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Goose Goose Duck

v1.06 Lounge and Spectator Mode release!Jan 18, 2022 - Community AnnouncementsA big update with more things to come soon! The Lounge. A new place to make friends, chat and hang out. It has private rooms and a card game currently, and we plan on having more activities in it like minigames and karaoke in the future. The host of a public lounge can migrate the lobby to a private game. Spectator mode. The long awaited spectator mode! You can now join games in progress as a spectator. You'll also be able to switch to spectator mode in a lobby, as well as after you die in game. Note that Geese will have to finish their tasks to spectate. Celebrity Goose. A goose that lets other geese know when they die. Ducks and Neutrals will not be alerted. Various QoL and Bug fixesCultural CosmeticsJan 4, 2022 - Community AnnouncementsTo celebrate our translations into new languages, we have a set of new world cosmetics! We consulted our translators to find cosmetics that represented people appropriately. Row 1: Italian, Hungarian, Korean, Spanish, French, Vietnamese Row 2: Brazilian Portuguese, Turkish, Thai, Chinese, German, Japanese {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/40318739/bfe7018e2f5d22543f2a3f09a0d6a636171cf737.png These aren't all of the cosmetics, and aren't all the languages we have translated. We're still working on cosmetics and translations for Russian, Czech and PolishSTEAM AWARD NOMINATION REQUEST - BETTER WITH FRIENDSNov 24, 2021 - Community AnnouncementsThe team at Gaggle would like to throw their feathers into the ring as a contender for this years Steam Award for the Better with friends category! We're asking for YOUR help to get Goose Goose Duck Nominated for the Steam Awards. Goose Goose Duck started off as a simple idea of creating an enjoyable social deduction game and has grown into an amazing community driven game. Lots of friends have been made along the way, many geese have been slain. You can either fly solo but we think its better with friends, those new friendships need to be tested... repeatedly. To all our supporters and members of the community, Thank you. -Gaggle Studios1.05Nov 24, 2021 - Community AnnouncementsV1.05 Gameplay - Minor SS Mothergoose graphical update. we moved the ramen - New Mortician Goose role. The mortician uses their ability on a body. They stand still for 3 seconds and if not interrupted, a success sound effect occurs. When the next meeting is called, the Mortician will see the role of the dead player. - Detective rework - The ability of the new detective is now that they can investigate once per round, but only see if the investigated player has killed THAT specific round. - Medium upgrade - A minor upgrade to the medium where they now see the number of ghosts as a fraction of the number of players remaining. e.g. 4/15. This will also help them distinguish if a player has disconnected. Quality of Life - Language localizations for a Thai, French, Portuguese, German, Traditional and simplified Chinese, Turkish and Spanish. Players have been incredibly helpful in assisting us with the translations and we have more on the way. If you notice an error, feel free to submit a ticket in the #translations-report channel on the discord. This will be an ongoing process where we will fix outstanding translation issues - The Host in private games will be able to change maps, and players in the lobby will have the option to follow. this will create a new room with a new code. - Vertically staggered names on splash screens to prevent overlapping - New meeting UI - New text chat UI - Hotkeys added to expand text chat, as well as the task lists - Progress bars added to achievements - If you attempt to join a full game, you will bounce back to the join screen again with the code still inputted - If you try to join a full public game, the filter will save your settings. - Clicking on menu items like deafen/PTT/ready up etc. will no longer move your character Lots of bug fixesv1.04 Server-side patchNov 15, 2021 - Community Announcements- This server-side patch has various internal updates in preparation for the upcoming large 1.05 patch. It's a necessary evil patch! thank you for your patience V1.03 Goosechapel and resolution options!Oct 28, 2021 - Community AnnouncementsWe apologize for the delays! With our release on mobile platforms, we have to be patient and wait for approval from multiple platforms. - New Goosechapel map! This map has new roles, characters, sabotages, and a jail mechanic! - In this map, if no one is killed by a vote during a meeting, players tied with the most votes will be jailed. If someone is sent to jail, two keys will be randomly placed around the map, allowing players to unlock the jail cell if they find one. The jail cell will automatically open after a certain period. - The three new roles will only be available on Goosechapel for now - Politician Goose: You win in voting ties and you cannot be sent to jail. - Locksmith Goose: You can always open the jail door. - Snitch Duck: Being the only person to vote for someone puts them in jail. The politician is immune to the snitch - Fire sabotage: Unlike the mallard manor fire sabotage, this