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Games like Fortnite the best battle royale games you can play right nowAug 19, 2019 - Rock, Paper, Shotgun Fortnite: Battle Royale, I think it’s fair to say, is the standout title of the decade-old battle royale game genre. Not since Minecraft have we seen a game enter the mainstream in this way – but that doesn’t mean Fortnite is the only battle royale out there that’s worth playing. We’ll go over just a few of the very best battle royale games like Fortnite below. Ecah of these games has been picked out for taking the genre in new directions, or adding a particular feel or flavour to the genre that we haven’t found anywhere else. If you’re looking for Fortnite alternatives, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more diverse and colourful selection than this! (more…) Server Issues FixedAug 6, 2019 - Community AnnouncementsThank you everyone, for your patience and understanding. Our server troubles seem to be over. See you on the frontlines!Servers Currently UnavailableAug 6, 2019 - Community AnnouncementsThere is an issue rendering both official and community hosted servers currently unavailable. This seems to have stemmed from the latest steam maintenance just an hour or so ago. We are investigating this issue. Please by patient while we look for a solution. Thank youMordhau to get more maps and maybe moddingJul 22, 2019 - Rock, Paper, ShotgunWar often changes, as slapstick peasant-bothering stabfest Mordhau proves. Developers Triternion have announced details about what players can expect in the near future of the (mostly) melee fighting simulator, including ranked play, new maps, and a reduction in the undeserved powers of horse-riding cowards. The much-requested mod support is still only a maybe. (more…) Mordhau's future includes new maps, a chat filter, ranked play, and maybe mod toolsJul 19, 2019 - PC GamerMordhau developers Triternion have posted an update discussing what they've been working on lately, and what they have planned for the future. Topping the list of post-release priorities are a couple of "fully-fledged" new maps, one a sprawling town and the other a Mediterranean-inspired castle keep, that will be playable in all game modes. "Feitoria is a sprawling town and accompanying village that will alternate between crowded streets, chokepoints, and more open areas and will have an emphasis on verticality and interiors as well. Currently, progress is going well on Feitoria, and our level designer is working on optimization, interior/background polish, and configuring the map for game modes," Triternion wrote. "Castello on the other hand, is a southern-European/ Mediterranean inspired castle keep and walled courtyards. It will have a similar feel to Grad, but with a more involved castle section, including portcullis control and close-quarters fighting. At the moment, Casello has begun its final art pass, along with some fine-tuning of the lighting and post-process effects." The new maps are the priority right now but the developers said they are aware of issues with the existing maps, and will be working to tighten those up as well. Ranked play is on the way, with six tiers ranging from Bronze to Elite, each divided into five ranks. Farther down the road is a new 64-player attack-and-defend mode that's still in the design stage. Triternion said it's working to ensure the mode works with all existing maps, "as our levels are designed to be usable in all game modes when possible," and there's currently no timeline on its launch beyond a very vague "in the future." Developers are also looking into ways to tweak the Frontline game mode to help reduce stalemates, but again, a schedule hasn't been set. To help reduce toxicity and racism in the game, a client-side chat filter is also being worked on. Aside from maps, this may be Mordhau's highest-priority: As we reported earlier this month, Mordhau has a serious problem with racism and toxicity, and seems ill-prepared to deal with it. "While muting players removes anything they’ve said, you can only do that after they’ve said it," Triternion said. "We plan on adding a filter that will automatically remove inappropriate or offensive messages before you have to see them, which will help to curb toxicity quite a bit." Other in-the-works tools to help combat griefing include a more detailed vote-kick screen and a system to enable players to tell if someone is placing structures to disrupt gameplay. "We’re also looking into other ways to prevent griefing with toolboxes and firepots, to prevent players having to rely on votekick to deal with them in the first place," the developers wrote. Triternion is also "well aware" of the demand for mod support, but it's a...Games like Fortnite 8 best battle royale games you can play right nowJul 15, 2019 - Rock, Paper, Shotgun Fortnite: Battle Royale is, so far, the pinnacle of the decade-old battle royale game genre. It’s no understatement to say that we haven’t seen a game enter the mainstream in this way since Minecraft – but it’s not the only battle