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For Honor

PATCH NOTES 2.42.1 – FOR HONORMar 16, 2023 - Community AnnouncementsPATCH NOTES 2.42.1 – FOR HONOR PC: 1.9 Gb BALANCING FIGHTERS Afeera bugfixes Gravity Pull no longer guarantees Speeding Comet Increased chain link timing after Oracle's Rush to no longer guarantee Khassaki Kick on Hit or Block Increased chain link timings after most attacks to Khassaki Kick to let opponents input a Guard Swap and still dodge the attack PATCH NOTES 2.42.0 - FOR HONOR PC: 7 mb BALANCING FIGHTERS Jormungandr rework We're reworking Jormungandr following the Testing Grounds we held in the previous season. The rework focuses on replacing the hero's game plan from draining your opponent's Stamina to displacing your opponents to get the upper hand. To do so, we've added a few new moves to the hero's arsenal, moved some attacks around to give the hero better openers as well as better flow while in chains. These changes should help the hero reach their full potential and perform better in today's metagame. Stamina-based gameplay removal Moves no longer unbalance opponents in Out of Stamina state Moves no longer deal Stamina damage Moves no longer pause Stamina regeneration Displacement-based gameplay NEW MOVE: Venomous Sting Input: After landing a Guardbreak, press Heavy in any stance 800ms, deals 12 damage, costs 12 Stamina Pushes opponents backwards on hit and can wall splat Heavy Finishers Top Heavy Finisher now pushes opponents backwards Heavy Finishers now push opponents further away Top Heavy Finisher now deals 24 damage, down from 30 Side Heavy Finishers now deal 22 damage, down from 29 Heavy Openers Top Heavy Opener now deals 22 damage, down from 27 Side Heavy Openers now deal 20 damage, down from 24 Top Heavy Opener is now 800ms, down from 900ms Flow improvements NEW MOVE: Ouroboros Might Input: Light + Heavy Attack during chains 800ms, deals 24 damage, costs 12 Stamina Can be feinted Can be performed after any attack except itself, Venomous Sting and Hamarr Slam Initiates Chains Gains Uninterruptible Stance at 100ms Jotunn Gift Now deals 10 Health damage Jotunn Farewell New animation Now always unbalances opponents on hit Now 800ms, up from 500ms Can now be feinted Hamarr Slam No longer has Uninterruptible Stance Now deals 30 damage, down from 38 Now has 1400ms of recovery on hit, down from 1500ms Quality of Life improvements Jotunn Surge Reworked animation Input changed to Front Dodge + Guardbreak Attack speed is now 500ms, down from 600ms No longer chains on Miss Light Openers Reworked animations Improved trajectories Increased forward movement Light Finishers No longer Undodgeable Serpent Smite Attack Speed is now 800ms, down from 1000ms Damage is now 22, down from 26 Gains Uninterruptible Stance at 400ms during the attack, down from 600ms Improved Chain Link Timings Chain Link timings are improved for the following attacks: Light Openers Heavy Openers Serpent Smite Serpent Coil Strike Jotunn Gift GLOBAL Dodge Changes As we have tested in a previous Testing Grounds, we're adjusting Dodges and Dodge Attacks to be more in-line w...Warrior’s Den RecapMar 10, 2023 - Community AnnouncementsWarrior’s Den Recap, March 10th 2023 7 Min Read March 16th marks the start of For Honor’s 7th year and the launch of Y7S1: Heresy In this Warrior’s Den recap article, we’ll quickly go over some of the Year 7 details covered in the live stream and the Y7S1 Heresy’s TU1 Update. For a detailed discussion on Year 7: Swords of Injustice, and Y7S1: Heresy, be sure to check out the Warrior’s Den VOD to see what is to come. In the show, we went into detail on the patch notes and Y7S1 Testing Grounds. For a detailed blog post on the Testing Grounds topics for Y7S1, keep an eye out for an upcoming Testing Grounds dedicated blog post as we near the opening of the Testing Grounds for the season. For Honor Year 7: Swords of Injustice After a year of revelations about the past (and future) of Heathmoor comes a veil of darkness. Ancient relics were uncovered, magical myths revealed. Now, knowledge has been weaponized. Faith has been turned into a sharp blade, and the Order of Horkos firmly grasps the handle. The Year of Injustice begins as the wretched, the vile and the nefarious launch a reign of torment. This is the year where evil wins, where the boot of Horkos stomps the lands. Heroes cower in fear and uncertainty as the shadow grows. Who will be left to balance the scales? In Year 7: Swords of injustice, each season will explore a different injustice taking place in Heathmoor. Players can expect 2 New Heroes, 4 Hero Skins, Battle Passes, Free Event Passes, a Halloween event and other calendar events, Throwback events, Thesting Grounds, Hero Fests, and more to be revealed as Y7 is rolled out. For Year 7, players can expect 3 Hero Fests each TU starting with Y7S1 TU1. Additionally, the Hero featured in the Hero Fest will enjoy double XP and will be free to play during the duration of the fest. For armor variations, this year we’ll have each faction receiving 2 armor variations for their heroes, coming in TU2 each season. Here is the plan: Y7S1: Knight and Samurai Armor Variations Y7S2: Viking, Wu Lin, and Outlanders Armor Variations Y7S3: Knight and Samurai Armor Variations Y7S4: Viking, Wu Lin, and Outlanders Armor Variations Y7S1 Heresy The relics were supposed to unite Heathmoor. Instead, madmen began to rave about their legends as divine revelation. Soon every place of worship came to be occupied by the fanatical Servants of the Stake. Whispers spread of the dark deeds committed in the name of their twisted faith. In answer, the Relic Inquisition was formed. Their mission: purge all heresy. Yinchen joined t...FOR HONOR PATCH NOTES 2.38.0Sep 15, 2022 - Community AnnouncementsPATCH NOTES 2.38.0 1.6 Gb IMPROVEMENTS New Side Dodge Attacks The following heroes now have Side Dodge Attacks: Warlord Centurion Highlander Black Prior Jormungandr For each hero except Highlander, these new Dodge Attacks are performed by pressing the Light Attack button (Highlander uses the Heavy Attack button). In addition, they are all 600ms, performed at 300ms in the Side Dodge, and have appropriate iframes. They also all act as chain openers, and chain into what their neutral Light attacks chain into. Developer's Comment: With this pass, every hero in the game now has a Side Dodge attack, giving them tools to punish bashes. With the exception of Highlander, we've purposefully given these heroes Side Dodge attacks that are not optimal; they are intended to punish bashes, but should be risky in other situations, and are not meant to be used as good tools during group fights. Highlander is a special case where the hero's Defensive Stance was underperforming in these situations, and we wanted to make sure the hero was able to defend himself in outnumbered situations; the other heroes already have strong tools to defend themselves, and as such Highlander needed a better Side Dodge attack to compensate. (Quick extra note: 26/31 heroes already had a Dodge Attack. It's become clear that Dodge Attack is a mandatory tool in a For Honor fighter's toolkit, so the lack of Dodge Attacks on these 5 fighters wasn't built to help their 'uniqueness', but it's clear it was leaving them unable to function at all in certain situations.) Fighter Improvements Developer's Comment: We're doing a pass on multiple heroes to