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Evie's Year-End Yuletide | December 11-22Dec 10, 2019 - Community AnnouncementsTwas’ the night before Evie’s Year-End Yuletide and all through the Realm: Not a Champion was stirring, not even Fernando under his helm. Happy Holidays to all in the Realm! To all of our Champions, ‘tis the season of giving! And Evil Mojo is going to be giving you 12 days of thanks for being a part of our community. Here’s what you can expect: Day 1 - December 11th 2X Battle Pass XP Begins (Will continue until the end of the event!) Day 2 - December 12th Mistletoe Spray Returns (50% OFF) Day 3 - December 13th 25% OFF Ice Cold Chest (Runs December 13th-15th) Chest includes the following skins:Black Ice EvieWinter GroverIce Walker InaraMerrymaker LianArctic PipJotumn TerminusRed Winter TyraFrostmare Mount Day 4 - December 14th Gingerdead House (Death Stamp) - First Win of the Day Reward Day 5 - December 15th Secret Avatar of Adanas - First Win of the Day Reward Day 6 - December 16th All Champions Unlocked Day 7 - December 17th Naughty Yeti Spray Returns (50% OFF) Day 8 - December 18th 2X Champion XP Begins (Continues until end of event!) Day 9 - December 19th All Champions Unlocked (Continues until end of event!) Day 10 - December 20th 40% Lunar Loot Chest (Runs December 20th-22nd) Chest includes the following skins:Madame SerisFirecracker WilloHeirloom Crest AshProsperous MakoaLotus Tyra Day 11 - December 21st Festive Furia Spray - First Win of the Day Reward Day 12 (Final Day) - December 22nd 25 Crystals per First Win of the Day (Up to 100 total!) Join us in this holiday extravaganza and ring in 2020 with joy!This Week in the Realm | December 9-15Dec 9, 2019 - Community AnnouncementsGreetings Champions! We hope you enjoyed our in-depth Update Show last week. We had a fantastic time sharing all of our new content coming out with you as well as all the changes coming to Season 3. Here’s what you can expect this week: PTS Our Public Test Servers are live!Find out the information on key areas we’d like you to test here. Holiday Event Blog to come with all the details Tuesday. Winter WishesOur charity event for Make-A-Wish goes live Thursday.Donate for a good cause and get loot for doing so! Tuesday 12 PM ET | Holiday Event Blog with details now live Thursday 1 PM ET | Winter Wishes Charity Event - Watch live on Mixer/Twitch Weekly Free Champion Rotation:BarikTyraSkye PipA Tigron's Tale PTS is now LIVEDec 9, 2019 - Community AnnouncementsFollowing our Update Showcase for A Tigron’s Tale, we’re excited to kick off a two week PTS testing period where players can help us test one of the biggest updates we’ve ever shipped to the Realm! A Tigron’s Tale features our latest Champion as the headliner – Tiberius, The Weapon’s Master – who wields Chakrams forged by his ancestors and a sword created by the heavens themselves. Offering a new take on the Damage archetype in the Realm, Tiberius is designed for players who want to feel like true masters of their kit in battle – bouncing deadly chakrams around corners while throwing and recalling a massive blade to command the field. Partnering with this dashing Tigron comes the new Community Battle Pass, which features major format changes for the track alongside the winning community skins YOU voted to join the Realm! Oh, and did we mention the biggest set of sweeping Balance changes we have ever released to prepare us for Ranked Season 3? Because those are coming too! For the complete outline of everything coming in A Tigron’s Tale, visit our Update Notes blog post here on After you’ve brushed up on all the details, please read below about our testing goals for this PTS cycle and how you can help us make the latest update the best it can possibly be on launch! TABLE OF CONTENTS How to Participate in PTS A Tigron’s Tale PTS Testing Goals Tiberius VGS 2.0 New Default Loadouts Updated Item Values & Item Store Using Items Against Deployables General Balance Feedback Front Line Changes Support Changes HOW TO PARTICIPATE IN PTS To participate in this public test, you must have the Paladins Public Test client installed on your computer through Steam. If you have not already done so, you can find it on the Paladins Steam Store page. Step 1: Visit the Steam Store page for Paladins using the Steam client or your internet browser of choice. Step 2: Scroll down this page until you find the Paladins game installer. Above our regular installer, you should see a “Notice” alert asking if you would like to participate in the Paladins