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Grand Theft Auto V

Twitch Prime subscribers can get free access to GTA Online's casino penthouseJul 18, 2019 - PC GamerGTA Online's Diamond Casino & Resort is finally going to open its doors next week—July 23, to be specific—with poker, blackjack, roulette, slot machines, ponies, and even penthouse suites. And you link your Rockstar Social Club account to your Twitch Prime account (with some haste), you'll get free access to one of your very own. The purchase price of penthouse suites hasn't been revealed so we can't say what this offer is actually worth, but given that it may be one of those, "If you have to ask, you can't afford it" kind of deals, my guess is that we're not talking about chump change here. And penthouses aren't just a nice place to hang your hat: Owning one also confers VIP casino membership, which includes a parking garage and valet, champagne service, high-limit gambling tables, and access to an exclusive VIP lounge. It's also not the only reason to link your account, as you'll also pick up GTA$1.25 million, and receive 15 percent in bonus GTA$ on all Shark Cash Card purchases. A Shark Card worth GTA$1.25 million goes for $20 on Steam, so that alone probably makes it worth the hassle of connecting your accounts. And it's not really much of a hassle: Log into your Twitch Prime account, log into your Rockstar Social Club account and then click where it tells you. "Certain restrictions and details apply," as it says in the fine print—the full details are available from Twitch. (Were you wondering where that song in the Diamond Casino & Resort trailer comes from?) GTA Online's casino has an opening dateJul 18, 2019 - EurogamerFollowing Rockstar's announcement last month, GTA Online's casino finally opens for business on 23rd July. The Diamond Casino & Resort will have its grand opening on Tuesday next week, allowing players to gamble against the house using chips in classic casino games such as Three Card Poker, Blackjack and Roulette. There'll also be Slot Machines with various prizes, and an Inside Track lounge to "watch and cheer along with friends as the drama of virtual horse racing unfolds". In a post on Rockstar's website, the developer mentions the "massive construction project on the corner of Vinewood Park Drive and Mirror Park Boulevard" players have seen being built in game is "nearing completion". Read more Grand Theft Auto Online gets into the casino business next weekJul 18, 2019 - Rock, Paper, ShotgunIt has always amazed me that Grand Theft Auto Online (and its parent game, Grand Theft Auto 5) hasn’t had a casino until now, what with it being all about a life of vice and high-stakes action. Next week on Tuesday the 23rd, Rockstar are fixing that, and opening the doors to the Diamond Casino & Resort. As with other GTA Online expansions, players will have to buy in with in-game money to access its new story missions and high-stakes tables. For everyone else, there’ll be a bundle of new minigames to play, including poker, blackjack, roulette and betting on horse races. Below, the update trailer. (more…) GTA Online's casino update is out next week, here's the trailerJul 18, 2019 - PC GamerFor weeks (years, actually), GTA 5 players have been wondering when Los Santos' long-dormant Vinewood casino was going to open. Now we know—it's coming next week, as Rockstar has formally revealed its Diamond Casino & Resort is going to open its doors on July 23 as part of GTA Online. You can check out the first trailer for the casino update above. That sure looks like Brucie Kibbutz from GTA 4 making an appearance in the teaser, huh? Using Chips, which sound like they're the in-game casino currency rather than GTA money, you can play Three Card Poker, Blackjack, Roulette and Slot Machines. There's also virtual horse racing, and a penthouse. The casino even has an official website, which mentions two tiers of membership: standard and VIP, the latter of which unlocks when you purchase a penthouse there.  There's also an element called the Lucky Wheel, which sounds like it gives out random prizes. "Spin the Lucky Wheel in the lobby for chips, cash, and clothing or even the new Truffade Thrax supercar that can be found whirling on the podium during opening week," is how Rockstar describes it. "And be sure to check back each week to see what new high-end vehicle can be won." Penthouses seem to be at the heart of the content update. They automatically confer VIP membership status upon the owner, and sound like high-end new properties, with spa rooms, spare bedrooms and even private bars touted as part of the offering. A new casino store will let you decorate the place with art, from "portraiture to pop art and daring modern sculpture". I'm curious about how much it'll cost to get started (update: linking your Social Club account to your Twitch Prime account before the end of the 19th gets you the Master Penthouse for free).  The Penthouse grants a new set of co-op missions, where you'll work with casino owner Tao Cheng to keep the place safe from rich, threatening Texans. Completing all the missions here will unlock a new vehicle for free, although Rockstar doesn't say what it is.  