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Official Terraria Weekly Livestream Events Start Tomorrow!Jan 9, 2020 - Community AnnouncementsRe-Logic and our development partners at 505 Games (publishers of Terraria on non-PC platforms) are kicking off what will be a weekly Official Terraria Livestream series starting tomorrow! Come hang out with your fellow Terrarians, Community Leaders, and even the developers themselves! You never know what could happen, so you don't want to miss these! We are planning to conduct Terraria swag giveaways - and we might even have some Terraria-themed contests for epic prizes. 🥳 The first livestream in the series will be tomorrow @ 1PM PST, and will include special guests: Badger, Chippy Gaming, Pedguin, Demize and more! The Stream will be live @ - Show up early for Twitch chat fun & Hype!Here's some of the best moments so far from Awesome Games Done Quick 2020Jan 8, 2020 - Rock, Paper, Shotgun Awesome Games Done Quick (aka AGDQ) has started yet again, and just four days in has already blessed us with some unforgettable moments and absolute must-watch PC speedruns. The clips I offer up to you today involve one speedrunner whacking out a real life model to explain a glitch, one speedrun where everything went wrong but everyone had a fabulous time anyway, and one game developer exclaiming “frick cancer in the bum.” (more…) The Halloween Seasonal Event is Here to Haunt Terraria!Oct 21, 2019 - Community AnnouncementsHappy Halloween, Terrarians! Have you been noticing anything spooky happening in your worlds? The air feels a bit colder, costumed characters are wandering about, and even the occasional drop of candy or cake? Don’t worry, because Halloween is a special time where everyone gets into the spirit of the season in the world of Terraria! Here is a taste of what you can expect to find during this special seasonal event, which runs each year in-game from October 20th – November 1st! Goodie Bags can drop from any defeated enemies – be sure to collect and open these for a chance and special Halloween-themed loot. From special Halloween costumes to unique paintings and even some unique gear, you never know what you might find inside! Special Halloween-Only rare drops are out there for the taking NPCs have special seasonal items up for sale – be sure to check in for a chance to pick up unique outfits and more! Harvesting Pumpkins can yield a special surprise for those whose pumpkin patches are truly sincere. Even the critters and enemies are getting into the act – keep an eye out for your favorite monsters all dressed up for the season. (just remember not to open the door for trick or treating Zombies!) For full details, check out the Terraria Halloween Event page on the Official Terraria Wiki > Happy Halloween!!! Games like Minecraft 16 best games like Minecraft from the past ten yearsOct 16, 2019 - Rock, Paper, ShotgunThere have been a great many games like Minecraft over the past decade. Which is to be expected, because who wouldn’t want to capitalise on the runaway mainstream success of the decade, and the best-selling video game of all time? There are many things that are very special about Minecraft, and remain more or less unmatched even ten years later; but we’ve done our very best to condense all that specialness down into a simple list of six criteria, and from there, we’ve compiled our list of the 16 best games like Minecraft out there right now. Some of these games you might look at and think, “But Ollie, my dear fellow! You must be crazy! This game looks nothing like Minecraft!” Bear with me, and I’ll explain exactly why each game on this list has earned its place there. Each of these games are well worth a try if you enjoy Minecraft for whatever reason. And who knows? You might find your new favourite game within this very list… (more…) The best Terraria builds for each classAug 22, 2019 - PC GamerWelcome to our guide to the best Terraria builds. Among the game's many systems, there are few as poorly explained as the Terraria classes system. In fact, it's hardly mentioned at all, its existence may even be news to you. If you're in that camp, or you're just looking for a refresher, below is our breakdown, along with the equipment you should be keeping an eye out for. What Terraria classes are there? There are four main classes in Terraria. Rather than being based on stats or anything that a traditional RPG would use, your class is defined by your equipment. While it's possible to mix and match these classes, it's rarely wise to.  