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World of Warships

We're Celebrating Our Second Anniversary on Steam!Nov 15, 2019 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/31013613/833a06f8e2fdcc4608efae678510777ec035929a.jpg Captains! 2 years have passed since World of Warships first appeared on Steam! We're happy that so many players have revealed their talents for conquering in this time, and joined our epic naval battles. Keep up that spirit! You are new to World of Warships or have less than 70 battles finished? Then simply finish 2 battles on Tier III or higher ship and you will receive a Tier V battleship Texas, a commander with 6 skill points, unique branded items: Steam boxes, Steam camouflages and a Steam flag! {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/31013613/871616da46d78546547d9c168291421fe42155f0.jpg For the anniversary, you will receive special Combat Missions for the completion of which you will get access to unique branded items such as a container, camouflages, and a Steam flag. For that to happen, simply enter battles on Tier V ships and higher, and earn 2,000,000 credits. Pay attention that you'll need to have 70 finished battles to start the main Chain of missions. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/31013613/3e6535636dc39a0fd9993464040e04a90bb6c087.png Start: Fri. 15 Nov. 06:00 CET (UTC+1) End: Mon. 02 Dec. 06:00 CET (UTC+1) Part 1 any number of battles, earn 1,000,000 credits. Reward: 5x expendable Steam camos Ship restrictions: Tier V–X Battle type restrictions: Twilight Battle, Operations, Random, Co-op, and Ranked Battles You can complete this combat mission only once. Part 2 any number of battles, earn 1,000,000 credits. Reward: 1x Steam container Ship restrictions: Tier V–X Battle type restrictions: Twilight Battle, Operations, Random, Co-op, and Ranked Battles You can complete this combat mission only once. Each Steam container includes: 5× Steam camos or {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/31013613/d67bbc1cffa5fd8c0d25eddcb8666a90b3177331.png250 doubloons or {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/31013613/d2b68f7b0bdd7def79c6c7568ce03fad45f6e0c0.png1 Day of Warships Premium Account or {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/31013613/7cd25168780c111002edb566f3d9ce9a855c3bcf.png10,000 Free XP 5× signals (Zulu, Zulu Hotel or Papa Papa) 5× signals (Juliet Charlie or November Foxtrot) The combat missions of the chain can be completed only in the specified sequence: you can start the next Stage only after all the tasks of the previous Stage have been completed. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/31013613/236b221bfbf24f5734cd2601fbb2cbc9d85f3642.pngFinal reward: Festive Cake flag Still haven't upgraded to a Tier V ship? Then the special DLC that includes Texas will help you to complete the Combat Missions—you will be able to stand at the helm of that ship free for three days after downloading the expansion from the link. The countdown sta...High School Fleet Is Back in Action – Free Container Inside!Nov 15, 2019 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/31013613/559f6274c232c1669d71d0694a146a544a0d6873.jpg Captains! The popular characters and ships from the much-loved “High School Fleet” anime series are returning to the game. You can complete our themed collection to obtain a unique permanent camouflage for Yamato. Moreover, from November 8 through November 29 you'll be able to visit the Premium Shop to get VI HSF Admiral Graf Spee and VIII HSF Harekaze, paint your ships with special permanent camouflages, and add High School Fleet characters to your Commander roster! If you're interested in completing the collection and receiving the rewards, click "I Want to Join!". After your first battle playing Tier V–X ships, you'll receive a container of the "High School Fleet" collection! I Want to Join    Asia      CIS(Ru)      EU      NA   Collection ● Special Content for World of Warships ● The High School Fleet Anime Series Collection The High School Fleet collection consists of 35 elements. It includes the crew of destroyer Harekaze and other characters who assisted them throughout their journey. The characters belong to various departments that form six corresponding sections in the collection: Bridge Crew Weapons Department Navigation Department Engineering Department Logistics Department Others Reward for completing the sections: the commemorative flag of the corresponding department. Final reward: permanent camouflage K117 for X Yamato, the Kure Maritime High School commemorative flag, and an achievement. Features of the permanent K117 camouflage for Yamato: −3% to the ...Special Rewards for Returning Players - German JauntNov 15, 2019 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/31013613/f6278681101d54afbcda2ea5b333043890cda447.jpg Been away from the game awhile? The seas are still calling to you! Until Nov 29, players who have been away from the game since Oct 18 or earlier can get the following just for logging in: 14-day Premium ship rental {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/31013613/5c621e67cc47237e35201fe7de304e294f539ebb.png 1,000,000 credits x2 Steam Containers x3 Steam Camouflages The rental ship and mission will vary depending on your previous battle experience. Skipper (1 - 100 Battles) {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/31013613/8e8aa8f46a1a461d4abb8b1ce68e475afa59d7ca.png Rental: VI Prinz Eitel Friedrich Captain (101 - 500 Battles) Rental: VII Scharnhorst Admiral (501+ Battles) Rental: VIII Tirpitz Cruisers: Branch ReviewNov 14, 2019 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/31013613/b149aa93dd6e52f0cb348247e8f8f8c3f9d20dfb.jpg The Tech Tree will soon welcome a new branch of ships. In Update 0.8.10, the Regia Marina’s cruisers are scheduled to exit Early Access and become freely available for all players to research. In this article, we'll