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Contagion VR Outbreak Demo

AMA - Update 3 for EA and Beyond - Live on Twitch!Jul 31, 2018 - Community AnnouncementsSummary Jump onto Twitch if you have any questions or concerns about the current state of the game, what the future holds for us, or something random like my favorite drinkːsteammockingː. All the while I work on Save/Load and probably other things for Update 3. Twitch ːsteamhappyːːsteammockingːDemo will be updated today!!!!Jul 27, 2018 - Community AnnouncementsSummary Goign to be updating the demo today. Doing the final touches now live on stream: Tell everyone you know with a VR headset, if they have had any reservations about the game... let them try it out for free basically. The whole apartment level (3rd floor) is up for grabs in this version. It has all the most recent updates (Up to Update 2 and a few more goodies as well) Release is tomorrow! 9AM PST/12PM EST/4PM GMTJun 28, 2018 - Community Announcementsːsteamhappyːːsteamhappyːːsteamhappyːːsteamhappyː Ohhhhh yeah, here we go!!!! Tomorrow's Early Access Release! We'll be updating the demo as well tomorrow. ːsteamhappyːːsteamhappyːːsteamhappyːːsteamhappyː Holding an AMA today on /r/ViveJun 27, 2018 - Community AnnouncementsCome ask your questions! ːsteamhappyːAMA Sneak Peak at Updated Demo!Jun 18, 2018 - Community AnnouncementsI am going to hold an impromptu AMA today at 10:00AM EST/2:00PM GMT/11:00PM JST on Twitch: and YouTube: Hope to see you all there! (Ten mins!!)Check Out The Current State Of The Game! + Multiplayer TestingJun 1, 2018 - Community Announcements or ːsteamhappyːːsteamhappyːːsteamhappyːːsteamhappyːːsteamhappyːːsteamhappyːContagion VR: Outbreak - Dev Stream - New Ammo System, New Zombies MP ProgressApr 25, 2018 - Community AnnouncementsCheck it out ːsteamhappyː or join us for an Early Sneak Preview of Multiplayer!Apr 3, 2018 - Community AnnouncementsOn Twitch! We are setting things up, but should be testing around 2:30 PM Eastern (6:30 GMT). (so roughly 30 minutes from this announcement)Snappy Snap Smooth Like Butter UpdateFeb 12, 2018 - Community AnnouncementsDiscord + IndieDB Thank you very much for the support so far. Please enjoy this latest update ːsteamhappyː As always, please hit us up on Discord for real-time support: , especially for bug-reports. Take a glance at everyday for exclusive sneak peaks and content! Join the devs everyday on Twitch or YouTube: Feature Requests: Snap Turn (45 degree increments. Left/Right only. Vive: Left/Right Button Press, Rift: Thumbstick Left/Right)ːsteamhappyːːsteammockingː Smooth Turn (Left/Right only. Speed of turn based on how far away from the center you are)ːsteamhappyːːsteammockingː Controller does not take into account pitch (allows you to move the same even when having melee in the hand)ːsteamhappyːːsteammockingː Melee Slot (Cube on body, grenade and all melee except broom can be attached)ːsteamhappyːːsteammockingː Added: 3DRudder Support: ( ) (Just have it plugged in and feet placed on it, and you’ll use that instead of Free Move Locomotion automatically)ːsteamhappyːːsteamhappyːːsteamhappyː Backtrace Crash Reporter to help gather crash reports (If you see the Epic Games Crash Reporter, PLEASE submit it with a brief description of what you were doing prior to the crash)ːsteamhappyː Locomotion Choice (Free Move and Teleport) when you start a game (Can change again at laptop)ːsteamhappyːːsteamhappyː 18 Controller Loadouts ːsteamboredː (10 for Vive, 8 for Rift) when you start a game right after the Locomotion Choice (Can change again in the starting map)ːsteamhappyːːsteamhappyːːsteamhappyːːsteamhappyː Auto Item Lift Off - For those who don’t want to bend all the way down to the floor, can’t, or don’t have properly calibrated floorsːsteamsadː, this option is for you and found in the Intro Map. Test it out! Just turn it on and things in front of you will lift off the ground for a short time and then drop back down. ːsteamhappyːːsteamhappyː Improvements: Increased Backpack handle collision box so it’s easier to grabːsteamhappyːːsteamhappyː Animations were tweaked to look betterːsteamhappyː Intro Map and Apartment were both optimizedːsteamhappyː Various code were refactored and optimizedːsteamhappyː Changes: All melee are now one-handed weapons.