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CELEBRATE OUR 6TH ANNIVERSARY - Free Liset Dex Skin and more on March 27! Mar 25, 2019 - Community Announcements 783 billion enemies killed. Nearly 50 million registered Tenno. 1.8 million Floofs earned. Thank you for an incredible 6 years, Tenno! Celebrate with us and log in on March 27 at 2 p.m. ET until April 10 at 2 p.m. ET to receive the new Liset Dex Skin and Excalibur Dex Noggle for free! You’ll also be able to earn all previous Dex items by completing special Anniversary Alerts. The full list of previous Dex Items available is as follows: Dex Furis Dex Nouchali Syandana Dex Dakra Dex Sybaris Excalibur Dex Skin But act quickly, these Alerts are only available until April 10! You still have time to save 15% off Tenno-designed 6th Anniversary merchandise from For Fans By Fans, plus a chance to win Mesa Prime Access! Order before March 31 at 11:59 PM PST, by using discount code: 6YEARS at checkout.Warframe celebrates sixth birthday with free skins for allMar 25, 2019 - EurogamerIt's not every day you hear about six-year-old online games continuing to grow, but Warframe seems determined to buck the trend. This week the game marks its sixth year of life and record numbers of players - and is celebrating by giving out goodies for all. Originally released back in 2013, Warframe received a... less than favourable review from Eurogamer, but over the past six years has evolved into a slick and popular title. 2018 appears to have been a particularly big year for Warframe: according to Digital Extremes, the game's registered player base grew from 38 million in March 2018 to "nearly" 50 million in March this year. The game also saw "new peaks for daily active users and monthly active users in 2018", something corroborated by Steam's own stats, which show the game saw an all-time peak of 132,201 concurrents on the platform five months ago. Read more Warframe celebrates its 6th anniversary by giving all players a free giftMar 25, 2019 - PC Gamer Warframe is celebrating its sixth—yes, sixth!—anniversary and to celebrate, Digital Extremes is dropping a freebie into your inventory later this week. Unlike PUBG's celebratory dusty baseball cap , Warframe will be awarding its players a new and exclusive Liset Skin. There's bonus gifts for new players, too; last year's Dex Excalibur skin will be reissued, along with "all its previous anniversary gifts". If you're wondering what's next for Digital Extreme's fan-favourite shooter, community director Rebecca Ford and creative director Steve Sinclair recently laid out an entire Warframe roadmap for 2019 , confirming not just the return of the TennoCon convention, but also details of new Warframes in the works, too. Steven awarded the MMO a hearty 86 when he reviewed Warframe last year , stating that while "Warframe doesn't rub it in your face, there's a wealth of lore and story to unearth—especially once you get to more recent, ambitious story quests." Impressed by the "colorful" NPCs, he praised the game for its "a sprawling world with stories to tell, people to meet, and loot to farm."  Thanks, Eurogamer . Mesa Prime Access Ends April 2Mar 22, 2019 - Community Announcements Don’t miss your chance to get Akjagara Prime, Redeemer Prime, and more The golden gunslinger is getting holstered, but you still have time to get Mesa Prime Access! Mesa Prime Access includes: Mesa Prime: Cast a long shadow with this lethal enforcer. Mesa Prime Glyphs: Embody Mesa Prime with these Prime Glyphs. Akjagara Prime: Precision machined mirrored pistols. Primed and ready. Redeemer Prime: Deal out double-barreled death with this primed gunblade. Mesa Prime Accessories: Anten Prime Operator Earpiece Respa Prime Operator Mask Erlang Prime Operator Diadem Get them instantly with Prime Access, or draw your Weapons and earn Blueprints by cracking Relics. Prime Items Entering the Vault! When Mesa Prime Access ends on April 2, the following items and Relics will be entering the Prime Vault and won’t be available to earn in-game. Oberon Prime Silva & Aegis prime Sybaris Prime If these Prime Weapons and Warframes (or their Blueprints/Components and Relics) are already in your Inventory, they will remain after the Vaulting. Get Mesa Prime and her Prime Weapons before it’s too late, Tenno! Warframe's first community event of 2019, Operation: Buried Debts, is hereMar 21, 2019 - EurogamerUPDATE 21/3/18: Warframe's first community event of 2019, Operation: Buried Debts, is heading to Xbox One, PS4, and Switch today, Digital Extremes has revealed. Buried Debts initially launched earlier this month on PC, and introduced a new multi-part operation, unfolding across a number of weeks. Throughout