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Devstream 177 RecapFeb 23, 2024 - Community AnnouncementsDevstream 177 was chock-full of exciting (and intriguing!) new announcements, including an in-depth look at the next Warframe update: Dante Unbound. We also unveiled new information about our upcoming 11 Year Anniversary celebration, as well as the official ticket sale dates for TennoCon 2024, and much more. Since March is stuffed with so many amazing things to look forward to, we’ve compiled a list of the latest developments for you to track during the month ahead. Warframe on iOS Launch {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/4437469/47b3fccfd98d4c55bd03045ba26315aab6d6e61a.png Enjoy Warframe on-the-go this March thanks to the recent launch of Warframe on iOS, featuring fully-integrated Cross Platform Play and Cross Platform Save features.* The launch was accompanied by the introduction of the new Starter Weapon Pack, available to all Tenno regardless of their preferred platform. *Note: Some Cross Platform Save features may be affected by server overload at this time. Are you an Android owner? Be the first to learn more details about Warframe on Android by pre-registering at Dante Unbound Launches In March {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/4437469/2fedb199a66fa4a2a2dcd315c18184d75eacbed1.png The follow-up to last year’s successful Whispers in the Walls will arrive on all platforms next month – stay tuned for an exact date! This upcoming update will see you aid both Loid and Drusus in protecting the Leverian against the greedy, grofit-seeking clutches of Parvos Granum. This “Echoes”-style update includes our 56th Warframe (and Drusus’ old assistant): the Orokin Scribe, Dante. You’ll also get to enjoy a new Styanax Deluxe Skin, an improved Disruption gamemode in the Entrati Labs, a rework for Inaros, new Incarnon Weapons, QOL improvements, and more. Dante Unbound also marks the return of TennoGen with a new collection: TennoGen Unbound. TennoCon 2024 Ticket Sales {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/4437469/c0a47eaff2bc05d3893c73bf0d9064032609ace7.png Mark your calendars and set your alarms: tickets for TennoCon 2024 will be available for purchase beginning March 28! We will also start accepting submissions for this year’s Cosplay Contest and Community Showcase. Not only are we adding an additional date to this year’s show, we’re also inviting all attendees to join us for a special TennoCon edition of TennoVIP on July 19 from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. ET at RBC Place London in London, Ontario, Canada. We’ll have more details when the official TennoCon 2024 microsite goes live on March 28. 11 Year Anniversary {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/4437469/be9e5a5b2e22bacc68e210a7d1cfdf077f6f309d.png The month of March will also see the launch of our Anniversary campaign, celebrating 11 years of innovating and community-building as we look ahead to a very bright future for Warframe. We’ll be offering a brand new Dex Nikana Melee Weapon to all players just for logging in. You can also earn previous Anniversary-themed Dex Rewards by completing weekly in-game Alerts, and earn fantastic new Glyphs f...Dante Unbound launches in MarchFeb 23, 2024 - Community AnnouncementsProtectors of knowledge and keepers of history, rally under Drusus’ banner! The curator and caretaker of the Leverian calls on you to defend it from Parvos Granum and his Corpus interlopers. You must return to Deimos and the Entrati Labs in Dante Unbound, coming this March. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/4437469/c8b6b94104b3d76d59fce2d7b89c3f3067743df6.png As we showed on Devstream 177, Dante Unbound brings with it a brand-new Warframe, Dante, as well as a new Disruption Mission variant, brand-new customizations like the Styanax Tonatiuh Collection, Warframe Augments, Incarnon Weapons and so much more! Learn more about Dante Unbound in our Devstream 177 Recap and stay tuned for a full reveal and release date announcement in the coming weeks.TennoCon 2024 TicketsFeb 23, 2024 - Community AnnouncementsTennoCon 2024 will take place on July 19 and July 20 for a show that’s even bigger, better, and more packed than last year! This time we’re including a TennoVIP community event before the main show, expanding this year’s convention across two dates for the first time ever. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/4437469/c0a47eaff2bc05d3893c73bf0d9064032609ace7.png We’ll have more details on ticket tiers, digital goodies and all the info on the new two-day event very soon, so stay tuned. We can’t wait to see you for another incredible TennoCon again this year!Warframe on iOS Available NowFeb 20, 2024 - Community AnnouncementsMany of you have had your calendars marked for some time now, but for any Tenno who might have missed it, Warframe is now available on iOS worldwide! Check out our exciting launch trailer below for a glimpse of what to expect: Continue your journey through the Origin System, wherever you play! More than 10 years of Warframe content is now literally at your fingertips in a faithful mobile format you need to experience to believe. With Cross Platform Play and Cross Platform Save fully implemented, you can link up with your Squadmates anytime, anywhere, and maintain your progress across the platform(s) of your choice. Stay tuned for more information on when Warframe Mobile releases on Android devices by pre-registering at Weapon Pack Available NowFeb 20, 2024 - Community AnnouncementsOutfit your Arsenal with the powerful Aeolak Primary Weapon and Max Rank Serration Mod! The Starter Weapon Pack is an excellent value for new players looking to jumpstart the fight with a little extra kick. This pack features: - Aeolak Rifle at Max Rank - Serration Mod at Max Rank - 100 Platinum {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/4437469/1f1a83e7d91b95c803f5ce3d4bf5db88080f4ee3.png This pack may only be purchased once per account.Warframe is making the leap to mobile when it comes to iOS next weekFeb 18, 2024 - VG247Warframe is expanding its horizons next week, as the free-to-play third-person shooter makes its way to iOS. It seems that more and more, having some kind of mobile presence is the future for the biggest games out there, with even giants like Elden Ring potentially getting the Genshin Impact treatment. Right now, though, Digital Extremes has announced that Warframe is coming to iOS, and it's not actually very far off its release - you'll be able to play the long-running live service title on iOS devices February 20, now just a couple of days away. As detailed by Digital Extremes in a blog post, this port offers "more than 10 years of Warframe content," in a "faithful mobile format you need to experience to believe." Important to note is that if you're a longtime Warframe player, and you want to make the jump to mobile, you won't need to start over - Warframe has cross platform save, meaning if you like to play it on say PC and PlayStation, you can switch between the two platforms while retaining your progress. This cross platform save feature is staying with the mobile port too, so you'll be able to play the game pretty much anywhere now (unless you were already playing it on Switch, which kind of let you do that anyway). Read more Prime Resurgence Feb 15, 2024 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/4437469/ab560c65b676309faadd5b67d3c7688bfd28dbea.pngThe ear-shattering siren meets a deadly illusionist in the latest Prime Resurgence rotation! Banshee Prime and Mirage Prime are back with their Prime Weapons and signature Prime Accessories. Add them to your Arsenal instantly through the power of Regal Aya. Coming Soon: Devstream #177Feb 14, 2024 - Community AnnouncementsTenno! Join us on February 23rd at 2 p.m. ET for Devstream #177! The team has some exciting dates to share, as well as a further deep dive into our next major update: Dante Unbound! Don’t miss out on the gameplay reveal of our 56th Warframe: Dante, a look at the upcoming Entrati Disruption gamemode, an overview of new Warframe Augments, a breakdown of the Inaros Rework, and much more. Earn yourself an Archon Shard Twitch Drop by tuning in! See you at on February 23rd at 2 p.m ET.TennoVIP at PAX East 2024Feb 13, 2024 - Community AnnouncementsHeading to PAX East 2024 for some fun, Tenno? What a coincidence! So are we. Digital Extremes will swing through Boston for two exciting events in and around this year’s show. It starts with our live, in-person Devstream 178 panel followed by our first TennoVIP event of the year! Check out the sections below for further information on what to expect from Warframe at PAX East 2024. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/4437469/bcc9acfa4c3e59ff3ae4763c073a6902debd174f.jpg Devstream 178 details Devstream 178 will be broadcast live from the Main Theatre at PAX East on March 22 at 3 p.m. ET. Join Creative Director Rebecca Ford and Community Director Megan Everett, along with some special guests we won't reveal just yet, to discover what new excitement awaits you in Warframe! There will be even more in-depth details to share once we get closer to the event. Don’t worry if you can’t attend in person, either! The Devstream will still be livestreamed for all to enjoy at home as per usual. TennoVIP event details After the Devstream, you can join us at MJ O’Connor's Irish Pub on March 22 from 6 p.m. ET until 10 p.m. ET! We’ll be hosting a special TennoVIP meet and greet for select players. Meet members of the Digital Extremes team, such as Warframe Creative Director Rebecca Ford and Community Director Megan Everett, along with fellow Tenno for an evening of food, drinks, karaoke, tabletop board games, giveaways, and a unique opportunity to chat all things Warframe with friends! Please note that this is a first-come, first-served event with reasonably limited capacity. Try to reserve a ticket only if you're sure you can attend! You do not need a PAX East badge to join us at TennoVIP. Attendees must be 21 years of age or older with a valid ID and ticket required at the door to enter. Tickets are limited to two per reservation. So, if you'll be in Boston and want to say hi, get your tickets now before they're gone! It's sure to be a night of wonderful memories and fun times.Enter our Warframe giveaway to create your dream keyboardFeb 8, 2024 - PCGamesNThere aren't many games like Warframe that give players the freedom to create a deadly ninja. Customizing your ninja can be tricky as you have to consider your bio-metal suit (otherwise known as a Warframe), which weapons and blades to bring, and what skills might be needed to get the job done. Our latest giveaway doesn't make designing the perfect Warframe any easier, but it will help to make your desk look better. Read the rest of the story... RELATED LINKS: Warframe isn't getting a samurai frame, yet The new Warframe is here, and he's perfect Warframe overtakes Counter-Strike 2 as Steam's top-selling game Now available: Cavia Floof Makeship - Bird 3Feb 7, 2024 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/4437469/eb381396089ecacfe9301fbe7e018b7fe6cb3659.pngUp next in our lineup of IRL Floofs from the Cavia Syndicate: Bird 3! Give a plush, new life to one of the most beloved characters from Whispers in the Walls… literally! Building upon the recent success of our Fibonacci Floof campaign, we’re now turning to another member of the Cavia Syndicate: Bird 3. Bird 3 might come off a little high-strung, but that’s nothing your companionship can’t fix! Visit the Makeship campaign page to place your order today.Prime Resurgence EventFeb 1, 2024 - Community AnnouncementsThe Prime Resurgence Event is going out with a system-spanning bang! Every Prime Warframe available from prior rotations, along with Rhino Prime and Nyx Prime, is returning for a limited time. Over the next two weeks, a total of 14 Prime Warframes and their signature Accessories will be up for grabs courtesy of Varzia Dax in Maroo’s Bazaar on Mars! This final rotation of the Prime Resurgence Event lasts from now until February 15 at 2 p.m. ET. Last Chance Rotation: Mesa Prime Hydroid Prime Ivara Prime Oberon Prime Volt Prime Loki Prime Nova Prime Trinity Prime Saryn Prime Valkyr Prime Atlas Prime Vauban Prime Rhino Prime Nyx Prime Remember that this is the event's final rotation before we return to the standard cadence of Prime Resurgence offerings with two Prime Warframes. Happy hunting until then, Tenno!Star Days 2024Feb 1, 2024 - Community AnnouncementsIt's time once again to fall head over heels for the Origin System's annual Star Days celebration! Starting February 1 at 11 a.m. ET, visit Ticker on Fortuna to see what limited-time items might become the apple of your eye! Brand-new offerings this year include the Star Days Cervulite Pat Glyph and Star Days Qorvex Heart Glyph, along with several other Glyphs and Customizations perfect for wearing your heart on your sleeve (or chestplate as the case may be). New Items: Dual Swords Stavika Skin Necramech Statue Star Days Cervulite Pat Glyph Star Days Qorvex Heart Glyph Monotone Ember Glyph Monotone Kullervo Glyph Monotone Mesa Glyph Monotone Octavia Glyph Monotone Rhino Glyph Monotone Styanax Glyph Monotone Xaku Glyph Several highly sought-after Rewards from previous Star Days celebrations are also available — including the Eros Wings Ephemera, Cherub Color Palette, Neon Eros Wings, Ticker Floof, and much more! The whole batch will undoubtedly leave you smitten. Returning Items: Eros Wings Ephemera Cherub Color Palette Ticker Floof Neon Eros Wings Left Hand Of Eros Right Hand Of Eros Star Days Deimos Glyph Star Days Gauss Glyph Star Days Helminth Glyph Star Days Lavos Glyph Star Days Necramech Glyph Eros Arrow Skin Snipetron Blueprint Ignis Wraith Blueprint Star Days Grineer Glyph Star Days Yareli Glyph Star Days Ordis Glyph Acceltra Solstice Skin Skiajati Solstice Skin Kuva Solstice Cloak Frostfall Ephemera Revenant In Action Glyph Protea In Action Glyph Xaku In Action Glyph Star Days Gyre Glyph Star Days