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Grand Theft Auto V

Steam Charts: Devil May Die TwiceMar 18, 2019 - Rock, Paper, Shotgun Oh hello! John is away in San Francisco gobbling up gum left on the underside of chairs at the Game Developers Conference, so I’m filling in for our regular rundown of last week’s top-selling games on Steam. As is customary for weeks where I need to take over, the charts are full of the surprises he grumbles they never have. What can I say, John – video games must make more of an effort for me. And for goodness’ sake, leave that gum. I don’t care if Sid Meier himself stuck it there. (more…) Steam Charts: Weeping Sore EditionMar 11, 2019 - Rock, Paper, Shotgun Hahaha, I can’t believe you think the game you like is good! The game you like ISN’T good! Your liking the game you like makes you look just SO silly. Find out which games everyone else likes, and then start liking those games instead, with our handy Steam Charts guide. (more…) Steam Charts: Pretty Broken EditionMar 4, 2019 - Rock, Paper, Shotgun I’m nothing if not a hypocrite. Week after week I lament you utterly awful people buying the exact same five games again and again and again and again and again and again and again. This week I shall lament people buying games that barely even exist. Hold my hand, let me walk you through this most peculiar of weeks, and into oncoming traffic. (more…) Steam Charts: Historical EditionFeb 25, 2019 - Rock, Paper, Shotgun Of course the original editions of the Steam Charts focused on those maps used by the early pioneers of steam-based exploration, so this week we take a historical look back at the origins of your favourite game series. For just one week, put aside your modern electricity-based computing, and come on a journey through time. (more…) I got the city high as a rogue paramedic in GTA 5Feb 25, 2019 - PC GamerHoly crap, I'm going to bleed out. I mean, having just taken a header off the Vinewood Hills sign, it's a wonder I'm still breathing. But here I am, dazed after colliding with the mud, defeated, destitute, and crawling around the shadowy undergrowth that hugs the bottom of this 50-foot-high, eff-off metal 'W'.  The emergency services will be here any minute now, I murmur to myself. Any minute now. Any minute now. What a way to go.  Like their real-life contemporaries, EMS workers in this GTA 5 roleplaying server prioritise crisis calls in order of perceived importance. Fallen players use Bleeter (the game-world's answer to Twitter) and/or their cell phones to alert medical professionals of their critical situations, and pre-trained and whitelisted volunteers respond with varying degrees of readiness.  Broken leg? Back of the queue. Hit and run? We'll get to you soon. Shot in the gut by a catatonic Russian mobster? Sit tight, we're on our way. I'm not quite sure where on the list being shoved from the summit of a 15-metre-tall hillside tourist attraction stands in the eyes of the paramedics, but I suspect it's near the top. For my sake, it really needs to be. I ain't got long left.     Given how efficient, punctual and prompt I once was as an opportunistic back-alley doctor-meets-medicine man, there is of course a dark irony about the situation I've wound up in now. If I told you I was aloft the VINEWOOD sign involved in a drug deal, you'd no doubt brand me a scumbag—but I swear I had the best interests of Los Santos' civilians in mind. Let me explain.  It all started with a delivery job, a bike accident and a helluva long wait. After taking on a courier position in the city, I was determined, more than ever before, to make an honest living in San Andreas. Onerous stints as a lumberjack, a clothes manufacturer and a fisherman failed to hold my interest in my newfound pursuit of classiness, and an inner-city delivery job paid well with minimum physical and mental effort. After one unremarkable shift, I was en route home on my trusty BMX, and was mowed down by a speeding Banshee in South Los Santos. The driver didn't stop after the collision—this is San Andreas, after all—and I was down and out. I flicked open my phone, dialled 911, and waited. And waited. And waited. And… well, you get the picture. Upon death or incapacitation in FiveM, the open-source community modification for Grand Theft Auto 5 that I roleplay within, players are made to wait a maximum of eight minutes for medical assistance. The call is placed, the designated individuals respond, administer meds, and you're sent on your way—it's as simple as that. If you run the clock down without receiving help, you awake in the nearest hospital and, as per RP server rules, are sworn to have blacked out and have forgotten the previous quarte...GTA Online gets ludicrous new supercar, Doomsday Heist pays double this weekFeb 22, 2019 - PC GamerWhy is it that GTA Online cars get me so damn excited when in real life, I don't even have a driving licence? I ponder this contradictory state of affairs while making heart eyes at GTA Online's latest vehicular addition, the Principe Deveste Eight. It'll set you back $1,795,000 from Legendary Motorsport. But hey, regular players can spend February's free GTA money to take the cost down a little. If you can't afford the car, you get a branded T-shirt for this fictional car just by signing in this week—making the whole thing perilously close to the plot of a Friends episode.  