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Version 1.1.41 released as stableSep 24, 2021 - Community AnnouncementsFeatures Added auth server bans feature for multiplayer games. When enabled this will inform the authentication server of ban and unban commands issued in multiplayer sessions. Designed to combat griefers in multiplayer games, it will also query the authentication server for a ban recommendation when a user tries to connect. Bugfixes Fixed that trigger prototype flag filters didn't work correctly when an entity had no flags set. more Fixed a crash after inserting fuel into burner inserter while it was already trying to fuel itself. more Fixed that unrelated entities were highlighted when using a cut tool. more Fixed that in editor mode undoing deconstructions did not instantly revive affected entities. more Fixed that setting the direction of a script created character entity didn't work correctly. more Fixed that items with fuel value would be put into furnace fuel inventory when there was enough fuel but item could be smelted. more Fixed inserters picking up items on ground marked for deconstruction. more Fixed that the low power tip didn't show in some circumstances. Tweaked some of the triggers to show/skip tutorials related to drag building. Fixed that Furnace's working_visualisations would not apply recipe tint on fadeout. more Fixed crash due to usage of standard library function that is missing on macOS 10.11. more Version 1.1.39 released as stableSep 7, 2021 - Community AnnouncementsBugfixes Fixed that rotating belt direction when dragging allowed "stash" the rotate and continue in the original direction. more Fixed that loading a game that was saved during drag building didn't clear the internal drag building state causing blueprint snapping not working properly. more Fixed that LuaGameScript::check_prototype_translations() didn't check technologies. more Fixed that items with data would not stack properly in crafting machine source inventory when recipe requires more than a stack of ingredient. more Fixed that pasting a blueprint over existing train could cause a desync. more Fixed that it was possible to interact with locomotive's fuel slots while out of reach. more Fixed wrong status text when a mining drill drop target is marked for deconstruction. more Fixed wrong mining drill status when a resource is depleted while the mining drill is missing the required fluid. more Fixed the blueprint snap-to-grid reference point being drawn behind entities in some situations. more Scripting LuaEntityPrototype::resource_categories now supports characters. Added on_equipment_inserted and on_equipment_removed events that fire any time any equipment is added/removed from a grid. You can get experimental releases by selecting the 'experimental' beta branch under Factorio's properties in Steam.Version 1.1.38 released as stableAug 20, 2021 - Community AnnouncementsChanges New Titillium style font for Cyrillic languages. Bugfixes Fixed inconsistency when fast-replacing ghosts with circuit connections. more Fixed an issue with drag-building electric poles with long wire reach. more Fixed a crash related to tutorials and modding. more Fixed an issue with LuaEntity::set_request_slot() and duplicates. more Fixed that picking blueprints from the library through quickbar slots didn't fire the Lua cursor stack changed event. more Fixed items with durability/ammo wouldn't merge properly in some cases. more Fixed a roboport "recharging" icon appearing when not connected to the electric network. more Fixed an issue with roboports left in recharging state when revived from ghosts. more Fixed an issue where an error sound played when pasting onto a power switch from anything other than another power switch more Fixed that the non-blocking saving option would be reset when resuming a multiplayer game using the continue button. more Fixed 'Close preview' button having cut off text in some locales. more Fixed a crash when deleting surfaces with script-connected electric poles. more Scripting Added LuaEntity and LuaUnitGroup::set_distraction_command. Added LuaSurface::find_nearest_enemy_entity_with_owner(). Added LuaForce::is_friend() and is_enemy(). Version 1.1.36 released as stableJul 16, 2021 - Community AnnouncementsBugfixes Fixed belt drag building on the edge of building reach. more Fixed that canceling upgrade of underground belt didn't make the corresponding operation with the (potentially) connected belt on the other side. Fixed making blueprint from underground belt with direction upgrade order. Fixed technology icons of flamethrower and rocketry. more Fixed hang when deleting blueprint/deconstruction/upgrade planner or blueprint book held by an inserter. more Fixed hang when trying to delete blueprint/deconstruction/upgrade planner or blueprint book that was moved to different inventory in the meantime. more Fixed pressing delete key in save/load game menus multiple times would pop-up confirmation dialog multiple times. more Fixed that the close map generator preview button icon was too large. more Fixed that the show/close map generator preview button didn't loose hover after the preview was shown. Fixed that Cut and copy paste tools select trains in the standard selection mode, even when trains are ignored in this mode. more Fixed crash related