cover the specific gameplay features of the new ships! Ship Branch Peculiarities ● Commander Skills and Upgrades ● Tactics Ship Branch Peculiarities Semi-armor-piercing shells Please note: the article indicates SAP shell ricochet angles applicable to the release of Update 0.8.10. In Update 0.8.9, shells fired by any Tier III–IX ships have a chance of ricocheting at angles of 65 degrees or higher. Starting from Tier II of the branch, the Regia Marina's researchable cruisers come armed with semi-armor-piercing (SAP) shells instead of HE shells. SAP shell features SAP shells may ricochet after hitting their target, but they have quite favorable ricochet angles—even better than those of the AP shells fired by British and American cruisers: Shells fired by II Nino Bixio have a chance of ricocheting at angles of 80 degrees or higher, and are guaranteed to ricochet at angles of 85 degrees or higher. Shells fired by any Tier III–IX ships have a chance of ricocheting at angles of 70 degrees or higher, and are guaranteed to ricochet at angles of 80 degrees or higher. Shells fired by X Venezia have a chance of ricocheting at angles of 75 degrees or higher, and are guaranteed to ricochet at angles of 80 degrees or higher. If your hit doesn't ricochet, the armor penetration mechanics are similar to those of HE shells: the thickness of the armor at the point of impact is compared with the shell penetration value. The shell deals damage if the penetration value is higher than, or equal to the thickness of the armor. SAP shells can penetrate thicker armor and cause greater damage than HE shells. The exact penetration value depends on the shell’s caliber, and the damage is determined by the shell's caliber and speed. They can't overpenetrate targets. They can't start fires on enemy ships. SAP shells have no limit in terms of the damage they can cause to destroyers. Before choosing which particular shell type to use for your attack, consider your target. SAP shells are most efficient against destroyers, battleships, and cruisers, with the latter being positioned at an angle to your ship. AP shells perform best against any cruiser...Update 0.8.10: “Resolute and Rapid”Nov 12, 2019 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/31013613/81a772e11e3d4cdf532178fcc323db73be3a2dc0.jpg Please note that the servers will be temporarily unavailable due to the release of an update. The schedule is available below. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/31013613/3e6535636dc39a0fd9993464040e04a90bb6c087.pngMaintenance times are tentative and subject to change. Please accept our apologies for any inconveniences. Asia 14.11.2019 05:00—8:00 UTC+8 2019-11-14 21:00—23:59 UTC CIS(Ru) 13.11.2019 05:00—10:00 MSK (UTC+3) 2019-11-13 02:00—07:00 UTC EU 14.11.2019 06:00—09:00 CET (UTC+1) 2019-11-14 05:00—08:00 UTC NA 13.11.2019 02:00 AM—05:00 AM PT (UTC—8) 2019-11-13 10:00—13:00 UTC The new update will go live some time after it's been downloaded because the client and server sides are updated separately. While the client begins to update immediately, it takes time for the servers to be updated across all regions. If there are problems with downloading or launching the update—please perform files integrity check. Subtitles can be enabled in the video player separately. The event dedicated to Italy continues! The Italian cruisers’ time in Early Access is over—they are now available to research for everyone! Players can also get their hands on the new "Resolute and Rapid" collection and a unique Italian historical Commander—Luigi Sansonetti—who possesses three special talents. Besides that, a new Season of Ranked Battles awaits you, as well as various technical improvements and much more! Italian Cruisers: Part 2 ● Raid for the Filth ● Ranked Battles ● Game Balance Changes ● Visual and Other Enhancements ● Co-op Battles Matchmaker ● Armory ● Battle Economics ● Content Additions and Changes ● Other Changes and Improvements Italian Cruisers: Part 2 The Italian arc continues! With the release of Update 0.8.10, the branch of Italian cruisers will become available for everyone to research. Update 0.8.10 welcomes a new collection dedicated to the Italian Navy. The collection consists of four sections, with four elements in each. The reward for completing the sections is {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/31013613/d2b68f7b0bdd7def79c6c7568ce03fad45f6e0c0.png1 day of Premium Account. The rewards for completing the entire collection are an achievement and the unique Italian Commander, Luigi Sansonetti, who possesses the following talents: Scorched by Fury—activates when you score the Confederate achievement and reduces the reload time of the main battery guns by 15%. Triumphant Haul—activates after you destroy an enemy ship and extends the main battery’s firing range by 8%. Can be activated once per battle. Desperate Resistance—activates after you score 100 main battery shell hit ribbons and prolongs the action time of all consumables by 10%. Can be activated once per battle. Besides the aforementioned talents, this Italian Commander enjoys two enhanced skills: Expert Loader and Torpedo Acceleration. Completion and RewardsNov 10, 2019 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/31013613/91ae6f1ef9ceafc68fddbc538c33c9359ba1bebd.jpg In Update 0.8.10, the new “Resolute and Rapid” collection dedicated to the Italian Navy is set to appear. This provides an excellent opportunity to refresh your memory about the available in-game collections and why it’s worthwhile to complete them. Why Should I Complete Collections? ● How Can I Complete Collections? ● What Collections and Rewards are Available? ● The “Resolute and Rapid” Collection Why Should I Complete Collections? Collections are an excellent way to discover some interesting historical facts and obtain some desirable rewards along the way in the form of permanent camos, Commanders, and other valuable in-game