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The Dope Game

The Dope Game - Version 4.4.1 UpdateDec 24, 2022 - Community AnnouncementsHey dope fiends! This tiny patch fixes a very rare crash if you select the not-yet-included Brewery location on the map. Technically, you shouldn't be able to select it and this patch makes sure you can't. Stay safe and warm out there!The Dope Game - Version 4.4 UpdateDec 22, 2022 - Community AnnouncementsHey dope fiends! Yes, another holiday update for you and yours. This time we are updating the base game with the new music tracks from the OST, as well as some fixes for various little bugs, and... removing the size limitations for weapons! More on the weapon thing, the size limitation is removed game-wide. That mechanic, while classic, sucks honestly. Now you can equip whatever you want no matter how many drugs you're carrying around! For those curious, here is the full change-log for the game: Added: four new music tracks Fixed: volume sliders Fixed: sound effects level not saving correctly Fixed: dropping drugs from inventory reduced coat size Fixed: missing Xmas prefix name for henchman Fixed: possible crash when visiting Starkham Docks during Xmas event Removed: weapons using up coat space Our other content updates will be on hold until Haulin' Oats officially launches in February but fear not... they are coming. Stay warm out there!The Dope Game - Soundtrack Update - XMas Gift from Macabre GandhiDec 22, 2022 - Community AnnouncementsHey dope fiends! Today we are pushing a small update to The Dope Game OST that adds four new tracks from Macabre Gandhi. His gift to you this holiday season. Well, if you already own the soundtrack that is. These new tracks will be added to the game's next update which will be rather small but soon. Nonetheless, stay warm and have a good holiday season!Version 4.3 UpdateOct 25, 2022 - Community AnnouncementsHey there, dope-fiends! We have yet another patch based on user feedback for your Halloween enjoyment. This primarily all fixes and a few extra little bits. There will be one more patch coming for a few minor things but we wanted to roll out a bunch of bigger bug fixes first. The change-log is as follows: Added: seeded in more lost stuff Changed: restructured how what is lost or found happens Changed: updated engine to Godot Engine 3.5.1 Changed: Classic version now uses new API system Fixed: a few bugs in API system Fixed: turning off holidays doesn't disable them Fixed: issue where backgrounds didn't load right in Halloween mode Fixed: problem with saves loading due to encryption, players may need to delete local saves Fixed: signals for networking loading in background Fixed: missing dialog for old lady Fixed: issue with finding stuff, caused thread to break and nothing to be found Fixed: getting stuck in dialog when fleeing from the cops Fixed: some naming issues with finding or losing items Fixed: organ related keys in translation file We had to remove save encryption since it broke during the engine change. If you experience problems with saves loading, please delete the save files then just sync from the Options menu. Your save files should be at these locations: Windows - C:\Users\ \AppData\Roaming\Godot\app_userdata\The Dope Game\ Linux - ~/.local/share/The Dope Game/ OSX - ~/Library/Application Support/Godot/app_userdata/The Dope Game/ If you run into any issues with any of this, please reach out to us! Happy holidays!Halloween Event and UpdateOct 24, 2022 - Community AnnouncementsHey dope-fiends! And happy something-or-other. We are about a week late letting you know that the annual Halloween event is live and has been since the 15th. Those of you who play are already aware. The event will run until the Day of the Dead ends on November 3rd. As tradition dictates, all the NPCs will don costumes and decorate their respective lairs. All the drugs in the game will change into candy. And various areas of the town will be themed appropriately. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/24665838/1348686a810fa9d7659dcfd7198f4f4a474fed5e.png To sweeten your candy bags, we also made a quick patch that fixes some translation issues and also now lets you skip ahead during dialog. For those curious, here is the change-log for version 4.2! Added: ability to skip / fast-forward typed dialog sections Changed: updated engine to Godot 3.5.1 Changed: minor bits under the hood for upcoming content pack Fixed: issue with game rendering translation files CoaguCo Fall Update 2022 - Haulin' Oats, The Dope Game, And MoreOct 3, 2022 - Community AnnouncementsHey there! So last year around this time we did a Fall Update to give news on every project we are working on and where everything currently is. This year we're gonna do the same. Instead, however, we will talk about each project in alphabetical order. TL:DR; Been doing real-life stuff and other non-game projects, but things are still moving along! Just slower. Wanting to provide higher-quality updates. The Dope