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Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

The secret sci-fi greatness of Call of Duty: Infinite WarfareMay 15, 2019 - PC GamerWhen I think of the science fiction genre, the first thing that comes to my mind is the tour of the Nostromo that opens 1979's Alien. It's a surprisingly delicate sequence—the slow drift of greebled spaceship-surfaces past the camera, then the cut inside, patiently sliding through corridor after corridor of angular metal and ornate panelling. We finally settle, after ducking under a ceiling slung with machines and monitors, at the ship's bridge, and just as we are wondering when something is going to happen the ship blorps to life, rattling at us like a disturbed snake. The sequence as a whole is a kind of calling card for cinematic sci-fi, a commitment to the drama inherent in being enclosed inside a giant machine, floating in a void colder than death itself.  In comparison, the opening sequence of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare feels distinctly inelegant. Coming to the game this year, motivated in part by research for my own science fiction game, In Other Waters, I was only playing the game to wander around its central spaceship hub, The Retribution. I wasn't impressed by the opening, starting on the soft curve of the Earth with its accompanying narration on the villainous Settlement Defence Front, or by being dumped behind the visor of one of the series' near-inseparable soldiers (Wolf, this one is called) ready to drop onto the ice of Europa. There were bloody melee kills, synchronized headshots and everything else I was expecting from a Call of Duty game, but then minutes later Wolf was dead, and something new began. Two breathless hours later, now securely set up in the Bridge of the Retribution, I understood that there was more to this game than I had expected, and, with my mind drifting to thoughts of Alien's opening sequence, I realized that against all the odds, Infinite Warfare manages to not just be a serviceable science fiction game, but a great one after all. That was doubly surprising considering Infinite Warfare's shaky pedigree. After all, this is the bad Call of Duty, the one whose YouTube debut was disliked to oblivion, the one where that pernicious military phrase “boots on the ground” came into use and the one that sold 50 percent less than its series counterparts. After release Activision even distanced itself from its own game, with CEO Eric Hirshberg claiming “it just didn't feel enough like Call of Duty”. It's also hard not to see Infinite Warfare's 'failure' as contributing to the death of the Call of Duty campaign, with Black Ops 4 releasing last year without one altogether (although this year's entry will reportedly have one). But perhaps “not feeling like Call of Duty” is what allows Infinite Warfare to aspire to something else. After the rote prologue, the game abandons the series' typical character switching, for example, instead keeping you firmly in the boots of one Commander Nick Reyes. This...Valve issues 95,000 bans in just seven daysJul 22, 2018 - EurogamerValve has stepped up its anti-cheat measures and issued almost 95,000 bans in the last week alone. In July 2017, we reported that on 6th July Valve banned over 40K Steam accounts for cheating, making it the single largest banhammer the company had ever deployed. Emphasis on "had", though. Read more… 11/7/17 - Patch NotesNov 7, 2017 - Community Announcements11/7/17 **General Fixes** • Fixed an issue with RC-8s causing rare errors in final killcams • Fixing challenge issue with the Venom-X camos (past Wilderness not get getting unlocked) • Changed Direct Impact challenge for the Venom-X into a Stick challenge • Halloween weapon variants should now properly unlock the associated base weapon • Boss Battles are now playable in Local/Custom matches • Players will now earn keys even when they fail to beat the boss in Boss Battles 10/13/17 **General Fixes** • Fix for an issue where obtaining variants of the M.2187, Auger, and Stallion .44 would not unlock the base weapon (for Non-Season Pass holders)Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare launches 'Willard Wyler's Halloween Scream' eventOct 10, 2017 - PC GamerAfter a somewhat unsuccessful foray into the future, the next and imminent Call of Duty instalment will return to World War 2. Before it does, though, the latest series entry seems determined to squeeze some fun out of a game that otherwise punishes improvising players—something underscored by its newly-launched 'Willard Wyler's Halloween Scream' event.  Set to run now through November 1, the Halloween special includes giveaways, double XP periods, a new zombies mode and a new 'Carnage map', among other things. As you might expect, it comes with a trailer. Look, see: And here's publisher Activision with some of that in more detail: * Free Halloween-themed Supply Drop at the beginning of each week. * Free Halloween-themed cosmetic item every Friday, along with one final gift on 30th October. * Halloween-themed gear and loot, including brand-new zombie-themed Rig skins, available to earn. * Boss Battle mode, which starts on 13th October, allows players to take on their favourite final bosses from each of the Infinite Warfare zombies modes. It begins with the first chapter, Zombies in Spaceland, and continues with the following chapters becoming available, two per week, ending with the ultimate