items and abilities. Collections are designed to inform players about the history of the naval forces, significant operations, and famous historical figures. Sometimes “unhistorical” collections appear in the game as well. They may be dedicated to collaborations with other brands (for example, the collection inspired by anime series High School Fleet), or focus on the World of Warships game itself. Collections are made up of various elements: coats of arms of warships and combat units; items dedicated to renowned personalities; weapons, ships and aircraft; insignias; and much more. Each image is accompanied by a detailed description. For players’ convenience, elements are divided into thematic sections, and when each collection section is completed, an additional reward is unlocked. When all the elements of a collection or section are in place, a window informing the player about the associated reward is displayed. The collection is marked with an icon stating that it’s "Complete," which means you can return to it anytime to read the information about its elements. How Can I Complete Collections? Where can I find my collections? In the Profile section of the Port. You gain access to each collection after obtaining its first element. Please note: the Collections tab won't be displayed if you have no collection items. Where can I get collection items? In most cases, you'll find collection items in containers of the same name. Clicking on a collection item that was dropped from a container will transfer you to the screen of the corresponding collection. But there are exceptions—for example, the items from a collection dedicated to World of Warships Anniversary in 2017 were issued for special achievements earned in battle. What is a subscription? You can subscribe to some of the collections. This way you can choose which large collections you want to actively collect. You can obtain the first elements of these collections in special containers. By activating a subscription, you’ll be able to find the rest of the collectibles in the following containers: More Credits, More Signals and Camouflages, More Consumables, More Resources and Try Your Luck. You can only...Weekly Combat Missions: MidwayNov 7, 2019 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/31013613/51d4f0d179f9f59c85fa35e1aaf36ce08b172bdb.jpg Captains! The coming week will provide you with the opportunity to complete a series of combat missions and receive valuable rewards for doing so. For more information about the month-spanning missions, bonuses, and rewards available during Update 0.8.9, check out the Combat Mission Briefing here. Midway Missions ● The War to End All Wars ● Nothing but Ones ● Italian Cruisers Midway Missions From your port to the silver screen -- Midway arrives on November 8. Get your tickets and learn the history behind the film! {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/31013613/23edac4be31639d3df6aa223d893655e4515616d.jpg{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/31013613/cde8350744ec383ad3eb22d2f03e8611843ad828.jpg{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/31013613/b47f9cb84ee638f34f14513198cfcd575c0f5039.jpg{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/31013613/95b3b729d2464a89d6f459c80c7bba58ba254390.jpg{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/31013613/56710b485fc081a74e599c80af2ac4ff28bd1458.jpg{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/31013613/e1314ffc15e98e42445f6a7c5f83cafffb22dff7.jpg{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/31013613/fa84bdf2c288cd97ac1e0c8e9097570d7632eba2.jpg{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/31013613/f90c5b131ba4131523a178208ddc95923913da9c.jpg{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/31013613/74338c1f286df94dbdfb17ab1559e4521cece06e.jpg{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/31013613/888c8c3b7982efb00e4e4fda3727485096822bf1.jpg With the epic story of the Battle of Midway hitting cinemas worldwide this week, and in light of the recent discovery of the wrecks of Japanese aircraft carriers Akagi and Kaga by the R/V Petrel research ship, we've put together a special pair of combat missions. These missions and their rewards will give you a chance to relive the momentous struggle for Midway Atoll and get a taste of U.S. and Japanese Navy carrier tactics for yourself. Click the button below to participate and then play the new missions at your own pace. Or open the news inside the game and click there. Participate AsiaCIS(Ru)EUNA As the Battle of Midway took place between June 4–7, 1942, these missions call on you to earn 47,642 base XP playing both USN and IJN ships. Once you've reached the goal, you’ll get a full day's rental of a Tier VIII Premium aicraft carrier: VIII Saipan when you complete the American mission, and VIII Kaga when you finish the Japanese one. Alongside each of the 1-day carriers, you’ll also get a 6-skill point Commander who you can keep permanently. Please note: if you already own either or both aircraft car...Experience Midway - The History Behind the MovieNov 6, 2019 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/31013613/bcad9e75fa18da7edc826ae6843507684ee7459f.jpg From your port to the silver screen -- Midway arrives on November 8. Get your tickets and learn the history behind the film! Learn more {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/31013613/23edac4be31639d3df6aa223d893655e4515616d.jpg{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/31013613/cde8350744ec383ad3eb22d2f03e8611843ad828.jpg{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/31013613/b47f9cb84ee638f34f14513198cfcd575c0f5039.jpg{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/31013613/95b3b729d2464a89d6f459c80c7bba58ba254390.jpg{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/31013613/56710b485fc081a74e599c80af2ac4ff28bd1458.jpg{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/31013613/e1314ffc15e98e42445f6a7c5f83cafffb22dff7.jpg{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/31013613/fa84bdf2c288cd97ac1e0c8e9097570d7632eba2.jpg{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/31013613/f90c5b131ba4131523a178208ddc95923913da9c.jpg{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/31013613/74338c1f286df94dbdfb17ab1559e4521cece06e.jpg{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/31013613/888c8c3b7982efb00e4e4fda3727485096822bf1.jpg