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Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight and Resident Evil Team Up to Break Both Games' Player Count Records on SteamJun 15, 2021 - GitHypAfter three unsuccessful attempts (soon to be four with Resident Evil Re:Verse already in trouble and delayed), Capcom have finally found a way to make a popular Resident Evil multiplayer game… and this time they didn’t even have to make a new game… or even do it themselves. Today, Dead by Daylight released its biggest and most successful update yet, a $12 expansion that adds Resident Evil’s iconic Raccoon City Police Station map and playable characters Leon Kennedy, Jill Valentine, and Nemesis to the popular 4 vs 1 asymmetrical multiplayer horror game. Originally released in 2016, this isn’t the first time Dead by Daylight has done a crossover with previous DLC including Silent Hill, Stranger Things, Halloween, Nightmare on Elm Street, and many more iconic killers. But today’s big DBD update surpassed anything Behaviour Interactive has done before with other horror franchises -- setting a new all-time peak for the game with 95k concurrent players. Falling just short of topping the Resident Evil franchise’s own all-time peak of 107k players set last month by Village, Dead by Daylight’s new Resident Evil chapter absolutely crushed all of Capcom’s previous attempts at RE multiplayer games such as Operation Raccoon City’s 500-player peak in 2013, Umbrella Corps400-player peak in 2016, and Resistance’s 4,000-player peak last year. And with some help from one of the most active player bases on Steam, Nemesis’ debut in Dead by Daylight even topped his comeback in last year’s singleplayer Resident Evil 3 remake from Capcom, which peaked with just 59k players. Having little competition from other 4 vs 1 multiplayer games after legal troubles and various other issues lead to the demise of Evolve and Friday the 13th, Dead by Daylight's player base has continued to grow year-over-year unchallenged on Steam. Saber Interactive’s upcoming Evil Dead game that just debuted gameplay at E3 2021 looks to offer 4 vs 1 multiplayer fans something new later this year, but with an army of killers and so many players already so heavily invested, Dead by Daylight looks like it’ll be staying at the top of Steam for a while as the developers keep adding new content.The Resident Evil Chapter is now available on SteamJun 15, 2021 - Community AnnouncementsResident Evil is a new Chapter for Dead by Daylight. It includes a Killer, Nemesis; two Survivors, Leon S. Kennedy and Jill Valentine; and a new map. Purchasing the add-on unlocks the new Killer, both Survivors, and an exclusive universal Charm: Umbrella Corporation. The new Killer is Nemesis. Take control of Umbrella’s bloodthirsty bio-organic weapon and hunt your targets without mercy. The new Survivors are Leon S. Kennedy and Jill Valentine. Unflinching in his mission to expose Umbrella, Leon has proven himself a true survivor since his first day with the RPD. Jill is a brilliant S.T.A.R.S. agent, one of the only surviving members of her unit, and a hard target for even the most unrelenting adversary. The new map is: The Raccoon City Police Station. The Resident Evil Chapter includes a new map, free for all players. Once home to the RPD’s elite S.T.A.R.S. unit, the labyrinthine hallways of this converted art museum are now overrun by the undead and host to a relentless evil. The Resident Evil Chapter includes: A new Killer: Nemesis 2 new Survivors: Leon S. Kennedy and Jill Valentine An exclusive universal charm: Umbrella Corporation Available via in-game store: Chris and Claire Redfield. The Resident Evil Collection, available via the in-game store, includes two Legendary Sets for Leon and Jill that bring Chris and Claire Redfield into the Fog. From the ravaged streets of Raccoon City to the black Fog of the Entity’s Realm. The hunt is on. See you in the Fog, The Dead by Daylight team. Resident Evil's Nemesis is coming to Dead By DaylightMay 26, 2021 - Rock, Paper, ShotgunLike a giant Katamari made of scabs and jump scares, Dead By Daylight has collected another classic horror fiend to stalk its servers. The upcoming Resident Evil chapter will, unsurprisingly, bring the Umbrella Corp's Nemesis to the multiplayer horror game. The new beast won’t be turning up on his own, though. Leon S. Kennedy and Jill Valentine will be added as survivors for the meat-weapon-gone-rogue to chase. The ghastly collab was announced to celebrate Dead by Daylight’s fifth anniversary. The asymmetric multiplayer game, where teams of survivors