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Path of Exile

Explore the lore of Path of Exile 2 with KittenCatNoodle!Jun 17, 2021 - Community AnnouncementsWe recently released our second Path of Exile 2 Trailer and Gameplay Showcase which prompted community streamer, KittenCatNoodle, to dig deeper into the potential narrative of Path of Exile 2! While the content within is purely speculation, there's certainly a lot of interesting things to uncover… Check out the video below! (Turn on closed captions for translated subtitles.) If you are interested in checking out more of KittenCatNoodle's lore videos, check out her YouTube channel or follow her on Twitch or Twitter for updates about the series. ExileCon Merchandise Mystery Bags Available Now!Jun 16, 2021 - Community AnnouncementsIn late 2019, we held the first ExileCon convention in Auckland, New Zealand. ExileCon gave us a great opportunity to experiment with new merchandise for Path of Exile such as the Celestial Cat Socks, Exalted Orb Foam Balls, various plush toys and a lot of different t-shirt designs. We sold much of this merchandise during ExileCon but we do have some very limited stock left over, and have been trying to find a fair way to make it available to players who were unable to attend the event. Today's news post details our plan. For many merchandise items, we had to hit minimum quantity thresholds in order for them to be possible. So we knew we were going to be left with a few hundred thousand dollars of merchandise that we'd need to sell after the event. We're not able to handle the logistics of running a general merchandise store ourselves at the moment, and we also worry that the best items would sell out instantly. We tried to find a straightforward way to sell all of the remaining stock and make it available for purchase for anyone who may have missed out on being able to attend in person. We would rather that this money was being spent on development rather than filling up a storage unit. We have packaged the merchandise into Mystery Bags that are identified by their shirt sizes. When you buy a bag of a specific shirt size, you're guaranteed at least two Path of Exile t-shirts (in different designs) and one plushie. The other items in the bag are also random and are picked to top the value up so that all the bags are worth approximately the same amount. For clarity, these bags do not contain any past exclusive supporter pack physical merchandise. It's just the merchandise that we made for ExileCon. Each ExileCon Mystery Bag contains at least its face value in merchandise, with a chance to receive items that are in lower stock or higher demand. Unfortunately, we cannot offer to sell specific merchandise directly or to let people choose which random outcome they get, as the most popular pieces of merchandise are also the ones we have the fewest left of. The bags are priced at $100 USD + shipping (and sales tax if you're in New Zealand). If you want to buy one, contact [email protected] and let them know your address and your desired shirt size (you can't pick which specific mystery bag outcome you'll get, only your shirt size). They'll calculate a total and will send you a payment link. If you pay within 24 hours, you'll be locked in. Otherwise it'll go to the next person in the queue. Because these may sell fast, there's initially a limit of one bag per customer. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/5193306/058ec46727b4b17bad8a98d96abc8f2969444001.jpg Please note that there are no hoodies left in stock and they are not included in the mystery bags. Below, you can find the nine possible random outcomes for each mystery bag purchase. Below that, you can view what quantity of each outcome is available for each shirt size. Random Mystery Bag Outcomes Outcome A: 2x ...Zizaran Class Gauntlet Twitch HighlightsJun 15, 2021 - Community AnnouncementsZizaran's Class Gauntlet has been live for a few days and there are some amazing clips that we wanted to share. From incredible luck to clenching close calls, we wanted to highlight some of our favourite moments from the community! Check out some of the clips we've gathered during the Gauntlet, which you can view on our forum post here. If you're interested in participating in Zizaran's community run Class Gauntlet event, you can do so by joining the event in your game client. More information on the event can be found here. The event is also being shoutcasted live by community members Havoc616 and BigSil on Zizaran's Twitch channel. Check out the video and schedule for the shoutcast below. Shoutcast Schedule: 06/17 : 3pm to 7pm GMT+1 06/18 : 3pm to 7pm GMT+1 06/19 : 3pm to 7pm GMT+1 06/20 : 3pm to 7pm GMT+1 06/21 : 3pm to 7pm GMT+1 06/22 : 1pm to 3pm GMT+1 , After Show: 3pm to 5pm GMT+1 Screenshots of Path of Exile BossesJun 14, 2021 - Community AnnouncementsWe love sharing screenshots of the bosses and minibosses of Path of Exile! Today we're featuring more of our fantastic bosses from parts of Act 2. Check them out below! If you like what you see and want more screenshots, take a look at our last boss screenshots post here. Fidelitas, the Mourning {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/5193306/a5716467f74b35d045d5ac8a4a85f5267de4854b.jpg Targa, Beast Poacher {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/5193306/45c6ae91abdabd589175be89b10f7bac13c143bc.jpg Kraityn {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/5193306/a91db34fb0bc010b2caa18e4b4a8f43428ccb1cc.jpg Soulmourn {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/5193306/1133a68679cde822079e4e86c9deb3fb0f40131d.jpg Alira {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/5193306/120909533318c2a3a128a42aa619f2d79256080d.jpg Path of Exile Fan Art Competition Runners-upJun 13, 2021 - Community AnnouncementsOur Fan Art competition received so many incredible submissions that we wanted to showcase even more of them! Today's news post is the first of two that will feature the talents of our amazing runner-ups. Check them out below! Runners-Up Elder by javidiezfuentes {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/5193306/94f026dad6f18f971bdcf02557723bec12fc7fde.jpg Atlas Conquerors by KretineMasterTheBoy {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/5193306/18115c799803317be6b0c8274f8631d0ceca2f9d.png Brutus the Chef by Yokitch {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/5193306/13e0503952ad541098464b7fef7dfe7b9de365d4.jpg Ship Graveyard by ÄlphaWolf {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/5193306/0084ae67d64b8d51a7e648aba21368b129581f6b.jpg Jun Ortoi, Veiled Master by BaronBenG {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/5193306/7cbe83af546332b2ac244cc001e8bec7979d4fa9.jpg Trialmaster by Cold_Warrior {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/5193306/bdc5d9b7d899f2b7bd5ae7cf0f8b72962ae65ada.jpg Necromancer by Corvus007 {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/5193306/b41dba0c85565459488ae906da68dba4b7c1a36f.jpg Cadiro Portrait by Filipiaszek {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/5193306/edbd41857f64c70df579a2781f5ce2adef909c7f.jpg Undead Love by StellaTheSlaya {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/5193306/5aacfa059bf4e343f3cf5b6658db3c2a7e84df90.png Bronze Kiwi by whigs {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/5193306/e22c53fd2748afefe220f194f3d0864a42c74fed.jpg Chaos Depression by Sithkae {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/5193306/32710737553c9e5d7da5ed7c621fca80aeeec60e.jpg Malachai by himreru {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/5193306/143c4042cbaf4d557b7cdc418f472dd445aa5f50.jpg Izaro Polymer Clay Model by Bobsmith42 {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/5193306/0fd5569febd9d41a688bd4627250e992a3c255fc.jpg Path of Exile Fan Art Competition WinnersJun 10, 2021 - Community AnnouncementsOur Fan Art Competition concluded a few days ago where we asked the community to create fan art inspired by any Path of Exile content. We've looked through the many entries we received and are ready to announce the winners! Thank you to everyone who participated in this competition and congratulations to all the winners! We'll be contacting you soon to arrange your prizes. Please check out the winners outside of the Top 3 in our announcement post here. Top 3 Winners Alva Crochet by Hellfirenerk {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/5193306/c29ae7694b7fe1dbeee56e8bfd98534292ce22b4.jpg Glimpse of Chaos by Bisic {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/5193306/6bd386ca83bfeaeaab2af48c9c837d735ff18e10.jpg The Smiting of Kitava by Dudurii {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/5193306/18d759aa026d596d3205a36befa17ccc97d90095.jpgUltimatum Supporter Packs Concept ArtJun 9, 2021 - Community AnnouncementsWe've prepared pieces of concept art from the Ultimatum Supporter Packs to share with you. Check out the concept art below, or purchase your pack here. Silver Crescent Supporter Pack {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/5193306/0dc61be34ebf0b57fb0baac57f7b59942c3be4a9.jpg {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/5193306/c6e10552af5867d8a773b0155fdf973d9607a37a.jpg {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/5193306/86aa1eb5f92cc6e1b7d0e65598057cb18253f0ed.jpg {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/5193306/12acb4f2269e3b331aa9d9c4cd1007b1b4cef483.jpg {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/5193306/164ad0f94a450a3e5c807f20c9cefdf1718fee84.jpg Imperial Sun Supporter Pack {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/5193306/dff80bb4b276a2345e9694019d1bb081e2dcacb9.jpg {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/5193306/110b97663dc8dbb74b21f08cfadb98f01bfc1541.jpg {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/5193306/98774518c707431d26d3ee5ac9ab7a9223b0e61c.jpg The Ultimatum Supporter Packs will be available until the announcement of our 3.16 expansion. Community Designed Microtransaction - Final PollJun 8, 2021 - Community AnnouncementsThe concept art has been finalised so now it's time for you to decide the ultimate community-made cyclone effect! Check out the novelty-inspired art below and vote for your favourite in the poll by clicking here. This poll will be open for one week. Once the winning concept has been determined, we can begin the process of developing the microtransaction before releasing into the store at some point in the future! Thank you to everyone who participated in this process. We can't wait for you to cyclone your way through Wraeclast with even more flair. Rainbow {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/5193306/a2743950cbbb0d08b559e141e66701b32c5b7fde.jpg Currency {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/5193306/275efb9660f53936acd4197cf1191eeb6c8e45ab.jpg Sharknado {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/5193306/d6934a6667a70cc89fd478e75f3f457a9a3f9e99.jpg Grinding Gear {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/5193306/3bd5c9f5b86ddea2e686426f748c46ca1926a56a.jpg Catnado {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/5193306/a73be76cf8393a720a27fcd891b74cb15570a6d7.jpg Our 3.15 Expansion TimelineJun 7, 2021 - Community AnnouncementsWith development of 3.15 underway, we wanted to give the community an idea of what to expect for the timing of Path of Exile's next expansion. We're expecting to release the 3.15 expansion in mid-July, with the Ultimatum League ending roughly five days before its release. We expect to announce precise dates on approximately the 24th of June. Once again, we're planning to announce this expansion's content via a livestream on like we did for 3.14. Our last livestream was a lot of fun to host, and was our best yet in terms of overall viewer numbers. We're keen to exceed that again with our next announcement. We've got a lot to show off and would love for everyone to join us! Like any Path of Exile expansion, 3.15 contains a new challenge league, new rewards, game-wide balance changes and more. The scope of the 3.15 league is a bit larger than Ultimatum. We're really excited about both the league we have created for 3.15 and the other content the expansion contains, and we can't wait to share it with you. Fan Art Competition HighlightsJun 6, 2021 - Community AnnouncementsOur Fan Art competition ends in just a few hours and we cannot wait to see what you've come up with! In the meantime, we wanted to showcase some more of the wonderful entries we've seen so far. Check them out below! Reply of the Atlas by Desadaptado2 {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/5193306/0045f907b26aca49dd30b382b4b0d7b9c8154184.jpg Necromancer by Corvus007 {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/5193306/b41dba0c85565459488ae906da68dba4b7c1a36f.jpg Alva Crochet by Hellfirenerk {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/5193306/c29ae7694b7fe1dbeee56e8bfd98534292ce22b4.jpg The Smiting of Kitava by Dudurii {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/5193306/028bfe5b967590df5a1ad28e39972b4430ad525c.jpg Blood Magic by ovogancho {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/5193306/4d3656708706a3be38385d1d6a36d5ae17c366fc.jpg Alva by lolozori {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/5193306/ff572bb3f6ab3caa311210e69dbc9342df85b0d7.jpg Saint Cassia by Johnway {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/5193306/2768701c2b7b625623f8035082103bdcccddf1be.jpg Star of Wraeclast by Li3si {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/5193306/d96dd20819cd6644bb12253a22df6095f053a3e5.png The Maven by Lin7in {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/5193306/f5243410eaa2a55358bf532c039b9d0029f5cfb8.png Navali by Cecilecoll {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/5193306/20f5b13cc32146ac18c920566f16afaccc05064a.jpg