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Sun Moon Update NotesJul 22, 2019 - Community AnnouncementsSun & Moon Update Notes New Support Champion: Io For eons, the moon goddess Io watched over the Realm. But then disaster struck: The Darkness smothered the goddess’s light, and shattered the moon that hangs above our battlefields. Pieces of the moon fell to the Shattered Desert, where Io’s faithful watched over them. They kept vigil for the shattered goddess, praying that one day she would return. That day finally came as the Magistrate marched on the moon shards, determined to harness their power in the ongoing war against the Paladins. At the urging of her celestial friend Jenos, Io revealed her true form to fight for her people and stand against the Magistrate. New Battle Pass: Shore Patrol We’re launching the new Shore Patrol Battle Pass: Patrol the shores in the latest gear! Steel Forged Battle Pass will become un-purchasable with the release of Patch 6 – Sun & Moon. Shore Patrol Battle Pass will be available for purchase with the release of Sun & Moon, and is scheduled to end in September. Receive instant rewards for purchasing, and unlock over 100 more goodies just by playing and leveling up your Battle Pass. All players start earning Shore Battle Pass experience as soon as Sun & Moon is released, leveling up from 1 to 50. Battle Pass purchasers unlock premium rewards every level, along with the free track rewards, and gain exclusive access to Battle Pass Plus! The Shore Patrol Battle Pass costs 600 Crystals, and rewards you just for playing. You can unlock up to 150 Crystals through the Battle Pass, reducing the cost to 450 Crystals. Level up with newly reworked challenges, and unlock up to 8 Epic Champions skins! Dive in to this awesome Battle Pass with the Battle Passport, a quick purchase that not only unlocks the new Battle Pass itself but the next 30 Battle Pass Levels so you can start playing with the new content right away! As usual, check out the full update notes, including all the balance changes & bug fixes over on! This Week in the Realm | June 3-9Jun 3, 2019 - Community Announcements This Week in the Realm | June 3-9 Happy Monday, Champions! Production on the community skin concept winners is underway! Be sure to check out the winning concepts here! We had a great time hosting an AMA on Discord last Friday! Click here to join the server and check out our answers. Check out what the year in the Realm will bring with our 2019 Roadmap! Tuesday 11:30 AM ET | Twitter Trivia Tuesday! Answer our trivia Tuesday question correctly on twitter and you may be one of the lucky few who receives in-game goodies! Wednesday 1AM ET | 4 new Street Style quests will unlock! Earn Fans and progress through the Street Style rewards track. 4AM ET | Free Champion Rotation: Terminus, Willo, Seris, Maeve 11 AM ET | Cottontail Seris DLC becomes available in *most regions.* Certain Playstation regions will unlock later on in the day. Weekend Event: All Champions Unlocked! It's the perfect weekend to play with some newbie friends, or try out one of the new Champions you haven't yet unlocked! Weekly Wisdom with the Design Team: Seris' escape, Shadow Travel, can be upgraded heavily through cards. If you're having trouble dealing with pesky Flanks diving you, try building a loadout with Dark Whisper, Dusk Walker, and Veil.This Week in the Realm | May 27- June 2May 29, 2019 - Community Announcements This Week in the Realm | May 27- June 2 Heya, Champions! Hope your week is going well so far. Let's check out what we have coming up in the Realm: We have found our winners for the Community skin contest! We're getting everything ready to announce, and are hoping to be able share the winning concepts with you all later this week! Wednesday Free Champion Rotation: Terminus Willo, Androxus, Grohk Thursday All Day | Day with a Dev with Paladins Community Manager Evil Mojo Romanova over on the Evil Mojo Instagram! Friday 2-4 PM | Discord AMA! Ask us anything (well... almost anything) during our Q&A! Devs from Evil Mojo will be answering all your Paladins related questions over on our official server. Weekly Wisdom with