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Don't Starve Together Beta

Webber's Character Refresh Coming Next Week!Jun 17, 2021 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/6835324/cc10b3518c710221f62c1ec775d9893f38f9c50c.png A long time ago, before “he” and “he” became “we”, there was a young boy and a monster whose ill-fated meeting would leave them both forever changed. Though Webber's two halves didn't exactly start off on the right foot, he has since grown quite comfortable in his combined state, and takes some solace in the fact that he’ll never truly be alone again. Webber's character refresh arrives next week - Thursday June 24th (PDT). Here are the details. Webber can now craft a Webby Whistle to help him control his Spiders. When used the whistle can: Wake spiders up Summon spiders from dens Put following spiders in “defensive” mode Webber can craft the Shoo Box, which dismisses following Spiders and pacifies attacking ones. Can only be used by Webber. Webber can craft a Den Decorating Set. Once decorated the Spider Den will pacify the Spiders in range and make them friendly towards regular players Webber can craft a Healing Glop, an AOE healing item that only affects spiders Webber can craft Switcher Doodles which mutate spiders into a different type once fed to them Spider Changes: Spiders can wear hats now Spiders can be put in the inventory from traps or by Webber when they’re asleep Attack is no longer the default action against spiders when playing as Webber Webber can sleep inside Tier 3 dens now Webber can shave dens down to downgrade them Webber gets a speed boost when on sticky ground The Spiderqueen now spawns a new type of Spider: the Nurse Spider Of course as always, we will also have a new animated short, new skins and we'll add a new item to the Nautical Collection streaming drops as well. We are still adding more people into the new Klei Advocates program. We will have more information on that next week as well. One last thing. The "big pile o' spool" is now available on Klei Rewards. You can now buy 1500 spool for 4000 Klei points. Don't spend all your spool right away though, new skins are coming next week! Oh, and here are some points! (expires in 7 days) See you next week![Game Hotfix] - 466444, 466501 & 466644Jun 3, 2021 - Community AnnouncementsBug Fixes - 466644 Fixed a crash when using the Celestial Portal to change characters while the cawnival theme music is playing. Fixed a bug where the theme music (working, farming, cawnival, etc) might not turn back on after changing characters. Fixed a crash when a Scrambling Egg is tossed into the ocean as the game is ending. Fixed a crash when examining a Carrat on the Carrat Scale while the Year of the Carrat event is not active. Fixed a Chester bug when picking up the Eye Bone while on a boat. Crow Kids will no longer block the placement of structures Bug Fixes - 466501 Fixed some bugs with summoning the Corvus Goodfeather to the Carnival Trees. Fixed a bug where some items would not display their inventory icon while held with the mouse Bug Fixes - 466444 Fixed a crash when placing cawnival games with a specific camera rotation. Klei Fest and the Midsummer Cawnival!Jun 3, 2021 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/6835324/4f3de87bcca35216d2b02de1e8f4cfeee5df2354.png Don’t Starve Together is celebrating summer with the "Midsummer Cawnival!". Our survivors have been greeted by the enigmatic Corvus Goodfeather, who needs a bit of help preparing the festivities for his crow compatriots. Decorate, try your luck at the Cawnival games, and maybe even win some prizes! Event Ends June 24th. Login Bonus For a limited time DST players will recieve the Cawnival Endtable Free upon login of the game. Simply login to DST to claim! {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/6835324/01928a62e88f31a36bb45d783052f3fad6aafba9.png New Twitch Drop Campaign: We will begin a new twitch Drop Campaign for the Leviathan Chest starting June 3rd until June 17th (PDT). Streamers that will have drops available can be found in the spoiler below. Note that this will be the last campaign of this type, further campaigns will be done through our advocates program. For more details see the official post on our forums. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/6835324/8caf6470bd8e6c1aa04c4793fdd8d9d33de56b97.png What else is going on during Klei Fest? {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/6835324/375e36c69734ba2fb696f33c580f5044eefe931a.png Hot Lava is having a special Klei Fest Tournament - a new trial course which pits players against a diabolically Klei-swag-outfitted LORD SLUDGE! Check Out Hot Lava Now! {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/6835324/47f5d69da9d67b6aab0310d7d91dfa90aecdc327.png Oxygen Not Included has released their “Mine The Gap” update. This update brings increased resource renewability with the introduction of Space Points-Of-Interest! Equip a rocket with the new Drillcone and start dredging those interplanetary riches! Check