The opening had been teased with building works around the exterior since early June, and the resort was formally revealed and named later on that month. It's the first major update to the game since A rena War in late December. This brings almost six years of speculation about the casino to an end.  Steam Charts: Bubbling Trousers EditionJul 15, 2019 - Rock, Paper, Shotgun It’s another dire old week in Chartland, with the last breaths of the Summer Sale ensuring, with the exception of spots #4 and #5, that all the usual suspects dominate. But we won’t let that change us! We’re better than this! We’re going to have fun anyway! (more…) Pakistani politician mistakes a GTA 5 stunt video for real life, congratulates pilotJul 10, 2019 - PC GamerLast week Pakistan's Awami Tehreek Secretary General, Khurram Nawaz Gandapur shared incredible footage of an airplane narrowly avoiding an oil tanker that had stopped on the runway. With less than a meter of clearance, the A380 airbus manages to pull up and soar over the stopped vehicle, averting what would have otherwise been a terrible disaster—except Gandapur didn't seem to realize that the video was a stunt pulled off in Grand Theft Auto 5. "Narrow escape of an aircraft which could have ended in a great disaster," read the now-deleted tweet by Gandapur. "Miraculous save by the pilot’s presence of mind." Gandapur's tweet quickly amassed a few thousand retweets, but most of the replies were from people mocking him for not realizing that the video was from a game and not real. That's presumably why he deleted it, but you can still see a partial archive of some of the responses here. The video in question comes from The UiGamer, a YouTuber who mostly makes compilation videos of airplane crashes and emergency landings in GTA 5.  Gandapur isn't the only one to mistake The UiGamer's video for real footage, though. On Twitter, an account called '' shared the video to its 47,000 followers, claiming the footage was a failed terrorist attack in Algeria. On the one hand, it's funny to see people fall for what is so obviously a videogame—and a good reminder that you should always double-check before sharing things online so you don't look like a fool. On the other hand, it's also a little scary. Judging the authenticity of videos and images found online is becoming increasingly more challenging, especially with the rise of deepfakes. It might seem harmless, but these clips can often be used to push troubling political agendas, like when the Russian military used videos from mobile game AC-130 Gunship Simulator as proof that the US was working with ISIS, or when a documentary used Arma 2 footage and claimed it was an IRA attack on a helicopter. Thanks, Motherboard. Update, 7/11/2019: This story originally included a link of a reporter from France 24 replying to one of the above tweets asking for more details and stated that said journalist was also duped by the video. That turned out not to be the case so we've removed that section entirely. We regret the error. I feasted on fishermen and chewed on cab drivers with this GTA 5 shark modJul 10, 2019 - PC GamerManeater, the Shark RPG from Tripwire Interactive, is due out sometime this year. But if you just can't wait another minute to swim around and chomp on innocent people, there's another option! Modder JulioNIB is developing a Maneater script for GTA 5, and while it's still a work in progress (and only currently available to subscribers of his Patreon), it's already some good, gory, silly fun. I took it for a swim this week and discovered what life is like for a very hungry shark in Los Santos. Above (and here on YouTube) you can see a sample of some of my adventures, which include the stealthy (sorta) murder of a fisherman, a fight with an extremely confident citizen who runs into the water just to call my shark a 'fat-ass', my repeated attempts to take down a police helicopter, a quick snack in a fancy swimming pool, and the time I tried to lure a cab driver close enough to the water to eat him. Yes, my shark has a smartphone. He's a smart shark. In a way, being a shark in Los Santos isn't all that different than being a gangster! People die, cars explode, and a flurry of cops are dispatched, only this time I'm a damn shark instead of Michael De Santa, and the solution to my problems involves eating people instead of blowing them up. Once you activate the mod and transform into a shark, you're bestowed shark powers, the primary one being the power of not being able to breathe air—so don't do what I did and transform into a shark while you're standing in Michael's foyer. You'll die after about a minute if you're not in the water. The same is true of swimming pools—you can swim in them but can't breathe—and, as I discovered, you can't swim up the Los Santos Canal either. It simply isn't deep enough for a chonky sharkboi like myself. RIP. In addition to swimming you have a few different attacks: you can bite people and drag them along in your mouth, chew on them by clicking the attack button