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Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Crown Capers Pack out now!Jul 20, 2021 - Community AnnouncementsNew Season, new costume Pack! Dive into Season 5 and lead a daring expedition for the crown jewels with the Crown Capers Pack of costumes! Suit up your Fall Guy ready for adventure with the Muddy Explorer. Expedition Leader and Fallesses II costumes! Fall Guys Game is required.Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout - Season 5 OUT NOW!Jul 20, 2021 - Community AnnouncementsGet ready to stumble in the jungle! Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Season 5 is live right now, fully-equipped with an adventurous theme featuring giant swinging logs, a mysterious Lost Temple and...mechanical Rhinos?! Our latest major update will have your beans diving and dashing through six new Rounds, with all new ways to Squad up with your pals, plus Limited Time Events brimming with unique rewards and challenges! You can start your epic bean expedition right now! Otherwise, get out your treasure map and join us on a journey to the heart of Season 5… Six new Rounds! The Blunderdome Construction Crew have let their imaginations run wild with six delightfully adventurous Rounds— including an all new Final! Each is packed with fresh mechanics, tactical innovations and some of our most ridiculous obstacles to date... {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/35211414/8965c8b6efd59e1845906758ddfc1f075a498f34.png Treetop Tumble New Season, new signature gauntlet! Treetop Tumble will have you tackling your own stumbling storyline, with branching routes to the finish line through multiple layers of chaos. Filled with all new obstacles, including perilous Log Swings and Expanding Frogs (yes, seriously), you’ll need to tumble with caution - after all, who knows where your choices will take you..? {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/35211414/63e87f195a17eae0e65677768ef14fcfdec17187.png Stompin’ Ground The beans have stumbled into Rhino territory...and they are not amused! Dash, dive and dodge in a hectic escape from three mechanical Rhinos who love nothing more than sending players to the slime. Drum pads may bounce you to safety, but in Stompin’ Ground, only the agile will qualify. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/35211414/7e5121a5669692958af833a59108d7dc334278d3.png Lost Temple Introducing our most ambitious Round to date...and it’s a new final! Intrepid beans are invited to explore the shape-shifting wonders of the Lost Temple in a frantic dash for the Crown. Attempts to discover the perfect route through its fiendish rooms are futile, as the path to victory is ever-changing! {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/35211414/61b60a6fadcdeeb16eecfaa2de41e2682bf3aa7c.png Lily Leapers Bounce to the bean rhythm of Lily Leapers, where jump control and aerial precision are the keys to avoiding a watery dip! Conquer each layer by leaping from drum to drum, avoiding low-flying competitors and keeping an eye out for that perfect landing. Blunderdome rumours suggest you can even reach the finish line without touching the floor... {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/35211414/17a8a500444d437fb254c806d4be32e20f25e78c.png Bubble Trouble Bubble Trouble is a five-way arena bout that’s all about rapid-fire beans and bubble poppin’ dreams! Zip between the obstacle-filled active zones to rack up the points and collect your way to glorious qualification. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/35211414/c8e17f9f197842d4fac92feec68c9e82feadcba5.png Pegwin Pool Party Crash the Pegwin Pool Party! This solo take on Pegwin Pursuit drops you into a watery wonderland of zippy slides and glis...Fall Guys' fifth season has a jungle theme and Spelunky crossoverJul 19, 2021 - EurogamerThe fifth season of Fall Guys has a jungle theme, with Indiana Jones and Spelunky elements. A suspiciously-familiar adventurer with a whip and an officially-licensed Spelunky costume both feature in the battle royale's new battle pass. This season also sees the introduction of duos and trios matches, as well as Limited Time Events with challenges and unique rewards. Read more Fall Guys Season 5 adds its "most ambitious round to date" and limited-time eventsJul 19, 2021 - PCGamesNFall Guys Season 5 is on the way and developer Mediatonic has just given us a hearty peep at what's to come in a live reveal stream. Themed around some suitably zany jungle adventures, the battle royale game's new season will bring a bunch of new content