By the summer of 1942, Japan had strongly consolidated its positions in the Pacific, and the Imperial Japanese Navy had been striving to accomplish two parallel missions: to push the protective barrier farther from their borders, and to obliterate the enemy's fleet in a decisive battle. The Japanese command saw a chance to fulfill both these missions at once when their attention was caught by a small Midway Atoll. There was a hard-surface aerodrome on the atoll; if the Japanese captured it, they could establish a fine intermediate base on the Americans' doorstep, thus opening up a way to Pearl Harbor. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/31013613/526cd6fd12dd0f107a954a182f94170aa6f78308.jpg By the end of May, Admiral Yamamoto had thought over his plan several times, and ordered the start of an operation. Task forces were dispatched to sea one after another. The Japanese hoped for a sudden strike and superiority of forces. However, Commander in Chief of the Pacific Fleet, Nimitz, had his own ace in the hole: his code breakers had decoded the Japanese code, and so could decipher a part of Japanese transmissions. Moreover, the Navy HQ were receiving a lot of reports on the movements of Yamamoto's forces, thus adding to the overall picture. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/31013613/f8e2d98dbf682f3c088b6d5983fdb0297bd9874f.jpg The 1st Air Fleet, headed by Admiral Nagumo, was the primary strike force in the upcoming operation. The squadron’s aircraft carriers—Akagi, Kaga, Hiryū and Sōryū—had already caused a lot of trouble for the allied forces. The Japanese forces stood up to the 16th and 17th task forces with three aircraft carriers, USS Enterprise, USS Hornet, and USS Yorktown, commanded by Admirals Spruance and Fletcher. The initial contact occurred on June 3, at 9:04 AM local time, when a patrol aircraft detected a Japanese transport squadron 500 miles southwest of Midway. Shortly after, another recon aircraft spotted the main Japanese forces 700 miles west of the island. At noon, 6 heavy B-17 bombers set off to intercept the main Japanese forces; around 4:40 PM the ...Dry Dock: ThundererNov 5, 2019 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/31013613/0a7a38e665f8371afce6cf824b72dd1acdd7f6fa.jpg World of Warships is the largest virtual shipyard in the world. The quality of the work done by our artists improves each year, and the requirements for the accuracy of the models they create grow respectively. Unfortunately, the in-game camera doesn't allow you to see all their details and beauty. In the Dry Dock show, you'll be able to see the refined beauty of our in-game models and duly appreciate the immaculate details of the various objects on their decks. Today, we're focusing on a special Premium Tier X ship from the branch of British battleships—Thunderer. The project of the Royal Navy battleship with reinforced firepower was designed taking into account the experience British shipbuilders gained during World War II. The ship is armed with 457 mm main battery guns that were developed in the early 1920s and were the most powerful British naval artillery systems. Take a look at the British battleship from an unusual angle in the latest episode of Dry Dock! Are you enjoying the show? Subscribe to our channel to stay informed about the next instalments! Subscribe to the ChannelArmada: Z-39Nov 3, 2019 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/31013613/7e355b307588a50d9d8b35d0ff958e74a3210e68.jpg Destroyer Z-39 was one of the last ships of her type to be built for the Kriegsmarine. She served in the navies of three countries: Germany, the U.S.A., and France. Now you have the chance to take command of her in World of Warships! History In early 1939, Germany adopted the so-called "Plan Z" that provided for building a large surface fleet. Under this plan, 68 destroyers were to be constructed, eight of which were ordered to be built as per the 1936A design. These were large ships with a full water displacement of almost 3,700 tons, and their main feature was artillery armament with a caliber of 150 mm—usually typical of cruisers. There were no other countries in the world where shipbuilders mounted guns of such a large caliber on destroyers. By the time World War II broke out, the execution of Plan Z had only just commenced. It was in September 1939 that Krupp's Germaniawerft shipyards in Kiel received the order for four destroyers, including Z-39. The new ships had to be built within the limitations of wartime budgets and utilize simplified technology, which is why the project was codenamed 1936A (Mob) meaning "mobilization." Construction progressed slowly. The shipbuilders experienced shortages of materials, the shipyards were busy repairing ships damaged in battle, and their qualified personnel were sent to naval bases in France and Norway. This resulted in Z-39’s construction schedule being set back by almost a year. The destroyer was launched in December 1941, but she was commissioned only in August 1943. By that time it had become apparent that project 1936A needed to be significantly elaborated. Her five 150 mm main guns turned out to be too heavy and adversely affected the ship's seagoing performance. Apart from that, her AA armament was too weak. Prior to the beginning of 1944, the ship hadn’t even put out to sea, and yet she underwent the necessary overhaul to fix these issues. In the process, she was stripped of her No.3 