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GTA Online's Transform Races are crazyOct 19, 2017 - PC GamerGTA Online’s wacky races now include 15 new 'Transform Races' that manage to have a bit of something for everyone, from speeding through the skies in a jet to bouncing down a mountain on a bike, all in the same race. See, these races change your vehicle at set points, so one moment you might be jumping off a ramp in a supercar, but then you’re suddenly in a helicopter.  The 15 races feature different vehicles and elaborate tracks, all of which you can check out here. If you click on the links in their names, you’ll be able to bookmark them, making it easier to access them in-game.  Personally, Split Personality is my thing. “You’ve only got a few seconds of hurtling down Mount Chiliad on a BMX to make that age-old decision. Left or right? With the pack or on your own? Jet-powered super car or flying motorbike? Featuring BMXes, the FMJ, Rocket Voltic, Besra, Oppressor and Parachutes.” There’s also a Smuggler’s Run sale going on, with 25% discounts on aircraft, while Lamar’s missions will net you more cash and RP to put towards big purchases.  GTA Online: Transform Races Now Available to PlayOct 17, 2017 - Community Announcements// Launch your supercar from Stunt Ramps, skydive over the Alamo Sea and barrel roll through Air Gates on your way to the finish line - all in the same track with Transform Races, the latest evolution of racing in GTA Online. Transform Races are part Stunt Race and part mind-bending metamorphosis, switching you from land to sea to sky, and back again… These 15 new Rockstar Created Races will have you piloting fan-favorite vehicles across the various classes - from nimble planes like the Besra and Molotok to speedy Supers like the Vagner and Zentorno, and even versatile Special Vehicles like the Ruiner 2000 and Rocket Voltic. For a rundown of all the Transform Races now available to play, with links to bookmark each of them on Social Club for quick and easy access, check out the descriptions below: Gauntlet II - There’s the surgically precise fighter pilot, and there’s the maniac with his foot on the floor of a Phantom Wedge. You'll need to be both here. Featuring the Molotok, Motorcycles, the Phantom Wedge and the Oppressor. Get Wrecked - Get creative above the Los Santos Docklands on this destructive lap Transform Race. Featuring the Seashark, Shotaro, Super cars, the Mallard, and Havok. // Home Run - You haven’t thrown a real San Andreas no-hitter until you’ve taken five vehicles through the land, sea and airspace of Blaine County. Featuring Super cars, the Vortex, Mallard, Seashark and Havok. Junk Yard - When the apocalypse finally gets underway in San Andreas, and the world lies in ruins, you can bet there will be some interesting racing opportunities in amongst the wreckage. Get practicing for the big day. Featuring Motorcycles, the Seashark and Mallard. McKenzie - If you want all the highs and lows of Blaine County with none of the itches and nosebleeds, this point to point Transform Race that starts on Motorcycles is for you. Also featuring the Besra, Blazer Aqua, Zentorno and Trophy Truck. // Mixed-Up - Watch as the docklands, airport, business district and Legion Square all bleed into a single migraine-inducing blur in this Lap Transform Race. Featuring Super cars, the Besra, Ramp Buggy and Rocket Voltic. Neon Mountain - Ever wondered what it would be like to drop a few tabs and race through the title sequence of some vintage 80s sci-fi? Featuring Motorcycles, the Besra and Seashark. Plummet III - Make short work of the stratosphere in a really expensive sports car – with a twist or four. Featuring Sports cars, the Besra, Blazer Aqua, Havok and Akuma. // Separation – Start off strapped into the lovechild of a supercar and a space shuttle. Throw in a tig...GTA Online expands next week with Transform RacesOct 14, 2017 - Rock, Paper, ShotgunGrand Theft Auto Online has been growing steadily for a good long while now, adding new missions and competitive mini-games since launch. Only fitting, then, that the multiplayer crime-o-thon is sustained by shameless and continued thievery, with the most recent update – Smugglers Run – adding a Battlegrounds-esque Battle Royale playmode with an up-armored vehicular spin. Previous expansions have introduced Trackmania-esque improbable stunt racing on player-made tracks and Splatoon-y colourful competitions of turf control among other such delights. Go on. Take a look at the trailer after the jump and tell me what game they’ve nicked the wing-mirrors off of this time. (more…) GTA Online: Transform Races TrailerOct 13, 2017 - Community Announcements Introducing new stunt races... with a twist. In Transform Races, vehicles change constantly - from bikes, to planes, to racing on water and more. Plus Warps add an extra layer of chaos, teleporting you to a completely different location mid-race for added calamity. Look for Transform Races to come to GTA Online next week on Tuesday, October 17th. Life in a one-person biker gang in Grand Theft Auto 5Oct 12, 2017 - PC GamerIn the slightly directionless world of GTA Online, where needy NPCs ring you with requests every five minutes and the map is strewn with task icons that mostly seem like busywork, the best thing you can do is own a piece of Los Santos that feels like yours. Aside from buying apartments or cars, there are now many ways to do this—the most appealing (and cheapest) of which is running your own biker gang. I spent just over $500,000 earlier this year to get a decent hangout in the middle of Los Santos, money I had from doing heists with the PCG team. I christen this new gang ‘Biker Grove’. Ha. I’m a cool guy. I’m also the only one here.  