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COMMUNITY UPDATE 256Sep 22, 2023 - Community AnnouncementsCHARITABLE RUST 2023 - WATER Twitch Drops! October 12th - October 19th Watch your favorite streamers and earn Twitch drops all week. Make sure to get synced! Main Event! October 14th & 15th Tune into the official Rustafied channel for the main event filled with mini games, art contests, talent shows, and more! Special Charity Store Items All week we will have unique charitable items up on the item store. These items are exclusive to the event and account-bound. Proceeds from these store purchases go to charity: water! Get Involved! Are you a content creator wanting to participate and help fund the charity? Want to donate? Full event and participation info can be found at Keep an eye on our socials for more info in the upcoming weeks. IN GAME ART I'm a sucker for a good speedpainting and the community did not disappoint this month. Rust daVinci bringing us a dramatic black and white. MonsteraRust captured a couple of divers and a birb. RUST MINIATURES u/Smecken has been working on an entire Rust miniature set. Base, accessories, minicopter, the works! Been challenged with getting the entire thing completed in 2 months. We'll follow up with this project! TWITCH HIGHLIGHTS Going to keep it real. Steam does not let us embed Twitch clips. If you want to see some funny Twitch moments head over to our blog for a better viewing experience :) SHOW ME THE STUFF! If you made something cool or saw something cool, reach out! Tag me on the Twitterverse or u/ErrnieGerrn Reddit. Cover image by Alpha!Rust 2 confirmed, but it "definitely won't be a Unity game"Sep 13, 2023 - PCGamesNRust is truly a timeless survival game, bringing friends from all over the globe together as they struggle to make a base and thrive through the harsh multiplayer world. Garry Newman, the founder of Facepunch Studios, is best known for his work on games like Rust and other Steam classics such as Garry's Mod. Rust was created using the Unity engine, one that recently sparked controversy among developers due to its upcoming pay-per-install system. Newman responds to the matter himself, where he also mentions Rust 2. Read the rest of the story... RELATED LINKS: The best Rust servers 2023 Rust downtime "beyond our control," developer tells Valve Rust's May update sees the survival game go nuclear Garry of Garry's mod says 'Unity can get f*cked' and in-passing mentions Rust 2Sep 13, 2023 - PC GamerYesterday Unity announced big changes to its pricing system that, among other things, will see developers charged on a per-install basis once certain thresholds are met. Developers are up in arms about this and not shy about cutting the crap: Tom Francis, the developer of Heat Signature and a PC Gamer alumnus, described the change as " an astonishing scumbag move .".. Read more.Rust adds attack helicopters, homing missiles to blow up attack helicopters, parachutes to escape exploding attack helicoptersSep 7, 2023 - PC GamerI remember the first time I played Rust. I was bare-ass naked, carrying a stick, and utterly without a clue. Eager for help, I approached a guy in a cabin, in as non-threatening a manner as you could reasonably expect from a dishevelled nudist waving a tree branch around. There was a misunderstanding—which is to say that he told me to leave or he was going to shoot me in the face, and I didn't understand that he was serious—and then he shot me in the face. That was then, and this is now—and now there are attack helicopters... Read more.AIRBORNESep 7, 2023 - Community AnnouncementsATTACK HELICOPTER The Attack Helicopter is now available to purchase from the Air Wolf store at Bandit Camp for 2250 scrap. Gunner The main special feature of this helicopter is the gunner seat. On the front is a turret similar to the deployable autoturret, where you can equip a gun and ammo. At the side pods, rockets can be loaded in - HV and incendiary type only. The gunner can then aim and shoot both of these while a pilot flies the heli. Simply interact with the gunner monitor and start blasting! Fire1 will shoot the turret and Fire2 launches rockets. If the gunner has flares ready in his or her inventory belt, those can also be held and manually thrown to deflect any oncoming homing rockets from the new homing rocket launcher - this is a new feature for passengers in all Rust helicopter types, not just the attack helicopter. Pilot The pilot is the driver, but can also fire rockets (left mouse button by default), albeit without the handy exact-point-of-impact guide that the gunner gets. Standard flares can also be loaded into the rocket storage area along with rockets, and the pilot can fire them out (right mouse button). The attack helicopter is fast and powerful when