the event, players are encouraged to work together to investigate strange fissures on Venus' surface, with success bringing a range of special rewards. Today's console update also introduces a new Warframe, Hildryn, and new cosmetic options known as Ephemera - more of which you can read about below. Read more Tennogen Round 15 Cosmetics Are Available!Mar 15, 2019 - Community AnnouncementsTennogen Round 15 is available on PC! Get the latest in Tenno-designed cosmetics, including new Warframe Skins, Weapon Skins, Operator accessories, and more. Check out the full list of items below and start planning your FashionFrame! Warframe Skins and Helmets Garuda Successor Skin Nidus Night Hunter Skin Ivara Astrea Skin Saryn Blade of the Lotus Skin Excalibur Ion Skin Rhino Ion Skin Mesa Kudegra Skin Warframe Helmets Revenant Immortuos Helmet Melee Weapon Skins Nikana Shinigami Skin Nikana Mithra Skin Operator Cosmetics Aures Diadem Lumis Oculus Kiritsune Oculus Optima Oculus Syandanas Dominus Syandana Shamrock Color Picker The Shamrock Color Picker is also back, but only until March 20! Find these items by opening Warframe through Steam and looking in the in-game Market!Today: Devstream #125!Mar 15, 2019 - Community Announcements Who: Rebecca is joined by a smaller-than-usual crew due to March Break here in Canada. What: We will be going over post-release of Warframe’s first major mainline of 2019 as well as showing the next… PRIME ACCESS! Prizes? Why yes, we will be giving away 3 x 1000 Platinum Prizes and during the Livestream as well as a Mesa Prime Access Pack AND a Prime Vault pack! Where: Find us at: Twitch Drop: Join us to get your very own Crisma Toroid! When: Join us this Friday, March 15th at 2 p.m EDT!Operation: Buried Debts -- Deck 12 is Now Unlocked!Mar 14, 2019 - Community AnnouncementsGood work, Tenno. You’ve unearthed the secret lurking below known as Deck 12. But be wary, The Exploiter Orb Mother and a host of skittering Raknoids have made the platform and the surrounding area their home. It will take strength, fortitude and teamwork to destroy The Exploiter and avenge the fallen Solaris. Are you up to the challenge? WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: Deck 12 is unlocked - if you know where to look. Work with Solaris United to take down The Exploiter while Operation: Buried Debts is still active. Every Diluted Thermia resource will allow you an encounter with The Exploiter, so harvest, stockpile and share them! You’ll only be able to take part in this event for a limited time, so be sure to take on The Exploiter or you’ll have to wait until Thermia Fractures re-appear in the Orb Vallis. THE PLAN: The Exploiter has the ability to summon a powerful blizzard around itself, whipping up winds that can freeze you solid if you’re not careful. You must find a way to weaken the Orb Mother’s chilling abilities, pick apart its defenses, and ultimately settle the score. THE REWARDS: Defeating The Exploiter gives you a chance to earn: • Hildryn Chassis Blueprint • Hildryn Neuroptics Blueprint • Hildryn Systems Blueprint • Lazulite Toroid: A rare resource that is prized by Vox Solaris, trade it in for Standing! • Exploiter Orb Articula: Add a miniature Exploiter Orb Mother decoration to your Orbiter. • Shocking Step Ephemera Blueprint: Craft this Ephemera to add a striking effect to your footstepsPhase 1 of Warframe s melee overhaul has arrivedMar 8, 2019 - PC GamerBeing a space ninja just got cooler than it already was: Warframe has rolled out the first phase of its much-anticipated melee combat overhaul along with Operation: Buried Debts. Buried Debts is Warframe’s first community event of the year, and it’s introducing the new chonky Hildryn warframe. She’s an interesting frame, using her shield pool rather than energy to perform her abilities while hefting a huge archwing firearm. As much fun as she’ll be, perhaps the biggest addition coming with Operation: Buried Debts is the first phase of Warframe’s melee combat rework. Now you’ll be able to switch from ranged to melee instantly, and your melee combos will resume where you left off if you decide to momentarily switch to a gun. But simply being able to instantly switch between modes means melee combat is about to get a lot more attractive, since you won’t have to “lock in” to start slashing and clubbing.  