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Dragon Ball FighterZ was the Most Watched Game at CEO 2018 on Twitch

Bandai Namco’s FighterZ Topped the Street Fighter V Main Event with Slightly More Viewers

July 3, 2018 by

With CEO being the last major stop on the road to the summer’s biggest fighting game event, the Evolution Championship Series in Vegas, the smaller Florida-based event has become one of the most exciting tournaments to watch on Twitch.

This year’s Community Effort Orlando took place in Daytona and as usual resulted in many clip-worthy player entrances as the tournament once again pitted competitors head-to-head in the middle of a boxing/wrestling ring.

With 663 entrants competing in the Dragon Ball FighterZ bracket, GGP Kazunoko took home the W in Grand Finals beating CO Go1. Despite not being the main event, DBFZ was actually the most watched game of CEO 2018 with a peak of 52k viewers watching the finals on Twitch.

CEO’s main event, Street Fighter V’s Grand Finals, peaked at 46k viewers on Twitch as FD Fujimura beat DouyuTV Xiao Hai. SFV was slightly down from last year’s CEO main event peak of 49k viewers. While Tekken 7 came in third with 39k viewers during its finale that featured UYU JeonDDing beating UYU Qudans.

And although it was the most played game at this year’s CEO with 679 entrants, Super Smash Bros. for Wii U ranked in as the fourth most watched game on Twitch with 21k viewers as Echo Fox MVG MkLeo defeated Tweek in its main event.

Now, Capcom really needs a new game announcement at this year’s Evo to get members of the FGC hyped. After the publisher bet big on the failed launch of Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite, other developers have been scooping up the franchise’s player base.

Even with the current most popular fighting games, Bandai Namco is set to launch even more new games like Soulcalibur VI in October and Jump Force next year… and even Nintendo is gunning for the top spot now with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate launching before the end of 2018.

Evo 2018’s official schedule hasn’t been released yet, but with Tekken having more players on Steam and Dragon Ball having more viewers on Twitch, we can’t imagine SFV will be able to hold on to its main event status much longer.