try and outlast a singular enemy during a round, is packed with classic horror icons, and the Nemesis fits right in alongside Leatherface and Pyramid Head. A new stalking ground, based on the Raccoon City Police Department from the recent Resident 2 remake, rounds off the new add-on. You can see that below if you skip to "50:49 Resident Evil Chapter Reveal". Read more Dead by Daylight will get a Resident Evil crossover for its fifth anniversaryMay 25, 2021 - PCGamesNDead by Daylight is doing something pretty special for its fifth birthday: the survival horror co-op game will run a Resident Evil crossover, joining in the celebration of the legendary horror franchise's 25th anniversary. To mark the occasion, Dead by Daylight will add two survivors and a killer from the Resident Evil series, each with their own unique perks and abilities. Jill Valentine, as she appeared in the Resident Evil 3 Remake, is the first new Resident Evil survivor. Behaviour Interactive says her perks highlight both her specialised military training and her resilience against impossible odds. Joining her is Leon Kennedy, taken from the Resident Evil 2 remake. His perks are also split between offence and support, and he'll be able to spawn a flashbang that blinds the killer - that's a perk he'll always have, and he won't need to equip the item before the match. For the killer, Behaviour Interactive says it had a "lot of different material to choose from," but ultimately it settled on the Nemesis-T type, who is just called The Tyrant in Dead by Daylight's crossover. Read the rest of the story... RELATED LINKS: Dead By Daylight getting skill based matchmaking, new HUD, and fixing traps in next update The next Dead by Daylight Killer is The Twins, and oh God please no Dead by Daylight's Archive Tome V has arrived, along with a Halloween event The Resident Evil Chapter is Coming June 15May 25, 2021 - Community AnnouncementsOn June 15, 2021 it will be time for you to step into the Raccoon City police station as Dead by Daylight’s meets with Resident Evil. As announced today in our 5th Anniversary Broadcast, the new Chapter includes a Killer, Nemesis. Take control of Umbrella’s bloodthirsty bio-organic weapon and hunt your targets without mercy. But Nemesis isn’t the only addition to the character roster: 2 new Survivors are joining The Entity’s Realm with Leon S. Kennedy and Jill Valentine. Unflinching in his mission to expose Umbrella, Leon has proven himself a true survivor since his first day with the RPD. Jill is a brilliant S.T.A.R.S. agent, one of the only surviving members of her unit, and a hard target for even the most unrelenting adversary. In the meantime, follow us on social and subscribe to our newsletter to stay in the know on everything Dead by Daylight. Missed the 5th Anniversary Broadcast? Check it out here: See you in the Fog, The Dead by Daylight team.Patch Notes | 4.7.2May 19, 2021 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/11814497/fe923ec5311fb8f18f112a17da76e6bc6523ea37.png Bug Fixes Fixed an issue which prevented scoring events from firing while struggling on the hook. Fixed an issue which prevented survivors from being picked up in a corner of the gas station car pile. Fixed an issue which prevented survivors from being picked up if close to certain basement walls. Fixed an issue which caused one hatch in Grim Pantry spawns above the ground. Fixed an issue which allowed Killers to completely block access to some Coldwind Farm basements. Fixed an issue which could cause the hook struggle prompt to display an incorrect skill check keybinding. Fixed an issue which could allow changing the selected Killer while searching for a match. Fixed an issue which could prevent accessories from remaining properly attached to the Hag’s mud phantasm while wearing certain outfits. Fixed an issue which could cause a desync for Killer players if a survivor disconnected while being killed. Fixed an issue which could cause the Deathslinger to become stuck in the reeling animation if a survivor disconnected after being shot. Fixed an issue which could cause the exit gates to spawn too close together on Rancid Abattoir. Fixed an issue which could cause a crash when exiting the survivor tutorial. Fixed an issue which caused the icon for the perk "Soul Guard" to start the trial lit. Fixed an issue which could cause "no network connection" errors while in the trial. Fixed an issue which could cause the Legion to visibly clip into pallets while vaulting them. Fixed an issue which prevented the time required for the "Wake Up" action from increasing for each use. PC: Fixed an issue that could affect performance if a gamepad is plugged into a PC. Patch Notes | 4.7.1May 11, 2021 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/11814497/fe923ec5311fb8f18f112a17da76e6bc6523ea37.png Balance Added a maximum turn rate per frame to the Blight's rush for very high sensitivity input. Increased controller sensitivity and controller maximum turn rate for the Blight's rush. The Huntress add-on "Wooden Fox" now triggers undetectable at the beginning of the reload interaction and its duration has been increased to 15 seconds Miscellaneous Huntress ammo count is now updated at the end of the reload interaction. Bug Fixes Fixed an issue that caused characters being sold with temporary discounts to not be purchasable with shards anymore. Fixed an issue that would cause survivor characters to emote when pressing Numpad 1 or Numpad 2 even if not bound to those keys. Fixed an issue that could cause a survivor to be unreachable if downed while unhooking another survivor. Fixed an issue that could prevent accessories from remaining properly attached to the Hag's mud phantasm while wearing certain outfits. Fixed an issue that could prevent the interaction progress bar from properly resetting to 0 when cancelling the seal portal interaction on the Demogorgon's portals (visual issue only). Fixed an issue that could cause the wrong first person animation to play when playing the Twins and taking control of Charlotte. Fixed an issue that could prevent progress towards "Getting the Hang of it" when ranking up. Fixed an issue that could prevent survivors from being hit by the Deathslinger's projectile while using a key. Fixed an issue that could cause the Hag's phantasm trap to display the aura of the Hag when placed in front of a generator. Fixed an issue that could prevent the Nightmare from seeing survivor's sleep immunity timers. Fixed an issue that could prevent a survivor's right arm from bending correctly when holding a firecracker. Fixed an issue that could cause the Nightmare to become permanently invisible from the perspective of a survivor being killed with a "mori" interaction if the action is cancelled before the animation begins. Fixed an issue that could cause motion blur when rotating characters in the store Fixed issues with the Trapper masks Worn Gaze, Redox Eyes and Iron Chuckles that prevented them from displaying properly. Fixed an issue that could cause held medkits, toolboxes or keys to clip with injured female survivor models while running Fixed an issue that could prevent the Nurse from blinking through the silo's cap on the map Torment Creek. Fixed an issue that could cause an unreachable bear trap to spawn inside the ground in the silo on the map Torment Creek. Fixed an issue that could prevent flashlights from blinding killers when used through the windows of Thompson's House Fixed an issue that could cause incorrect collision on the second floor of Father Campbell's Chapel. Fixed an issue that could cause incorrect collision when falling off a hill in Mount Ormond Resort Fixed an issue that could prevent downed survivors from being picked up next to...FORSAKEN, TOME VII OF THE ARCHIVES, IS NOW AVAILABLE!May 7, 2021 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/11814497/2f62269fc18754d8cebbe89839b051c56f8a0562.jpg Today, a new Archive entry opens. In FORSAKEN, revisit the first days of The Infection with William “Bill” Overbeck himself and his early moments in a terrifying new world. Look back at ancient Babylon and a key event in the life of Adiris before she became The Plague. And join The Observer as he questions the very fabric of our reality. The Rift also introduces all-new Blue Glyph challenges for Survivors. Locate and interact with Blue Glyphs hidden within trials and become afflicted with a random debuff. Make it out alive to complete the challenge. How hard we struggle to hide from the darkness behind a curtain of civilization. How hard we struggle to protect the light of civilization with our laws, flags and weapons of mass destruction. But eventually... the curtain falls... and darkness returns... to smother us all. Unlockable character Memories include: William “Bill” Overbeck – THE LONG WAY HOME Adiris (The Plague) – THE MAIDEN GUARD The Observer – UNIVERSUS ALVEO In the FORSAKEN’s accompanying Rift, reworked for easier progression, you will find a unique collection of Left 4 Dead-themed outfits and charms as part of its Free Track. For those willing to look deeper into the Fog, The Premium Track features 70 tiers of time-limited rewards to collect. Tome VII: FORSAKEN is available