Out Oxygen Not Included Now! {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/6835324/04db055a0daac31bb4fb25d7a0ab23b5328f92cb.png Griftlands has left Early Access and the full campaign is now available! Play as Sal, Rook, or Smith. Three unique character campaigns with their own specialized decks, abilities and maps to explore. Griftlands launches with a 20% discount for Klei Fest. Check Out Griftlands Now! "Klei Fest" Introduction and NewsMay 28, 2021 - Community AnnouncementsHey Everybody! I have a bunch of news for you today - We have some new things coming up to announce, a new set of Twitch drops and the introduction of our Klei Advocates program. Klei Fest is Coming Next Week! Once a year around this time we have a Klei Publisher sale. Going forward we are also going to focus on making this time a sort of Celebration of Klei Games. During this two week period we will have a burst of content, items, events, sales and interesting things happening. As an introduction things will be a little less formal this year as we kick things off with a bit of a test run. All Games: We will begin our Klei Publisher sale next week on June 3rd. Hot Lava: June 3rd, Players will Race against Lord Sludge in a special course - secure yourself a win an get a special reward. This challenge and reward are only available during Klei Fest! {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/6835324/def7b0f54b4a912f2da60f8e44c8a7439fd752a3.png Griftlands: Griftlands full campaign officially launches as we leave Early Access June 1st on PC and June 4th on PS4, Xbox and Switch. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/6835324/05dd3f251a4423bc4cc66d35409737eb3c7c3963.png Oxygen Not Included: The team for ONI has their heads down right now as they work on "Spaced Out!" so we will not have promotional content for you this year, however Oxygen Not Included will be on Sale during the Klei Publisher Sale beginning June 3rd. Don't Starve Together: We will be celebrating Klei Fest with a new Yearly Limited time event called "Midsummer Cawnival!". Our survivors will be greeted by the enigmatic Corvus Goodfeather, who needs a bit of help preparing the festivities for his crow compatriots. Decorate, try your luck at the Cawnival games, and maybe even win some prizes! {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/6835324/50fc8e347abdf7f980adfbc14c7460278cbab745.png New Twitch Drop Campaign: We will begin a new twitch Drop Campaign for the Leviathan Chest starting June 3rd. Streamers that will have drops available can be found in the spoiler below. Note that this will be the last campaign of this type, further campaigns will be done through our advocates program. See the official forum post. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/6835324/4eaa374a48eb70036b6302ed8b133d7f89dc7aea.png Klei Advocates Program: We have hired Fourth Floor to run a new Klei Advocates program. This new program will create opportunities for us to grow our relationship with content creators. We have been working with Fourth Floor for quite a while now and this new arrangement will see Fourth Floor working with our most dedicated streamers beginning with the next DST Character refresh at the end of June. More details to follow in the coming weeks. And that's what I have for you today. See you all next week![Game Hotfix] - 464835May 20, 2021 - Community AnnouncementsBug Fix: Fixed not being able to build the Incomplete Experiment after reloading the game under some circumstances [Game Hotfix] - 464301May 17, 2021 - Community AnnouncementsBug Fix Fixes an issue where some people would get stuck in permanent night after starting or stopping the moon storms. Notes for Modders Fixed an issue where the facing direction wasn't properly inherited for entities that didn’t use the cFollowerComponent to follow animstate symbols. [Game Hotfix] - 464183May 14, 2021 - Community AnnouncementsBug Fixes: Fixed Walter’s missing avatar icon. Fixed evergreens regrowing in summer ignoring the evergreen regrowth multiplier. Fixed moonstorm sometimes disappearing when reloading the world. Fixed the Enlightened Crown disappearing with low sanity. Enlightened Crown will now remember if it has been closed by the current wearer. Fixed a crash when it starts raining when fighting antlion. [Game Hotfix] - 463593May 11, 2021 - Community AnnouncementsFixed bug causing invisible floating hats when using the Clean Sweeper. Fixed a bug that caused certain objects that emit light in your inventory to not properly display for other players. Fixed a bug that caused certain wearable items to be invisible when dropped on the ground. Fixed an optimization issue with skinner components. Improved the look of the Fist Shake emote with Wendy’s Supernatural skin. Curio Collector won’t show up outside of the Year of the Beefalo Event. Fixed the orientation of fx when casting spells. Fixed a bug causing certain light sources to not properly move with the player. [Game Hotfix] - 463347May 7, 2021 - Community AnnouncementsBug Fixes: Misshapen Birds and Moonblind Crows are hauntable now The Celestial Champion no longer goes out of its way to attack small animals like birds and Moon Moths. Fixed missing state on Skitter Squid. Fixed Moongleams from burning in fires. Fixed a memory leak in the moonstorms. Removed the pond minimap icon from the Charged Glassy Rocks. Fixed a reload problem with the Moon Dial [Game Hotfix] - 463073May 6, 2021 - Community AnnouncementsBug Fixes: Fixed a crash with the moonstorm ground lightning. Fixed invisible Gift Wrapped items. Fixed Bundle Wraps from losing their skin information when cancelling the wrapping. Fixed Chester’s Woolly Chester skin. Fixed a crash caused by shaders not compiling for min spec hardware. Bearger Vest, Dapper Vest and Rain Coat are tradeable now. Deaths by bile will be recorded as the Misshapen Bird.Don't Starve Together season finale out in Return of Them: Eye of The Storm plus big saleMay 5, 2021 - GamingOnLinuxReturn of Them: Eye of The Storm is the final update of the season for Don't Starve Together and so it's going off with quite a big bang along with a good discount too. Read the full article here: Don't Starve Together - Return of Them: Eye of The Storm Now Available!May 5, 2021 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/6835324/f7ad5191a9566ed04d363672779eb7a2206e6804.png With the three lunar altars now complete, the truth at the center of this ancient mystery will finally come to light... They've been here all along. Don't Starve Together: Return of Them - Eye of the Storm is now available for all players. With this conclusion of the Return of them Story Arc, worlds collide as old threats and familiar faces make themselves known. As this chapter comes to an end, we are left to wonder to what end will Charlie's machinations bring our survivors. And what does she still have planned? Major Changes: Added Moonstorm Event You're just going to have to see for yourself Bug Fixes Fixed a bug causing stuff to drop off boats during lag or an autosave. Lichen can now be fed to beefalo, pigs, ect. Fixed a bug causing a crash if you hovered over the mole trail fx while holding the beefalo bell. Fixed a bug causing the spawning time to not queue for a number of things (Wobster Den, Splumonkey Pods, ect) if they were offscreen when the spawn time finished. Fixed a bug causing the Celestial Sanctum to have no mini map icon. Greatly improved performance for worlds with lots of lights in the world. New Skins This Cottage Cache Chest contains the following skin items: Pastoral Chest, Parchment Paper, and Woolly Chester. This pack is $4.99, (10 RMB). {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/6835324/de7871ce769c0d035059574d357418e77805c4c4.png Twitch Drops We will be adding the "Briny Salt Box" to the Nautical Collection. Our drops system has recently changed and only a select group of streamers will be able to offer skins. You can see a list on our forums of those that were selected. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/6835324/935ddc2f2615427b05d8f88a3ccbbdf2c6299e3f.png New Login Bonus! We have a new login bonus for you too! The Paper Lantern skin will be yours just for logging in to the game. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/6835324/292def70752db68453a63afb7fafde32322987b5.png Official Klei Discord! Yep, it's about time! We quietly soft-launched our Klei Discord last week and we're already over 3k members! If Discord is your thing, come hang out with the Klei Community over at: See you there! {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/6835324/25626caa02682d57658bf367360c1ec436474af7.png Reward points! It wouldn't be a proper update without some reward points. And you certainly wouldn't let us forget it! Click the link for 1700 reward points. This link is good for 7 days, so be sure to claim them now! New gameplay trailer, To Celebrate the end of "Return of them", We made a new gameplay trailer for Don't Starve Together. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/6835324/8b84c1be9594c437fc45827a3f6dbdf64a91e569.png And that's it! The team has been hard at work on the next set of updates. In June we're going to see a couple of cool updates. A new summer event we're calling "The Midsummer Cawnival" and another character refresh. This next character refresh not many people are interested in, so we're not going to make a big deal of it. But...Return of Them - The Eye of the Storm is coming next week!Apr 29, 2021 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/6835324/dee7ec098ee4a84248e3dcdb789ac2539701a27e.png Hey everybody, "Eye of The Storm" the conclusion of the "Return of Them" season of updates is coming next week on May 5th at 10am PDT. Note that this is a Wednesday instead of our usual Thursday updates. With that update we will have all our usual good stuff. New Skins, a new set of streaming drops and a login bonus you absolutely do not want to miss. Twitch Drops We will be adding the "Briny Salt Box" to the Nautical Collection. Our drops system has recently changed and only a select group of streamers will be able to offer skins. You can see a list of those that were selected on the official forums. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/6835324/7ce9d00952b047100f0f806a2f0fc35f2f031e3f.png These drops will be available only from select streamers. For more details see this post. [Game Hotfix] - 458765Apr 2, 2021 - Community AnnouncementsFixed a Battle Helm crash when picking it after using the Clean Sweeper on it Restored the custom sounds when Wes inflates up balloons Fixed a bug that caused Wes to become invisible while miming on a beefalo. Fixed Pan Flute skinning. Fixed water ripples for the Inflatable Vest while it is in the ocean. Added Pantomimed Oar and Driftwood Oar skins. Fixed hidden Pantomimed skins when they are floating. Notes for Modders: Recipes can now define "buildingstate" to specify which stategraph state the player will use when crafting that item For worlds stuck in an infinite load We have identified the source of the problem and are working on a fix so it will not happen again. We also have a plan to automatically restore the worlds affected by this but it will probably not be ready until Monday. Until then, if you feel tech savvy, you can follow the instructions on the official forums to restore your worlds. And remember to backup your save files first. Thank you to everyone who provided bug reports on the issue.Wes's Entirely Real Character Refresh Now Available!Apr 1, 2021 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/6835324/965d29002cb3aa7fe44ec39c39d38015dc3ba7d1.png Today we have our next character refresh! We also have some new skins and a new short. No foolin'! Don't Starve Together: C'est La Vie Some people just seem to attract more than their fair share of bad luck... and even those people are grateful they aren't Wes. Last year Wes received a character refresh that was largely divisive among members of the community. While our intention was to give him the proper attention he deserves, we didn't sufficiently focus on changes that really emphasize the essence of who Wes really is. Here are the details: Wes now has a Balloonomancy crafting tab where he can inflate various types of balloons Balloon - The same old balloons, now with a few more shapes Speedy Balloon - An overly inflated balloon to help become lighter on your feet, but don’t let go! Party Balloon - Gather some friends and pop these to host a small party Inflatable Vest - Acts as a life jacket, preventing damage from falling in the ocean. Balloon Hat - Just a little dapper with some rain protection, and completes your balloon outfit Now has the lowest stats of all the survivors Hounds waves will focus more on Wes than the other survivors. Is more susceptible to overheating and freezing Takes longer to recover from grogginess Has a higher chance of being struck by lightning Is less efficient at mining, chopping, and hammering Tools and weapons used by Wes will not wear out as fast No longer suffers from an increase in hunger drain Removed the 100 balloon per world limit New Skins! {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/6835324/14bc31980336b3cac0af1ac27855c7c85ef6c1f1.png Wes Deluxe Wardrobe ($10.99): The Deluxe wardrobe contains the Fool, Guest of Honor, Triumphant, Survivor and Roseate skins for Wes. The Fool's Tool Chest contains skins for the Walking Cane, Top Hat, and Pan Flute. $3.99. Streaming Drops! In case you missed it, we're offering a new set of streaming drops over on Check out this post for details. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/6835324/7ae47250ec640428407f634ad47aeb9c42d0ffd4.png Login Bonus! We thought that it would be appropriate to do a login bonus centered around how much everybody feels about Wes, so for a limited time, players that login during this time will receive nothing. Still Salty? The Salt Box Shaker has been added to Klei Rewards. Here is a link for 1200 points, Valid until May 1st. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/6835324/19409863402c0f131ea64ad2c3ab7d0af814aa22.png Coming Up! I can't get into details right now. But the team is working toward finishing the Return of Them arc. Obviously this means a lot of things and more info will come soon, but I thought it would be nice to reveal the hidden image from the roadmap. What is it? Who made it? Why does it matter? You'll find out soon. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/6835324/ae3bb9c9f66857cb2a1888cecb455830d9d10ed4.png[Game Hotfix] - 457283Mar 23, 2021 - Community AnnouncementsBug Fixes Fixed a bug causing merms that die while on fire to drop ash instead of cooked fish. Fixed a crash when you quit the game. Fixed a crash when hosting a game(but also in a lot of other cases also). [Game Hotfix] - 457125Mar 22, 2021 - Community AnnouncementsChanges Added an “Insane” option to the world generation slider, greatly increasing the amount of objects generated in the world. Greatly reduced the loading times when traveling between worlds on the same server. Greatly reduced all loading times when you have lots of mod enabled. The Mods Warning Screen now has an option to make the screen not show up again. Domesticated beefalo will no longer go into heat. The “Clean All” button on the mods screen will no longer delete non workshop mods. Bug Fixes Fixed Griefer Spawn Protection not providing the appropriate level of protection. Fixed an issue where Pipspook could cause mouse detection to break. Fixed a bug causing Tallbird Nests to respawn Tallbirds immediately after its Tallbird got killed. Fixed a bug causing a crafted Leaky Shack to immediately respawn Merms after its Merm got killed. Fixed a crash if you baited a trap with a stack of items, and then left the server. Fixed a bug causing Abigail's Flower to have the wrong inventory icon. Fixed a bug causing Salamanders to have the wrong hurtbox size. Fixed a bug causing Merm Flort-ifications to lose their upgrade when reloading the game while the Merm King is alive. Fixed a bug causing Pigs to stop chopping trees prematurely. Fixed a bug causing Merms and Merm Guards to stop chopping trees or mining rocks prematurely. Fixed a bug causing Spider Queens to still spawn from Spiderdens when they are turned off in World Settings. Fixed a bug causing mods on the older workshop API to fail to download if the file path had unicode characters in it. Fixed a crash that could occur if steam’s API is too old. Fixed a bug causing salt licks to stop working sometimes. Fixed a bug causing the Bats World Setting to not appear on Caves worlds Fixed a bug causing Crab King to not spawn.[Game Hotfix] - 456207Mar 16, 2021 - Community AnnouncementsChanges Added a Klei Points counter and link to the Curio Cabinet Dedicated servers will now store v2 mods in /ugc_mods/ / (ClusterDirectory and ShardDirectory are the values defined via -cluster and -shard respectively) should you wish to change this, you can add the command line argument -ugc_directory . Bug Fixes Fixed a crash if you had a burnt container(anything that can store items) in your world. Fixed klaus sack spawning outside of winter with winters feast off. Fixed Pig Houses, Bunny Hutches, Molehills and Rabbit Holes not spawning their respective mob. Fixed a crash that could sometimes occur if you tried to modify the world generation preset when the preset mode was linked. Force enabling v2 workshop mods on dedicated servers will now work, NOTE: you shouldn’t be doing this in most cases, mods should be enabled via modoverrides.lua instead. Fixed a bug causing dedicated servers to crash if SteamGameServer_Init failed.[Game Hotfix] - 456020Mar 15, 2021 - Community AnnouncementsChanges Lord of The Fruit Flies world setting can now be changed in the caves. Bug Fixes Fixed a bug causing some mod assets to fail to load. Fixed a bug causing the timers for Ancient Gateway, Antlion Rage, Dragonfly, Grass Gekko Morphing, and Salt Formation Regrowth to reset upon restarting the game. Fixed Lord of The Fruit Flies never spawning. Fixed a bug causing mod configuration overrides from mod overrides to get applied after every single mod info is loaded, instead of just once after all modinfo’s have been loaded. Added logging for when a steam workshop mod fails to download. Added logging for dedicated servers when downloading mods. Fixed a crash on mac and linux when the path length for workshop mods was greater than 256 characters. Fixed the mods downloading notification not going away when mods finished downloading. Fixed a bug causing pigs to respawn immediately upon restarting the game. [Game Hotfix] - 455818 & 455744Mar 12, 2021 - Community Announcements455818 - Bug Fixes Fixed a crash when loading mod assets on mac or linux. Fixed infinite worldgen if you set Sea Weeds to none Fixed the download mods button not updating when you click it. 455818 - Changes Further optimizations to mod asset loading, this should decrease load times when lots of mods are enabled by a significant amount. Replaced the restriction to purchase chests with a warning when the contains skins for an unowned character. Bug Fixes Fixed texture issue with Wormwood’s Cabriole Legs. Fixed a bug causing starting inventory to not work if you have no inventory slots(like in the forge mod) Fixed a crash when meteor showers were set to never Fixed a crash when editing or deleting presets in the linked preset mode. Fixed a crash when worldgenoverride.lua contained an invalid preset id. Fixed season settings not working properly. Fixed file reading/writing not always working. Fixed a bug causing mod assets to load with a lower priority than game assets. Setting rain to “more”, “less”, or “default” after setting rain to “never” or “always” will work properly now. Fixed a crash in the plant registry. Fixed a bug causing the world settings menu to not properly display your world settings until you scrolled it a bit. Fixed a crash when opening the gorge recipe book. Fixed a bug causing repeating inventory actions with a controller (like cooking and eating) to not work when you're not the host. Fixed various texture bugs with Wormwood’s heads and hats.