Public Test. Click this to begin the PTS download process. Step 3: The Steam client should automatically carry you to your Steam Library, where you will be prompted to install the Paladins Public Test Server. Step 4: Select your preferred download location, and complete the installation. Once the Paladins PTS has been installed, login as you normally would. A PTS account will already be created for you using your live account information for the game, with plenty of Gold, Crystals, and more to help you unlock (and test) all the latest features in the Realm. Please be aware our PTS is designed for testing purposes only, so be sure to anticipate performance issues, server restarts, and unexpected downtime as we continue to hotfix content, tune various pieces of the update, and more based on your feedback. Stay tuned to @PaladinsGame on Twitter and keep up with these changes as they occur. TESTING GOALS FOR A TIGRON’S ...A Tigron's Tale Update NotesDec 4, 2019 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/26305398/9585ace765de4258c690e4006c8711ee4232c0b0.png New Champion: Tiberius, The Weapons Master {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/26305398/3770bb3107907d393767665dc9f94011f15fce9c.jpg Lore His is a tale of charm and daring -- heroic feats backed by deadly prowess. A traveler of the Realm looking for worthy foes to test his mettle, sharpening his skills and weapons alike. Adored by the people, feared in battle -- Tiberius, The Weapons-Master, knows no equal! Born of the Tigron, Tiberius is the pinnacle of their values. A dashing legend -- bold, brash, and relentless -- anointed by an ancient blade, destined for battles that are nothing short of legendary. With Chakrams, forged by the weapon-smiths of his ancestors; and a sword, forged from the heavens themselves -- an ancient artifact capable of banishing unspeakable evils from this world -- he is ready for any threat! Tiberius is exhilarated by the opportunity to match blades with a worthy foe. Snarling, he charges headlong into the fray, unleashing an unrelenting storm of steel, claw, and fang. En garde! Overview {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/26305398/6942bac5d4510654db2354fd671a0d35b4de2772.png Damage 2200 {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/26305398/bbc4df9f984ca27aa9bfecb838d2b8d13b716534.png Bladed Chakrams Tiberius slings Bladed Chakrams from his hand every 0.7s, dealing 650 damage each, and bouncing off floors and wells up to two times. Chakrams stop on players and shields {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/26305398/0e90bd2e8bc2adfd5b37700a402e4cc5fa879dd5.png Heavy Blade Throw your Heavy Blade in a straight line, Piercing through Shields and enemies. Deals 800 damage and reduces the Movement Speed of enemies hit by 50% for 2s. Heavy Blade lodges itself into any environment it collides with. Tiberius may reactivate the ability to recall the blade back to him once it is lodged in the environment {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/26305398/35ed5c7aaeb9edbbd26b859c343944abef3d7d7c.png Recall Recall your Heavy Blade back to your hand, passing through all players and collision, dealing 500 damage to any players hit. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/26305398/61822934d0a7f3567d553ce9cbbd3e92805009c4.png Crouching Tigron Tiberius crouches back, then launches himself forward through the air. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/26305398/564326619eabf0b2db24557de16d277c7564488f.png Combat Trance Channel your energy, gaining increased attack and movement speed for 4s.30% Movement Speed IncreaseReduces Bladed Chakram refire to 0.5s {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/26305398/661384740540bfe38764e4275ed43941c8dc0df4.png Blade DanceFlourish your Heavy Blade and access to use Striking Tigron and Whirling Blades up to 5 times for 15s. All other abilities are disabled during Blade Dance. Can be cancelled after 1s {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/26305398/c6280cc52247b335c80f72bdfde628598bffc9e2.png Striking TigronInstantly dash forward, passing through all enemies and dealing 750 damage. Can be fired in any direction. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/26305398/4bde1dea0bcc1279d11427d758c6b45a7ce104ee.png Whirling Blades Launch upward i...Ranked Season 2: Loading Frame RewardsDec 3, 2019 - Community AnnouncementsChampions of the Realm (and Season 2) - You finally get to see your new loading frames coming in our first update of 2020! Frames will be distributed based on your highest rank in the previous season, meaning that you'll earn a frame based on your Season 2 performance when Ranked Season 3 kicks off in our latest Update! For example: If you ended at Gold rank, but at some point during Season 2 earned the rank of Diamond, you'll be receiving the Diamond frame when our update goes live! Only players who reached at least Gold during the split will receive relevant Loading Frame. In order we have: Gold {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/26305398/73a93efe8bb99da3ff984f31d1681a831fdcb65a.png Platinum {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/26305398/293f5313545ac67ea60deaff5fb393811f64e32d.png Diamond {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/26305398/481a7261d82729a3e87f9aeaf7010f5dea1ff630.png Master {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/26305398/2d76afd627481b68e77779cb7f0f31b14a51f2ea.png Grandmaster {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/26305398/68ffa1e425f464f3046526a416dd6cce754990ac.png The new season begins in January of 2020. This means you still have time to get out there and climb the ranks! Which one will you be rockin’ in 2020 when we enter Season 3? This Week in the Realm | December 2-8Dec 3, 2019 - Community AnnouncementsHopefully you all had a wonderful weekend and are ready for an action packed week in Paladins! Because we are ROARin’ up a storm this week. Here’s what you can expect: More Tiberius Lore Teasers Who is the coolest Tirgron in the Realm? Clearly, it’s Tiberius.BIG Update Show on Wednesday Biggest update in Paladins history! Bonus points if you guess what we’re dressing Adanas as.Dev Blog #1 for Season 3 Get the info on choices made from our lead designer himself. Tuesday10 AM ET | Final Tiberius Teaser LIVEWednesday4 AM ET | Cute N’ Cuddly Chest available in store 12 PM ET | 2020 Patch Update Show - Watch on MixerFriday12 PM ET | Dev Blog #1 on the Past, Present, & Future of Paladins Design New Champion Rotation:BarikTyraBuckFuriaThis Week in the Realm | November 25-December 1Nov 25, 2019 - Community AnnouncementsWith Thanksgiving coming up this week it might be a little more quiet in the Realm but we still have the action packed for you. Coming up this week: Hi-Rez Expo Photos We’ll be sharing some of our favorite shots over the week!Content Creator Spotlight Join us in sharing love to our community!Thanksgiving We may or may not have a really fun piece of art for this!Ranked Season 2 Loading Frames Preview We will be putting together a short blog for these! Sales will continue this week on all of our platforms for various bundles.Those are - Champions Pack at 67% offSeason Pass 2019 at 50% offDigital Deluxe Edition at 50% off We’re also changing up our Champion Rotation in game this week: Ash Sha Lin Buck Furia Hope you have a great week Champions!This Week in the Realm | November 18-24Nov 19, 2019 - Community AnnouncementsThis week is a little more quiet than last with Hi-Rez Expo being over, but we still have the fun rollin’ in hot! What can you expect this week? Trivia TuesdayTest your knowledge and you might win a skin!Consoles are joining our sales this week!Don’t miss out on sales on our Champion Pack & more!Hi-Rez Expo RecapWe’ll be going over some of the top moments in Paladins! Tuesday 10 AM ET | Trivia Tuesday Wednesday 10 AM ET | Content Creator Spotlight Thursday 4 AM ET | Xbox & Nintendo Switch Sale: Champion Pack, Season Pass, & Digital Deluxe Edition Friday4 AM ET | PlayStation 4 Sale: Champion Pack, Season Pass, & Digital Deluxe Edition 12 PM ET | Hi-Rez Expo Recap Blog goes live!Current Free Champion Rotation:DredgeSerisRaumAndroxusEsports Tournament Publisher WeekendNov 14, 2019 - Community AnnouncementsAs we kick off Hi-Rez Expo this weekend, we are also kicking off some great deals on our best Paladins DLC and bundles! While you’re sitting back watching the Paladins World Championships this weekend you’ll be able to save on the following on Steam: Check out the official HRX page on Steam HERE. Paladins Champion Pack - 67% OffThe Paladins Champion Pack unlocks all of our current Champions in the game, including the just-released demon Raum. As an added bonus you’ll receive every new Champion we release in the future.Paladins Season Pass 2019 - 50% OffThe Season Pass includes top of the line content for every Champion released in 2019, including their voice pack, Season Pass Limited Rare Skin, emote, and MVP pose, plus their Talents will be immediately unlocked.You’ll