give them Quality of Life as well as Balancing changes - many of these heroes have small tweaks, but others have bigger changes that should help bring them to a better state. We'll keep an eye on how these changes affect the meta. Fighters Warden Zone Attack Stamina cost is now 30, down from 60 Second Light Attacks in chain are now 500ms, down from 600ms Developer's Comment: These changes should help both reduce Warden's stamina costs as standardize Warden's chained Light attacks to a more standard speed. Peacekeeper Dagger Cancel can now cancel its recovery to a dodge from 200ms to 300ms (from static at 333ms) Dashing Thrust can now be performed from 200ms to 500ms during a Front Dodge (was static at 300ms) Bleed Stabs (Guardbreak Followups) now do a total of 28 damage (down from 38) All Guardbreak Throws now have 200ms less recovery Side and Back Guardbreak Throws can now be cancelled by a Dodge in their last 100ms Front Guardbreak Throw can now be cancelled by a Dodge in the last 300ms Increased forward movement on the following attacks: Light Openers and Chained Lights Heavy Openers and Finishers Updated Trajectory for Zone Attack's first strike Crossbow feat now deals 15 damage + 10 Bleed damage over 10 seconds, from 25 flat damage. Developer's Comment: We're tweaking some part of Peacekeeper's kit - Dagger Cancel should now be able to be used...Crossplay Phase 2Sep 15, 2022 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/25307289/64c0158b65c07bea24cc04450a35e4833e1976c4.jpg Crossplay Phase 2 is coming October 20th. Phase 2 will allow our players to group and play with cross platform friends. Previously in Phase 1, players were limited to crossplay through matchmaking only. This means you could not add friends from different platforms and play with them. With the implementation of Phase 2, players will be able to group with their friends from any platform. In Y6S3 TU1, we are implementing voice-chat in crossplay matches, a new block-list feature and removing P2P connection. 1. What is Phase 2 of Crossplay? Crossplay Phase 2's functionality will extend to group play with your cross-platform friends and/or players. Your friends' platform of choice will no longer be a blocker when looking to play together. You will be able to group with other online players under the same Ubisoft account (also called linked profiles), which allows players having played the game on more than 1 platform under the same Ubisoft account to play together. However, progression is still isolated per platform, as there is no cross-progression. 2. Do I need a specific Ubisoft account to play For Honor? Yes, if you play on console it is mandatory to link your console account to a Ubisoft Account to play For Honor. If you do not have a Ubisoft account, the game will ask you to create one at the first launch. If you have already played For Honor, you already have a Ubisoft Account. 3. How do I add a cross-platform friend? Open Ubisoft Connect on any device or via the in-game shortcuts found in the "Group" or "Customize" tabs. Then, cycle to the friends' tab and search for your friends' Ubisoft Connect username. If you are already in a match or group, you can also simply view the player's profile and select "Send Friend Request". 4. How do I find my Ubisoft Connect username? It should be visible on the "Profile" tab in Ubisoft Connect. You can also see it be selecting your own profile in the Group menu. 5. How do I accept a friend request? Open Ubisoft Connect on any device or via the in-game shortcuts found in the "Group" or "Customize" tabs. Then, cycle to the friends' tab and view your pending friend requests. For more information on Ubisoft Connect, see : Link on PC : 6. How do I play with friends that are on another platform? The process is the same as it was previously. Players need to become friends on Ubisoft connect first. Then you simply head to the groups tab and invite your friends through the friends list. 7. Will the matchmaking system be readjusted at the launch of Phase 2 on October 20th, 2022? No, there is no need to readjust the matchmaking system as the implementation of Phase 2 only adds the ability to add cross platform friends as well as play with them. 8. Will in game communication change with Crossplay Phase 2? To deploy Phase 2, voice-chat in Crossplay matches w...Warrior's Den Recap - September 13th, 2022Sep 15, 2022 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/25307289/c5e05644fed03cddd43ded1acb0766cf2004c372.jpg Starting September 15th, Y6S3: The Demon Dagger brings new elements and stories to the world of For Honor for this third season of Year 6: Lost Horizons. Something has awakened in the Myre. For centuries, a cavern at the heart of the swamps was sealed off until a fissure split open. Ancient Samurai once knew the truth of the cave, but the echo of their warnings had faded across the ages to a whisper. It was a prison. Now demons, once banished to the bowels of the earth, have escaped. And after their long, unholy hibernation, the Yokai hunger. Motoori noticed small signs first. The young Orochi was the first to warn of the villagers' strange behavior. Honorable Nobushi babbled and cursed. Aramusha bent and twisted impossibly. At length, the eyes of the Samurai took on pale glows - the last mutation before their massacre on Temple Garden. By then the Yokai's possession was complete. To save the survivors, Motoori told them of another fable: the Mamono Dagger, a mythical blade said to trap spirits of the Yokai. But the demon dagger bears a terrible cost... and none are worse cut than its wielder. For detailed discussion of the season and what's to come with the For Honor Dev Team, be sure to check out the Warrior's Den VOD to see what's to come on September 15th at launch Y6S3: The Demon Dagger. For Honor Y6S3: The Demon Dagger {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/25307289/9fa3a4726d71e4afd312c407d1f6e7a58cb1ad7b.jpg In this Warrior's Den recap article, we'll mainly go over what Title Update 1 has to offer: an Event Pass: The Yokai Nightmare, a new Battle Pass, new Testing Grounds, two new Hero Fest with Warmonger from October 6th 2022 to October 13th , 2022 and Tiandi from October 13th, 2022 to October 20th, 2022, Patch Notes information and an update regarding the crossplay and more. The two last Armor Variations of Pirate that were missing will be also released at launch of S23TU1. Title Update 2 will introduce a new Hero Skin, a new Halloween Event, new Testing Grounds and Armor Variations, two new Hero Fest, Covenant Games: Heralds of Chimera and Crossplay Phase 2 implemented at the launch of the Title Update 2. More information to come at a later date for TU2. The Yokai Nightmare {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/25307289/154a28da928e010a3a2b7c9aa4e5a3120bd60133.jpg For this season launch, The Yokai Nightmare event pass is going to start on September 15th all the way through October 6. With this event pass, players will have a Mood Effect, a Battle Outfit, one Ornament and access to lootable weapons available for three weeks. Crossplay Update {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/25307289/64c0158b65c07bea24cc04450a35e4833e1976c4.jpg With Phase 1 being introduced on March 17th, 2022, alongside the launch of Y6S1, where Crossplay were enabled in matchmaking for PVP and PVE modes, unifying the 3 player pools for all PC, PlayStation, and Xbox players. We are excited to announce that Crossplay Phase 2 is coming to For Honor at ...Warrior's Den Recap - July 21stAug 3, 2022 - Community AnnouncementsExceptionally for this edition, the Warrior's Den has returned to a live in-person stream to celebrate Title Update 2 of the current season, Y6S2: Curse of the Scarab! TU2 is set to launch on July 28th. In this Warrior's Den recap article, we will go over all of the Title Update 2 goodies: New Hero, Throwback Events, Hero Fests, Patch Notes, Testing Grounds Update, and a Competitive Update. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/25307289/fbdc2df11302d7cceb395f1c2d028d902ac49e6e.png For a quick recap of what was covered in TU1, check out our June 9th article here Free Week & Friend Referral Program starting July 28th Starting July 28th for one week, players can try For Honor for free on Playstation, Epic, Ubiconnect and Steam. Players can preload the game starting on July 26th. In addition, the Friend referral Program returns! This is a way for our For Honor players (aka Referrers) to earn in-game rewards and share their love for the game with new players (aka Recruits). By inviting new players to join you in For Honor, both you and your friends will earn rewards. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/25307289/9cfdcb19663e769178b3f04db2be9831327e23b7.png Year 6, So Far.... {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/25307289/e6c42061ef5ae2ba6aae302f3d46a1c61d046a2c.png From the start of Year 6, Hero Skins were introduced - Lord Ramiel (Y6S1) and now, Bolthorn the Cursed (Y6S2). Two more Hero Skins will be introduced in next seasons - One in Y6S3 TU2 and the other in Y6S4 TU1. In addition to Hero Skins, two Heroes will be added to the Outlanders roster- one in this upcoming Y6S2 TU2 and the other in Y6S4 TU2. For a more indepth discussion of what Y6S2 TU2 has to offer, including the new Hero: Medjay, we encourage you to check out the Warrior's Den VOD {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/25307289/903d72d27ad51543b1ccb24439db8904bd34e73f.png On the eve of battle, a great pharaoh whose name has long been forgotten once said: "Give me a dozen of my loyal Medjay over an army and I shall win the day." The day the Cataclysm struck the world, the flourishing kingdom of Egypt collapsed. Its once mighty landmarks were destroyed, swallowed by earth, water and sand. Its significant achievements were forgotten, and its thriving people, no more. But not all was lost. The Medjay are the last survivors of this lost civilization. Warriors once tasked with protecting their homeland, they are now the keepers of their culture. The deserts they call home are filled with lost riches, and the Medjay have long fought back adventurers, explorers and would-be treasure hunters. With no throne left to defend, the Medjay evolved into something else. Outside of the confines of their old responsibilities, the warriors developed a new, dual-wielding fighting style as they embraced a more offensive approach. With the path to Heathmoor now open to them, the Medjay see a new land in dire need of guardianship. Driven by integrity and honor, these warriors have a strong moral compass that never points toward corruption and dishonesty. They are willing to sacrifice...For Honor Friend ReferralAug 3, 2022 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/25307289/7cd160645ed8ffff595e13c6d2a7d54c3ba6fada.png FOR HONOR’S REFERRAL PROGRAM STARTS TODAY, JULY 28TH UNTIL NOVEMBER 24TH 2022! The Friend Referral Program gives you the possibility to invite your friends on the For Honor battlefield and to earn rewards by doing so! From XP boosts, scavenger crates, to days of Champion Status; the Friend Referral program begins July 28, 2022 and runs until Nov 24, 2022. For honor players from all platforms are eligible for this program. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/25307289/c47002d62f16a3e71d5b04571800bde938f3ad5f.png For more information and to start receiving rewards for your referrals, please visit: At the same time, the Free Week starts on PlayStation, Epic, UbiConnect and Steam on July 28. For more information about the Free Week, please visit: For Honor Dev TeamPatch Notes 2.37.1 - For HonorAug 3, 2022 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/25307289/3c9d1ba5ab09a095e2f50406dad7021d968b7d30.jpg PATCH NOTES 2.37.1 – FOR HONOR PC: 2.1 Gb NEW HERO – MEDJAY When his friend Bolthorn stole the Scarab Bracelet from the desert kingdom, Neferkha knew what would happen next. He left his homeland to chase the Raider, following the relic’s trail of waste and death to its heart in Valkenheim. There Neferkha found Bolthorn, a cursed shell of his former self. An epic battle ensued – with Neferkha ultimately besting his friend. Rather than killing the Viking, Neferkha spared his life and removed the Bracelet to lift the curse. Having witnessed the relic’s destruction, Neferkha had realized the jewel belonged to a different time and place; it was simply to dangerous, even for himself, the last heir of the Pharaohs. The Medjay left Valkenheim so it might begin to heal. He became a mercenary to buy his way back home, where he would return the Bracelet to its resting place. Difficulty: Hard Weapon Transform Dual Fighting Styles Good Melee Range in Staff Mode Special Capabilities Unique dual utility feats Unstoppable infinite chain in Staff mode High aggression and speed in Axes mode Stays in current mode when hit, unlike other multi-mode heroes IMPROVEMENTS Match End Flow All screens shown after completing a match have been redesigned for improved legibility, clearer progression information, and with less disruptive animations so it is quicker to reach the options for the next match. NEW OPTION: Deactivate the Parry Flash Indicator (in Arena, and all Custom Match Game Modes) Players can now deactivate the Parry Flash Indicator, which usually flashes at the correct timing to Parry an attack, in the Arena as well as during Custom Games. This option appears in the Arena under “Arena -> Arena Settings -> Parry Flash Indicator”, and in the Custom Game Match under “Custom Game -> Game Mode -> Parry Flash Indicator” Developer's Comment: Competitive players in the Dominion Series have been requesting this option for some time. Adding this option is meant to reduce the efficiency of players who have exceptional reaction times and to limit certain kinds of cheats. We specifically add this as an Option only in Custom Games and Arena so that competitive play can intentionally remove the parry flash to improve the level of offense in their games. Normal matchmaking games continue to have the Parry Flash to help players learn the sense of timing to Parry attacks. Out Of Stamina (OOS) State is now less punishing Stamina Pause no longer applies on players who are Out of Stamina Stamina is now fully refilled when getting up from the Unbalanced state Developer's Comment: Previously, players in the OOS could conceivably be forced to stay in that state until killed. If your opponent had a quick Dodge Forward Bash attack, they could continually bash you to keep your stamina from ever refilling, while slowly killing you and limiting your options. By removing Stamina Pause while OOS, you should be able to g...Play Stray, or anything else on PS Plus Premium, for free this weekJul 18, 2022 - VG247If you haven't