There are two sets of double GTA money/experience bonuses this week: Doomsday Heist finales pay out twice as much, as does the more recent Arena War series of multiplayer modes. I recommend looking at our guide on how to make money in GTA Online for the kind of payout you get from the Doomsday Heist, and whether you think the bonus makes it worthwhile versus the game's regular heists.  If you've never tried the Doomsday Heist—like GTA's equivalent of a high-level raid, I guess—facilities are 30 percent off this week. You can also save on hangars, handy for storing novelty aircraft, and giving you an excuse to use Fort Zancudo as your personal base.  Finally, the following vehicles are all 30 percent off, along with those available in the Arena War series: * Mammoth Avenger; * Imponte Deluxo; * Mammoth Thruster; * TM-02 Khanjali; * Ocelot Stromberg; * RCV; * Buckingham Akula; * Volatol ; * HVY Barrage; * HVY Chernobog; * P-996 Lazer; Sid Meier s Steam Charts: Sid Meier s Sid Meier s EditionFeb 18, 2019 - Rock, Paper, Shotgun The game you like isn’t as good as the game I like. When you like the game you like, you are made to look a fool! Find out why in this week’s Steam Charts. (more…) GTA Online offers romantic bonuses and a hot new car for Valentine's DayFeb 14, 2019 - PC GamerValentine's Day has come to GTA Online, which means that you can score a free t-shirt, pick up some romantic gunrunning bonuses, and put yourself behind the wheel of the Declasse Vamos. The car is a lean, mean machine that traces its roots back more than 50 years, and is now available for purchase exclusively at Southern San Andreas Super Autos.    From today through February 20, Rockstar is offering double GTA$ on all Gunrunning Sell missions, and double GTA$ and RP on the Bunker – Till Death Do Us Part, Hardest Target, Trap Door, and Siege Mentality team-based modes. All "Be My Valentine" content, including the Albany Roosevelt and Valor, and all Valentine's Day clothing, is 30 percent off for the week, all weapons at your local Ammu-Nation are marked down by the same amount, and all Bunkers and the Mobile Operations Center are 40 percent off.  And if you just want some free stuff but don't feel like putting any effort into it, the Declasse logo t-shirt will be added to your wardrobe for free, just for showing up—as long as you do it before February 20. A full breakdown of San Andreas' big day of romance can be had at GTA 5 cheats Grand Theft Auto 5 codes, console commandsFeb 13, 2019 - Rock, Paper, Shotgun How is Grand Theft Auto 5 still so popular after many years of being out? If you want my tinfoil hat prediction here, it may have something to do with all those Steam sales, and people wanting to make John Walker’s life a misery when doing the Steam charts (or perhaps that’s what he wants you to think). Still, you want the cheats too, and don’t worry, I’ve got ya covered. Our GTA 5 cheat guide has all of the cheats in both formats: A cell phone number you can ring, and command codes that you can enter quickly from the command view. (more…) Steam Charts: The Worst Ever EditionFeb 11, 2019 - Rock, Paper, Shotgun I took it for granted. I knew I shouldn’t, I think I even knew I was doing it at the time. But last week, when the charts were filled with new and interesting games, pushing out the tired and bloated titles, I didn’t take the time to recognise what we had. And now, as can only be the direct responsibility of my careless credulity, everything has fallen apart. This week’s charts are the worst I’ve ever seen. And I’m sorry. I’m… look, I’m just sorry. (more…) PUBG scoops Game of the Year at the 2018 Steam AwardsFeb 10, 2019 - EurogamerPlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds has topped Valve's 2018 Steam Awards as its overall Game of the Year. Launched alongside Steam's 12th Annual Winter Sale in early December, players were invited to select their favourites across eight categories, including game of the year, best developer, and 'better with friends'. All participants were rewarded