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Street Fighter V

17 excellent games are coming to PS Plus in MarchMar 15, 2023 - VG247A haul of 17 new games are making their way to PS Plus, following a cheaky tease during the recent State of Play. This includes a whopping 14 new additions to the Games Catalogue for PS Plus Extra subscribers, and three beloved classics to the PS Plus Premium Classics Collection. Each month, new games are added to the service for PlayStation Plus subscribers to download and play. As long as you have the required tier of sub, you'll be able to download a huge number of popular titles, all of which will remain on your account forever. Here all all 14 games coming to the PS Plus Games Catalogue, for those with a PS Plus Extra subscription: Read more Capcom Publisher Sale now live!Mar 6, 2023 - Community AnnouncementsGet the great discount sale and find your favorite title. These offers are only available for a limited time so shop now so you don't miss out! Explore more titles: Olympics Committee congratulates MenaRD on Capcom Cup victoryFeb 20, 2023 - VG247The official Olympic Committee for the Dominican Republic has congratulated professional Street Fighter player MenaRD for their victory at Capcom Cup. As the victor, they’re the final Street Fighter 5 champion as official tournaments prepare for the launch of Street Fighter 6. “Excellent sunrise for all Dominicans, and Dominican esports. Saul Mena, Capcom Cup Champion.” writes the olympic committee on Twitter (translated via google translate), MenaRD has been a notable player since 2017, when he made a big impact as one of Latin America's best fighting game players. MenaRD has also invested a lot of his winnings over the years into building up gaming communities in his region, which traditionally hasn’t got as much financial support as places like the USA, UK, or Japan. It was in 2017 following his first Capcom Cup victory that he donated a large portion of his $250,000 winnings to building up his local scene. Read more PRE-ORDER NOWDec 8, 2022 - Community AnnouncementsHere comes Capcom’s newest challenger! Street Fighter™ 6 launches worldwide on June 2nd, 2023 and represents the next evolution of the Street Fighter™ series! Street Fighter 6 spans three distinct game modes, including World Tour, Fighting Ground and Battle Hub. Pre-order Bonus - Outfit 1 Color 10 for Chun-Li, Jamie, Manon, Dee Jay, Juri, KenFei Long returns in Street Fighter 5 - as an incredible fan-made modJun 6, 2022 - VG247Street Fighter 5 is officially finished with content updates, but industrious fans aren't giving up - and the latest impressive effort by fans brings classic Street Fighter 2 martial artist Fei Long to the game. Fei Long has been in the news a little of late, with the suggestion that he might never return to the series upsetting some fans. That was later disputed and said to be false, but whatever the truth is, those desperate will soon be able to play as him thanks to the team behind a major SF5 mod. The team behind Street Fighter 5: Mysterious Mod, an impressive fan-made update to the game that adds new moves, balance changes, and other major tweaks to SF5, today revealed their interpretation of Fei Long on YouTube with a video that the groups ays "marks the start of a new project." Check it out: Read more Update: Fei Long never returning to Street Fighter was "hypothetical" according to SFV composerMay 10, 2022 - VG247We reached out to Daniel Lindholm regarding his statements, as he has since delated his video and posted on social media that he was merely speculating on the situation. He told VG247: “I was speaking on a hypothetical level about Fei Long, which is not fact.” He also clarified that the sources he cited as being close to the Lee family were in fact based on pre-existing news. “When it comes to the family of Mr. Lee, it has been a discussion for years, especially for Quentin Tarantino for the way he portrayed Mr. Lee in bad light, which was not appreciated. That is a fact and something the family have been protecting for a long time.” Landholm also insists that “the information I had was not from Capcom” and that his statements were purely speculative. Read more Street Fighter V bows out with a big 'Definitive Update'Mar 30, 2022 - Rock, Paper, ShotgunOne month after announcing Street Fighter 6, Capcom have waved goodbye to Street Fighter V with a big patch they're caling the 'Definitive Update'. It sets what I guess is the final meta, overhauling balance by tweaking characters and even giving some whole new moves. It also spruces the place up a bit with new graphical filters and music. Read more EVO 2022 to feature Guilty Gear Strive and "main title" King of Fighters 15Mar 9, 2022 - The LoadoutThe Evolution Champion Series will be returning to its usual home at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas this summer, from August 5-7. This will be the first EVO tournament since the Sony acquisition last year. The official lineup of games to be played at EVO 2022 has finally been announced, and there are some returning fan favourites, a host of new titles, and one noticeable exception. It has been known for a while that Super Smash Bros wouldn't be appearing at EVO 2022 after the EVO Twitter account put out a statement explaining that Nintendo has chosen "not to continue its legacy" at the tournament this year. But now the