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Dota Underlords

Enno-ugh of That CrashJul 3, 2020 - Community AnnouncementsHotfixes Fix a crash involving Enno's spin and Arc Warden clone spam. Fix a crash with Kaden's Blade. Arc Warden: Clones gain 20% less mana per clone (stacks multiplicatively). Clarified Abaddon's 3 Star Effect description. The Curse (and the bonus) refresh each time Abaddon successfully lands an attack on his target, but on changing targets Abaddon must land 3 strikes to Curse the new target and receive the Attack Speed bonus again. We Brought You An Update Which Brought You An Update Which...Jul 2, 2020 - Community AnnouncementsGENERAL Fixed an issue with Early Bird display of Board Spray rewards. Fixed an issue with Io's 3 Star Effect sometimes triggering when it shouldn't. Fixed some 3 Star Effects being purgeable when they shouldn't be. Fixed a longstanding interaction issue between Aegis and Io's Relocate which could lead to two revived copies of a Hero existing at once. Now Io will only consider selecting an Aegis-carrying Hero for Relocate if that Hero has already died its second time (i.e. been revived by Aegis and killed again). Fixed Axe's Counter-Helix killing Spiderlings even when they are invulnerable due to Broodmother's 3 Star Effect. HERO CHANGES Abaddon: 3 Star Effect: Abaddon gains the ability to apply the Curse of Avernus to enemies he attacks. Once Abaddon has attacked the same enemy unit 3 times in a row that unit becomes silenced for 2 seconds and Abaddon gains +30 Attack Speed against it. The bonus is lost if Abaddon changes targets. Arc Warden: Tempest Double: 3 Star Effect: Clones now clone items. Drow Ranger: 3 Star Effect: Drow Ranger's arrows become Frost Arrows. These arrows slow a hit unit's movement by 50% and its Attack Speed by 20. The effect lingers for 2 seconds. An Update That's A Little Less HeartlessJun 18, 2020 - Community AnnouncementsHERO CHANGES Arc Warden: Arc Warden clones no longer spawn Eidolons. Beastmaster: At three stars, Beastmaster takes 75% less damage from summons and is immune to their magic. Juggernaut: At three stars, Juggernaut gains Blade Dance: each attack has a 20% chance to Critical Hit for 200% Damage. Pudge: Fixed an issue with Pudge's 3 Star Effect (Flesh Heap) where magic resistance could sometimes go negative. Queen of Pain: At three stars, the Queen of Pain captivates nearby enemies, allowing her a 25% chance to evade attacks from enemies 2 cells away. ALLIANCE CHANGES Heartless: Armor Debuff changed from to A Pudgy UpdateJun 12, 2020 - Community AnnouncementsThis update is available now on PC and Android; iOS devices can take advantage of the new gameplay by playing multiplayer games until the iOS update deploys. GENERAL Fixed an issue where the challenge would not load correctly when first opening the Early Bird after a new week releases Increased number of each Tier 3 hero in the pool from 15 to 18. Fixed issue with current Picross puzzle where it had multiple solutions and required guessing. HERO CHANGES Luna: Luna 3 Star Effect (Eclipse): Beam Damage changed from 200 to 150 Omniknight: Purification: At three stars, Purification now has a 2-cell radius instead of 1 cell. Pudge: At three stars, Pudge becomes a Flesh Heap. Pudge gains 500 Max HP and 10% Magic Resistance each time an enemy dies within 1 cell of him. Snapfire: Mortimer Kisses: Damage changed from to Viper: At three stars, Viper performs a Viper Strike every 5 attacks. The enemy unit takes 250 damage per second and loses 80% move speed and 80 Attack Speed, with the slowing tapering off over the 3 second duration. ALLIANCE CHANGES Brawny: Changed Health bonus from per kill to vary by star level of the Brawny unit. 1 star Brawny units get bonus Health per kill; 2 star units get bonus Health per kill; and 3 star units get bonus Health per kill. A Top Tier UpdateMay 28, 2020 - Community AnnouncementsGENERAL Further performance and stability improvements for iOS and Android--to the point where we've officially added back the iPhone SE, 6S, 6S Plus, and iPad Air 2 to the Supported Devices list. Fixed the XP table in the Rulebook not matching the game. Fixed an issue where projectile impact sounds sometimes wouldn't play. Fixed an issue with Auras from abilities and items where sometimes when their source unit was Broken, they would still affect the source unit even if they properly did not affect other nearby units. And, of course, we hope you enjoy this week's new Early Bird! SHOP TIER ODDS This update introduces a change to the shop unit tier odds in Standard/Duos to encourage three-starring 1, 2, and 3-cost units. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/35233241/19b48593ccdce072732c1a4b864eabdc5f06addc.png HERO CHANGES Broodmother: 3 Star Effect: All friendly Spiderlings (both hers and Insect Alliance Spiderlings) are invulnerable while Broodmother is alive. Dazzle: 3 Star Effect: Dazzle gains Shallow Grave. All friendly units within 1 cell of Dazzle survive an extra 5 seconds after receiving a killing blow. Luna: Attack Damage Minimum changed from to Attack Damage Maximum changed from to 3 Star Effect: Luna gains Eclipse. In Luna's time of need, Selemene blocks the light in a radius of 2 cells around Luna and showers enemies with 15 beams of lunar energy, one every 0.3 seconds, doing 200 Magical Damage per beam and stunning for 0.5 seconds, with a maximum of 5 beams per enemy unit. Razor: Fixed an issue with Razor's 3 Star Effect where enemies could lose Attack Damage more than 10 times (Razor's stealing limit). Shadow Demon: 3 Star Effect: Shadow Demon gains Soul Catcher, which activates during Demonic Purge. At the start of Demonic Purge, the affected unit loses 30% of its current health. At the end of the Purge, if the unit surives, it regains half that amount. Snapfire: Mortimer Kisses: Fixed an error in the description where the duration of the fire was reported as seconds. This was actually the attack slow duration; the fire duration is 5 seconds. Fixed the attack slow modifier; it was speeding up enemy attacks instead. Enemies affected by the magma now properly lose 20 Attack Speed for seconds. Treant Protector: 3 Star Effect: Treant Protector gains Living Armor. During Leech Seed, friendly units healed by the Seed gain +5 Armor. Leech Seed: Fixed an error in the description: the damage interval is once every second, not once every 1.5 seconds. Hotfix May 21May 21, 2020 - Community AnnouncementsHOTFIXES Fixed iOS startup error. If you continue to encounter it after this hotfix, please uninstall and reinstall the app. Fixed Jull not appearing in this week's Early Bird Streetfight. Fixed Happy Hour causing Sticky Napalm to proc when the delayed damage is applied. Fixed Crystal Maiden's cooldown reduction not stacking with Octarine. The following fixes are live on PC and Android and will appear on iOS once approved: Fixed Early Bird appearing on top of Post Game screen in some circumstances. Fixed missing opponent poster in this week's Early Bird Streetfight. Fixed Crystal Maiden's cooldown reduction not displaying on ability tooltips during combat. Enjoy this Axe-citing Update!May 21, 2020 - Community AnnouncementsGENERAL Enjoy this week's Early Bird! Fixed an issue with Duos and Parties where a party could only have one team color other than Random selected at any time. Fixed issues with Prestige 5 where City Crawl nodes were unselectable. To rectify you may have to force quit and restart the application after first starting it after the patch. Introducing a much stabler experience on 2GB iOS devices! Reduced banding on the glow on benched units. HERO CHANGES Crystal Maiden: At three stars, friendly units gain 20% cooldown reduction. Earth Spirit: Geomagnetic Grip: At three stars, units hit by Geomagnetic Grip are also stunned for 1.5 seconds. Enigma: Midnight Pulse: Damage changed from % to % Terrorblade: Maximum Mana changed from 100 to 80 magicResist changed from to 30 Metamorphosis: Mana Cost changed from 100 to 80 At three stars, Terrorblade gains +100% Pure Damage against Demons (or an enemy Champion with an active Demon Alliance). Tiny: At three stars, each time Tiny Tosses an enemy, he grows in size, gaining +75 Attack Damage and +5 Armor but losing 10 Attack Speed, up to a maximum of 5 times. Witch Doctor: Paralyzing Cask: At three stars, Witch Doctor also curses units hit by the cask for 4 seconds, doing 20 damage per second. At the end, the unit takes an extra 40% of all damage taken during the curse. ALLIANCE CHANGES Spirit: Damage changed from 225 to 200 The Early Bird (is the word)May 14, 2020 - Community AnnouncementsGood evening! (or morning, or... whatever) In addition to our regular bug fixes, balance patches, and more three star unit updates, today we are introducing The Early Bird weekly newspaper. The Early Bird is a weekly paper that contains the latest news from White Spire, new challenges to complete, and more. Complete the weekly Puzzle, Streetfight, and Objective to unlock the weekly reward! The Early Bird feature is available to players who have unlocked the Battle Pass. Enjoy this week's issue, and see you in White