ːsteamboredː Bug Fixes: Grenade Achievement was set to 0 kills. Set it to 5 like it should have been.ːsteamfacepalmː Less likely to experience a “freeze” while playing. If you should experience it, try to jump on your keyboard and hit 7 or 8 (they will crash the game) and submit a report please. If not, submit a report via Discord stating what you were doing exactly when it occurred. ːsteamhappyːːsteamhappyːːsteamhappyː Less likely to switch hands when going for a secondary attach point on a 2 handed weapon.ːsteamhappyːːsteamhappyː 1250 packaging warnings destroyed. ːsteamsaltyː Programmer Secrets Added: ...Demo Community Hub Woes Small UpdateJan 25, 2018 - Community Announcements So I just posted this on the non-demo's hub and I'm also actually going to partially CP what I wrote in the Google Forms summary (as well as what I wrote over in non-demo): There seems to be some confusion coming from having a community hub for the Demo. The original intent was, since visibly, you see the Demo separate from the game, to have all the Patch Notes and Discussion happen over there. What's happening now though is that some folks are discussing the Demo on the regular game's (not out yet) Discussion forums. We have a lot more activity and information on the Demo's hub's the Demo's hub. But help us decide what to do: Incredible Feedback Thanks for all the incredible feedback over the past few weeks. Top 25 on IndieDB! We also were able to get to 25th place on IndieDB yesterday! That was pretty sweet. Discord And don't forget about Discord, the easiest way to communite in real-time with not only the devs but also the 700+ community members already on there! FAQ, Roadmap, Website The official website will be up soon and will have a very long and informative FAQ as well as our roadmap so you all can see what we have planned for the future! Demo->PublicLaunchJan 12, 2018 - Community Announcementsːsteamhappyːːsteammockingːːsteamhappyːːsteammockingː Oh baby! After a successful beta for the Demo, now everyone can play while they await for Outbreak in Early Access.ːsteamhappyːːsteamhappyː There are a few things of important note, especially if you are a new player that we didn't get a chance to address: ExtraSuperSampling->NotNeeded So basically, you don't need to have some crazy setting in SteamVR. Trust me, SS at .06 is more than enough, but 1 is fine also. Use the in-game quality settings and check out your FPS before jumping into the demo Sprint->bEnabled Set to TRUEːsteamhappyː. Just press down on your thumbstick/trackpad! Locomotion->Switch So, it may not be clear ːsteamfacepalmː, but the laptop in the start map is your locomotion switcher. Just "use" it and you'll toggle to Teleport. Toggle it again to do thumbstick locomotion. And some other things I'd like to address: EarlyAccess->SetLaunchDate No confirmed dates just yet ːsteamboredː. We want to ensure a completely awesome and enjoyable single player campaign. EarlyAccess->Multiplayer Yes ːsteamhappyː. We will be focusing on the Cooperative (coop) experience first then Player vs Player (PvP). ːsteamhappyːːsteamhappyːːsteamhappyː Special Thanks: Thank you very much to the follow community playtesters, without their help, today's launch would have taken longer and/or looked a bit worse for wear. Hannes Hämäläinen Alex Solowjow Juliano Marques Bombonato Noah Guthrie ːsteamhappyːːsteamhappyːːsteamhappyː Patch Notes: UX Added FPS Counter to the start map so everyone can see their own plus what the changes to quality does for them. Added footsteps when sprinting for a little feedback to the player. Gameplay Adjusted Sprint value from 1.25 to 1.35 after complaints that it was "too slow" (without a stamina system, good luck when that's added! ːsteammockingː) As always, hit us up either on here for bugs/feedback or join over 250 of your fellow Survivors on our Discord Server! ːsteamhappyːːsteammockingːːsteamhappyːːsteammockingː MainStorePage->ApprovedJan 11, 2018 - Community Announcementsːsteamhappyːːsteammockingːːsteamhappyːːsteammockingːːsteamhappyːːsteammockingːːsteamhappyːːsteammockingːːsteamhappyːːsteammockingːːsteamhappyːːsteammockingːːsteamhappyːːsteammockingːːsteamhappyːːsteammockingːːsteamhappyːːsteammockingː So close to releasing this to the public! One last stress test folks! Need you to RESET your achievements first to ensure that I got them all