main battery gun, which allowed her AA armament to be further reinforced. In 1944, the ship took part in minelaying operations in the Baltic Sea while attached to the 4th destroyer flotilla, and shelled Soviet positions from time to time. In June 1944, off the coast of Paldiski, the ship was damaged during a Soviet air raid. After being transported to Kiel for repairs, the ship again suffered damage during an attack by British bombers. Due to a lack of the necessary personnel and materials for repairs, as well as a critical shortage of fuel, the ship was only able to return to active service in late March, 1945. During the final months of the war, Z-39 continued to provide fire support for the retreating German forces, and escorted transport ships carrying garrisons and refugees being evacuated from the Baltic coast. On May 10, 1945, the destroyer was decommissioned from the navy in Kiel. After that, the ship became a prize of war for the Alli...This is Halloween!Oct 31, 2019 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/31013613/a7a01ad2cb5f709446d03426b8cd256d91d41d32.jpg Welcome to a new game mode called Raid for the Filth! A Portal to another dimension has opened up inside our game. Dare you step through the gate into another world to engage in a brutal fight against the forces of darkness? How will you fare against other treasure hunters, and will you stand up to dangerous enemies, the destruction of which could grant you treasures beyond belief? Will you employ the dark magic of the other world, or stick to conventional technologies? The choice is yours! Learn the backstory of the new Halloween phase and get ready to raid! Time to scare 'em all! On the scariest night of the year, your opponents should be afraid to even cast a glance at your ship! New Infernal camouflages are available in the Premium Shop. They can be mounted on any battleship, cruiser, or destroyer of a certain Tier, and the camo will remain assigned to the selected ship! Permanent camouflages and Commanders from the new Raid for the Filth mode are also at your service. If you want it all, and you want it now, a bundle with all the new Halloween camos and Commanders is available for you at a humongous discount! {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/31013613/3e6535636dc39a0fd9993464040e04a90bb6c087.png Bundles are available for purchase until Wed. 20 Nov. 06:00 CET (UTC+1) The Most Gruesome Bundle of the Year –40% Permanent Infernal camouflage for Tier VIII ships Permanent Infernal camouflage for Tier IX ships Permanent Infernal camouflage for Tier X ships Permanent Mutantovsk camouflage for X Khabarovsk Commander Dr. van Shuboff with 10 skill points Permanent Scorpioid camouflage for X Yamato Commander Chernomor the Terrible with 10 skill points Permanent Сrocosaur camouflage for X Montana Commander Skull Teufel with 10 skill points Permanent Angler camouflage for 29, 2019 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/31013613/b81ed4a0cf84846484c8b36bd7b36cab3c350927.jpg Please note that the servers will be temporarily unavailable due to the release of an update. The schedule is available below. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/31013613/3e6535636dc39a0fd9993464040e04a90bb6c087.pngMaintenance times are tentative and subject to change. Please accept our apologies for any inconveniences. Asia 30.10.2019 05:00—7:00 UTC+8 2019-10-30 21:00—23:00 UTC CIS(Ru) 30.10.2019 05:00—07:00 MSK (UTC+3) 2019-10-30 02:00—05:00 UTC EU 30.10.2019 06:00—08:00 CET (UTC+1) 2019-10-30 05:00—07:00 UTC NA 29.10.2019 03:00 AM—06:00 AM PT (UTC—7) 2019-10-29 10:00—13:00 UTC The new update will go live some time after it's been downloaded because the client and server sides are updated separately. While the client begins to update immediately, it takes time for the servers to be updated across all regions. If there are problems with downloading or launching the update—please perform files integrity check. Raid for the Filth Go into battle on special ships, collect the Filth, and exchange it for valuable rewards in the Armory. A new type of battle has been added to the game - Twilight Battle. Players are credited with Steel Lancet, Maverick, Rust Nightfall and commanders with 19 skill points. Players also get access to a special tech tree. Halloween section added to the Armory. Read about the rules of the new mode and available rewards here! Bug Fixes: The spaceport has returned to the game client. Fixed a bug that caused players to lose control of the keyboard when switching to spectator mode in some cases. Fixed bug that caused the game client to freeze when trying to close the game in full-screen mode. Fixed an error that prevented the game world from being loaded and resulted in a "black screen". ːcozywowsshipː Join Steam group chat ːwowsheheː Recruiting Station ːwowsyesː Recommend the game Halloween: Raid for the Filth!Oct 28, 2019 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/31013613/b26cc51e4a65782566c11781344cbb024f7126b5.jpg The second phase of our Halloween celebrations begins. Get ready to enjoy the new Raid for the Filth game mode, which will see three teams scrambling for a very precious resource; new permanent camouflages for Tier VIII–X ships; and an array of other rewards. A Portal to another dimension has opened up inside our game. Dare you step through the gate into another world to engage into a brutal fight against the forces of darkness and compete with other treasure hunters? Welcome to a new game mode called Raid for the Filth! In this article, we'll tell you about the rules of the new mode, features of the new event ships, and rewards available in the Armory. Overview ● Rewards ● New type of permanent camouflage ● Rules of the Mode ● Collecting Filth ● Event Ships Overview In the new mode, three teams of three players each fight against each other and a horde of dark forces controlled by AI. It’s possible to participate in the Raid