There are other nice changes to melee, including the ability to aim your ground slams, and the fact that blocking is now automatic. The ‘F’ key is now used for switching between primary and secondary weapons, and the mouse is dedicated to firearms by default—although there’s a handy toggle if you prefer using the mouse for your up-close-and-personal fighting. More information on Warframe’s melee overhaul is available on the game’s official forums, and you can get the rundown of everything else that’s new with Operation: Buried Debts on the Steam page. Warframe deploys its melee overhaul and new frame HildrynMar 8, 2019 - Rock, Paper, ShotgunNot to be outdone by Dante and co, space-ninja loot n’ shooter Warframe has finally rolled out the first part of its long-awaited melee overhaul. Digital Extremes have banished the dedicated melee stance, replaced by having full access to all your combos through your melee quick-button. You can even combo into and out of ranged attacks, punctuating a series of swings with a shotgun blast, then resuming your beatdown exactly where you left off. The update includes a new story quest digging deeper into Fortuna’s past and powerful new tank-frame Hildryn. See some videos below. (more…) Operation: Buried Debts -- Available Now! Mar 7, 2019 - Community Announcements Deep in the bitter heart of the Orb Vallis lies a hidden mystery. Band together to complete the first community event of 2019 and work to bring a secret to light in Operation: Buried Debts. Take control of Hildryn and her devastating Abilities as you unearth clues with your fellow Tenno and strike down enemies with the revamped Melee system. Act quickly, time is short. OPERATION: BURIED DEBTS Thermia fractures are cracking open the surface of Venus, a consequence of Nef Anyo’s unrelenting greed. He’s willing to do whatever it takes for a quick profit, including putting the whole Orb Vallis at risk. Over the next several weeks, work alongside the community and Solaris United to locate, uncover, and solve a multi-part Operation and the mystery lurking below the surface. You’ll earn unique items throughout the Operation like an Emblem and Sigil, Amalgam Mods, and the Opticor Vandal, but you’ll need to take down a tremendous foe to unlock your final reward. The Orb Vallis has everything you need to begin. NEW WARFRAME: HILDRYN The best defense is a good offense. Hildryn draws from her Shields to fuel her Abilities, while Energy works to recharge them. Take to the skies and rain down destruction with Hildryn, the newest Warframe. BALEFIRE Charge and launch devastating bolts of fire. SHIELD PILLAGE Pillage a percentage of Shields and Armor of nearby enemies to replenish Hildryn’s own Shields and Overshields. HAVEN Create a Shield aura around allies. Enemies that approach Shielded allies will take damage. AEGIS STORM Take to the skies and rain Balefire rockets down on the enemy. Nearby enemies are blasted into the air where they will create an Energy Orb every few seconds. When Energy runs out the enemies are smashed into the ground. MELEE CHANGES: PHASE 1 A new spark of action has arrived with Phase 1 of the much-anticipated Melee revamp! With these changes, you’ll experience more fluid combat, and a smoother, faster, bolder system to harness as you slash your way through the Origin System. This first phase includes: UNINTERRUPTED COMBAT Immediately engage in all things Melee, without needing to lock yourself into Melee mode. This means seamless combat and combos -- no more interruptions between firearm and Melee! COMBO RESUME When interrupting a combo with gunfire, dodging, bullet jumping, or any parkour your next Melee attack will begin exactly where the combo left off! AIMED GROUND SLAMS Have more control of your Ground Slams. Use your aerial advantage to aim, and then target your Ground Slam for increased tactical precision. VISUAL FX REDONE Experien...Fortuna 69 is a hilarious Warframe joke that players refuse to let dieMar 4, 2019 - PC GamerI like a good 69 joke as much as the next person, but for nearly four months Warframe's community has been keeping their own dumb 69 joke going and now it's taken on a magical life of its own that even Warframe's developers have had to acknowledge. Welcome to Fortuna 69, the hottest—and weirdest—night club in all of Warframe. When Warframe's massive Fortuna expansion first launched on November 8, 2018, players flooded into the titular underground city to meet new characters and take on new quests before heading out into the frozen stretch of Venus wasteland called Orb Vallis. Though Warframe shares a lot of DNA with traditional MMOs like World of Warcraft, everything is on a much smaller scale. When thousands of players flock to social hubs like Fortuna, they're first required to choose a numbered instance of it to help spread everyone out. These instances have a maximum cap of 50 players and organically grow and collapse as foot traffic to these zones fluctuates. During Fortuna's launch it was common to see instances of the underground city reach as high as Fortuna 180.  