now through The Archives. See you in the Fog, The Dead by Daylight team. Release Information | 4.7.0May 4, 2021 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/11814497/c070ca5c2fe73d4c3bab60591d1cddb4636f5eea.png The 4.7.0 Mid-Chapter Update is now available! This update includes: Visual Update for the Coldwind Farm Realm & The Doctor New Hook Struggle Mechanics Balance changes for The Twins, The Nightmare, The Demogorgon, and The Huntress Balance changes for multiple perks Adjustments to Rift Fragments to make Rift tiers easier to unlock Various bug fixes For full patch notes, click here: Evil Chapter AnnouncementApr 15, 2021 - Community AnnouncementsThe Resident Evil Chapter is coming soon to Dead by Daylight. In June 2021, Capcom’s legendary Survival Horror franchise enters the Fog, taking its place within Dead by Daylight’s roster of horror’s greatest icons. Dying to know more? Join us on Twitch for our 5th Anniversary celebration on May 25th at 1pm ET for an in-depth reveal of the Resident Evil Chapter. In the meantime, follow us on social and subscribe to our newsletter to stay in the know on everything Dead by Daylight. With Resident Evil set to arrive in the Entity’s Realm this summer, there’s never been a better time to step into the Fog and sharpen your skills. Check out the full Resident Evil Showcase: See you in the Fog, The Dead by Daylight team.The All-Kill Chapter is Now Available on SteamMar 30, 2021 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/11814497/a480c296c0d59d69abc7a1ccde0f4a00d7a79542.jpg All-Kill is a new Chapter for Dead by Daylight. It includes a Killer, The Trickster , and a Survivor, Yun-Jin Lee . Purchasing the add-on will unlock its new Killer, new Survivor, and an exclusive item for the survivor: Yun-Jin's Polka Dotted Blouse. The new killer is Ji-Woon Hak, better known to fans across the globe as The Trickster. Famed singer by day, calculating serial killer by night, The Trickster thirsts for notoriety above all, treating both his music and his murders as high art. The new Survivor is Yun-Jin Lee, a resilient and ambitious music producer who built her reputation on the success of her one and only client – The Trickster. Ignoring his true nature in favor of her career, Yun-Jin now stands to pay the ultimate price for her ambition. All-Kill includes: A new Killer: The Trickster A new Survivor: Yun-Jin Lee An exclusive item for Yun-Jin Famous singer. Infamous killer. Good thing The Entity loves a show. The #AllKill Chapter is available now! See you in the Fog. All you need to know: Patch notes: Dead by Daylight's new All-Kill Chapter features a K-Pop killerMar 2, 2021 - ShacknewsDead by Daylight is as full of good original content as it is with guest stories and icons of the horror pantheon, but its next Chapter of new goods might be more outlandish than any we’ve seen before. Behaviour Interactive has revealed its next set of characters - a killer and survivor – in its next Chapter, titled “All-Kill,” and the entire thing is themed around K-Pop music. Behaviour Interactive got together with IGN for an exclusive reveal of its next content recently, during which new killer The Trickster and new survivor Yun-Jin were revealed. The Trickster, named Ji-Woon, is a psychopathic K-Pop star with a taste for murder. The character’s visuals, animations, and Perks are full of sadistic vanity and showmanship. For instance, he wields knives that he can throw one at a time or in a sudden flurry to injure opponents and get close to them for the kill. Also, one of his perks, Starstruck, will Expose characters in his Terror Radius for a short time when he picks up and carries an injured survivor. The Trickster got his first taste for blood from killing his first bandmates. From there, he developed a thirst for murder that pervaded his music and showmanship, and got the attention of Dead by Daylight's mysterious force, The Entity. On the survivor side, Yun-Jin Lee arrives alongside The Trickster, having once been a producer of his music. Yun-Jin has perks that work when her teammates are hurt or in danger. With Fast Track for instance, Yun-Jin gains a token every time another survivor is hooked that allows her to get a progression bonus when she gets great skill checks on generators. An impressive sidenote, Behaviour Interactive was so interested in getting the K-Pop aspect of their new characters right that they actually brought in real-life talent close to the scene to aid in the creation of the All-Kill Chapter. K-Pop band U-KISS singer and songwriter Kevin Woo and Grammy-Award winning Canadian music producer DJ Swivel joined in to consult with Behaviour and ensure the look, feel, and lore of these characters. It’s that extra step that has made Behaviour so successful and surprising with their original content, as we spoke with them about in a recent interview regarding The Realm Beyond remastering of the game and other topics. The All-Kill Chapter, along with The Trickster and Jun-Win, has arrived in Public Test Build servers for Dead by Daylight on Steam. It will come to all available platforms at a later date. Stay tuned as we continue to follow for new updates and information. 