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Steam Global Top Sellers for the Week ending 7 August 2022Aug 7, 2022 - SteamDB * Steam Deck; * Stray; * Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered; * Rust; * Raft; * The Forest; * ELDEN RING; * Valve Index VR Kit; * Project Zomboid; * Grand Theft Auto V; View more information and data on SteamDBStray Patch 3Aug 3, 2022 - Community AnnouncementsHello all! Thank you all for all the amazing bug reports, crash dumps and well wishes! We're all excited to bring you Patch 3 which handles a lot more issues you all have been reporting. We'll be continuing to look into things so please send us your dumps, dxdiags and reports as before. Various fixes for falling through the world (we've tried to preserve speed runner skips) Additional fixes for GPU crash on boot issues Fix for the cat going out of bounds when jumping on gutters Fix for the cat going out of bounds when landing on barrells Improve low FPS camera controls w/ keyboard and mouse Fix getting stuck on giving Seamus the tracker Fix being able to talk to mahjong players during the breakdown Fix multiple issues around VR headset render context issues Fix various Polish typos Fix various French typos and more!Play Stray like a dragon with this Spyro modAug 1, 2022 - PC GamerYou can be so many different creatures in Stray now that playing as the ginger cat on the cover feels unambitious, somehow. Why play as someone else's pet when you can put your own furball in the game and make them shout 'Jason' instead of meowing?.. Read more.You can now play Stray as Spyro the DragonAug 1, 2022 - VG247Stray only released just a few weeks ago, but modders have already had a good go at transforming the indie adventure title. We've seen the likes of CJ (Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas) and America's laziest furball, Garfield, make their way into the game so far, opening up an avenue for modders to do what they do best. The latest mod to capture our attention introduces Spyro the Dragon as your cute protagonist. I suspect there'll no doubt be a very long line of future character mods to come, but if I say so myself, this feels like the best and most-fitting so far (aside from people modding their own pets into the game!). Modder, MrMarco1003, has plucked Spyro from the Reignited Trilogy and popped them into Stray. They've even gone as far as replacing the other cats from the games prologue with fellow drakes, too. Read more Steam Global Top Sellers for the Week ending 31 July 2022Jul 31, 2022 - SteamDB * Steam Deck; * Stray; * Digimon Survive; * No Man's Sky; * Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered; * Valve Index VR Kit; * ELDEN RING; * Red Dead Redemption 2; * Raft; * Grand Theft Auto V; View more information and data on SteamDBКотик не одинок: Моддер добавил в Stray кооперативный режимJul 30, 2022 - Gamemag.ruВ адвенчуре Stray (наш обзор) игроки видят сородичей пушистого главного героя лишь в самом начале, а после внезапного расставания путешествуют в одиночестве с роботом-компаньоном B-12, встречая на своем пути других умных машин и смертоносных существ. Stray и TMNT: Shredder's Revenge выйдут в России на физических носителях — за них попросят 4,999 и 3,990 рублейJul 27, 2022 - Gamemag.ruКомпания "Бука" займется распространением физического издания игры Stray про бродячего кота (наш обзор) в версии для PlayStation 5 на территории России. Продажи начнутся 20 сентября, а рекомендованная розничная цена составит 4,999 рублей . Котик из игры Stray истребляет демонов в модификации для DOOMJul 26, 2022 - Gamemag.ruУже завтра, 27 июля, в общем доступе появится новая модификация для первого DOOM, навеянная недавней адвенчурой про бродячего кота Stray (наш обзор). Надстройка позволит игрокам полностью пройти классический шутер, управляя рыжим котиком и отстреливая полчища демонов при помощи парящего в воздухе дрона-компаньона . Stray's robot language has been decoded, here's what it meansJul 26, 2022 - VG247Stray is a cat simulator intertwined with a cyberpunk adventure, and as a result, the game is strewn with dialogue and signs that are, at first, illegible to most. Fortunately, B-12 is the perfect translator, however, Josh Wirtanen of Half-Glass Gaming spent some time decoding the language for all to understand. Josh started out by decoding the chapter titles, which are displayed both in English and in Stray's language, and he noted a few differences between translations. For example, the chapter 'The Slums' is actually named 'Home: Slums Part One' in the deciphered language. The same can be said for Sheet Music too. Across The Slums, there are eight pieces of Sheet Music to deliver to Morusque in exchange for a pretty cute badge. One of these pieces of music, as noted by Josh, is titled 'Come On' in the games language, but Morusque calls that same song 'Cool Down'. Read more Stray: How to unlock the control roomJul 26, 2022 - PC GamerThe control room is the final area in Stray that you and B12 will enter together. After helping Clementine in Midtown, you'll have a nice subway ride before reaching a bright, unassuming area where the robots are still only cleaning Companions as opposed to the almost human bots in the rest of the city. This guide will help you gain access to the control room and what you can do once