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Lucky Night Texas Holdem VR

Important announcementJul 20, 2018 - Community AnnouncementsIn order to provide a smoother network experience, Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) starts at 3:30 am on July 20 and ends at 5:30. The server will be shut down for maintenance. Please avoid the game at the corresponding time. Thank you. Understanding and cooperation.invitation letterJun 12, 2018 - Community AnnouncementsA new Lucky Night with blackjack is ready to launch. We invite you to join the last test. To get the right to access, please contact and join the group: Send us your ID and email on Steam. We will add the accounts in the list soon. P.S Password is not required. So don't worry about your account safety.Lucky Night's New version is ready to Early AccessNov 27, 2017 - Community AnnouncementsGood news, our big update for LuckNight is ready to release on steam. In new version,Our Character will refactor with fullbody IK. Game add lots of new stuff, including Hall with private room, kinds of Chess and Traditional Chinese cards.(of cause, Texas still there). additional, we make an independent competitive game. for more detail,please visit steam store page and put it into your wishlist don't forgot give us positive comment ^_^ thanks for all of you. Lucky Night UPDATE – TIP the DealerOct 9, 2017 - Community AnnouncementsWe shipped an update of Lucky Night: Texas Hold’em VR. In the latest update you will find: Tip Time We add Tip Time between hands. You can grab the chips on the right, throw them to tip the dealer. When Tip Time is over, the dealer will give a surprise to the player who tips the most. Enjoy yourself in Tip Time! NOTE: The chips to tip are from the gold you accumulated, not the ones besides your left hand. Hole Cards Invisible We noticed that some players don’t want their hole cards seen by others, even when they’re grabbing cards. Now we make it invisible in the game. We add “Hole Cards Visible” in the option menu in the watch. You can set your hole cards visible/invisible to other players. The default is invisible, which means you are playing a very fair game. You can also check it to enjoy more fun of Texas Hold’em, by sharing hole cards to your friends. Correct “Head-To-Head” Rules We correct the blinds when only two players remain. Thank you very much for downloading and playing our game. Don’t forget to leave a positive review if you like it, which means more people can see this game to help us to improve the product. Have a Lucky Night!