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Summer SALEJun 24, 2021 - Community AnnouncementsDingding~ Here comes some new information for every master who likes our game~In return for your love of our game, we'll be joining the Steam sale which begins at June 24, 2021.You'll get our game at 7 discount of the original price, at that time please treat our characters well. (*/ω\*) In the meantime, we also have another information to share with you! Our sequel, EroPhone2, is also in production. We are preparing some new game modes for our masters, so please look forward to the appearance of new elements~ Thanks for your subscription to our game~ε = = (づ′▽`)づUpdate logJun 7, 2021 - Community Announcements### New Functions Added - Added "Auto Function" to FREE MODE - Added "Player (Main Character) Name Customization" Function - Added "Special Animations" to FREE MODE ### Usage Changes - Removed the "Stage Reset Button" in FREE MODE, and instead added a button that allows you to freely select a stage. ### Bug Fixes Improved some animations. Repositioned the camera and expanded the visual range to improve the difficulty of finding "evidence" in the blind spots of the screen. Improved character movements and voice bugs in the second scene. Changed parts of the UI design. Significantly fixed a bug where graphics did not display properly. Fixed a bug related to some "evidence" textures, expanded "evidence" judgment to make it easier to find. Fixed a bug where the ending wouldn't play after the last stage was cleared in FREE MODE. Fixed a bug related to the material of some images. Fixed an issue where some of the main character's lines were not displayed in the "Search Part." Improved an issue where the display speed of some messages was slow. Fixed an issue where loading operations became too heavy. Fixed a bug where the "follow mouse" function did not work properly in FREE MODE. Fixed a bug where some buttons couldn't be clicked because they were hidden by the glowing button effect. Fixed a bug where the voice volume couldn't be adjusted.Erophone's free DLC is now availableMay 5, 2021 - Community AnnouncementsSorry for waiting so long! Erophone's free DLC is now available (though many players have already played it). The DLC includes all of the character's discoverable follow-on content and the new experience-focused gameplay, as well as the corresponding free mode. *It's important to note that the DLC has a small amount of grotesque and a different ending than the game itself.EroPhone update logApr 30, 2021 - Community AnnouncementsSince the release of "Erophone", we have received affirmative support and suggestions from many players. Thank you for your continued concern. We will update the game today. EroPhone update log: ·Bug fix: ·Fixed an issue where special effects would be displayed briefly when the game was just running · Solved the problem that the texture resolution of slime girl was lower than expected ·Fixed multiple memory leaks and improved the overall stability of the game ·Fixed an issue that caused the inability to obtain Steam achievements Fixed an issue that caused button logic errors when clicking the button continuously Fixed an issue that caused the DLC process to get stuck and cannot be played with a very low probability Fixed the issue that caused the animation effect of the loading interface to get stuck when the loading is complete Fixed an issue that caused screen confusion when playing downstream in lower versions of window10 ·Fixed the issue that caused Flash notifications not to appear and misplaced Resolved an issue that caused the waiting time to be too long at the end of Byakko's second act Fixed an issue that caused players to play the staff table when returning from the second act after clearing the game ·Fixed the problem that caused the staff interface texture error Fixed an issue that caused an error in DLC Misuzu's free mode switching function ·Fixed an issue that caused some animation errors ·Game changes: Many adjustments have been made to the layout of the main interface The maximum frame rate of the game is now set to 120 ·Now, if the character is not unlocked, the main interface will not display the character ·The main interface can now display the version number of the current game and prompt whether the DLC content has been successfully loaded currently · After completing the first act of the character, it will not automatically enter the second act ·Now, when the player enters the game for the first time, a tutorial will pop up, and the content of the tutorial will become more detailed Improve the performance of the second act of Ririsu ·According to whether the DLC game is installed or not, different sentences will be displayed to inform the player of the necessary information · Added Chinese translation of roles · New features: ·Now, if the player successfully completes the entire process of the character, a brand new unlock interface will be displayed ·The game clearance without DLC version will return to the daily ending We will update more exciting content later. stay tuned! Thank you players again!Thanks alot for your enthusiastic supportApr 26, 2021 - Community AnnouncementsWe have received all your feedback and suggestions, and we will fix bugs (including achievement bugs) and optimize the art picture and game experience in subsequent updates. As a start-up studio, we are very grateful for the praise of so many players. I hope everyone will continue to pay attention to our follow-up updates!