been convinced by the lineup of PlayStation Plus Premium and Extra, then maybe you should consider the free trial that's currently available in the UK. PlayStation is currently offering a seven day free trial of its revamped Plus service that adds a bit of Game Pass flair into Sony's repertoire. The trial lasts for seven days, but it should be noted that no matter whether you opt for a one month, three month, or 12 month subscription, you will be charged once the trial runs out. So make sure to cancel it if you aren't convinced by the service. The best part about the deal is that the very good looking Stray is planned to be available on the service when it launches tomorrow, July 19. That gives you a full week to dig into the charming looking cyberpunk world, which is probably plenty of time to prove that curiosity didn't kill the cat. Read more Heralds Of Chimera (June 2nd - June 9th)Jun 2, 2022 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/25307289/3181f93aeb001a0bd1f51c062423e4e643892523.jpg Heralds of Chimera, the game mode of the Chimera Banquet event will be available from June 2nd to June 9th. A new Mood Effect as well as Battle Outfit and an Ornament are going to be lootable during the week. Let the festivities begin! Play the limited-time game mode and collect the exclusive rewards while it last. We’ll see you on the battlefield! Daubeny accepts only the best.Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection, Assassin’s Creed Origins, and For Honor coming to Xbox Game Pass in JuneMay 31, 2022 - VG247Microsoft has announced the first batch of games coming to Xbox Game Pass in June. Tomorrow, June 1, will see the release of For Honor: Marching Fire Edition for PC via the Ubisoft Connect app and the cloud. The console version has been upgraded to the Marching Fire Edition. The Marching Fire Edition of For Honor contains the Marching Fire Expansion and the base game, allowing you to play through 16 heroes. The expansion also comes with the Wu Lin faction. It includes four heroes, Arcade Mode, and access for all players to Breach - a 4v4 PvP mode where you'll attack and defend a castle. Read more For Honor CROSSPLAY FAQMar 15, 2022 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/25307289/bed050b768a04105311a7e9181d35ca2dadac9ec.png For Honor CROSSPLAY FAQ We are excited to announce that Crossplay is coming to For Honor on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. Crossplay will be implemented in 2 phases, with Phase 1 being introduced on March 17th. Crossplay has been an ambition of our team for a very long time. There have been many technical challenges to bring Crossplay to For Honor because the core technical game components were not originally designed to support it. Thanks to the hard work of the team, we are now proud to bring Crossplay to our Warriors. We believe Crossplay will benefit For Honor and its long-term vision. Below, we answer some questions you might have concerning For Honor’s Crossplay and its deployment. How will Crossplay be deployed in For Honor? Crossplay will be deployed in 2 Phases in For Honor. Phase 1 will launch on March 17th 2022, along side the launch of Y6S1: Golden Age. The launch of Phase 2 will happen at a later date as it is currently under development. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/25307289/bed050b768a04105311a7e9181d35ca2dadac9ec.png What is Phase 1 of Crossplay? In Phase 1, Crossplay will be enabled for matchmaking for PVP and PVE modes, unifying the 3 player pools for all PC, Playstation, and Xbox players. What are the benefits of Crossplay Phase 1? With Phase 1 unifying the 3 player pools into 1, players should see an improvement in their matchmaking time, and have a better For Honor experience for online multiplayer game sessions. Will the matchmaking system readjust at the launch of Phase 1? Yes, when Phase 1 comes into effect, player skill ratings must be reset to use the new unified player pools and create balanced matchmaking matches. It will take a few games to re-calibrate your personal skill rating. As a result, Crossplay may connect you with players of varying skill for the first few games after its deployment. Will in-game communication be affected by Crossplay Phase 1? Due to technical constraints ingame voice chat will be have to be disabled for all Crossplay matches. We do have plans to reintroduce voice chat for Crossplay matches at a later date. PC users will still be able to use the free text chat fuction and any messages from it will only be visible by other PC players. Console users will still have access to quick text options and will be visible by all players regardless of platform. What is Phase 2 of Crossplay? In Phase 2, Crossplay functionality will extend to group play with your cross-platform friends and/or players. Your friends’ platform of choice will no longer be a blocker when looking to play together. More on how this will work when Phase 2 will be announced. Why is Crossplay being deployed in 2 phases and not all together? Phase 1 was ready to be deployed and we expect it to have a positive impact on the players’ matchmaking experience and therefore felt no need to delay its release for alignment with group play intended in Phase 2. Which modes include Cro...For Honor Year 6: Lost HorizonsJan 20, 2022 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/25307289/049ad5193d35b9b3a88356b7739afbc73a052eaa.jpg Hello Warriors, As we head into the final chapter of For Honor’s Year 5: Year of Covenants, we know that many of you may have been waiting to know more about what’s next. Today, we are really happy to announce that For Honor will be back with another year of new content with Year 6: Lost Horizons, starting March 17th. For more than 5 years, we have had the opportunity to try new things, improve and evolve with you, our community, while staying true to For Honor’s identity. As we conclude Year 5, we are really excited to experience with you what we have in store for the upcoming year. Without further ado, here's a sneak peek of what to expect for Year 6: Lost Horizons. More information will follow as we get closer to the launch of Year 6 Season 1. Stay tuned! Year 6: Lost Horizons In Year 6, the world of For Honor is getting bigger and it starts with the arrival of a new group of heroes presented in Y5S4, the Outlanders. Venturing from the outside, the Outlanders will view the For Honor world under a new lense but also impact Heathmoor with novel forms of combat and cultures. The first of this group, the Pirate, bring with them multiple relics they have collected across their different travels. These relics will uncover these lost horizons and forgotten mythologies of Heathmoor. These relics will be unveiled one by one each season and will help push the boundaries of new themes that will be explored. Unlike previous years, the Year 6 narrative will not necessarily unfold in chronological order. You can expect a first glimpse as we get closer to March 17 once Year 6: Lost Horizons begins. Four Unique Seasons and Two New Outlander Heroes joining the battlefield Similarly to Year 5, Year 6 will have four unique Seasons and two new heroes. Both of them will be part of the new group, the Outlanders. The first new hero will be released in Y6S2 TU2, and the second hero in Y6S4 TU2. Both will bring new elements of combat that differ from the existing factions and we