featuring "giant swinging logs, a mysterious Lost Temple, and... mechanical rhinos?!" The headline for Season 5 is the six new rounds coming to the beany bonanza. First up, there's Treetop Tumble - a round that will get players to battle those swinging logs and some expanding frogs down branching paths to get to the finish line, while Stompin' Ground sees beans scramble to avoid three huge mechanical rhinos. Lost Temple is the third, which is the studio's "most ambitious round to date", according to Mediatonic in a press release, and "it's a new final!" The round gets players to tackle a shapeshifting temple to chase down the crown. Lily Leapers has beans bounce across drums to a rhythm, while Bubble Trouble is a "five-way arena bout" full of obstacles, and lastly Pegwin Pool Party is full of slides to zip down. You'll get more points in this last one the longer you manage to hang on. Read the rest of the story... RELATED LINKS: Glory to mankind, Fall Guys is getting a Nier: Automata skin The best indie games on PC in 2021 Epic is buying Fall Guys, but the game will remain on Steam Fall Guys turns Spelunky Guy into a terrifying bean tomorrowJul 19, 2021 - PC GamerFall Guys will let you stumble through the jungle with friends tomorrow, as squads arrive in Season 5's jungle adventure... Read more.Fall Guys announced its next season with a jigsaw puzzleJul 14, 2021 - PC GamerFall Guys fans have puzzled out the bean-stumbling battle royale's next season, after Mediatonic teased the theme by way of a jpeg jigsaw... Read more.It's become impossible to keep up with all these damn 'seasons'Jul 8, 2021 - PC GamerFall Guys is currently in the midst of its fourth season. That update, which sent the bloodthirsty jellybeans to a distant neon-soaked future, hit servers on March 22. Developer Mediatonic has been diligent about its release cycle, and a new swath of content gets deployed every quarter or so, which means that by the time we arrive at Fall Guys' first anniversary in August, we will be in the middle of season five. With just 11 months under its belt, Fall Guys has amassed a season count that rivals most network TV shows. If it keeps its current pace up, it'll be catching up to the Simpsons' season numbers around 2025... Read more.Glory to mankind, Fall Guys is getting a Nier: Automata skinJun 10, 2021 - PCGamesNAsk and you shall receive. Last year, Nier: Automata director Yoko Taro said he wanted to bring his rabble of sad androids to the world of Fall Guys while playing the party game on stream in celebration of Square Enix producer Yosuke Saito's birthday. Now, it's, uh, actually happening. During Geoff Keighley's Summer Game Fest, we caught a glimpse of the new Fall Guys skin. You're getting the chance to dress up your wee jelly bean as 2B from Nier: Automata, and boy is it something. This skin is launching on June 18, so you only have a week to wait for it. Yoko Taro initially mentioned his desire for the collaboration on stream, saying, "I think the machine lifeform costume would be really cute," as translated by Mediatonic's own Ed Fear. "Or an Emil head!" Since Fear was already in chat as it happened, we guess this has been in the works since then. Fear went on to add on Twitter that he "mentioned in that livestream chat" that he worked at Mediatonic and Yoko Taro saw it. "Now I have been asked to tell the team officially that the Nier team at Square Enix really wants to do it," he added. Yoko Taro was all too keen to show his support on Twitter, too. Read the rest of the story... RELATED LINKS: The best indie games on PC in 2021 Epic is buying Fall Guys, but the game will remain on Steam Ninja's Fall Guys skin is available now This Nier: Automata skin for Fall Guys is making me extremely uncomfortableJun 10, 2021 - PC GamerThe frontrunner for this year's "They were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn't stop to think if they should" moment appeared in a short trailer during Summer Game Fest today. Fall Guys is getting a new skin fashioned after Nier: Automata protagonist 2B, who wears a lacey maid outfit I can't say I ever expected, or wanted, to see on a Fall Guys bean... Read more.The best indie games on PC in 2021May 25, 2021 - PCGamesNDeciding on the very best indie games on PC is a task that involves some painful exclusion. The great indie boom triggered by digital distribution a decade ago turned out to be more of a Big Bang, firing small-team development into a plethora of directions that now defy simple categorisation. The sheer volume is intimidating, so we have plenty to choose from when compiling our list of the best