fighting game has released its lineup, it's been made official. There are many titles that players will be glad to see at EVO 2022, however. New fighting game The King of Fighter XV has been made the "main title" of EVO 2022. The other games appearing for the first time include Granblue Fantasy: Versus, Guilty Gear: Strive, Melty Blood: Type Lumina, and Skullgirls 2nd Encore. The games that have appeared before and will be returning for EVO 2022 are Dragon Ball FighterZ, Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate, Street Fighter V: Champion Edition, and Tekken 7. Read the rest of the story... RELATED LINKS: Guilty Gear Strive DLC fighter reveal: start time, where to watch, and leaks Evo 2021 Showcase will see top Evo players battle for $125,000 prize pool Guilty Gear Strive crossplay: when can you play with friends across platforms? Limited time SFV SaleDec 8, 2021 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/9084648/02ec3fc29149f53a564f8a8562f4bcff11d5e8b3.png With all fighters from our Final Season now available, there's no better time to join the fight! SFV is now on sale for 60% off during The Game Awards sale! Street Fighter V's final character, Luke, has entered the ring!Nov 29, 2021 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/9084648/7f623b15f75dba6765a778d9722f4d9ae21aadaa.png Street Fighter V’s final character, Luke, has arrived, bringing with him unique mechanics never seen before in SFV. With his confident and headstrong demeanor, Luke is looking to make a major impact in the world of Street Fighter, present and future. Luke’s story involves him experiencing a tragic childhood event that brings him to enlist in the U.S. military, reflected in his various costumes. Luke’s move set involves powerful moves such as a zoning projectile, a reliable anti-air, and various target combos to help him net serious damage on opponents. His V-Triggers are special in that the V-Timer increases as time goes by or as he does damage, giving him an edge against opponents who run away once his V-Trigger is activated. Luke is available now as part of the Season 5 Character Pass, the Season 5 Premium Pass, and individually for $5.99 or 100,000 Fight Money. We hope you enjoy Luke as well as the other amazing content included in Season 5 with the Premium Pass and Character Pass, available now!Limited time SFV SaleNov 24, 2021 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/9084648/02ec3fc29149f53a564f8a8562f4bcff11d5e8b3.png Major discount alert! Various SFV content are discounted on Steam for up to 60% off as part of the Steam Autumn Sale!Street Fighter 5's final character, Luke, is a "major" part of the next Street Fighter gameNov 24, 2021 - EurogamerStreet Fighter 5's final character, Luke, is a "major" part of the next Street Fighter game, Capcom has said. "Luke will be a major part of the next Street Fighter project, so we hope you are excited to get your hands on him," Capcom said as part of a deep dive into the brand new character, below: So, who is Luke? He's a blonde American mixed martial artists who experienced some dramatic childhood event involving his father that inspired him to become a fighter and join the military. Based on images shared by Capcom, Luke runs into Guile at some point. Read more Thank you for watching SFV Fall UpdateNov 23, 2021 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/9084648/5739a996bbb8925ce8db2190f29a1f07776cddde.png In case you missed the Street Fighter V Fall Update, you can check out our recap for all the info on SFV’s final character, Luke! ⭐ SFV Fall Update is coming your way!Nov 17, 2021 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/9084648/3c53807a13e1097a498147c7e65aab7cc1e8a504.png The Street Fighter V Fall Update is coming your way! Join us for the final SFV digital event with a behind-the-scenes look at Season 5’s final character, Luke! ⭐ November 23rd - 3PM PST 🔔 much anticipation, Oro and Akira have now arrived in Street Fighter V!Aug 16, 2021 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/9084648/f270bca548009ec156d48e22ba63cf09201a9bd7.png After a long journey away, Oro the wandering hermit from the Street Fighter III series returns in Street Fighter V ready to share his wit and wisdom with anyone who’s interested. Wearing a modest purple robe and brown rope belt, Oro swaps his pet turtle between his right and left hands as a way to challenge himself and maintain a balanced fighting style. Oro retains many of his original moves and adds a handful of new ones for Street Fighter V, making him an immensely powerful fighter for players to master. Making her highly-anticipated Street Fighter debut, Akira Kazama began her fighting game career in the Rival Schools series, which began in 1997. In Street Fighter V, Akira dons her trademark black biker gear and prides herself on being the strong, silent type. That said, her playstyle speaks volumes when she’s at close range, but she’s also equipped with some long-distance moves that will leave her opponents thinking twice about straying too far. With plenty of new tricks up her biker gloves, Akira has been studying up and will be ready to school anyone who crosses her path. Alongside the playable character Akira, “Rival Riverside” is a new Street Fighter V stage that has been reimagined from Akira’s Rival Schools days. Set near a familiar river and Akira’s high school, this stage takes