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The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition

The Witcher: Enhanced Edition Director's Cut free forever via GOG GalaxyDec 5, 2020 - EurogamerThe Witcher: Enhanced Edition Director's Cut is free forever via GOG Galaxy. To get CD Projekt's fantasy role-playing game, you have to download the GOG Galaxy app, go to "recent" view and click to claim The Witcher. Then the game should show up in your games library inside the app and in your collection. CD Projekt's 2007 The Witcher has been made free to download a number of times over the years, but it's worth flagging this promo as it comes just a handful of days before the launch of Cyberpunk 2077. So if you fancy getting stuck into a big old RPG in the week before CD Projekt's next big old RPG comes out, here you go. Read more Geralt of Rivia: A disabled protagonistNov 28, 2020 - Eurogamer" caught sight of Regis looking at him intently. 'Is that a fresh injury?' "'Not really. But it's tormenting me. Do you have any herbs capable of soothing the pain?'" - Baptism of Fire by A. Sapkowski, pp.128 Read more The best RPGs on PC in 2020Nov 11, 2020 - Rock, Paper, ShotgunLast year brought RPG gems like Disco Elysium. Was there an RPG as good released in 2020? We’ve updated our list of the best RPGs of all time to reflect the best of the past year – and there’s still dozens of older classics, too. (more…) The Witcher season 2 production paused after positive Covid testsNov 9, 2020 - Rock, Paper, Shotgun All is not well in the land of The Witcher season 2. Production of the Netflix series has reportedly been put on hold after four people working on it tested positive for Covid-19. It seems they’ve had a pretty rough going of it with the pandemic – they were forced to stop production back in March due to the first lockdown, after actor Kristofer Hivju (who plays a bloke called Nivellen) also tested positive for the virus. (more…) Geralt's rocking leather abs in The Witcher season 2Oct 6, 2020 - Rock, Paper, Shotgun Netflix have shared a wee look at Geralt in the second season of The Witcher, and he’s certainly going hard on black leather. Even got leather pecs and leather abs this time. No leather nips, mind. While the live-action series is based primarily on the books, I hope this is the game’s influence being felt more, and Geralt will be forever swapping out his swords and jackets as he finds blueprints for new ones in bushes and holes. In one episode, he’ll walk into a blacksmith and just clang down twenty swords to cash in. (more…) Netflix's Witcher now has a making-of documentaryAug 26, 2020 - Rock, Paper, Shotgun The second series of the Netflix’s The Witcher show is still a way away, especially after production was interrupted by the pandemic, but Netflix do have a wee bit more to tide folks over. Today they released a half-hour behind-the-scenes documentary with cast and crew talking about the making of the show, fittingly titled Making The Witcher. It’s not hugely enlightening but does have lots of my favourite behind-the-scenes bits: men in green mocap suits, and sped-up monstrous makeup application. Speaking of witching, CD Projekt Red announced a new mobile game today, The Witcher: Monster Slayer. It sounds a bit like Pokémon Go with Witcher monsters. (more…) Netflix's The Witcher: Blood Origin is a prequel series set 1200 years before GeraltJul 27, 2020 - Rock, Paper, Shotgun Here’s a nice one for The Witcher fans on this lovely summer afternoon – Netflix have announced they’re making a prequel series to teach us all about the beginnings of those mysterious, white-haired monster hunters. Named The Witcher: Blood Origins, it’ll be set 1200 years prior to dear old Geralt Of Rivia’s story, and will tell us the tale of how “the very first Witcher came to be”. (more…) GWENT is now available on Steam!May 19, 2020 - Community Announcements We’re excited to announce the Steam release of GWENT: The Witcher Card Game! Following the successful launches of GWENT on iOS and Android, release on Steam is the next step in CD PROJEKT RED’s strategy to bring the game to millions of players worldwide. The Steam release features full cross-play and synchronization functionality with other versions of the game, meaning you can compete with players on iOS, Android, and GOG, as well as carry over all items and progress between these platforms. In addition, the release also includes Steam achievements and Steam Trading Cards integration - details can be found