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The Last Hex

Update 49: Bug fixes and general updateDec 29, 2020 - Community AnnouncementsVersion: 0.9 Hey everyone! Long time no talk. First off I appreciate all the patience and kind words from everyone since the last update. I really do appreciate it. I hope everything is well with everyone this year, I know it has been rough for a lot of people. If you ever feel like you need to chat to someone do reach out to me! [email protected] I have been keeping up with comments and bugs to the best of my current ability and finally had some time to post an update. My notes are fairly off and the notes below are a little incomplete but a lot of fixes are in this update. Keep sending in those reports, I am seeing them! Updates Spelling fixes Added Consumed tag to Reverberating Strike Updated Necromancer power Moved the max hand limit display up a little bit to be able to be seen better Removed stun tooltip from Brand of Lightning Earth Mastery now gives fortify 2 Celeste ring is now capped at 10 stat points Potential fixes Potential fix to trigger Molten Missile more reliably Potential fix for Set Trap freezing battle Fixed Fixed an issue where events that have been hidden are still being seen in game Fixed an issue with Energy Siphon not working properly Fixed an issue with Turn the Tide not updating draw card count properly Fixed an issue where Banshee can still weaken player with Cap of Stability Fixed an issue with Grasp From Beyond having an incorrect tooltip Fixed an issue with being able to add multiple cards with Regrowth Fixed an issue with Shockbane Potion not triggering reliably Fixed an issue with Dire Gash not showing correct formula Fixed an issue where Consumed by Light event would leave player with negative health Fixed an issue with Gambler event when player has less than 3 cards Fixed an issue with Play the Odds triggering strengthen and expose damage Fan Pack 1 - Submissions are openJun 21, 2020 - Community AnnouncementsWith the new pack system in place we thought it would be fun to get some community suggestions on cards, potions and items you would like to see in game. If you have any ideas feel free to fill out this form as many times as you want. We are looking to get 20 new things created by the community into this pack.Update 48: Bug fixes, Fan Pack 1 input, and general updateJun 7, 2020 - Community AnnouncementsHey Everyone! Life has been crazy the past 2 weeks but here we are with an update on The Last Hex. General Update The first thing I want to mention to get it out of the way, is I am looking to go to a 2 week update schedule unless something major or exciting comes up. We have seen a large drop in bug reports which is fantastic. The game is a lot more stable and less things require our immediate attention. So I am hoping the 2 weeks will allow me to create and add in some really cool stuff. Fan Pack 1 The Last Hex would be nothing without the community that has helped to make it what is today. Among all the bug fixing and reports there has been a large number of you who have sent in ideas for content. We want to build a pack based around the things that you want to see in the game. We want to make at least 20 new things and your name will even be attached to it if you'd like. If you have any thoughts on an item, card or potion you want to see in the game you can just fill out this form here and we will see your suggestion. We will give it 2 weeks for people to fill out the form, after that we will do some formatting and editing to get other player input and maybe a vote depending on how much we have. From there we will create the cards and release the pack! Update 47: Bug fixesMay 17, 2020 - Community AnnouncementsVersion: 0.8.37 This week has been mostly concentrated on fixing up bugs with the new content as well some other bugs that have come in over the week. Potential fixes Potential fix for World traveler achievement - go to settings - Sync achievements Potential fix for God Item achievement - go to settings - Sync achievements Fixed Fixed an issue with Payday Fixed an issue with Setup Fixed an issue with Iron Skin potion being added to deck Fixed an issue with the enemy having 0 cards to play Added an additional check at the start of Parasite turn to check for burn Fixed an issue with Dark Offering only needing 2 cards and not 3 Fixed an issue with not being able to see full list of cards when using Regrowth Update 46: New content drop and a year into early accessMay 10, 2020 - Community AnnouncementsVersion 0.8.21 A whole year It has been a whole year since The Last Hex hit early access! A whole year! I can't believe it, it hasn't felt like a whole year has passed. I owe a lot to the community that has built up around The Last Hex. You all have really helped to make TLH what it is today! So a big thank you to every single one of. I have met many of you at cons as well as online through email, discord, or social media. I have sat and hung out on more streams than I care to mention and have had so many great conversations with people. Many of you who I still talk to on a fairly regular basis. So I really mean it when I say thank you to everyone. It has been a wild ride and I look forward to what the future holds. Fun fact - there have been 46 "weekly" updates over the past 52 weeks. So I count that as a win! What the future holds The biggest thing I want to bring up here is that we are looking to release this year. We