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Boss Key’s Battle Royale ‘Radical Heights’ Debuts with Slightly More Players Than ‘LawBreakers’ on Steam

The Free-to-Play X-Treme Attempt at Capturing Fortnite’s Player Base is Off to a Lukewarm Start

April 11, 2018 by

With the player base for LawBreakers dropping down to single digits, the developers at Boss Key Productions recently announced that they would be ceasing any further development on the title to start work on new projects.

To the surprise of many, rather than switching LawBreakers to the free-to-play model, publisher Nexon wrote the entire game off last year citing PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds as the reason it failed to capture the hero-shooter market.

Then yesterday, out of nowhere, Boss Key released their own take on the battle royale genre called Radical Heights. And so far, reaction to the “X-TREME” Fortnite meets Saints Row take on the battle royale genre has been mixed with Radical Heights debuting at #32 on Steam and just barely topping the free beta for LawBreakers.

Radical Heights Peak Concurrent Players on Steam via GitHyp

Over the course of its launch day, Radical Heights peaked with 8.5k concurrent players on Steam. Which was enough to pass LawBreakers’ peak of 7.5k players back in July… but still not a great sign for Cliff Bleszinski and his team who were hoping to capture the attention of millions of PUBG and Fortnite fans.

Many popular streamers on Twitch have also been helping promote Radical Heights, making it the second most watched game on Tuesday with 120k concurrent viewers. However, like the feedback on Steam, reactions from streamers and viewers for Boss Key’s ‘80s-themed battle royale standalone doesn’t paint a bright future for the studio.

After the failure of LawBreakers, it seems like Boss Key might have been rushed into creating something else to just to keep the lights on. Based on how rough Radical Heights is around the edges (even for an early access BR game), one can’t help but wonder if they’ve once again shown up late to the party with an inferior product that’s destined to fail… just as they did when trying to go up against Overwatch last year.