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Null & Peta -Invasion of the Queen Bug-

Major Content Update!Mar 8, 2020 - Community AnnouncementsUpdate Description Added 2 new stages! The story now branches after Stage 5. New enemies, new bosses, new CG illustrations and skits and more! New levels for every weapon! Bugs know to fear Schrödinger's Spanner. New sweat-inducing HARD and the tear-inducing HELL difficulties! The game's previous difficulty level remains as NORMAL. You can select the difficulty when starting a new game! Major additions to the COLLECTIONS feature! From the title screen you can review the bugs you've fought, the bosses you've defeated, and the items you've found. Flavorful and highly nutritious new descriptions further flesh out the world. Many new achievements to unlock. Some unintended bugs have been removed. The game's text should now render properly within its boxes in English.Major Update Coming Soon!Feb 13, 2020 - Community AnnouncementsA hot new batch of Dark Fried Content! TOKYOTOON is hard at work on a major content update for Null & Peta -Invasion of the Queen Bug-, planned for release around the beginning of March! The update will bring: Two new stages, complete with new bosses, additional story, and original CGs! Upgrade your weapons to Level 3 for massive damage! Two new difficulty levels! Explore the game at your leisure on Easy, or experience a new challenge in Hard Mode! And, of course... Bug fixes! The only bugs that belong in the game are the Queen Bug's minions! Null & Peta Is Available Now!!!Jan 31, 2020 - Community AnnouncementsNull & Peta -Invasion of the Queen Bug- Dive into the virtual world as purple-haired protector Peta with the support of your sassy cybernavigatin' sister Null in the all-new Null & Peta -Invasion of the Queen Bug-! Explore six stages, finding new equipment, unlocking new scenes, battling new enemies and bosses -- and hanging out with Null all the way! {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/36272458/8795cb00948a9cf51babdfa6267df76b7b42a09f.jpg This bug said something bad about Null. It had to go! {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/36272458/869dfa1175dba2e172ce1932210f477316c58096.jpg When the going gets tough, your sister is rooting for you! The best moral support! Additional Content Loads of Null & Peta content is now available on Steam! Catch up on the world of Null & Peta with the 12-episode anime, plus a wild all-new bonus OVA! Already missing the OP? The Anime Soundtrack has your hammin'-around back! * Still feeling that insatiable tune-thirst? Quench it good with the Game Soundtrack! * Ears all tired from soundtracks? Want some candy for your eyes? The Art Book is just what the candy-doctor ordered! The ultimate answer to the question of SAVINGS Confused by all the content? Just want the lowest price!? Look no further than the DELUXE EDITION at 42% OFF! * At the time of this writing, both the Anime Soundtrack and the Game Soundtrack store pages are subject to a bug that makes them impossible to buy. We apologize to everyone inconvenienced by the situation. We're working with Valve to get them live as soon as possible, and in the meantime, you're safe to buy the bundle if you like. The soundtracks will be added to it as soon as they're live, and you'll still get the best price. See our reply to this question for more details. * Update: This situation has now been resolved. The Soundtracks are now properly available and included in the bundle.Demo Available Now!Dec 9, 2019 - Community AnnouncementsThe demo for Null & Peta -Invasion of the Queen Bug- is now available on Steam! This demo, playable in English and Japanese, features three weapons and the first level. Check out the game's quirky spin on the Null & Peta universe with the first hints of the story and some dazzling event CGs! The full game is coming on January 31, 2020 in Japanese, English, and Simplified and Traditional Chinese, along with the anime, consisting of all 12 TV episodes and a special OVA! Please note that gameplay is not final and represents an in-development state of the game.