Kavat Glyph Star Days Ticker Glyph Remember: You can obtain all new and returning Star Days items by exchanging Debt Bonds with Ticker at her shop in Fortuna (which has received an utterly spellbinding renovation) until February 29 at 11 a.m. ET. Star Days 2024 Merch {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/4437469/1c24ac199816cdc1492ea4f1f63c045d424ff235.jpg Sweep your sweetheart off their feet with the Ticker Floof Pin, Star Days Deimos Pin, Eros Wings Pin Set, and more! Purchase your official Star Days 2024 pins starting on February 12 at 11 a.m. ET from the Warframe Merch Store. Star Days 2024 Valentine's Card Contest {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/4437469/67cd48495941173f8d3ed174f6e63db8fb44a56b.jpg Think you can make that special someone's Heart of Deimos beat? Prove it by submitting a cheesy Warframe-themed Valentine's Day card to the Wake Up, Valentenno 2024 contest between now and February 26 at 11 a.m. ET!Warframe isn't getting a samurai frame, yetJan 31, 2024 - PCGamesNIf there's one thing I've secretly always wanted, it's a samurai Warframe. In a game renowned for fast-paced action and cutting-edge style (pun entirely intended), the samurai archetype fits like a glove - especially because the game's poster child, Excalibur, is indeed a sword user. However, it looks like a Japanese-inspired Warframe isn't in the works at the moment, but a few others are. Read the rest of the story... RELATED LINKS: The new Warframe is here, and he's perfect Warframe overtakes Counter-Strike 2 as Steam's top-selling game Warframe reopens cross save for everyone, but you'll need to hurry Cross Platform Save is live!Jan 30, 2024 - Community AnnouncementsMerge your account today and bullet jump between devices with unprecedented ease. By opting to enable Cross Platform Save and Merge your accounts, you create a unified profile that will allow you to access your progress no matter where you play. What do you mean by Cross Platform Save? {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/4437469/8e4f92180c04f61f6211ba6567f2a361a270686e.jpg Cross Platform Save functionality allows players to use their Warframe account Progression and Items from a single Cross Platform Save Account across multiple different gaming platforms. Progression includes things like Quests, Syndicate ranks, Focus, Intrinsics, Helminth unlocks and currently active Kuva Liches or Sisters of Parvos. When enabling Cross Platform Save, your Warframe accounts will automatically follow one of two paths: Merging or Linking. What are Merging and Linking? {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/4437469/0462b2ff5fddfc149a82eb88dd3e57705b311338.jpg Merging is a permanent method of combining multiple accounts using a One-Time Account Merge. You will select one account to act as the Primary Account, whose Progression will be retained for the final Merged Account. The Items, Customizations, Resources, and Currencies of all the connected accounts will be combined into the final Merged Account. Linking allows you to permanently select one Warframe account as your Primary Account. You can then link this Primary Account to Warframe accounts you use or create on additional platforms to use its Progression, Items, Customizations, Resources and Currencies to any linked platform. For more information, you can reference our FAQ below, or read the full Cross Progression Guide here. Unify your accounts for a seamless Warframe experience no matter what platform you’re on! Connect Accounts"Gauss: Redline" - Available Now!Jan 29, 2024 - Community AnnouncementsThe success of Gauss Prime Access has been due in no small part to the incredible trailer put together internally by our very talented team. And as your comments, posts and DMs have overwhelmingly informed us, you’ve been just as mesmerized by its frenetic, drum and bass soundtrack as we have! With that in mind, we’re officially releasing “Gauss: Redline” as a standalone music track for your listening pleasure. Check out our official YouTube music video below: You can also enjoy “Gauss: Redline” on Spotify and Apple Music, and Bandcamp. LISTEN NOW: Spotify Apple Music Bandcamp CREDITS Music: Matthew Chalmers Lyrics: Matthew Chalmers Vocals and Instruments: Matthew Chalmers Music Supervisor: Erich PrestonThe new Warframe is here, and he's perfectJan 26, 2024 - PCGamesNThe first Warframe Devstream of 2024 has delivered plenty of intriguing details ahead of the game's big update in March, including a first look at the 56th Warframe, Dante. Let's just say, Dante sounds pretty damn epic, and so does his trademark attack move. Read the rest of the story... RELATED LINKS: Warframe overtakes Counter-Strike 