one will set fire to two of three locations, forcing players to split up! - Smog sabotage: The factory will pump out smog into the town, hiding players and their names. - Added resolution options. These options are only available if you are NOT in full-screen mode. - Lots of bug fixes - Lots of optimizations - We are continuing to work on localizations and it's likely that the patch coming up will include a bunch of quality-of-life upgradesV1.02Oct 15, 2021 - Community Announcements- Large memory optimizations. This will help with older mobile devices that have less memory. We'd still ask that if you have an older device to turn off other applications before running GGD. - Spray water task fixed in Nexus Colony - Added German and Turkish to the list of available languages - We have begun language localizations so look forward to that coming soon - It's expected that in the next week we will be releasing Goosechapel. The Goosechapel map will introduce three new roles as well as a new jail mechanic.Mobile rollout updateOct 6, 2021 - Community Announcements- As of October 6th, we are now released in the entire WORLD for IOS and Android - It might take a couple of hours to propagate through the different stores iOS Android 6, 2021 - Community Announcements- Fixed Shuttle vision in Nexus Colony - Mute and Deafen button size increased on mobile only - Chat box made larger for mobile - Added EULA when players login - Removed key prompts for Mute and Deafen on mobile - Stopped the player from moving while Muting/Deafening - Fixed issue with watering the plants in Nexus colony for mobile1.0 Out of Beta ReleaseOct 3, 2021 - Community Announcements- We are out of early access now, and will begin mobile release this coming week - To ensure a smooth launch, the rollout of mobile will be staggered different countries, with the expectation that it will be available worldwide within two weeks - Today on 03/10/2021, we will start with iOS release for New Zealand - Expect frequent updates during this period to support our new mobile friendsV0.99.92.00 Bug fixes and BalanceOct 1, 2021 - Community Announcements- Bug fixes - Increased drop rates for Tea and Paper on Mallard Manor - Thralls in trick or treat now have 0 kill cooldown when resurrecting. Although camping is a weak villager strategy, we recognize how frustrating it can be if thralls are pitchforked consecutivelyV0.99.91.00Sep 28, 2021 - Community AnnouncementsBUG FIXES!!V0.99.9 Trick or TreatSep 27, 2021 - Community AnnouncementsNew limited time Trick or Treat game mode - Play as a Vampire or a Peasant in the Mallard Manor map - As the vampire, Infect everyone to win. Infected players turn into a thrall after a variable amount of time. Vampires also have the ability to power up the thralls with their abilities - Thralls replace ghosts in this game mode, and automatically resurrect. Help the vampire win by infecting all the peasants. - Villagers win by voting out the vampire, or surviving as the last villager. They can use their pitchfork to defend themselves against the thralls, but it won't work on the vampire - Various bug fixes, including a fix the infinite loading bug - Further optimization for older computersv0.99.82.01 Bug fixes + Werewolf bundleSep 16, 2021 - Community Announcementsv0.99.82.01 - Various Bug fixes - Added werewolf cosmetic + werewuf pet bundle to shopV0.99.81.02 Bug fixes + other stuffSep 11, 2021 - Community AnnouncementsPatch - Fixed bugs. - Renovations made in Mallard Manor - Changed how Google authenticates users. If you experience issues, please sign-out and close your application and restart the game. Thanks!V0.99.8 UI OVERHAUL + BODYGUARD AND HITMANSep 10, 2021 - Community AnnouncementsAnother minor update before mobile release! - Entire UI has been overhauled - New ability to save game settings - 2 New Colors: Off-white and Maroon - A yellow border around speakers during meetings for Increased visibility - New shading around the edge of a player's field of view - Introduction of the Hitman Duck and the Bodyguard Goose. This pair enter a game together with the same target. The hitman tries to eliminate the target, while the bodyguard tries to save them. - Explore mode now gives players a goose with the ability to vent - Bug fixes - Various optimizationsHurricane Update 30/8/2021Aug 29, 2021 - Community AnnouncementsA number of rolling blackouts due to Hurricane Ida and a simultaneous electrical storm in the North East USA caused significant routing issues with our servers. While some members of our community were not affected the majority of you were. We are still currently monitoring the situation to see if any other situations arise but we're hoping that we're back up and running. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank everyone for their ongoing support. - The Gaggle TeamINFINITE LOADING SCREEN 29/8/2021Aug 29, 2021 - Community AnnouncementsWe're having intermittent server issues because of the hurricane! Sorry for the inconvenience everyone. We're fixing this ASAP, thank you for your patience.V0.99.72 PATCHAug 27, 2021 - Community Announcements- Victorian Era Death stingers are now craftable - Various Bug fixesV0.99.71 BUG FIXESAug 23, 2021 - Community AnnouncementsVarious bug fixes