can't wait to see your reaction to how they will shake up the battlefield. For more details about the Outlanders, you can check out our special FAQ article. Seasonal cosmetics and a new customization option: Hero Skins Along with existing offers such as new unique battle passes each season, themed armor and weapon variations, content of the week; Starting in Y6S1, we will be adding a new customization option to the mix: Hero Skins. Hero Skins will be a new option in the hero appearance customization tab. Here, players will be able to select any Hero Skins that are available to the hero that they are looking to customize. But what are they? Hero Skins are top-to-bottom designs that affect every element of a hero’s appearance harmoniously. With these full-set designs we can push the boundaries of all the elements composing the hero’s customization and push the fantasy of their identity even more. This includes armor, weapon...FAQ - OutlandersJan 20, 2022 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/25307289/31dbdef66a22b33314dbe853bb02a8138d026a1e.png Who are they? Where are they from? The Outlanders are a group of heroes who hail from lands far from Heathmoor not many people know of. They are not part of the traditional factions (Viking, Samurai, Knights, and Wu Lin). The Outlanders are free adventurers who have no cultural links between each other. They fight for those who are loyal to them or who pay them well. Presented in Year 5 Season 4 in Title Update 2, the Outlanders are introduced by the first hero of this group, the Pirate. The Pirate will defend their loot and treasures to the death. Do the Outlanders have an emblem? Yes, the Outlanders have their own emblem. Below you can see the new emblem of this group of heroes. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/25307289/7165f5886a5c653e715f91682522cca72587b604.png First, we added elements representing their mindset and the common goal they share, such as a compass and a sextant. Being part of the For Honor world, we have not forgotten to add a dagger in the middle of the emblem. All these elements and colors combined to represent the traveling and fighting side of the Outlanders. Why are we adding this group to For Honor? The arrival of the Outlanders allows us the opportunity to expand the choice of cultures we can explore when creating new heroes and in-game realization. This will bring more diversity to For Honor and allow us to tell stories that were not possible with the existing factions. Are they a new faction? What makes them different from the other factions? We don’t consider the Outlanders as a traditional faction since, unlike Viking, Samurai, Knights and Wu Lin, they will hardly share cultural similarities. This is done on purpose, to allow ourselves a greater liberty for the future of the game. The Outlanders will also not be taking part in the Faction War because they are adventurers who are not interested in settling down and conquering new land. Y5S4’s new hero, the Pirate, resembles the Wu Lin in culture. Why are they part of the Outlanders group and not the Wu Lin? In our story, the Pirate hero will be shaking things up for this season and serves as a segue (or as a Trojan Horse, if you prefer) to introduce the Outlanders. As explorers and adventurers, they are the ones who will bring the relics, and they will establish a connection between Heathmoor and this new group of Heroes…. The Pirate seems to have an ascendance to the Wu Lin. Does this mean that new heroes will also have ascendance such as Viking, Samurai, Knights or Wu Lin? Not necessarily. With the Outlanders, the goal is to introduce something new, to expand the choice of heroes and bring different cultures and backgrounds in Heathmoor.The best Samurai games on PC 2023Jan 6, 2022 - PCGamesNLooking for a the best samurai games on PC? Samurai are the subject of ceaseless fascination for many gamers thanks to their ornate armour, razor-sharp weaponry, and the stories that have been told about them in other media thanks to directors like Akira Kurosawa and Yôji Yamada. Unfortunately, there are surprisingly few dedicated samurai games, especially here on the best platform of all: PC. To right that wrong, we've dug through every digital store and upcoming release in search of the very best samurai games around. With few options to choose from, we've had to get a bit creative with our choices, so expect some games that only feature samurai in limited roles, games with characters like samurai, ronin games, and heaps of different genres. Everything from hack-and-slash games and strategy behemoths to action-adventure games and multiplayer brawlers is on the cards for this samurai games list. Join us as we break down eight of the top samurai games on PC, from old games classics to new samurai games. Read the rest of the story... RELATED LINKS: Shovel Knight arrives in For Honor crossover For Honor made all of its fighters into smol beans for April 1 For Honor Year 4 kicks off this week, introducing the battle pass system Warrior's Den Recap - September 2ndSep 3, 2021 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/25307289/702db71cc42fe974c32879646328771fd802560b.jpg For Honor Y5S3: Tempest Starting September 9th, Y5S3 Tempest brings drastic change to the world of For Honor as we close the chapter on Y5S2: Mirage. Under a scorching sun, the factions of Heathmoor long fought for water. But what was once scarce then came in overwhelming abundance. The unbearable heat of the drought melted the glaciers of Valkenheim and as a result, the water levels rose dangerously. Torrential rains and violent winds fell upon Heathmoor, with no end to the storm in sight. With the home they once knew overrun with water, warriors found themselves out of their element. All except the Vikings, for whom the storm had brought about rebirth… and an opportunity to reign supreme. The aforementioned themes are strongly represented in Y5S3 Tempest’s in-game realization and seasonal customization. For more information about the season, continue reading. We’ll go over the Storm Tides event, this season’s Battle Pass, everything regarding the Testing Grounds and more. Stay tuned for new armor variations and maybe some other surprises for Y5S3 TU2. Lastly, for this season, we are excited to announce that, at launch, all heroes will be receiving a unique execution. For detailed discussion of the season and what’s to come with the For Honor Dev Team, be sure to check out the Warrior’s Den VOD to see what’s to come on September 9th at launch Y5S3: Tempest. Y5S3 WD Reveal VOD Storm Tides {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/25307289/666a4828591fb4c1be5b9f715dcdeb0410be1ec3.jpg Amid catastrophic flooding, Horkos and Chimera both struggled to survive. As safe land became a rare commodity, the animosity between warriors only intensified. Starting on season Launch until September 30th, players will be able to play through a Free Event Pass and gain access to a multitude of rewards such as a new Battle Outfit, an Effect as well as an Ornament. During the event there will also be new weapons available for players to loot. Battle Pass {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/25307289/e550afca9ccbcf1237fa6bfe1dba6785b019f821.jpg The coming of unending rains led the Vikings to believe that Aegir and Ran, the deities of the sea, were listening. Legends said