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Dota Underlords

We Delta Slammed Some Bugs With BugsJan 24, 2020 - Community AnnouncementsGENERAL CHANGES Improved board-loads-black bug. There are still some rough edges here that have been hard to track down, though, and we're still working on it. Fixed an issue where tapping on an Underlord ability in the unit status panel during preparing/combat, rather than on the ability icon in the lower corner Underlord displays, would trigger the wrong popup description. Fixed an issue with Underlord ability tooltips/popups that showed numbers from one level higher than the current player level, if the number was level dependent. UNDERLORD CHANGES Anessix: Damage Support: Enthrall: Duration of Enthrall targeting changed from 5.0 to 6.0 The End of Medicine: Attack Damage Bonus changed from 30% to 35% Hobgen: High Damage Dealer: Implosion: Damage changed from to Friendly Fire: Damage changed from to HERO CHANGES Batrider: Sticky Napalm: Change minimum damage threshold for Sticky Napalm damage to proc from 25 to 5. Fixed a bug where Radiance and Orb of Venom could trigger Sticky Napalm damage. Dragon Knight: Maximum Health changed from to Attack Damage Minimum changed from to Attack Damage Maximum changed from to Breathe Fire: Enemy Attack Damage Reduction changed from % to % Damage changed from to Gyrocopter: Attack Damage Minimum changed from to Attack Damage Maximum changed from to Ace Effect: Pierce percent changed from 100 to 75 Io: Relocate: Fixed a bug where Refresher Orb would not refresh Relocate Legion Commander: Attack Damage Minimum changed from to Attack Damage Maximum changed from to Duel: Bonus Damage per duel win changed from to Slark: Attack Damage Minimum changed from to Attack Damage Maximum changed from to Essence Shift: Bonus Damage gain per attack changed from to Attack Speed gain per attack changed from to Sven: Maximum Mana changed from 200 to 150 God's Strength: Mana Cost changed from 200 to 150 ITEM CHANGES Barricade: Number of Barricades changed from 2 to 3 Tier changed from 2 to 3 Maximum Health per Barricade changed from to Blade Mail: Bonus armor now shows during preparing phase on unit status panel. Claymore: Bonus Attack Damage changed from 30 to 33 Desolator: Added missing FX. Hand of Midas: Percent Chance to gain gold on kill changed from 30% to 25% Horn of the Alpha - Thunderhide: Attack Damage Minimum changed from 100 to 120 Attack Damage Maximum changed from 150 to 160 Attack Rate changed from 0.935 to 1.0 Maximum Health changed from 3750 to 4500 Mekansm: Tier changed from 3 to 4 Morbid Mask: Lifesteal percent changed from 20% to 30% Orb of Venom: Damage Per Second changed from 30 to 35 Pipe of Insight: Tier changed from 4 to 3 Satanic: Bonus Health changed from 750 to 850 Tombstone - Zombie: Attack Rate changed from 0.833 to 1.0 ALLIANCE CHANGES Primordial: Eidolon: Attack Rate changed from 0.667 to Armor changed from to Spirit: Fixed Delta Slam targeting to not count spiderlings when computing which triangle damaged the most enemies. Fixed Delta Slam no longer killing spiderlings. Anti-Tank Guided HotfixJan 17, 2020 - Community AnnouncementsHOTFIXES Now that we have a fully operational beef-station in Jull, it looks like the tanky fellow is a bit too hard to kill. Changes below. Crystal Maiden will no longer cast Frostbite on a target that is currently frostbitten. Fixed an issue where Void Spirit could Dissimilate on top of another unit. Jull: Armor changed from to Maximum Health changed from to Magic Resistance changed from 25 to 15 To Your Health and Roundhouse: Damage reduction changed from 70% to 50%. To Your Health: changed friendly healing from 200% to 100%. To Your Health! Here's an UpdateJan 16, 2020 - Community AnnouncementsGENERAL CHANGES Fixed an issue with assassin pathfinding that led to them standing still or ignoring forced targets. Improved pathfinding performance, leading to better local bot game performance. Fixed an issue with a Batrider voice line. We failed you and we're sorry. Fixed Anessix's Golem using the upgraded model all the time. UNDERLORD CHANGES Jull: Maximum Health changed from to Added base Magic