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Version Update 1.1Dec 7, 2017 - Community AnnouncementsUpdate content ・Game story   Update the final chapter of the game story.   The new chapter is about the "excrement" job that Seiko did not challenge in the previous story.   The chapter includes some gross images might make player fell uncomfotble, so we make the new chapter unlock level a bit higher. →Final chapter unlock level 35   →Achieve the required score of 800,000 ・ Update High score system  Record the highest score the player receives in「 Record」 mode  High score can be viewed in the main game interface. ・ Fix typo in a game tutorial -------------------------------------------------- - ~ Official high score play tips ~ The way to getting the high score is all about the number of combos, the more combo you have the higher score you will get. Voice Actress正式發售了!Nov 28, 2017 - Community AnnouncementsVoice Actress 已於今日正式發售, 并將伴隨一周的40%首發優惠活動! 集換式卡牌,徽章,背景將會在社區符合標準後上架。 感謝大家的支持。 dieselmine 2017-11-29