place during sunset and includes several familiar faces from back in the day. Oro and Akira can be acquired with the Street Fighter V Season 5 Character Pass or the Season 5 Premium Pass. Both characters can also be purchased separately for MSRP $5.99 or 100,000 Fight Money. Additionally, the Rival Riverside stage is available for $3.99 or 70,000 Fight Money. Enjoy Oro, Akira, and the other amazing content included in Season 5 with the Premium Pass and Character Pass, available now! *Season 5 Pass content began releasing on February 22, 2021. Please check official channels for content details and schedule.Street Fighter 5 update tweaks Sakura's faceAug 16, 2021 - EurogamerCapcom has released a Street Fighter 5 update and, surprising fans, has tweaked Sakura's face. Sakura's face as it appears on the Street Fighter 5 character select screen has been a point of contention ever since she was added to the fighting game in January 2018, with some criticising her "bug eyes" and "alien" look. The update changes Sakura's character select stance, and so we see her face from a slightly different angle and with different lighting. This makes all the difference, and her face on character select now doesn't have that bug-like alien look. Read more Capcom says Street Fighter 5's final character, Luke, will "help expand the world of Street Fighter"Aug 4, 2021 - EurogamerStreet Fighter 5's final character is Luke, who is due out in November. Capcom described the brand new character as someone who "will help expand the world of Street Fighter". The teaser video is below: Read more Thank you for watching SFV Summer Update 2021!Aug 3, 2021 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/9084648/57ea7ab87535cad7ef210b07dba0a6baa4a1a596.png Miss the SFV Summer Update 2021? Check out our recap of all the news and reveals! Oro Akira Luke Blog Link: Street Fighter V Summer Update 2021Jul 29, 2021 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/9084648/57ea7ab87535cad7ef210b07dba0a6baa4a1a596.png The SFV Summer Update 2021 show is coming your way, exclusively on Twitch! Join us for updates and behind the scenes looks on SFV including Oro, Akira, and more! Aug 3, 2021 3:00PM PDT / 11:00PM BSTEvo 2021 Showcase will see top Evo players battle for $125,000 prize poolJul 14, 2021 - The LoadoutThe Evolution Championship Series (Evo) has announced a new tournament in the Evo 2021 Showcase, a follow-up to this year's main event. Taking place at the UFC Apex complex in Las Vegas on November 27-28, the Evo 2021 Shwcase is described as a "new FGC tradition" where top players from each region will compete for a share of the $125,000 prize pool. The showcase features all headline games from Evo Online in August, including Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate (PS4, PS5), Guilty Gear Strive (PS4, PS5), Street Fighter V: Champion Edition (PS4, PS5, PC), Tekken 7 (PC), and Skullgirls 2nd Encore (PC). There will be tournaments for each, with $25,000 up for grabs across each title. Read the rest of the story... RELATED LINKS: Guilty Gear Strive DLC fighter reveal: start time, where to watch, and leaks Guilty Gear Strive crossplay: when can you play with friends across platforms? Guilty Gear Strive tips to help you improve your gameplay Street Fighter at Evo 2017 Tops League of Legends’ Viewer Count Over the WeekendJul 19, 2017 - GitHypThe biggest fighting game tournament of the year lived up to the hype with the Street Fighter V main event at Evo 2017 bringing in over two hundred thousand concurrent viewers on Twitch -- enough to just barely top League of Legend’s on Sunday, which saw its viewers down 13% from the same time last year. Although Evo 2017’s main event wasn’t enough to take the number one spot on Twitch from CS:GO’s second major of the year with a $1 million prize pool, it was still enough to just barely top Evo 2016’s peak of 203k concurrent viewers and to set a new all-time high viewer count for SFV. Here were last week’s top 10 most watched games on Twitch:
  1. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – 586,590 viewers
  2. Street Fighter V – 206,260 viewers
  3. League of Legends – 200,478 viewers
  4. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds – 152,301 viewers
  5. Tekken 7 – 143,017 viewers
  6. Super Smash Bros. Wii U – 138,193 viewers
  7. Super Smash Bros. Melee – 119,762 viewers
  8. BlazBlue: Centralfiction – 108,407 viewers
  9. Overwatch – 92,321 viewers
  10. Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 – 88,663 viewers
Based on the top 10 list, there weren’t any huge upsets at this year’s Evo and the viewer counts aligned with each game’s placement in the schedule. Tekken 7 and SSB Wii U were both right before SFV on Sunday and SSB Melee was Saturday night’s main event. Meanwhile, other finals on Saturday saw much lower viewer counts. Injustice 2 only pulled in a peak of 42,791 viewers at #14 and Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2 came in right behind at #15 with 42,691 viewers. Friday night’s main event, The King of Fighters XIV was the least watched at #24 with 34k viewers. We originally predicted that it might be too soon for Tekken 7 to take the top spot at Evo 2017. But if Tekken can stop its playerbase from continuing to decline, there’s still a good chance that continued support from the FGC could be what it takes to dethrone Street Fighter in 2018.