armed, but it was still be taken down with a well-aimed rocket. HOMING MISSILE LAUNCHER The Homing Missile Launcher is a new craftable addition to your armoury that allows you to more efficiently fight flying targets while out and about. To get started simply load a Homing Missile into the Launcher and start aiming at a flying target. You’ll notice a lock-on bar will start filling in. Once locked on you can fire, but be sure to keep aiming at the target or the missile will fly off course. Changing weapon or reloading will also disrupt the targeting. From a pilot's perspective, there are a few tools at your disposal to evade these new threats. You will hear a warning lock audio indicator in every helicopter when a missile is fired at you. The simplest tactic is just taking evasive manoeuvres - the missile lock requires a direct line of sight so getting something solid between you and the launcher should keep you safe. If that’s not possible, flares are your next best bet. Any passenger can throw Flares to disrupt any incoming missiles. The Attack Helicopter also has a dedicated Flare button that can launch flares via the secondary attack button (RMB by default). The NPC piloted Patrol Helicopter has also been upgraded with Flare functionality, it will automatically fire Flares when a missile is launched at it. The Homing Missile Launcher requires a Workbench Level 2 and can be crafted for 20 HQM, 3 Metal Pipes, 1 Tech Trash and 1 CCTV Camera. Homing Missiles require a Workbench Level 2, and two mis...COMMUNITY UPDATE 255Aug 22, 2023 - Community AnnouncementsTWITCH DROPS Save The date! September 7th-14th we will be having a Twitch Drops event featuring some of your favorite creators. More details on this coming soon, watch our socials in the upcoming weeks! Be sure to get synced at so you can successfully claim your drops. CHARITABLE RUST SKIN CONTEST Charitable Rust is right around the corner (October 14th) and with that comes another set of Twitch drops and store items all going towards charity! Rustafied is hosting a community skin contest for this event. There are rules and parameters in there, please read them! :) Contest Rules Use #CR2023 as official contest tag in Steam workshop. No re-uploading old or previously submitted skins. Do not steal or use any copyrighted or otherwise trademarked content. Must be 100% original work (can work with others if all are listed on workshop page). Must follow all basic workshop submission rules and standards. If using the charity’s logo, it cannot be used on any weapon skins. Only Charitable Rust logo may be used on weapon skins. Submissions must be high quality and Hi-Res, normals properly done/baked. Cannot contain offensive or sexual content. Don’t forget upload limit for the amount of skins you may submit. Entry deadline is August 29th! REDDIT INSIGHTS u/renan0803 has had a Rust Insights project going on for a while. They collected player insight data from a slew of r/playrust Reddit users and compiled it into a bunch of readable statistics! We did tweak the original a bit to make it more blog-friendly but you can still see it here. Very cool to see in this format. Keep an eye out for the next rendition if you'd like to partake in future surveys! IRL WEAPON RACKS No sooner did this hit the staging (beta) announcements and our friend over at Real & Game made some IRL weapon racks in what felt like a few days. He also recorded his whole process. This is pretty impressive! Drilled all 600 holes by hand. WEED FARMERS We have another banger from the Weed Farmers! Bandit Camp is the promiseland. SHOW ME THE STUFF! If you made something cool or saw something cool, reach out! Tag me on the Twitterverse or u/ErrnieGerrn Reddit.Steam Global Top Sellers for week of 1 Aug — 8 August 2023Aug 8, 2023 - SteamDB * Baldur's Gate 3; * Call of Duty®; * Remnant II; * Steam Deck; * Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® II - BlackCell (Season 05); * American Truck Simulator; * STARFIELD; * BattleBit Remastered; * Grand Theft Auto V; * Rust; * excluding free to play games View top 100 on SteamDBWOUNDEDAug 3, 2023 - Community AnnouncementsWOUNDED INFORMATION I've changed the wounded UI so that it now displays additional information relating to your wounded status. It will now tell you the probability of recovery as well as how many seconds are left until recovery/death. Remember: Maintaining full water and food will grant you a higher probability of recovery, and a large medkit in your belt will grant 100% chance of recovery. CHAT EMOJI Chat Emoji is a new feature this month that allows you to express yourself in some new ways. You can access the new list of emoji’s via the emoji button on the right of the chat. From there you can search for a specific emoji as well as change the current selected