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The Day Before Has Already Lost 80% of Its Players in the First 3 Days on Steam

After a Good First Day the “Open World" PvPvE Zombie Shooter Had One of the Worst Weekends Ever Recorded

December 11, 2023 by

It’s been almost 2 years since The Day Before came out of nowhere and started making headlines for its impressive debut trailer that seemed too good to be true.

Promising an open-world MMO survival experience, unknown developer FNTASTIC’s first teaser left many questioning if their post-pandemic shooter that took heavy inspiration and design elements from other games like The Last of Us and The Division could be good… or if it was even real.

This week, we found out that The Day Before is in fact a real game… and it seems like the overwhelming majority (80%) of players who have played it so far wish it wasn’t and have been racing to refund the $40 Early Access game on Steam.

On Thursday, The Day Before released on Steam with an impressive peak of 38k players. That number quickly started to decline once players actually started playing the game over the weekend.

Instead of seeing an increase in players over the weekend like most new games, just 3 days after The Day Before launched, the game’s player count had declined to a peak of just 7.6k players on Sunday – an 80% drop, making it one of the worst launch weekends we’ve ever seen for a new IP launching in Steam’s Top 50 Most Played games.

Turns out, as many had expected after all of the copyright drama and delays leading up to the launch of the game, that The Day Before is a broken mess with little to do in its empty environments filled with assets made by other developers, horrible bugs, shallow gameplay, and not even an MMO as originally teased by the devs.

At this rate, like a real zombie apocalypse, there probably won’t be many people left playing FNTASTIC’s PvPvE game a month after its disastrous launch.