Game So the game has five different content updates (still) coming. Most of them have missed their original assumed deadlines but so it goes in the world of game development. Since most of these updates require a lot of art, that takes a bit more time than programming sometimes. The first update, which adds more customization to characters, is being overhauled. While you will be able to modify colors and such for the outfits, they will be put together in sets to reduce the complication of the mix-and-match; which is really where things get hung up. We are also going to mix update 1 and 2 together by putting out the DLC updates in with the customization patch. Just to speed things up a bit. Haulin' Oats Release dates have been speculated on a lot and right now we are targeting Q1 2023 with a nice buffer after Steam Winter Sale and a buffer before Steam Spring Sale. Other than the grueling grind that is multiplayer, the game has been getting a graphical overhaul. Various fonts, lines, and images are being redesigned and cleaned up. As you can see from the images above and below. Card faces are being reworked too; most of this for clarity and to match the physical assets for the (hopeful) physical version. Some higher resolutions are also being used for larger displays. Also doing a round of checking for any missing assets like missing card graphics. A few other things: More animations are being done, like game pieces, icons on the board, etc. A new radio is being added to change tracks in-game if you want to skip some. More music is being added too. Actual hands and arms of in-game "players" being tested. UI overhaul to fit information better. Hopefully our first multiplayer build will be out this XMas for you guys to test out. Into Oblivion The game is currently awaiting its Midnight update. Most of the time has been spent combating how the interface is laid out with so many other players. In the end, the maximum number of players for Midnight is being reduced to 6 from 8. Almost all of it is done. The intro animations are ready to go and most of the assets...The Dope Game - Version 4.1 Patch And DemoJun 8, 2022 - Community AnnouncementsHey there, dope fiends! We are sliding out a quick patch to fix some issues that were found. Here are the patch notes: Added: function for dealing with armor changes in combat Fixed: attacks not taking armor durability instead of health Fixed: missing audio track will crash game Fixed: inventory blocker not showing correctly Fixed: dropping drug in inventory crashing game or locking screen Fixed: crash if player attacks a crew member Fixed: text when player attacks themselves or crew We also added a brand new demo for the remaster so folks can try the game out without buying it. The demo locks at 15 day runs and has limited community features. More coming soon!The Dope Game - Remaster v4.0 Out NowJun 7, 2022 - Community AnnouncementsWell hello, dope fiends! It has been some time, hasn't it? Today we are finally releasing the remastered version of The Dope Game, complete with bugs. There is a lot to cover so let's get into it. First, you'll notice a huge graphics overhaul but all the code underneath was pretty much re-written too. You will see some locked off options which will be enabled in later content packs (which we will talk about soon). And bugs. I found some bugs... Sorry about that. Yes, there are so many different angles to the game that all the bugs were impossible to find. However, there is a patch being put together now that will address some of them soon. If you find one, please report it on our Discord or the Steam community section under "Bugs/Glitches". You can even exploit them for fun and profit for the time being. Wait, the price changed? Yeah, during the last year or two we discussed with the community the best way to approach the remaster version: should it be a new game entirely, some DLC, or free patches and a price bump. You guys chose the price bump with free patches; probably because you already owned the game. Turns out it was the easiest way to do all this without complication or setting up a bunch of stuff through Steam. Content Pack Roadmap We talked a little bit about the content packs coming out after launch and now we'll expand on these a bit more. After a patch or two, we will have a Skins Update which will add more skins to the customize section of the game. It will also fix the color selector, which honestly kind of sucks right now. The CoaguCoins will be available in-game at the bank and use in-game money to buy. Gotta spend them stacks on something. Next is the DLC Update which will update all aspects of the DLC content. Mostly a graphical update, it will also change the Android APK to a newer version and the console edition. There will be a few extra surprises too like Point Shop items. Next is the Combat Update which will re-work parts of the combat system, which is showing its age. You can fight multiple opponents and there will be some new effects like particles