battle in The Beast from Beyond (players must own DLC packs to access DLC chapters). * Return of Gesture Warfare multiplayer mode to celebrate Halloween, which runs now through 12th October and allows fans to use gestures to humiliate and annihilate their opponents. * Carnage, a fan-favourite multiplayer map from the Retribution DLC pack, free to play and with double XP for all players from 12th October to 1st November. More information on Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare's Willard Wyler's Halloween Scream event can be found here. Tyler found the base game to be below average last year—here's his review in full10/6/17 - Patch NotesOct 6, 2017 - Community Announcements10/6/17 Playlists • Removed Prototype Drop Zone and added Hyper Team Deathmatch in the Featured Tab • Gesture Warfare is back! This time with 2XP! General Fixes Venom-X: Increased ammo to give 3 total clips at spawn. You can no longer pick up extra ammo (like the Howitzer) Fixed an issue for challenges not tracking correctly Damage has been increased on the primary fire mode The radius of damage on the secondary mode has been increased to help improve overall damage Impact damage from the primary fire mode has been lowered, meaning the kill will generally come from the explosion, which will now be properly mitigated by Blast Shield • Katana/Nunchucks: Adjusted rumbles on impacts to give stronger feedback on hits Demolition Spawn Protection lasts 1.5 seconds. Very brief to deter spawn traps Spawn Protection will only be active in the playlist version of this mode Gesture Mode Two new gestures have been added to the rotation: Begone and No You Didn’t All players now start with the Bang Bang Gesture to facilitate an easier first kill Knife Melee weapon was removed. You’ll now use a normal melee punch attack, still an OHK from behind All Gestures now have a larger hit detection area during their damage frames All Gestures now hit at a slightly farther range if an enemy is in your reticle during damage frames (red pulse) You’ll now earn Scavenger on a 3 kill streak instead of after 1 kill The R-C8 Toy Gesture now has a slightly increased hit detection than other Gestures The Head Crush Gesture now has 3 fast hits instead of 1 and starts its damage frames slightly earlier Gesture Mode can now be enabled in Custom and LAN matches! • Backend prep for upcoming events Zombies • Miscellaneous bug fixes 9/28/17 General Fixes • Fix for camo challenges not unlocking properly for the Katana and Nunchucks • Backend prep for upcoming events/playlists9/7-9/26 Updates and Patch NotesSep 26, 2017 - Community Announcements9/26/17 General Fixes and What’s New • Venom-X (Launcher) • Katana (Melee) • Nunchucks (Melee) • Fix for the Ripper’s alternate mode state not saving after death • Fix for the Resupply Warfighter Trait staying active for the first life if a player changed to a different Rig at the beginning of a match • Fixed an issue where the Deatomzier strike icon would not load properly Zombies • Adjusted the frequency at which the Cryptids are spawning • Fix for the effects of the FnF Twist of Fate card following Mephistopheles around the map • Fix for solo players being unable repurchase Up N' Atoms while under the influence of Perkaholic from Ghost N Skulls • Fix for songs not playing in the main menu correctly • Users were unable to obtain the Talisman after defeating the Rat King if the player kills the Rat King in the rafters of the arena. This has been fixed 9/21/17 • Fix for the Packin’ Heat FnF card being unusable after leaving the PaP room • Backend fixes and prep for upcoming featured modes 9/14/17 • Fix for a crash that would occur in zombies after the recent update • Fix for the Purify Fate and Fortune card exploit in zombies • Fix for the Skull Hacker Fate and Fortune card; when downed in Ghosts n Skulls, players were given their original weapon • Various map and backend fixes for multiplayer and zombies 9/12/17 Playlist Update - XP events live now until Monday, 9/18 • 2X Keys is now live on PS4, regardless of whether you own DLC 4 • 2X Keys, 2X Weapon XP, 2X Mission Team XP, and 2XP is now live in all DLC 4 playlists, including The Beast from Beyond 9/7/17 Playlist Update • Removed Mayhem as the featured mode and replaced it with Epic Gun Game (until 9/15) • Added a FREE DLC Moshpit playlist featuring Renaissance, Turista, and Permafrost (until 9/12) • 2XP and 2WXP is live across multiplayer and zombies (until 9/12)See heads get crushed and live-ammo fingerguns in Call of Duty: 'Gesture Warfare'Sep 25, 2017 - PC GamerCall of Duty: Infinite Warfare hasn't proved the most popular installment in the long-running shooter series of shooters, but over this past weekend it introduced what may be the best CoD featured mode of all time. It's called "Gesture Warfare," and no, it doesn't mean you get to flip people off when they kill you. It's even better.  