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Borderlands 3's Viewership Has Dropped 93% in its First Two Weeks on Twitch

After a Strong Launch, the Hype for Gearbox's New Loot Shooter is Quickly Dying Down

October 2, 2019 by

Gamers were thrilled back in March when Gearbox Software officially announced Borderlands 3. But a series of cryptic tweets from Gearbox’s CEO, Randy Pitchford, led to us predicting the game would launch as an Epic Games Store exclusive and upset a large portion of its fan base.

Sure enough, Borderlands 3′s release did end up becoming an Epic exclusive that sparked outrage among PC users; but that didn’t stop streamers on Twitch from playing and helping Borderlands 3 hit #1 on Twitch on its launch day with a peak of 205k concurrent viewers.

Now, just two weeks after the game’s release, the hype for Borderlands 3 seems to have completed died down with an average of only 8.6k concurrent viewers per hour — a quick decline that has resulted in BL3 already dropping outside of Twitch’s top 20 most watched games and a 93% decline in viewership compared to its first weekend.

More recently, Pitchford tweeted that Borderlands 3 player counts were “about twice-as-high” as Borderlands 2. Yet, neither Gearbox nor Epic have revealed any real numbers regarding the actual player counts… leading to speculation that BL3 could have seen peaks around 150-200k concurrent players on the Epic Games Store.

Gearbox also still has plans for Borderlands 3 to be released on Steam in April 2020 where it will likely debut in Steam’s top 10 and help revive the game after its controversial start on PC. But it looks like we’ll have to wait until then for any official player numbers.