skin tone for all of your emoji’s. You can also type a : into the regular chat box and start typing to get an autocomplete that you can navigate with the arrow keys and Enter. In addition to the animated emoji’s you can also use the internal item name to create an emoji using the item icon (eg. :wood:). Server owners can also create their own emoji's for use on their servers, placing 256px png or jpg images in the "serveremoji" folder in their root directory will automatically expose those emoji for use by players on the server. Emoji's are not currently compatible with chat in Rust+ although we’re planning on exploring this in the future. BRICK BUILDING SKIN Available now from the Rust store is the new brick-building skin which allows you to change the visuals of your stone base. This skin is for sale at the Steam store. To use, simply equip your hammer tool, display the wheel, enable building skins, this should reveal the skin's wheel on which you may choose brick style upgrade. IMPROVEMENTS & FIXES HIGHLIGHTS Server Crash Loot Crafting queue items are no longer lost if a server unexpectedly shuts down World Models Stack Size Some world models now reflect the amount dropped. 57 Art Bug Fixes 57 Art Bug Fixes, see the change log for full details BURST MODULE IMPROVEMENTS Burst modules have been buffed. While using a weapon with a burst module, The time between each shot in the burst has been reduced, and the overall recoil felt by the user has been decreased. In addition, aim cone has been reduced, resulting in a much more accurate and viable fire mode.COMMUNITY UPDATE 254Jul 27, 2023 - Community AnnouncementsRUSTOPIA INVITATIONAL July 29th-30th Rustopia Invitational Tournament is this weekend and they boosting up the Project Hope charity! Project Hope is expanding access to mental health care for health workers, refugees, new mothers, and communities around the world. Catch all your favorite content creators battling it out this Saturday & Sunday! The Rustopia Invitational is a point-based event that rewards players and teams for individual kills on other players and team-based events. The event will be split up into three separate stages to allow for the best gameplay and pacing. The first day will be gathering resources and PvP-styled events. The second and final day will be primarily raiding other teams for their points Here is a brief overview of the Rustopia Invitational server: Team Limit of 12 – No allies or cross-teaming (this includes merge raids) 3x Boosted Gather and Resource Rate There is a 75-minute – 2-minute day and night cycle Advanced Team Sharing (Auto auth to TCs, Codelocks, Turrets etc.) Boosted loot tables (better barrels and boxes) RayC will be casting the event and most of the team captains will be streaming it as well! If you'd like to be a part of this event you can help by donating to Project Hope! SHARK BAIT Alpha brings us another amazing cinematic short. JAWS Cover image by Alpha as well! I WANT IT THAT WAY I'm just going to leave this here. What a bop. TWITCH HIGHLIGHTS Riqqeloff is shooting fish in a barrel scrappy. JENCEEEENAAAAAA Poor Bloo LOOTROOM Last week Lootroom teased us with a tweet of an IRL Gamba Wheel. I can think of about 14 streamers that need this. While we're at it I'll mention they 3D print and paint literally everything Rust. Where else can you get a hot dog eoka? SHOW ME THE STUFF! If you made something cool or saw something cool, reach out! Tag me on the Twitterverse or u/ErrnieGerrn Reddit. Steam Global Top Sellers for week of 18 Jul — 25 July 2023Jul 25, 2023 - SteamDB * Remnant II; * Baldur's Gate 3; * BattleBit Remastered; * Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® II; * Steam Deck; * Grand Theft Auto V; * Red Dead Redemption 2; * DAVE THE DIVER; * Street Fighter™ 6; * Rust; * excluding free to play games View top 100 on SteamDBSteam Global Top Sellers for week of 11 Jul — 18 July 2023Jul 18, 2023 - SteamDB * Steam Deck; * Baldur's Gate 3; * BattleBit Remastered; * DAVE THE DIVER; * Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® II; * Jagged Alliance 3; * Grand Theft Auto V; * ELDEN RING; * Rust; * Red Dead Redemption 2; * excluding free to play games View top 100 on SteamDBSteam Global Top Sellers for week of 4 Jul — 11 July 2023Jul 11, 2023 - SteamDB * Steam Deck; * DAVE THE DIVER; * BattleBit Remastered; * ELDEN RING; * Baldur's Gate 3; * Red Dead Redemption 2; * Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® II; * Rust; * Cyberpunk 2077; * Forza Horizon 5; * excluding free to play games View top 100 on SteamDBCOMMUNITY UPDATE 253Jun 30, 2023 - Community AnnouncementsRUST IS ON SALE! From now until July 13th Rust and other Facepunch titles are on sale! Just in time for our new Abyss content being released on the 6th. wink wink Save up to 