the Design Team: The inhabitants of the new map, Bazaar, still worship their the Moon Goddess for protection. You may see similar structures and themes present in Shattered Desert.Steel Forged Update NotesMay 29, 2019 - Community Announcements Jump into the Steel Forged update in Paladins - live now! New Battle Pass: Steel Forged The Steel Forged Battle Pass has arrived, bringing over 100 incredible fantasy-themed treasures. Set out on an adventurous quest with new skins for Androxus, Imani, Mal’Damba and Barik, and unlock sweet recolors for all four in the Battle Pass Plus track. New Siege Map: Bazaar Battle for victory in the streets and alleys of Bazaar, the next Siege map coming to Paladins in the Steel Forged Update. Adventure through the hidden market and learn more about the ancient lunar goddess and her followers as you explore! As always, you can check out the full update notes, including all the polish fixes and balance changes over on our website!This Week in the Realm | May 20-26May 21, 2019 - Community Announcements Happy Tuesday, Champions! We've got an exciting week ahead of us in the Realm. It's your last chance to complete your Battle Byte Battle Pass before it leaves for good with the Steel Forged Update. Wednesday 4AM ET | Free Champion Rotation: Atlas, Strix, Androxus, Grohk Estimated date of the Steel Forged Update. We are still in the certification process on one platform, but we expect to hear back very soon. Keep an eye on our official Twitter for news! 6PM ET | Voting closes for the Community Skin Contest! Get your votes in now for your favorite Lian, Grover, Talus, and Ash concepts! We'll be bringing the top concept for each Champion to life in a future update dedicated to community concepts! Thursday 3 & 7PM ET | We're going to MomoCon! We'll be hosting a meet up at 3PM ET with devs & PPL players. Come find us for some codes and a great time. Keep an eye out for more details as we get closer to the date! Weekend Event It's a Party Up Weekend! Play in a group of two or more to earn double Gold as well as double Account, Champion, and Battle Pass XP! Weekly Wisdom with the Design Team Bounce House Buck is a scary force! Try practicing his full combo in the shooting range: Jump towards an enemy -> Shoot right before landing -> Once they're knocked up, use Net Shot -> Shoot more! This Week in the Realm | May 13 - May 19May 13, 2019 - Community Announcements This Week in the Realm | May 13 - May 19 It's Monday, and that means it's time for the newest edition of This Week in the Realm! We're almost ready to announce our Community Skin Contest Finalists! Keep an eye out this week for the final concepts to be revealed and voting to open. The Steel Forged Update is tentatively planned to go live mid-next week! We'll keep you updated, and let you know when we've finalized our release date! Monday: Afternoon | Steel Forged PTS will be brought down. Thanks so much for helping us test our upcoming update. Check out all the changes made during early testing here. Wednesday: 4AM ET | Free Champion Rotation: Atlas, Strix, Zhin, Pip Weekly Wisdom with the Design Team: Lex's ultimate, The Law, was recently changed to also destroy shields. He can be picked as a strong counter to many Front Line Champions.Join the New Official Paladins Discord Server!May 6, 2019 - Community Announcements We've partnered with Discord to create an official Paladins server! Find friends to play with, report a bug, chat with players and devs about your favorite champ, or share your newly created fanart on our brand new official Discord! Join now by clicking here!This Week in the Realm | April 29 - May 5Apr 29, 2019 - Community Announcements This Week in the Realm | April 29 - May 5 Happy Monday, Champions! The Street Style Update is live now on all platforms! You can check out all the changes in the Update Notes. Tuesday: 6 PM ET | Concept submissions for the 2019 Community Skin Contest will close Tuesday, so make sure to submit your concept before the deadline! Wednesday: 4 AM ET | Free Champion Rotation Update: Inara, Imani, Koga, Pip 12 PM ET | Update Show! Tune in to to check out everything new coming to the Realm! Friday: Afternoon | Estimated release date for the next PTS Update. Weekly Wisdom with the Design Team: Don't get locked into a single talent! Maeve's Street Justice and Zhin's Guillotine are great pickups versus more Front Line focused team compositions. This Week in the Realm | April 8-14Apr 8, 2019 - Community Announcements This Week in the Realm | April 8-14 Happy Monday, Champions! Street Style’s PTS is live now on Steam! Learn how to join and report any issues you see while playing here. We ran into a snag with this past weekend's Double Battle Pass XP Event, and it was unable to run properly. Stay tuned, we will be rescheduling an extended version of the event as soon as we are able to confirm our fix! Tuesday: 6PM ET | Voting concludes for the final bracket round of the Community Skin Contest. Be sure to get your vote in here before it ends! Wednesday: 1AM ET | 3 final End Times Quests will unlock. 4AM ET | Free Champion Rotation: Terminus, Bomb King, Moji, Ying Afternoon | Winners of the bracket round of the Community Skin Contest will be announced! Weekly Wisdom with the Devs: Build loadouts around your talents! Torvalds Field Study and Thanks, Grandpa talents get much better if you create a loadout focused around Protection cards. Edit: There was a slight delay, and concept submissions for the community skin contest will open up early next week! New in Paladins - Future's End UpdateApr 2, 2019 - Community AnnouncementsNew Champion: Atlas, The Man Out of Time Role -- Front Line Health -- 3500 CHRONO-CANNON A gun arm from a distant future that can be charged for 1.5s. It deals 900 damage and fires more accurately with fewer shots depending on charge time. It will fire automatically at full charge. SETBACK Fire a concentration of chronon energy that blasts its victim back to where they were 4s ago. Their health is reverted to its lowest point in that period. SECOND CHANCE Fling yourself back to where you were 5s ago. Your health is restored to the highest value it was in that period. STASIS FIELD Erect a temporal barrier in front of you that nullifies all ranged attacks for 5s. EXILE Supercharge your chronon accelerator. While in this state your weapon shots will Banish enemies for 4s. Banished targets can not be interacted with by enemies or allies. TALENTS Unstable Fissure Activating Second Chance leaves behind an unstable fissure that after 3s explodes dealing 900 damage. Adds damage falloff to Explosion. Temporal Divide Greatly increases the size of Stasis Field, but its cooldown is increased by 50%. Deja Vu Setback becomes a lobbed explosion that can rewind multiple enemies. Battle Byte Battle Pass We’re launching an all-new Battle Pass in Future’s End: An 8-bit, retro gaming-themed Battle Byte Battle Pass! The pixelated effects on these skins are absolutely stunning, and capture the nostalgia of our shared gaming history. 8-bit Speeder Mount Battle Byte Inara Battle Byte Bomb King Battle Byte Fernando End Times: Continued Atlas has appeared, but the tear in reality still remains. Join new Paladin and Magistrate champions as both sides fight to control this unknown power. *End Times Omega skins will be available April 3rd Omega Vivian Omega Koga Omega Zhin Omega Imani Cli...This Week in the Realm | April 1-7Apr 1, 2019 - Community AnnouncementsThis Week in the Realm | April 1-7 Happy April, Champions. I hope you are all having a wonderful start to your week! Future's End is live now on all platforms. You can check out all the changes in the notes here! Wednesday: 4AM ET | Champion Rotation: Fernando, Dredge, Moji, Ying 10AM ET | End Times Event Skins Unlocked: Omega Vivian, Omega Imani, Omega Koga, Omega Zhin 12PM ET | Update Showcase! Tune in to to check out everything new coming to the Realm! 