indie games. Perhaps too much. But we should take stock, from time to time, to appreciate everything publisher-less development has given us. Some of the games listed below were built in a weekend by first-time coders, while others were crafted by former triple-A creators who've instilled their independent work with the same technical standards. They barely have anything in common but a healthy dose of idiosyncrasy and ideas that make Steam worth spelunking. So what is our final shortlist of the finest indies around? It's got everything, from puzzle games to narrative wonders, through pixelart games and the most gorgeous, graphically detailed gems. You're going to want to play each and every one. Read the rest of the story... RELATED LINKS: Epic is buying Fall Guys, but the game will remain on Steam Ninja's Fall Guys skin is available now Prime Gaming is offering an exclusive Fall Guys bundle and three free games to keep TRON costumes invade the Blunderdome!May 24, 2021 - Community AnnouncementsGreetings, Users. The Blunderdome is positively humming with electric anticipation as an elite detachment of TRON’s iconic characters light-cycle their way into Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout! In suspiciously perfect timing for Season 4’s neon-drenched mood, we’ve teamed up with Disney to bring you four of sci-fi’s most revered figures in jelly bean form, with a costume set brimming with glowing circuitry and futuristic flourishes. Tron, Rinzler and Quorra costumes combine forces in an exclusive TRON Costume Pack, available to grab right now. Meanwhile, notorious disc-battler Sark has rezzed into the Fall Guys store, with a 22,000 Kudos bounty in exchange for giving your wardrobe a Game Grid makeover. Dive in now and journey into the mainframe! End of line.Fall Guys' latest mid-season update out now bringing two new stages and moreMay 13, 2021 - EurogamerFall Guys' 80s-themed fourth season has reached its mid-point, meaning, as is now tradition, the arrival of a brand-new content update designed to freshen up the second half of the season with a variety of new gameplay twists and additions. As detailed over on the Fall Guys subreddit, Season 4.5, which is out now on PC and PlayStation 4, introduces two brand-new rounds - Slimescraper and Button Bashers - as well as a total of 55 variations across 12 rounds. Slimescraper is described as spiritual successor to Slime Clime, tasking players with outrunning slime and mastering "multiple floors of mayhem", while Button Bashers is a 1v1 round in which players are split into duelling pairs - the winner being the one with the most points when the timer runs out. As for those new level variations, a full list isn't available, but developer Mediatonic has confirmed low-gravity versions of Hex-a-gone and Thin Ice. Read more Fall Guys - Season 4.5 is out NOW!May 13, 2021 - Community AnnouncementsToday marks the release of Season 4.5, our major Mid-Season Update that brings heaps of new content to the Blunderdome. Tumble in for some lovingly enhanced futuristic Fall Guys action, including: Two new Rounds Custom Lobbies Dozens of fiendish Round variations Plenty of fixes and improvements for smoother stumbling. ...and more! You can dive in right now or check out the full list in our Release Notes. Otherwise, stick with us for all the juicy details. Run the trailer! Double trouble: Two new Rounds! Your pals in the Blunderdome Construction Crew have delved deep into their imagination to deliver two funky fresh Rounds. Come meet the new hotness… {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/35211414/33a4a37b21cc9af1c29d307846c1dfef140c33ef.png The Slimescraper Bing! This elevator is officially out of service! To reach the summit, intrepid beans will have to outrun the slime and master multiple floors of mayhem in this spiritual successor to Slime Climb. The Slimescraper snakes its way through a frankly ridiculous amount of obstacles that are ripe for short-cut strats, featuring Laser Swings, Conveyor Belts and the all-new Rotating Blades (think Big Fans but...extra silly). Plus, plenty more intricately crafted devices to send you spinning to an early slime bath. Reach the end and prepare for some multi-bean multi-ball, with a top floor of pinball flippers that breach all known safety regulations. Those Bounce Poles may help in a pinch, but touch the slime and you’re outta there. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/35211414/3546ef0a29636e497d210c85404a0c4e613537ac.png Button Bashers Fall Guys just got personal! Our latest update drops 1v1 tension to the Blunderdome, splitting players into duelling pairs across multiple mini-arenas. Confronted with 7 buttons, it’s fastest fingers first with beans rampaging to get to the lit platform before their opponent. First contact grabs you a point...but also kicks off an extra spicy effect! Maybe gravity decides to take a break? Perhaps our old friend the Fan fancies an inconvenient visit? It’s on you to ride it out. Most points at the end of the timer wins, with qualification to the victor. End up in a stalemate and it’s overtime! Custom Lobbies for all! Season 4 saw the early access roll out of Private Lobbies, enabling select players the chance to host lobbies with beans of their choice. The team has long been exploring how to make this bigger, better and open to more players—so we are absolutely delighted to share a new and improved version for all Blunderdome denizens! It’s time to meet ‘Custom Lobbies’...and everyone’s invited! {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/35211414/51915ff128b193d29a65ee7ab64f6e67be2e31b3.png Custom Lobbies enable any player to host their own invitation-only Fall Guys match-up! Up to 60 players can join via a unique code—and with crossplay supported, your pals can dive in regardless of platform. If you’re streaming, why not get chat involved? Chat’s great at Fall Guys. And if you’re a little more selective about who you stumble with, t...Fall Guys - Season 4 is OUT NOWMar 22, 2021 - Community AnnouncementsWelcome, bean of the future, to Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Season 4! Our stupendous neon-drenched update is available to play right now, so come stumble through time to a Blunderdome full of synthetic beats and fluorescent treats. Astronauts, aliens and the funkiest looking Fall Guys this side of synthwave will bumble their way through a sci-fi inspired Season packed with seven new Rounds, oodles of challenges, costumes and delicious features! {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/35211414/90399d5d71b2e0ea9467fe71c9eb95ca4ce09e24.jpg SQUAD GOALS! Season 4 is truly the Season of the Squad, with a slew of new features that elevate playing with pals. Our latest update brings meaningful new mechanics, Round types and currency that are laser-focused on making stumbling with your Squad strategic, rewarding and a whole heap of bean-based fun! Squads Mode Players can now qualify together as a Squad of 4—if any of your Squad win the final Round, you all share in the spoils of victory! If you know the familiar feeling of backing out because that one friend keeps getting yeeted into the slime...we hear you. Season 4 means your Squad sticks together, wins together and most importantly, embarasses themselves in unity. Squad Race The first of two fresh Squad-flavoured Round types for Season 4, Squad Race provides a collective twist to your mad dash to the finish line! Race as a team and the sooner you finish, the more points you earn for your Squad. The lowest scoring Squads get eliminated, so every Squad player’s performance matters. Go go go! Squad Survival Slime just got social! Squad Survival is all about keeping afloat as a team and racking up those precious points. The longer you stay out of the slime, the more points you earn for your Squad, so disrupting other beans is strongly encouraged! Lowest points? Bye! A futuristic bounty of new Rounds! We’ve unleashed 7 Rounds of futuristic fumbling for Season 4, optimised for the playful needs of all techno-beans... {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/35211414/0256a0e3e4616a25634c486c98785bfc24fc774f.png Skyline Stumble Our new 60-player gauntlet showcases a mega assortment of fresh futuristic obstacles, including Low Gravity Zones, Forcefields and Lasers! {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/35211414/fd8406bac85197bdedd4e027fca3a416f668bb92.png Hoverboard Heroes Set sail for slimy seas as players dive and stumble over perilous obstacles. Ride out the chaos on the cruising hoverboard ‘til the finish line or face elimination! {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/35211414/858f634ed9b624b9281652ca661821017b486915.png Basketfall Team up to shoot some hoops in low gravity. This is the Fall Guys future, so prepare for a very silly number of basketballs, outlandish dunks and triple hoops! {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/35211414/1f9d62fcfe8726fd9c9f14b0a8c2cf0f32e6ec53.png Short Circuit A new type of racing Round drops beans on the grid and propels them through lap after lap of gravity-defying, obstacle-strewn mayhem! {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/35211414/79cedf2a3efe3b38bfcc6bdd43ab78171edc287e.jpg