that the married couple ruled over the oceans, and that their generosity came from offerings. For Chimera, this meant honoring Ran by respecting nature. But Aegir demanded blood… and Horkos were more than happy to provide. These themes make a strong impact in this season’s Battle Pass. It is now possible to dress your warriors with gear that will remind you of Norse divinity or to wear the jewels of the ocean. Gear up for the storm with the Y5S3 Battle Pass. Get 100 tiers of rewards for all heroes to unlock new weapons and effects. Premium rewards include Tempest themed outfits, effects, weapons, a battle points boost from completed matches, 11K steel and more. This Y5S3 Battle Pass will be available from season launch to December 6th. Dominion Series The Stage 2 of the...For Honor’s Referral Program starts July 22nd until October 21st 2021!Jul 26, 2021 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/25307289/3e7800498ae8a4056c7bf0a22a57b38934d46bff.png The Referral Program gives you the possibility to invite your friends on the For Honor battlefield and to earn rewards by doing so! {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/25307289/3871ffdf62112ed6cb0c86fa319d43d8e59f89f7.jpg From XP boosts, scavenger crates, to days of Champion Status; the Referral program begins July 22 2021 and runs until Oct 21 2021. For honor players from all platforms are eligible for this program. Referrals must be made to friends from the same platform but not limited to your friend list. For Honor Dev Team NOTES 2.29.0 – FOR HONORJul 26, 2021 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/25307289/a33f63cc46768e425d9229b3f28c1d538bc108ae.png PATCH NOTES 2.29.0 – FOR HONOR PS4: 1.6Gb, Xbox One: 2.02Gb, PC: 3.28Gb NEW HERO – KYOSHIN The Kyoshin are legendary Samurai who have a deep connection to the spiritual realms. Their special training led them to master the art of fighting with a concealed blade, the Shikomizue. While they flow through battle wielding their sword and scabbard, they use heavenly powers to gain the upper hand against the enemy. Their special Kaze Stance can block incoming attacks and allow them to retaliate quickly. Difficulty: Hard Counter-Attacker Fighting Style Group Fighting Specialist Special Capabilities Kaze Stance: Defensive Stance that Blocks Incoming Attacks Kaze Attacks: Attacks from Kaze Stance can lead to Quick Combos Unblockable and Undodgeable Mix-Ups IMPROVEMENTS USER INTERFACE Traits menu changes: New tile icon The ‘Gender’ tab (in English) has been changed to “Body Type” Default Body Type (and associated voice) appears as “1” on screen; if there’s any Alternate option available, it appears as “2” Developer’s comment: These modifications only affect UI; heroes still have the same amount of customization options as before. BUG FIXES FIGHTERS Warden (Bug Fix) Fixed an issue that caused the Warden's Out of Stamina right side Heavy attack to have the wrong animation (FH-1676) Kensei (Bug Fix) Fixed an issue that caused the Kensei to play the wrong block animation after blocking a Heavy Light combo from different sides (FH-1525) Nobushi (Bug Fix) Fixed an issue that caused the Nobushi to have odd animation transitions when chaining into Heavy Finisher (FH-1407) Jiang Jun (Bug Fix) Fixed an issue that caused the Jiang Jun's Top Light into Top Light chain to have an offset camera (FH-1512) Hitokiri (Bug Fix) Fixed an issue that caused the Hitokiri to have the wrong animation during Side Dodge Heavy Chain (FH-1569) Jormungandr (Bug Fix) Fixed an issue that caused the Jormungandr to have a sliding dodge animation after a feint (FH-537) Zhanhu (Bug Fix) Fixed an issue that caused the Zhanhu right side Heavy to have the wrong animation when performed after a right-side parry FEATS (Bug Fix) Fixed an issue that caused Heroes to not receive damage if they run in the center of “Arrow Strike” (FH-1266) MAP Citadel Gate (Bug Fix) Fixed an issue that allowed the player to bypass the collisions and get out of the world at multiple locations near Capture Point C High Fort (Bug Fix) Fixed an issue that allowed the player to be able to bypass collisions after getting bumped at multiple locations Qiang Pass (Bug Fix) Fixed an issue that caused the player to get killed when opponent performs shield bash towards the corners of inner and outer gates (FH-252) (Bug Fix) Fixed an issue that caused the opponent to be killed if a bump attack or guard break bump is used near the gate in phase 1 (FH-1404) USER INTERFACE (Bug Fix) Fixed an issue that caused a visual glitch to be displayed on Hero’s right side ...Year 5 Season 2 Testing Grounds: Improvements OverviewJul 1, 2021 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/25307289/1f9d4173bc76a0b83aec8340743999c65fbf190a.jpg Hello Warriors! JC from the Fight Team here. It’s that time of the season again and we’re back with yet another Testing Grounds! They will be open from July 1st to July 8th. We’re doing something a bit different this time – we’re trying both Hero changes as well as system-level changes in the form of Option Select changes. The changes we’re covering in this Testing Grounds are: Raider changes Orochi changes Shinobi changes Option Select improvements Raider’s changes are mostly about making the hero more consistent as well as more efficient. We’re improving the 1v1 potential of the hero while also making sure their Zone Attacks are better. Orochi’s changes aim to improve the performance in 1v1 situations as well as in group fights, where the hero is currently struggling. Shinobi received quite large changes which should redefine how the hero plays. Shinobi should now be more focused on close-range combat and ganking, with the moveset centering around landing as many Sickle Rains as possible. Finally, we’re testing tech that should see the majority of Option Selects to be removed from the game entirely. Keep reading below for more details on the changes you can expect coming to Raider, Orochi, Shinobi, and Option Selects. You can also tune in to tomorrows Warrior’s Den where Stefan and myself will be going through all the changes. Before getting to the Testing Grounds details, we would like to address some errors in the roadmap shown in our previous Warrior’s Den. Covenant Games should be starting a week earlier, right after Testing Grounds, on July 8th and ending on July 15th. Also, the Dominion Series Stage 2 Major will begin on August 28th. This is great news for participants as they will have one extra month to prepare. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/25307289/9e1dcda2765f2baa7ccbc3f1844129c1741e4010.jpg Raider Changes Storming Tap Now 400ms, down from 500ms Now no longer interrupted on non-Superior Block No longer has variable timing as a soft feint from Heavy Attacks Now deals different damage when using Soft Feint version and Dodge version Developer’s comment: Storming Tap had a few efficiency problems, most notably it was reactable by many players, even though it had variable timing. We’ve adjusted this so that it always comes out at the same timing as Feints, sped it up so it is more reliable, and made it not interrupted when blocked so that Raider can pressure opponents better. Uninterruptible Stance Timings Adjusted Uninterruptible Stance during Heavy Attacks to always start at the feint timing instead of at various timings depending on the attack Developer’s comment: This should still let Raider use Heavy Attacks to trade with opponents, but should no longer be at timings where players could take a hit, feint then guardbreak their opponents. Zone Attacks Raider’s Storm now costs 12 stamina, down from 50 stamina Raider’s Fury now costs 12 stamina, down from 35 stamina Developer’...PATCH NOTES 2.28.0 – FOR HONORJun 10, 2021 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/25307289/74fd5d6fd5a28db6219e5579ac34b9d765da45e7.jpg PS4: 1.8Gb, Xbox One: 1.8Gb, PC: 1.9Gb IMPROVEMENTS FIGHTERS Berserker CHANGES INTEGRATED from the Testing Grounds: Top Light: Top Light is now 500ms (was 600ms) Top Light now deals 12 damage (was 13) due to speed increase Top Light now costs 9 stamina (was 12) Top Light After Feint is now 400ms (was 500ms) Top Light After Feint now deals 11 damage (was 12) due to speed increase Top Light After Feint now costs 6 stamina (was 9) Top Light OOS is now 800ms (was 900ms) Developer’s comment: These changes normalize all of Berserker’s neutral light attacks, giving them all the same utility. Sprint Attack: Sprint Attack range increased to 2.5m (was 2) Sprint Attack forward movement increased Developer’s comment: Berserker should now be able to catch up to opponents fleeing fights more easily. Dodge Forward Heavy: Dodge Forward Heavy Long Distance attack range increased to 2.5m (was 2.25m) Forward movement during Dodge Forward Heavy Long Distance increased to 6m (was 4.75m) Added rotation speed on miss recovery to ensure it properly rotates towards the locked target on miss Fixed issues with not moving correctly but still registering a hit Fixed issues with missing but holding a direction that would weirdly snap you forward at the end Fixed issues with default movement speed at the end of the attack Fixed issues that allowed Berserker to target swap too late, causing very glitched movement Dodge Forward Light: Forward movement during Dodge Forward Light increased to 5m (was 2.25m) Set Attack Range on Dodge Forward Light to 2m (was 2.5m) Attack is now Enhanced Side Dodge Lights: Are now Enhanced Developer’s comment: Berserker should now be able to use their dodge attacks to both chase and enable their offense more reliably. Shugoki NEW CHANGES based on Testing Grounds Feedback: Heavy Finishers Heavy Finishers should now always connect when feinted to Guardbreak no matter which attack precedes it Charge of the Oni Recovery is 400ms (up from 300ms), preventing “infinite sprint” Super Sprint has feedback now Headbutt Headbutt has VFX now Demon’s Embrace Demon’s Embrace recovery is now 1300ms (down from 1500ms) After Demon’s Embrace, Shugoki can block at 1000ms CHANGES INTEGRATED from the Testing Grounds: Heavy Attacks Uncharged Heavy Finishers now have reduced rotation, allowing most heroes to be able to comfortably dodge the attacks Fixed issues related to attacks not hitting external targets since the trajectory was placed too high Adjusted feint timings on Charged Heavy Finishers to ensure it works properly (can now feint during charge, feint happens 100ms before clip ends) Headbutt Headbutt in chains is 500ms Headbutt now deals 10 damage Headbutt no longer stuns or deals stamina damage New move: Dodge Forward Headbutt Attack is 500ms Starts 300ms into front dodge New move: Dodge Side Headbutt Attack is 533ms Side Dodge now branches to Headbutt from 300 to 500ms (was from 300 to 600m...For Honor has Gone from 5k to 210k Concurrent Players After Becoming Free-to-Own on SteamAug 23, 2018 - GitHypWith 71k concurrent players at its peak, Ubisoft’s For Honor was the biggest flop of 2017 ending the year with an average of just under 2k players per hour on Steam. Surprisingly, after losing over 95% of its players, For Honor actually doubled its player base in May 2018 by hosting a free weekend on Steam where players could check out the game's new content. But since then, the numbers have been back on the decline, and now to prevent the game from losing any more players, Ubisoft has made the Starter Edition of For Honor free-to-own for users who download it before August 27. For Honor's limited time promotion being placed on the front page of Steam has resulted in its players jumping from a peak of 5k online yesterday to 210k concurrent players today – ranking it as the #3 most played game on Valve's digital distribution service at the moment. The big question now is: Can For Honor retain more than 5% of its new players? Something that seems feasible, but a feat that Ubisoft couldn’t manage to accomplish last year when the game first launched at full price. We’ve seen numerous games desperately take the free-to-play route when they’re on their last leg, and more times than not, said games end up seeing their player bases quickly dwindle back down to where they were before the change in price. Rainbow Six: Siege is a rare exception. Ubisoft's class-based shooter didn't have the best start, but was able to have a huge comeback years ago and still remains in Steam’s top 5 most played games. But we’re willing to bet that won’t be the case here for Ubisoft. Just like shocking comeback of No Man's Sky last month, For Honor will also likely drop back out of Steam’s top 10 as new players again lose interest in the same gameplay that originally failed to hook early adopters.For Honor Has Now Lost 95% of Its Playerbase, Worse Than The Division 1 Year AgoJun 5, 2017 - GitHypOne year ago when GitHyp launched, we featured an article covering how Ubisoft’s best-selling game ever, The Division, lost 93% of its playerbase in the span of its first 3 months. Now, 3 months after Ubisoft’s biggest launch of 2017, For Honor has surpassed one of 2016’s biggest bombs by losing 95% of its playerbase on Steam. As we originally reported, For Honor had a rough launch. Various issues lead to over half of the game’s population leaving within its first two weeks on Steam – a number which aligned with Ubisoft’s own in-game player counts for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. And while For Honor’s playerbase started significantly smaller than The Division’s 113k peak, it followed the same trends which lead to us predicting yet another overhyped Ubisoft game’s downfall back in March. Like many gamers, we were excited to get our hands on For Honor’s unique melee combat. Ubisoft’s multiplayer brawler seemed promising when the beta debuted at #1 on Twitch with a peak of 146k viewers. That interest, however, quickly faded as gamers got a taste of what the game had to offer and viewer counts dropped by 62% after the first week. One of the early signs that For Honor might be in trouble was when the game’s official launch debuted with 36% less players than the beta. For Honor’s launch weekend peaked with 45k concurrent players, but the beta was much more successful with a peak of 71k players ranking the game as high as #3 on Steam. [caption id="attachment_268647" align="aligncenter" width="800"] For Honor's Average Player Count per Hour via GitHyp[/caption] Fans fed up with Ubisoft’s lack of support organized a boycott on April 3rd with the goal of receiving more communication from the developers. A quick response from Ubisoft at the time was enough to stop the blackout from having an impact on the player counts on that day. Yet, the dev’s continued level of support wasn’t enough to prevent the game’s rapid decline. Season 2 of For Honor introduced new heroes, maps, and gear on May 16th