working correctly now! Feature Request Sprint in Thumbstick Locomotion (Press down Thumbstick on Rift, and Trackpad on Vive (most likely going to change later) Art Art Asset optimizations in Apartment Fixed LOD issues with the bag on the couch UX Locomotion Hand Choice at the start scaled a bit bigger to prevent mistakes LookAt Interaction trigger collisions scaled a bit bigger LookAt Interaction now has a throbber effect Modified Backpack Item Selection Behavior: now has a 1sec delay Backpack widgets change color accordingly if they are highlight/selected Quality Settings were added to the Intro map. Try High at your own risk! Inventory system slot placements were given a bit more room to breathe Flashlight is pitched down slightly when socketed to allow those who are scared of creepy crawly things on the floor to see their hated foes. Optimization Disabled a body mesh that was not in use Thumbstick locomotion no longer ticks when teleport is in use Cleaned up old code that was deprecated Bug Fixes Tutorial completion achievement is now good to go Melee weapons that need to be broken are counted correctly Untouchable can now be achieved as well (don't take damage!) NPC Animation glitches have been reduced significantly Gameplay Bedroom door can now be damaged (so can the front door if you didn't know) 2-handed melee weapons are back! (Basically you can grip with two hands again) Endless-Headless-Ultra-Hardcore-Horde mode has been taken off-line (too many humans were killed in the trial) As always, hit us up either on here for bugs/feedback or join over 250 of your fellow Survivors on our Discord Server! Let's try to get over 1000 member by next week! Can we make that happen? ːsteamhappyːːsteammockingːːsteamhappyːːsteammockingːːsteamhappyːːsteammockingːːsteamhappyːːsteammockingːːsteamhappyːːsteammockingːːsteamhappyːːsteammockingː Rev 849Update->LocomotionLoveJan 7, 2018 - Community AnnouncementsFeatureRequest Pick which hand to use locomotion on. ːsteamhappyː (Option is handled at the very start, just hover over the left or right word/ball to choose) Bugfix Clepto Achievement only works in Apartment nowːsteamsadː 30 sec intermission between Pill popping and 2nd phone callːsteamboredː Can now teleport with phone in handːsteamhappyː Modified Trash collection logic to allow trash to be collected and disposed of from the startːsteamhappyː Added Destructible Mesh for Guitarːsteamhappyː Known Issues Ammo Slot Orbs show up (they shouldn't be)ːsteamsadː Some progress achievements are auto-completing after 1 tryːsteamfacepalmː Some achievements are not being received at allːsteamsadː Grenade is hard to use/throw Please don't forget to make feature requests or bug reports here on Steam or join our Discord Chat and interact with 200+ Contagion fans!ːsteamhappyː Screenshots->NoMoreJan 6, 2018 - Community AnnouncementsUX->Improved Disabled: Screenshot Input (on Vive Trackpad Left) which was left there by accident causing erroneous bug reports. (Check your saved folder for lots of screenshots!) Temp Fix for those users who do not follow the big red text in front of them (hid backpack radial menu) until it's deployed in front of them as instructed. Fixed: All sounds in Apt_Outro map (old rundown apartment) Rev797 More coming soon!Rollback->PSAJan 5, 2018 - Community AnnouncementsSo in this current version that I rolled back to, the screenshot capture button is mapped on the Vive's Face Button 4 aka Trackpad Left. Which is causing what looks like lag. Once we can figure out the "headless zombies" issue, we'll push an update.Demo->RollbackJan 5, 2018 - Community AnnouncementsHeadlessZombies->TooOP Latest build created zombies that did not die after being headshottedːsteamfacepalmː. Rolling back to previous version until a fix is in place.ːsteamhappyː With that said. If you don't follow the directions of the text tooltips in front of you, good chance you may become buggedːsteamboredː, especially during first deployment of the backpack. You have been warned ːsteammockingː StorePage->ApprovedJan 5, 2018 - Community Announcementsːsteamhappyːːsteammockingːːsteamhappyːːsteamhappyːːsteammockingːːsteamhappyː Just waiting on the Demo Build to be... this also serves as a test. But... Demo Build is incoming !!! ːsteamhappyːːsteammockingːːsteamhappyːːsteamhappyːːsteammockingːːsteamhappyː