawBreakers was at one point supposed to be free-to-play, but even removing the price barrier after launch is rarely enough to save a struggling new IP.