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Grand Theft Auto V

The most satisfying physics in PC gamesMar 27, 2020 - Rock, Paper, Shotgun One Off The List is our weekly list feature. Is there something you think doesn t deserve to be on this list? Comment with your reasons why, and next week it may be struck off. An obscenely rich teenager throws his VR controller across the room in a fit of blind panic while playing Half-Life: Alyx. It leaves the window of his bedroom at 5m/s. It falls 10m vertically and hits his neighbour s greenhouse, smashing the glass. How many metres did the controller travel horizontally before coming to a stop in the tomatoes? Use a kinematic formula to determine your answer and show your wor– UGH, physics. Here are 10 games where physics is not boring, but good. (more…) Watch out: GTA Online's most reviled griefmobile is cheap this weekMar 13, 2020 - Rock, Paper, Shotgun On the highways and flyways of GTA Online, no vehicle more clearly flags a player as a potential dickhead than the Oppressor Mk II. This jet-powered hoverbike can whizz round streets, fly high over the city, and rain homing missiles, making it a top pick for the sort of wrong’un who wants to grief everyone. Bad news, gang: the Oppressor Mk II has a 30% discount this week, meaning we’ll be seeing more of them over Los Santos. Brace yourself. (more…) Open Wheel Racing Now Available for GTA OnlineFeb 27, 2020 - Community AnnouncementsThe future of competitive motorsport has arrived, and it’s in a hurry. Two brand new open-wheel ultra-performance vehicles. Seven high-speed tracks. Dozens of split-second decisions, from the tires you use, to whether you take that all-important pit stop. And above all: one seat, one driver, one grand prize. Visit the Rockstar Newswire for more details.GTA Online has added Formula One races, and it's a bloodbathFeb 27, 2020 - Rock, Paper, Shotgun A legally-distinct series of races which are definitely not Formula One featuring no official F1 vehicles arrived in GTA Online, and it’s as messy as you’d expect from an open-world murder simulator. Up to 16 murderers can compete in the new Open Wheel Races, whipping around at tight tracks at 120mph while fighting their honed instincts which scream to ram and kill everyone. At least, that’s what I imagine other players are experiencing when I see six cars pile up at the first corner. While you can buy an F1 car for keepsies, the races will provide one so all are welcome. Ish. Welcome-ish. Unless you get in my way. (more…) In GTA Online, F1 cars really can drive upside-downFeb 24, 2020 - Rock, Paper, Shotgun It’s said that the aerodynamic design of Formula One cars generates so much downforce that you could, theoretically, drive one upside-down. In reality, nobody seems willing to risk vehicle and vertebrae to attempt this stunt. But in GTA Online, we’re mere bytes so of course driving on the ceiling (oh what a feeling!) was one of the first things people tried when the first F1 car arrived last week. It is possible, and it’s great fun. I won one myself and frankly am now more interested in F1 stunting than the F1 races launching this week. Come see. (more…) GTA Online's Formula 1 racing will start next weekFeb 20, 2020 - Rock, Paper, Shotgun A series of Formula 1-y races are coming to GTA Online on February 27th, Rockstar announced today. I say ‘Formula 1’ because that’s the one I know, but I suppose the upcoming Open Wheel Race Series could be inspired by F2, or IndyCar, or… look, it’s those weird cars shaped like fighter jets, okay. While those races don’t start until next Thursday, crimepeople do have the opportunity to win one of its new cars now. The Progen PR4 is the grand prize on the Diamond Casino’s free-to-spin prize wheel this week, see, and that’s the only official way to get it before the launch. (more…) After years of driving wacky novelties in GTA Online, I finally bought a good car and realised I've been a huge foolFeb 14, 2020 - Rock, Paper, Shotgun This week in GTA Online, the shiny Dewbauchee Vagner supercar has a tidy 35% discount. I’ve heard it’s a good car and, being flush with cash from the recent giveaways, I thought I’d treat myself to one. Oh! Yes, that’s a good car. That’s a really good car. That’s great. I’ve never driven a good car before. If I’d known GTA Online’s expensive cars were actually great, not just flashy, I wouldn’t have spent literal years of ill-gotten gains on novelty cars and wacky trash. I have amassed sensible family cars, crapmobiles, and racing hearses when I could have been travelling with style, speed, and luxury. And yet, I am still proud of my garage of garbage and wish to show you what I’ve been suffering through. (more…) The best action games on PCFeb 7, 2020 - Rock, Paper, ShotgunEveryone loves a good action game. It’s the driving force behind so many of our favourite PC games, but only a few can lay claim to being the best action games of all time. That’s why we’ve compiled this list – to sort the pulled punches from the bestest biffs that PC has to offer. Whether it’s the joy of pulling off a perfect combo, riding the wave of an explosive set-piece or the hair-raising thrill of dodging enemy attacks in slow-motion that gets you going, there’s an action game here for you. (more…) Rockstar co-founder and head writer Dan Houser is leavingFeb 5, 2020 - Rock, Paper, Shotgun After 21 years as a Rockstar Games big cheese, Dan Houser will leave the company in March. He’s co-written almost every Rockstar game since 1999, including Grand Theft Auto from London through to V, Bully, Max Payne 3, and the Red Dead Redemptions. That’s made him a big influence on the tone of Rockstar’s games. I wonder how that might change once he’s moved on. Where he’s going and what he’ll do next, we don’t know. He can probably afford to eat pizza while watching Heat on loop the rest of his life, to be honest. (more…) GTA Online and Red Dead Online are giving away free cash and gunsJan 28, 2020 - Rock, Paper, Shotgun Across the next fortnight, GTA Online players can claim $2,000,000 of crimecash for free just for logging in, while Red Dead Online players can scoop a free Bounty Hunter license as well as some free guns and ammo. Rockstar announced the freebies today while crowing about “another record-breaking holiday season” for both multiplayer modes, spaffing all sorts of claims against the digiwall. For example: December 2019 was GTA Online’s “largest month ever in terms of player numbers,” which is pretty impressive considering how old it is. But mostly I’m here for the free stuff. (more…) The best co-op games ever madeJan 24, 2020 - Rock, Paper, ShotgunEvery game is better with friends, but some games are the most betterer of all. These are the best co-op games you can play on PC in 2020. Whether you want to survive against zombie hordes, fell giant monsters, or fling your physicsy forms across chasms, there’s a game for you below. (more…) Rockstar responds to report it claimed 37.6m in UK tax reliefJan 20, 2020 - EurogamerRockstar and games industry trade association UKIE have responded to a report that the Grand Theft Auto developer claimed 37.6m in video game tax relief for the 2018/19 financial year, accounting for 37 per cent of all UK games industry tax relief claims. According to think thank TaxWatch, the figure, which is believed to relate to development of a new Grand Theft Auto game, means that Rockstar North has now claimed a total of 80m in UK Video Games Tax Relief, equating to a quarter of all relief claimed since the government scheme launched in 2014 following extensive industry lobbying. It also means, as per TaxWatch's report, that Rockstar has paid no Corporation Tax for the fourth year running in the UK, despite the developer's GTA5 having amassed more than an estimated $6bn USD in sales since releasing in 2014. Read more Bike about Vice City in GTA V with this modJan 6, 2020 - Rock, Paper, ShotgunThere’s always a man, a lighthouse, and a city. Sometimes, those cities are sucked from 2002 and splatted into modern videogames, like the Vice Cry: Remastered mod that takes the Grand Theft Auto: Vice City map and plops it into Grand Theft Auto V. Bet Ayn Rand didn’t see that one coming. (more…) Vice Cry Remastered brings the Vice City map to GTA 5Jan 5, 2020 - PC GamerHave fond memories of driving past the beach while the sun sets over the Grand Theft Auto series equivalent of Miami? The Vice Cry Remastered mod is for you. It adapts the Vice City map to GTA 5 as if it were DLC, and adds a few new missions so that it's not just about appreciating palm trees while speeding past them with the radio cranked up. Although the mod's trailer restages a bunch of scenes from Vice City's story complete with Tommy Vercetti, the original missions aren't playable. If you want to experience flying that damn seaplane over the city airdropping ads for porn again you'll have to reinstall the original game. You can download Vice Cry Remastered from Working a 9-5 in GTA 5 roleplay is the best way to enjoy Grand Theft AutoDec 26, 2019 - PC GamerEver had your private parts gnawed on by a hungry police dog while you’re laid flat on your back, oozing blood, on the tiled floor of a jewellery store’s vault room? I have. Several times. And after an exhilarating run of murder, deceit, robbery, and, um, vampirism and death-by-undead in Grand Theft Auto 5 roleplay, I must admit: I’m knackered. For a long time now, I’ve flirted with the idea of truly committing to a server’s RP rules without listening to the pint-sized devil on my shoulder. When not chasing missions in Story Mode or GTA Online, I bet you’ve had a bash at playing by the book in Grand Theft Auto. I bet you’ve driven at the speed limit and stopped at red lights. I bet you’ve had fun, for a wee while, before strolling down the sidewalk and sticking the head on an innocent passer-by just because, well, you can. More than GTA 5’s vanilla modes allow, though, the roleplay