repeatedly, or let them go (I don't know why you'd let someone go, but you can) by pressing Q. You can also perform a spinning tail whip, good for knocking boats through the air or sending jerks flying. The mod also includes (with permission) the script functions from the Dismemberment Mod, which means after you've chewed on a citizen for a few seconds you'll actually bite them in half, and then be able to snack on their top and lower halves separately. It's gross! It's also funny. And delicious. You can launch yourself through the air by swimming fast and then aiming yourself up, though it's difficult to aim since you can't see all that well underwater, hence my difficulty with taking down the police chopper. You can also move around awkwardly on land by spamming the attack button, which lets you wriggle forward. This is definitely useful, because while there are plenty of victims to be found swimming at the beac...GTA Casino: everything we knowJul 18, 2019 - PC GamerGTA's casino finally arrives in Los Santos this summer, after being left an untouched part of the GTA 5 map for almost six years. Following a quiet six months for GTA Online updates, it promises to add a lot to the game: new shopping opportunities, 'first-class entertainment', and table games. Rockstar also released a trailer  (check it out above) for the casino update teasing the table games, penthouse suites, and new co-op mission line coming in the update. Below, we've collected everything we know about The Diamond Casino & Resort, which is the official name of GTA's casino. That includes the release date, what you'll be able to do in the casino, and its long history as an unused building in GTA 5.  GTA's casino will feature table games, entertainment and gaming facilities "With something for everyone, The Diamond Casino & Resort will feature lavish amenities, exclusive shopping, first-class entertainment and state-of-the-art gaming facilities," said Rockstar's late June announcement of the casino's opening. Expect bars, lounges and table games, as well as some kind of concierge and valet service (don't expect tips from us). You can gamble on cards, horses, or The Lucky Wheel At the Diamond Casino, you'll use Chips (probably an in-game currency that's separate from your normal GTA bank account) to play table games like Three Card Poker, Blackjack, and Roulette. The casino will also feature Slot Machines and horse races you can bet on. The casino even has an official website, which mentions two tiers of membership: standard and VIP, the latter of which unlocks when you purchase a penthouse there.  The Lucky Wheel, which can you spot in the trailer up top, sounds like it will give out random in-game rewards. "Spin the Lucky Wheel in the lobby for chips, cash, and clothing or even the new Truffade Thrax supercar that can be found whirling on the podium during opening week," is how Rockstar describes it. "And be sure to check back each week to see what new high-end vehicle can be won." According to the casino's website, you'll be able to spin once a day. Own a luxury penthouse and start a new co-op mission Penthouses seem to be at the heart of the casino update. Owning one will grant you VIP access to the casino. These high-end new properties will have spa rooms, spare bedrooms and even private bars touted as part of the offering. A new casino store will let you decorate the place with art, from "portraiture to pop art and daring modern sculpture". We don't know yet what it will cost you to own one, but there is a way to grab one free until July 19th. Linking your Social Club account to your Twitch Prime account before the end of the 19th gets you the Master Penthouse for free. Or, free with the cost of Twitch Prime, anyway.  The Penthouse grants a new set of co-op missions, where you'll work with...Steam Charts: Got The Runs EditionJul 8, 2019 - Rock, Paper, Shotgun Yes, yes, it’s me. I know, I know, but calm down. While it’s obviously very exciting to have a celebrity as handsome and excellent as me writing you some Steam Charts, I’m still just a regular ordinary guy underneath it all. I leap into my trousers both legs at once, same as anyone else. (more…) Holding an Independence Day party in GTA Online remains fraught with undesirable explosionsJul 4, 2019 - Rock, Paper, Shotgun I think I have everything necessary for an ace Independence Day beach bash. Homemade firework launcher. So why am I being riddled with bullets, bumped by hoverbikes, and crushed by my own starry striped monster truck? Ah, it’s just another Independence Day in Los Santos. (more…) Steam Charts: Summer Sale Silliness sEditionJul 1, 2019 - Rock, Paper, Shotgun If there’s one thing that’s guaranteed to sweep through the Steam Charts like a giant fart, it’s a Steam Sale. Blowing out all the fresh, original or interesting new releases, the mid-year discount warehouse (Junction 45 off the M91) ensures it’s a top 10 of games you already bought or decided you don’t want to buy. So who is buying them? Baddies. You lot are the goodies. It’s the baddies who do this to us. (more…) Steam Charts: Meaningful Effluence EditionJun 24, 2019 - Rock, Paper, Shotgun Hello friendly people! Welcome to the always-lovely, always-cheerful soft-play-of-fun-and-hyphens that is Steam Charts! Today we’re going to laugh together, learn together, and maybe, just maybe, if we’re lucky, laugh and learn a little. Please, pull up a trouser, take a seat (take as many seats as you need – we have too many seats), and prepare to enjoy, laugh, and maybe even learn. (more…) This brilliant GTA 5 zombie RP mod is a DayZ-esque nightmareJun 24, 2019 - PC GamerAs Paul and I make our way through Sandy Shores towards the Alamo Sea, I can't shake the thought of Michael's burning corpse. I picture him terrified, trapped and tethered by his seatbelt, the undead mindlessly clawing at the stationary SUV's windows, his backwards maroon cap melting with the car interior around him.  "There were too many of them," I tell Paul in an attempt to both reassure him and appease my conscience. In my head, I relive the fire, the smoke, Michael's futile screams. "It was him or us. And I sure as hell wasn't meeting my maker by one of those monsters."  The rain falls heavily as we start our swim towards Grapeseed. I've never seen San Andreas so sparsely populated, which is grossly unsettling in itself. Then again, with one less mouth to feed, we might just make it out alive. Get to the air drop, then the safe zone and we're grand.  I'm not proud of myself. I mean, my record in Los Santos, city of crime, indulgence and debauchery isn't exactly clean to this point, but I feel like I've really pushed the envelope this time. The world has gone to shit, mercenaries run the streets, the undead stalk the sidewalks… and I'm still the biggest monster in San Andreas. Housed within Grand Theft Auto 5's community modification FiveM, RottenV is an in-development online server that turns the game's otherwise bustling metropolis into a lawless zombie apocalypse. Members fight to survive the bloodthirsty NPC hordes, and communicate with other human players via voice chat in a world scant in resources and rife with disease.  Those familiar with GTA Online will know mods are a big no-no in its vanilla state, and getting caught using them can result in a permanent ban. FiveM, for those unaware, isn't officially affiliated with Rockstar's enduring crime simulator, but is ostensibly an online mod for GTA 5, that uses the base game solely to verify ownership.  Having surpassed 50,000 concurrent users in May—against Steam's peak of 108,557 for GTA 5 in the same month—the increasingly popular FiveM plays host to a range of servers, including a number of roleplay maps and quirky modded offshoots. RottenV straddles both camps, and, for my money, is one of the most entertaining roleplay playgrounds the Grand Theft Auto 5 RP scene has to offer. During my previous GTA 5 roleplay adventures, I've uncovered some cracking stories—some thrilling, some twisted, some funny and some that are difficult to categorise. From experience, roleplaying in Rockstar's crime sim can be immensely satisfying, but with such a vast open world to explore, filled to the brim with activities, jobs and distractions, engineering wholesome RP tales isn't always easy.  One thing I love about RottenV, then, is the structure it forces onto each session. You start off by parachuting into the map, similar to moder...GTA Online's long-awaited casino opens its doors later this summerJun 22, 2019 - EurogamerGTA Online's casino finally opens its doors later this summer, Rockstar has announced. The Diamond Casino & Resort, situated in the heart of Vinewood, is described as "a brand-new luxury destination and the largest mass entertainment complex of its kind in Southern San Andreas". According to Rockstar's blurb: "With something for everyone, The Diamond Casino & Resort will feature lavish amenities, exclusive shopping, first-class entertainment and state-of-the-art gaming facilities. Read more GTA Online's Diamond Casino and Resort will open later this summerJun 20, 2019 - PC GamerLast week, Rockstar teased the long-awaited opening of the Vinewood Casino in GTA Online, a snazzy joint that's been in the game for years but has never actually been accessible to players. Today it revealed a little more about what's in store, including the proper name: The Diamond Casino and Resort.  "With something for everyone, The Diamond Casino & Resort will feature lavish amenities, exclusive shopping, first-class entertainment and state-of-the-art gaming facilities. Whether you’re having a night on the town with friends or a seeking a brief solitary escape, The Diamond Casino & Resort is open to one and all," Rockstar wrote.   "Come experience the tasteful luxury that the Diamond has to offer including best-in-class concierge, valet parking, the exhilaration of spinning the Lucky Wheel for a chance at life-changing prizes, a finely curated selection of spirits at the bars and lounges, a range of sophisticated table games and much more."  