to wrong identification of non-default values in the mod settings gui. more Fixed that linked custom inputs didn't work for some game controls. more Fixed that the train fuel tab didn't work right for clients in multiplayer. more Fixed a crash when using the prototype explorer GUI after just changing mods. more Fixed rare corner case related to removal of mods and entities in more than 1 electric network. more Fixed item product overload logic when using variable output items. more Fixed crash when starting game without base mod and with --disable-prototype-history. more Fixed a crash when using set_stack in blueprint books. more Fixed a crash when cloning script-disabled beacons. more Fixed a crash when using repeat_count with frame_sequence in animation definition. more Fixed a crash when trying to build a rolling stock between other rolling stocks from a single train. more Fixed ghost entities had reflections on water. Fixed a desync related to processing on_gui_opened event of opening blueprint records in multiplayer games. Fixed a crash when trying to pick a fluid wagon with fluid in clone tool. more Fixed that copying assembling machine recipes didn't update fluidbox temperature filters in some cases. more Fixed that robots could sometimes leave roboports very slowly if they were called to work in the middle of descending into a roboport. more Fixed trains GUI status button tooltip not updating. more Fixed LuaPlayer::build_from_cursor would flip direction when every other building underground belts/pipes. more Fixed Train GUI wait condition bars display with 0 slot cargo wagons. more Fixed in-game EULA showing HTML character sequences. more Scripting Fixed clearing LuaCustomChartTag.icon by writing nil or empty SignalID. Added LuaPlayer::start_selection and clear_selection. Added freeplay remote interface methods for adjusting the crashsite. Modding Added overlay layer to the tree variation definitions....Friday Facts #366 - The only way to go fast, is to go well!Jun 18, 2021 - Community AnnouncementsHello, long time no see :) We obviously have a lot to talk about when it comes to the game changes we recently did, or plan to do, but we don't want to share any of it yet. Yet, there is currently a topic very relevant to us and we can share it without revealing any specific changes to the game. Today's post will be quite technical and related to programming, so if you just came for the game news, you can safely skip this one. You can read the full blog post on our website: {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/12002589/36328904387fe5f78bc154d35b466e016eb7e014.pngVersion 1.1.35 released as stableJun 18, 2021 - Community AnnouncementsBugfixes Fixed multiple issues related to placing blueprints with electric poles near other electric poles or ghost thereof. more Fixed a lighting issue with QCK Prism mousepads. more Fixed recipe notifications when a recipe is hidden from hand crafting. more Fixed that units dying wouldn't contain the unit group they were part of. more Fixed a crash when migrating entities across types in some cases. more Fixed several crashes when writing to disk fails. more Fixed that searching descriptions of some items didn't work correctly. more Fixed that fast-replacing gates would remove wall control behaviors. more Fixed desync related to manually fast replacing both ends of underground belt in a way, that they don't connect in the end. Fixed a crash when trying to edit the whitelist on a server while autosave happens. more Fixed counting tiles when part of search area hits non existing chunks. more Fixed that gate technology had no description. more Fixed loaders would leave a gap on belt when items started moving. more Fixed nuke did not vaporize things in the epicenter of the blast and would leave corpses and remnants behind. Fixed a crash when using items with inventories that contain construction robots. more Fixed a crash when making a new game from a scenario with the map editor in a vehicle. more Fixed not being able to leave large cars with certain shape. more Fixed that using large values in the map editor "tick custom" field didn't work correctly. more Fixed that radar coverage preview wasn't visible when the mouse was above invisible parts of the GUI. more Fixed Terrain water checkbox in map generation settings didn't have the tooltip info icon. more Fixed that the mining drill GUI couldn't be moved off screen. more Fixed science pack requirement objective in supply challenge. more Fixed that tooltips of slots in the statistics GUIs didn't account for force bonuses. more Fixed that upgrading underground belts marked for upgrade didn't properly upgrade the (potentially) connected belts on the other side. more Fixed LuaEntityPrototype::module_inventory_size would return nil when entity has 65535 slots for modules. more Scripting Added a machine-readable JSON format of the runtime documentation, which can be used by developer tools to provide code completion and related functionality. Added vertical_alignment parameter for LuaRendering::draw_text. Version 1.1.34 released as stableMay 27, 2021 - Community AnnouncementsScripting Added LuaEntityPrototype::air_resistance read. Bugfixes Fixed black border in spidertron technology icon. more Fixed that having non standard UI scale would render screen white. more