50% off our entire library. Tell your friends! FANCYORB'S GLOBAL WARFARE EVENT July 14th-17th - Live, on multiple platforms! In this event, the map is the world with every continent, country and island. This event acts as a normal rust server where you can build anywhere you want. But with the map being the world, territories will be fought for, and wars will breakout between civilizations. This is an open event to content creators and viewers! Join the Global Warfare discord to be more involved. There will be in-game items and packs you can buy as well. Proceeds go to charity! PLACE TO HIDE Alpha brings us another fantastic cinematic. If you missed his Cobalt Recruitment one go check that out too. PROJECT NIGHTCALL Couple months ago we showed you a teaser for an upcoming cinematic video Sinks was making. Happy to say it's done and it's awesome. LOSING A CONTEST Destructoid published an article a few days ago discussing the most toxic online gaming communities. We're happy to announce Rust did not make the list! While this list itself is a bit of a uncalculated grab-bag from subreddits, I'm glad you all figured out to to keep your caps lock keys in check. More stats on their site as to how they got to these super duper accurate numbers. Keep up the good work! SHOW ME THE STUFF! If you made something cool or saw something cool, reach out! Tag me on the Twitterverse or u/ErrnieGerrn Reddit. Cover image by Dust!The best Rust servers 2023Jun 23, 2023 - PCGamesNWhat are the best Rust servers to join in 2023? We've scoured the internet looking for the top Rust servers that cater to everyone. Whether you're looking for some intense competitive PvP, a relaxed PvE sandbox, minigames, creative and build servers, or high-rate battlefield servers of the kind offered by Rust Academy, where you can get right into the action with minimal gathering. Rust is one of the best survival games on PC. In its vanilla form, Rust is a gritty Darwinian sandbox in which you must scavenge to stay alive, developing your equipment from sticks and bows to M249 machine guns, keeping it all safe in bases of wood and rusty metal while other players seek to take it all from you. But as these servers amply demonstrate, it can be so much more than that. By tweaking all these particulars or adding new ones through mods and custom content, creative players host games that focus on the PvP aspects, or the building systems in a more peaceful environment, or create entirely new minigames with more restrictive but wildly inventive rule sets, and we've found them all. So whether you're a veteran looking for a challenge or a new player looking to navigate what can be one of the most intense online communities, we're sure you'll find a Rust server below where you'll feel at home. Read the rest of the story... RELATED LINKS: Rust downtime "beyond our control," developer tells Valve Rust's May update sees the survival game go nuclear Rust update adds ping system, double saddles, and Easter eggs Rust downtime "beyond our control," developer tells ValveJun 7, 2023 - PCGamesNRust is down on Steam following weekly maintenance, with developer Facepunch Studios saying the situation is "beyond our control." The hugely popular survival game continues to ride high on Steam's most played lists, but Rust players have found themselves unable to connect to servers since the latest Steam weekly maintenance. The developer says it has reached out to Valve to find a solution and is awaiting a resolution. Read the rest of the story... RELATED LINKS: Rust's May update sees the survival game go nuclear Rust update adds ping system, double saddles, and Easter eggs Rust Industrial update lets you automate your base and crafting Steam Global Top Sellers for week of 30 May — 6 June 2023Jun 6, 2023 - SteamDB * Street Fighter™ 6; * Steam Deck; * NARAKA: BLADEPOINT; * Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® II; * Red Dead Redemption 2; * The Outlast Trials; * System Shock; * Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six® Siege; * Grand Theft Auto V; * Rust; * excluding free to play games View top 100 on SteamDBBAGS TO BATTLESJun 1, 2023 - Community AnnouncementsSLEEPING BAG LIMITS This month we’ve decided to limit the maximum number of respawn options to 15 per player. This is a big change and not one we make lightly, so we thought it would be a good idea to explain our thinking. While this is an inconvenience to certain playstyles, we believe adapting to this change will lead to a healthier and more interesting game. Back in October 2020 we revised the death screen, unintentionally making it trivial to manage a large number of bags. This led to situations where players could respawn rapidly and rejoin fights in ways that work against the goal of death being meaningful in