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VRChat 2021.3.4Sep 15, 2021 - Community AnnouncementsWe've just released VRChat 2021.3.4! This update brings the new and improved Avatar Fallback System! Seeing an avatar that exceeds your Minimum Displayed Performance Rank no longer results in a gray robot, but instead their customizable Fallback avatar. As before, you can choose from many of our default avatars for your Fallback, or you can upload your own custom Fallback avatar. Check out the details of the improved Avatar Fallback System in our docs... or just watch this video I made at 2AM last night. Also, we moved to Unity 2019.4.30f1. Don't worry, the upgrade process is literally "install the new version and open your project". You can put off this upgrade for a little bit if you like. Here's our full release notes on our documentation page. If you're too lazy to click that link like I am, here's a summary: Client Features Fallback Avatars now work for both the "Platform Missing" and "Performance Blocked" cases, for all platforms! See more details in the Avatar Fallback System guide in our docs Improvements Updated VRChat to Unity 2019.4.30f1. This upgrade is minor, and is aimed at addressing some known issues; content uploaded on 2019 does not need to be updated. This Unity upgrade fixes some issues, namely a VRAM bug with Realtime GI as well as the "Unity crashes with multiple monitors with different scaling values" issue New Blue Feather icons are used to indicate fallback state. This icon will indicate many states, including "Performance Blocked", "File Size Blocked", "Error", "Loading", and "Manually Blocked". All of the new states are listed in the Avatar Fallback System section of the documentation Station sync has been rewritten to fix a myriad of bugs and make them more reliable overall You can now view Fallback Author and Fallback Performance Rank Fallback state can be seen in user name plates when in "Full View" (Quick Menu open) New config file option that allows you to customize field-of-view of the first-person Steadycam option Fixes Fixed login issues for people with Oculus subs on non-Oculus versions of VRChat Fallback avatars can no longer be cloned Fixed an issue where certain WMR headsets would have incorrect camera clipping values due to large changes in clipping ranges between world changes Udon Improvements and Fixes Added "None" sync to Udon. This can be used for any UdonBehaviors that do not need to sync, reducing overall data use Fixed OnAnimatorIK not firing on UdonBehaviours VRChat 2021.3.3p2Sep 8, 2021 - Community AnnouncementsWe've just released VRChat 2021.3.3p2! This is a small patch that addresses some major issues users have been reporting lately. Client Fixed an issue that could result in excessive logging causing performance loss in some situations Fixed an issue for the Oculus Quest that would cause frequent, consistent frame drops VRChat 2021.3.3Aug 18, 2021 - Community AnnouncementsWe've just released VRChat 2021.3.3, build number 1128. Client Changes, Fixes and Improvements Implemented VRChat Plus purchases on Oculus Quest Fixed the 'Other' avatar row not appearing in some cases VRChat 2021.3.2 - The Unity 2019 Upgrade!Aug 4, 2021 - Community AnnouncementsWe're releasing VRChat 2021.3.2 (build 1121) right now! That's right, the VRChat Unity 2019 Upgrade is now Live!! VRChat is now using Unity 2019.4.29f1. Farewell, 2018! This upgrade has been in Open Beta testing for several weeks!! Thanks to our industrious and helpful Open Beta testers, we've been able to track down and handle most issues with this release. However, as is normal with Unity upgrades, we expect to find some issues. Expect a patch release or three! If you're interested in helping us out with Open Beta testing (including testing your own content) check out #open-beta-info on our Discord. Before we give you the patch notes, let's get to the important parts. I don't make VRChat worlds or avatars! No worries, you don't need to do anything! The only thing you might have to do is clear out your cache. In VRChat, go to "Settings". Click "Advanced Settings" in the top right. Click the top button on the left, labeled "Clear Downloaded Content Cache". Click Yes to confirm. Restart VRChat. You're done! This is done to prevent old 2018 content from being improperly loaded when a 2019 version exists. I make VRChat worlds or avatars! Quick Links 2018 -> 2019 Migration Guide Unity 2019.4.29f1 Download Links Creator FAQ Do I need to re-upload my avatar/world? Probably not. I'm hand-waving a number, but ~98% of content works with no issue in 2019. However, even if you don't need to re-upload, you're going to need to upgrade anyways eventually. You should get ahead of the game and backup your project. How do I upgrade my Unity project? Read our Migration Guide. We've spent a lot of time trying to cover as many cases in this guide as possible. Follow it closely. BACK UP YOUR PROJECTS. Pay special attention to step 2.5 if: Your project uses Cloth Your project uses Udon Sharp / U# I'm