4.6.0 | Player Test BuildMar 2, 2021 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/11814497/2fe545c59a780e3147795227e088ff4ac0236507.png FEATURES Added a new Killer - The Trickster Added a new Survivor - Yun-Jin Lee Added a setting to change the privacy of the party Added the Chat Filter feature Added an error message when a user fails to add a friend because he has too many friends CONTENT The Blight Adjusted his first person animations and camera position to be higher up Reworked the collision detection for his power. It should now be consistent with basic attack obstruction and no longer result in sliding off various surfaces. The Wraith Increased his cloaked move speed Decreased his move speed while uncloaking Reduced the Windstorm addon move speed bonuses to compensate for the above speed changes Removed the uncloaking move speed penalties from the Windstorm addons Accessibility Colorblind modes have been added and can be accessed VIA the Options menu. Perks Decisive Strike - Now deactivates when performing certain actions that are not part of evading the Killer HUD Increased the visibility and size of the negative status effect timer fill. Made adjustments to the player status timer bar to be more accurate and added back the glows to indicate when the timer bar is paused or requires attention. Improved performance. Menus Updated the accept and cancel buttons on Friend and Group requests to have a greater visual difference. Visual Update Visual Update for the main Lobby, Store and Tally BUG FIXES Fixed a crash in the initial interaction screen. Fixed a crash in the Play as Killer lobby that could occur when repeatedly holding the Ready button to cancel the search. Fixed an issue that prevented Killers to drop on top of the chairs in Ormond's chalet. Fixed an issue that could cause a crash when using Victor to pounce on a survivor as they exit the trial. Fixed an issue that could cause Victor to stay stuck inside the hills unique to the Red Forest maps. Fixed an issue that caused the infected VFX behind the survivor icon to not be fully completed when the Survivor is affected by Broken status effect. Fixed an issue that could cause Survivors to remain standing until they move when downed from a Deep Wound status. Fixed an issue that caused Killers and Survivors to be seen floating in certain spots on hills in Asylum maps. Fixed an issue that caused the Survivor’s health bar to no longer flash when the timer is paused. Fixed an issue that could cause the Trail of Punishment of the Damned sound effect to keep playing even if no trails were left behind. Fixed an issue that caused Survivor to not stay on the ground after dying status animation has occurred Fixed an issue that could cause players to spawn inside a collision (therefore not being able to move) when loading into the Dead Dawg Saloon map Fixed an issue that could prevent repairing a generator from the light post side in Grim Pantry Fixed an issue that could prevent Survivor health bars from being visually accurate (bar would appear empty before Su...4.5.2 | Bugfix PatchFeb 23, 2021 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/11814497/0fe64c202e28a6e3947700908f880cea15d8f2e4.png CONTENT Raised camera to original position when crawling Changed transition animations in Survivor Locomotion to make the controls feel more responsive. HUD Layout Changes: Moved the objectives from the top center of the screen to the bottom left corner and removed the additional text. Objectives are now icon based. Increased the size of the objectives icons and added background shading to help improve their visibility when viewed on bright environments. Increased the font size of the generator count number. Reduced the size of the Killer's hook count widget to be more in line with the other objectives. Lowered the stack of player status widgets from the top left corner to the lower left corner. They now sit just above the new objectives location and expand upwards. Increased the width and height of the timer bar under the