Spire! {STEAM_CLAN_LOC_IMAGE}/35233241/67045600a083613059b296e51d37bc4f055a2b74.png GENERAL Fixed an issue where Streetfight items would show at the wrong Prestige level in the City Crawl map view. Fixed an issue with the Play Again button in City Crawl Streetfights. Fixed an issue with "Win x rounds with alliance active" objectives which were completing when you had at least one unit of that alliance. They now require the alliance to actually be active. UNDERLORD CHANGES Anessix: Enthrall: Enthralled Brawny units now retain their Brawny HP buff. Enno: All Out Attack!: Poison Stacks changed from 2 to 3 Hobgen: Friendly Fire: Fixed an issue where units who moved into target cells after Friendly Fire was cast would not be damaged. Damage changed from to Fire duration changed from 3.0 to 5.0 Jull: Happy Hour: Cooldown changed from 8 to 10 HERO CHANGES Chaos Knight: At three stars, Chaos Knight's allied Knights always count as adjacent to a friendly Knight. Io: Maximum Health changed from to Tether: Fixed a major issue where Tether would increase, rather than reduce, damage to Io and the target unit. Damage taken by Io and tethered target changed from % to % Attack Speed buff changed from to Relocate: At three stars, the revived hero also has their cooldowns reset. Lycan: Shapeshift: Wolves summoned changed from 2 to Razor: At three stars, Razor steals 7 attack damage from his target on each successful attack, up to a maximum of 70 damage. This is reset for Razor, but not the target, on switching targets. Slardar: Corrosive Haze: At three stars, Slardar also bashes the target for 100 Physical damage and a stun of 1.5 seconds. Tiny: Toss: If there are no free cells available near enemies, Tiny will toss his enemy into the nearest free cell rather than not casting. Warlock: At three stars, Warlock prevents friendly Demons from silencing each other when casting abilities. ALLIANCE CHANGES Demon: See above. Knight: See above. Three Stars? Why Not Eight!May 8, 2020 - Community AnnouncementsGENERAL Fixed an issue where Weaver could Shukuchi into an occupied cell. Fixed an issue where Brutes would sometimes keep attacking their current target when non-debuffed targets were available. Fixed an issue where Assassins would sometimes not properly switch targets when Anessix casts Enthrall. Fixed some cases where Insect alliance spiderlings would fail to attack. Fixed some other minor AI targeting issues. Fixed missing or incorrect text on some Streetfights. HERO CHANGES Batrider: Sticky Napalm: Damage changed from to At 3 stars, Sticky Napalm now sets enemies on fire for 5 seconds Enigma: Midnight Pulse: At 3 stars, Midnight Pulse's radius is 2 cells rather than 1 Damage changed from % to % Nature's Prophet: Nature's Call: At 3 stars, trees spawn near backline enemies Ogre Magi: Bloodlust: At 3 stars, Ogre Magi has a 75% chance per cast to Multicast Bloodlust at 2 targets rather than 1 Shadow Shaman: Mass Serpent Ward: Chicken is back on the menu! At 3 stars, Shadow Shaman Hexes the enemy unit for 5 seconds in addition to summoning wards Storm Spirit: Ball Lightning: Damage changed from to Tusk: Walrus PUNCH!: At 3 stars, Walrus Punch also slows the enemy's attack speed by 40 Air Time changed from 1.0 to Slow duration changed from 2.0 to Venomancer: Plague Ward: At 3 stars, Venomancer's Plague Wards have 99% Magic Resistance rather than 50% Cooldown changed from 5 to Weaver: Shukuchi: At 3 stars, Weaver gains 4 seconds of Mana Break after each Shukuchi, burning up to 20 Mana per hit and doing 2 damage per Mana burnt The Update Where We Add QuickloadApr 30, 2020 - Community AnnouncementsGENERAL Performance work: drastically sped up load times for most users. Get greeted by your dashboard Underlord in record time! Fixed a crash on the City Crawl map and a crash when accessing the file system. Fixed an issue where HTML tags would show in some objective descriptions. Changed the number of units in each tier in the draft pool. There are now 30 of each Tier 1 unit, 20 Tier 2, 15 Tier 3, 12 Tier 4, and 10 Tier 5. This should increase your odds of ranking up un-contested heroes, and in general encourage more diverse and unique crews in a match. HERO CHANGES Broodmother: Maximum Health changed from to Spawn Spiderlings: Broodmother's Spiderlings cause targets they bite to suffer a miss chance when the Insect Alliance is active. Dazzle: Shadow Wave: Damage/Healing changed from to Disruptor: Static Storm: Total Damage changed from to Dragon Knight: Maximum Health changed from to Elder Dragon Form: Attacks now apply Poison to the target. Corrosive breath damage per second changed from 30 to 10. Io: Maximum Health changed from to Necrophos: Death Pulse: Heal changed from to Damage changed from to Cooldown changed from 5 to 7 ITEM CHANGES Stonehall Pike: Stonehall Pike now confers a base bonus damage of +10 Damage per kill changed from +4 to +3 (+16 to +12 in Knockout) Total bonus damage is capped at +120 ALLIANCE CHANGES Assassin: Healing reduction on Wounded enemies changed from to Knight: Base physical/magical damage reduction changed from to . As always, this reduction is doubled if a Knight is standing next to a friendly Knight and is attacked from the front or side. Here's Some Itemized ChangesApr 23, 2020 - Community AnnouncementsGENERAL Fixed a bug where an enthralled unit would not summon correctly when all friendly units died at the same time as its source unit, thus prematurely ending combat. Fixed an issue with Pudge where one of his round start VO lines would not play. Fixed the item tier odds table in the Rulebook's Glossary to show the correct item rounds. Fixed Update Notes display on all devices. HERO CHANGES Legion Commander: Attack Damage Minimum changed from to Attack Damage Maximum changed from to Legion Commander no longer receives a buff when a Blood-Bound ally dies, but still buffs all Blood-Bound allies when she dies. Sand King: Attack Rate changed from 0.714 to 0.769 Maximum Health changed from to Shadow Shaman: Maximum Health changed from to Attack Damage Minimum changed from to Attack Damage Maximum changed from to ITEM CHANGES Round 16 Item Tier Odds: Changed from 70% Tier 3 / 30% Tier 4 to 100% Tier 3. Arcane Boots: Cooldown changed from 15 to 10 Armlet of Mordiggian: Health loss per second changed from 100 to 80 Barricades: Barricades no longer block more damage than their health. When destroyed, any remaining damage in the killing attack is passed on to the target unit. Blink Dagger: Mana gain changed from 50 to 60 Eye of Skadi: Loss to enemy attack speed changed from -45 to -55 Force Staff: Pushed unit takes 50% longer to travel away. Satanic: Lifesteal changed from 200% to 250% Cooldown changed from 15 to 10 Vanguard: Damage Blocked changed from 70 to 60 ALLIANCE CHANGES Insect: Miss Chance changed from to Retake the CityApr 10, 2020 - Community AnnouncementsRETAKE THE CITY Hello Underlords! We hope everyone is staying safe and keeping their distance. While it’s been a bit of a transition moving to a work-from-home situation, the team is happy to announce that one of the features on our ‘post ship’ pile is ready to go - City Crawl Prestige! It's been exciting to see the community having as much fun as we've had playing City Crawl. We were even more excited to see just how many people have already completed the entire thing! To that end, today we are adding City Crawl Prestige to Dota Underlords. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/35233241/bf893a4d9ccaada12f3e605a6a2dfc1106e3a826.png When you’ve taken over all of White Spire, you now have the option of Prestiging. When you do this, the whole city gets reset, including all of your Streetfight items. This time completing City Crawl will be rather harder, but the Streetfight items you’ll earn will also be rather stronger (and have spiffy new names, check them out during the fights). To mark the occasion, players who have completed City Crawl at least once get a Prestige seal on their Wanted Poster, as well as a flashy crown for all of your Underlords in-game. And yes, you’ll be able to Prestige multiple times. We’re also taking this opportunity to dress up the Wanted Posters a bit – players who have unlocked the Battle Pass now get some extra flair to show off their Battle Pass level. Take care and see you in White Spire! GENERAL Fixed an issue with the Play Again button on the post match screen not taking you back to the main menu to queue up. Fixed a bug with later rounds in some Streetfights where enemy units wouldn't get their star upgrades, leading to those fights finally being at their designed difficulty. Further memory optimization to help with low-memory devices. Fixed a bug with sharecodes and items. Contraption items will no longer duplicate. Improved Underlord textures. Fixed an issue with Underlord face morphs on low-memory devices. Improved reward popup queuing. Improved clock synchronization between client and server during rounds. Added a system whereby live game balance to units, alliances, etc. will not affect the balance of existing City Crawl Streetfights and puzzles. UNDERLORD CHANGES Hobgen: Friendly Fire: Cooldown changed from 15 to 13 HERO CHANGES Crystal Maiden: Attack Rate changed from 0.588 to 0.667 Maximum Health changed from to Frostbite: Duration changed from to 5 Legion Commander: Fixed an issue where Legion Commander could still heal from the last hit of a duel. Maximum Health changed from to Attack Damage Minimum changed from to Attack Damage Maximum changed from to ALLIANCE CHANGES Healer: Heal Bonus Percent changed from to Human: Mana Gain changed from to Mage: Extra Magic Damage changed from to Scaled: Magic Resistance changed from to The Price Of Balance Is Eternal VigilantsApr 3, 2020 - Community AnnouncementsGENERAL Fixed a crash on Linux while sorting leaderboard entries. Fixed default board spray texture issue. UNDERLORD CHANGES Anessix: Damage Support - The End of Medicine: Attack damage bonus changed from 35% to % (i.e. the bonus scales per Underlord level to a maximum of the original value of 35%). Hobgen: High Damage Dealer - Implosion: Damage changed from to HERO CHANGES Broodmother: Attack Damage Minimum changed from to Attack Damage Maximum changed from to Drow Ranger: Attack Damage Minimum changed from to Attack Damage Maximum changed from to Mirana: Attack Damage Minimum changed from to Attack Damage Maximum changed from to Sacred Arrow: Damage changed from to Nature's Prophet: Maximum Mana changed from 100 to 80 Nature's Call: Mana Cost changed from 100 to 80 Nature's Prophet's Lesser Treant: Maximum Health changed from to Templar Assassin: Attack Rate changed from 0.833 to 0.727 Venomancer: Maximum Mana changed from 100 to 80 Plague Ward: Mana Cost changed from 100 to 80 ITEM CHANGES Armlet of Mordiggian: Bonus Attack Damage changed from 90 to 120 Satanic: Health percent when Lifesteal activates changed from 30% to 50% Activation Cooldown changed from 20 to 15 seconds ALLIANCE CHANGES Assassin: Critical Bonus changed from to Savage: Bonus damage per attack changed from to Vigilant: Bonus damage on first hit changed from 50 to Void: Percent of target max health as bonus pure damage changed from 5% to 4% Wot I Think (now it's left beta): Dota UnderlordsMar 27, 2020 - Rock, Paper, ShotgunDeveloper: Valve Publisher: Valve Release: Out now On: Windows, Mac, Linux From: Steam Price: Free-to-play I’m in a good place with Dota Underlords. We’re long past that initial rush, those halcyon days where layers of the puzzle kept peeling away, one after the other. We’re past the rough patch, too, when it seemed like we were over. That long plateau. We’re comfortable, now. I can see the path that leads from here, the subtle ways I can improve. So what if the spark’s gone? I’ve settled for less. (more…) The Update In Which Bloodseeker.Mar 19, 2020 - Community AnnouncementsGENERAL Made the game much more memory efficient, noticeably decreasing crashes on 2GB iOS devices. Fixed opponent selection during a match not being sufficiently random (especially noticeable in Duos). Fixed an issue where tilting the camera could, in some circumstances, cause bench units to disappear on mobile. Fixed alliance pip displays sometimes being wrong when shifting units around during prepare phase. Updated District Complete flow in City Crawl. UI performance improvements. Improved UX of the progress popup. Fixed showing an (invalid string) version of the Has Available Objectives button if there are, in fact, no available objectives. Fixed an issue with purchasing on iOS regarding Parental Controls. Added extra logging to support finding and fixing any further issues. Fixed unit info panel using the wrong models for Target Buddy and Barricade contraptions if you've equipped a reward for them. Fixed Hobgen's, Enno's, and Jull's victory dance reward when wearing skin rewards. Fixed "Equip" button sometimes not working on the reward popup. Fixed "Invalid" overlapping the Hardcore XP bot difficulty selection in some cases. Improved sell/send unit UI region sizing on 4:3 mobile displays. Should prevent it overlapping the board and causing spurious sales. Fixed an issue with dragging items displaying wrong UI while a unit is selected. Fixed some typos in newspaper headlines. Various sound improvements. UNDERLORD CHANGES Hobgen: Friendly Fire: Explosions do full damage to all cells in the blast area (was: full damage in center cell, half damage in surrounding cells). HERO CHANGES Bloodseeker: Bloodrage: Bonus Attack Speed changed from 500 to 300 Target health at which Bloodseeker reaches maximum bonus Attack Speed changed from to 30 Earth Spirit: Geomagnetic Grip: Cooldown changed from to 8 Io: Tether: Tethers no longer snap when Io is BROKEN. However, the tether target will not gain any benefit from the tether if the target itself is BROKEN. Legion Commander: Duel: Both Legion Commander and her target cannot receive healing while the Duel is active. Queen of Pain: Assassin blink duration changed from 1.0 to 1.25 Shadow Shaman: Maximum Mana changed from 100 to 70 Mass Serpent Ward: Cooldown changed from 60 to 20 Mana Cost changed from 100 to 70 Shadow Shaman will try to target an enemy, and position wards, such that all 4 wards can be summoned. Shadow Shaman's Serpent Ward: Maximum Health changed from to Tusk: Walrus PUNCH!: Can still be cast while Tusk is BROKEN ITEM CHANGES Aegis of the Immortal: Resurrection time changed from 5 to 3 Is not disabled by BREAK Kaden's Blade: When the carrier is BROKEN, the carrier does its normal attack instead. Quelling Blade: Will not target summons outside of the carrying unit's attack range. ALLIANCE CHANGES Primordial: Will try to spawn Eidolons up to 2 cells away if nearby cells are occupied. Void: Added 0.5 second cooldown to damage proc. Now the extra pure damage can not proc more frequently than once...We Savagely Summoned An UpdateMar 5, 2020 - Community AnnouncementsGENERAL Improved sprays. In addition to the keybind, improve the spray button and considerably improve spray animation FX and quality. Fix snowperson scaling. Further objective fixes. Fixed a rare instance where the client could display incorrect information about which unit would be sold if a bench unit needed to be sold to free up room on combat start. HERO CHANGES Bloodseeker: Bloodrage: Now reads: As Bloodseeker's enemy's health drops, he gains attack speed, up to a maximum of 500 at % health. Whenever Bloodseeker kills a target, he regains 35% of their max health. Broodmother: Spawn Spiderlings: Broodmother now prefers to cast Spawn Spiderlings on her current target. Dragon Knight: Breathe Fire: Cooldown changed from to Duration changed from 6 to 4 Mana Cost changed from 100 to 50 Earth Spirit: Geomagnetic Grip: Will now cast even if the target is magic immune. Lich: Chain Frost: Bounces changed from to Bounce Range changed from 2 to 3 Lone Druid's Spirit Bear: No longer damages opponent at end of round. Entangle: No longer stuns. Instead, roots and disarms. ALLIANCE CHANGES Savage: The Savage alliance bonus now applies to Bonus Attack Damage per Attack changed from to Spirit: Spirit units no longer gain mana from damage they deal during a Delta Slam. Vigilant: Whenever an enemy unit casts a spell and is targeted by the Vigilant alliance, the first attack from each unit due to that targeting change does 50% more damage. Hot CrawlfixMar 4, 2020 - Community AnnouncementsThis update will roll out to mobile devices as it is approved. HOTFIXES Fixed City Crawl progress being shown incorrectly in the client when switching from one device to another. Fixed Jull Tier 5 units challenge. Again. Smashed another particle crash into tiny particles. Further work avoiding out-of-memory crashes on low-memory mobile devices. Fixed missing barrels in a Jull victory animation. Fixed Spooky Fog win streak rendering incorrectly. Added a keybind for board sprays (default "B"). Misc UI fixes. A Bristly HotfixFeb 28, 2020 - Community AnnouncementsNOTE: Some of these changes have already rolled out over the previous few days. GENERAL Fixed Battle Pass purchase issues. Improved client purchase flow, including adding a warning when not signed into Steam. Fixed new default map not being loaded. Working on out-of-memory crash issues on 2GB iOS devices. These should be much more stable than they were. Destroyed a crash involving particle destruction. Performance improvements on low-end devices. Fixed issues with the Reward popup dialogs. Fixed XP rewards from City Crawl not showing properly in the reward popup or animating properly on the bar. Fixed an issue with daily challenges using Protopass values. Fixed Jull's Tier 5 Units challenge. Fixed an issue where Spectate could show up on the Post-Match screen of a bot game. Fixed an issue where private matches could not be started if a saved game existed already in that mode. Numerous other small sound, skin, and UI improvements. GAMEPLAY Summons give 1/4 kill credit for items like Stonehall Cloak and Stonehall pike as well as for Brawny kills. HERO CHANGES Bristleback: Armor changed from 10 to 5 ITEM CHANGES Mango Tree: Can no longer equip items. Stonehall Pike: Damage per kill changed from 3 to 4 ALLIANCE CHANGES Savage: Bonus Attack Damage per Attack changed from to Dota Underlords Season OneFeb 25, 2020 - Community AnnouncementsWELCOME TO SEASON ONE Dota Underlords is coming out of Early Access, and today officially marks the beginning of Season One. With this launch, we've added a ton of content to explore, rewards to earn, a hero / Alliance / item shakeup and more. {STEAM_CLAN_LOC_IMAGE}/35233241/1653c9d49a3a1aa9836448366b41a97ed33bb433.png City Crawl Mama Eeb’s death has left a power vacuum in White Spire. Take back the city neighborhood by neighborhood, Underlord by Underlord, in the new City Crawl campaign. Win quick street-fights and complete in-game challenges to unlock Underlord rewards like new outfits and poster art. Complete puzzles and lord over your friends on the Puzzle Leaderboard. {STEAM_CLAN_LOC_IMAGE}/35233241/7f1f1be88780d87776c5e9dd6887d348babb04da.png Reap the Rewards with the Battle Pass Season One comes with a full Battle Pass offering over 100 rewards. Play matches and complete challenges to level up your Battle Pass and earn rewards like new boards, map props, wanted poster art, and more. Many rewards can be earned for free, but for full access to all City Crawl content and all 100 rewards on the Battle Pass, players can purchase the Battle Pass for $4.99. The paid Battle Pass is not required to play the game, nor does it provide any gameplay advantage. Hero / Alliance / Item changes It's the beginning of a new season, which means that it's time for a roster change. In addition to Heroes, both Alliances and Items are changing. Scrappies and Inventors are leaving, while we're introducing the new Summoner, Vigilant, and Void Alliances. We're also introducing a new type of item that adds an Alliance affiliation to the hero that you equip - Hats. We love hats. For a full breakdown of everything that's changing gameplay-wise, see the full notes below. Returning Players If you participated in the Beta Season of Dota Underlords, welcome back. We can't thank you all enough for playing the game, providing feedback, and helping us to make Underlords better. We have a few gifts for you coming into the new season - a Golden Ricky Statue, a poster title, and both of the Season 0 maps. This and more about what's changing in the switch from Beta is detailed in last week's post. It has been an amazing Beta Season, and we can't wait to get in the game with you all. See you in White Spire! GENERAL GAMEPLAY CHANGES Item Rounds The choices for each Item Round can be rerolled one time. The 3 choices are blacklisted and will not be possibilities for the reroll. In Standard, Item rounds now come at a quicker pace - every 4 rounds instead of every 5 rounds. OLD: Rounds: 1, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, etc. NEW: Rounds: 1, 4, 8, 12, 16, 20, etc. Ace Effects Ace Effects have been removed from the game. This applies to the bonus chance to find an Ace as well as the Ace bonuses themselves. This system is going to be reevaluated and may return in a different form at a later date. Ace Tier renamed to Tier 5. Poison Poison healing reduction increased from 10% per stack to 15% per stack...Season One is NighFeb 20, 2020 - Community AnnouncementsHello! In 5 days, Dota Underlords is coming out of Early Access and shipping Season 1. Ahead of the big release we wanted to share a few things about what’s coming. Launch Party To celebrate the launch day and share what’s new with the community, join some of your favorite personalities for our Launch Party on Twitch. The day will be full of Underlords matches, City Crawling, and general shenanigans with guests and players from the community. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/35233241/7c35430888eef41baf57df94418cf2154f8083f0.png What’s staying from the Beta Season? First off, thank you all for being part of the beta – we couldn’t have gotten here without you! Players who participated in the Beta Season will keep the following things: Major Rank We are doing a soft reset of Underlords Rank. Players will keep their Major Rank (eg. Outlaw, Smuggler, Boss) and will be reset to Minor Rank 1. This shift applies to Standard, Duos, and Knockout ranks. The only exceptions are Lords of White Spire, who will be reset to Big Boss III. Boards On Tuesday, we are shipping a brand new default board and five new unlockable boards. For players who reached Level 5 in the Protopass, the two Beta Season boards (below) will be available as well. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/35233241/e7c40845780ae9cbef0349ac6fdd63e8c72e6985.png The Path to Sunbreeze and Streets of White Spire boards will also be available to Level 5+ Beta Season players. Additional Rewards for Beta Players If you reached Level 5 in the Beta Season, you’ll also get a golden Ricky Ravenhook board prop and a Beta Season wanted poster title. Wait, board props? Titles? We’ve added a bunch of new features and content to the game for launch, including new ways to customize your Loadout and Underlords game. Board props and Titles are just a couple of examples of this: {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/35233241/16406ced79e40a6158ae525a8ad7deefb228f90f.png Gold Ricky will be granted to Beta players who reached Level 5 in the Beta Season, and Stone Ricky will be available for anyone who purchases the Battlepass (yes, you can get both) {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/35233241/cbcdfd0228686f8acfd8e556464ad7ac6534d518.png Boards are now customizable – level up your Battlepass and earn additional props to place on your board. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/35233241/7b4698ea3331d943b0feaa542fc8c31173aebb74.png Wanted posters are now customizable as well – players can earn Achievements to unlock more titles. Custom poster artwork by Botjira and J.R. Doyle - these and more are unlockable in the Battlepass and City Crawl. See you Tuesday! We’re launching Season 1 of Dota Underlords on the morning of Tuesday, February 25th. This will ship simultaneously on Steam, iOS, and Android (normal caveats about propagation on mobile app stores still apply). That’s it for today. The team is looking forward to shipping this next week and playing Season 1 of Underlords with you all! Dota Underlords Has Already Doubled Artifact's Peak Player Count on SteamJun 21, 2019 - GitHypEarlier today, Valve opened the public beta for Dota Underlords, their second attempt at a Dota 2 spin-off, which has already surpassed Artifact with a peak of 119k concurrent players on Steam. Calling Valve’s first spin-off a “flop” would be a bit of an understatement. After peaking with 60k players back in November 2018, Artifact: The Dota 2 Card Game ended last year outside Steam's top 100 most played games, and right now, only has a total of 60 players online. That’s right. Six. Zero. Shortly after the downfall of Artifact earlier this year, a user-created mode within Dota 2 called “Auto Chess” started to grow in popularity -- resulting in Dota 2’s player base on Steam increasing by over 100k players for the first time in years. For those who haven’t played yet, unlike Dota, Auto Chess is more of a resource management game where eight players take turns placing hero units on an 8x8 chess board – each round doesn’t actually play out anything like chess and the goal is to create the strongest combination of heroes. Auto Chess’ rise as its own genre is very similar to how Dota itself started as a user-made mode in Blizzard’s Warcraft III. Recently, Valve tried to acquire the original creators of Auto Chess, Drodo Studio; however, the deal fell through, and the Chinese devs just announced at E3 that they're bringing their own standalone version of Auto Chess to the Epic Games Store later this year. With all the games Epic has stolen from Valve this past year, Valve made the brilliant decision to release the free-to-play Underlords sooner than later and beat Epic to market. But Epic isn’t even Valve’s biggest competition right now... and the creators of League of Legends also just released their own take on the Auto Chess genre called Teamfight Tactics. For years, LoL has dominated the MOBA market with millions more players than Dota 2. Based on current Twitch viewer counts, it looks like Riot Games could once again come out on top here with 20x more viewers and TFT being the most watched game on Twitch today. But Valve still has one big advantage over Riot’s new game that could help Underlords win the late game battle. In addition to being on Steam, Underlords is also now available on Android and iPhone with full crossplay support that allows PC players to finish matches on mobile devices and vice versa. At the moment, Riot’s TFT is not on Android or iPhone and the developer hasn’t given any information on when, if ever, they plan on releasing the game for mobile devices. This is critical because back when the battle royale genre was still new and Fortnite was battling PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, it was Epic bringing their game to mobile first that helped Fornite explode in popularity, skyrocketing past PUBG, and quickly becoming the most popular game in the world. LoL might have the bigger player base, but Valve's focus on the mobile market could help Dota Underlords quickly catch up to Riot's numbers.