for the Filth as part of a Division. Enter battle on the unique ships of a new temporary nation! Players will have three branches available: destroyers, cruisers, and battleships, with three ships in each branch. All the ships have their own special features and consumables. The main task is to collect the new resource—Filth—from special zones on the map and from the wreckage of sunk ships. Filth can be exchanged for rewards in the Armory. There are no winners or losers in the new mode: a battle’s success is defined by the amount of Filth collected by the entire team. Exit through the Portal at the center of the map when it opens to finish the battle. Bring a haul of Filth back to your world and add it to the team's spoils. If you perish or fail to escape through the Portal before the end of the battle, you'll score only a part of the Filth you collected for your team. Rewards A new tab—Halloween—has been added to the Armory. Exchange Filth for credits or one of three types of random bundles. All the rewards are visible in advance: the bundles’ contents and their amounts are displayed when viewing the currently available bundle. After each exchange, you’ll be able to see the contents of a new random bundle. Having collected all the bundles, you're guaranteed to have obtained all the available rewards. Types of random bundles Halloween Ghost: 18 bundles are available, with one of them including the Infernal permanent camouflage for Tier VIII ships. Cost: 500 Filth. Halloween Demon: 21 bundles are available, with one of them including the Infernal permanent camouflage for Tier IX ships. Cost: 2,000 Filth. Halloween Monster: 24 bundles are available, with one of them including the Infernal permanent camouflage for Tier X ships. Cost: 8,000 Filth. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/31013613/d52b75918ed2c7c0dbe6bb3150e2316307bd2a21.jpg Thus, if you extract at least 1,000 Filth per battle from your excursions through the Portal, you'll only need to play 8–10 battles in order...Naval Legends: U-995Oct 27, 2019 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/31013613/ae6066ab8214146dd7704f715cd42c2029db52ee.jpg Today, she’s permanently berthed in Laboe Naval Memorial, where she serves as a museum U-boat. VII-class submarines alarmed even Winston Churchill himself, and presented a substantial threat to Allied vessels in the Atlantic Ocean in the early 1940s. This is perhaps one of the world's most numerous classes of boats in terms of units built. What military history can the U-995 submarine boast of? Watch our video to find out! Did you like the video? Subscribe to our channel to stay tuned for new episodes! Subscribe to the Channel ːcozywowsshipː Join Steam group chat ːwowsheheː Recruiting Station ːwowsyesː Recommend the game Claim your Recruitment Points and Start Earning Rewards!Oct 25, 2019 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/31013613/b5d4c6cc2a8aaa672c0e0ee1d28723d6257fcac7.jpg Get started with 50 Recruitment Points, on us! Use the Recruiting Station – Get Valuable Rewards! Did you know that you can earn 15 Premium Ships, along with mountains of Doubloons and other resources without spending a dime? All you need to do is invite friends with a Recruiting Station link, stock up on the in-game currency – Points – and play. It's easier than you think! Rewards {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/31013613/2e85d14b0cc58f74402b498dba58c6a4d03587eb.jpg The two main Rewards for participating in the Recruiting Station are: Recruitment Points How to Earn: Earned mostly by playing battles with your Recruits, and every time your Recruits play a battle. Where to use: Can be spent in-game, much like any Armory currency: on your Port Screen, go to 'Your Account', then click on the 'Recruiting Station' tab. Rewards: Can be exchanged for Recruiting Station Containers, which can hold anything from Premium Ships, to Doubloons and Coal! Doubloon Cashback Requirements: Recruit at least 2 players into World of Warships. through the Recruiting Station. Rewards: Each time any one of your recruits makes a purchase in the Premium Shop, you will receive 10% of the value of that purchase in the form of Doubloons. How to get: If one of your Recruits makes a purchase in the Premium Shop, you will be able to claim your Doubloons at the start of the month, at least 30 days after the purchase was made. Claim your Rewards! Did you also know that since the launch of the Recruiting Station in June 2019, a large amount of Doubloons and Recruitment Points have been left unclaimed by the Recruiters that earned them? + 1,830,000 Unclaimed Doubloons How to Claim your Rewards 1. Log in to the Recruiting Station Open through the World of Warships Client {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/31013613/33f0c2f95711b276d9ed3e9598bda9344e025133.jpg Or log in on our website {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/31013613/975c4995c35eccd488ed8ed864d310db1aff06fc.jpg 2. At the start of each month, you will get a pop-up prompting you to claim your Doubloons as soon as you log in. 3. To claim your Recruitment Points, click on the 'Rewards' on the left of your screen. Easy Pickings The main way to earn Recruitment Points, like all resources in World of Warships, is through battle! But before you rev up your engines, be sure to grab youself some freebies! 