There's is a fifth class—one that uses throwing weapons—it gets outclassed so quickly you're better off sticking to one of the others. These are your four main classes: Melee In most cases, melee characters are close-range fighters who hit things, but that's not always the case in Terraria. While some of the weapons this class uses are designed for close-quarters combat, we also get boomerangs, and projectile-firing swords. Melee armour boasts the highest defensive values in the game, so this is a great class for beginners. Ranged Ranged characters use a combination of bows and guns to deal huge damage quickly. What's more, you have special weapons that turn your arrows into bees, or fire piranhas. That might sound cool, but you'll need to grind to keep on time of crafting your special ammo stocks. Magic Terraria mage builds offer some frankly obnoxious spells. This includes ray guns, short range spikes, and controllable fireballs—and that's just the early game. Later on you'll wield massive beams of light, meteor showers, and a rainbow gun. While mages can unleash high damage, their relative lack of armour means you needplenty of healing potions in your inventory. Summons If you prefer to delegate tasks rather than do the dirty work yourself, this is the class for you. Summoners call on spiders, imps, and dragons to do their fighting for them. That said, you'll need a backup weapon if enemies get dangerously close. Summoner is the closest you'll get to a mixed class, and it's handy for farming specific ores. Getting started You'll need to wait a while before you can properly choose your class: it's unlikely you'll get class-specific armour until you've taken out the first few bosses. Your best bet is to create some gold or platinum weapons and armour and stick to that until you've defeated the first major targets.  A good way to get a good weapon early is to dig underground and raid chests you come across; just use whatever feels good or drops with decent stats. It's also worth grabbing any stars that fall to increase your mana and hunting down life crystals to boost your maximum health. Both actions will make you more powerful, and mana is essential to Mages and Summoners. Y...E3 2019 games every game confirmedJun 13, 2019 - Rock, Paper, ShotgunThey just keep coming don’t they? A lot of games were announced at E3 2019, things that we didn’t know about, as well as stuff that’s previously announced, or expansions to already released games. Now, to the casual outsider, what we’re doing might seem absolutely nuts, but we thought we’d put together an alphabetical list of all the PC games that have been confirmed to appear at this year’s E3 show. With well over a hundred of them now in the books, the next year or so looks packed. (more…) Re-Logic Announces Terraria: Journey's EndJun 12, 2019 - Community AnnouncementsGood day Terrarians! As you hopefully noticed, we had some pretty big news to share at E3 this week! During the PC Gaming Show, we revealed live to the world that the in-development 1.3.6 update is no more... the next update to Terraria will in fact be the fourth major update we have developed for the game, which we are calling Terraria: Journey's End! For those that were unable to watch the reveal live, we have shared the teaser trailer below - along with some key details and a bit of what we expect will be your FAQ. As we always do, we have left out a ton of juicy details and other content and features that will be included with Terraria: Journey's End. Some of those have or might be spoiled between now and launch, but others will remain a secret until you have the update in your hands later this year. So, without further ado... we present to you Terraria: Journey's End! ---- KEY FEATURES REVEALED THUS FAR Terraria: Journey’s End includes a full re-visit to all elements of Terraria. Over time, some things may have felt left behind or made obsolete by newer content. No more! Old things made new and new elements added to flesh out the overall experience – think you know all there is to know about Terraria? Think again! Terraria: Journey’s End will include over 800 new items for players to find or craft! Terraria: Journey’s End adds new foes to defeat and challenges to overcome as you seek fortune and glory. Terraria: Journey’s End will see a full revamp of world generation – including overall improvements and a handful of new mini-biomes to explore. Quality of Life improvements abound in Terraria: Journey’s End! From Block Swap to the Void Vault, these will ensure that the player spends more time doing what they enjoy most – and having more fun at the same time. Terraria: Journey’s End will see the addition of an in-game Bestiary. As players defeat higher numbers of any given foe, they will learn more about them – from key statistics to even what each foe can drop as loot! Terraria: Journey’s End will bring the hallowed game of Golf to Terraria. Golf? That’s right, Golf. Trust us, it is insanely fun – so get your golf skills up to par now! Terraria: Journey’s End will add an all new difficulty mode. Beyond the existing Expert Mode, this is intended to be a true challenge for the most experienced and skilled Terrarians – a true gauntlet for the best of the best. Will your gaming skills and creativity be up to the task? Terraria: Journey's End adds in all new and enhanced weather effects. ---- In case you missed any spoilers along the way (outside of the trailer above), we have created a spoiler compendium for your viewing pleasure. You can find that by clicking the link below: TERRARIA: JOURNEY'S END SPOILER COMPENDIUM​ ….and that’s just what we have in so far – the team is going to remain hard at work over the next several months to not only perfect what we have in and planned now, but to also add in a handful of othe...E3 2019 games every game confirmedJun 12, 2019 - Rock, Paper, ShotgunThey just keep coming don’t they? A lot of games were announced at E3 2019, things that we didn’t know about, as well as stuff that’s previously announced, or expansions to already released games. Now, to the casual outsider, what we’re doing might seem absolutely nuts, but we thought we’d put together an alphabetical list of all the PC games that have been confirmed to appear at this year’s E3 show. With well over a hundred of them now in the books, the next year or so looks packed. (more…) Terraria: Journey's End will be its final major updateJun 11, 2019 - Rock, Paper, ShotgunEnduringly popular 2D mine-and-crafter Terraria‘s next big patch has been teased for a while, and at E3’s PC Gaming Show yesterday, developers Re-Logic announced it will be its last. Formerly known as version 1.3.6, Journey’s End will be adding one last big round of features and content. There’ll be a variety of quality-of-life features, another 800 items to discover (or build), and the usual new bunch of bosses and monsters to hunt. There’s an expanded weather system, a golf mini-game, a brutal new difficulty level and an overhaul to how the game generates worlds. Below, the trailer. (more…) E3 2019 games every game confirmedJun 11, 2019 - Rock, Paper, ShotgunThey just keep coming don’t they? A lot of games were announced at E3 2019, things that we didn’t know about, as well as stuff that’s previously announced, or expansions to already released games. Now, to the casual outsider, what we’re doing might seem absolutely nuts, but we thought we’d put together an alphabetical list of all the PC games that have been confirmed to appear at this year’s E3 show. With well over a hundred of them now in the books, the next year or so looks packed. (more…) Everything we know about Terraria: Journey's EndAug 29, 2019 - PC GamerThe fourth major Terraria update is on its way to us at some point near the end of this year, and it’s bringing more content than you could fit in a thousand chests. It's also planned to be the final big update for Terraria, hence the name: Journey's End. The Journey’s End update will be free to those who own Terraria—as is always the way—and will be revisiting nearly everything in the game, making wide ranging changes that would be major even if there weren't any new content. But there is: over 800 new items are being added. In case you’re keeping count, that’s an increase of roughly 120% over what's in the game currently. Some of these will be things you can stumble across in your adventure, while others will be craftable. What's being added in Journey's End? The official blog post breaks down the additions, though it doesn't go into too many specifics. Here's what's planned: * 800 new items; * New enemies and challenges; * "A full revamp of world generation"; * New mini-biomes; * Quality of life improvements; * An "in-game Bestiary" which will record "key statistics" and loot information about the enemies you kill, with your knowledge increasing with more kills. * Golf; * A new difficulty mode that will be "a true gauntlet for the best of the best"; * "All new and enhanced weather effects"; New enemies are exciting for sure, though whether or not that means new bosses remains to be seen. The new challenges bit could be relating to the special events like the Pirate Invasion and Frost Moon, which would almost definitely mean new bosses, but we have to wait for confirmation.  There’ll be some new mini-biomes too which are coming in along with a new world-generation system. What these are is a mystery, but you can probably expect more nests and dungeons if what we have now is anything to go by.  