here: Additionally, thanks to an update to Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales on Steam, from today, you can now earn rewards to use in GWENT by making progress in the Thronebreaker campaign. These rewards include premium cards and vanity items, which will unlock automatically once requisite conditions are met. If you played The Witcher Tales earlier on Steam you can unlock the rewards retroactively only if you completed your play-through of the game in online mode (with connection to the internet). Rewards granted upon startup include: 2 player avatars 2 player titles 5 premium kegs 20 brand new cards for Multiplayer GWENT The Witcher games are going cheap in the anniversary salesMay 19, 2020 - Rock, Paper, Shotgun The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is five years old today! Can you believe it? We’re celebrating it with The Witcher 3 Anniversary tag today. Happy birthday Geralt, you big hairy baby! If a Netflix show and years of people going on about it have finally convinced you to consider giving The Witcher a go, good news: to celebrate the fifth birthday of The Witcher 3, the whole series is on sale. Both Steam and GOG have big Witcher sales, including the whole RPG series plus various spin-offs. £10 for The Witcher 3 and both expansions is a good price for so many grimaces and weary sighs, every one of them great. (more…) GOG's Spring sale is now on, with lots of free Witcher goodiesMar 17, 2020 - Rock, Paper, ShotgunGOG’s Spring sale begins today, and there are lots of free Witcher goodies up for grabs to kick things off. Alas, The Witcher games themselves aren’t free as part of the goodie pack (although they’re all heavily discounted as part of GOG’s Witcher Universe Collection bundle), but it does include lots of Witcher soundtracks, comics, art, wallpapers and a video of some Witcher music being played at The Video Game Show concert. You’ll need to get ’em quick, though, as the goodies pack is only available until 2pm UTC tomorrow (March 18th). Read on below for some more highlights. (more…) The Toss A Coin To Your Witcher song took about 10 minutes to writeMar 10, 2020 - Rock, Paper, Shotgun I cannot believe that that damn song from the Netflix Witcher series only took 10 minutes to write. When Toss A Coin To Your Witcher was thrust upon us by Jaskier just before Christmas, I was not prepared for how catchy the damn thing would be. And neither were the Netflix show’s creators, apparently, as the idea for the song came to co-executive producer Jenny Klein while she was thinking about Geralt in the car. (more…) The best RPGs to play on PCJan 30, 2020 - Rock, Paper, ShotgunThe best RPGs have always found their home on PC, but it’s a big genre and it can be difficult to know what you should play next. That’s why we’ve put together this list. (more…) Netflix created an interactive timeline for The Witcher and now I understand what's actually going onJan 14, 2020 - Rock, Paper, Shotgun I’m going to level with you, I’m extremely late to the party with The Witcher. I never played the games or read the books, so the Netflix series is very much my entry point to all of its extensive lore. And from what I’ve seen so far, it demands a fair bit of prior knowledge to truly understand what’s going on. It’s good then that Netflix have developed an interactive timeline for us, that describes a whole heap of events throughout The Witcher’s history that are alluded to in the show. (more…) 2020 Vision: The Witcher 2 was a stunning tech achievement that still looks great todayJan 11, 2020 - EurogamerNext-gen before their time? There's an elite selection of technologically advanced titles that appear towards the tail-end of any given generation, where developers are upping their game, experimenting with the kinds of techniques we'll see in the era to come - and it's typically on PC where we tend to get these nascent next-gen experiences. CD Projekt RED's The Witcher 2 - released in May 2011 - is one such release, a game that required a radical process of re-architecting before arriving on Xbox 360 almost a year later. But what made The Witcher 2 so special, how did it push PC hardware and can even today's mainstream graphics tech handle the game's legendary ubersampling? Of course, the profile of The Witcher 2 is especially heightened at the moment with the recent series release on Netflix generating unprecedented interest in Geralt of Rivia's escapades - but it's not just the story and the world presented in these games that has driven their popularity. Starting with The Witcher 2, we've seen CD Projekt RED deliver some hugely ambitious, game-changing technology. The fact that the studio targeted PC - a format 'apparently' in decline back in 2011 - was remarkable in itself but without explicitly targeting mature (ie old) console hardware, CDPR pushed its game to the next level. Alongside titles like Far Cry 3, Battlefield 3 and Crysis 3, the PC showcased visuals much closer to those we would see in the now current generation of console hardware and it did so two-and-a-half years before they would arrive. The Witcher 2's next-gen credentials are first established when it comes to characters and environments. In 2011, CDPR's new showcase pushed geometry count beyond the capabilities of the consoles meaning that edges on models were much smoother than the average AAA game, and the amount of detail on models (represented by real geometry instead of just textures) was much higher than typical high budget releases. Take the opening scenes of the game in the Timerian Dungeon - if you look across many of the surfaces and individual assets, you see almost unprecedented levels of detail. Outdoor scenes thick with undergrowth and dappled lighting look even more beautiful. Read more RPS Asks: Which Witcher should Netflix Witcher watchers play?Jan 10, 2020 - Rock, Paper, Shotgun If someone enjoyed Netflix’s live-action Witcher series and it made them want to try the games, where should they start? Following the show’s debut in December, I’ve had pals who sorta fell out of games pop up asking that to me, some sort of professional opinion-haver. Should they start at the beginning of CD Projekt Red’s series? Skip to the end? Are the older games archaic? Is it easy to pick up the plot? I have opinions! Skip the first two and start with The Witcher 3, I tell you. But what would you recommend? (more…) So you finished The Witcher on Netflix - what next?Jan 7, 2020 - EurogamerTurbulent winds howl as rain batters the weathered precipices. Wolves can be heard in the distance, likely feasting on a carcass less fortunate than they, while miles away regular farmhands sit around a table, guzzling Viziman Champion as they wager their own boots to break even in Gwent. Away from it all, stood atop a sequestered crag, Geralt of Rivia patiently awaits the sunrise after completing his contract. The world is quiet here: "I shut my eyes and all the world drops dead," Sylvia Plath writes in Mad Girl's Love Song. "I lift my lids and all is born again." Such is the case in The Witcher 3. If you've recently finished the Witcher Netflix series, which revels in its confidently kitschy adaptation of Andrzej Sapkowski's illustrious saga, then you're probably wondering where to go next. The Witcher was commissioned for a second season before its inaugural one even aired, but there will likely be at least a year between the two. But you're already hungry for more: where's all the good food? Read more The Toss A Coin To Your Witcher song has been modded into The Witcher 1, naturallyJan 3, 2020 - Rock, Paper, ShotgunSince Netflix’s Witcher series was released last month, there’s one particular part of the show that has followed me around the internet like a certain very persistent bard. Jaskier (who you know as Dandelion in CD Projekt RED’s Witcher games) sings a silly song at the end of episode two about Geralt’s exploits. The lyrics are, frankly, corny. It is not a masterpiece. But boy howdy it is catchy. There are memes and animations and, naturally, someone had to create a mod to add the song to The Witcher. (more…) The Witcher guy Geralt is on Netflix nowDec 20, 2019 - Rock, Paper, ShotgunMerry Witchmas to all the little monsters out there awaiting Geralt’s arrival on the small screen. Netflix’s adaptation of The Witcher novels by Andrzej Sapkowski has officially kicked off. If you’re not doing any holiday prep this weekend you can tuck in and watch all eight episodes starring Henry Cavill and co right now. (more…) The Witcher TV casting suggests intriguing book character will appear on screenDec 2, 2019 - EurogamerWe know Ciri, Geralt's adopted ward, will play a large role in Netflix's The Witcher series when it premieres later this month. Now, a new casting report suggests an unexpected book plotline connected to her may be coming to the screen. Warning, there may be spoilers ahead! A new report has revealed an actor cast in the role of False Ciri. Read more Autumn SaleNov 26, 2019 - Community Announcements