player names in the player status widget. Added a new setting in the Settings menu to control the size of the Skill Check independently of the HUD scale setting. BUG FIXES Fixed an issue that could cause Killers to appear further away than they actually were on Survivor screens (This was the primary cause of the hit registration (hitbox) issues seen since 4.5.0) Fixed an issue that caused survivors to crawl faster than intended. Fixed an issue that prevented event bloodpoints from being awarded from certain indoor generator types used on maps including Midwich Elementary and Lery's Memorial Hospital. Fixed an issue with survivor camera-based interaction priority that could make it impossible to prioritize interactable objects on the ground (such as bear traps near pallets). Fixed an issue that could cause survivors with the perk Calm Spirit to scream when caught in a bear trap. Fixed an issue with Hex: The Third Seal and Hex: Undying that could cause the hexed players and hexed player count to be incorrectly reset when the Third Seal's totem is destroyed and Undying is still active. Fixed an issue that could cause the haste status effect icon not to show when using Refined Serum. Fixed an issue that could allow the nurse to attack during the first few frames of fatigue after a blink, and skip the fatigue. Fixed an issue that prevented the add-ons Black Heart and Mew's Guts from increasing the Demogorgon's recovery speed. Fixed an issue that caused the survivor's portrait become highlighted any time infection from the Plague was increasing. It should only highlight to indicate when a survivor has reached maximum sickness. Fixed an issue that could cause the speed boost from uncloaking with the Wraith add-on The Serpent to trigger too early to be of use. Fixed an in issue that could cause incorrect values for the Unbroken emblem. Fixed an issue that could cause players to end up on the wrong side of pallets when stunning a killer. Fixed an issue that could prevent the proper indicators from displaying for the Doctor when using Shock Therapy, Static Blast, or...Dead by Daylight: The Realm Beyond interview - Breathing new light & life into the chaseFeb 18, 2021 - ShacknewsDead by Daylight has, by this time of writing, been around for over four years. Four years of running, hiding, chasing, hooking, slaying, sacrifice, and survival. It’s amassed a sizable roster of survivors and killers, both original and recognizable from across the horror genre. With quite a few years behind it, Behaviour Interactive recognized that certain early elements of the game were starting to show their age. With that, the studio launched into a refresh of many of its maps, characters, and graphical features with The Realm Beyond on both previous and next-gen gaming platforms. With Dead by Daylight: The Realm Beyond, Behaviour Interactive has heavily refreshed the visuals of various elements of the game, not just for PS5, Xbox Series X and S, and PC, but also previous generation consoles PS4 and Xbox One as well. With so much reliance on sight and sound, and a large amount of those very elements taking such major reworks, some of The Realm Beyond’s visual elements is bound to affect the feeling of the game. With that in mind, we spoke to Game Director Mathieu Côté and Creative Director Dave Richard about a multitude of matters on Dead by Daylight: The Realm Beyond, including the path of development, how upgrades influenced mechanics, and more. Shacknews: Dead by Daylight: The Realm Beyond is essentially Behaviour Interactive’s way of remastering the game, little by little as the next-gen comes along. And it's not just next-gen. Even on the PS4 and Xbox One versions of this game, people have access to the reworks of stages and reworks of character animations. What was the mentality behind the approach to the remaster? Where are we at in The Realm Beyond roadmap? Mathieu Côté: You're correct. This is absolutely not just for the next-gen. This is essentially an effort to take our game, which is almost five years old, and make sure that people who launch it today for the very first time have an experience that is as shiny and polished and amazing as it can be. We want to make sure that anybody can benefit from this whatever platform they're playing on. So you'll see the results of these improvements on every single platform that's out there. And yes, it is a progress thing in that we've already started doing a lot of work and we continue to do so. For us, It was just a better flow to do it gradually instead of just holding up all of this and releasing it all at once, which was