Given the nature of GTA Online, I would also expect a powerful streak of seediness to run through it all—something akin to the hammer scene from Casino, maybe, but with an increased likelihood of fatalities. But what I'd really like to see is the opportunity to undertake free-form Ocean's 11-style shenanigans. It's an obvious fit, right? I even know a guy who could help. The Diamond Casino and Resort is scheduled to open later this summer. More information, including a look inside, is coming soon. Steam Charts: The Worst Week Ever EditionJun 17, 2019 - Rock, Paper, Shotgun I’m declaring it: this is the Worst Week Ever for Steam Charts. And let’s face it – this is entirely your fault. If you were a better person, you’d buy better games. But instead you buy the same eight bloody games every bloody week, and then buy a game that isn’t even out for over a year. A YEAR! You are awful, and you do not deserve me. This is your punishment. (more…) GTA Online's infamous Vinewood Casino is finally going to openJun 13, 2019 - PC GamerImage source: GTA Wiki It looks like GTA Online's infamous Vinewood Casino, a high-roller joint that's been in the game since it launch but has never actually been accessible, is finally opening its doors.    The opening of the casino was actually rumored earlier this month: As reported by GamesRadar, GTA Online dataminer TezFunz2 dug up information revealing changes to an area near the casino, including changes to props that would make it appear as though the casino was under construction. Those changes, which included construction barriers and other equipment, became visible on June 6, according to the GTA Wiki. Details on how the casino will work haven't been announced yet—as far as I've been able to tell, the tweet is the extent of the announcement so far—but I expect that more information will be forthcoming shortly. I imagine Joe will be paying it a visit in short order, too. Steam Charts: Errant Cardiogram EditionJun 10, 2019 - Rock, Paper, Shotgun This week: Rude swears! Writing about more interesting games than the ones you boring people keep buying! And battle advice to people who’ve been dead 1,800 years! It’s some Steam Charts. (more…) The creator of Nintendo's Doshin the Giant really likes Grand Theft AutoJun 7, 2019 - PC GamerKazutoshi Iida designed and released three games in his career before changing paths, eventually becoming a game design professor at Japanese universities. The most famous of those games is probably Doshin the Giant, released in the west for the GameCube in 2002. In it you walk around a large open world as a friendly faced giant, terraforming the world to help humans build villages and make them happy.  Like Doshin, Iida's other games were hard to classify, and when I spoke to him at the Japanese indie festival Bitsummit, it was clear he doesn't think about games just in terms of platformers or shooters or other typical genres. For example, in his first game design course, he doesn't teach students how to use Unity or build a basic Mario clone. He makes them draw. "In the first year, I teach students about drawing, about how to observe things in the world, and how to recreate them on paper without using technology, because I feel that's a very important part of the game process," Iida said through an interpreter. "Not using words, but using images to copy things that you see. I want people to observe things and draw them, but also to view how unique their drawing is compared to others. "If 10 people took this bottle of water and drew it, they would all be different. Each person would have their own perspective on this bottle of water. One way to do game design is to take a game you like and add to it. But if you do that, the game won't be very unique. So I try to teach the students how to have a unique core, how to build on their own ideas by first teaching them how to do these drawings." Iida is clearly as thoughtful a teacher as he was a game designer. He really went against the grain when he was a designer, in an era where "art games" were all but nonexistent on consoles. I thought he'd have something especially enlightening to say when I asked him what what games he finds interesting today. But it turns out he loves Grand Theft Auto just as much as everybody else. Iida speaking at Bitsummit "Not a Japanese developer, but Rockstar Games is one of my favorites," he said. I pointed out that GTA is about as far away from Doshin the Giant (first released in Japan on the N64 in 1999) as you can get.  "Doshin the Giant was kind of an open world game, and also the idea for a sandbox is kind of something that I think Doshin the Giant helped introduce to the world. And maybe not directly influenced Rockstar Games, but maybe kind of influenced them, at the same time. One thing I like about the games is that there's an open world environment, but that's not the only part of the game. There's way more to it than just a big open world." It all comes full circle. Iida said that he likes GTA 3 and 4, but 5 had an especially big impact on him, because he could see how influences from tons of different mobster movies—Italian mafia, Japanese ya...Steam Charts: Some Things Old, Some Things New EditionJun 3, 2019 - Rock, Paper, Shotgun Good hello. Please, grab hold and sit, for this is some Steam Charts. (more…)