instantly unlock three additional Limited Cosmetics: Legionnaire Viktor, Legionnaire Warhorse Mount, and an avatar. On top of that you’ll also receive 1500 crystals to unlock whatever your heart desires in-game whether it be a Battle Pass or Skin. Paladins Digital Deluxe Edition 2019 - 50% OffThe Digital Deluxe is the ultimate way to play Paladins. You’ll receive the Champions Pack and Season Pass bundled together at an additional discount. What’s not to love? Don’t forget to also tune into the games this weekend live on to catch all the Hi-Rez Esports action. (Especially if you couldn’t make it this year!) Schedule:Team Envy vs. Pittsburgh Knights - main stage - 10:30am ET - 12:30pm ET Ninjas in Pyjamas vs. - main stage - approx. 12:45pm ET - 2:45pm ETPaladins World Championship Finals - main stage - teams TBD - 12:45pm ET - 2:45pm ET. We hope you’ll join us in all this excitement! Thank you, Champions! Hi-Rez Expo 2019 Survival GuideNov 11, 2019 - Community AnnouncementsChampions of the Realm! It’s that time of year again! In less than a week, thousands of fans and pro players from around the world will converge in Atlanta, GA to celebrate the biggest Hi-Rez event of the year, and hundreds of thousands more will tune in for live coverage, announcements, and tournaments. Whether you’re attending in person or joining the fun online, read on for the complete Hi-Rez Expo Survival Guide! Live Attendees Coming to Hi-Rez Expo in person? Here’s what you need to know—plus some fun activities to look out for as you explore the expo floor. General TipsMake sure to wear flat, comfortable shoes - there will be lots to see and do! Bring a camera! Tag your pics on Twitter and Instagram with #HiRezExpo and we might share your photo.Pack a jacket and bundle up! Atlanta temperatures range from 35 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit in November.Drink plenty of water - stay hydrated to get the most out of your weekend!Be sure to pack a small bottle of hand sanitizer and lots of Vitamin C!Make sure to arrive early on Friday to avoid long lines for Badge pickup!Getting ThereHi-Rez Expo 2019 at DreamHack Atlanta will be held at the Georgia World Congress Center, Hall C (285 Andrew Young Intl Blvd NW, Atlanta, GA 30313) Click here for directions.Expo Hours and Badge PickupFriday, November 15: 10AM–MidnightSaturday, November 16: 10AM–MidnightSunday, November 17: 10AM–8PMBadges can be picked up at the DreamHack registration desk.Hi-Rez Expo Bundle Already have your tickets for Hi-Rez Expo but want some extra swag? Add the Hi-Rez Expo Bundle to your ticket purchase! Head over to the DreamHack ticket purchase page, click “Bundles”, and select the Hi-Rez Expo 2019 Bundle. You can purchase the bundle before the event for $50. You’ll also be able to purchase the bundle at the event, but the price will increase to $75 so act quick! Here’s what you’ll score in the Hi-Rez Expo Bundle: Hi-Rez Expo ShirtHi-Rez Expo BagPriority seating for championship roundsSpecial meet and greet session with devs and pro playersAdmission to Sunday’s Hi-Rez Expo After PartyOther assorted Hi-Rez swagSMITE HRX Digital Loot Pack*Paladins Jan 2020 Battle Pass*Realm Royale Hi-Rez Expo Digital Loot Pack* *Codes will be sent out after the content is available in game. Hi-Rez Presents and Tournament ScheduleThis unforgettable weekend kicks off with Hi-Rez Presents at 10:30AM on Friday, November 15. Get a front-row seat for news and announcements from your favorite games!World Championship Quarter-Finals are played all day on Friday, followed by Semi-Finals on Saturday and Finals on Sunday. Don't miss out on any of the action set--check out for the full tournament schedule!Panels + Meet and GreetsHi-Rez Expo weekend is jam-packed with community events! Snag autographs and code cards at Meet and Greets, or get a behind-the-scenes look at game development during Panels. There's something for everyone! Check out the full schedule here.Hi-Rez Expo 2019 PassportGrab a Hi-Rez...This Week in the Realm | November 11-17Nov 11, 2019 - Community AnnouncementsWhat a week it’s been, hopefully you didn’t miss this blog too much. Last week we launched our new update, The Damned Frontier. Hopefully you’re enjoying Raum and the Western Battle Pass! Yee-haw! The biggest news this week is clearly Hi-Rez Expo finally being here! The time is upon us! We have some other goodies for you though so you’ll want to listen closely and be here for all the action. Make sure to also check the end of the blog for our current free Champion rotation! Here’s