feel the game has come a long long way since release. We have fixed so many bugs and feel it is in a pretty good place outside of some weird edge cases. We have all the content we want in and with this update, we now have implemented a way to add new content going forward. There is still some things we need to work on, but all in all everything is looking great. This week's update I have been talking about this for the past 2 weeks and it is finally here! New content! All about deck manipulation. This is also the introduction of what we are calling "Packs". You can use fate coins to obtain these packs in the fate shop. And then they get added into your game, and are ready to use. Packs cost 5 fate coins, which in the worst case scenario will take you 5 games to obtain, in the case that you don't have any. I don't want to spoil too much here though. But with these content pack you will gain access to new items, a potion and new cards. Things range from energy reduction, to shuffling your consume deck into your draw pile and even ways to draw a lot more cards. I have been playing with these things for the past week and I am having a lot of fun with the new combos that this content brings. Check it out and let us know what other kind of "packs" you would like to see. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/33152213/fdad39f2565fc172438b1c053566c8b0d8cfaa14.pngUpdate 45 - Small updates and bug fixes - Upcoming new contentMay 3, 2020 - Community AnnouncementsVersion 0.8.14 The biggest news this week is that I am officially announcing a new content drop coming soon. New cards, a new potion and new equipment. 20 to be precise. All 20 items are about deck manipulation. Meaning more draw, ways to reduce the energy cost of cards, obtaining all your consumed cards again, playing cards from your consume or discard piles and so much more! Deck manipulation is something that both the community and us have been saying is missing from the game, so we aim to change that. This is the first "pack" that we will be introducing both as a proof of concept for how we want future content to be added but also something we think is needed. So stay tuned for that! Update Fixed some visual issues in Fate Shop Health related items now only raise max hp Updated some spelling errors Fixed Fixed an issue with event Fate Shop Fixed an issue with the Conscripted achievementWeekly Update 44 - Small updates and bug fixesApr 20, 2020 - Community AnnouncementsVersion Number Update Removed an unused achievement Updated wording of Exsanguination Updated wording of sleep to state any attack wakes enemy Removed Alchemist from potion explosion option for classes Fixed Moved Claws of Reprisal icon to player area Fixed an issue with the Bard Trial not being able to be resumed Curse absorption now works with Bandages Fixed an issue with Crucial Sacrifice and playing a potion after Fixed an issue with All Seeing Eye not being able to be unequippedWeekly Update 43 - Fate Shop updates, bug fixesApr 13, 2020 - Community AnnouncementsSome small updates and fixes this week as I have been watching how the Fate Shop is working out and how it is changing the game for players. Thank you to everyone who is sending in reports! Seems like the Fate Shop has been a great addition to the game! Keep sending in those reports! Updates Added formula to Payday Update to some spelling issues Fixes Fixed an issue with keybindings when bug report is open Fixed an issue with Exsanguination not working Fixed an issue with Blood Boil calculation Fixed an issue with Last Stand not setting player health to 1 Fixed an issue with purchasing level 2 skill in fate shop Fixed several issues with Fate Shop purchases. Can't Reproduce King getting a black screen after fight Issue with turning off map scroll at start of gameWeekly Update 42 - Introducing the Fate Shop - Control your destiny!Apr 5, 2020 - Community AnnouncementsVersion Number: 0.8.3 I want to introduce the Fate Shop! A way to control the content that appears in your game. You will gain fate coins from defeating The Lost as well as camp bosses. You can then take those coins and use them to remove content from your game. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/33152213/bd724cbfc8b745d590b3c43588550948e02f24ed.jpg Don't like a specific event or monster? Remove it from your game. Don't want specific equipment or cards to show up? Remove it from your game. You can also even power up your characters by increasing starting health, starting gold, starting with potions and so much more. We wanted to create a system that allows you to play the way you want, as well as create a system that has an impact on your entire game and not just your one run. Any changes made in the Fate Shop will apply to normal runs and even Odyssey! Trials will be unaltered, as we felt it ruins the fun of a trial. For those who have been playing before this update. You should obtain a number of coins based off your previous games, so that you can jump right into the shop, without having to gain coins that you should rightfully have already. I do want to mention that this is the first version of the Fate Shop, we have things that we want to change as well as add. The next step is to add sorting and filtering to each screen. We want to hear your thoughts on this system as you get your hands on it. So do please give it a try and let us know what you think. Enjoy! LuigiWeekly Update 41 - Balance tweaks, Introduction of key bindings and moreMar 29, 2020 - Community AnnouncementsVersion: 0.8.10 Some fun updates today. The biggest is the introductions of key bindings. So more info on that below. I have started implementing key bindings. They have been implemented for combat only at this moment as I feel that is where they are mainly needed. The plan is to expand on them (Map, rewards ect ect) as well as add the ability to customize these key bindings from the settings screen. I have been playing with them all week and it is has been a nice addition. You can turn on and off the key binding tool tips from the settings menu as well. Full Patch Notes New Introducing key commands on battle screen Added setting to hide key commands on battle screen Updates Removed Potions from showing up when removing a card in the inn Removed old Consumed tooltip from potions Potion duplicator has a new description - Potions are not destroyed on use Added difficulty rating to Abandoned Farmhouse Updated Odyssey class select scrollbar to have larger selection and scroll faster Balance More The Lost Nerfs Void Strike Card got a buff Lowered chance for undead to take a hex Fixes Removed Consumed keyword from Energy Potion Fixed an issue with Iron Maiden power not showing up Fixed an issue with saving odyssey wins from classes unlocked from Trials Weekly Update 40 - Small Lost nerf and bug fixesMar 22, 2020 - Community AnnouncementsVersion Number 0.8.9 This week comes with a lot of updates to the community. With the influx of players and then an influx of reports and posts. It is great to find some of the edge cases that are being found. Also thanks and welcome to all the new players! Keep posting, keep sending in bug reports and do think about joining the discord community. It has been great talking with everyone and I have heard of some really great wins! Check the full patch notes below. Patch Notes Potential fix for no hand drawn/hand limit reached issue when starting a fight after dying in initiate Let me know if it still happens to you and your version says .8.8.1 - Way to work around it is to save and exit your current run and then continuing your run 0.8.9 Updates Lots of spelling updates Increased size of potion hit target for those using touch screens Increased the size of equations and tooltips on card Balance The Lost got a slight nerf with frost and regen The Lost health nerf Bugs Fixed a heal exploit on Essence Eater Fixed an issue with Wolf Pack Hunt card dealing extra damage Tested but unable to verify bug Champion power not working when upgrading Meditation leaves player with 1 less energy Reinforce stopped working mid way through fight Book of Monsters not working Fury not working The Last Hex - 40% off this weekMar 16, 2020 - Community AnnouncementsA lot of things suck right now and there is a ton of people staying home whether it be self quarantined or mandated. Regardless, the situation is what it is and we all could use a little pick me up. It is not much but I have discounted The Last Hex by 40% for the entire week, I wish I could do more but I am doing what I can on my end. For those who have been on the fence about picking The Last Hex up, for those who have been waiting for a good sale on The Last Hex, and to those who are just looking for something to help pass time. I hope you do pick up The Last Hex. A lot has changed and for the best, especially a lot of great changes being driven by the community. With constant updates and a plethora of content. It should keep you playing for some time. Stay safe everyone! LuigiWeekly Update 39 - And I am back with a brand new updateMar 16, 2020 - Community AnnouncementsPatch version # 0.8.8 I am back from a small break for the birth of my daughter! Everyone is doing amazing! And I really appreciate the support and kind words from the community on this huge life event for my family. Thank you! One thing I want to bring up is that this was also a huge test to see how much breaks while I was unable to fix things. And... Things went really well, the game seems to be very stable outside of some edge cases and this is a huge success as the game gets closer to its official 1.0 release. The main things I have been working on is some balancing of items as well as more translation fixes (thank you to the community members helping with this) Update to unlock rates We decided to make unlocking things easier. You will see unlocks come a lot quicker now, and it includes everything. Potions, enemies and events has seen a huge decrease in how long it takes to unlock things. Upcoming week This upcoming week I look to solidify the keyboard commands. Full Patch notes New Added player and enemy consume card count Balance Death Ring is now Rare was Uncommon All content is unlocked faster - With the biggest change being items and enemies/bosses All status effect immunity potions are now Rare and cost 2 instead of Ultra Rare and cost 1 Updates Fixed a bunch of translation issues Fixed Fixed an issue where The best offense achievement was not being unlocked via trial Added in some logic to fix an issue if enemy has no more cards to play Weekly Patch 38 - Bug fixes and the next 2 weeksFeb 22, 2020 - Community AnnouncementsHello everyone! Today is a pretty interesting post for me. There are some bug fixes to talk about, an idea for keybindings to share, an infograph to share and a talk about the next 2 weeks. The next 2 weeks Long story short I will be working less on the game for the next 2 weeks. I will be working on any major issues that come up and some prototyping, but there is a possibility that I won't have a weekly patch for the next 2 weeks. My wife is being induced tomorrow and soon we will be adding a new member to our family. Sorry for any inconveniences this may cause. Infograph of player stats for the past week {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/33152213/b90dfa31c18bfa31f75ca93901eb4a3b9574ea0a.jpg Keybinding ideas Here is what we are thinking for general keybindings Esc - Menu interaction 1-10 to quick play a card Number the first time - highlights + bring card to the front; number the second time - confirms play of card Enter / 'E' to end turn C - Character info (Inventory) D - view player deck (Deck) B - View Consumed Cards (Burned) Player ideas: D -Draw F - Discard G -Consumed H - Enemy Draw J - Enemy Discard K - Enemy Consumed Potions idea - P to access potions menu - Esc to cancel or E / Enter to confirm Patch notes Fixes Fixed an issue with Demon Lord Searing Slash showing incorrect numbers Fixed an issue with Undead Guard Odyssey level 2 power Fixed an issue with Vanguard Odyssey level 2 power description Fixed an issue where potions are disabled after gaining extra energy in a turn Fixed an issue with Succubus charm not working Fixed an issue with later odyssey progression Weekly Patch 37 - Bug fixes and question to the community about key mappingsFeb 16, 2020 - Community AnnouncementsPatch version 0.8.7 This patch is mainly bug fixes. But I do have a new info graphic on player stats which you can find below. I also have a question in regards to key mapping and what you guys want. Players seemed to enjoy the infograph from last patch notes so I made another one. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/33152213/6a232b704b51b0518f382efba8916f9eb1616be0.jpg Key mapping I have started working more on key mapping. Both controller and keyboard support. I want to know what you guys want as far as functionality. Things like being able to play cards in hand by hitting 1-10 or hitting escape to bring up the menu. Or space bar to end turn. That kind of thing. Any thoughts would be grand on what you expect from this kind of functionality. Patch Notes Updates Continuation of updating scroll bar speeds Updated the size of hover over card text during battles Players can now change out equipment for event fights Changed the rating of Reaper fight event Removed normal game restriction for achievements Started to remove uncleansable effects from player status effect area to enemy status effect area, to lower confusion on what is cleansable Fixes Fixed an issue with continuing odyssey runs and having the rule applied twice Fixed an issue with tutorial. Equip screen was under the potion select area Weekly Patch 36 - Health items balance and bug fixesFeb 9, 2020 - Community AnnouncementsPatch version 0.8.6 This week comes with some balance tweaks to health items as well as a number of bug fixes which you can find at the end of this post. I have also tested out something new outside of the game but related to the game earlier this week that I want to share with you. Earlier this week I created an info sheet of some interesting game stats. Check it out below, and if you find it interesting let me know and I will continue to make them. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/33152213/48d583a2e35b8dd284658761c2cdd5f9b27b28ee.jpg Full patch notes Balance Life stone now gives 120 max health Giant Brain now gives 160 max health Blossom necklace now gives 50 max health Iron skin potion has been nerfed slightly Death Ring rebalance Health Shard now gives 40 max health Update Updated Odyssey text, removed statement of only having 12 chapters. All chapters are implemented Updated trial page scrolling to be faster Made some tweaks to the Cursed Church quest line to be more accessible Update to steam page for marketability purposes Fixes Fixed a potential issue with Gilded Fortune Fixed an issue with Festering toxin text Fixed an issue with Blind Run trial showing health when saving and continuing Fixed an issue with Alchemize bringing up old potion bag Fixed an issue with resuming Energy Trial Fixed an issue where player equipment banner is not updated after starting Survival trial Fixed an issue with sword breaker and the walking lost interaction Weekly Patch 35 - Potion update issues fixed and player health rebalanceFeb 2, 2020 - Community AnnouncementsPatch version Potion update issues This weeks patch comes with a number of fixes to issues around items and interactions that came up because of the potion update last week. A number of items have been fixed and a number of interactions have been fixed. The biggest being Alchemize not working. Continue to let me know if other things are not working. Along with these fixes I have done 2 things to enhance the potion update. First being Vial of Fire can now be used on the world map Second being potions now stack in fights. Player health rebalance We have had an issue for a while where player health does not seem to scale well with the player as they go. Enemies gain more health and do more damage as you go and it was a little disproportionate to the player increase. So the first step we are taking to combat this is to make health upgrades from cities and camp bosses scale. In the level 1 areas the increase is 40 in trainers and after defeating a boss. For each area after that it increase by 10 per level. So in the final