and helped the dying playerbase instantly jump from 2.2k players per hour to 4.7k pph. And although Ubisoft had hoped their big S2 “Shadow and Might” update would bring back more players, less than one month later the player counts are already close to where they were before the new season started. As of Saturday, For Honor’s playerbase has dropped a staggering 95% to a peak of only 3.4k concurrent players. The more stable average players per hour metric has also dropped at the same rate -- going from 56k players per hour back in February down to 2.7k pph last weekend. While this is yet another game to join the growing list of Ubisoft IPs with quick 90% or greater drop-offs, the publisher has found success recently with Rainbow Six: Siege. The competitive shooter’s new reduced price model combined with constant updates has resulted in its playerbase actually growing tremendously over the past year, which you can read more about in our analysis here.For Honor Lost Over Half of Its Playerbase in Its First Two Weeks on SteamMar 6, 2017 - GitHypWhen For Honor's open beta debuted at #3 on Steam one month ago, it seemed like the new IP could help win back gamers who have recently lost faith in Ubisoft. But after For Honor's official launch debuted with 36% less players than the beta, the hype train seemed to be losing some steam -- and not just on Steam, as Ubisoft's own in-game player counter reported the same drop in players. As we originally reported, For Honor's launch brought in an average of 39k players per hour on Steam. One week later, that number was down to 21k players. Two weeks later, For Honor brought in less than half of that launch number with an average of only 15k players per hour -- a huge 62% drop in players. [caption id="attachment_248149" align="aligncenter" width="770"] For Honor's Average Players per Hour via GitHyp[/caption] One of the main factors attributing to the game's downfall has been Ubisoft's own servers. Many players reported connection issues at launch that caused long matchmaking queues or even kept them from playing at all. To make matters worse, during its second post-launch weekend, a global server outage prevented the majority of the game's owners from playing online. To try and remedy the situation and bring players back, Ubisoft made an official statement on the various server issues and over the past weekend held a special event with XP bonuses and rewards... but even with the server outage fixed and more rewards, For Honor at its best this weekend was only able to average 17k players per hour on Saturday... which was still down 56% from launch. We've seen a drop like this before with Ubisoft's The Division -- which also lost 57% of its playerbase by its third week on Steam. Which leads us to believe that based on the numbers, unless Ubisoft starts slashing prices or releasing new content that gives players a reason to come back, For Honor is on track to lose over 90% of its playerbase towards the end of its second month.For Honor Player and Viewer Count Launch NumbersFeb 21, 2017 - GitHypAfter the rise and fall of some of Ubisoft's biggest games last year, we’ve been keeping an eye on For Honor over the past two months leading up to the game's launch. Although the melee combat game’s closed beta on Uplay prevented us from tracking the initial player counts, its exclusiveness sparked enough interest among gamers and viewers to capture the #1 spot on Twitch back in January. Two weeks later, For Honor’s open beta unlocked on Steam where it pulled in an impressive 71,748 players at its peak. The beta cracking the top 3 most played games on Steam was a clear indication that the multiplayer brawler was set for a big launch, and while For Honor did in fact have a strong launch with a peak of 45,836 players on its first day, that number was down 36% from the open beta. For Honor’s first weekend on Steam was able to match Tuesday's launch with a peak of 45,944 players on Saturday. Although not as drastic as the beta’s drop-off, after its first seven days on Steam, For Honor’s player counts dropped another 33% down to a peak of 30,747 players yesterday. [caption id="attachment_245094" align="aligncenter" width="771"] For Honor's Peak Player Counts on Steam via GitHyp[/caption] With all the controversy surrounding Ubisoft recently, it’s good to see that they’ve stuck to their original decision of including real-time player counts tucked away in For Honor’s in-game social menu. We’ve seen some make arguments that Steam’s numbers aren't a large enough sample size to use when analyzing games, but now we have proof of Steam’s importance with the platform accounting for over half of all PC players. On Saturday when the player counts were at a peak of 45k on Steam, For Honor’s in-game counts (which factor in all PC players) were reporting 83k total players. Considering that most top digital download sites usually sell the Uplay versions cheaper than Steam (or don't sell the Steam versions at all) and that hardware-related free code promotion bundles all focus on Uplay, it's always been assumed that Uplay was the primary platform for Ubisoft games on PC. That no longer seems to be the case when looking at the player counts where Steam makes up for 54% of For Honor's PC players. Meanwhile on Twitch, For Honor’s official launch came just short of its 146k closed beta debut with a peak of 123,761 viewers. As expected, that number has declined drastically over the past week down to a peak of only 54k viewers yesterday. But even with only 37% of its initial viewers left, For Honor still remains in Twitch’s top 10 most watched games after its first week.For Honor's Beta Debuts at the Top of TwitchJan 30, 2017 - GitHypUbisoft has recently been feeling the backlash of over-promising and under-delivering with their sequels failing to perform anywhere near as well as the originals from prior years. And while they still couldn’t help themselves from releasing stunning cinematic trailers to promote For Honor, the actual gameplay seems to be living up to the hype based on the positive feedback from the closed beta. For Honor’s beta debuted Thursday on Twitch at #1 with 146k viewers. After its debut, interest slightly decreased over the course of the beta’s 4-day run, but viewership was still high enough to keep Ubisoft’s new multiplayer melee IP in Twitch’s top 5 most viewed games over the weekend. [caption id="attachment_237482" align="aligncenter" width="770"] For Honor’s Viewer Count Per Hour Data via GitHyp[/caption] Although Steam is currently not tracking player counts for the beta, For Honor’s in-game client has been reporting player counts averaging around 25-50k players online – which would easily put the beta in Steam’s Top 20 most played games – an impressive number for a closed beta that should be much higher once the full game is released. It’s worth noting that Ubisoft gave out keys to most of Twitch's top streamers and the publisher ran a rewards promotion on their website that gave away credits for tuning in to the beta's livestream. But it's also good to see Ubisoft being more transparent with gamers by displaying live player counts -- especially after we caught them misleading the media regarding The Division’s player counts rising. Hopefully, the in-game player count feature will remain in the full version of For Honor which launches in two weeks on February 14, 2017.