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Project Zomboid's Player Base Has Risen from 3k to 30k Peak Players During Its 8th Year of Early Access on Steam

New Multiplayer Dedicated Servers and Other Major Improvements Have Players Joining in Hordes

December 20, 2021 by

From having the early-Alpha version leaked online to having laptops containing large amounts of the game’s original code stolen, the team working on Project Zomboid have somehow managed to survive multiple horrific game dev setbacks over the past decade.

Now, 8 years after The Indie Stone first released Project Zomboid in Early Access on Steam, the survival horror game’s popularity is still continuing to spread with the player count increasing from 3k to 30k peak concurrent players this week after the game’s latest major update.

Project Zomboid‘s Build 41, which introduces 16-player multiplayer dedicated servers along with many other major improvements has resulted in the zombie RPG originally released in 2013 now rising into Steam’s Top 20 Most Played Games at #18 this week.