royale out there, and the genre has never before seen such quantity nor such quality. We’ll go over a handful of our favourite battle royale games like Fortnite below. Each of these games has been picked out for taking the genre in new directions, or adding a particular feel or flavour to the genre that we haven’t found anywhere else. If you’re looking for Fortnite alternatives, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more colourful selection than this. (more…) The Chronicles of Humungusse, most terrible knight of MordhauJul 12, 2019 - Rock, Paper, Shotgun An astonishing figure has entered the turmoil of Medieval Europe. Striding through the sparks and the screams of Mordhau s eternal battlefield is Lord Humungusse: a man with a vast body and a tiny soul, and a lack of fear matched only by his lack of combat abilities. (more…) The best games of 2019 so farJul 10, 2019 - Rock, Paper, Shotgun Summer. The heat age. Scorch season. Spring’s hangover. It’s the mid-point of the year and you know what that means. No, not “mojito time”, Geoff, put those away. It’s time we told you what the best games of the year are so far. There are quite a lot of them. Just look how many videogames have escaped from their developers in the past six months and are now running amok through the blistering streets, getting stuck in the melting tarmac, like ants in jam. It’s unsanitary. So allow us to round up these unruly games and trap them in a handy list. Here are our favourite sword swingers and space ‘splorers so far this year (and a couple of DLCs for good measure). Okay, Geoff, now bring the mojitos. (more…) Mordhau dev statement clarifies no plan' for character filter, say artists were ill-informed Jul 4, 2019 - Rock, Paper, Shotgun Mordhau developers Triternion have released an official statement responding to the claims they planned to introduce a toggle to hide women and non-white characters from their medieval murderfest. Those claims, I should say, were made by Triternion themselves, in an interview between two of the company’s artists and PC Gamer. The official statement says that they never had plans for a toggle on non-white characters, that they discussed but dismissed the idea of a toggle to hide women characters, and that the two artists were “were ill-informed of this decision.” (more…) Mordhau devs deny plan for toggle to hide women and non-white characters, after telling people of that exact planJul 3, 2019 - Rock, Paper, Shotgun Mordhau’s developers Triternion have denied on Twitter that they ever “had plans to add a toggle to hide other ethnicities or ‘disable characters that aren t white'” in their hacky-stabby medieval multiplayer game. This is bold, given that they previously told PC Gamer explicitly that a plan to add such a toggle was their “current thinking.” Let’s unpick this mess. (more…) Rampant racism and toxicity are driving players away from Mordhau (updated)Jul 1, 2019 - PC GamerContent warning: Slurs and references to racist and sexist language. Update 2: Triternion has published a statement reiterating that it won't be adding an option to toggle off non-white and female characters. Two developers told us that this 'feature' was a possibility, but Triternion is now calling it a misunderstanding, placing the blame on a lack of PR experience and "answering some questions in a misleading way".  A gender toggle was apparently discussed, however, but the studio claims that this idea was dismissed because it would undermine player customisation. The two members of the studio we spoke with were apparently not informed about this, despite the team being small—there are only 11 of them—and the idea being thrown out shortly after launch.  The toxic community will be addressed, Triternion says, but no plan to deal with racism in chat and on the forums has been proposed. "At the moment we are stretched thin with major important content additions," the statement reads, "and unfortunately we do not have the staff nor systems in-place to moderate everything to our intended level of standards". You can read the full statement here. Update: After this article was published, Triternion stated on Twitter that it does not have plans to include a setting which disables the appearance of "characters that aren’t white," and never did. This contradicts statements developers Mike Desrosiers and Andrew Geach made to PC Gamer last week and which we reported in this article. During our interview, we asked, "Are there plans to increase, on the character creator side, the diversity of the characters players can create? You've talked in the past about adding female playable characters and changing character's skin tones ... is that something you guys are committed to doing?" Desrosiers replied, "That goes back to a similar situation as the chat filters. Whatever stance we take officially, some group of people are going to be upset with us. And so, ideally we’d put the power in the players’ hands, and give them the option to enable and disable different things. "There has been endless debates about it, and it attracts a lot