Here’s my dilemma: I don’t want to just invite anyone into my biker gang, and the PC Gamer boys are all offline. So I’m a one-man biker gang—which isn’t really a gang at all. I have a two-storey clubhouse, and a foul-mouthed lady behind the bar who comes free with all the biker hideouts. I also have a bong, and a dart board. But these things aren’t fun by yourself. The point of a biker gang is you’re supposed to ride in formation with buddies. When it’s just yourself and a big empty clubhouse, you sort of feel like a dad having a midlife crisis. In my head, I picture the scenario exactly like this. The kids have moved out, and your partner’s joined a silent religious sect because they’ve had enough of your near-constant bullshit (yes, I've been watching HBO's The Leftovers). So you sell the house then buy a run-down garage, park your bike there, and hire someone to work there who won’t even play darts with you. I paid half a million hard-earned GTA dollars to experience this virtually. I could just live this in real life in 20 years’ time.  The good news is I can still take on jobs that earn okay money. I go and steal a prison bus from a gas station, and drive the convicts across town away from the cops. It’s deliberately reminiscent of a brilliant singleplayer mission in GTA: The Lost and Damned, where protagonist Johnny Klebitz does the same thing. It’s a pretty exciting mission, which ends with you dropping off the cons at a couple of helicopters. The biker update to GTA Online in general felt like a homage to that expansion—although the lack of narrative direction to owning a biker bar makes it feel a bit uneventful (which is also how I feel about the game's other recent expansions). With friends, though, the co-op missions and driving in formation are fun. It’s not meant to be played solo, really. Having other friends join, then assigning them roles that give them extra abilities in combat, like calling in AI gang members for support, is the real reason you do it. You’re not meant to be a lone ranger, simply because it’s embarrassing.  I get drunk and have a game of darts rather than run another mission. Next time PCG's...Steam Charts: High Difficulty EditionOct 9, 2017 - Rock, Paper, ShotgunAre you strong enough to read the Steam Charts? Do you have what it takes to read all the way to the end? Can you defeat the Plunkbat final boss? NO! NO YOU ARE TOO WEAK! (more…) This Batmobile-like car is coming soon to GTA Online, as well as two new modesOct 6, 2017 - PC GamerEver wanted to drive the Batmobile in GTA Online? Soon you'll be able to! Kind of. The GTA community has known about the Vigilante, pictured above, and other vehicles coming in this wave of updates for a while now, but today Rockstar has officially teased it for the fall. It looks like a slightly updated version of the Batmobile from Tim Burton's 1989 Batman movie, along with the back tyres and rocket booster of the Tumbler from the Christopher Nolan Batman movies. It'll pack some ludicrous firepower, too. I'm sure Batman would approve. Ben Affleck's Batman, anyway.  Also coming to GTA Online is Coil Cyclone super car and the Hunter chopper. If you're bored of the Buzzard, the latter might be a worthwhile purchase. It looks pretty cool, although this decal is just asking for trouble in a public server:  In other GTA Online updates, the previously teased transform races are coming to the game later this month. You'll instantly transition between land, air and sea across the Los Santos landmass in this mode, and Rockstar says to expect skydiving portions, which I fully expect to fail at when my character repeatedly smacks into the side of a building.  A dogfight mode is coming to GTA Online, too, building on the existing air-based modes in Smuggler's Run, as well as a mode called Condemned, where one player is the target unless they can kill another player, at which point they become the target.  Plenty to get on with there, then, until the next major update comes to the game—assuming competitive modes, racing or the Batmobile are your sort of thing.  