1. Send 3 invitations x1 FREE Junior Recruiting Stat...Clan Battles Season: Crash Zone AlphaOct 23, 2019 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/31013613/557ec6c71b4488098364be7cd4a32374b61ae497.jpg On October 23, the seventh Clan Battles Season starts, offering a great opportunity to obtain Steel and other valuable rewards. This publication will tell you about the main rules and rewards of the Season. We'll also tell you what Clans are, why it’s a great idea to join one, and what in-game bonuses they can provide. Clans ● Clan Battles ● Clan Brawls ● Rules of the Seventh Season ● Rewards ● Combat Missions in Leagues ● Other Combat Missions ● Clan Treasury ● Maps ● Clan Ships Clans What’s a Clan, and why should I join one? A Clan is a community of players who want to play together. Having joined a Clan, you'll be entitled to regular economic bonuses, and you'll always have a team of players willing to fight in a Division, complete Operations, or take part in Clan Battles with you. You can either apply to join an existing Clan, or establish your own in the special Clan section in the Port. Under the Recommendations tab, you can indicate your personal playing preferences and preferred language for communication. The game will present you with a list of Clans that meet the specified criteria. Please note: to join a Clan and participate in Clan Battles, players need to unlock them in their Service Records. Doing so requires 200 battles to have been played in any accessible battle mode. Naval Base The Naval Base acts as the virtual territory of a Clan in the Port. Here, the Clan's leaders can build various structures that provide bonuses for all Clan members. The details of the bonus itself depend on the type and level of the structure. To build structures, Clans require a special resource—Oil. This can be earned by participating in various Clan activities or obtained from most types of in-game containers. Naval Base structures can provide the following bonuses: Discount on the cost of researchable ships—up to 15% Reduction of the cost of all ships' post-battle service—up to 15% Increase in the amount of XP gained per battle—up to 5% Increase in the amount of Commander XP gained per battle—up to 10% Increase in the amount of Free XP gained per battle—up to 25% Increase in the amount of Coal gained—up to 10% Increase in the amount of Steel gained—up to 10% Example: the Coal Port structure at Level 3 increases the amount of Coal the Clan obtains. Thus, opening a daily container with {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/31013613/d2a834d5cd113949cdb3f44cc7802c875a87e8ce.png400 Coal would actually mean {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/31013613/d2a834d5cd113949cdb3f44cc7802c875a87e8ce.png440 Coal is dropped with this structure built. Clan Treasury The Clan Treasury is a place where the Clan's in-game resources are stored. Members can replenish these resources by participating in various Clan activities. Clan leaders can di...Armada: BłyskawicaOct 20, 2019 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/31013613/61c57a4456c71e7390a8931cf2d9a9c348b363d2.jpg Destroyer Błyskawica was one of the most powerful and fastest ships of her type built in the 1930s. She took part in the battle for Norway and the landings in Normandy, defended British cities from the raids of German bombers, and hunted for submarines. After World War II, the ship remained in service in the Navy of the Polish People’s Republic until 1976, becoming a museum ship afterwards. Błyskawica is the world's oldest surviving destroyer. Now you have a chance to take command of her in World of Warships! History In the early 1930s, the small Polish Navy was in great need of new modern warships. In May 1933, Rear Admiral Jerzy Świrski, the Commander of the Polish Navy, announced a tender for the construction of two new destroyers. It was originally planned that French shipbuilders, who had already built two Wicher-class destroyers for the Polish Navy (based on the design of the Bourrasque-class ships), would do the job. However, negotiations with all the French shipyards failed. In early 1934, the order was offered to Swedish shipbuilders, but they rejected it as well. Finally, in 1935, the Poles chose the British project proposed by the famous J. Samuel White company. In September of the same year, the construction of two ships began at the shipyards in Cowes in the south of England. The ships received their names in accordance with the traditions for Polish Navy destroyers—in honor of weather phenomena: Grom (Polish for "thunder") and Błyskawica (Polish for "lightning"). The new class of destroyers turned out to be extremely powerful. Błyskawica, which entered service on November 25, 1937, was armed with seven 120 mm main battery guns (more than some World War I cruisers), two twin 40 mm AA guns, four twin machine gun mounts, two triple torpedo tubes, and a large reserve of depth charges. Most of the weapons were made in Sweden. On top of the aforementioned features, the new Polish ship reached speeds of up to 39 knots during her trials, beating other similarly armed destroyers of that period, such as the British Tribal-class destroyers. This was achieved at the price of reduced seakeeping characteristics, but they were still considered sufficient for the Baltic Sea. Just prior to the outbreak of World War II, Błyskawica, Grom, and an older French-built destroyer, Burza, were transferred from the Baltic to the U.K. Błyskawica joined the British Navy as an Allied ship, taking part in battles under the Polish flag. The destroyer debuted in combat just a week after the war began—on September 7, 1939. Błyskawica attacked a German submarine, but without success. However, the real action for the Polish sailors began in April and May 1940, when their ship took part in the Norwegian campaign. Błyskawica bombarded German positions, managed to shoot down two aircraft, and returned to the U.K. safe and sound. Grom wasn't so lucky—she was destroyed during a German bomber raid. Rig...WoWS Show: Musashi’s RevengeOct 18, 2019 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/31013613/cb9ee4c725b0623370ccb5b1067804ccd2f70350.jpg IX Georgia’s Japanese anti-torpedo defense! Shock! Is I Orlan overpowered? Discover VII Vauquelin’s true power! IX Musashi strikes back! Would you like to discover what’s behind these stories? Then watch the new episode of the WoWS Show! Did you enjoy this episode? Subscribe to our channel to stay informed