Fixed that train could get stuck in destination_full state with available goals when a train stop was built next to ghost rail. more Fixed that LuaPlayer::disable_alert() didn't work for custom alerts. more Fixed that piercing damage didn't work correctly with turrets. more Fixed that LuaSurface::clone_brush() didn't clone entities correctly. more Fixed trees with not-flammable flag would still catch on fire. more Fixed blueprints and copy-paste tools didn't capture planned direction changes of entities. more Fixed that changing train stop limit would not set last player. more Fixed desync when beacons lose power. more Fixed spidertron item icon would look different after changing the spidertron color back to its default value. more Fixed that Tips and tricks trigger related to setting up a logistic chest request was also triggered when setting up the personal request. Fixed that achivements could block the finished game window. Fixed crash when loading font wingding.ttf. more Version 1.1.33 released as stableMay 7, 2021 - Community AnnouncementsGraphics Reworked all technology icons, and provided higher resolutions used by high GUI scale. Changed item icons for armors, to match the progression and tech icons better. Changes Armor stages on the player character show as 1st with Light armor, and as 2nd with Modular armor. Bugfixes Roboport normal resolution graphics have been updated to be a downscale from the high resolution graphics. more Fixed cut-tool showing distinct selection color when holding shift. more Fixed armor rich text tags not using the correct icon. more Fixed pumpjack showing item drop indication arrows. more Fixed being unable to confirm the migrated content window if there was a game GUI open behind it. more Fixed a bad Lua event when invalidating the owning players controller during the gui closed event. more Fixed scaling of icons on buttons with more than 200% UI scale. Fixed issue where ghosts overlapping with non-ghost entity in cloned area is not cloned. (fixes Fixed using upgrade planner without explicit filters on entities marked for upgrade would not upgrade the existing upgrade orders. Fixed a crash with mods and chunk generation in some cases. more Fixed the wrong technology level shown on the icon in the currently selected technology. Fixed the missing notification (i) icon on the recipe group button, when there are more groups, so the tabs are shown as buttons instead. Fixed a crash when trying to undo actions done on a surface that was deleted in the meantime. more Fixed that train would sometimes NO_PATH during repath while in intersection where the path passes through a block that is already occupied by that train. more Fixed a crash when the link_id of a linked container is changed while a non-admin has the GUI open. more Modding Added "add" and "remove" modes to the Infinity pipe and Heat interface. Scripting Removed the "tile-build" SoundPath type. It has been replaced with "tile-build-small", "tile-build-medium", "tile-build-large", allowing mods to specify which size they want to refer to. Added LuaEntityPrototype::related_underground_belt read. Added "add" and "remove" modes to `InfinityPipeFilter` and `HeatSetting.` Version 1.1.32 released as stableApr 16, 2021 - Community AnnouncementsBugfixes Fixed various issues related to how chat tags are open. more Fixed that replays would break after winning the game. more Fixed that listbox would loose focus when clicking on other widgets that can't be focused anyway. Fixed GUI crash when furnaces would select recipes that have more products than it's output inventory size. more Fixed that fluids could be purged from the whole fluid system in certain cases. more Fixed a crash when loading save files in some cases. more Fixed locale related to deconstruction planner tile selection mode. more Fixed advanced rail signal tutorial losing items held in the cursor. more Fixed Alt+F4 would close the game on Windows even when other modifier keys were pressed. more Fixed that NAT-punching didn't work correctly. more Fixed that some infinite crafting recipes didn't work as intermediates. more Fixed color blending with a fully transparent color would produce slightly darker original color. more Fixed that clicking gps tags in chat would also trigger chart drag causing chart to be not centered on gps tag. more Fixed market gui would show wrong numbers when an offer has the same item multiple times. more Fixed crash when an entity marked for an upgrade is selected for another upgrade in multiplayer in some cases. more Fixed turret range could sometimes render long line to the top left corner of game window. Modding Added defines.prototypes which contains all prototype type names (eg: defines.prototypes.entity = { container, furnace, assembling-machine, ... }) Version 1.1.30 released as stableMar 26, 2021 - Community AnnouncementsMinor Features Blueprints and copy paste of entities with upgrade order are created based on the upgrade order instead of the current entity. more Enabled upgrading entities marked for upgrade, in which case, the upgrade target is used as the source entity for the upgrade planner filters. The announcement of player death now contains GPS tag with the location. Balancing Increased the tank braking power from 400kw to 800kw. Before this change, the tank acceleration (600kw) was actually even greater than the braking force. Bugfixes Fixed incorrect color lookup table interpolation for ambient light around noon. Fixed that built electric pole from map view was also opened with the same click with alternative key binding. more Fixed that laser and fluid turret bonus, wasn't shown properly in the toooltip. This bonus is not used in vanilla which uses ammo category bonus. more Fixed that part of the flamethrower turret and flamethrower ammo turret description, which describes the properties of the flame bound to it stargets didn't show the bonus damage from upgrades. more Fixed that mod install could cause removal of blueprint entities if it didn't remove the entity, but just made it not acceptable to be used in blueprint. more Fixed that the confirm load game dialog with 2 green arrow buttons had tooltips with (E) to confirm, while the E to confirm doesn't work here as it would be ambiguous. more Fixed crash related to using smart ghost belt building with a mod that specifies belt without related underground belt. more Fixed that renaming Spidertron didn't trigger on_entity_renamed. more Fixed that disabling side menu guis through script would sometimes leave an empty frame. more Fixed that crafting machines wouldn't wake up when the speed effect was changed in some situations. more Fixed that focus-search didn't in some GUIs work while in the map editor. more Fixed that chat icon selector didn't remember the last opened tab when used outside the game. Fixed that pressing Escape with the chat icon selector opened in a dialog outside the game closed the whole dialog instead of closing just the selector window. Fixed that pressing Control + F to search in the chat icon selector that is opened on top of a non-game window that already had search activated the bottom window search. Fixed that enabled train stops would cause schedule records for trains on different surfaces to be rendered as available. more Fixed rare crash when using Map editor -> Convert save. more Fixed electric pole connection consistency issue related to fast replace of modded entities. more Fixed that building by moving ignored the position where the player built the last entity. more Fixed a crash that could happen when viewing the tooltip for certain types of ammo. more Fixed that ammo tooltips sometimes wouldn't show damage info. more Modding Added mod dependency modifier "~", which marks the mod as required, but doesn't affect mod loading order, so these kind of dependencies can be...The best Factorio modsMar 19, 2021 - PCGamesNIf there was ever a game that needed mods, it'd be Factorio. Factorio mods, much like user-generated content for games like Kerbal Space Program, allow the players to fill in the small gaps and quality of life changes on behalf of the dev team, so that they can concentrate on the bigger picture. It's not ideal, but it works, and communities like these are great at coming up with fixes and ideas the rest of the dedicated playerbase can get behind. Factorio is another early access darling as well - first appearing on the scene in 2016. The players have had half a decade now to figure out what they want, and what's needed to elevate the economic management sim to the next level. We've compiled a short list of excellent Factorio mods that we think might be of interest to veteran or even returning players. We've cherry picked some enhancement mods, some helper mods, and a couple of overhauls that provide a new fresh experience. If you haven't had any experience with modding Factorio before, we've got a help section at the bottom of the article. Enjoy! Read the rest of the story... RELATED LINKS: Industrial strategy games still aren't dealing with climate change Factorio is getting an expansion Factorio finally gets a full Steam launch, after four years of early access Industrial strategy games still aren't dealing with climate changeMar 9, 2021 - PCGamesNIn Stanisław Lem's classic sci-fi short story collection, The Cyberiad, there is a section called The Seven Sallies of Trurl and Klapaucius, two hyper-advanced robots who are so advanced they can conjure anything from technology. One of my favorite stories involves Trurl searching for a civilisation that has achieved the highest possible level of development (HPLD). To find such a civilisation, it decides it needs to find a 'wonder' or something that exists outside of rational explanation. In the end Trurl finds a cube-shaped star being orbited by a cube-shaped planet with the letters "HPLD" carved into it. The planet's inhabitants are all laying around doing nothing. Trurl wants to know why, so it builds a computer to simulate the entire universe, and after millions of attempts it gets an answer: they simply have nothing left to achieve. When I play city-building games, and especially the recent variety of factory simulators like Factorio, Satisfactory, and Dyson Sphere Program, I often think of Trurl's simulation. Each game has its own sort of end goal representing the highest possible level of development - a rocket, a space elevator, a Dyson sphere - but they all leave me feeling a little uneasy about their laser focus on efficiency above all else. Read the rest of the story... RELATED LINKS: Factorio is getting an expansion Factorio finally gets a full Steam launch, after four