Steam Charts: Your Reason To Go OnOct 2, 2017 - Rock, Paper, ShotgunSome have doubted the power of the Steam Charts to change people’s lives. Those people are dead now. Belief in Steam Charts, RPS’s greatest, longest-running, and most industry-revered column, is literally the only thing keeping you alive right now. Don’t be a dead one. Love us. LOVE US. (more…) Steam Charts: Stellaris EditionSep 25, 2017 - Rock, Paper, ShotgunA funny old week in the charts, which is to say, H1Z1 and The Witcher 3 have been shoved out by the hatrick of appearances from Stellaris. Also it’s worth noting that Dishonored: Death Of The Outsider has disappeared after just one week, which seems a bit of a shame. Oh, and as correctly predicted last week, absolutely no sign of XCOM 2 making nearly as much money now it’s back to 34.99 for both the base game and the War of the Chosen expansion. Shocking! (more…) Grand Theft Space mixes Garry's Mod with Kerbal Space Program in GTA 5Sep 22, 2017 - PC GamerGrand Theft Space transports players from GTA 5's urban sprawl to the cosmos above. At present, it boasts a functioning space shuttle, 11 planets, three moons and scant alien life. It's modest—but should it realise its potential, this work-in-progress open-source project could become the fully-customisable space sandbox we've always wanted.  "When I first started making the mod I wanted it to be: You go to the moon, you fight some aliens, you come back to Earth," the mod's creator Soloman Northrop tells me. "But then we came up with the idea to make it an API, whereby anyone can add anything they want and change every single thing without touching code. I played around with the code and eventually came up with the structure, and we made it work." First announced in January, Grand Theft Space was formally revealed in July alongside an impressive Rockstar Editor cinematic. It launched its first in-development version 1.0 earlier this month, and, within just one week, was downloaded over 15,000 times.  Overnight, hours of poring over pictures and data from the NASA website—not to mention a fair whack of artistic license gleaned from science-fiction—had paid off. With an interested playerbase, growth was something Northrop and his team could now pursue.  As a hobbyist group made up of students and graduates, Northrop and his peers aren't building a GTA-driven No Man's Sky or Star Citizen, but are instead championing a platform for players to experiment with their own scripts, missions and scenarios. A  heartening chunk of the mod's newly-launched Discord channel appreciate its potential, against the tide of irrational demands for seamless space landings and thriving intergalactic colonies from the outset.  The former attitude underscores Northrop and his team's raison d'etre: Grand Theft Space is a work-in-progress in the truest sense—one that will live or die by how much or how little its community supports it. "It would require a lot of developers to chip in, but if we had a community, a place where the Grand Theft Space community could go to talk about ideas and stuff, it could very well end up like Kerbal Space Program," says Northrop. "If we do it well enough, that is, if we figure out a system that's similar to KSP, where you can orbit and do all that stuff, then people would love it. That's what people want: They want to play GTA and play a game that they can't afford—really, that's what mods are." So why hasn't anyone tried this before? Grand Theft Auto 5 is one of the most modded PC games around and while a multitude of both realistic and sci-fi-inspired space mods already exist, no one has successfully recreated the final frontier with such wide-reaching scope.  "I was asking myself that," admits Northrop. "Most people try to do it conventionally, withou...This GTA 5 Oppressor bike skydiving stunt is all kinds of awesome Sep 22, 2017 - PC GamerI've hardly hidden my admiration for Grand Theft Auto 5 stunt performer Ash Skyqueen in the past, but her stunts never fail to surprise me. She's been messing around with machinima creation of late however, as you can see below, she's clearly not lost her knack for stunting in the interim. Best known for her Mount Chiliad pylon and Liquor Hole skydiving ventures, Ash's latest combines the latter with some impressive swirling and swooping atop an Oppressor custom sports bike. Look, see: As if Ash's Opressor skyscraper glances and crane junction ducking weren't extraordinary enough, topping the performance off with a variation of her Liquor Hole finish—the history of which we covered over here—is top drawer.  Catch more of Ash's work via her YouTube channel, and read about the spectacular feats of the Grand Theft Auto stunt scene by way of that there link.  