with a set of digital trading cards as a thank you for voting. "Best Developer proved to be a highly-contested category with a lot of close calls among the top nominees," Valve explained at the time, expanding on why there were so many shortlisted for this particular category. "As a result, we expanded the set of nominees to ten. In addition, we've excluded Valve (ourselves) from this category." Read more… Take-Two not planning to open own games storeFeb 8, 2019 - Rock, Paper, Shotgun Starting your own digital distribution store is the hot trend amongst big developers and publishers, so I was genuinely surprised to see Take-Two Interactive say that they don’t intend to open one. I mean, it would be a bit daft but… that hasn’t stopped anyone else so far. No, the parent company of publishers 2K, Grand Theft Auto devs Rockstar, and Civilization crew Firaxis (among others) say that naw, they’re more interested in entertaining than retailing. Which is probably sensible. If they turn around and make Red Dead Redemption 2 or GTA 6 exclusive to the 2Kash & Karry, I’ll be sorely disappointed. (more…) GTA Online cheat creator ordered to pay $150,000Feb 7, 2019 - Rock, Paper, Shotgun Take-Two Interactive have won a legal fight with the maker of a GTA Online cheat suite, who’s ordered to pay $150,000 ( 116k) in damages for copyright infringement. The cheat, named Elusive, was capable of shenanigans including causing explosions at will, teleporting players around, flying, seeing through walls, screwing with players’ cars, breaking NPC AI, and spawning vehicles and cash. Rockstar’s parent company actually won by default because the defendant didn’t challenge it, and so was assumed to admit the allegations. Such is the law. Elusive’s makers stopped selling it in 2018 after “conversations” with Take-Two, though evidently the company didn’t think that the end of the matter. (more…) GTA Online cheat program creator ordered to pay $150k in damagesFeb 7, 2019 - PC GamerA man from Florida, Jhonny Perez, has been found guilty of copyright infringement after developing and distributing a cheat program for Grand Theft Auto Online. He has been ordered to pay $150,000 as well as legal costs. Perez is the developer behind 'Elusive' a cheat program that allowed players to get around the games rules by creating their own currency and interfering with other, legitimate players.  According to a report from Torrent Freak, Take-Two, Rockstar's parent company, contacted  Perez to cease the distribution of Elusive, which was on sale for $10 - $30, depending on the package. While Perez did comply with the request, further attempts to contact him were met with silence, prompting Take-Two to take the case to court. While it's reported that Take-Two would have been 'open to negotiating a settlement,' Perez' continued silence prompted them to file for the default judgement which, in the case of copyright infringement, has the maximum statutory damages amount of $150,000. Almost $70,000 of legal fees were also added. "Mr. Perez’s Elusive program creates new features and elements in Grand Theft Auto which can be used to harm legitimate players, causing Take-Two to lose control over its carefully balanced plan for how its video game is designed to be played." US District Court Judge Kevin Castel writes in his order. Thanks, KotakuGTA Online players get free GTA money for logging in each weekend this monthFeb 5, 2019 - PC GamerCall this a PSA: log in every weekend in February and you'll get a free GTA Online money drop of $250,000 into your bank account each time. This technically began last weekend, but hell, we have three weekends of February left and I don't want you to miss out—I'm actually setting this as a reminder for myself.  If you've participated in a free money promotion for GTA Online before, you probably know how it works by now. You log in one weekend, and you'll get paid the following weekend. The last payout of $250,000, then, should arrive in your bank account on the weekend of March 2nd. If you logged in last weekend, you'll be able to earn up to $1 million of GTA cash. If, like me, you forgot because you wasted two hours of your weekend watching Velvet Buzzsaw on Netflix, and the rest doing side activities in The Division, you can earn up to $750,000 free by logging in this weekend. If you haven't tried GTA Online in a while, it might be worth checking out the new multiplayer modes added as part of Arena War. They're not all winners, but a whole new slice of GTA PvP focused on vehicle combat works pretty well, plus the Maze Bank Arena offers a nice change of scenery from Los Santos proper.  