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Sons of the Forest is 2023’s Second Biggest Launch Yet with a Peak of 269k Players on Steam

Developer Endnight’s Record-Breaking Return to The Forest is Proving to Have Been Worth the Wait

February 24, 2023 by

Originally averaging only a few thousand concurrent players, we’ve watched Endnight’s The Forest grow in popularity each year since the developer released the game in early access back in 2015.

Maintaining Overwhelmingly Positive reviews from players, The Forest recently peaked with 75k concurrent players on Steam last November as hype for the sequel increased among open-world survival horror fans.

Now, 8 years after the first game debuted on Steam and after numerous delays of the highly anticipated 8-player co-op sequel, Endnight’s decision to finally just ship Sons of the Forest in its current state seems to be paying off already with close to 4x more concurrent players than The Forest’s all-time peak.

With a peak of 269k concurrent players on Thursday, Sons of the Forest is a massive hit for the small development team at Endnight Games and has become the second biggest launch yet for a new game in 2023, behind Hogwarts Legacy’s peak of 877k concurrent players.

And with Overwhelmingly Positive reviews again for the sequel and new features/updates like VR on the way, Sons of the Forest is on track to get even bigger and better as time goes on and hang around at the top of Steam’s Most Played list for a long time just like the original.