Steam now fighting review bombs with diagramsSep 20, 2017 - Rock, Paper, ShotgunAll social problems can be solved by data, any naive tech company can tell you, which is why Valve are attempting to solve Steam ‘review bombing’ by adding graphs to its player reviews. Review bombing is the practice of players organising to leave negative reviews that drive down a game’s rating in an attempt to punish or manipulate developers by damaging their future sales prospects. Games bombed over the past month range from Firewatch to Grand Theft Auto V. This is a known and old problem with Steam’s reviews, and one Valve aren’t happy with. So, to counterattack disproportionate bursts of negative reviews, Valve have added unusual activity warnings to Steam store pages with histograms tracking reviews over time. (more…) 5 things you want from the future of GTA OnlineSep 19, 2017 - PC GamerLast week, I set up a short survey on what players want from the future of GTA Online. I did this to try and get a snapshot of where this sprawling game is now, and where you think it should go next—just to start a broader conversation about the game, really, but also to learn more about what areas of the GTA players value the most, and which they feel could improve.  GTA Online keeps racking up expansions and remains enormously popular on Steam, after all, and while I have my own thoughts on what I'd like from the future of GTA, I thought this would be an interesting experiment following our readers' version of the PC Gamer Top 100. The response was pretty great: there were 7,963 completed entries to the survey in eight days. It was possible to leave more than one response, but assuming only a few people would bother doing that, it's not a bad cross-section of the audience (GTA's daily average during the last month is just over 54,000 on Steam alone, according to Steam Charts).  Each question required people to provide an answer, and they could select up to three for the two multiple choice questions (about what you'd like to see the game do next and technical improvements). When you see the percentages for those answers, then, they won't add up to 100—that's the percentage of people who chose that answer, but they also had the option of selecting up to two others.  For the question about Shark Cards and money, I only allowed one answer, so the percentage represents the amount of answers to the survey. I've left the survey open so you can see the questions in full while digesting these results. Along the way, I'll provide some commentary on what these answers might tell us. 60% want new playing spaces This was the most popular answer to any of the questions posed, which I kind of expected: people want new places to explore in GTA Online (I gave Liberty City as an example in the question). I love Los Santos and consider it the best open world ever created, but I do feel like I've seen every beach, highway and building a thousand times, which is inevitable. Clearly a lot of people feel the same way. So what's the answer? I like the idea of a new playing space in GTA, and rumours about new areas (that haven't come to anything) have done the rounds for a while, now. But it's also hard to see Rockstar making an entirely new city just for the purposes of a multiplayer expansion. Would they have to create new radio stations for it? New NPCs? How would they charge for it? Would there be no option to explore it in singleplayer? I like the idea of the singleplayer's existing North Yankton map being used as an arena for multiplayer modes like Motor Wars, or maybe a co-op mission—that'd be a neat bit of variety in the short term. If Rockstar ever remasters GTA IV in the fashion of GTA V, that's where I'd speculate that Online could expand...GTA Online update adds plane vs helicopters mode and hangar workshop discountsSep 19, 2017 - PC GamerGTA Online's added a new adversary mode as part of its Smuggler's Run update this week: Bombushka Run, where two teams of up to four take to the skies and try to bring each other down. One team pilots the new and deadly Bombushka aircraft, which has three turrets, while the other team tries to take the bomber down in Buzzard helicopters. In the next round, the teams swap roles, and whoever survives in the bomber the longest wins. You can get double experience and GTA$ playing this mode until 25 September.  You can also buy the Bombushka from Warstock, if you have the cash. If you've been eyeing the workshops in GTA's hangars because you fancy customising your aircraft, these are 25% off this week, taking them below a million in price for the first time. Liveries, resprays (both for cars and planes) and aircraft weapons are also 25% off this week. Check out some of my thoughts on customisation, and a rundown of some of the options available, in my write-up of Smuggler's Run from a few weeks ago.  There are also new premium race and time trial options, for those looking for other ways to make money in the next six days. You can see details for these on Rockstar's Newswire. RM-10 Bombushka Plane and Bombushka Run Mode Now in GTA OnlineSep 19, 2017 - Community Announcements// RM-10 BOMBUSHKA NOW AVAILABLE There’s no such thing as having too much firepower at your disposal, and here to help you obliterate your adversaries is the mother of all aerial assault vehicles - the RM-10 Bombushka. With seating for six and enough ordnance to flatten a small village, this behemoth is sure to summon a few white flags from your enemies. If front, top, and rear-mounted guns aren’t enough, upgrade your Bombushka in your Hangar Workshop to drop a few additional surprises on your foes like Explosive, Gas, Incendiary