what’s going on: Hi-Rez Expo Survival Guide Going live today get the 411 on it allGoodbye Little Box of Horrors, Hello Kawaii Chest!New chest, cute skins, what’s not to love?lContent Creator SpotlightSee who we choose to shine the light on this weeklHi-Rez Expo 2019!ONLY THE BEST TIME OF THE YEAR!l Monday:3 PM ET | Hi-Rez Expo Survival GuideTuesday:10 AM ET | HRX Edition Trivia TuesdayWednesday: 4 AM ET | Kawaii Chest Live! 11 AM ET | Content Creator SpotlightFriday-Sunday: HI-REZ EXPO 2019 tune in live | Champion Rotation:DredgeSerisRaumAndroxusThe Damned Frontier Update NotesNov 6, 2019 - Community Announcements Champion: Raum, Rage of the Abyss tremble at the mere mention of his name. He is wrath. He is fury. He is Raum, Rage of the Abyss. Consumed by burning conflict, tempered in the Abyss, his purpose is clear -- annihilation. He has fought and triumphed over every entity in those war-scarred plains, shattering every soul that stands against his might. Few remain who are still worthy of his attention, and their conflicts grow stale. Now, he finds himself summoned to the Realm, a fertile ground teeming with new victims whose souls are too well-connected to their bodies.Overview {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/26305398/03fcf70e4436f73abeff9572f939cf1cb81f320b.png Frontline 4500 {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/26305398/abe0c4eb38ec737a819c7c5781b53509416a0899.png Hellfire Gatling A Gatling gun from the depths of the Abyss that fragments its targets' souls every 6 times an enemy is hit with its bullets, dealing 45 damage every 0.05s when fully spun up. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/26305398/7c08bd6f3d086ab9ce9a49065ed7fd4e4511dc0f.png Ignition Ignite your Gatling gun to fully spin it up and consume no ammo for 3s. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/26305398/4f56b35854782a003cfc766d509b8eec65f0cab9.png Soul Harvest Harvest your enemies' shattered souls, drawing loose souls in and gaining 1500 soul armor on activation, as well as an additional 200 soul armor for each soul collected. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/26305398/65bee9615dd6acd6ee73b151492510d81e7c28e5.png Juggernaut Wind up and take off charging, dealing 700 damage and knocking up players hit. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/26305398/f8bc4486c781d1f6c978794a4f4d1a0b642361e7.png Cataclysm Stomp the ground and send forth a shockwave that deals 999 damage and stuns enemies for 1.2s. Talents {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/26305398/ed262430988b3108ac7fb89f996abd1024b9e510.png Enforcer Reduce your damage taken by 75% while using Juggernaut {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/26305398/2ad974a8aff1917c48dbe2219816bbd226efc8ef.png Earthsplitter Increase your Ultimate charge rate by 60% {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/26305398/1814d708ef5c6f0a954a5b3d597f4e78e01306ad.png Subservience Heal allies within 40 units of you for 100 for each Soul Fragment you collect Cards {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/26305398/d00fd39567b778f67abbbaf10b7aaa51dcdf22ba.png {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/26305398/61519cbd250df8a43372b67a3b55630adad5bac0.png {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/26305398/836e60cafd0b0cc171d84e4040e084a652e5ad42.png {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/26305398/b927ff7d0a54b22e5c18e1624c31d7f267909d6c.png Weapon/Armor Gain a {250|250}-Health Shield for 3s after dropping to or below 30% Health. Increase your Reload Speed by {7|7}%. Reduce the time it takes to spin up your Hellfire Gatling by {4|4}%. Increase your maximum Health by {150|150}. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/26305398/5ce0eb301b2d37b6528987c033aea083d3dee219.png {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}...Mixer Store Rotation UpdateNov 6, 2019 - Community AnnouncementsWaiting for more skins in the Mixer Store? Your wait is over: Starting with our new patch, The Damned Frontier, you’ll see more skins coming to the store! We’re pleased to be adding the following skins to the Paladins Mixer Store: Crime Fighter Sha Lin DZ-03 DRACO Drogoz Dire Wolf Tyra Oni Talus It’s a great time to link your accounts and watch Paladins on Mixer to unlock these skins, free. The Paladins World Championship placement rounds are live now at, and Hi-Rez Expo kicks off with our annual Hi-Rez Presents keynote at 11 a.m. Nov. 15! As new items enter the store, the following