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Front Office Football Eight

8.2a UpdateOct 27, 2018 - Community AnnouncementsWe released version 8.2a in an attempt to handle an issue where the game doesn't properly handle some display requests on systems using 4K resolutions. Hopefully, this will solve all of these display issues. We apologize to those affected. It was an inadvertent issue caused by updating our Microsoft Visual Studio version. There are also fixes in place designed to ensure that the playbook and offensive game plan screens react properly to play deletion.Version 8.2 ReleasedOct 22, 2018 - Community AnnouncementsFront Office Football Eight has been updated to Version 8.2. The update contains the 2018 player file, coaching file and schedule. New games will default to using these files and will begin in 2018 with the current salary cap structure This update will not affect saved games, though you should review the notes below for key details. The update includes new intermediate game-planning screens. These allow a little more fine-tuning of playbooks and game plans without having to design everything from scratch. You will still benefit from doing everything by hand, but the guided plans will allow considerable customization of your offensive game plan without having to spend hours working on every play. During the season, you will able to install up to 12 new plays to your playbook each week. If you're at the limit of 200, you will have to delete plays to make room for the new ones. If you are continuing a saved game that's in-season, you will have to simulate a week before you can add new plays (this applies to multi-player as well). The update includes a new blitzing designation screen that gives you a lot more control over which defenders blitz out of your basic personnel packages. Your saved defensive game plans will still work, but you will have to add blitz settings and then save them again to continue to use them. The update includes a new drag-and-drop interface functionality for the main offensive and defensive game-planning screens. This will allow for quicker fine-tuning of game plans. There are a couple of minor bug fixes, one that corrected an error in the in-game simulation play-by-play report involving who was blitzing on a play (the error did not affect the integrity of the simulation itself). Finally, there are a couple of tweaks to the process of evaluating free agent signings. First, the game will be a little less forgiving about correcting rosters that don't meet guidelines and will try to sign only rookie free agents. And second, players will be much stricter about letting their agents talk them into assigning much value to back-loaded offers. Front Office Football, Version 8.1 ReleasedOct 24, 2017 - Community AnnouncementsFront Office Football Eight has been updated to Version 8.1. New games now default to using the new 2017 player file and coach file, and use the 2017 schedule. This update "moves" the San Diego franchise to the Los Angeles area for new careers. In order to have this reflected in new careers, you will need to delete the files beginning with frfoot.* in the universe folder where saved games are stored (see the FAQ at for instructions on how to find this folder if you're not already familiar with saved games). There are also a few minor AI tweaks, bug fixes and interface enhancements. Nothing earth-shattering. None of this will affect saved games. The only bug fixes relate to removing players from IR and a couple of penalty decision quirks. The biggest AI tweaks relate to late-game defensive calls (this is very tricky for many reasons), AI passing targets and classification of offensive play styles. Oh, and overtime during the regular season is now ten minutes long. This will greatly increase the rate of tie games. You can continue existing careers without any disruption. Thanks again for supporting Solecisimic Software. Almost 20 years now!Front Office Football Eight, Version 8.0aDec 1, 2016 - Community AnnouncementsThe 8.0a update was uploaded late on November 30. Your Steam installation will update automatically. You can check which version you have by looking at the About box (Solecisimic icon on the menu bar). There's a lot in the update. As always, if you have any customer support issues related to the game, check the game's help file (F1 from any screen). Go to if you need additional support.Initial Discount Expires WednesdayNov 29, 2016 - Community AnnouncementsThe initial 10% discount on Front Office Football Eight sales expires on Wednesday, one week from the initial release of the product. We also plan to release a minor update some time on Wednesday (these are usually late at night) to address issues found in the last few days. Not everything will be included, but a large percentage of the initial bug and suggestion reports. When there's an update, you'll usually receive it automatically at some point that day. If you are using custom graphics in the installation file, it's likely those will be replaced. So it's a good idea to keep those custom graphics backed up and ready to put right back in there.