2 as Steam's top-selling game Warframe reopens cross save for everyone, but you'll need to hurry Everyone will get Warframe cross save, but fixes are required first Lunar New Year 2024Jan 24, 2024 - Community AnnouncementsEmbody immeasurable enlightenment during the Lunar New Year with all-new Customizations that epitomize the Dragon's good fortune and wisdom! Enrich your Warframe with the fiery Xianglong Ephemera, unleash elemental ferocity with Chroma's Zunlong Skin, or enhance your arsenal with a wide range of Mods, Boosters, Bundles, and much more. Baro Ki'Teer will offer the new Lunar Renewal Dragon Emblem and many other Customizations from previous years when he sets up shop again on January 26 through January 28 at 9 a.m. ET. Meanwhile, items such as the Jiachen Glyph and Lunar Renewal Calligraphy Poster will be available from the in-game Market for 1 Credit each. Loads of Lunar New Year bundles and individual items are also available via the in-game Market until February 25 at 11 a.m. ET. The Chroma Deluxe Skin will remain a permanent addition! {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/4437469/1b656883fb6dd6549386d1abc9668ad0dff4a393.pngDragondance Sentinel Skin Bundle (95 Platinum)Dragondance Sentinel SkinDragondance Sentinel MaskDragondance Sentinel WingsDragondance Sentinel Tail {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/4437469/d4d421610b48dd5c70d6e63e61315afc7b8acffd.pngRed Coral Bundle (135 Platinum)7 Day Affinity Booster20,000 Kuva200,000 CreditsChroma Zunlong FloofNukor Lunaeus Skin {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/4437469/3842b67e6fab2af5f811bb34aacda97fdaa27f1d.pngFire Agate Bundle (295 Platinum)7 Day Resource Booster7 Day Credit Booster30,000 Kuva300,000 CreditsZaw Riven ModKitgun Riven ModLunar Renewal ThemeLunar Renewal BackgroundLunar Renewal Soar SigilDual Swords Lunaeus SkinBaochun Sugatra {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/4437469/8416f5871ddd21e7f0270664320ffcf74f912779.pngDragon Stone Bundle (575 Platinum)7 Day Resource Booster7 Day Credit Booster7 Day Affinity Booster50,000 Kuva500,000 CreditsRifle Riven ModPistol Riven ModMelee Riven ModChroma Zunlong Skin (Permanently Available in Market)Xianglong EphemeraOgris Lunaeus SkinLunar Renewal Dragon FlourishDragondance Sentinel SkinDragondance Sentinel MaskDragondance Sentinel WingsDragondance Sentinel Tail *Please note: All Lunar Renewal items from the above Bundles are also available for individual purchase in the in-game Market.Have a safe and happy Lunar New Year, Tenno!Lunar New Year 2024 Coming SoonJan 19, 2024 - Community AnnouncementsReady to stoke the fires of the new year, Tenno? You'll be happy to hear that Warframe's Lunar New Year celebrations return for the Year of the Dragon on January 24 at 11:00 a.m. ET and will be available on all platforms! {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/4437469/8416f5871ddd21e7f0270664320ffcf74f912779.pngPrime Resurgence EventJan 18, 2024 - Community AnnouncementsPick up Saryn Prime, Valkyr Prime, Atlas Prime, and Vauban Prime as part of the Prime Resurgence Event's third rotation!Tennocon 2019 Sets a New All-Time Peak Record for Warframe’s Viewers on TwitchJul 8, 2019 - GitHypAfter Warframe’s second-annual Tennocon event only peaked with 17k live viewers on Twitch in 2017, last year, the team at Digital Extremes and Community Manager, Rebb Ford (aka Space Mom), figured out the secret to gaining viewers on Twitch using “the power of free shit.” Pairing new content reveals with free in-game rewards, 2018’s Tennocon saw 25 times the number of live viewers on Twitch with an impressive peak of 414k concurrent viewers. And this year, DE proved that last year was no fluke and once again set a new all-time peak for Warframe on Twitch with 417k live viewers tuning in to see what’s next for the popular free-to-play game and pickup free in-game content. In addition to a slick new intro cinematic from Dan Trachtenberg (10 Cloverfield Lane, Portal’s No Escape fan film), at this year's event, the devs also revealed two new Warframe suits and more gameplay for their upcoming free Empyrean expansion -- which they described as “Space GTA” with “Star Wars Battle of Endor moments.” But of course, what most tuned in for (as indicated by the spam of “!nekrosprime” text in chat) was the free Nekros Prime in-game Warframe suit that unlocked for viewers who watched for at least 30 consecutive minutes. Pulling in close to a half million viewers is certainly an impressive stat for a loot shooter on Twitch. Despite Warframe still remaining in Steam’s top 10 most played games today with over 100k players at times, the loot-grinding genre isn’t anywhere near as