6PM ET | Bracket Round 2 ends for the Community Skin Contest. Make sure to get your vote in here before it closes! Thursday: Bracket Round 3 of the Community Skin Contest opens! Friday: Expected release for the next PTS update. Weekend Event: Double Battle Pass XP Weekend Weekly Wisdom with the Design Team: Willo offers a more burst-oriented playstyle with the Nightshade talent. With that talent, you can fire your Deadzone immediately after using your in-hand, canceling the animation, and dealing 1,000 damage!This Week in the Realm | March 18-24Mar 18, 2019 - Community AnnouncementsThis Week in the Realm | March 18-24 Get hyped, Champions, we're almost there! Next week is Future’s End Update week. Heads up! We've adjusted some content availability dates for Future's End. Battle Byte Battle Pass will be available on release, and Omega Zhin, Imani, Koga, & Vivian will all be available April 3rd. Looking a little farther forward, our next Update Show will be on April 3rd at noon ET! Monday: 3PM ET | PTS will be coming down as we submit our final build to cert! Whoo! Wednesday: 4AM ET | Free Champion Rotation: Torvald, Tyra, Talus, Grover Weekend Event: Time Travel Weekend! Original 8 Champions unlocked: Barik, Buck, Cassie, Fernando, Grohk, Pip, Ruckus, Skye Throwback Sales! It’s a blast from the past with sales on a few old chests & skins. Weekly Wisdom with the Design Team: Atlas' Stasis Field blocks all projectiles, including ultimates! Sometimes it's best to hold your Stasis Field so you can nullify their ultimates in a critical moment. If you missed it: Last Week in the Realm Future’s End Update Notes International Women's Day | March 8, 2019Mar 6, 2019 - Community Announcements International Women's Day is this Friday, and we're celebrating with some awesome in-game events for everyone to enjoy! This Friday only: All female Champions of the Realm will be unlocked. Earn the Dragon Queen Avatar with your first win of the day in a PVP Siege, Onslaught, or TDM game! What: International Women's Day in-game events When: 4AM ET Friday, March 8th - 4AM ET Saturday, March 9th Where: PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox OneThis Week in the Realm | March 4-10Mar 5, 2019 - Community AnnouncementsThis Week in the Realm | March 4-10 Happy Tuesday, Champions! Coming up this week: The End Times mid-patch content is live! Available now: Gentleman Jenos (in the Senpai Chest), Omega Makoa, Omega Dredge, and 3 brand new End Times quests for Chrono-Shards! Future's End Update is planned to release the last week of March. We'll have a more solid time and date for the release when we get closer to it. Wednesday: 4AM ET | Free Champion Rotation: Makoa, Willo, Androxus, Seris Thursday: Evening | Expected Future's End PTS release date. Friday: All Day | It's International Women's Day! All female Champions of the Realm will be unlocked, and you can earn a special Dragon Queen Avatar with your first win of the day in a PVP Siege, Onslaught, or TDM game! Weekly Wisdom with the Design Team: New to Paladins? Maximize your gains to unlock champions! Check your quest log daily, do the Battle Pass challenges, and stay active.Unlock New Skins Quests with the Mid Patch UpdateFeb 28, 2019 - Community AnnouncementsThe End Times mid-patch content has arrived! Gentleman Jenos, Omega Dredge, and Omega Makoa are available now on all platforms! Earn Chrono-Shards by completing three newly unlocked event quests, and progress along the End Times reward track to earn Emotes, MVP Poses, Sprays, and Avatars. Plus, play Jenos three times during the End Times Update to complete the special quest and unlock the adorable Gentleman Junior animated spray. Battle Pass XP Weekend | March 1-3Feb 28, 2019 - Community Announcements Speed through your Battle Pass on your Alpha Speeder this weekend only! Enjoy a Double Battle Pass XP event this Friday through Sunday. What: Earn Double Battle Pass XP When: 4AM ET Friday, March 1st - 4AM ET Monday, March 4th Where: Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, & PS4This Week in the Realm February 25 - March 3Feb 25, 2019 - Community AnnouncementsThis Week in the Realm February 25 - March 3 Last week we had our Future's End Update Shows and debuted off our upcoming Champion, Battle Pass, and new Omega Skins. If you missed it, we’ve got a VOD of the show here! As we mentioned in our Update Show, we're extending our dev cycle for the Future's End Update to ensure it is as polished as possible on release and to fix as many outstanding bugs as we can. Because of this, Future’s End PTS has been