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Biomutant Lost Over Half of Its Players in Just the First 2 Days on Steam

Mixed Reviews from Gamers Align with the Playerbase That's Already Been Split in Two

May 28, 2021 by

Inspired by highly successful triple-A titles like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Horizon: Zero Dawn, it’s easy to see why Biomutant was one of the most anticipated new open world RPGs for many gamers over the past few years.

But the small team at Experiment 101 might have done a little too much experimenting when trying to mix the combat from Devil May Cry, the loot from Borderlands, and even more random elements from other popular games and sci-fi franchises – resulting in feedback from players also being mixed and over half not coming back to play again.

Biomutant‘s hype and impressive visuals were enough to bring in a peak of 55k concurrent players and place the game at #13 on Steam’s list of most played games on its first day earlier this week.

And while most feedback from players praised the beautiful art style, performance on PC, and uniqueness of the game; Biomutant‘s strange mash-up of design choices, character/narrator dialogue, lack of polish in certain areas, and repetitive gameplay resulted in a 55% decline in players during the game’s first 2 days on Steam.

Having a dropoff of around 50% is usually expected around the second or third week for most popular brand new singleplayer games that take around 20 hours to complete; but, losing half of a playerbase on the just the second day is certainly not great news for publisher, THQ Nordic, and perfectly aligns with the mixed reviews from more vocal gamers on Steam.

Even with players split on how they feel, Biomutant launching just outside Steam’s Top 10 on its first day is still likely considered a big win for THQ and the team of only 20 employees at Experiment 101 who have yet to report on the game’s budget or sales.