Resistance of 25% Aggressive Tank: fixed Barrels of Fun giving enemies damage resistance rather than taking increased damage. Aggressive Tank: replaced Slow Burn with Roundhouse: Jull gains 70% damage reduction, 200 Attack Speed, and 50% lifesteal for 5 seconds. Healing Tank: replaced Righteous Healing with To Your Health: Jull gains 70% damage reduction for 5 seconds. Adjacent allies are healed for 200% of damage taken by Jull during this time. HERO CHANGES Alchemist: Acid Spray: Armor Reduction changed from to Crystal Maiden: Frostbite: Damage changed from to Duration changed from to Dragon Knight: Maximum Health changed from to Earth Spirit: Tier changed from 3 to 2 Ember Spirit: Tier changed from 2 to 3 Morphling: Waveform: Damage changed from to Cooldown changed from to 6 Omniknight: Maximum Health changed from to Razor: Plasma Field: Minimum Damage changed from 25 to 40 Maximum Damage changed from to Shadow Shaman: Voodoo: Will not hex the same target twice unless all other targets have been hexed already. Sniper: Assassinate: Cooldown changed from 10 to 12 If no units are alive on the enemy side except the Underlord, Sniper will be able to cast Assassinate on the Underlord after all. In all other circumstances Sniper will still not cast on the enemy Underlord. Storm Spirit: Ball Lightning: Base Damage changed from to Extra Damage (per cell traveled) changed from to Tiny: Maximum Health changed from to Attack Damage Minimum changed from to Attack Damage Maximum changed from to Treant Protector: Leech Seed: Cooldown changed from 7 to 10 Viper: Nethertoxin: Damage changed from to ITEM CHANGES Diffusal Blade: Clarified tooltip to mention the damage it does per hit. Damage per hit changed from 20 to 30 Horn of the Alpha: Fixed an issue where a unit with Horn of the Alpha, if revived by Io, would summon another Thunderhide. Mask of Madness: Fixed an issue where Mask of Madness would not get credit for healing on the Healing unit meters tooltip. Vladmir's Offering: Damage percent increase changed from 10% to 8% ALLIANCE CHANGES Heartless: Armor debuff to enemies changed from to Hunter: Extra Shot Chance changed from to Insect: Fixed a bug where spiderlings won't be summoned if Insects are boxed in and can't move at the start of the round. Knight: Damage reduction changed from to base, or to total if standing next to another Knight and attacked from the front. Mage: Extra Magic Damage changed from to Spirit: Damage per Spirit during Delta Slam changed from 200 to 225 Dota Underlords and the autobattler genre is struggling to keep playersJan 15, 2020 - Rock, Paper, ShotgunFew realised at the time, but last January we witnessed the birth of a genre. Dota Auto Chess shot to the top of Dota 2’s custom games, enticing MOBA players with wizarding army management. The big names took notice. By June we had Riot’s Teamfight Tactics and Valve’s Dota Underlords, squaring off against each other. An unknown number of millions flocked to TFT, while Dunderlords hit 200,000 peak concurrent players. Six months later, Teamfight Tactics seems relatively stable, while Dota Underlords is dropping fast. We normally don’t pay player numbers much heed, but given autobattlers were last year’s big new genre and Dota and League Of Legends are both long-term titans, it’s hard not to ask the question: how come? (more…) Dota Underlords tunnels out of early access in FebruaryJan 10, 2020 - Rock, Paper, ShotgunThe undertown is nearly ready. Its Dota Underlords are chomping at the bit, a mere month away from the point where Valve go ‘yep, that’s version 1.0’ and bury the early access label on their wizarding general simulator. They say all this in their post about yesterday’s update, a smaller affair aimed at reducing misclicks, fixing bugs, and delivering the usual round of balance tweaks. (more…) Dota Underlords is leaving Early Access in FebruaryJan 10, 2020 - PC GamerThis week's Dota Underlords update was accompanied by the news that it's almost broken free of Early Access and will soon hit 1.0. It launched on Steam back in June, and in February the first season will officially kick off.  