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Fortnite’s Colossal Monster vs. Mech Battle Was One of the Game’s Least Watched Events on Twitch

Despite In-Game Events Getting Bigger and Bigger, Fortnite is Struggling to Retain Viewers’ Interest

July 22, 2019 by

In an attempt to top last summer’s in-game rocket launch event, Fortnite’s Season 9 finale over the weekend featured a colossal kaiju monster vs. mech showdown.

As spectators watched the two giants fight over key locations on the map, the one-time event ended with the mech driving a sword through the beast’s head in heroic fashion reminiscent of Voltron, Power Rangers, and Pacific Rim.

But despite being one of the biggest and most impressive in-game events Epic has ever done in Fortnite, interest among viewers didn’t reflect the same amount of hype as prior newsworthy in-game moments.

With Fortnite’s popularity on the decline over the past year, viewer counts were actually six times higher than normal on Saturday; however, even with 606k concurrent viewers, the big Season 9 finale failed to rank in Fortnite’s top 10 highest viewed moments on Twitch.

Fortnite still remains as one of Twitch’s most watched games; yet, impressive big events like these don’t seem to be helping the game grow and stay on top.

As we reported last month, this summer’s Celebrity Pro-Am saw an even bigger decline in popularity with a massive 72% drop in viewers compared to last year’s record-breaking 1.5 million viewer stream.

All of this has been leading to the finals for Fortnite’s first-ever World Cup this weekend – which should be the game’s most watched event of the year. But with popular streamers like Ninja and Nickmercs failing to qualify, Epic is being forced to put on another Celebrity Pro-Am in hopes of keeping all eyes on their game this summer.