Lunaris by valenvenge {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/5193306/94237443207a1e508c118880e8c6cb7480b7d757.jpg Elementalist by BoJIkPikaSSo2 {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/5193306/d07bccb600b4383dd831c525410fa2f772f79339.jpg Entries close at 5PM NZST (which is June 6th at 10PM PDT) so once you have finished putting the final touches on your artworks, be sure to post them on the competition thread by clicking here. The winners will be announced within the next week. Good luck to everyone that entered! Lighty and Slipperyjim's Charity Private League for AbleGamers!Jun 3, 2021 - Community AnnouncementsOn June 4th PDT, community streamers Lighty and Slipperyjim8 are organising an exciting charity private league! The goal of the league is for players to band together to complete a Unique Stash Tab, all while raising money for AbleGamers, a charity that helps people with disabilities play video games! Check out their announcement video below: Anyone can donate via the link here, which can also be found on both Lighty and Jim's Twitch channels during the event. The charity league will be a Private Ultimatum League lasting one week with no extra mods and 5000 player slots! If you would like to join, you can do so here. Start time: Friday, 4th June 6:00AM (PDT). The event will last for one week. A countdown is available here. There will be a league-wide community effort to 100% fill a Unique Stash Tab, with live tracking of missing uniques for the league's collection. Discoverers of the rarest uniques for ten different categories will be immortalized in a "Hall o' Fame" wallpaper created by Lighty's artist to commemorate the event. The categories give players of the league a goal to find specific Unique items within the private league's duration. Placement is determined by those who hand in their Uniques first to either Lighty, Jim or their respective moderators and multiple of the same uniques will be accepted. The categories are as follows: Unique Abyss Jewel Curio Case Replacement Unique Metamorph Unique Blighted Unique Infused Harbinger Unique Unique Small Cluster Jewel Upgraded Incursion Unique Labyrinth Unique Oni-Goroshi Precursor's Emblem Finally, there will be a raffle of 100 Apollyon Mystery Boxes supplied by GGG. All characters that reach level 40 or above are eligible to win a box and only one box can be won per account. If you have any questions about the event or want more information, you can join Lighty's Discord channel here. Where to Watch The event will be livestreamed daily on both Lighty and Jim's Twitch channels: Lighty's Twitch Channel Jim's Twitch Channel A post league highlight video will also be uploaded to their YouTube channels: Lighty's YouTube Channel Jim's YouTube Channel We wish the best of luck to both Lighty and Jim, as well as everyone participating in the event! Ultimatum Atlas Passive StatisticsJun 2, 2021 - Community AnnouncementsAs mentioned last week in our Ultimatum Statistics post, we promised to show off a batch of Atlas Passive statistics from the current Ultimatum leagues, so let's get to it, shall we? It's important to note that the following statistics are pulled from a dataset which includes all accounts that have at least 1 Atlas Passive allocated and are presented on an atlas-wide basis. For the sake of sorting and ordering, we're using the Standard Ultimatum league as the standard. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/5193306/e683982e300265505d977b58cb128be742f24fc4.jpg In what may be a surprise to some people, Breach holds the number one spot in Lex Proxima, while also holding the number three and five spots, a popular choice indeed! Harvest and Delve are rounding out the top five. If we compare the current allocation to the allocation during Ritual League, we can see that Heart of the Grove and Bountiful Harvest have fallen out of the top five, both being replaced by Breach passives. Seance has taken a small dip, though still sees a reasonable level of use. In general, Hardcore and SSF players tend to shy away from Breach while Hardcore players are opting to steer clear of Seance. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/5193306/9dca886c4514e4d75fb6713379e26b6c0d1bf63f.jpg Moving on to Glennach Cairns, Legion and Incursion passives are the clear favourites here. Legion was a clear favourite during Ritual league as well, where Monumental was taken 60% of the time. One newcomer to the top five is Contested Development, which in part may be due to the fact that Cultural Advancement was moved to a different Atlas Tree. Torn Veil and the newly-moved Per Diemon aren't seeing much use overall, with Torn Veil seeing a noticeable decrease in use. As with previously, we see that Legion passives in general are less desireable in Hardcore leagues, again due to their inherent deadliness. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/5193306/7e397fc02121611d7b06b675be9d105f0413f96e.jpg In Tirn's End, we can see that Delirium is the clear front-runner, with Bestiary and Invasion making a showing in the top five. Delirium seems to have lost a little bit of representation compared to 3.13.0. We can see slightly more interest in the Abyss passives, though Lightless Legion and Buried Riches remain the least popular choices across all leagues. Invasion sees noticeable increases, likely thanks to the buffed Exotic Goods rewards, particularly in SSF leagues. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/5193306/c5215c7317f390d2fcf600ab6deadfcdccd14e95.jpg Looking at Haewark Hamlet, we see the biggest shakeup so far. The top five is quite diverse, with Ritual, Harvest, Betrayal and Essence all taking their places. Ritual ever so slightly edges out Harvest for the top spot. A noticeable change from 3.13.0 is how much of the dominance once asserted by Harvest has been lost. Much of this can likely be attributed to the Harvest changes in 3.14.0, though even with those changes, Harvest does still see considerable representation. Controlled Corruption and Amplified (Essence) h...Fan Art Competition HighlightsMay 31, 2021 - Community AnnouncementsOur Path of Exile-themed Fan Art Competition is concluding in just under a week, so we just wanted to share some of the awesome entries we've received so far! Check them out below! Torched Courts School by nylcostello {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/5193306/6cf3f0fe5694b094b0babb9c67a8894c838ebb55.jpg Atlas Conquerors by KretineMasterTheBoy {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/5193306/18115c799803317be6b0c8274f8631d0ceca2f9d.png Solaris and Lunaris by thr33jackdaws {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/5193306/eaf1232dd62c5d039f4f1d830bef4c6fc57819d2.jpg {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/5193306/1327c6fd6405d57b28c7d57a6229c34ca690216d.jpg Duelist in Natural Habitat by SpiritInChocolate {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/5193306/c5162b5704e4d9b8154d057f8c4cfc1898254bcb.png Exalted Acrylic on Canvas by johnik1 {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/5193306/75dbfdcdb54e972b05da273cf8966d5db864929c.jpg "You only made it six rounds last time. Why do you bother?" by Natilo {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/5193306/b258346ec4ea62f790ff9dd1ec02a633f991fbdf.jpg Kitava by KatKruss {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/5193306/6c8a4f1c78a5901378b824c8d02f45c628bc04bc.png The competition concludes on Monday the 7th of June at 5PM NZST (6th of June at 10PM PDT) so if you've been inspired to submit a piece, be sure to post in the thread by clicking here. Zizaran's Class Gauntlet Event Starts on June 12th!May 30, 2021 - Community AnnouncementsOn June 12th PDT, community streamer Zizaran is organising a 10-day Class Gauntlet Event. Racers will compete and earn points by leveling characters and killing bosses to see how all of the classes fare in some of Path of Exile's most difficult encounters. The event will take place as an Event League provided by us with the new Monster Area of Effect Mod as well as other damage mods and Monster Life. The prize pool is funded by the community and Zizaran's Event Partner. Start Time and Information on How to Join The event will have Increased Monster Area of Effect, Monster Damage, Monster Speed, Monster Elemental Damage, Reduced Player Resistances as well as Increased Monster Life. We have created this as an Event League this time around! Simply log in the day of the event and click "Join" in the bottom right of the character select screen. Players will receive points based on levels and specific boss kills. Don't forget, to get boss kill points you must submit kills in the Path of Exile Community Racing Discord which you can join by clicking here. Start time: 12th June, 7:00AM PDT. The event will last for 10 days. A countdown is available here. Prize Pool The prize pool is crowdfunded by Zizaran's Event Partner, the community, and community streamers such as RaizQT, Nugiyen, Alkaizerx, Baker, DS_Lily, Zizaran, Badger, Terence_, Lightee7, Steelmage and more! In addition, streamers and their communities will be able to create a bounty with the money they fundraise for the event. Bounties are a custom prize