It's not a moment too soon, as Valve's auto battler has been losing traction. Initially it boasted a player count that was double Artifact's at its peak, but it's steadily been declining, now down by around 90 percent, and so far has shown no signs of plateauing. No update has managed to move the needle significantly, but the 1.0 update should get a bit more attention.  There's only one more update to go before the milestone, along with some balance tweaks and fixes, and one more Underlord. The 1.0 patch that follows will include the battle pass, hero/item rotation, a UI update and more.  Check out this week's patch notes hereHappy New Year, White Spire!Jan 9, 2020 - Community AnnouncementsHello Underlords, happy new year! Before we get to today's Update, some words: New year, new you, and coming soon – new season. That’s right, the Beta Season is nearing its end, and Underlords Season 1 will ship by the end of February. In addition to our standard bug / balance patches, we’ll probably have one more update before the big ship date - one more Underlord to round the game out. Otherwise the team will be heads down working on Season 1. This includes work on the Battlepass, City Crawl, Hero / Item rotation, and UI updates. We’ve said it before, but we want to thank you all again for playing with us during this beta / early access period. The community’s support and feedback has been invaluable to getting the game to where it is. We’re in the home stretch and are excited to ship Underlords 1.0 soon - and get the word out to a wider audience. And now, this week's update: GENERAL To prevent misclicks/mistaps, block input for 1 second when the Underlord-chooser UI appears during the game. Fixed an issue with Freestyle item list where items assigned to enemy units would be highlighted as if they were unassigned. More FX improvement and optimization. Enthralled units now get full healthbars, not summon-unit healthbars. Fixed an issue where ranked mode could stay locked when returning to the main menu after completing your last required unranked game. UNDERLORD CHANGES Anessix: Damage Support: The End of Medicine: Self damage on cast changed from 20% to 0. Enthrall: armor reduction changed from 5 to 10. When Anessix casts Enthrall and targets an enemy unit, and friendly units run to attack it, if a friendly unit must move more than 2 cells to attack the new target, it will disregard the new target and keep its old target. Healing Support: Rejuvenating Ritual: Self damage on cast changed from 20% to 5%. Summon Demonic Golem: The golem will now stun nearby enemies 0.25 seconds after it lands. This will prevent one golem disrupting the summoning of the opponent's golem. Anessix's Golem: Fixed a bug with the attack damage stats, they were not converted over properly from the old base-plus-talent version of Golem to the new scaling system in the Jull update when the Golem's health was. Attack Damage Minimum changed from to Attack Damage Maximum changed from to Hobgen: Support Damage Dealer: Let's Go Crazy: Attack Speed Bonus changed from to Jull: Aggressive Tank: Barrels of Fun: the barrels now ignore Spiderlings. HERO CHANGES Clockwerk: Battery Assault: Delay between damage procs changed from to 0.7 Ember Spirit: Sleight of Fist: Bonus Damage changed from to Kunkka: Maximum Health changed from to Attack Damage Minimum changed from to Attack Damage Maximum changed from to Sniper: Assassinate: Will no longer target Underlords. Viper: Maximum Mana changed from 50 to 70 Nethertoxin: Cooldown changed from 5 to 6 Mana Cost changed from 50 to 70 ITEM CHANGES Battle Fury: Bonus Attack Damage changed from 35 to 50 Fixed an interaction with Ember Spirit's a...The Fix In Which Happy Hour Is No Longer UnhappyJan 6, 2020 - Community AnnouncementsHOTFIXES Jull - Healing Tank - Happy Hour now no longer increases damage taken by friendly units. Black King Bar can now trigger while the unit which has it equipped is casting its own ability. Fixed some cases where magic-immune units could still be stunned or damaged (Hobgen - Explosivo stun, Delta Slam - affecting magic-immune and invulnerable units). Fixed a pathfinding issue where a unit would want to move to an adjacent beneficial cell, but the cell was not free, so the unit ended up not doing anything. As these are server-side fixes, they will take effect immediately on iOS and Android without needing a client update.Dota Underlords' peak player count has dropped by more than 90 percentJan 6, 2020 - PC GamerDota Underlords, Valve's Early Access auto battler, has shed most of its players in the six months since it launched on Steam. In June, it peaked with more than 200,000 people playing concurrently, according to Steam Charts, but in the last day it's had fewer than 15,000.  Spotted by Reddit user SharkyIzrod, the average player number has dwindled to just over 11,000, with peak players below 20,000. When Underlords launched, auto battlers seemed like the thing to watch, but interest in the genre as a whole seems to have sunk considerably since.  The number has been dropping consistently every month, so it doesn't look like updates have tempted players to return yet. Recent Steam reviews are still mostly positive, however, so it doesn't look like widespread dissatisfaction is the cause.  It calls to mind Artifact's troubles, unfortunately, which Valve ended up pausing and now averages around 100 players. In that case, however, the exodus was more immediate and severe, and Underlords isn't quite there yet—the player count hasn't settled, though. Riot's auto battler bid, Teamfight Tactics, seemed to be doing a lot better the last time the company announced figures. In September, it apparently had a monthly player base of 33 million. It seems here to stay, then, but the future of the genre itself seems a lot less certain.  Though the dip is less pronounced, Dota 2 also had a relatively saggy month. The first half of 2019 saw it get close to returning of the highs of 2015 and 2016, but over the last 30 days it's dropped to the lowest its been since 2014, with an average of 393,589 players and a peak of 627,790.  The Update In Which Friendly Fire Gets Even Less FriendlyDec 28, 2019 - Community AnnouncementsGENERAL Draws no longer grant a free reroll. Fixed Assassins being stuck trying to attack a target they can't reach. Fixed an issue where being interrupted during an attack could result in starting a new attack without waiting for the old attack to finish its swing timer. Fixed units with high attack speed waiting too long for their next attack if they switched targets. Fixed incorrect cooldown display causing some Ultimates to look ready when they were not (e.g. Friendly Fire). UNDERLORD CHANGES Anessix Summon Golem: Sped up spawn animation now that the Golem can only crash into the battlefield. Hobgen: Friendly Fire: Fixed an issue where Friendly Fire could cause no damage. Damage changed from to Jull: Fixed Aggressive Tank Jull healing enemies. Happy Hour: Fixed not properly reducing damage. Duration changed from 7.0 to 10.0 Instant damage taken changed from 30 to 50 HERO CHANGES Shadow Demon: Demonic Purge: Fixed not having a cast animation. ITEM CHANGES Round 1 Item Tier Odds now 100% Tier 1. Round 10 Item Tier Odds now 100% Tier 2. Aeon Disk: Tier changed from 4 to 3. Eul's Scepter: Fixed the Sceptered unit not reserving its cell. That could cause another unit to spawn in or occupy the cell while the Sceptered unit was still in the air. Maelstrom Damage now reduced by 20% each lightning leap, so only the first target hit each cast takes full damage. Vladmir's Offering: Tier changed from 3 to 4. ALLIANCE CHANGES Champion: Damage bonus per active alliance changed from 8% to 3%. Health bonus remains 8%. Scrappy: Armor bonus changed from 9 to 8 and disadvantaged armor bonus changed from 18 to 16. Warrior: Armor bonus changed from to Warlock: Lifesteal changed from to . Link duration changed from to Let's Go Have an UpdateDec 23, 2019 - Community AnnouncementsNOTE: Please quit (force-close on mobile) your clients and restart them to receive this update. ITEMS Vladmir's Offering - Multiple of this item no longer stack. UNDERLORDS Hobgen (Support Damage Dealer): Explosivo! damage changed: OLD: . NEW: . Let's Go Crazy Attack Speed Bonus changed: OLD: . NEW: . Jull Want This HotfixDec 19, 2019 - Community AnnouncementsNOTE: This patch is live on PC and on