items have rotated out:Deadhunter DrogozGenie YingHuntsman AndroxusMalice SprayMoxie SprayDark Whisper SprayKings Court SprayPTS Update Notes | The Damned FrontierNov 1, 2019 - Community AnnouncementsHey Champions! PTS is closed but our update is coming soon as we have shipped our final builds to certification! Here is a giant list of all the fixes we’ve done in the PTS thanks to our QA and those of you reporting bugs you found on various platforms. We will additionally be adding this into the official Patch Notes once we go live. PTS Fixes Champions:AndroxusFixed a description error with the Seething Hatred card.Fixed an issue where Androxus could dash more than 3 times in a single instance of Nether Step before it went on cooldown.Fixed an issue where Power of the Abyss, Abyssal Touch, or Watchful would not reset Nether Step’s cooldown if it activated during Nether Step.DrogozFixed various t-posing issues on mounts.Imani Fixed an issue where Imani could use Inferno Cannon while mounted in the Spawn Room.IoFixed minor text issues on Io’s Champion screen.KhanFixed an issue where the Safecracker and Saboteur Khan skins were using Lian voice lines instead of Strix voice lines for the Orders Emote.Fixed an issue where Safecracker and Saboteur Khan skins were using incorrect voice lines, including for VVVE and Ultimate voice lines.Fixed an issue where Safecracker and Saboteur Khan’s ultimate voice lines were not balanced properly alongside associated SFX.LexFixed an issue where Golden Lex would not display properly in menus or in-game.Fixed an issue where Golden Lex was using Covert Ops Lex’s voice lines.MakoaUpdated text for Leviathan.Mal’Damba Fixed a text error with the Spirit’s Domain card.MojiFixed minor text issues on Moji’s Champion screen.RaumFixed an issue where Raum’s Soul Harvest would not give him souls but not go on cooldown if he was stunned during the animation of the ability.Updated Emote audio.Updated Juggernaut audio so it is more audible from a further distance.Fixed an issue where abilities that dealt damage based on the target’s maximum health and executes based on a percentage of the target’s health would count Soul Armor as part of Raum’s Health.Fixed an issue where Players could experience a client-server desync as to whether Raum’s Hellfire Gatling was spun up after a respawn.Fixed an issue where Raum’s reload animation would break with too much reload speed.Fixed an issue where Cataclysm would not destroy Inara’s Impasse if she had Earthen Guard active.Fixed an issue where Cataclysm would not destroy Barik’s Dome Shield.Fixed an issue where Raum would not die to Drogoz’s Dragon Punch if he had Soul Armor.Fixed an issue where a Player would not obtain Raum when they owned the Season Pass.Updated various animations for Raum in 1P and 3P for cleanliness and presentation.Fixed an issue where Raum’s Gatling audio could get stuck on in various circumstances.Updated text for Cataclysm and Soul Harvest.Fixed an issue where Raum’s Ultimate was not blocked by Terminus’ Power Siphon or Androxus’ Reversal.Fixed an issue where Raum’s Default Emote would stay in 3P longer than expected.Fixed an issue where Raum’s model would clip into...This Week in the Realm | October 28 - November 3Nov 1, 2019 - Community AnnouncementsWelcome back for another This Week in the Realm! We hope you all had a great time with our Party-Up Weekend and were able to grind out more of your Pirate’s Treasure Battle Pass. There is still more hidden treasures in the Realm coming up, just you wait! This week we have some returning treats as well as some new ones: Twitch Tuesdays comes backWe love to highlight our streamers on both streaming platforms!Trivia Tuesday!Test your knowledge of PaladinsYou could win a spooky skin this week if you get it right!Content Creator SpotlightAn opportunity to highlight those making amazing content in the community!PTS is still live! Blog coming by the end of the week with all the fixes so far! Tuesday: 11 AM ET | Spooky Trivia TuesdayWednesday: 12 PM ET | Content Creator SpotlightThursday: All Day | HAPPY HALLOWEEN!Friday: 10 AM ET | PTS Fixes Update Blog goes live! Weekly Wisdom with the Design Team: "Embrace your fellow players, regardless of level of experience. We're all here to learn, grow, and play Paladins together."Party-Up All Champions Unlocked Weekend | Oct 25-27Oct 24, 2019 - Community AnnouncementsCome one, scratch that, come ALL! This weekend if you team up with a friend you can earn double Gold, Account XP, Champion XP, AND Battle Pass XP. This