that can be awarded to players for achieving a specific goal in the event. Keep an eye out on their social media for announcements regarding when their fundraisers are taking place and what they will be! Zizaran's Event Partner will be matching all contributions to the prize pool (Up to $25,000). The total prize pool will be split as follows: Operational Costs: 5% of Overall Prize Pool - To be distributed amongst Community Developers, and League Moderators The bounties placed by streamers and their communities during the fundraisers The prize pool minus bounties and operations cost will be awarded as follows: Rank 1 Overall: Gauntlet Trophy + 2% Bonus Witches Top Witch: 8% Second Witch: 4% Third Witch: 2% Fourth Witch: Frost Viking Armour Pack, Frost Viking Cloak, Dragon Hunter Armour Pack and Dragon Hunter Wings Supplied by GGG Shadows Top Shadow: 8% Second Shadow: 4% Third Shadow: 2% Fourth Shadow: Frost Viking Armour Pack, Frost Viking Cloak, Dragon Hunter Armour Pack and Dragon Hunter Wings Supplied by GGG Rangers Top Ranger: 8% Second Ranger: 4% Third Ranger: 2% Fourth Ranger: Frost Viking Armour Pack, Frost Viking Cloak, Dragon Hunter Armour Pack and Dragon Hunter Wings Supplied by GGG Duelists Top Duelist: 8% Second Duelist: 4% Third Duelist: 2% Fourth Duelist: Frost Viking Armour Pack, Frost Viking Cloak, Dragon Hunter Armour Pack and Dragon Hunter Wings Supplied by GGG Marauders Top Marauder: 8% Second Marauder: 4% Third Marauder: 2% Fou...Game Mechanics Q&A Answers Part 2May 27, 2021 - Community AnnouncementsLast week we answered some of the community's Game Mechanics questions and since we couldn't cover them all we decided to answer some more! Check them out in today's news post, which you can find on our forum here.Ultimatum StatisticsMay 26, 2021 - Community AnnouncementsToday we've gathered a variety of Ultimatum Statistics that we're excited to show you. How many Mirrors of Kalandra were generated as rewards but missed out on? We'll answer this question and more in today's news post!3.14.2 Patch Notes PreviewMay 25, 2021 - Community AnnouncementsLater on this week, we plan on deploying Patch 3.14.2 which includes a variety of fixes. To give you an idea of what to expect, we have prepared a preview of the patch notes for you! Please note that the patch notes may be changed prior to their deployment. Added Increased Monster Area of Effect modifiers that can be used in Private Leagues.Changed the Hateforge unique gloves to allow them to affect Vaal attacks used by traps and mines again. While these mechanics bypass the intended restrictions of Vaal skills in a similar way to totems, those cases are less abusable now so we've temporarily restored the interaction between Traps, Mines, and Hateforge. This stat will return to preventing use with traps and mines again in 3.15.Fixed some calculation and snapshotting bugs that occurred when two instances of the same Vaal skill that had different soul requirements, which is currently possible when one is in the Triumvirate Authority unique ring. Souls are shared between the skills, but each skill now correctly maintains its own soul requirement and the appropriate amount of souls are consumed based on which of the skills is used. The modifier that allows storing enough souls for an additional use still has some odd behaviour, as the number of souls that can be stored fundamentally has to be the same for both skills - this modifier may be changed in future.Map boss clones created by The Maven no longer persist after the map boss dies.Fixed a bug with life regeneration on the "Inspirational" Champion Ascendancy passive skill not working.Fixed a bug where players were sometimes unable to use non-English characters in chat.Fixed a bug where the vendor recipe for three of the same maps could result in a legacy variant.Fixed a bug where foil maps retained their foil art in certain corruption outcomes.Fixed a bug where some skills would not move your character to be in range of a target on certain angles resulting in your character not using the skill.Fixed a bug where Increased Attack and Cast Speed modifiers could not be unveiled on Quivers and Amulets.Standardised the default cursor size between Retina and non-Retina MacOS displays.Fixed a common client crash.Fixed two instance crashes.PoECR Speedrunning SeasonMay 24, 2021 - Community AnnouncementsFollowing the exciting showcase of Path of Exile racing that was featured on Games Done Quick last month, community streamer Brittleknee has organised a Path of Exile Speedrunning Season that is open for anyone! While the Speedrun Season already began on the 14th of May, it's not too late to sign up and get racing. The best part is you can sign up and join whenever you want to run, which means you can work around any commitments and choose the best time that suits you to begin! The Community Speedrun Season is split into 6 weeks, each week focusing on a different boss or endpoint. Each event's endpoint is further from the last, allowing you to refine and develop your strategies from the weeks prior. The event is currently in Week 2 which has its focus on defeating the Vaal Oversoul, the final boss of Act 2, in the fastest time possible and ends this Friday. For all the information you need such as signing up, FAQs and more, you can join the Path of Exile Community Racing Discord by clicking here. A big thank you to all the community members involved in organising the event, and we wish the best of luck to all racers! Fan Art Competition HighlightsMay 23, 2021 - Community AnnouncementsOur Path of Exile-themed Fan Art Competition is well underway and we have already received so many wonderful and diverse submissions that we wanted to share some with you today! Check them out below! Jun Profile by Hoonium {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/5193306/2fd37c30a8871b67974ff3a92cb421f0b7cf0987.jpg Kitava, the Insatiable by Myrkvr {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/5193306/36b72890454a6e470bdb79edd041a76a31985a36.jpg The Allflame by Akira159 {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/5193306/252fbccc13a34a403bdea6ab4d352753c2b374b9.png Path of Exile Themed Cards by Lin7in {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/5193306/2dc4ded94c1a51512a867cdf03286ba4936793dd.png Exile Surfing by Sithkae {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/5193306/ee09ce921b61d5c18914669067541136a42c4847.jpg Chaos Depression by Sithkae {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/5193306/32710737553c9e5d7da5ed7c621fca80aeeec60e.jpg let's change the instance will ya? by lolozori {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/5193306/8ce29b0ee944f15e5e47da4620f095f55b771d5b.jpg Malachai by himreru {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/5193306/64726ea872e086e0fca915f9a67cce41c445b9f9.jpg There is still plenty of time left to enter so if you've been inspired to submit a piece, be sure to post in the thread by clicking here. Additional Information About Patch 3.14.1dMay 20, 2021 - Community AnnouncementsEarlier today we released Patch 3.14.1d which introduced a 'Clear Cache' button. We want to provide extra information about how this is best used along with an early report on the results of the patch. The 'Clear Cache' button will clear out several temporary storage locations that Path of Exile uses for things like downloaded images and graphics shaders. After clearing cached shaders your client performance will be temporarily degraded while the client regenerates the shaders it needs. For this reason we recommend only using 'Clear Cache' as a last resort when troubleshooting a crash or other graphical problem, or if the size of the caches has become a problem. We are monitoring the results of this patch closely and while it seems to have been effective in addressing the issues related to memory utilisation, there is currently a crash some players are experiencing when returning to their hideouts. We are investigating this and will work to fix it as soon as possible. If you are experiencing any new crashes outside of this action and you're using Vulkan, please try switching to 'Medium' texture quality. If you're still crashing after that, we recommend switching to DX11 in your options. If you are experiencing any other new performance related issues after this patch, please let us know which settings you're using and the nature of what's happening and we'll investigate this. Path of Exile Proves Once Again It Has One of the Most Loyal Fan Bases on SteamJun 4, 2018 - GitHypLast August, Path of Exile came just two thousand players short of hitting 100k for the first time ever. A bittersweet moment for the developers at Grinding Gear Games who certainly would have liked to finally break six figures, but who had also more than doubled the player base of their four-year-old game in a year's time. Now, after its usual seasonal player base slump, Path of Exile has once again come just shy of breaking six figures with the free-to-play game’s new 'Incursion' update. The latest time-traveling expansion saw an impressive peak of 96k players on Steam over the weekend with recent reviews from players remaining Very Positive. [caption id="attachment_351571" align="aligncenter" width="770"] Path