and Cluster bombs. Grab your RM-10 Bombushka today from Warstock Cache & Carry. BOMBUSHKA RUN OUT NOW // Put your piloting proficiency to the test in Bombushka Run, the latest mode to hit GTA Online. Two teams of up to four square off, with one side piloting the heavily armed Bombushka as the other attempts to bring this beast down with a swarm of Buzzard Attack Helicopters. Teams then switch sides, and whichever one survives the longest while piloting the Bombushka scores the victory. It’s the classic game of cat and mouse, except the mouse is an enormous Cold War bomber bristling with .50 Cal Turrets and the cats get armed copters. Earn Double GTA$ & RP in Bombushka Run, now through September 25th. DISCOUNTS FOR CUSTOMIZATION Add a little flair to your fleet this week, whether it be applying that livery you’ve been eyeing or stockpiling your bomb bay with a few incendiary treats: Hangar Workshop – 25% off Aircraft Weapons – 25% off Liveries – 25% off (cars and aircraft) Resprays – 25% off (cars and aircraft) Mobile Operations Center Cabs – 25% off Executive Offices – 25% off PREMIUM RACE & TIME TRIAL SCHEDULE Stack the GTA$ sky high by competing in this week’s Premium Race & Time Trial events, live now through September 25th: Premium Stunt Race - "Water Slide" (Locked to Blazer Aqua) Time Trial - "Calafia Way" Launch Premium Races through the Quick Job App on your in-game phone or via the yellow corona at Legion Square. The top three finishers will earn GTA$ and you'll get Triple RP regardless of where you finish. To take a stab at the Time Trial, set a waypoint to the marker on your in-game map and enter via the purple corona. Beat par time and you'll be duly rewarded with GTA$ & RP payouts. Steam Charts: Death Under Tunnel BridgeSep 18, 2017 - Rock, Paper, ShotgunThis week we finally learn who the killer is, but will the answer provide more questions than solutions? Read on for this week’s hair-raising installment of… The Steam Charts. (more…) The best battle royale games, modes and modsSep 15, 2017 - PC GamerPlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds may have popularised the genre inspired by the Japanese movie, but it’s not the only battle royale game pitting players against each other in desperate fights to the death. Below are 11 games, modes and mods that you should check out if you can’t get enough of hunting your fellow man. GAMES PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Let’s get the current top dog out of the way first, shall we? PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, or PUBG, is still in Early Access, but it’s already swallowed up the lives of millions of players. In each match, 100 survivors are air dropped into a bucolic Russian island, seemingly abandoned during or just after the Soviet era. It’s a huge place, but the play area is always shrinking, forcing players to race towards safety on foot or using cars, bikes and boats, all while trying to murder each other with a wide range of guns and melee weapons. It’s a game filled with long moments of quiet tension, punctuated by chaotic, nerve-racking battles. H1Z1: King of the Kill Another Early Access game, H1Z1: King of the Kill was spun out of Daybreak’s zombie survival game. The survival aspect became its own separate game, Just Survive, while the more competitive, PvP side of things became King of the Kill. Frenetic and fast-paced, it’s more of an arena shooter than a game like PUBG, so you won’t have to wait long to get into a gunfight. Brendan “PlayerUnknown” Greene was also a consultant on H1Z1 before making Battlegrounds. Ark: Survival of the Fittest Like H1Z1, Ark: Survival of the Fittest is another arena-style battle royale game, and is similarly a spin-off. Its hook, not surprisingly given its progenitor, is that there are dinosaurs and monsters to watch out for, as well as 71 human adversaries potentially hunting you down. Other elements from Survival Evolved have made it in, too, including riding and taming creatures, tribes and traps. Unfortunately, it’s struggled to retain its playerbase in the face of PUBG. The Culling If you prefer battle royales of the more intimate variety, there’s The Culling and its 8-player and 16-player blood-soaked arenas. Though it’s fast-paced, there’s still time to craft equipment and set traps. The central conceit is a big draw, too, set as the game is in a crazed game show for sadists. It’s been in Early Access since March 2016, and while it was popular initially, it looks like player numbers might be on the wane. Last Man Standing Budget PUBG is probably the clearest way to describe Last Man Standing. It’s set on an island with 100 players trying to kill each other, the play area is a big circle that shrinks over time, mods can be scavenged and attached to guns, it’s got loot crates—there’s a long list of similarities, but Last Man Standing is free. It’s not quite as polished as its premium counterpart, however. ...Project London is GTA 5's most ambitious overhaul mod yetSep 13, 2017 - PC GamerProject London aims to build a London-like