servers now, but will roll out to Android and iOS clients once approved. If you're playing multiplayer games, or proto-pass bot games, you'll get the new balance changes even with an old client. ITEMS For Standard and Duos modes, item odds have been shifted so that higher tier items become available earlier in the match. For full details see the Glossary section of the Rulebook. Vesture of the Tyrant - item reworked. OLD: "Allies within 1 cell can't die until the equipped hero dies." NEW: "Whenever an ally within 1 cell of the equipped hero receives a killing blow, that ally survives for 4.0 seconds." Stonehall Pike - bonus damage from kills changed from +4 to +3. (+16 to +12 in Knockout) Talisman of Evasion - evasion bonus increased from +20% to +25%. Black King Bar - magic immunity duration increased from 5 seconds to 10 seconds. ALLIANCES Savage: attack damage bonus per attack increased from to Insect: Changed from a 3-unit Alliance to a 2/4 unit Alliance. Number of insects changed from 12 to Insect debuff miss chance changed from 30% to %. UNDERLORDS Anessix (Healing Support): Martyr's Boon - increased regeneration. OLD: immediate heal amount: , regeneration amount: NEW: immediate heal amount: , regeneration amount: Anessix (Damage Support): Enthrall - now targets the nearest enemy. Hobgen (High Damage Dealer): Explosivo - fixed a bug that was preventing this ability from dealing damage. ACHIEVEMENTS The Achievement for defeating a set number of Neutral Rounds has been replaced with an Achievement to Obtain a set number of items.Jull-tide GreetingsDec 18, 2019 - Community AnnouncementsHappy Holidays Underlords! Some big changes and updates for you all today - we're introducing a new Underlord, bringing in a new rotation of items, and making some significant gameplay changes. There is a bunch to cover, so let's get into it. As always, if you prefer your updates in bullet point form, go check out the patch notes. INTRODUCING JULL The proprietor of the infamous “Sundered Moon”, Jull is a businessman first and a criminal second. Did he break a few legs to get to where he is? Yes. Does he run a massive smuggling operation to ensure that his bar is stocked with the fine beverages that Icewrack is renowned for? Of course. But while Jull has little interest in following the law, he takes great pride in honoring his word. In the wake of Mama Eeb’s death, he feels like he alone has the temperament and strength to restore order to the criminal underworld of White Spire. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/35233241/e4ee6798e8586e81e31f584f1843d0ce66cd34ec.png Jull leads by example, and prefers to get his paws dirty with powerful melee attacks on the front line. When things get tough Jull uses his bootlegged wares to gain an edge… either by rolling barrels into enemies, or by raising his glass to inspire his crew. UPDATED ITEMS With this update, the item roster has also been revamped. Many old standbys have been shelved (though you may be seeing them again in the future) while others have been pulled out of storage. New items like Crystalys, Butterfly, and Horn of the Alpha can now be equipped to buff your crew and defeat your opponents. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/35233241/027ef74ccdb0503f4dd96f92b91995b60682c0e7.png GAMEPLAY UPDATES Over the course of our Beta season, we’ve worked to continuously experiment, learn, iterate, and improve the game. The time since our last Big Update has been no different, and with this update we have made some significant changes based on community feedback, as well as what we've internally learned and tested. NEW UNDERLORD SELECTION FLOW Underlords are now picked at Round 10 instead of the beginning of the match, and Talents have been converted into fighting styles. Each Underlord has two builds, and one will be shown at random for each Underlord during this pick phase. For example, you may have a choice between Anessix - Healing Support, Hobgen - Support Damage Dealer, and Jull - Aggressive Tank. Full build info can be found in-game and in the patch notes. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/35233241/232c031b9eb43a0d099c5be5afc71e15f4024e4a.png In Standard and Duos, Underlords are chosen at Round 10, while in Knockout this happens at Round 2. JAILBREAK The Jail system was introduced to solve a few problems - namely to make it easier to combine units with our ever-expanding roster of heroes. While this was accomplished, there were a bunch of unintended side effects. It wreaked havoc on some of our balance tweaks, kept players from playing their favorite heroes and alliances, and many players didn’t enjoy having to check it every day. That's why we'...Jull-tide ChangelogDec 18, 2019 - Community AnnouncementsROUND LENGTH All units have had their health lowered by 25%. Health values are now 1.5x the original values that we shipped with the game initially. Dev Note: We wanted to find a balance between early game and late game survability for our units. Doubling the health was too much, and we think we found a good balance with the new health values. STANDARD / DUOS MODE FLOW CHANGES Starting Unit Cap changed from 1 to 3. Players start with 5 gold. Interest is now capped at 3 (rewarded at a maximum of 30 gold) Round Gold increased from 5 to 7. Creep rounds have been removed. Items are granted every 5 rounds. Item quality does not change if you win or lose the round. Underlords are no longer selected before the game and are now pickable in a new phase later into the match (Round 10 for Standard/Duos, Round 2 for Knockout). Higher tier units now deal more damage to enemy players at the end of a round. Unit damage is now = 1 + (Power Level / 3) 1 star unit Power Level = Tier 2 star unit Power Level = Tier + 2 3 star unit Power Level = Tier + 4 GENERAL CHANGES The Lords of White Spire leaderboard has been updated to support Ranked Knockout and Ranked Duos. You can now view stats from previous rounds in the post-game scoreboard. You can now view the duos scoreboard on the post-game screen. Knockout tries to avoid giving you the same opponent twice in a row. The multiplier for permanent stat changes in Knockout for e.g. Brawny kills or Legion Commander duels is now 4 instead of 5. UNDERLORDS Underlords have changed based on community feedback. Players don't start the game with an Underlord, instead they are chosen during the match (Round 10 for Standard/Duos, Round 2 for Knockout). Underlords have been streamlined into Fight Styles. Fight Styles contain a Core ability and an Ultimate. Underlords talent selection has been removed. Some of the talents have been merged into the Core Underlord abilities. See individual Underlord sections below. Hype system has been removed. Underlords will cast their abilities on cooldowns. Underlord Core abilities start each round with 50% cooldown remaining. (eg. Anessix's Martyr's Boon has an 8 second cooldown. It will trigger for the first time 4 seconds into the fight.) Ultimate ability cooldowns have been lowered and their power level increased. Anessix: Martyr's Boon: Anessix takes damage equal to 20% of her max health. All allied units heal hitpoints a second for the next 6 seconds. Cooldown changed from 12.5 to 8 Duration changed from 8 to 6 Healing Support Fighting Style: Martyr's Boon now delivers the first 50% of the heal immediately, and the rest over the duration of the spell. Damage Support Fighting Style: Instead of healing, Martyr's Boon now grants 30% increased attack damage. Pure Pain: Removed from game. Enthrall: Anessix marks a target for 5 seconds, reducing the target's armor by 5 and forcing your army to attack it. If the target dies, Anessix brings them back as a Demon to...The Bug Smash UpdateDec 12, 2019 - Community AnnouncementsGENERAL Fixed the most common crash on Android. Added a Play Again option to the Post Match page. Fixed another issue with item dragging. Fixed an issue on the in-game leaderboard where names in some languages were getting clipped. Fixed Snapfire health bar icon in combat. Fixed Alliance popup dialogs getting stuck in the Rulebook on mobile. Fixed damage bars not taking up the whole width of the battle stats window. Fixed an issue where the order of unit alliance icons in the shop didn't match the board alliance icon order right underneath them. Fixed issue with missing rank up icons on the rank up popup. When changing language in settings, show a popup reminding you to restart the app. After a hero has died do not allow selecting their cell to select the dead unit on the cell. We Ranked Up Our Knockout GameDec 5, 2019 - Community AnnouncementsGENERAL Fixed so many crashes we didn't have time to make a crashfix joke: Fixed a number of crashes related to UI particles and dragging units; Fixed a crash when resorting items in the Rulebook; Fixed an engine-level iOS crash; Fixed a crash from showing unit ranges. Fixed an issue where the minijail popup would continue to display even if the user opened a new page from the main menu. Fixed some issues with Select Underlord page on phones with nonstandard resolutions/aspect ratios. Fixed an issue with Tap to Move working incorrectly during combat. Fixed an issue on PC where items could not be equpped when the screen resolution was 1360x768 Fixed end-of-round VO not playing. Fixed an issue with share codes and full benches. RANKED KNOCKOUT We've added a ranked mode for Knockout! Your Knockout rank is independent of your Standard rank. We removed the rank display from the main menu. You can now see your rank in the Play page. Select a mode and Ranked as the way to play that mode and you'll see your rank. TALENT CHANGES Absolute Unit: Fixed Golem health to actually double when the talent is selected. Normal Golem health is 3000. Absolute Unit health changed from 5000 to 6000. HERO CHANGES Bloodseeker: Bloodrage: Bloodseeker now heals if any adjacent enemy unit dies, no matter what kills it. Crystal Maiden: Frostbite: Now prevents the target from healing for the duration of Frostbite's effects. Ogre Magi: Draft Tier changed from 1 to 2 Snapfire: Ol' Scatterblast: Fixed an issue where the blast cone could be inconsistent in some cases. Weaver: Shukuchi: Will no longer Shukuchi if Rooted. ALLIANCE CHANGES Demon: The damage bonus now counts all allied demons, both alive and dead, as well as all allied demons summoned. The Update In Which We Debuff A DebuffDec 2, 2019 - Community AnnouncementsGENERAL We let the Brutes debuff some crashes. Fix numbers not showing on global item tooltips on the in-game scoreboard. HERO CHANGES Disruptor: Ace Effect: Instead of increasing number of links per Alliance level, the duration of the link is now increased by 1 second per Alliance level. ALLIANCE CHANGES Brute: Changed damage debuff from to Changed debuff duration from 3 to 4 An Update for U and IDec 2, 2019 - Community AnnouncementsGENERAL Completely redesigned the UI flow when pressing the Play button from the dashboard. There's now a new page for selecting the type of match you want to play and what options you want. We're loving it, and we hope you do too! Added more audio cues in Knockout mode when you lose a heart or a player is knocked out. Fixed an issue where item images could fail to appear in the Rulebook. Fixed an issue with the shop button's location overlapping Reroll on some aspect ratios. Fixed Show Scoreboard button on all layouts and aspect ratios. HERO CHANGES Void Spirit: Dissimilate: Fixed a bug where the damage dealt was done as Physical. It should be Magical. Display damage type on the ability description window. It's like Duos, But For Updates!Nov 27, 2019 - Community AnnouncementsGENERAL We dragged some crashes on drag right out of the game. And some other crashes too! More memory savings on mobile! Fixed Snapfire's mana bar showing up when the Dragon Alliance wasn't active. Fixed the spectate next/previous hotkeys not working. Fixed an issue where the wrong Underlord could speak on the Post Match screen if you were spectating at the time you won (or lost) the match. Added some UI to signal that the heroes from your initial Knockout crew sell for 0 gold. TALENT CHANGES Sharp Pain: Damage increase to Pure Pain changed from 100% to 50% Sympathy Pains: The extra target no longer takes the full damage, it now takes 50% of the damage. HERO CHANGES Lich: Chain Frost: Cooldown changed from to Necrophos: Death Pulse: Cooldown changed from 7.5 to 5 Snapfire: Mortimer Kisses: Damage changed from to Sets targets on fire. Storm Spirit: Ball Lightning: Damage changed from to Damage per cell changed from to Venomancer: Venomancer is now a Savage Scaled Warlock Witch Doctor: Paralyzing Cask: Bounces changed from to Cooldown changed from 15 to 10 ALLIANCE CHANGES Mage: Extra Magic Damage changed from to Primordial - Eidolon: Armor changed from to Maximum Health changed from to Savage: Bonus damage per attack changed from to Scaled: Magic Resistance changed from to Warlock: Lifesteal Percent changed from to Lifesteal Duration changed from 2 to Dota adds two new heroes with the Outlanders Updates todayNov 26, 2019 - Rock, Paper, Shotgun A lizard-riding auntie with a shotgun and an incarnation of aether today arrived in Dota 2 and Dota Underlords in matching Outlanders Updates. Snapfire and Void Spirit are the two new heroes announced at The International in August, and here they are in both games now. They’re accompanied by big updates for each, with Dota 2 adding new buildings and dozens of new items and Underlords adding a new quick-paced mode plus the other Spirit heroes. These patch notes sure are a lot to take in. Damn, Dota. (more…) Dota Underlords Has Already Doubled Artifact's Peak Player Count on SteamJun 21, 2019 - GitHypEarlier today, Valve opened the public beta for Dota Underlords, their second attempt at a Dota 2 spin-off, which has already surpassed Artifact with a peak of 119k concurrent players on Steam. Calling Valve’s first spin-off a “flop” would be a bit of an understatement. After peaking with 60k players back in November 2018, Artifact: The Dota 2 Card Game ended last year outside Steam's top 100 most played games, and right now, only has a total of 60 players online. That’s right. Six. Zero. Shortly after the downfall of Artifact earlier this year, a user-created mode within Dota 2 called “Auto Chess” started to grow in popularity -- resulting in Dota 2’s player base on Steam increasing by over 100k players for the first time in years. For those who haven’t played yet, unlike Dota, Auto Chess is more of a resource management game where eight players take turns placing hero units on an 8x8 chess board – each round doesn’t actually play out anything like chess and the goal is to create the strongest combination of heroes. Auto Chess’ rise as its own genre is very similar to how Dota itself started as a user-made mode in Blizzard’s Warcraft III. Recently, Valve tried to acquire the original creators of Auto Chess, Drodo Studio; however, the deal fell through, and the Chinese devs just announced at E3 that they're bringing their own standalone version of Auto Chess to the Epic Games Store later this year. With all the games Epic has stolen from Valve this past year, Valve made the brilliant decision to release the free-to-play Underlords sooner than later and beat Epic to market. But Epic isn’t even Valve’s biggest competition right now... and the creators of League of Legends also just released their own take on the Auto Chess genre called Teamfight Tactics. For years, LoL has dominated the MOBA market with millions more players than Dota 2. Based on current Twitch viewer counts, it looks like Riot Games could once again come out on top here with 20x more viewers and TFT being the most watched game on Twitch today. But Valve still has one big advantage over Riot’s new game that could help Underlords win the late game battle. In addition to being on Steam, Underlords is also now available on Android and iPhone with full crossplay support that allows PC players to finish matches on mobile devices and vice versa. At the moment, Riot’s TFT is not on Android or iPhone and the developer hasn’t given any information on when, if ever, they plan on releasing the game for mobile devices. This is critical because back when the battle royale genre was still new and Fortnite was battling PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, it was Epic bringing their game to mobile first that helped Fornite explode in popularity, skyrocketing past PUBG, and quickly becoming the most popular game in the world. LoL might have the bigger player base, but Valve's focus on the mobile market could help Dota Underlords quickly catch up to Riot's numbers.