about the next instalments! Subscribe to the Channel How does one send a replay to our show? You need to log in to the website using your Wargaming account credentials. Then click the "Upload Replay" button and share your in-game stories! Don't forget to write the names of the show and your ship in the "Title" section, to ensure that we don't miss your replay. Example: #WOWSHOW (Tirpitz). How do we select replays for our show? To be approved for our show, a replay should correspond to the following criteria: Duration of an episode or a pack of mini episodes shouldn't exceed one minute. Episodes should be funny, interesting, or just plain epic. The more entertaining; the better! Any player can send us an unlimited number of replays. Players will receive a reward for every replay chosen for the show! ːcozywowsshipː Join Steam group chat ːwowsheheː Recruiting Station ːwowsyesː Recommend the game Halloween: Nightmare OperationsOct 16, 2019 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/31013613/766f95ada68003260ed399109399e5854cc5ab99.jpg In the dark night that bridges October 31 and November 1, hordes of dismal evil creatures squeeze out of their shelters and creep all around the earth, set on conquering new lands! But don’t be afraid—World of Warships Commanders are out on the hunt for them in the name of glorious tradition. Last year's Operations and a new game mode are coming soon! This year, we are celebrating Halloween in two phases: The first takes place throughout Update 0.8.9. It will mark the return of the Saving Transylvania and Sunray in the Darkness Operations. The second takes place between October 31 and November 28. You'll be able to try out a new game mode—Raid for the Filth! From this article, you'll learn about what changes to expect in comparison with last year's Operations and new rewards. We'll provide you more details about the new mode in a separate dedicated article. Stay tuned for news on our website! Both Operations will be available as Operations of the Week. They can be completed in a Division at three different difficulty levels. Having completed the Operations, you'll be rewarded with expendable camos, signals, and Warships Premium Account time. This year, you'll be able to try your hand in the Operations in a Division, not only at the Normal and Hard difficulty settings, but also at Super Hard difficulty. The first completion of a Super Hard Operation with three stars or more will bring you Halloween 2018 Premium containers. These might include expendable camos, doubloons, Free XP, and a certain chance of dropping permanent Halloween camos from the previous years. Saving Transylvania ● Sunray in the Darkness ● Halloween Containers {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/31013613/2b03ed0a108c21afe5ffc8adf8c4abf491b8b01e.jpg Saving Transylvania Operation Saving Transylvania is available at Normal difficulty as an Operation of the Week from October 17 to 24, and from October 31 to November 7. Also, the Operation can be completed in a Division of 4–7 people throughout Update 0.8.9. The main task is to escort a ship called Transylvania on her winding route to a safe place, protecting her from the attacks of catapults and Zikasa ships possessed by the darkness on the way. At the end of this journey, players will face the final boss—the evil and dangerous battleship Rasputin. In order to play Operation Saving Transylvania, players will be provided with the following ships manned by Commanders with 19 skill points: Destroyer III Blade with Commander Abraham V. Hellsinger Cruiser 0.8.9: Italian cruisersOct 15, 2019 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/31013613/e1bd09346885e59276c63f61a0fcd52e5335b593.jpg Please note that the servers will be temporarily unavailable due to the release of an update. The schedule is available below. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/31013613/3e6535636dc39a0fd9993464040e04a90bb6c087.pngMaintenance times are tentative and subject to change. Please accept our apologies for any inconveniences. Asia 17.10.2019 05:00—8:00 UTC+8 2019-10-16 21:00—23:59 UTC CIS(Ru) 16.10.2019 05:00—10:00 MSK (UTC+3) 2019-10-16 02:00—07:00 UTC EU 17.10.2019 07:00—10:00 CEST (UTC+2) 2019-10-17 05:00—08:00 UTC NA 16.10.2019 03:00 AM—06:00 AM PT (UTC—7) 2019-10-16 10:00—13:00 UTC The new update will go live some time after it's been downloaded because the client and server sides are updated separately. While the client begins to update immediately, it takes time for the servers to be updated across all regions. If there are problems with downloading or launching the update—please perform files integrity check. Subtitles can be enabled in the video player separately. Update 0.8.9 kicks off a cycle of updates dedicated to Italy! Let’s talk about what it’s bringing with it. Italian Tier V–VIII cruisers in Early Access; the return of some familiar Halloween Operations; a new temporary game mode—Raid for the Filth—with three teams in each battle; a new Season of Clan Battles; and much more! Italian Cruisers ● Halloween ● Clan Battles ● Changes to the Spotting and Detectability System ● Game Balance Changes ● Technical Improvements ● New content ● Other improvements and fixes Italian Cruisers {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/31013613/94591bd308e5a4b251a871335f45325fa6e427e8.jpg Italian Tier V–VIII cruisers are set to arrive in Early Access. How does the new branch stand out? Excellent maneuverability Starting from Tier VI, cruisers are equipped with powerful 203 mm guns Semi-armor-piercing (SAP) shells that combine the features of both AP and HE shells The Exhaust Smoke Generator consumable that can conceal a ship in smoke without it having to reduce speed Complete Directives to earn "Italian Cruisers" containers which have a certain chance of dropping a combat mission that unlocks Early Access to one of the Italian cruisers: V Raimondo Montecuccoli, VI Trento,