the other option we could have done. Dave Richard: The format of Dead by Daylight is to release a chapter every three months. So while doing these new maps and new characters in time, we've updated our look moving through all of these alongside chapters and trying to bring everything as up-to-date as possible. Of course, the oldest characters and the oldest maps now show their age, so that's what we wanted to prioritize most. And because we're talking about a hide and seek game with a specific mood and lighting, it's more complicated than just saying, "Let’s update the ...Dead by Daylight dev promises to revise recent HUD changesFeb 14, 2021 - EurogamerDead by Daylight developer Behaviour Interactive is revising changes it recently made to the asymmetrical survival horror's HUD in response to critical player feedback. "Here's a preview of the changes we'll be making to the HUD following your feedback," tweeted Behaviour, including an image of the proposed new design. "Please note that this is a work in progress. We are still actively working on making changes, which will appear with the *second* bugfix patch." The most "notable changes" include lowered Survivor statuses, lowered hook counter, moved objectives from top to bottom left, removed text from objectives, and skill checks now have their own UI scaling option, too. Read more Celebrate the Year of the Ox with "Gilded Stampede" in Dead by DaylightFeb 11, 2021 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/11814497/010d87b28e3d3a451aef6c72a70e3c02d29e66e6.png Celebrate the Year of the Ox in Dead by Daylight with the Gilded Stampede celebration. From February 11th – 25th, the Fog will be transformed into a vibrant celebration full of fireworks and colorful lanterns in honor of the Lunar New Year. For a limited time, the Gilded Stampede celebration features a Lunar New Year themed lobby, themed Generators and Hooks, as well as the return of the Chinese Firecracker Item and Red Envelope Offering. The celebration also introduces the Festive Toolbox, a brand-new item for Survivors. Packed to the brim with fireworks, it's prepared to celebrate all your life’s successes... and failures. LUNAR NEW YEAR REWARDS {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/11814497/0f2742e94936432611eb6a837ad476eee9ac0c18.png Keep an eye on the Dead by Daylight social channels and the in-game news throughout the celebration for special promo codes to unlock some free Gilded Stampede Collection items. Enter the Fog during the celebration to redeem 50,000 Bloodpoints per day – that’s a total of 700,000 Bloodpoints to earn if you log in every day throughout the Gilded Stampede celebration. NEW STORE COLLECTION Celebrate the Lunar New Year in style with the Gilded Stampede Collection. Join the stampede with The Wraith’s The Golden Ox and The Deathslinger’s The Oxen Bounty outfits - adorned in golden ox horns, they'll slaughter any who dare cross their paths. LUNAR NEW YEAR SALE {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/11814497/aa1cc7b8811dcc3e253da24d80e833b0b0149483.jpg From February 12th – 18th, the Moonrise and Scarlet Swarm collections are available at up to 30% OFF! Enter the Fog and enjoy the Gilded Stampede festivities! DIVERGENCE, TOME VI OF THE ARCHIVES, IS NOW AVAILABLE!Feb 10, 2021 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/11814497/867e8fe6b57e24e1644ac071ae08dcbd37834b88.jpg The Observer’s Auris Web now features new Glyph Challenges, which enable both Survivors and Killers to spawn new interactable items within their matches. Keep an eye open for these to appear in your Trials, for those who are up to the task. As you brave your way through new challenges, you will uncover the never-before-seen memories of Sally Smithson (The Nurse), Yui Kimura, and The Observer. Life is a paradox. Change one thing, change everything. We are but walking contradictions of past, present and future selves. A saint in one world, a killer in another and both true and not true at the same time. If I could go back…would I change anything? Would I do things differently knowing that the slightest change could trigger a snowball that tumbles and grows to become an avalanche of death and destruction? Unlockable character Memories include: Sally Smithson (The Nurse) – THE CLEANSING OF CROTUS PRENN Yui Kimura – CRASH AND BURN The Observer – IN SEARCH OF THINGS LOST In the DIVERGENCE Rift, earn over 60 cosmetic items through the Free and Premium tracks to be yours forever, even once the Rift closes. Unlock 13 new outfits, including the DIVERGENCE Collection for the Tome VI focus characters. Unlock