and such. Next is the Docks Update which will finally add a new sub-location, The Brewery. Here you can deal with ol' Jenkins as he sets up his make-shift brewery (featured in the Brewmaster update for Into Oblivion). He will sell the player a variety of upgrades to use in the game. Lastly, the Multiplayer Update. This, naturally, adds multiplayer to the game and lets you deal with or against friends and foes. There is so much added here we will discuss it more later on. I love the classic version though! We do too so that's why you can change the game's branch to "classic" and just play that version. Go to the game's properties in St...The Dope Game - 6-Year Anniversary And RemasterMay 30, 2022 - Community AnnouncementsIt is weird to think this game is finally six years old as of today. Also, allegedly, that the remaster was going to be released on time. Well, one of these things came true on this, my friends. But fear not, the remaster will be out next Tuesday - June 7th, 2022! That's right, just one more week and you can start slangin' in the new and improved streets of Starkham. We will be letting beta users access a build this weekend before the launch to find any additional bugs that might have bee missed. Surely they are in there somewhere. And, naturally, we will be updating the store page this weekend as well. Mostly to reflect all the graphical changes and new features. Achievements? Sure, there will a few new achievements too; just to ruin your perfect game. While not all of the features we had hoped would make it for the remaster launch will be in there, we are providing a roadmap for the rest of 2022 to show were these things are and when they'll be added in. Almost all of these roadmap points are actually built-in to the version being released next Tuesday but they aren't quite ready to be used. Some are in a separate build which will become available to people on the beta branch. We will go more into the details of what each update contains when the remaster launches.CoaguCo XMas Events Are LiveDec 22, 2021 - Community AnnouncementsHappy holidays, folks! Technically the events all went live on the 15th of December, but you probably already knew that. Sadly we don't have any extra goodies this year as there is pretty heavy development of updates for all the games currently underway. The best we have is a little news and a reminder that the in-game events are going on until January 3rd. Into Oblivion Players of Into Oblivion will be getting the big v2.0 patch (probably) before the year is out! Multiplayer testing is underway and once those bugs are done, the game will be ready to update. There are some extra features that were going to be added in beyond the ton of stuff already in the update, but that'll be saved for the Q1 DLC update. Currently, in the holiday event, you can drink against the Krampus in the frozen wastes. There should also be six extra drinks you can make and unlock as well as two additional achievements and some extra unlockable skins. The Dope Game The remaster is still on-going and a fresh test for that should be live early next year. Everything still seems to be on track for the remaster to release May 2022. Currently, in the holiday event, Starkham is feeling festive as are all the NPC's. Drug names have been swapped into gifts and you can scoop up an achievements by playing Santa. There's even one for smashing snowmen, if that's your thing. One Way To Die The game's for-real final update with new game mode is also still underway. It will probably be out Q2 of 2022. We promise no new achievements. Probably. Currently, in the holiday event, there are 10 extra deaths you can stumble across and finding them will net you the holiday achievement. That's it for the holiday and update news! Next year, after all these big updates come out, we are planning something a little more exciting and new for the holiday events. Stay warm and safe out there! CoaguCo Halloween Events Now LiveOct 17, 2021 - Community AnnouncementsHey there! Just a friendly reminder that the Halloween events for The Dope Game, Into Oblivion, and One Way To Die are now active until November 2nd. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/24665838/1348686a810fa9d7659dcfd7198f4f4a474fed5e.png All games have special holiday-themed achievements available to unlock. The Dope Game features costumed NPC's and holiday changes to the environments, as well as drugs being renamed as candies. Into Oblivion unlocks a new bot, with their arena, and adds in six special holiday drinks that can be used whenever after being unlocked. One Way To Die just includes a few extra holiday deaths but no graphical changes. That's it for this holiday season! Stay safe and warm out there.CoaguCo Fall Update - Haulin' Oats, The Dope Game, And MoreOct 2, 2021 - Community AnnouncementsHey there, happy fall! And with the change of the seasons we are back from a lengthy vacation to update you on where and when various games will see the light of day. For fun, this