Perhaps the two biggest new features are the ability to play golf and another even harder difficulty mode called Master Mode. If you’ve ever made it through Expert mode then you know just how challenging Terraria can be, so to ramp it up even more is going to take some doing. Maybe we’ll be getting a new accessory slot and special items to go with the new mode, or maybe it’s just for the masochists out there. Golf, on the other hand, should be a pretty chill experience. Terraria: Journey's End is coming later this year. There are "a handful of other surprises and features" that haven't been announced yet, so we'll be keeping an eye out for more. Modder Superior: Digging deep into mods for TerrariaApr 15, 2019 - Rock, Paper, ShotgunEvery other Monday, Dominic gives you a reason to dust off one of your old games and dive into its mods with Modder Superior. Terraria may not be dominating headlines like it used to, but the mining and crafting action RPG is still popular, with tens of thousands of players at any given time, according to Steam’s numbers. While there are rumblings of a major update coming soon, a shortage of official patches has allowed an easy-to-use (if unofficial) modding framework to flourish, spawning some enormous mods. Getting it all set up and downloading mods is a walk in the alien park. Here’s a handful of the biggest and best to get you started. (more…) Chat with Terraria Devs and Spoiler Reveals Live!Apr 9, 2019 - Community AnnouncementsHello Terrarians! We have some exciting updates to announce! As many of you might have seen, there are some huge Terraria spoilers that have been circulating recently. Over the last few days Redigit, Cenx, Yoraiz0r, and Loki have been chatting and dishing out Terraria spoilers live on the Official Terraria Discord server located at The team at Re-Logic is making it a habit to hang out with their loyal community on a more regular basis - so this is your chance to come by and chat with the team behind Terraria! (you never know when the occasional spoiler or tidbit of news might appear as well) In addition, we are hosting lots of fun events, live! Have you created a meme about Terraria? Submit it in our Terraria meme contest! Do you want to leave your mark on the server banner? Submit your vision! Do you want to take part in structured Q&As with the likes of popular YouTubers like ChippyGaming? Then come on over! Stay tuned because 2019 is going to be a huge year for Terraria with massive updates for PC, Mobile and Console as well as the upcoming launch on Nintendo Switch!See you soon! Weekend Deal - Terraria, 50% OffJan 3, 2019 - AnnouncementSave 50% on Terraria as part of this week's Weekend Deal*! *Offer ends Monday at 10AM Pacific Time The 20 best survival games on PCOct 9, 2018 - Rock, Paper, Shotgun We ve been battered by wave after wave of survival romps since Minecraft popularised the genre, with its deadly nights and groaning zombies, almost a decade ago. In its wake, we’ve been introduced to a cavalcade of punishing, persistent environments intent on putting us in an early grave. The masochistic impulse to put ourselves through the wringer for entertainment has spread to RPGs, management games, cosmic sandboxes and more than a few horror games, so even if you don t fancy punching rocks and trees while wandering around in the wilderness, you might still find a survival game to tickle your fancy. (more…) The 100 best-selling games on Steam in 2018 so farJul 6, 2018 - Rock, Paper, ShotgunWe’ve just passed the half-way point of 2018, so Ian Gatekeeper and all his fabulously wealthy chums over at Valve have revealed which hundred games have sold best on Steam over the past six months. It’s a list dominated by pre-2018 names, to be frank, a great many of which you’ll be expected, but there are a few surprises in there. 2018 releases Jurassic World Evolution, Far Cry 5 Kingdom Come: Deliverance and Warhammer: Vermintide II are wearing some spectacular money-hats, for example, while the relatively lesser-known likes of Raft, Eco and Deep Rock Galactic have made themselves heard above the din of triple-A marketing budgets. (more…) Terraria reviewJun 7, 2018 - PC GamerWe originally reviewed Terraria in 2011. Because it has changed significantly since then, we decided to review it again. You can find our original review here. For more on why we've chosen to re-review certain games, head here. I was deep underground, far from home, looting one of the many abandoned homesteads left to be discovered in Terraria's ever-generous bounty of nooks, crannies, alcoves, and recesses. To my left I found a twisted bit of minecart rail, populated exclusively by a nest of extremely territorial face-eating bugs that seemed eager to prove that my loose assemblage of iron-hewed armaments weren't cutting the mustard anymore. Whatever. This cabin seemed safe. Sure it was covered in musty spiderwebs, and broken furniture, but there was a golden chest on the top floor and a loom I was excited to take back to my modest township on the bottom. What could possibly go wrong? As it turns out, nothing was going to go wrong. There wasn't a scripted boss encounter or an interrupting dirge of story exposition lying in wait for any adventurer who breached the walls. That'd be extremely un-Terraria. However, I managed to find something even scarier. if you're an idiot like me, you might not notice the underground reservoir of water above the roof until you inadvertently jam your pickaxe through the last brick keeping it at bay. The building flooded in seconds, dowsing all of my torches, leaving me in total darkness. I took a few moments to admire the truly unique mess I'd made of everything before pulling out a glowstick (which stay lit underwater), swimming to the foyer, and flinging open the door, which sent the water rushing outwards and away from me. It was a completely improvised solution, in the face of a completely dynamic problem—eclectic dungeoneering, powered solely by the infinite potential of a player's arsenal. That is the essence of Terraria. Crafting mines There's a wonderful splendor to dipping your toes into an uncharted grotto, thousands of miles below sea level. There was a time, back in the already-difficult-to-remember 2011, when Terraria released to Steam and was immediately dogged by comparisons to Minecraft. And it is similar, if 2D. These are two games about digging and building and crafting, supported by a ravenous community willing to pour hundreds of hours into exactly one universe for the rest of their lives. But things have changed since then. Notch sold off Minecraft to buy a house in Calabasas, and today his work is played primarily by nine-year-olds and YouTubers who make videos for nine-year-olds. Terraria, on the other hand, attracts very particular fans, and today it feels like the world at large has determined this little 2D side-scroller is a modern classic. Terraria's core structure remains pretty much the same as it was during its initial unveiling. You create a character, and enter a randomly-generated world (albeit one that's guaranteed to have a...Terraria spin-off Otherworld cancelled three years after it was announcedApr 16, 2018 - EurogamerTerraria spin-off Otherworld has been cancelled three years after it was announced. Terraria: Otherworld was announced in February 2015 as a spin-off from the hugely popular Terraria series. It was intended to task players with purifying the world of the Corruption by finding and activating purifying towers that push back the spread. The idea was that it would include more strategy and RPG elements, such as a new tower defense mechanic, as well as a skill tree. A year ago, Terraria owner Re-Logic rebooted Otherworld after dumping Dutch developer Engine Software in favour of Pipeworks, a studio that did Terraria re-write work on console and mobile. This after what sounded like a troubled development. Read more… Terraria spin-off Otherworld has been cancelledApr 14, 2018 - PC GamerTerraria: Otherworld has had a rough old time since developer Re-Logic announced it in 2015. A year later it was revamped, and last year co-developer Engine Software was dropped from the project. So it's not entirely surprising that the game—which was a more focused, strategic spin-off of Terraria—has now been cancelled. In a blog post, Re-Logic explained that Otherworld was a long way behind schedule, and still far short of the game the team wanted it to be. "Taking the massive amount of work that would be remaining to complete along with the extensive time it would take to get that done, and how that would greatly interfere with the pursuit of other projects on behalf of Re-Logic, it becomes clear that this leaves things in a very undesirable state," it said. "At some point, we have to be honest with ourselves and realize that Otherworld simply is never going to reach its potential in any sort of reasonable time or fashion." It admitted that it shouldn't have announced the project at such an early stage, and that it will only talk about games "in which we are fully confident in regards to timing" in the future. It also said it was a mistake to partly outsource development to another team, and that future projects are likely to be kept in-house. While Otherworld will never see the light of day, some of its best ideas will make it into the studio's future games, Re-Logic said. Finally, it said that the cancellation will not impact the active development of Terraria, which continues as planned. Sandbox spinoff Terraria: Otherworld has been cancelledApr 13, 2018 - Rock, Paper, ShotgunToday, Terraria developers Re-Logic have announced that they’re pulling the plug on Terraria: Otherworld. First unveiled three years ago, it promised a more adventure-focused spin on the platforming/building sandbox mega-hit Terraria, with more of a focus on fighting, defending your bases, and navigating complex environments. The project has looked a bit wonky for some time now, and last year development duties changed hands, but it’s still sad to see it canned. (more…)