level area you will be able to gain 90 health. We also plan to buff health items in general, but we want to see what impact this initial change has on a run. That is all the major things this week! Full notes New - Potions now are shown in stacks while in fights - Boss fights now give increasing max health bonuses - City trainers now give increasing max health bonuses Update - Moved location of where enemy card appears due to a layout issue - Removed critical tooltip from Pummel - Players can now use Vial of Fire from map - Continuation of fixing up translations and layout issues caused by translations Fixed - Fixed Taunt wording - Fixed a bug with intolerance - Fixed an issue with Alchemize not working - Fixed an issue with Rapid Fire Crossbow making high cost potions unusable after playing a cardPatch 34 - Big Potion UpdateJan 26, 2020 - Community AnnouncementsPatch verson 0.8.5 Hello everyone! Big update today! We have revamped potions quite a bit. But before we get into the full changes, I want to mention that we want to hear from you about the changes. What you like or dislike. Even what you would want to see added or would change. We are still refining this system and I am sure changes will be made based off feedback. So with that, let's jump in. So the first and most important change is that all potions are now destroyed on use. All of them, every single one. We really want to bring more RPG elements into The Last Hex, and we believe that this change runs more in line with that mindset. Because all potions are now destroyed on use, we have decided to make them better and cheaper. For the most part all potions have doubled in effect. Potions are now cheaper in cities. Commons now cost 25 gold Uncommons cost 60 gold Rares cost 150 The Ultra Rares have kept their price point of 800-1000 gold Healing potions can now be used from the map This is one we have been talking about for a long time and has been something requested. We didn't have a proper way of balancing this in the old system, but now that potions get destroyed on use, we figured there was no reason to not let players use healing potions on the map. We have added a new potion UI during fights Since we want potions to be a more common and more frequently used we have removed the potion bag. We now have a spot that shows all your potions and you can now use potions without having to open the potion bag. This change will hopefully not only speed up the process for using potions but to also let players know they have potions and should be picking them up. Class updates With this change we had to update some classes. The Thief got a buff with Sudden Strike now adding poison 2. The Alchemist also got a buff, potions are now added to the players potion deck and will stay there until used. And Alchemize can now be played on all potions. So that is all the potion changes! Try it out and let us know what you think. As mentioned more changes are coming to this but we wanted to get first impressions on this. Full Patch notes New - Potion rework Potions are all now destroyed on use Potions have been rebalanced Potions now cost less Potions have a new UI in battle Healing potions can now be accessed on the world map Thief got a buff Alchemist got a buff Balance - Trainers are more likely to appear in cities Fixes - More translation updates Patch 33 - Translation updates, bug fixes and potions updateJan 20, 2020 - Community AnnouncementsShort update. I am continuing to update translation issues thanks to everyone sending in fixes! It helps a lot. I have also been keeping up with bug reports being sent in. Lastly I am almost ready to start implementing the changes to potions, I did some balancing in our spreadsheets for the potions, and should be good to be made live next weekend! Fixes - Continuation of translation updates - Fixed some issues with cards not showing correct damage - Fixed some UI issues in character info screen - Fixed weird font in War Master Balance - Balance tweak to Spider Lord poison - Balance tweak to Necromancer poison - Removal of treant healingPatch 32 - A lot of translation fixes, bug fixes and future potion updateJan 12, 2020 - Community AnnouncementsPatch 0.8.3 I am back from MAGFest and working on a lot of translation items that people have sent in. Thank you so much for being so supportive and understanding with this. And thank you for helping to fix the issues! I am continuing work on this and bug fixes that have come in. But I also wanted to talk about changes to potions that are incoming. It will heavily change how potions work in game. We want the potions to feel more RPG like, as well as be a harder to choice to use them vs saving them. Changes will include All potions will be a one time use - Will be derstroyed on use and no longer consumed All potions will become stronger because of the previous item Players will be able to use healing potions outside of combat Potions will be super cheap ~50-75 per common potion and going up from there These changes will affect a couple classes and those classes will get a buff to work with these potion changes. Talking about the Thief and Alchemist. Full Patch Updates - Update to potion duplicator description Fixes - Fixed many translation related issues including cards, equipment, enemies and events - Fixed an issue with Sniper Shot giving incorrect defense - Fixed an issue with Curse Absorption having wrong formula Can not reproduce - Shadowskin tunic not adding extra damage