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Resident Evil 4 Remake Tops RE8’s Player Count to Become the Franchise’s Biggest Launch Ever on Steam

Capcom's Latest Looks to be Their Greatest

March 24, 2023 by

Just a decade ago, things were looking rough for the Resident Evil franchise. Once the biggest name in the horror game genre, Capcom’s franchise seemed to be dying out when Resident Evil 6 only managed to peak with 12k concurrent players on Steam.

Now, after successfully remaking Resident Evil 2 and rebooting the franchise with RE7 and RE8, Capcom’s decision to go back to the franchise’s horror roots is paying off once again with Resident Evil 4’s record-breaking launch today on Steam.

With twice as many players as RE2 Remake’s launch back in 2019, Capcom’s remake of their 2005 classic, Resident Evil 4, released today with a peak of 140k concurrent players on Steam.

This is, of course, great news for Capcom who saw interest in their remakes decline with the rushed release RE3 Remake back in 2020, which only managed to peak with 59k players and had pretty diverse feedback from fans.

Even better news for Capcom is that Resident Evil 4 Remake also topped Resident Evil 8’s peak of 107k players two years ago, making RE4 Remake the franchise’s biggest launch ever on Steam.