the Rift Pass in-game and get instant access to 3 exclusive items for 1,000 Auric Cells. You can earn it all back by playing the game. Look deeper into the Fog with Tome VI: DIVERGENCE. Available now through The Archives.Mid-Chapter 4.5.0 - Release informationFeb 9, 2021 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/11814497/c91c68d014be17c8158a39f21fc14338b4f9074f.png RELEASE SCHEDULE ALL PLATFORMS Update: 11 AM EST PATCH NOTES Click here TOME VI: DIVERGENCE | TRAILER Click here THE REALM BEYOND | PART 4 Click here DEVELOPER UPDATE: JANUARY 2021 Click here Dead By Daylight is getting a colourblind mode after community backlashJan 22, 2021 - The LoadoutDead By Daylight developer Behaviour Interactive has revealed that a colourblind mode is currently in the works for the popular survival horror game. The feature was revealed after the studio apologised for dismissive comments made by one of its developers regarding the community's demand for it. In a clip uploaded to Twitter, the developer states that it's "really boring just blabbing about colourblind mode all the time," and that "continuing to badger us about it isn't going to change anything." The clip was brought to the attention of Able Gamers COO Steven Spohn, who swiftly reached out to the studio for a response. "If you're tired about 'being badgered' about it, imagine how tired people are of not being able to play your game because it's inaccessible to them," he says. The DBD team subsequently thanked Spohn for bringing the issue to its attention, stressing that "this is not indicative of the views of the team, and we deeply apologise for any frustration or harm this may have caused." It then revealed that, contrary to the dev's statement that a colourblind mode would only materialise "if somebody decides that it's something that should be done," one was already well in the works. Read the rest of the story... RELATED LINKS: Dead by Daylight's Silent Hill chapter was Behaviour Interactive's biggest secret Pyramid Head joins Dead by Daylight's killers in new Silent Hill chapter What took Dead by Daylight to the top of the Twitch horror charts New Year's Bloodrush!Jan 14, 2021 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/11814497/c9a9ffbb2ac1a3e357e08eb17be8853f6cd0ab10.png Time: Jan 15 11 A.M. EST to Jan 22 Dead by Daylight Player and Viewer Count Launch NumbersJun 29, 2016 - GitHypAfter Evolve last year, you wouldn’t think another developer would try the 4 vs. 1 concept again so soon. Yet, after the success of their Payday series, Starbreeze Studios has once again been inspired by Turtle Rock Studios and publisher’s latest multiplayer game has been killing it as one of the most played games on Steam and most watched on Twitch since it launched two weeks ago. Fresh off their mobile hit, Fallout Shelter, developer Behaviour Interactive’s new PC-exclusive survival horror title, Dead by Daylight, had a strong 11,706 average player count per hour on its first day on Steam. [caption id="attachment_179928" align="aligncenter" width="771"]Dead-by-Daylight-Launch-Numbers Dead by Daylight's June 14 - June 28 Total Non-Unique Player and Viewer Numbers[/caption] Over the past two weeks, the player count values for DbD have been continuing to creep upwards and the recent 10% discount offered via the Steam Summer Sale has also helped the game crack the top 20 most played games by bringing in a peak of 18,027 players in one hour on June 26 and ranking as high as #19. Even more responsible for the game’s success than the recent sale on Steam has been its popularity on Twitch where the viewer count at times doubles and triples the player count. Some of Twitch’s top streamers have gotten hooked on the Killer vs. Team of Survivors gameplay and their viewers can’t seem to get enough of watching them gruesomely kill their friends online. Dead by Daylight has ranked as high as #2 on Twitch with a peak of 76,802 viewers in a single hour on its release date and continues to stay in Twitch’s daily top 10 most watched games. It’ll be interesting to see how long the 4 vs. 1 hype can last for Dead by Daylight. While the player counts have grown, the viewer counts have slightly decreased. Both Behaviour and Starbreeze have managed to retain playerbases in the past with constant updates to their Fallout and Payday games -- after three years Payday 2 is still holding strong in Steam’s daily top 20 most played games. Meanwhile, Evolve struggles to keep 100 players on Steam and 100 viewers on Twitch each hour as a reminder of how quickly the hype died out the last time the 4 vs. 1 concept got overhyped.