popular on Twitch with games like Warframe, Destiny 2, and Borderlands 2 usually averaging only a few thousands concurrent viewers each day. By maintaining a great relationship with their fans and hosting weekly Devstreams on Twitch, Digital Extremes has been one of the best developers at utilizing the popular streaming site to engage with their current player base and increase awareness of their game for potential new players. Considering that Warframe is also usually cited by gamers as one of the best free-to-play games, it’s no wonder that their team has figured out how to give away even more free content to keep players and viewers coming back for more every year.Warframe’s Fortuna Update Sets New All-Time Peak Player Count Record for the Game on SteamNov 12, 2018 - GitHypReleased back in 2013, Warframe’s player base is still growing with each new update that developer Digital Extremes releases for the free-to-play sci-fi shooter. Just a few months ago, Warframe’s highly anticipated story update, The Sacrifice, pushed the game to a new peak of 129k concurrent players on Steam. Before that, the game’s huge open world ‘Plains of Eidolon’ update spiked the player base to a record of 122k players at the time. Now, one year after PoE, Warframe is still going strong with its latest update ‘Fortuna’ that has once again set a new all-time peak of 132k concurrent players over the weekend on Steam. Warframe's increase in players comes as no surprise after we reported that viewer counts for the game's TennoCon event back in July were up 25x compared to last year on Twitch. Similar to the Plains update which introduced an open world environment for players to fly around and hunt new objectives in, Fortuna brings new ‘K-Drive’ hoverboards to the snowy landscape of Venus and its mysterious underground cybernetic city. Of course, as with every big Warframe update, there’s even more new content that has resulted in the game’s growth in players such as the ability to design and build new weapons and robotic companions, new enemies and bounties to capture, and a new blood-based Warframe by the name of Garuda. Considering the game's age, Warframe’s continued growth has exceeded expectations and is proof that free-to-play games can be embraced by the PC and console gaming communities if done right by the developers.Warframe’s TennoCon 2018 Had 25 Times the Number of Viewers on Twitch Compared to Last Year’s EventJul 9, 2018 - GitHypMost Warframe fans would agree, last year’s ‘Plains of Eidolon’ announcement at TennoCon marked the game’s biggest and best moment since it launched five years ago. But while last summer’s open-world reveal was a pivotal moment for the game, the live stream didn’t draw much attention on Twitch with a peak of only 17k live viewers and 33k concurrent viewers a few days later via popular streamer Lirik's channel. This year’s third annual event, however, had more viewers than ever who didn't want to miss out on the excitement of TennoCon. So many in fact, that Warframe’s 414k concurrent viewers was enough to make it the most watched game Saturday on Twitch -- and the second most watched game this week right behind Fortnite. Compared to last year, TennoCon 2018 brought in 25 times the number of viewers – or an increase of 2335% people watching on Twitch. Saturday’s peak also crushed the game’s previous peak of 88k viewers back in October 2017 when the Plains of Eidolon expansion officially launched. One of the reasons for the stream's success was the developers at Digital Extremes enticing their fans to watch on Twitch by giving away free loot drops. Those who tuned in for thirty consecutive minutes with their Twitch and Warframe accounts linked were rewarded with a Ash Prime in-game Warframe. The increase in viewers also reflects Warframe’s growing popularity on Steam. The free-to-play game's player base also saw a huge spike during PoE’s launch, peaking at 122k players in October. And more recently brought in 129k players last month for the latest ‘Sacrifice’ story update. With a new city, hoverboards, and ship-to-ship combat all coming soon in the 'Fortuna' update, this year's event certainly did not disappoint its new fan base. And with the developers’ continued support and even more players soon on Nintendo Switch, TennoCon is quickly becoming another can’t-miss annual event like BlizzCon and E3. Edit: We originally reported that the viewer count was up 13 times compared to last year, however, viewer counts for TennoCon 2017 were lower than we first thought. The 33k concurrent viewers were actually for a Lirik stream a few days after TennoCon and Digital Extreme's live stream only brought in a total of 17k concurrent viewers.