having issues with my avatar/world. Try upgrading and re-uploading first. If that doesn't work, you might want to try consulting with other creators on our Discord. If you're still having problems, you might've found a bug, and you should let us know by posting on our Feedback boards. Of course, if things go south, you can always restore from that backup you made. Should I re-upload anyways? Won't hurt. Most problems we've seen are solved by re-uploading. You should definitely back up your projects beforehand. Should I upgrade my project to 2019? Why? YES!! There's no reason not to, and it doesn't take too long. Unity 2019 has a lot of editor upgrades and is generally a ton nicer to use in editor: Dark Mode!! For EVERYONE!!! Much-improved Progressive GPU lightmapper with ML-powered denoising, better lightmap UVs. Also, dang, it's fast. A good warp 9.3, at least. Updated UI Refined icons, fonts, layout improvements, and better controls for WASD flying through scenes Editor Shader Compilation is now asynchronous. Less shader compile hitching when working in the editor! FileSystemWatcher fixed! This was a Unity bug back in 2018. With it fixed, we’ll be able to speed up testi...VRChat 2021.3.1Jul 13, 2021 - Community AnnouncementsWe've just released VRChat 2021.3.1 (build 1113)! This release is a little small. That's because we're clearing things out to prepare for our next big release, where we're upgrading to the Unity 2019 LTS engine! VRChat on Unity 2019 has gone through long-term internal testing and is now in the Closed Beta stage. There's no action required on your end quite yet and we're expecting most existing content to work fine after the upgrade. Check out our full release notes below, or on our documentation site! Client Changes, Fixes, and Improvements Significant improvements to networking behavior. In particular, this should fix issues where people experience "choppy IK" after remaining in an instance for some time Fixed: Video players in SDK3 worlds would experience audio / video desyncing after experiencing hitches Fixed: "Allow Avatar Cloning" setting may be out-of-sync between users Fixed: Holoport cursor would appear on launch until any other input was received Fixed: Users can be unintentionally kicked from worlds with specific world configurations Fixed a bug with unfavoriting worlds (we're aware of the avatar favorites problems!) Fixed some crashes related to unloading content Fixed jump not working with Holoport Upgraded AVPro to 2.1.5 Improvements to reduce hitching Improvements to avatar unloading Udon and SDK The new video player sync is disabled by default! The SDK will prompt you and let you know you should enable it. This is done because the new sync method will have issues if you resync too much (as in, multiple times per second). You really shouldn't be syncing very often. A check every few seconds should be sufficient. Added dropdown menus to SetProgramVariable, SendCustomEvent, GetProgramVariable and their variations. You can now see a list of target variables and events if the node references a valid UdonBehavior {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/27574735/9c1a6448affa3118c2f0976c8fdff21729e21a55.png The "Set Variable" node now has a sendChange checkbox, which will trigger an OnVariableChanged event for that variable if it's been checked. Added OnVariableChanged Event Node which provides the new and old values of the variable when it is changed via SetProgramVariable or SetVariable with sendChange turned on. This change also works for synced variables! Access this event in the Node Graph by holding down the Alt key and dragging a variable onto the graph. Changed behavior to reload graph after renaming or deleting a variable Added PostLateUpdate, an event that will happen near the end of the frame after IK has been calculated. Getting bone positions at this time will give you the most up to date positions so that they are not a frame behind Updated UdonExampleScene to use OnVariableChange events instead of OnDeserialization wherever possible. Fixed Udon crashing with a NullReferenceException when checking destroyed instances of classes that inherit from UnityEngine.Object for null. Thank you to Merlin for the help! Moved expensive UdonBehaviour events t...VRChat 2021.2.4p1Jun 17, 2021 - Community AnnouncementsWe've just released VRChat 2021.2.4p1, build number 1107. This is a minor patch. This patch was been rolled back due to an issue preventing some players from launching VRChat properly. It was then re-released a few hours later as 2021.2.4p2. Client Changes, Fixes, and Improvements Made changes to asset unloading system to help reduce and improve hitching Fixed some UI issues with the VRC+ menu on Quest Fixed some issues with locomotion on the Vive Focus Fixed an issue where a friend's instance could not be joined if it was over soft cap Fixed an issue where the first viewed instance would show incorrect region information Fixed the Vive Advanced Movement setting being enabled regardless of Settings option Fixed the Holoport