Power Tr...Fall Guys - Season 4 is out now!Mar 22, 2021 - Community AnnouncementsFall Guys: Ultimate Knockout continues its fun-filled fumble through time and space with the launch of Season 4. Astronauts, aliens and the funkiest looking Fall Guys this side of synthwave will bumble their way through a sci-fi inspired Season packed with seven new Rounds, plus oodles of challenges, costumes and delicious features! Season 4 Rounds Skyline Stumble - Our new 60-player gauntlet showcases a mega assortment of fresh futuristic obstacles, including Low Gravity Zones, Forcefields and Lasers! Hoverboard Heroes - Set sail for slimy seas as players dive and stumble over perilous obstacles. Ride out the chaos on the hoverboard ‘til the finish line or face elimination! Basketfall - Team up to shoot some hoops in low gravity. This is the Fall Guys future, so prepare for a very silly number of basketballs...and triple hoops! Short Circuit - A new type of racing Round drops beans on the grid and propels them through lap after lap of gravity-defying, obstacle-strewn mayhem! Power Trip - Stumble onto the future-funk dancefloor and light up those tiles in a battery-powered battle for disco domination! Big Shots - Ever wondered what it’d be like to stand on a See Saw while inflatable stars, magnets, gamepads, and miniature Saturns were shot at you? Well, now you’ll know. Roll On - It’s Roll Out...but a race!? In this classic themed Round, 60 players dash to the finish line over a series of rambunctious rotating drums. Don’t fall off! New Feature: Squads Mode! Qualify together as a Squad of 4, with your whole Squad claiming victory if any of you win the final Round! New Round Type: Squad Race. Score points for your squad by crossing the finish line- The higher your position, the more points you earn! The lowest scoring Squads get eliminated, so every Squad member’s performance matters! New Round Type: Squad Survival Score points for your squad by staying out of the slime! The lowest scoring teams get eliminated, so try to target other squads and throw them off their game! New Feature: Daily Challenges Log in each day to receive new Challenges to earn bundles of Fame and Crown Shards! New Currency: Crown Shards Earn 60 Crown Shards to transform them into a shiny new crown! Collect Shards through Challenges and Squads, and check your balance in the Show Selector screen. Character Improvements: Sturdier Beans We’re improved our Fall Guys to be more sturdy when taking hits both from other players. No more ragdolling just because another bean brushed you in mid-air! Fixed some ragdolling and excessive jumping issues in some rounds Fixed errors related to ledge-climbing in some levels like Wall Guys Increased physics performance for distant players, leading to an overall smoother experience Post elimination flow: you can now quit at any time after being eliminated, no more waiting for the next round to load Other fixes and improvements: Fall Mountain will now spawn players in a single line so no one is at a disadvantage Improved victory moment and flow a...Epic acquires Fall Guys developer MediatonicMar 2, 2021 - EurogamerFall Guys developer Mediatonic has been scooped up Epic Games, as part of the Fortnite and Unreal Engine developer's acquisition of the Tonic Games Group. Announcing the deal on its website, Mediatonic called the move a "huge win for Fall Guys", claiming that joining Epic "will accelerate our plans to improve the game and bring Fall Guys to as many players as possible, while continuing to support the community." According to the developer, it'll be business as usual for Fall Guys following the acquisition - "each season, we'll continue to expand...with new content, features, rounds, and costumes", it writes - and the game will remain available on Steam and the PlayStation Store. Fall Guys' recently announced Switch and Xbox editions will also still go ahead this summer. Read more Epic is buying Fall Guys, but the game will remain on SteamMar 2, 2021 - PCGamesNEpic Games is purchasing the Tonic Games Group, which you'll likely know best as the parent company behind Mediatonic - the studio that has brought us colourful such colourful titles as Hatoful Boyfriend, Murder by Numbers, and, of course, Fall Guys. Tonic Games also includes indie publishing label Irregular Corporation, and the Fortitude Games studio. For current Fall Guys players, Mediatonic says in an FAQ that nothing is changing. Fall Guys will remain available for purchase on Steam - a notable contrast from how Epic handled its purchase of Rocket League