will be in chronological order. Into Oblivion So the Brewmaster expansion won't be around until, probably, Q3 2022; however, the game will be getting a large update very soon for the upcoming Steam Tabletop Fest. Yeah, this month... in about two weeks. That soon. What's in it? The game's version of Godot will be updated to 3.3.4; maybe 3.4 if that comes out before the update. Tons of code has been updated under the hood in preparation for Brewmaster, including the networking which has all be ported over to Steam instead of Godot's internal networking. This will make all the multiplayer stuff much more smooth. In addition to these, there are a few graphical upgrades and animation changes. Menu layouts have been altered too. The old "embiggen" mode was pulled temporarily to be replaced with better accessibility modes in the Brewmaster update. The native resolution is now 1440p, up from 1080p. And, naturally, a bunch more tiny tweaks that will be outlined in the change log when it launches. Haulin' Oats Our next big release will be out in Q1 2022. Haulin' Oats is currently undergoing networking re-writes and various graphical upgrades for the last beta version. Trust me, all those graphical assets take a long time to draw and implement. Along with these updates for the beta will be the Haulin' Oats rule book which will be available for download so you can read about each square during, prior, or post game-play. The rule book is also part of the possible physical version of the game that you can play at home with friends... if you have them. More on the possibility of this physical version will be talked about after the official Steam launch. The Dope Game: Remaster Probably the most asked about, The Dope Game missed its original remaster release window of May 2021. Too many asset changes, code changes, and covid dragged the process out. However, considering we are closer to the end now, the release day can pretty reliably be set at May 30th, 2022. There have been a bunch of weird, new features added to the game since the last update and the next beta update should be pretty juicy. It may or may not show up as an Xmas present for you all. One Way To Die: Final Cut The oldest of our games and one that started as a joke a long time ago, is getting one final update which will add a graphical version. This was teased earlier in the year and, well, let's tease it again. https://cdn.cloudflare.steamstatic...Haulin' Oats, The Dope Game Remaster, One Way To Die - Summer Status UpdateMay 16, 2021 - Community AnnouncementsHey long-haul trucks, dope fiends, and death seekers! There has been some silence as things are being worked on so here is a post to address all three games and their update statuses for the summer; including vague release windows. As it is the year of delays in games, films, and what-not, these three are no different. We will start at the top of the list and work our way down. Haulin' Oats If you've visited the Haulin' Oats Steam store page lately you'd notice the release date has been changed to "Ready When Ready" from the tentative June 2021 date. That being said, in the last update I believe it was mentioned the game as going to be released sometime in the summer and that June was a just a holding date. Since real-life takes importance over development-life and there is a lot more polish I'd like to put on the game before releasing it, summer might still be a valid target but the game may not see the light of day until fall. The next beta update will be the multiplayer test update and there will be posts about it right before it happens. Nonetheless, various things have been upgraded since the last test update: art, code, shader effects, etc. Things are shaping up and calmly walking towards a final build but not just yet. The Dope Game Remaster Second on our list is The Dope Game Remaster, which was due out on May 30th, 2021; the five-year anniversary. However, it won't be making that date but that is because of all the love this remaster is getting. Seriously. All of the art has been redone, multiplayer has been added (which goes into test soon), every system and interface has been upgrade and expanded, a new area to deal in, new NPC, armor, organ harvesting, stuff to spend your money on, etc. Most of the new stuff is borrowed from The Dope Game 2 as a test so I know what to work on and what to avoid before that starts full development. While we will miss the May 30th release, the remaster will be out sometime after that and before summer ends. To avoid another delay post, there will not be a hard date set. However, there will be posts when the multiplayer test is ready and the final release should be shortly after that... with the appropriate post shortly beforehand. One Way To Die Lastly and least-ly, One Way To Die is getting it's final (yes, final) update. The original final update contained some code changes, minor polish, an opt-out for multiplayer, and an engine upgrade. However, since this game is over 12 years old now, I figured I'd give the old girl a better send-off. The game that started out a joke and has had a lot of revisions and updates over those year...X-Mas Events In (Most) CoaguCo Games Now LiveDec 15, 2020 - Community AnnouncementsHey there! It's that time of year, again, so here's your annual reminder that the seasonal X-Mas events have become active in The Dope Game, Into Oblivion, and One Way To Die. The events will run from today (December 15th) until January 3rd; granted you can always change your computer's clock to extend it. Each game has it's own variety of holiday additions. For those of you new to any of the games, or just don't remember, here is what you can expect. The Dope Game All the outside environments get a fresh coating of snow and the NPC's don their holiday apparel. A short mini-game of smash the snowmen is active; this will also net you a special achievement when completed. All the drugs get festive nicknames and can be gifted to NPC's, depending on their personal tastes. Gifting everyone also unlocks an achievement. Into Oblivion It is time for the Krampus. He is a bot you can drink against and, like other bots, beating him will give you access to some new skins and a new arena. There are also some special holiday drinks you can mix up. Mix them all and unlock an X-Mas achievement. One Way To Die Last and actually least, there are 10 holiday-specific death events that should be available. Collecting all X-Mas deaths will pop the related achievement. That's it for now and have a happy holiday or the rough equivalent!The Dope Game Remaster - Release Date - May 30th, 2021Nov 24, 2020 - Community AnnouncementsHey there, dope fiends! The horrendous US election period has somewhat passed and we're all still balls-deep in covid so what better time to drop the final release date and information about The Dope Game Remaster? The remaster will be released on May 30th, 2021, which is the five-year anniversary for the game. This will give ample time to squash any weird bugs, put on more polish, get the Russian localization fixed up, and make sure everything else is updated and ready to go on day one instead of staggering releases. For existing owners, it will upgrade the current version of the game. Existing owners will also be able to test out beta builds of the remaster leading up to the release. There is currently a "beta" branch that has the WIP version. For new players, as per some conversations with the community, the game's price will be increased on May 30th, 2021 to $4.99. So if you are interested in getting it on the cheap, now is the time. Or any big sale after the Remaster's release since the on-going discount structure will stay in place. Here is the final list of new features for the Remaster version: Classic Edition as a separate exe which can be started from main menu Multiplayer up to 8 people running around the streets of Starkham Customizable characters Complete graphical overhaul New engine and re-written code-base New area - The Starkham Docks New NPC - Jenkins; he sells various items to boost your game-play New sub-area - The Bootleg Shack Hospital allows healing your crew and you can sell organs Old Lady's drug fluctuations have been corrected, improved Brand-new police HEAT system Armor can be purchased, found, worn Upgraded API system to allow more drop/find with community Accessibility features All interfaces (HUD, inventory, Stashware, etc.) have been re-worked Various community suggestions have been added in I'm sure there are a few other things I have forgotten to mention too. The Stash DLC The Stash will get a bunch of new updates; basically everything in there: Big addition to the artbook; containing new art and some comparisons Updated Android Edition to Remaster version as well as Classic version Face-lift for the thank-you note New wallpapers and updates to existing wallpapers, plus multiple sizes Old school terminal game is getting updates too The only thing not getting an update in The Stash is the soundtrack. Speaking of... The Dope Game OST A brand-new official soundtrack will also hit the scene for $1.99. It will contain a liner note PDF as well as some new tracks that will be present in the remaster. All proceeds from the OST will go directly to Macabre Gandhi himself. Beyond That Other than all this, sometime in the Summer of 2021, I hope to get Steam Workshop enabled. Primarily for letting the community create their own localization versions, but to also allow customizing other aspects of the game su...The Dope Game - Halloween EventOct 14, 2020 - Community AnnouncementsHey there, dope fiends! It is that time of the year again to drop your drugs and pick up candy in the annual Dope Game Halloween Event. This year, like every year, all the NPC's don their costumes and the streets of Starkham get a little spooky. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/24665838/145ef5cfe622fa92deafcaea9722e99813d76d50.png From now until November 3rd at midnight, The Dope Game Halloween event is active. Get out there and slang some candy. Don't forget to give the NPC's a little to earn a snazzy holiday achievement.Dev Diary - 9/4/20 - The Dope Game: RemasterSep 4, 2020 - Community AnnouncementsHey there, dope fiends! OK, so this week's dev diary is a little different... you know, as I mentioned in the last one. This week is all about The Dope Game: Remaster. So without further ado... The Dope Game: Remaster - WIP Build Right now, this very minute, you can swap over to the "beta" branch and try the very janky WIP version of the remaster. This contains a snapshot of the game as it stands today; with all the bugs, missing images, and problems you'd expect with such a build. Broke AF That being said, it is very broken as I have been changing shit up to the wire and broke many things in the process. You WILL experience crashes and, yes, I am aware they are there and why they happen. I have a whole list of notes of things I haven't done yet or haven't fix yet or just freshly broke and need to fix. But don't despair! This branch will be updated frequently as I make changes and fixes. You can expect updates at least once a week until the game is ready for full release. Why release this now? This sort of "early access" build is available to do a few things. First, I felt it was time to let some folks get a look at it up close and personal. Granted you can't really play from start to finish, but it gives you an idea of what it'll be like soon. Second, it also gives you guys an opportunity to help direct where this is going a bit better. You know, because often times development is working "in a tunnel" and things that make sense to me might not make sense to you; and vice versa. So feel free to jump over to the game's community hub and drop some threads into the Remaster forum. Now what? I am going to keep plugging away at it, obviously, and will release another snapshop next week. Each subsequent dev diary after the next one (which is all about Haulin' Oats only) will have information about the current snapshot and where things are. And, as I mentioned before, I'll keep cranking out snapshots each week until we get where we're going. What can I expect? Other than some brutal crashes when you least expect it? Or getting stuck somewhere? Well, here is a list of things you can see in the remaster WIP build: All-new interface designs Customize your character (new cloths, accessories, and icons soon) Multiplayer, coming to a build near you A fourth dialog option?! Sell your organs, or other people's with the right tools Accessibility options to make it work for everyone Play the classic game from the remaster (launches a new process) Four new achievements because you love them N...Dev Diary - 8/21/20 - Haulin’ Oats And The Dope Game RemasterAug 21, 2020 - Community AnnouncementsHey! Hey. Hey? That's right, time for another development diary for Haulin' Oats and The Dope Game remaster. I must say I am enjoying this bi-monthly update more than the weekly one; and I'll enjoy it more once I stop writing these altogether! Anyhow, let's get down to it, folks. Haulin' Oats I've mostly been polishing and added content since last we spoke, as well as tinkering with the multiplayer stuff; like this hideous interface. There really isn't a whole lot to talk about as it has been code tweaking and most people are pretty disinterested in such things. Especially when there are no shiny pictures to show. However... The Steam Game Festival is coming back in October, before the launch of Haulin' Oats. So I think the demo for that festival will be the official demo for the game; minus any subsequent bug-fixes and such. And speaking of, the game is now slated for the end of October. Any later than that and it would have to be delayed until January 2021 because you never want to launch a small, relatively unknown indie game during the holiday seasons. The Dope Game Remaster This last chunk of time was getting more stuff ready for the first test build which will be released next Friday (August, 28th). The build will obviously be missing some assets and have a lot of bugs but will give you the chance to see all the changes in action. Speaking of... You can see here an early version of the character customization screen. I can't remember if I talked about this already but you can change how your character looks and server icons for games. There will be unlockable bonuses for playing other CoaguCo games as well as the ability to purchase new outfits and icons. Purchasing will use an in-game currency which you can exchange your hard-earned drug money for... because fuck real-money micro-transactions for cosmetics, or anything really. Speaking of hard-earned money, as mentioned a long while ago, once the remaster update is out the game's price will increase slightly. After talking to a bunch of folks about it, it was decided to raise the price instead of making this all a completely new version or a DLC package. Plus, I'm pretty sure everyone who wants the game already has it. I mean, it was two dollars, fam. If you don't, I would get that shit sooner than later. See you next week for the first test build! There will not be a new dev diary that day but there will be a post talking about what to expect. Til then!Dev Diary - 8/7/20 - Haulin’ Oats And The Dope Game RemasterAug 7, 2020 - Community AnnouncementsOh, hello there, stranger! The time-off has come to and end and here we are... time for another development diary for Haulin’ Oats and The Dope Game Remaster. As I mentioned in the previous post, these diaries are being cut down to every other week. And, of course, never again once each project launches. That being said... Haulin’ Oats A fair amount of the time after my time-off was spend on The Dope Game’s networking system. However, what work Haulin’ Oats got was divided between setting up music and polish for the next alpha which should be out sometime this month. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/24665838/0475f6edb4817483f1870a0f5bcbc19e00dab1a0.png To prevent music from getting horribly repetitive throughout a game session, the music will be set up like a radio. One song will play then the “radio” will “scan the channels” looking for the next song; like driving in a big rig. Some tracks have been assembled so far and more are coming. The current ones will be added into the next alpha version so folks can hear them. The polish phase is almost done and (I hope) most of the bugs have been squashed. I’m going to try to jam in the racing feature before releasing it to the folks who have alpha access but we’ll see how that goes. Also some accessibility features will be added prior to launch. I have to get in touch with some folks to go over what all needs to be added and then create a plan to add it! The Dope Game Remaster Most of the work done around my time-off has been networking. This is actually a drawn-out process; especially when testing it against yourself on a LAN. Nonetheless, the Steamworks integration is going pretty well. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/24665838/85849110b49ef9112722aeacc8207212bc2b657b.png All the lobby stuff, after multiple iterations, is now done. So far all the testing works, thanks to pulling some stuff from other CoaguCo games. Currently I am implementing the multiplayer P2P framework in the game itself so folks can run around and slang together. Well, more against each other. You will be able to play against six other friends or foes though currently there is no option to join an in-progress game. While it was considered, I think it might be too hard to catch up once a match starts. However, maybe down the road that will get added. Next update I will talk more about the character and server customization. There will be a decent amount at launch with some add-ons over time. More on that next time, folks!Dev Diary - 7/11/20 - Haulin’ Oats And The Dope Game RemasterJul 11, 2020 - Community AnnouncementsWhy hello, sweetlings. It is time for another week of development diary entries for Haulin’ Oats and The Dope Game. Also I will be taking the following week off of development to do some real-life stuff instead and will be changing the dev diary schedule to twice a month (every other week). Yes, the applause is deafening but please remain calm… here are this week’s updates. Haulin’ Oats This week was all about getting that multiplayer up and running. As you can see below, something that was visible in the current alpha (I think) is the hosting settings. These are now functional. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/24665838/43cf9340f0652732b57dfdce6da22845b407ba25.png All of the lobby set-up functionality as well as server list functionality is now in the next alpha build. In-lobby chat also works. Still tinkering with kicking players from the lobby though. Avatars should show up next to each player too. Now the focus is shifting to making the game playable. Luckily there were hooks already for bots / remote players, so it’s just all about adding in the client-server functions to talk to these. When the next alpha version hits, this should all be ready to go. Expect that, probably, in August at some point. The Dope Game Remaster Combat was the name of the game this week. And a lot of changes were made since the last version, like armor, multiple enemies, better healing, etc. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/24665838/81d77c2c4ab15ac41f5d0a4492ee73ca3849afaa.png So yes, armor is now a thing. It will be depleted before health except on criticals. It can be purchased from Pinky or the Shady Merchant. You can also now heal your crew in combat from the heal menu. This will hopefully keep them in better shape during rough fights. And speaking of rough fights, NPCs can now call in allies; there can be up to five different opponents in one fight. There were also some minor tweaks to rewards, how buttons are laid out (no more accidental surrender), and more. That’s it for now. More in two weeks!