setting not changing correctly There is one known issue with this release. This issue will be addressed in the next patch. Attempting to use an avatar with a generic rig while using Full Body Tracking will incorrectly show the tracker balls. If using Legacy calibration, this will immobilize the player until the avatar is switched VRChat 2021.2.4Jun 16, 2021 - Community AnnouncementsWe've just released VRChat 2021.2.4 (build 1106)-- the Regions Update is now Live! This update's big feature is the introduction of Regions, which permits players who live in certain areas of the world to have lower ping and a better experience when interacting with other players in their same region! In addition to our current default US region, we're enabling these two new regions: EU - Europe JP - Japan When creating an instance, you can choose between the "US", "EU", and "JP" regions. VRChat will remember that choice for next time. When selecting a pre-existing instance via the Worlds menu or via a friend's current world, you'll see an icon on the world thumbnail with the matching icon for the region that instance is hosted in. Choosing a region that's close to you and your friends will minimize your latency and improve your experience with anything involving fast updates, like voice and movement! Keep in mind that if you and your friend are separated by long distances, there will always be someone with a less-than-optimal ping. Try as we might, we couldn't defeat the speed of light. Maybe next time! Check out our full release notes below, or on our documentation site! Client Features Added regions! Players can now choose to create an instance in a specific region. Choosing a region close to you will reduce latency and improve your experience. VRChat currently has regions set up in three geographic locations: US (United States), EU (Europe), JP (Japan) When creating a new instance, you can choose between the three regions. This choice will be remembered when creating instances in the future. Viewing an instance (via Worlds menu or "Current World" in a user's profile) will show the region as a small flag icon on the thumbnail. Changes, Fixes, and Improvements Significant improvements to memory usage regarding avatar caching. Avatars that are no longer in use in the instance will be periodically unloaded from memory. Changing instances also will completely clear this avatar in-memory caching (as it did before, but just a reminder!). You may notice a small framerate hitch when content is unloaded Fixed some issues where users in FBT would have chest/spine bones incorrectly twist during extreme poses like handstands. Some issues still occur in similar poses Performance optimizations to viseme processing The VRChat camera and screenshots will now always use at least 4X MSAA to improve image quality regardless of the user's performance settings Additional fixes to improve user status update reliability and speed Fixed issues with avatars and worlds getting stuck at 100% when loading Fixed issues causing physics material settings on pickups to be lost in certain situations Known Issues There is one known issue that we're working on getting patched before the weekend. It will be a minor, network-compatible patch. If you attempt to join a friend who is in an instance that is over capacity by clicking on the user in your...VRChat 2021.2.3Jun 3, 2021 - Community AnnouncementsWe've just released VRChat 2021.2.3, build 1100-- the Identity Update is now live! The focus of this release is to provide you with a bunch of new ways to identify yourself in VRChat! Add a bio to your user profile, customize your status, and see everyone else's status on their nameplates for an at-a-glance look at who's who around you! You can also enjoy some nice new quality-of-life features like status history, more favorite friends, more favorite worlds, and more. We've also got some bug fixes, performance improvements, and a handful of new Udon additions. If you're a VRChat Plus supporter, enjoy the new Gallery feature and the ability to set a custom image as your Profile picture! This profile picture will replace your avatar thumbnail in social menus! Create a custom image using image editing software and upload it on the site, or just take a picture in VRChat and use that instead! You can also use Gallery images for image invites-- so make some fancy invite cards for your next event, or just to show off a bit. Check out our full release notes below, or on our documentation site! Client Features The User Profile has been refreshed with lots of new features! Clicking yourself in the "In Room" row on the Social panel will lead you to your own profile. Your Profile displays your profile picture, your status, your bio, your current world, your playlists, and more. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/27574735/a031a5c06904ac1042e7fe41e661a2ef22ab3eca.png VRChat Plus Benefit: You can now choose an image from your Gallery as a Profile Image! This image will appear in the place of your current avatar's thumbnail. You can choose any image from your Gallery as your profile image. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/27574735/d5bb41f0dbbd42266ac57ce9c5a7146e4560b2d1.png {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/27574735/e6b98802507a3dff67ff7e1b1d88fc4ed50e91cb.png VRChat Plus Benefit: You can now upload images to the Gallery, which is a repository of images currently used for profile images and custom invite images! You can upload images from taking a picture in VRChat, or using the VRChat Home website. We've moved your user icons into the Gallery so everything's in one place. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/27574735/7728952008e80323f1087ed0320868f35a5d3d04.png The nameplate now includes your custom status message! This is only visible when your Quick Menu is opened by default, but can be set to always show or hide it completely. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/27574735/6dccad40d5ed24daf7db35e3f011ef59852fdfe2.png Your last 10 statuses are saved server-side, and you can reset to them at any time! Use the big "history" button on the side of the Edit Status window to see the last 10. We didn't keep track before now, so you'll get some placeholders at first. They'll drop off the list as you fill out your own history. Changes and Improvements Your user Status text is now visible to the public, instead of just friends and users in your current instance. You can now search Community Labs! Simply search for Worlds like normal, then click the...VRChat 2021.2.2p1May 21, 2021 - Community AnnouncementsWe've got a new VRChat patch out for you. This is VRChat 2021.2.1p1, build number 1097. Changes, Fixes, and Additions Fixed an issue where Quest users would see another player stuck at a certain spot or far away Fixed issues where user voice isn't adjusted correctly when moving over long distances Fixed an issue where loading in to a world can sometimes result in a long black screen Fixed an issue where using an avatar with stations while using Valve Index controllers would cause strange behavior SDK and Udon Fixed an issue where Udon wasn't adjusting player voice properly in some situations Fixed SDK warnings for VRC_PlayerVisualDamage, Virtual Reality Enabled and VR Device List In addition, new SDKs are available for download! They're available (as always) on our site. Ensure you follow the instructions in our documentation for upgrades, or else you may lose your projects!VRChat 2021.2.2May 17, 2021 - Community AnnouncementsWe've just released VRChat 2021.2.2, 1095-- the Udon Networking Update is now Live! This is the Udon Networking Update! Don't let the name fool you, this long-awaited release isn't just about improving networking for Udon. As you'll see in the full release notes, "UnU" is a massive improvement to many systems in VRChat that rely on networking, and an overhaul to many of our networking systems. This update contains a huge amount of "under the hood" changes to improve networking behavior and add some long-awaited features to Udon. As such, it might not seem very flashy in terms of new user-facing features, but rest assured that our Udon-savvy creator community will quickly show off what they've been working on during the UNU testing period. Due to the complexity and technical nature of most of the changes, this summary changelog will seem short. For the full list and more details, please see our full change log. Client Changes, Fixes, and Improvements Generally speaking, networking has been improved in all situations and there will likely be many bugs that are now fixed that we're not listing here! Synced objects (as in, objects that transmit their position over the network) should be smoother in all situations The "network voice bug" where all voice and IK for users in VERY busy instances would freeze/degrade badly should occur much less (or not at all!) Portal entry is now more reliable, especially when moving fast or when your framerate is low SDK3 and Udon Array variables can be synced! Check out the new networking docs for more info New Manual Sync Mode for UdonBehaviours Many fixed ownership transfer bugs Improved the reliability of syncing who the owner of an object is New VRCObjectSync component for simple syncing of transforms in SDK3 worlds Improvements and fixes to join-in-progress behavior New debugging tools ... and a lot more! Hey creators! Don't forget: brand new SDKs are available for download! They're available (as always) on our site. Ensure you follow the instructions in our documentation for upgrades, or else you may lose your projects!VRChat 2021.2.1May 3, 2021 - Community AnnouncementsWe've just released VRChat 2021.2.1, build 1088! For the full list and more details, please see our full changelog. A short summary of the changes follows: Changes, Fixes, and Improvements Various performance improvements to internal systems! Improved avatar loading speeds and reduced hitching on avatar load! We've made some improvements to the "VRChat Launcher Installer"-- namely, it works now! It will run once after this update when you exit VRChat. This is normal and expected! Click "OK", and you'll be able to click "Launch World" from launch links once again! Lots of various fixes to avatar initialization! Udon Node Graph - Major speed increases, especially with groups and large graphs! We've also reduced the number of redundant/unnecessary compilations! Check the full changelog for more details, including some known issues that might affect a small number of Avatar 3.0 setups that use the TrackingType param. In addition, new SDKs are available for download! They're available (as always) on our site. Ensure you follow the instructions in our documentation for upgrades, or else you may lose your projects!VRChat Dev Stream RecapApr 19, 2021 - Community AnnouncementsDon't have two hours to spare to watch the latest VRChat Dev Stream, jam packed with features and announcements? No worries, we got you covered in our April 2021 VRChat Dev Stream Recap blog post! Check it out here!VRChat 2021.1.5p3Apr 19, 2021 - Community AnnouncementsWe've got a new VRChat patch out for you. This is VRChat 2021.1.5p3, build number 1078. It is a small patch that implements a workaround to mitigate the voice-breaking "audio bug"! Changes, Fixes, and Additions Implemented a workaround to help mitigate the "audio bug". It should no longer kill your voice audio until you restart VRChat, but instead will only result in a ~1-2 second cutout. We're continuing to investigate to address the root cause! VRChat Dev Stream on Tuesday, April 13th!Apr 10, 2021 - Community AnnouncementsVRChat will be holding our next Dev Stream on Tuesday, April 13th at: 6:00PM Pacific Time 9:00PM Eastern Time 1:00AM UTC (April 14th) 10:00AM JST (April 14th) Tune in on our Twitch channel at that time, and you'll find our dev team chatting about a bunch of stuff! We'll talk about what we've been up to, what we're working on right now, and what to look forward to coming soon! There's a lot to talk about so grab a snack, a drink, and a comfy spot. See you then! --- Want to watch with your friends in VRChat? Find a world with a livestream-compatible player and drop in the Twitch URL ( ). You might want to try out jetdog8808's "Dynamic Theater (Udon)". You can easily find it by searching for "dynamic theater udon" in VRChat. It works great and is super easy to use! Just hop into the world, go through the doors, click the monitor icon on the config panel, and paste in the Twitch channel link by pressing Ctrl-V on your keyboard with the VRChat window focused. VRChat 2021.1.5p2Apr 1, 2021 - Community AnnouncementsWe've got a new VRChat patch out for you. This is VRChat 2021.1.5p2, build number 1069. It is a small patch to address an issue that caused us problems earlier today. Changes, Fixes, and Additions Fixed an issue where failing to get a response from the API would cause the Social menu to fail ungracefully VRChat 2021.1.5p1Mar 31, 2021 - Community AnnouncementsWe've got a new VRChat patch out for you. This is VRChat 2021.1.5p1, build number 1068. This is a "network-compatible" patch, meaning that you do not need to update to see other people that have already updated! If you're currently in VRChat, you can delay updating this with no issues. However, you should probably update as soon as you can to resolve the issues the patch addresses. Check out the full patch notes in our docs. Client Changes, Fixes, and Additions Fixed an issue where AV3 avatars with an empty animation in the default state wouldn't preview correctly in menus Fixed an issue where the "Unfavorite" button wasn't working on avatars that are no longer available Fixed an issue where your social menu status would show as "offline" locally Fixed some cases where offline friends would still show in the social menu Fixed issue where selecting the user capsule with low FPS wouldn't work reliably Various fixes to the social menu to improve reliability. There's still more to do! VRChat 2021.1.5Mar 23, 2021 - Community AnnouncementsWe've just released VRChat 2021.1.5, build 1067! For the full list and more details, please see our full changelog. A short summary of the changes follows: Fallback Avatars! If you're wearing a PC avatar and you don't have a Quest version available, Fallbacks allow you to choose your own placeholder-- or even upload your own! Streamer Mode! Keep your information safe when you're streaming or recording in VRChat! The Quest polygon limits have been increased! Very Poor rank is now 20,000 or higher. (Changes have only been made to the Oculus Quest version of VRChat, PC limits remain the same) Check out full changelog to see more information on all of these changes. We've also got some nice fixes in this release: Some fixes to help work around the SteamVR Overlay "11 FPS" bug Fixed that where the instance master could get stuck in stations remotely for late joiners Potential fix for display issues with favorite friends lists Fixed issue where social menu would stop updating properly after having the client open for a while ... and more! In addition, new SDKs are available for download! They're available (as always) on our site. Ensure you follow the instructions in our documentation for upgrades, or else you may lose your projects!VRChat 2021.1.4Mar 10, 2021 - Community AnnouncementsWe've just released VRChat 2021.1.4, build 1061. Here's a short summary of the changes! For the full list and more details, please see our full changelog. Udon: Added MIDI support! Play instruments, control objects, and interact with your world via MIDI in Udon! See the release notes for more info. Udon: Added a new event-based input system that makes it a lot easier to build interactions without having to handle every single controller out there! See the release notes for more info. Other Udon additions: OnRespawn event, graph improvements, and static array methods Made changes that should reduce voice issues that occur specifically in very high population instances of worlds that use large amounts of sync bandwidth ... and more! See the release notes for more information! In addition, new SDKs are available for download! They're available (as always) on our site. Ensure you follow the instructions in our documentation for upgrades, or else you may lose your projects!VRChat 2021.1.2 - Invite Responses!Feb 2, 2021 - Community AnnouncementsWe've just released VRChat 2021.1.2, build 1046! This release includes the new Invite Messages feature for everyone, as well as Photo Messages for VRChat Plus supporters! Invite messaging is a new feature where you can send a message along when you invite your friend to your instance, when you request an invite from your friend, or when responding to to an invite or request from someone else! Sending an invitation to the party? Send along a "let's get this started!" message to get them moving! Asking to be let in? Scribble a little "may i come in please and thank you" on the back of your request. If you've got VRChat Plus, you can send a photo with your message! Friends need a bit of a motivator to come to the dance floor? Send them a selfie with the DJ! Found an amazing new place to chill? Ship off an aesthetic preview. Busy making an avatar, and your friend's inviting you to hang? Let them know you've still got meshes to merge. Get creative! If you don't have VRChat Plus, you can pick it up while using the Steam version of VRChat - just click on the "VRC+" button in the top-left of your main menu, or the banner on the top of your quick menu. Read more about the feature in our latest blog post. If you're more of the "i only have 45 seconds free please compress it into a video and shove it into my eyeballs" type, here's the feature video! Finally, here's the full release notes, which you should definitely read if you want some more details on all the things that changed in this update!VRChat Plus - Now Live!Dec 3, 2020 - Community AnnouncementsLast month, we introduced you to VRChat Plus, a way for you to support VRChat while getting some cool extra features in thanks. To keep it short and sweet, VRChat Plus is now Live! VRChat Plus is now in the “Early Supporter” phase, which means that supporting VRChat+ will give you a special badge on your profile. In addition, you’ll get bonus VRC+ time when signing up during our Early Supporter phase! {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/27574735/55f5843dd29b2f4f863270d62d38bc97d3b267a2.png This bonus time is a one-time benefit during the Early Supporter phase. You will receive the +1 month or +3 months bonus once upon subscribing to VRChat Plus. You cannot receive both bonuses. To review, here's what we've got for you in return for supporting VRChat: Custom User Icons — We’ve got brand-new nameplates that everyone gets. With VRChat Plus, you can customize your nameplate with an icon you create! Take a picture in VRChat, or upload your own on the VRChat website. Save up to 64 icons to swap on the fly. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/27574735/8f35993a25fbe46e59db192a9ca0896acbd466bf.gif 100 Favorite Avatar Slots — Save an avatar for every situation with this massive amount of favorite slots, split out into 4 rows. Collect and organize! Everyone gets upgraded to 25 favorite avatars. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/27574735/41bc8e9db8445bc254a798781685d72c4afe0008.gif Supporter Badge — Show off your status as a VRChat+ Supporter with a badge on your profile. Early Supporter Benefits — Get in on VRChat+ early, and your badge will permanently be upgraded to a “Early Supporter” version — and you’ll get some extra VRC+ time on us! Increased Trust — You’re supporting us, so we’ll support you. Enjoy a little boost to your Trust level. … and more on the way! — We’re actively developing many new features for VRChat Plus subscribers like enhanced invite messaging, UI skinning, and more. Check out the full release notes here! To learn more about VRChat Plus, check out the new section on our website. We’ve also got a FAQ with answers to some common questions about VRChat Plus. As always, thank you for your support! We’ll see you in VRChat!