developer Psyonix. Rocket League remains playable for Steam users who purchased it there, but after going free-to-play, no new players could acquire the game on Valve's platform. There is "nothing to announce right now" regarding Fall Guys eventually going free-to-play. Epic's been keen to bring features like cross-progression and cross-play to the games under its purview, and Mediatonic says "we're going to work hard on bringing more of these features to Fall Guys." Read the rest of the story... RELATED LINKS: The best indie games on PC in 2021 Ninja's Fall Guys skin is available now Prime Gaming is offering an exclusive Fall Guys bundle and three free games to keep Fall Guys is getting Cuphead skins in its latest cosmetic collabFeb 22, 2021 - ShacknewsAs Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout continues to improve season by season, it also continues to engage in fun collaborations with other developers to bring skins and costumes into its game. We’ve seen the likes of Team Fortress 2, Doom, and even Sonic the Hedgehog appear in Fall Guys in the past, and now we’re about to get another collaboration from the indie gaming hall of fame. Cuphead skins are coming to Fall Guys in only slightly unsettling fashion. Mediatonic revealed the new and upcoming Fall Guys x Cuphead skins via the Fall Guys Twitter on January 22, 2021. Coming to the in-game Fall Guys shop on February 24, 2021, players will soon be able to get their hands on new outfits featuring Cuphead and his co-op play pal, Mugman. As always, the costumes come as a two-piece set which costs five crowns for the top and five crowns for the bottom. There’s also a special Cuphead-themed emote being launched with the skins that will also cost 5 crowns to acquire. In collab with @StudioMDHR we're pleased to announce that Cuphead is the featured costume on Wednesday! 5x 👑 Top 5x 👑 Bottom There's also an emote for 5x 👑! ...and of course, Mugman will arrive on Saturday! 5x 👑 Top 5x 👑 Bottom Don't deal with the devil for the crowns 👀 — Fall Guys ⚡️ Season 3.5 (@FallGuysGame) February 22, 2021 As mentioned prior, this is the latest in a long line of cool collaborations for the Fall Guys cosmetic collection. Previously, we’ve seen the Scout from Team Fortress, the titular Sonic the Hedgehog, and the Doom Slayer and demons from Doom get cosmetic representation in the Fall Guys marketplace. Heck, Mediatonic is so aware of the fun of cosmetics in Fall Guys that it even had a charity auction for popular streamers and companies to donate to in order to get their own skin in the game. Never mind the fact that it looks like the Fall Guys beans are wearing poor Cuphead and Mugman and the vivid details such a transaction brings to mind, it’s another in a long line of fun collaborations for the game. If you’d like to get in on the Fall Guys x Cuphead collaboration and dress your bean for a fight, then be sure to save those crowns for the new cosmetic arrival on February 24. Fall Guys - Season 3.5 is out now!Feb 2, 2021 - Community AnnouncementsGather round, denizens of the Blunderdome. It is our privilege to inform you that a hefty haul of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout content has arrived! Today’s major Season 3.5 update brings a whole host of lovingly crafted changes, including all-new Round ‘Snowball Survival’, a feast of Round variations, dapper costumes, sensational Shows and and and...well let’s just dig into it all now, shall we? Hello, my name is: Snowball Survival Let’s get acquainted with our latest Round! Snowball Survival throws eager beans into a literal bowl full of fun, where a fragile floor is the only thing separating you from an icy trip to the slime. The curving half-pipe sides provide plenty of opportunities for stylish dives (and Tony Hawk cosplay, of course), while guaranteeing the perfect terrain for rampaging snowballs to gather the momentum required to ruin your Round and generally make you look very, very silly. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/35211414/fa49fbda7baa4eb5acf671d3ab618a0cf4733ebc.png Ice tiles begin to disintegrate on contact, revealing a perilous drop below! Will you grab your fellow beans into the path of the snowy spheres of sadness?! Can you dodge the rapid snowballs while also watching your step?! We absolutely cannot wait to find out. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/35211414/5a9775a35f8804d3aed2bb61f4f1536977b7f118.png Make preparations for Round variations! Season 3.5 also comes bearing gifts of plentiful Round remixes! Familiar Rounds will now randomly feature a host of gameplay-changing variations, with iconic obstacles popping up in unfamiliar places, fans causing unexpected bean flights and other such shenanigans. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/35211414/d36b64f53a0f7d1d06896c75ea81185b07204c51.gif We’ll let you stumble onto these at your leisure and not spoil the fun for now. But dive in and experience the chaos for yourself, there are loads (seriously, like more than 40!) {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/35211414/6edcd7e76c223130fba5032f4e728bebee02199e.gif Behold the splendour of the Sugar Plum pack Our latest update also reveals a fresh DLC pack! The ‘Sugar Plum’ DLC comes pirouetting onto Steam with three rather elegant (yes, elegant beans are a thing) costumes as a tasty treat! {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/35211414/1d2ce05cbbade98feb768a33a0c2137b4d65a450.png You’ll be able to add the ‘Regal Nutcracker’, ‘Rainbow Fairy’ and ‘Ballerina’ to your undoubtedly tasteful Fall Guys fashion collection, bringing a staggering performance to the Blunderdome stage. Bravo! Bellissimo! More, more, more... Of course, you’ll also find all manner of enhancements, with plenty of new ways to play and customize your experience... Fall Feed - Keep a keen eye on pals and competitors alike with live in-game updates on every elimination and point scored! New Shows - Wild ideas from the community and design team align in a slew of new Round playlists for you to tackle. Costumes - Plenty of delightful new looks will be hitting the store, plus the much-requested return of Godzilla, Untitled Goose Game and Sonic costumes. ...Update Notes for 02-Feb-2021 (Mid-Season 3 Patch)Feb 2, 2021 - Community AnnouncementsFeatures: Fall Feed - Live on-screen updates of events that happen during the round Content: Brand new round added! More than 40 variations added for existing rounds New shows and costumes to go live over the coming weeks Godzilla, Sonic and Goose Game costumes are available in the regular store! Bug fixes: Eliminated Fall Guys occasionally weren't shown on the Qualification screen When a player was spectating, the Post Processing effects were turned off on the client resulting in a washed out/faded appearance Addressed performance degradation in certain rounds, especially ones containing egg objects Fixed crashes in the Customiser due to low memory on certain machines Being eliminated from the first round and then spectating resulted in no background audio for some remaining rounds Improved Fall Guys ragdolling excessively when walking on puncher objects The user does not get pushed back by the air current after colliding into the side of a moving fan During gameplay, the client seemed to temporarily 'freeze' everything before suddenly resuming Fall Guys is Devolver Digital's Biggest Launch Ever with Over 100k Players on SteamAug 8, 2020 - GitHypOn Friday, Fall Guys hit a peak of 114k concurrent players on Steam. Placing the family-friendly BR at #4 on Steam's list of most played games and making Fall Guys the biggest launch ever for Devolver Digital and their developer Mediatonic. With every major triple-A studio in the gaming industry trying to have the next big battle royale, nobody would have guessed that Fall Guys, an adorable game with no weapons made by a small indie studio, would be the one to climb to the top and go for the crown against serious shooters. But here we are in 2020, a year that keeps getting crazier and crazier, and no publisher in the gaming industry does crazy better than Devolver. The publisher's latest goofy physics-driven game takes inspiration from game shows like Takeshi's Castle and MXC by pitting 60 players against each other in a series of mini-games -- think Mario Party -- but on a much bigger multiplayer scale. Characters look like Minions and the game's battle pass allows hilarious costumes to be unlocked like hot dogs, french fries, and milkshakes. Fall Guys' record-breaking numbers have already more than doubled Devolver's previous biggest launch, SCUM (another BR geared towards a different adult demographic where players could defecate in-game), which saw a peak of 68k players on Steam back in September 2018. What's even more impressive is that Fall Guys is currently $20 on Steam while free for PlayStation Plus members on PS4. With mostly positive reviews for a game that's free at launch on another platform, higher viewer counts than Fortnite and Call of Duty: Warzone on Twitch, it's highly likely that Fall Guys' numbers will grow even more over the weekend and the game stick around a bit longer than Devolver's last breakout BR hit.