of Exile Peak Concurrent Players on Steam via GitHyp[/caption] By doubling May’s peak of only 42k players, Grinding Gear Games have again proved they have one of the most loyal followings on Steam. Since 2013, Path of Exile has seen its share of highs and lows, but continued updates and improvements from the developers have always managed to keep players coming back for more. At the moment, Path of Exile is back to being the #4 most played game on Steam and it's just a matter of time before one of these big updates finally puts PoE over the 100,000 mark.Path of Exile Hits New Milestone at #4 on Steam Just Short of 100k PlayersAug 12, 2017 - GitHypBack in December, we reported that Path of Exile had reached its highest player count ever on Steam with 46k concurrent players. Now, eight months later, the popular action role-playing game has already doubled that prior record bringing in a new all-time high of 98k players and reaching #4 on Steam. When looking at PoE’s player counts over the past few months, you might think the game was in trouble seeing a 73% drop in its playerbase. Yet, the recent spike comes as no surprise. PoE has one of the most unique and loyal playerbases on Steam and the developers at Grinding Gear Games know how to keep fans always coming back for more. The most recent spike in players comes after the release of "The Fall of Oriath" expansion on August 4th. The first big update since March, which adds new acts, leagues, divine powers, and of course a whole lot more highly-anticipated loot. [caption id="attachment_283819" align="aligncenter" width="795"] Path of Exile's Peak Concurrent Players on Steam via GitHyp[/caption] Aside from constant waves of new content released by the devs every few months, PoE’s success has also come from its free-to-play business model which has been embraced by the community. The latest microtransaction reveal currently sits at a 99% approval rating on YouTube and the game has maintained very positive reviews on Steam. Another big factor contributing to PoE’s success has been Twitch. Some of the most popular streamers such a LIRIK, DansGaming, and itmeJP have all helped boost the game to a new all-time high of 76k peak viewers. Again, more than double the previous record of 34k viewers back in March on Twitch. As expected, Path of Exile’s playerbase is already on the decline since the release of the latest expansion. Dropping 24% one week after its record-setting weekend. Still, even with another potential 70%+ dropoff in players in the coming months, ARPG fans are sure to come back and help Path of Exile break 100k players in the coming months when the next big update hits.Path of Exile Reaches Its Highest Concurrent Player Count Ever on SteamDec 12, 2016 - GitHypReleased a little over three years ago back in 2013, Path of Exile’s playerbase continues to grow with each new content update that developer, Grinding Gear Games, releases on Steam. Most recently, the playerbase for PoE reached a new all-time high just two days after the December 2 release of Content Update 2.5.0: Breach. The Diablo-inspired action RPG has been one of Steam’s most played games for years, but on December 4, Path of Exile broke its previous all-time peak player record by bringing in an impressive 46,733 concurrent players in a single hour. And in doing so, the Breach update also helped PoE reach its highest ranking ever on Steam coming in at #5. [caption id="attachment_224765" align="aligncenter" width="770"]Path-of-Exile-Breach-All-Time-Player-Record-graph Path of Exile's Peak Player Count Per Hour Data via GitHyp[/caption] The previous highest peak for PoE was back in March 2016 when the game’s fourth major expansion, Ascendancy, brought in 36,913 players during its launch week.  So when comparing the two record-setting peaks, Breach’s launch has crushed Ascendancy with a 21% increase in players -- an impressive number, especially considering the age of the game. As expected, Breach's second weekend had a slight dip, but still managed to pull in 40k+ peak player days. The player counts for PoE always dip back down over the months following a big new update or season, but the developers at GGG seem to always find a way to bring players right back with enticing new features. Their latest launch has proven this once again becoming their most successful update yet which has grown the game’s playerbase significantly. With the current player counts higher than ever and recent user feedback on Steam being overwhelmingly positive, the future looks bright for both new and returning players venturing into Path of Exile’s dark fantasy world of Wraeclast.