You might also want to put your money towards some of the ludicrous sci-fi weapons that were recently added to the game. I can't recommend the raygun enough: In the next few weeks, Rockstar promises double cash on Gunrunning, Doomsday Heist content and Adversary modes, so keep that in mind if you're planning on spending more time with the game.  I started a cult and scammed players for thousands in GTA 5Feb 1, 2019 - PC Gamer"I think I see it," says Walter. He sounds pleased, excited, optimistic. I've known this man for all of 20 minutes, and he is undoubtedly my easiest mark so far.  Truth be told, I don't even know his name. I've conjured his epithet on account of his bald, bespectacled, fedora-sporting avatar that makes him look ever-so-slightly like the lead character from Breaking Bad. I don't know what Walter does for a living here in this GTA 5 roleplaying server, nor where he stays, or whether or not he drives a car. I know nothing. Actually, that's not true. I do know he is not getting a refund on the two thousand dollars he's just dropped to join Phase Two of my rural Los Santos-based whale-worshiping cult. Come on, that was a given.  "I think I see it!" says Walter again, this time with even more enthusiasm than before. I stay silent. The rain hammers down on the choppy waters, and as we flank the El Gordo lighthouse, I sound the tugboat's yawning horn. I don't have a clue what I'm doing, in case that wasn't clear. But I'm absolutely minted by this point and the siren lends this misadventure a degree of grim sincerity.  Walter thinks I'm leading him to Noosie, by the way, the fantastical Loch Ness Monster-aping blue whale creature I've absolutely just made up. I think I see it. Walter doesn't see shit. And he sure as hell didn't see the sharp end of my hatchet swinging for his back. Get the money, get rid of any witnesses, that's how this works. By chance, Walter turns, and I catch his arm. "What the fuck!" he yells. "You're a crazy bastard! What the fuck is wrong with you?" Without a fight, he leaps from starboard, swims to shore, hops in my truck and takes off up the dirt track that leads back to the Senora Freeway. Huh, he does drive.  After my most recent Liberty City-meets-Black Mirror fever dream , I've returned to San Andreas via the FiveM open-source community modification for Grand Theft Auto 5. After a slight crisis of conscience in previous outings, I've now given in to the fact I'm a bit of a scumbag, and, after realising the most fun I've had GTA roleplaying was when knocking off a string of banks while posing as a journo, I decided to institutionalise on my own terms by creating a cult. Enter the Catfish View Whale Watchers.   Now, I can't say for sure why this scheme worked, but I can say it made me a ton of fake virtual moolah. In roleplaying terms, maybe my silver tongue was responsible. I do, after all, consider myself the Martin Madrazo of chicanery, the boss of beguiling, the sultan of swizz. On practical terms, perhaps FiveM's vastly modded world was enough to let folk believe a gargantuan whale-beast could be fed into the ocean off the North East coast of San Andreas without anyone noticing. Why the hell anyone reckoned I'd know the exact whereabouts o...Steam Charts: Zombified EditionJan 28, 2019 - Rock, Paper, Shotgun Once bitten, twice shy, is not a good aphorism for zombies. They’re not very shy at all. In fact, some of them are positively bold. They’ve wreaked havoc with this week’s Steam Charts, taking over nearly half the entries. Which, admittedly, saves me thinking up a bunch of other stupid shit to write. Yes, click through, read on, for the bunch of stupid shit I did write. (more…) Grand Theft Auto 5 cheats: GTA V codes, all weapons and ammo, lower wanted level, invincibilityJan 23, 2019 - Rock, Paper, Shotgun Who says cheaters never prosper? Grand Theft Auto 5 has been wildly popular for years and if the internet is to be believed, you all still want to mess around with cheat codes in the single player campaign. Don’t worry, we’ve got ya and we won’t squeal. Our GTA 5 cheat guide will go over all of the cheats, in both cell phone number and command code variants. (more…) Steam Charts: Hard Truths EditionJan 21, 2019 - Rock, Paper, Shotgun Don’t be scared. It’s OK. I’ve got you. Hold my hand. Tighter. Come on. We can do this together. You and me. Lets… Steam Chart. (more…) Steam Charts: Octopodiformes EditionJan 14, 2019 - Rock, Paper, Shotgun A lot of people first discover this Pulitzer Prize-winning* column via the Steam pages for their favourite games, and it’s always a pleasure to welcome in new readers to RPS’s most respected feature. So if you’re new, welcome! Please settle in and find out why Steam Charts is the industry’s most respected and revered games journalism. (more…)