will be going on all weekend long and just takes you being in a party of two or more people! This is also the perfect time to bring someone new into the game so we’re going to double the fun by unlocking all of our champions to play this weekend also! If you don’t think you can find a friend available for this, we got your back. Our discord is always growing and has a large amount of Paladins fans in it ready to play. Join our discord by clicking here. Who: YOU! And all your friends.What: Party-Up & All Champions Unlocked Weekend EventWhen: October 25-27thWhere: PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox OneThis Week in the Realm | October 21-27thOct 21, 2019 - Community AnnouncementsWelcome back Champions! This past week was filled with a lot of excitement. We were able to get you all into the PTS to try out Raum and our new content. We also had some fun over the weekend with our Halloween themed crystal storm celebrating the return of our Little Box of Horrors chest! To give a rundown on what to expect this week: Lore TriviaThink you know all the secrets of the Realm?Obsidian Pack back on saleLast week of PPL for the seasonSee who comes out on top! Tuesday:11AM ET | Lore Trivia TuesdayWednesday:4AM ET | Obsidian PackThursday:11AM ET | NiP Gaming vs. Spacestation Gaming - Watch on Mixer 1PM ET | Team Envy vs. Pittsburgh Knights - Watch on MixerFriday:11AM ET | vs Kanga Esports - Watch on Mixer 1PM ET | Natus Vincere vs. NiP Gaming - Watch on MixerWeekend Event: Trick-or-Treat StormOct 17, 2019 - Community AnnouncementsThings are getting spooktacular this weekend in Paladins! Get ready to “Trick-or-Treat” in the Realm by going mode-to-mode getting all the goodies you can. You will receive 10 crystals per first win of the day you get in our various modes, potentially totalling 120 at the end of the weekend! The modes that qualify are Team Deathmatch, Siege, Onslaught, and Ranked. You should be able to walk away with 40 crystals per day if you win one game in each mode. This event will go live Friday, October 18th at 4:00 AM Eastern Time and ends Monday, October 21st at 4:00 AM Eastern Time. Make sure you don’t miss out before this event makes like a ghost and disappears! This Week in the Realm | October 14-20Oct 14, 2019 - Community AnnouncementsLast week things got toasty in the Realm with our reveal of Raum, Rage of the Abyss, and our new Western Battle Pass! Yee-haw! We hope you all enjoyed the update show last week. If you happened to miss it you can re-watch it here! As we move into the month of October we have a lot of fun planned for you leading up to the release of our next update. Here’s what you can expect this week: Trivia Tuesday Returns!Test your knowledge for a chance to win one of 3 codes for a special skinPublic Test Servers are live for The Damned FrontierIf you have a PC, log-in and try out Raum and our Wild West Battle PassThe Little Box of Horrors chest returnsHalloween Weekend-Only EventYou won’t want to miss the rewards!Blog with event information to be live Thursday, October 17thPaladins Premier League gets closer to Hi-Rez Expo!Tuesday:10AM ET | Trivia Tuesday via Paladins Twitter Wednesday:4AM ET | Little Box of Horrors Chest goes live! Thursday:11AM ET | PPL Match // vs. Team Envy - Watch live on Mixer 1PM ET | PPL Match // Natus Vincere vs. Kanga Esports - Watch live on Mixer 3PM ET | PPL Match // NiP Gaming vs. - Watch live on Mixer Friday:1PM ET | PPL Match // vs. Natus Vincere - Watch live on Mixer 3PM ET | PPL Match // Kanga Esports vs. NiP Gaming - Watch live on MixerWeekend Event:Goes live at 4AM ET on Friday and lasts until Sunday!This Week in the Realm | October 7-13Oct 8, 2019 - Community AnnouncementsCan you feel the heat rising in the Realm? This week is quite a busy one so we want to make sure you’re equipped with the what, when, where with the announcement of our new champion and update show coming! Here’s what you can expect This Week in the Realm: The reveal of our new champion, coming to wreak havoc on the Realm! Update show coming Wednesday! Get all the info on our next update and it’s content here PTS to come later this week! More Paladins Premier League Matches on Mixer!Wednesday:12PM ET | The Damned Frontier Update Show - Watch on MixerThursday:1PM ET | PPL Match // Renegades vs. Pittsburgh Knights - Watch on Mixer 3PM ET | PPL Match // Spacestation Gaming vs. Team Envy - Watch on Mixer Friday:1PM ET | PPL Match // vs. Natus Vincere - Watch on Mixer 3PM ET | PPL Match // Kanga Esports vs. NiP Gaming - Watch on Mixer