of toxicity, a lot of stuff we’re not interested in attracting to the game itself, any more on top of what’s already present. But we’re definitely always looking at ways of expanding ." Later, after Geach explained how Triternion might go about creating new character customization options, such as female characters, black characters, and Middle Eastern characters, we asked, "So current thoughts on that, as Mike said, maybe adding that and then giving the option for players to disable it? Is that the current thinking?" Geach replied, "Yeah, that seems to be the current thinking. It’s not set in stone, it depends how our community is in the future. Maybe if i...Games like Fortnite 8 best battle royale games you can play right nowJun 28, 2019 - Rock, Paper, Shotgun The battle royale game genre has been around for a good decade or so, but in the past year or two it has absolutely skyrocketed in popularity, thanks mostly to the mainstream success of Fortnite: Battle Royale. It’s no understatement to say that we haven’t seen a game enter the mainstream in this way since Minecraft – but it’s not the only battle royale out there, and the genre has never before seen such quantity nor such quality in its games. We’re gonna go over a handful of our favourite battle royale games like Fortnite below. Each of these games has been picked out from the ever-expanding sea of battle royale games out there, because it takes the genre in a new direction or adds a particular feel or flavour to the genre that we haven’t found anywhere else. If you’re looking for Fortnite alternatives, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better selection than this. (more…) This man is mesmerisingly good at MordhauJun 26, 2019 - Rock, Paper, Shotgun If you’ve ever watched a professional fencing match, you’ll know they kind of suck. People move too thin swords too quickly, becoming blurs that only a few can parse. You expect duels to look like sword fights in movies, forgetting that movies don’t largely consist of downtime and headaches over who’s even winning. Pretend swordsmen have the edge. Pretend swordsmen get to take on five foes at once, prowess unambiguous as bodies hit floors. You should watch “Trix”, below. He’s a Mordhau fighter worth beholding. (more…) Mordhau Battle Royale tips how to consistently win Mordhau's Battle Royale matchesJun 24, 2019 - Rock, Paper, ShotgunSo Mordhau has a Battle Royale mode, because of course it does. I’ve only recently come round to trying it out, because the servers (at least in Europe) were always pretty janky. But in the last few weeks I’ve been playing it rather religiously, and y’know what? If you haven’t given BR as much thought as the other modes like Frontline or Skirmish up until now, consider this an open invitation to start now. The below Mordhau Battle Royale guide is packed with practical tips and tricks for dominating this mode, frequented by some of the finest warriors the game’s playerbase has to offer. (more…) Steam Charts: Meaningful Effluence EditionJun 24, 2019 - Rock, Paper, Shotgun Hello friendly people! Welcome to the always-lovely, always-cheerful soft-play-of-fun-and-hyphens that is Steam Charts! Today we’re going to laugh together, learn together, and maybe, just maybe, if we’re lucky, laugh and learn a little. Please, pull up a trouser, take a seat (take as many seats as you need – we have too many seats), and prepare to enjoy, laugh, and maybe even learn. (more…) Patch #8 Hotfix - Fixes for Start-up crashesJun 22, 2019 - Community AnnouncementsWe've just pushed a quick hotfix that should fix the crashes that occured on startup related to the Steam Inventory consolidation. Sorry to those that were affected by this.Patch #8 - Steam Inventory fixes, CPU optimizations Crossroads tweaksJun 22, 2019 - Community AnnouncementsPatch #8 is mainly a Hotfix for the ongoing Steam Inventory issues that prevented a large number of you from playing online. Additionally we’ve squeezed in some optimizations on the CPU side. Lastly there has been some changes to Crossroads due to the very mixed feedback we’ve gotten from you guys. As for upcoming updates and patches, we’re still working away on the ranked Duel mode. Feitoria is now in the finishing stage, and Castello has made some great progress as well as you can see in this little sneak peek below. All changes summed up: Gameplay Raised minimum voters for a kickvote vote to be valid: 50% of the team (was 33% of the team), meaning a vote will not succeed unless 50% of the team casts their vote (whether yes or no) Currently played Frontline map will be excluded on the next map vote, so you can no longer play the same map twice in a row Added fix for Steam Inventory timeouts. The inventory will now merge smaller item stacks on startup, this can take up to 5 minutes the first couple times but should eventually only take a few seconds. Weapons & Equipment Added Katzbalger Executioner Sword skin Added Feather Damascus Bastard Sword skin Added checkered patterns for Heavy Tabard Maps & Gamemodes Fixed auto assign breaking team limits if auto