pushed back and will release late next week! We are also estimating that later this week we will be able to release End Times Hotfix #3, that will fix issues players are seeing with ranked queues. Check out Evil Mojo Studio Head Xienen’s post giving more details these ranked issues here. Wednesday: 4AM ET | Free Champion Rotation: Makoa, Willo, Evie, Mal’Damba 4AM ET | End Times Mid-patch content unlocks on all platforms! Newly Available: Omega Makoa, Omega Dredge, Senpai Chest (Containing Gentleman Jenos) 4AM ET | The Cyber Chest will be leaving the store, get it before it’s gone! Weekend Event: 2x Battle Pass XP! You still have a month left to complete your Battle Suit Battle Pass. Speed along your way this weekend earn double Battle Pass XP while you play! Weekly Wisdom with the Design Team: Learning Turtle-Fu 1. Be Makoa 2. Shoot cannon at small creature 3. Immediately use Dredge Anchor on said small creature 4. Shoot cannon again at small creature 5. Watch small creatures perish at your Turtle-Fu It seems like you guys enjoyed it when I posted TWITR here last week, so even though our forums are fixed, I'll keep posting it here too :) This Week in the Realm | February 18-24Feb 18, 2019 - Community AnnouncementsHappy Monday, Champions! Coming up this week: Wednesday, Feb 20 4AM ET | New Champion Rotation: Ash, Lian, Evie, Mal'Damba 12 Noon ET | Future's End Update Show: Balance & The Hunt! Check out all the balance & polish changes coming in the next update. Watch live on Thursday, Feb 21 1PM ET | Future's End Update Show: Atlas & Content! Check out the new Champion, and all the new skins & content coming in the next update. Watch live on Friday, Feb 22 4AM ET | Mixer Store Update: Out with the old, in with the new! V1-KTOR Viktor, High Elf Lian, and FN-01 Erebos Fernando will be leaving the Mixer Store. Divine Seris and Dreadhunter Drogoz will be replacing them. Weekly Wisdom with the Design Programming Team: Hop into the shooting range and type "/setreticlerainbow" into the chat to check out a fun Easter Egg. Our forums are currently under the weather, and while we work on patching them up this will be the temporary new home for This Week in the Realm! Edit: We've extended our dev cycle for the Future's End Update to ensure it is as polished as possible on release, and fix as many outstanding bugs as we can. Because of this, PTS has been pushed back, and is expected to release in a few weeks. End Times | February UpdateFeb 13, 2019 - Community Announcements OVERVIEW With the help of Jenos and Imani, Valera and the Paladins have tracked the Magistrate to ancient ruins. Join the fray and battle within the shadows of Shattered Desert, a brand new Siege map. Attempt to control mysterious tears in reality for your faction and earn Chrono-Shards to unlock content in the End Times game mode and event. We’re improving quality throughout Season 2 with The Hunt: an initiative focused on process and quality of life improvements, bug fixes, and polish. Along with extended PTS, we’ve also expanded our programming team and devoted 20-40% of each development cycle to polish. The Hunt’s mission is simple: We want to end 2019 with Paladins in a better state than it’s ever been before. Cross-play and cross-progression have arrived! Champions on numerous platforms across the globe will now be able to group up and play like never before. Join your friends and follow the Paladins to the Shattered Desert, and perhaps together, you’ll be able to stop the End Times before they begin... You can read the full update notes for End Times here.Queen of Hearts Valentines Event | February 14Feb 13, 2019 - Community Announcements Love is in the air, Champions, and the Valentine Chest is back! Unlock the brand new Heartbreaker Tyra skin inside. But that's not all... we're celebrating Valentines Day with an absolutely infatuating in-game activity. Win one game on Valentines Day (February 14th) and unlock the exclusive Queen of Hearts Avatar!  What: Unlock Queen of Hearts Avatar after your first win of the day When: 4AM ET February 14th - 4AM ET February 15th Where: All Platforms | PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox