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Lucius Demake

RELEASE DATE: 13th December 2018Nov 15, 2018 - Community AnnouncementsLucius saga continues next month with Lucius III set to launch December 13th on PC. To accompany the announcement, Shiver includes some gameplay videos showing off some of the mysterious environments in the game. The game will be priced at $19.99 on STEAM and is now available for wishlisting. Lucius III will also be available through other various digital platforms upon release The Raven: The Freemans: The Town Hall: The Amusement Park: Lucius III returns to its roots in terms of both gameplay and story. The game will play as a narrative adventure, focused around the atmospheric little town of Winter Hill - the very same town where Lucius spent his first six years. Lucius III AnnouncementAug 27, 2018 - Community AnnouncementsHELSINKI (August 27, 2018) - Shiver Games is excited to announce that Lucius is returning to STEAM in 2018 for the last time. In a whole new narrative experience, he now returns to his old neighborhood of Winter Hill. The path will be a difficult one, with trials and tribulations waiting ahead. Has he made the right choices? Is it finally time to end it all? The game will be priced at $19.99 in STEAM and is now available for wishlisting. Lucius III returns to its roots in terms of both gameplay and story. The game will play as a narrative adventure, focused around the atmospheric little town of Winter Hill - the very same town where Lucius spent his first six years. Lucius continues to fulfill the prophecy of the rapture, and finally we get to see where the roads take us. The story will include his signature gruesome violence and disturbing images, but this time there will be some heartfelt moments of regret and sorrow.Update #2 - 8.11.2017Nov 8, 2017 - Community AnnouncementsSecond Update for Demake. We’ve added simplified Chinese and we did various bugfixes and improvements. General bug fixes Added Kill Gallery. New safe implementation. Improved fight with Wayne. Changed phrasing in the combustion tutorial. Changed most dialogues to be skippable. General improvements to pathfinding. Scene #11 Fixed Wayne body left on altar bug. Scene #5 Alastair sprite priority fix. Fixed Lucius showing through bookshelves. Fixed several sprite priority bugs. (#1 Candle flame, #6 Alastair, #16 Charles, Terrence, McGuffin) Floor 3 bathroom collider fix. Floor 3 Fabius' desk collider fix. Localization Added Simplified Chinese Update #1 - 1.9.2016 [Linux support]Aug 31, 2016 - Community AnnouncementsUpdate #1 - 1.9.2016 Linux version! Lucius Demake is now available for Linux General bug fixes Fixed issues with Deputy Terrence not shooting after loading save in chapter 17. Fixed issue with Ivor being able to push Lucius through the bathroom wall. Fixed issues with Inventory and Journal controls getting entirely locked. Fixed some equipped items being used when triggering conversation with NPC’s. Fixed issue with all chores being simultaneously rewritten in the journal. Added some missing game over music in certain situations. Game over now triggers correctly when Jovita catches player in the act during chapter 5. Clarified first tutorial to mention that the padlock should be used to the freezer door. Changed teddy bear’s hint and relocated him accordingly during night in chapter 5. Fixed opened journal preventing starting of cutscenes or level changing. Fixed cutscene line appearing in the reward screen during chapter 14. Fixed some walls triggering ‘locked’ message. Fixed some misplaced objects. Minor fixes. Localization Added missing line for Antonio. Fixed missing toy box description in other languages than English. Corrected couple of Spanish translation errors. Fixed ‘undefined’ button in Memory Erase tutorial. Achievements Fixed ‘We got ourselves a reader’ to correctly count read journal notes. Improved German achievement translations. We are live!Aug 9, 2016 - Community AnnouncementsLucius Demake Out Now! A game based on fan art accompanied by a gruesomely “DEMADE” trailer. Lucius Demake is a reimagining of the original Lucius game, made to look as if it is actually from the late 80s, complete with 2D pixel graphics and 16 colors. Why did Shiver Games decide to do something like this? It all started when Gergely Sinkó, a fan of the original game, created a mock-up concept picture: The image resonated with the team so much that they decided Lucius needed to be completely reborn in the 1980s. Shiver Games reached out to Gergely and asked him to recreate the whole game with them in his distinctive style. He was hired and the devil's son was born again – this time, with only twelve pixels. The story in Lucius Demake stays true to the original game. Taking control of the devil’s son, it’s your job to wreak havoc in the vast mansion that is Dante Manor. Each chapter follows the formula set by the original game, minus a few instances where you’ll get a more authentic 80’s arcade style experience to fit in with Gergely’s style. Lucius Demake features a full-length story that will take between 5 to 8 hours to complete, and will take you back twenty years to invoke those precious pixelated memories of video games from your childhood – or let you experience them now for the first time.