city in GTA 5. Can't be hard, right? "I got a message the other day," says modder Kieran. "from some guy asking if the roads could be done—if the cars could be swapped to the opposite side in the style of British road networks. I sat down and calculated the work for that. I'm looking at 210 hours just for the roads." The original GTA: London was set in the late '60s, but his version is inspired by the modern city. He aims to install landmarks incrementally, before building the project out into a pseudo interpretation of The Big Smoke. Kieran tells me that doing so involves a fair bit of Google Street-mapping, researching real life videos and photos, and a touch of artistic license. Even then, Project London is an ambitious undertaking. "It's a lot of work, it will take time, but whenever I'm finished one thing—I've just finished Heathrow Airport, for example—I add it into the pack, update it, and release it. There are three of us working on it now, and while we strive to mirror reality, if we think something looks right in situ, and it still looks like London, then we're fine with that." So far, this has seen Kieran—and partners Raddz Modding and Albo1125—recreate Wembley Stadium, a handful of London Underground stations, a host of the city's major hospitals, and a range of British Emergency Service vehicles. Next, the threesome have London hotels in their sights, real life billboards, bus stops, police stations. At some point they plan to remove the base game's iconic Vinewood hilltop sign "because, well, that's not London, is it?" As a financial advisor for Lloyds Bank, finding time between life real commitments marks Kieran's biggest challenge. There are consecutive weeks where nothing gets done, he admits, but he hopes the recent formation of his three-person team can "keep the work flowing" into the future. His modding know-how is also self-taught and despite getting involved with GTA 5's British modding community less than a year ago, the standard of his work—not to mention his output—is impressive.  "Being part of various communities has made me realise that I've got an opportunity to do something," he tells me. "And that's where Project London started. Compared to other games, GTA is easier to mod, it's easy to get the files that you need in order to do work, and there are a lot of people who're able to offer advice and help out. That fact alone spurs you on to do more." Despite being less familiar with Grand Theft Auto's first pre-millennium visit to Great Britain, Kieran tells me he became most involved with Rockstar's satirically swiping series via its faux Miami, Tommy Vercetti-starring Vice City. He says he's pored over every game since, but that GTA 5 marks his PC debut and t...GTA Online gets a new car and a set of weekly bonusesSep 13, 2017 - PC GamerGo shopping in Legendary Motorsport in GTA Online right now and you will find a new Dewbauchee Rapid GT Classic. A "deeply customizable Sports Classic" that looks pretty good in deep purple. You'll need some GTA$ to secure one, so you might want to spend more time in the extended Motor Wars mode, which you can earn double cash and RP. The same bonus also applies to Rockstar-created Stunt Races and Smuggler's Run Sell Missions. Bodyguards and Associates also take twice the salary. For high flyers a series of discounts should make it easier to avoid being blown up. Rockster are discounting countermeasures, aircraft engines and armour upgrades by 25 percent. You'll find all the latest detailed on the Rockstar newswire, including details on this week's premium race and time trial events. We've been playing quite a lot of GTA Online recently. Sam reckons the latest update is the best the game has enjoyed since heists. You can tell us what you love and hate about GTA Online in our reader survey. We will be compiling the results for a future article. GTA 5 The Flash Version 2.0 script mod is head-spinning awesome Sep 11, 2017 - PC GamerHaving launched a Patreon earlier this year, esteemed Grand Theft Auto modder JulioNIB has since set about reworking some of their earlier work. In July, this saw the creator launch the GTA 5 Iron Man script mod Version 2.0—an improved variation of the original that added new animations, new effects, new sounds and, in turn, new ways to tear up Los Santos.  The Flash Version 2.0 follows suit. Despite being a work-in-progress at present, it looks to advance the original mod's formula with new animations, improvements to the superhero's physics-defying wall sprints, and tweaks to his car-smashing Punch Machine Attack, his body-contorting Super Melee Attack, his enemy hiding Phase to Ground Attack, his head-spinning Tornado Attack, and his organ-ripping Heart Attack. The last one is particularly devastating and stars around the minute mark here: Again, JulioNIB's The Flash Version 2.0 script is for now a WIP mod, however their turnover after first tease is typically fast. Check out more of the creator's work via their blog and Pateron pages.       
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