scene lets you sign up to a 9-5 lifestyle wholeheartedly. In doing so myself, I’ve discovered an entirely new game. And I love it. With this, combined with end-of-year reflection, new year’s resolutions and the spirit of giving during the holiday season in mind, my latest roleplay endeavour saw me throw myself into a courier job with GoPostal. I stuck religiously to an in-game schedule as I commuted to work on my BMX bike, bought my lunch at the local gas station, worked a shift, clocked off at the end of the day, and returned home. Similar to how Andy enjoys simulator games, I found myself utterly captivated by the systematic monotony of my self-imposed rules, and, as conceited as it may sound, discovered a degree of serenity I never thought possible in a game otherwise associated with murder, drug deals and robbing banks. Playing as a delivery man at Christmas, with Free Mode’s snowfall filter in full-swing, I quickly took on the mantle of makeshift Los Santos Santa Claus. I galvanised the holiday vibe by playing a Christmas playlist in real life, which, in essence, meant playing Chris Rea’s ‘Driving Home For Christmas’ on repeat, because, let’s be clear, it’s the best Christmas song in the history of Christmas songs. I'm driving home for Christmas. Oh, I can't wait to see those faces. What a tune, I think to myself, as I set up camp in the Clinton Residence – Auntie D’s house in Strawberry, otherwise known as the Forum Drive safehouse, and, for the purpose of this roleplay endeavour, ‘home’. Monday, December 16 6am In the Grand Theft Auto HD Universe (from GTA 4 onwards), one in-game hour is equivocal to two real-life minutes. One in-game day, then, is 48 real-life minutes-long. My day starts at 6am, and work begins at 8, which means I’ve allowed myself four minutes to grab lunch from the 24/7 garage round the corner, before cycling to the GoPostal depot in Downtown Vinewood on the other side of town. No ...The Diamond Casino Heist is GTA Online's most exhilarating score and an exercise in self-parodyDec 20, 2019 - EurogamerIn one of the opening missions of GTA Online's latest update, heist aficionado and lovable oaf Lester talks about how he was a good kid before he played Street Crimes Gang Wars, the in-universe version of Grand Theft Auto. As the bassline hums in the background, he starts to ramble about the gun-toting opportunists trying to lift your cargo, a set of arcade cabinets necessary to kickstart a run-down arcade business, a front for the game's latest (and greatest) heist. "They must be gamers," he says. A walking parody of all things but especially itself, minutes later GTA Online treats me to a radio advert for Shark Cards, the game's infamous microtransaction system that has made it the most profitable entertainment product of all time. Shutting my car door after a successful delivery, I get my usual daily text from Agent 14 about purchasing a million-dollar Mobile Operations Center to help with the efficiency of my Gunrunning business, one of many plates that need spinning if I'm to stay afloat in this demanding second life. I don't even want the unnecessary vehicle but my brain, falling prey to the marketing machine, wonders whether completing this latest big score will afford me the currency necessary to get him to stop nagging me. A packed-out patch for a six-year-old live service, The Diamond Casino Heist is designed to turn heads, all the way down to the balance tweaks that players have been begging for. The greatest issue addressed concerns the most hated (and loved) vehicle introduced in Online's history, the Oppressor Mk 2. Read more Rockstar let it snow, let it snow, let it snow in GTA Online and Red Dead OnlineDec 20, 2019 - Rock, Paper, Shotgun It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas in the Online modes of Grand Theft Auto V and Red Dead Redemption 2. Rockstar started the Christmas events yesterday, dressing the sandbox worlds in Christmas finery, placing presents under our trees, and firing up the snow machines. I have already won a GTA Online snowball fight to the death while dressed in my Christmas warms so my season is looking very merry indeed. (more…) Where to destroy signal jammers in GTA OnlineDec 13, 2019 - PC GamerWhere are all the GTA Online signal jammers? Grand Theft Auto Online's latest update, The Diamond Casino Heist, includes a tense new bank job where players are tasked with breaking into the swanky casino. One way to ensure that you and your team can get mega bucks on the maximum GTA Casino heist payout is to get some professional bods in. One way you can do that is to locate and destroy 50 GTA 5 signal jammers hidden throughout the anarchic world map. Tracking down and blowing up all 50 jammers might seem like a time-consuming task, but doing so gives you cash and RP, but also unlocks Avi Schwartzman, a support crew member who can offer his excellent hacking skills to help you in this, the toughest of bank jobs to date. You might recognise Avi from his help on the Pacific Standard Job: he's the go-to guy for accessing well-defended doors. Sure, he may be slightly paranoid, but his skills will give your criminal operation some professional flair.  