Rust. Ultimately we want placing new respawn points to be an interesting decision rather than something done as often as possible. We explored alternatives such as adjusting the respawn radius on bags or grid based approaches. Unfortunately this was simple to bypass and too complicated to communicate to players. Increasing the cost of bags/beds wouldn’t have solved the issue as large groups could easily overcome any additional resource requirements. To help manage respawn options we have made them visible on the map while alive. We also added the ability to unclaim bags you aren't using anymore. There is a new toggle on the right side of the map (below the layer controls) to hide bags while alive. There are multiple ways to see how many bags/beds you have placed: a count on the icon as well as a notification after you place a bag/bed. To prevent malicious behavior (such as "gifting" bags to other players and filling up their quota) you will find a new “Bag Gifting” option in the options menu. This will allow you to limit who can assign a bag to you. The choices are: Anyone (default option) Team (teammates + friendly in contact system) Disabled (nobody allowed) Server owners can change the maximum bags per server with the convar "max_sleeping_bags". If you would like to disable it for your server, set it to "-1". We will keep an eye on this change over the coming months and make changes as required. BUILD UPGRADE EFFECT To say that our building upgrade effect was dated would be an understatement. I don't think it has been adjusted since its inception. I've taken some time to improve the effect, and bring it in to this decade. When you upgrade a building block, you will see it constructed piece by piece over the course of one second. Short demonstration here. Keep in mind that this is a client-only effect and the upgrade still happens immediately on the server. You can also disable this effect in the options menu. In the future, we may expand this build-over-time effect into a feature, so that very large deployables, such as watchtowers don't just appear in one frame but rather will need to be bui...COMMUNITY UPDATE 252May 27, 2023 - Community AnnouncementsCREATOR PROGRAM Earlier this week we launched our Facepunch Creator Program in efforts to collab with our creators more. This program is a work in progress and mostly lives in a special private discord where we can all bounce ideas off each other and work together. Currently applications are only open for Rust but we will explore options for some of our other titles in the future. For more information on eligibility and the application process you can check out our creators site! SADDEST RUST SONG EVER This parody by LamSlide is for all you Simon & Garfunkel enjoyers! It will also get stuck in your head. NOMAD TATTOO We absolutely love our dedicated players. Where your loyalty is measured in hours played. LemonadeNS has taken his dedication to a whole new level! This tattoo is wonderfully done! FISHING VILLAGE REMIX RAVE If you like fishing, music, fireworks, parties, and fun you will very much like this next video! Solutize and friends made this incredible Fishing Village Music Remix and had a giant dance party with it. OPA! ONE MAN ARMY RUST WAR EVENT On May 31st xGuiry & RustSpain are bringing you an "end of wipe" solo only community event! The event is to last 4 hours 300 Max Players No Teaming - Solo Only BP's unlocked Instant Crafting Tier Phases Registration starts today (Saturday the 27th) if you'd like to participate! They will announce more info on their socials. Event statistics will be posted at MOTION SENSOR TV Took us a minute to catch wind of this one so it's a little older but the concept is great! eKostiK made a laser motion sensor to project player movement onto a TV! A+ for lack of rocket ships. SHOW ME THE STUFF! If you made something cool or saw something cool, reach out! Tag me on the Twitterverse or u/ErrnieGerrn Reddit.Steam Global Top Sellers for week of 16 May — 23 May 2023May 23, 2023 - SteamDB * The Outlast Trials; * Starship Troopers: Extermination; * Steam Deck; * EA SPORTS™ FIFA 23; * Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® II; * Rust; * V Rising; * Far Cry® 6; * NBA 2K23; * Crusader Kings III; * excluding free to play games View top 100 on SteamDBTwitch Rivals Rust III EventMay 16, 2023 - Community AnnouncementsTwitch Rivals Rust III May 16th-20th Twitch Drops 8 Teams 160 Creators 100k Prize Pool Custom Map In-Game Challenges Last Team Standing wins! Tune into the event, live on Twitch, starting at 11:00 AM PDT! Please be aware of scams! Facepunch will never contact you about unique drops or special giveaways. Our official drops URL will always be: Get your Steam and Twitch synced here to get your drops. Rust is also on sale until May 23rd!