years of early access Factorio will leave early access ahead of schedule due to Cyberpunk 2077 Version 1.1.26 released as stableMar 3, 2021 - Community AnnouncementsBugfixes Fixed that all entity GUIs in the map editor entity-editor and spectator controller were invisible. Fixed Train overview GUI not updating the list remark. more Fixed typos in Construction robot tip. more Fixed a crash when quitting while using the linked-container entity type with power armor in it. Fixed that sounds could sometimes be heard when they shouldn't. more Fixed regenerating tile variations during save migration would not break up old large tiles and would only reset their variations to 0. Fixed "probability" property of size variants in the tile definition was ignored when "weights" property was left out. Fixed searching mod settings tab would leave tabs disabled. more Fixed a crash of transport line migration in some cases of mod removal. more Fixed that train stop gui could indicate more trains than there are when trains are removed or merged while gui is opened. more Fixed a conflict between setting the players cursor through script and holding blueprint library blueprints. more Fixed that building entity with multiple items to place would take unrelated items from inventory. more Modding Added CustomInputPrototype::include_selected_prototype when true the event will include selected_prototype = {base_type=, derived_type=, name=} when applicable. Scripting Added LuaCustomInputPrototype::enabled_while_spectating, enabled_while_in_cutscene, include_selected_prototype, and item_to_spawn read. Version 1.1.25 released as stableFeb 19, 2021 - Community AnnouncementsChanges Added shortcut info tooltips to all of the relevant confirm buttons and close buttons. Lowered priority of surface changing shortcut in editor to not be in the way if Control + is used for something. more Changed personal logistic requests for ammo so they don't get delivered to the spidertron you're driving. more Optimizations Improved performance when building blueprints in multiplayer. more Bugfixes Fixed Artillery wagon and turret showing wrong tooltip title in deconstruction planner. more Fixed control setting buttons wouldn't have a tooltip when they started without a set value. more Possible fix for multiplayer server crashing when a client tries to connect. more Fixed a crash in multiplayer when upgrading or deconstructing. more Removed and tweaked some hidden locale to hopefully make 100% possible. more Added explicit values to the circuit network range specification in the tips and tricks. more Fixed that the copy and paste tips and tricks simulation wasn't working properly. more Fixed that LuaFlowStatistics::get_flow_count didn't work correctly. more Fixed that instant blueprint building in the map editor didn't work with undo. more Fixed missing status for wall controlling gate by circuit network. more Fixed a crash when saving when using LuaItemStack::create_grid() on stacks with a count > 1. more Fixed that enter to confirm a logistic request count didn't work. more Fixed pole dragging corner case. more Fixed padding in the sync mods with save window when scroll is activated. Fixed invalid "Can't reach" message when using ghost cursor to build rails in the latency state. Fixed wrong status of rail signal next to rail with wrong direction. Fixed that manual rotation of entity with rotation upgrade order didn't clear that order. more Fixed in calculation of required modules when combining real and requested modules during blueprint creation. more Fixed that blueprint containing only entities placeable off grid was built off grid even with snap to grid specified. more Fixed crash caused by scrolling blueprint book in a blueprint shelf that is not yet synchronised. more Fixed that tips & tricks simulation sounds were continuing to play when switched to a tutorial. more Fixed that player could get stuck by entities created in the tutorials. more Fixed some unnecessary error sounds in a special cases when building power poles. more Fixed that exiting high speed moving train could result in a player being stuck. more Fixed mod dependency tooltips in some cases. more Fixed that the upper 1/3 part of the color picker button in the train stop gui didn't work. more Fixed walls would not be buildable on valid positions in some cases. more Fixed crash related to modded underground pipe ghosts with multiple connections with different lengths. more Fixed that it was sometimes possible for an entity to attack an entity on a different surface. more Fixed inaccurate range indicator in spidertron. more Fixed that some sounds that were audible ...Version 1.1.21 released as stableFeb 8, 2021 - Community AnnouncementsChanges Added hotkey (default O) to toggle the train overview GUI. Bugfixes Fixed that gates would open for spidertron. more Fixed tank weapon cooldown rendering. more Fixed that changing the force of a player or spidertron would lose logistic requests. more Fixed that deleting the last scenario didn't correctly clear name, description and preview in the new game gui. more Fixed that it wasn't possible to manually merge trains in chests. more Fixed a crash when rendering rich text tooltips in some cases. more Fixed the Trains/Train stop GUI showing trains on other surfaces. more Fixed player dying in a