assigning while on a team (would put you on the other team and go over the cap), now does nothing if you are already on a team Crossroads changes: spawn protection for infantry spawns, fixed some stuckspots, clamped exposure range to help visibility, no more forward spawn when holding center, bit more background detailing, minor layout changes for balance, slightly more fog to increase sense of depth, minor navigation fixes, tweaked ballista angles Visuals & Misc. Bunch of CPU optimizations Fixed a Horde crash when having Warden's Eveningstar skin selected as customization Fixed a combat bubble exploit Mordhau game modes explanations and tips for Frontline, Skirmish, Horde, and Duel ServersJun 21, 2019 - Rock, Paper, ShotgunI spent a great many dozens of hours figuring out how to play Mordhau before I first tried Horde Mode. I’d got to the point where I would consistently rank at the top of the leaderboards on Frontline, Team Deathmatch, Duel servers… but when I first played Horde, I was completely lost. I died on Wave 4, after being pinned against a stone wall with a dozen hairy bare-chested peasants kicking me over and over until I fell. I say all this as a warning: don’t expect to be able to use the same style of play in every one of Mordhau’s game modes. Instead, why not take a look online at some sort of guide to describe every different game mode, or something… Oh, you’ve done that part already? That’s why you’re here? Well then! This Mordhau game modes guide will walk you through each different mode available in this beautiful medieval decapitate-’em-up, with tips on how to adjust your style of play to ensure you play each one to the best of your ability. (more…) How Mordhau went from janky community project to the biggest melee brawler on PCJun 20, 2019 - PC GamerFive years ago, long-time Chivalry: Medieval Warfare player Marko Grgurovič began building a prototype for a new melee game in Unity. He had no development experience, and neither did the team he quickly assembled around him, some as young as 17. They weren’t paid for their time on Project Slasher, as the prototype was known, and they were spread across the globe, working remotely. It sounds like a million other hobbyist projects that start enthusiastically and then peter out. But this one didn't. Mordhau shouldn’t have worked. And yet what started as a "single map with pretty janky mechanics and visuals" has, after five years of work, sold a million copies. 500,000 of those in the first week. 60,000 concurrent players were online during its first full weekend. None of the team had shipped a game before, but they had a passion for Chivalry How did a team of first-time developers turn a passion project into an international sensation? And how does the group, some as young as 21, feel about their overnight success? "I wasn't really expecting much, honestly," says environment artist Andrew Geach. "I wasn't really sure we'd finish the game. It was overwhelming at first, but as more and more people joined the team we got faster and faster, better and better." None of the team had shipped a game before, but they had a passion for Chivalry, and a deep understanding of what made a melee game enjoyable. Geach, who joined straight from college, had played Chivalry for 800 hours—Mike Desrosiers, another artist, played on the top North American Chivalry team during high school, and clocked 2,500 hours, he tells me. Their aim was simply to create something for Chivalry’s "tight-knit" competitive community, while building up development experience along the way. They wanted a melee game that was much alike Chivalry but more fun, more grounded, more readable to an onlooker. "Chivalry was fairly fun to play at a high level you see players doing all these spinning attacks, hitting you behind them, because that was just the most effective way to play," Desrosiers says. "We removed that very early on in Mordhau, in the Project Slasher prototype." That instantly lowered the skill ceiling—and the team instantly raised it back up, adding extra angles of attack, different body movements, and new mechanics such as chambering, which is when you mirror your enemy’s attack just before they strike. Their approach, and the reason Desrosiers says the combat has been such a big hit, was to build from the "top down," designing the combat around top-tier players before making it fun for beginners.  As the original team continued to perfect the mechanics, they brought on new staff to flesh out the rest of the game, including Geach, who worked on map design. They initially wanted to put 64 players into huge maps with scattered control point...Steam Charts: The Worst Week Ever EditionJun 17, 2019 - Rock, Paper, Shotgun I’m declaring it: this is the Worst Week Ever for Steam Charts. And let’s face it – this is entirely your fault. If you were a better person, you’d buy better games. But instead you buy the same eight bloody games every bloody week, and then buy a game that isn’t even out for over a year. A YEAR! You are awful, and you do not deserve me. This is your punishment. (more…)