Fortuna 69 is the liveliest, funniest place to chill out in all of Warframe. But long after the buzz around Fortuna died and players migrated to other areas, one instance of Fortuna stayed open: Fortuna 69. Players refused to log out of it, and as long as one player stuck around to keep the lights on, others could select Fortuna 69 from the list of instances and join that social hub. But, since November, that's never really been the case because Fortuna 69 is the liveliest, funniest place to chill out in all of Warframe. Even now, at 2PM on a Monday, Fortuna 69 is labelled "Busy" in the server select window. Aside from Fortuna 69, there are nine other Fortuna servers available—half of which are labelled "Calm" and could be populated by as little as one player. Logging in, I find a small smattering of players running about their business taking on quests or buying items from the NPC vendors scattered around the subterranean neon streets of Fortuna. But near the main quest giver is a small stage packed with players sporting neon pink outfits and cosmetic butterfly wings that are sold through Warframe's cool TennoGen program for a hefty sum of $5. It's the unspoken dress code of Fortuna 69, so naturally I buy myself some to fit in. I think I look awesome. Today Fortuna 69 is a little quiet, but come here during prime time hours on a weekend and it's a different story. Players tend to get up to all sorts of coordinated shenanigans, using text chat to coordinate. They'll often all hop into the same warframe exosuit and form conga-lines or impromptu break dance circles. There's also no shortage of cliques that exist within Fortuna 69. " the Crane Kids, who stand/dance on top of the crane, the Korner Kids who found a difficult bullet jump route up the back left wall to get on ...Hildryn will make her Warframe debut next week Mar 2, 2019 - PC GamerHildryn will make her Warframe debut next week. While we don't have a definitive date for Hildryn's arrival per se, Warframe developer Digital Extremes' latest developer stream—which also outlined a range of features in development, as well as an update in regards to the melee changes—confirmed she is expected to deploy next week. ICYMI, Hildryn is a shield-based frame. Her abilities don’t use energy, but instead pull from her shield pool, and instead of the regular primary/secondary/melee signature weapon, she'll come with her own Archwing gun.  Her first ability is energy launcher Balefire, followed by Shield Pillage, which enables you to steal shields and armour from your enemies. Third ability, Haven, also drains shields from enemies while replenishing yours and your teammates. Oh, and she can become a helicopter, too. You can see her in action in the video below, about a half hour in (thanks, PCGN ): Steven gave us a rundown of Warframe's "massive" roadmap for 2019 , which includes plans for an overhaul of the game's daily Alert and Challenge missions. Digital Extremes kicked that new system off a few days ago with the launch of The Wolf of Saturn Six, the first of a series of Nightwave radio events "built on fresh, immediate story-infused gameplay." Today: Devstream #124!Mar 1, 2019 - Community Announcements Who: Rebecca is joined by the usual suspects! What: On the heels of our first ever simultaneous release of new content, we’ll be going over Nightwave and much more! Prizes? Why yes, we will be giving away 3 x 1000 Platinum Prizes during the Livestream as well as a Mesa Prime Access Pack AND a Prime Vault pack! Where: Find us at: and on a variety of other streaming platforms. Twitch Drop: Join us to get your very own Gravimag! When: Join us today, March 1st at 2 p.m ET! Hope to see you there, Tenno!TennoCon 2019 Tickets On Sale Now!Feb 28, 2019 - Community Announcements Tickets for TennoCon 2019 are on sale now! You won’t want to miss the biggest day of Warframe panels, reveals, activities and more, happening on July 6 in London, Ontario. By purchasing a ticket to TennoCon 2019, you also gain access to all sorts of digital goodies and access to Baro’s TennoCon Relay. Baro’s TennoCon Relay will give you access to everything he’s ever sold, assuming you have the Ducats to trade. If you can’t attend in person, but still want to be a part of the TennoCon experience, make sure to purchase a TennoCon 2019 Digital Pack! Get Your Ticket NowWarframe's Nightwave is a new series of pirate-radio-themed limited-time eventsFeb 27, 2019 - EurogamerDeveloper Digital Extremes has launched Nightwave, Warframe's new series of pirate-radio-themed, Battle-Pass-style limited-time events - available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Switch, and PC. Nightwave, which replaces Warframe's previous Alerts system, takes the form of different story-driven Series, each playing out over the course of several weeks. Series are tied together by broadcasts from pirate radio station Nightwave, presented by Nora Night ("the eyes and ears of the Origin System"), and the first of these, The Wolf of Saturn, is out now. By completing daily and weekly challenges - referred to as Acts - throughout a series, players can increase their standing with Nora and raise up the Reward Tiers. Each series will feature 30 tiers, and each tier unlocks limited-time rewards, including power items, exclusive cosmetics, or currency called Wolf Cred. It is, in other words, similar to the Battle Pass systems popularised by the likes of Fortnite and Rocket League, albeit free. Read more Warframe's first Nightwave, 'The Wolf of Saturn Six,' is live todayFeb 27, 2019 - PC GamerSteven gave us a rundown of Warframe's "massive" roadmap for 2019, which includes plans for an overhaul of the game's daily Alert and Challenge missions. Digital Extremes kicked that new system off today with the launch of The Wolf of Saturn Six, the first of a series of Nightwave radio events "built on fresh, immediate story-infused gameplay."  "Nightwave is an ongoing pirate radio broadcast hosted by Nora Night, the eyes and ears of the Origin System," the studio explained. "Each Nightwave Series will unfold over several weeks and tells a brand new story. Completing daily and weekly challenges—called Acts—will unlock limited-time, exclusive rewards."  Players will encounter new enemies and storylines in Nightwaves, and progress through a series of unique tiered rewards that will only be available while each series is running. "There's a bit of worldbuilding in the Wolf of Saturn ," creative director Steve Sinclair said last month. "It's primarily focused on cosmetic rewards. You'll get to see the lineup and what you're working towards as well as, paced in there, some high-end power rewards."  The Wolf of Saturn Six will tell the tale of a "savage and unruly convict" who has escaped his prison and is now roaming free in the Origin System. It's live today on all platforms, and is "only the beginning," Digital Extremes said: A new series, with an all-new story, incentives, and rewards, will start up after this one is over.  Warframe ditches Alerts to hunt The Wolf Of Saturn SixFeb 27, 2019 - Rock, Paper, ShotgunThe big melee revamp for space-ninja loot n’ shooter Warframe might be late, but Digital Extremes just rolled out an overhaul of one of its older, clunkier core parts. Alerts – time-limited side missions, rewarding players with money, crafting blueprints and the occasional bit of rare crafting gear – are out. In their place comes Nightwave, seasons of new story-driven missions delivered by pirate radio host Nora Night, with a progression track and less capricious reward store. This season, Tenno are hunting an escaped convict; The Wolf Of Saturn Six. The update is live – see the trailer below. (more…) AVAILABLE NOW: Nightwave: Series 1 — The Wolf of Saturn SixFeb 27, 2019 - Community AnnouncementsCan you hear them, Dreamers? Stories of greed. Brutality. Oppression. And the system is full of them. The time has come to act together. WELCOME TO NIGHTWAVE Nightwave is an ongoing pirate radio broadcast hosted by Nora Night, the eyes and ears of the Origin System. Each Nightwave Series will unfold over several weeks and tells a brand new story. Completing daily and weekly challenges — called Acts — will unlock limited-time, exclusive rewards! In Nightwave: Series 1 — The Wolf of Saturn Six, a savage and unruly convict has escaped from captivity. Now he’s out there, freely prowling the Origin System. Mark the frequency, Dreamers - this is one story you need to hear. Are you listening? EARN EXCLUSIVE REWARDS In each Nightwave Series, you’ll earn standing with Nora by completing Acts to rise through the Reward Tiers. Unlock power items, exclusive cosmetics or currency called Wolf Cred with each new Tier reached. Make sure to complete all 30 Tiers before the Series is over to earn all rewards! Earn unique rewards: Saturn Six Armor Bundle (Tier 30): The signature battle armor of the only lunatic fearsome enough to have escaped the Saturn Six Max-Pen. Umbra Forma (Tier 29): Applies the Umbra polarity to any Warframe or Weapon. Wolf Howl Emote (Tier 26): Summon the pack with this exclusive emote. Two Weapon Slots (Tier 4): Adds two weapon Inventory slots. And so much more! CRED OFFERINGS Visit the Nightwave Cred Offerings to acquire the former Alert System Rewards you want the most, including Nitain Extract, Weapon and Helmet Blueprints, Catalysts, Reactors and rare Aura Mods. Earn up to 300 Wolf Cred by completing daily and weekly Acts, and even more with prestige once you rise past Tier 30! Wolf Creds must be redeemed before the Series is over or sold for credits, so use them before the frequency is lost. MORE TO COME Nightwave: Series 1 is only the beginning. The System needs you. Change needs you. Remember: no good Act goes unrewarded. Stay tuned, Dreamers.Pinnacle Packs: Round IV Available NowFeb 14, 2019 - Community AnnouncementsPick up any of the new Pinnacle Packs IV to enhance your Warframe experience! Included in the purchase of any of this round’s Pinnacle Packs is the Orthos Onyx Skin and Weapon! Pinnacle Packs contain Platinum, Credits, Movement Upgrades, Boosters, and Mod Cards:’s Fortuna Update Sets New All-Time Peak Player Count Record for the Game on SteamNov 12, 2018 - GitHypReleased back in 2013, Warframe’s player base is still growing with each new update that developer Digital Extremes releases for the free-to-play sci-fi shooter. Just a few months ago, Warframe’s highly anticipated story update, The Sacrifice, pushed the game to a new peak of 129k concurrent players on Steam. Before that, the game’s huge open world ‘Plains of Eidolon’ update spiked the player base to a record of 122k players at the time. Now, one year after PoE, Warframe is still going strong with its latest update ‘Fortuna’ that has once again set a new all-time peak of 132k concurrent players over the weekend on Steam. Warframe's increase in players comes as no surprise after we reported that viewer counts for the game's TennoCon event back in July were up 25x compared to last year on Twitch. Similar to the Plains update which introduced an open world environment for players to fly around and hunt new objectives in, Fortuna brings new ‘K-Drive’ hoverboards to the snowy landscape of Venus and its mysterious underground cybernetic city. Of course, as with every big Warframe update, there’s even more new content that has resulted in the game’s growth in players such as the ability to design and build new weapons and robotic companions, new enemies and bounties to capture, and a new blood-based Warframe by the name of Garuda. Considering the game's age, Warframe’s continued growth has exceeded expectations and is proof that free-to-play games can be embraced by the PC and console gaming communities if done right by the developers.Warframe’s TennoCon 2018 Had 25 Times the Number of Viewers on Twitch Compared to Last Year’s EventJul 9, 2018 - GitHypMost Warframe fans would agree, last year’s ‘Plains of Eidolon’ announcement at TennoCon marked the game’s biggest and best moment since it launched five years ago. But while last summer’s open-world reveal was a pivotal moment for the game, the live stream didn’t draw much attention on Twitch with a peak of only 17k live viewers and 33k concurrent viewers a few days later via popular streamer Lirik's channel. This year’s third annual event, however, had more viewers than ever who didn't want to miss out on the excitement of TennoCon. So many in fact, that Warframe’s 414k concurrent viewers was enough to make it the most watched game Saturday on Twitch -- and the second most watched game this week right behind Fortnite. Compared to last year, TennoCon 2018 brought in 25 times the number of viewers – or an increase of 2335% people watching on Twitch. Saturday’s peak also crushed the game’s previous peak of 88k viewers back in October 2017 when the Plains of Eidolon expansion officially launched. One of the reasons for the stream's success was the developers at Digital Extremes enticing their fans to watch on Twitch by giving away free loot drops. Those who tuned in for thirty consecutive minutes with their Twitch and Warframe accounts linked were rewarded with a Ash Prime in-game Warframe. The increase in viewers also reflects Warframe’s growing popularity on Steam. The free-to-play game's player base also saw a huge spike during PoE’s launch, peaking at 122k players in October. And more recently brought in 129k players last month for the latest ‘Sacrifice’ story update. With a new city, hoverboards, and ship-to-ship combat all coming soon in the 'Fortuna' update, this year's event certainly did not disappoint its new fan base. And with the developers’ continued support and even more players soon on Nintendo Switch, TennoCon is quickly becoming another can’t-miss annual event like BlizzCon and E3. Edit: We originally reported that the viewer count was up 13 times compared to last year, however, viewer counts for TennoCon 2017 were lower than we first thought. The 33k concurrent viewers were actually for a Lirik stream a few days after TennoCon and Digital Extreme's live stream only brought in a total of 17k concurrent viewers.