GTA Online signal jammers locations The signal jammers are hidden all over GTA Online's map. They are quite small, but as you get closer to one, you'll be able to hear it beeping and see its blinking red light. Many are hidden at the top of bridges or buildings so make sure you have a airborne vehicle to hand. Also, hunt them down at night when that blinking light makes them easier to spot. They can be destroyed with any gun, but stick to something with decent range.  Or you can use GTA Series Videos to help you out. They've found all 50 signal jammer locations in GTA Online and put them in one handy video. As they find each one, they open the map and pinpoint their location, making finding those pesky jammers, and future heists, as easy as taking candy from a baby. Check out the video below. As well as the heist, The Diamond Casino Heist update also includes new weapons, collectibles, and music. Rockstar has also made some balance changes that make it more difficult to grief other players. But when it comes to the heist, that gets you a hefty payout. And if cash is your thing, here's how to make money in GTA Online.    Grand Theft Auto Online: The Diamond Casino HeistDec 12, 2019 - Community AnnouncementsPull off the most sophisticated and daring robbery the city of Los Santos has ever seen in The Diamond Casino Heist – now available in GTA Online. The Diamond Casino & Resort might be under the questionable management of the Duggans, the ruthless Texan petrochemical magnates who stole control from Tao Cheng and the Triads, but business is still booming. Now it’s time to act on that cryptic text you received from Cheng Family Holdings. Georgina Cheng – VP of Cheng Holdings and the more poised and polished younger sister to party boy, Tao – is on a mission to hit the Duggans where it hurts most: by breaking into the Diamond’s highly secure vault and stealing everything in it. With Georgina now calling the shots, and socially awkward criminal mastermind Lester Crest and his vast network of nefarious resources ready to assist, it’s time to take on an ambitious job where the security is state-of-the-art, the preparation options are near-limitless, and the take is off the charts. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/6144970/fa967f5791e66dbd36a80868f7af209170ee1a92.png {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/6144970/192b9d585109da4d9b9b1bc092af84fa5f04a687.jpg Are you ready to carry out the ultimate heist? To plan a score this big you’ll need the right location, crew and gear. Fortunately for you, Lester has already sourced the perfect front. Meet up with Lester in Mirror Park, then tap into Maze Bank Foreclosures to acquire the new Arcade property. Get the operation off the ground with a facelift by stocking it with some playable retro arcade cabinets and a little help from one of Lester’s family friends that’s looking to break into the ‘gaming’ industry. There are 12 new playable games, including: Badlands Revenge II: The peaceful frontier has been invaded by marauders, road agents, thieves, and revenue men. Use your weapons wisely to rid the prairie of the desperados and outlaws that threaten your very way of life. The Wizard’s Ruin: An evil wizard has kidnapped Grog and stolen him away to a terrifying fortress. Now Thog must fight through enchanted forests, ghastly swamps, labyrinths of decay and battle terrifying enemies to rescue his brother with only his mighty sword and magical engorging potions found along the way. Race and Chase - Street Legal: It’s a race across the heartland and through America’s densest metropolises in a flashy sports car. Crank up the tunes and blast past obstacles as you do your best to avoid pedestrians and hairy beasts on the highway. Race and Chase - Crotch Rockets: Soup up your superbike and rage havoc on the highway in this race against time through city and suburb while you steer clear of obstructions and avoid eating asphalt. Race and Chase - Get Truckin’: Rev up your truck and race at breakneck speeds across America as you and your canine companion avoid obstacles like slow drivers and the occasional wandering sasquatch to beat the clock and take home glory. Space Monkey 3: Bananas Gone Bad: The villainous Dr. Dank has hijacked all cargo spaceships fro...Grand Theft Auto V has added a casino heist and a new radio stationDec 12, 2019 - Rock, Paper, Shotgun The writing was on the wall when the Diamond Casino & Resort opened in GTA Online in July. A casino in a city of thieves was always going to be a target, and Rockstar have just crafted a new heist for players to rob the place. From today, you can take part in the Diamond Casino Heist, which Rockstar are claiming is their “biggest, most audacious, most complex criminal operation ever.” (more…)