inside, but beware of spoilers for Stray's ending... Read more.Stray is better than God of War, according to Steam usersJul 26, 2022 - VG247Stray is the charming catventure from BlueTwelve Studios, and the adventurous indie has taken Steam by storm, to say the least. Not only did it top Steam's most-wishlisted the night before its release, but it's now technically become the best game on Steam in 2022, according to user reviews. Steam250, a platform for tracking and ranking Steam games, shows that Stray has now overtaken Sony Santa Monica's God of War in the process. It seems that everybody wants to be a cat. First reported on Twitter by SkillUp, Stray currently has 46,244 votes from Steam users and an overall score of 8.61, which simply means that 98% of people enjoyed the game. On the other hand, God of War only trails behind ever so slightly with 53,182 votes and an overall score of 8.56, which means 97% of users are fans of God of War. Read more Thanks to a modder, the cat in Stray now hates Mondays and loves lasagnaJul 25, 2022 - PC Gamerapos;Moody cat adventure game' should have been a genre for decades already, but somehow Stray's housecat protagonist feels novel, and players already want more cat options. Modders have answered that call, turning Stray's orange tabby into all kinds of alternative cats: black cats, gray cats, calico cats, lasagna cats. Yes, you can now play Stray as Garfield... Read more.Somebody decoded Stray's mystery languageJul 25, 2022 - PC GamerThe neon signs, adverts, and computer monitors of smash-hit kitty sim Stray read as incomprehensible to me as they must to the game's precious little feline protagonist, but it turns out they're actually very communicative... Read more.Обошла God of War от Sony: Stray про кота возглавила список самых высокооцененных игр 2022 года в SteamJul 25, 2022 - Gamemag.ruНашумевшая адвенчура Stray про бродячего кота стала самой высокооцененной игрой 2022 года на ПК в Steam, и на это ей потребовалось всего шесть дней. Данные представлены сервисом Steam250 . Мир глазами котика: Stray получила мод с видом от первого лицаJul 25, 2022 - Gamemag.ruНедавно вышедшую адвенчуру про бродячего кота Stray (наш обзор) теперь можно проходить с видом от первого лица благодаря модификации для ПК-версии, способной ещё сильнее погрузить игроков в роль пушистого приключенца. Stray modders are putting their own four-legged friends in the gameJul 25, 2022 - PC GamerStray is a game where you play as an adorable orange cat lad. Some of us—like deputy guides editor Lauren Aitken—are luckily enough to already have the protagonist resemble one of our four-legged friends. For others, the desire to have their own fur babies represented is mighty strong... Read more.Stray mod lets you play as America's laziest cat, GarfieldJul 25, 2022 - VG247Over a week ago, if you'd of mentioned ginger cats to me, my first thought would've been Garfield. Now, however, my first thought is of a very different, unnamed ginger kitty from Stray, but that doesn't mean Garfield doesn't still hold a special place in my heart. One modder, who clearly has similar interests, has made it so that Garfield finds himself astray in the unknown world of The Slums, Midtown, and beyond. We've seen keen modders flock to Annapurna's most successful launch and turn the protagonist of Stray into a dog, and even into CJ from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Obviously, Garfield is perhaps the most fitting of all the character mods we've seen so far. If you're one of the many players that are playing Stray via PC, you can also play as Garfield to your heart's content. Modder, Chris Robino, has made the mod publicly available on Nexus Mods. Read more ПК-геймеры переключились на котиков и паучков: Stray стала лидером по недельной выручке среди игр в SteamJul 24, 2022 - Gamemag.ruValve опубликовала свежий глобальный недельный чарт бестселлеров Steam по количеству полученной выручки. Киберпанк-адвенчуре про бродячего кота Stray в общем рейтинге не удалось опередить игровую консоль Steam Deck (она лидирует уже восьмую неделю подряд), но среди игровых проектов за отчетный период равных ей не было. There's a Twitter account compiling cats watching their people play StrayJul 23, 2022 - PC GamerVideo game about cats Stray is predictably a very popular video game among people who like cats. (It's also pretty objectively successful, being publisher Annapurna's biggest launch ever.).. Read more.Stray Hotfix 2Jul 22, 2022 - Community AnnouncementsHello Friends! Patch 2 is now available!! This patch contains a lot of things everyone has been asking for. Just to run down a little bit of what is in this: Adds additional fullscreen options including proper exclusive fullscreen support Engine fix for some users who are unable to boot due to GPU driver issues Additional checks to prevent VR headsets from interfering with the game client Collision fixes to prevent going out of world Uncapped framerate option is now on the right instead of the left Localization fixes for German Fix for scratch trophy for keyboard and mouse players Thank you all for all of your wonderful support of the game and to those of you who sent us detailed bug reports. We are so grateful for the information and look forward to Patch 3! We'll keep you all updated as we continue to improve Stray!