scenario inside simulation widget would end currently running scenario. more Fixed that create_entities_from_blueprint_string didn't insert train fuel. more Fixed that building blueprints in the game next to uncharted areas didn't work as expected. more Fixed biters and groups in Wave defense overloading the pathfinder. more Building gets interrupted when moving between map and game view. more Fixed building error message spam when building transport belts over obstacle. more Fixed that undoing deconstruction of building with modules created extra module request. more Fixed inconsistency related to building out of reach and moving. more Fixed that the selected map generator preset was not correctly saved when generating a map for multiplayer or map editor. more Fixed that the map generator GUI would only save it's state when pressing Next/Play. more Fixed that dropping single items into machines using modules didn't clear the module requests. more Fixed that the stations list wasn't sorted using natural sort order. more Fixed the blueprint import with odd odd grid offsets. more Fixed that the game didn't show name of the item in the request slot tooltip when it is disabled for being already set. more Fixed that the undo button tooltip didn't update when clicked. more Fixed bad tooltip indentation when instruction can't fit one line. more Fixed overbuilding underground pipe ghosts with real pipes underground pipes. more Fixed inconsistency in direction selection when being a client in a multiplayer game. more Fixed that overbuilding pole out of reach didn't consider the pole to be part of the drag buliding logic. more Fixed that the "Continue" button wouldn't remember whether the last game was single-player or multi-player when non-blocking saving was enabled. more Fixed rare electric network migration error related to loading save without all the related mods. more Fixed crash related to using belt traversing in latency state. more Fixed crash triggered by desync while entities are marked for upgrade in latency state. Fixed non precise belt traversing behviour in latency state. Fixed a desync related to upgrading entities in the latency state. Fixed upgrading unpair underground belt by smart ghost building. Scripting Added on_research_reversed. Factorio to get a big expansion pack now the full game is done, developer jobs goingFeb 8, 2021 - GamingOnLinuxWube Software have written up their plans for the future of Factorio and it sounds exciting, with it confirmed that they're looking to work on a big expansion. Read the full article here: Factorio developer begins work on a big expansion packFeb 6, 2021 - EurogamerFactorio is getting an expansion pack. In a blog post, Factorio director and designer Michal Kovarik said this expansion will be significant enough to capture people's attention. It's too early to discuss what the expansion is, exactly, but the developers have started work on it, and "we don't think that it will take less than a year to develop". Perhaps we'll see a release at some point in 2022. Read more Factorio is getting an expansionFeb 5, 2021 - Strategy GamerAfter four years in Early Access, Factorio 1.0 launched last year - ahead of schedule, as it turns out. Version 1.1 has now arrived, and it's the final release of the game. Developer Wube Software says it's been thinking about its options for the future, and that it's decided to move ahead with creating a full-fat expansion pack for Factorio rather than a sequel or series of smaller, free updates. Wube announced the expansion in the latest Friday Facts blog post on the official Factorio website. After a brief statement explaining that version 1.1 will be the final release of Factorio, the developer turned to the future. Now that the industrial management game has launched, the studio felt it had four options: creating free updates for Factorio "forever," making a sequel, doing small DLC packs, or one large expansion. It's the last one of these options that "seems to fit the best," Wube says. "It would be one well-defined product that would be significant enough to recapture people's attention, and it would be compatible with our workflow. Technically, it would be 'just' a new version of the game, so all the infrastructure of mods being updated, multiplayer etc. would just work the same as it worked until now." Read the rest of the story... RELATED LINKS: Factorio finally gets a full Steam launch, after four years of early access Factorio will leave early access ahead of schedule due to Cyberpunk 2077 The Factorio release date is set for September 2020 Friday Facts #365 - Future plansFeb 5, 2021 - Community AnnouncementsHello, the 1.1 release is the final release of the vanilla game. It will be maintained, so bugfixes, simple modding interface additions, or minor tweaks can happen, but that's about it. So what's next? We have a new blog post on our website detailing our future plans, You can read it on our website. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/12002589/703831b2b0d5db245de0c22a32b137e888c23ad3.pngFactorio 1.1 update is out with blueprint flipping, performance upgradesJan 30, 2021 - GamingOnLinuxA big feature players have been asking for a long time is now live in the Factorio 1.1 update, and it should run smoother than ever with big factories. Read the full article here: