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Lawbreakers’ Final Beta Player Counts Down 40% Compared to Previous Beta on Steam

Players Already Jumping Off the Hype Train One Week Before Launch

August 1, 2017 by

Despite a heavy marketing push at E3 this summer, LawBreakers’ player counts were much lower than expected when the previous beta peaked at only 7.5k players one month ago.

Such low numbers were a strong indicator that the game could be following in the footsteps of other recent hero shooter flops like Battleborn, and now the game’s second and final open beta one week before launch is backing up those claims.

LawBreakers Beta Player Counts on Steam via GitHyp

Over this past weekend, LawBreakers saw its playerbase decrease by almost half. At its peak on Steam, LawBreakers brought in 4.5k players in a single hour on Friday and those numbers dropped on Saturday to 3.7k and 3.1k on Sunday. A 40% drop in peak players when compared to the closed beta on June 28.

LawBreakers had a lot hype going for it back when it was first announced as Project BlueStreak back in 2015, but since then, it seems like more and more people have been jumping off the hype train with all signs pointing to a weak launch on August 8, 2017.