Basically, instead of killing people with your guns, you kill them with your fingers. You can crush their heads, Kids in the Hall-style, you can pop them, you can flick them, you can wave them away, and of course you can just plug them with the ol' finger gun, too. There were nine different gestures to choose from, each with its own unique (and uniquely ridiculous) name and infliction of death. * Head Crush; * Bang Bang; * Boom; * You’re Dead; * Crush; * Jackal Toy; * R-C8 Toy; * Light It Up; * Flick; Gestures cycle automatically when a kill is scored, and conventional weapons remain available for use as well. "We want you to play how you want, but with the option of using gestures and the normal combat you’re used to," Infinity Ward explained on Reddit. "Also, different gestures have different times to kill, so you’ll still be able to be effective when you get caught in surprise combat situations." It's obviously not something that most people would want to play all the time, but absurd modes like this can be a blast in small doses (I had a riotous week with Catch the Chicken back in the day) and they really help keep online games fresh, too: The more there is to do, the more people are likely to keep paying attention. The Gesture Warfare featured mode was only available over the weekend, but I wouldn't be at all surprised to see it return someday. 9/6 - UpdateSep 6, 2017 - Community Announcements**General Fixes** • Infected: Reduced the move speed of the infected as the number of those infected increases (every 3 players that get infected will reduce the move speed and only takes effect on spawn) • Added the Stallion .44, Atlas, G-Rail, and Raijin-EMX to Gun Game • Exploit fixes across various maps • Various backend bug fixes • VPR: Hip fire kick has been increased to help make it perform inline with other SMGs • R3K: Burst cooldowns have been decreased to help it compete better with other ARs8/23 - UpdateAug 23, 2017 - Community Announcements8/23/17 General Fixes and What’s New • New weapons: Atlas (LMG) Raijin-EMX (SMG) • New taunts, camos, emblems, calling cards • Various map fixes • Enabled Bugle audio gesture to be heard by teammates • Weapons adjustments: G-Rail (base) and Vortex (common) - Extended damage ranges, making the base fire mode and charge shot more effective at long range G-Rail: Helix – Adjusted damage ranges to make the weapon more competitive at close range (if you are accurate) G-Rail: Fusillade – Fixed an issue with camos not appearing properly Stallion .44 – Slightly lowered akimbo rate of fire Stallion .44: Peacekeeper – Adjusted the aim assist range to help with longer distance shooting Fix for the Desert camouflage challenge not tracking progress properly with the Stallion .44 Proteus: Ice – The Glacial passive now has a slightly stronger effect Zombies • Shaolin Shuffle – Fix for an extreme graphical error that would occur when fighting the Rat King • Miscellaneous performance and bug fixes7/28/17 - Playlist UpdateJul 28, 2017 - Community Announcements7/28/17 Featured • Prototype Drop Zone, now until August 4th General Fixes • G-Rail – Fusillade: Fix for the Overload passive triggering incorrectly. You’ll now only get an explosion if the kill was made while the weapon was at full charge • G-Rail - Base & Vortex: Extended damage ranges, making the base fire mode and charge shot more effective at long range • G-Rail – Helix & Enigma: Increased charge bonus, making charged shots a bit more reliable • Various map fixes7/25/17 - UpdateJul 25, 2017 - Community Announcements7/25/17 What’s New • New Weapons: Stallion .44 (pistol) and G-Rail (AR) • New Calling Cards, Camos, Weapon Accessories, and Gestures General Fixes • Fix for the Proteus and ERAD shotgun alternates not tracking towards contract challenges • Fixed a bug on all hybrid sights on SMGs losing hip fire reticles when switching between hybrid sight modes • Allow players to gain access to the M.2187 and Proteus summer variants via supply drop and allow for that variant to unlock the base weapon • Fix for scrolling issues while in the Mark II Collection menu of the Quartermaster • Fix for a bug that would cause the screen resolutions on PC to not refresh when resizing the game window • Fixed a bug where calling cards earned in SP would appear in the After Action Report in MP with placeholder imagesLatest Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare patch removes kill trading from public matchesJul 14, 2017 - PC GamerBack in June, 'kill trading' was enabled for public Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare playlists. Prior to that change, if two players fired at the same time, and both were on target, the player with the better connection would get the kill. That's because the low ping player's data would reach the host first, meaning that even if the other player fired simultaneously, the host thinks they're dead by the time their lagging packets reach it. And dead people can't shoot guns, so one player lives, and the other dies. With kill trading enabled, both players die. It changes the texture of duels dramatically. The host ignores that the lagging player was killed before their input was received, because they did fire before they were dead, at least from their perspective. Enabling kill trading in public matches was controversial—as every change to CoD multiplayer is—but as of today, that decision has been reversed. "In June of this year, we enabled Kill Trading in public matches," reads today's patch notes. "Doing so gave us the ability to test this feature on a large scale. Since then, we’ve heard a lot of player feedback, and have seen a few unforeseen effects on the Scorestreak system and Hardcore modes, so we’ve decided to remove the feature from public playlists today, Friday, July 14th." Kill trading is still an option for custom matches. The patch also includes a few general fixes, which you can read about in the full patch notes on Steam. 7/5 - 7/14 - Update and Patch notesJul 14, 2017 - Community Announcements7/14/17 Kill Trading In June of this year, we enabled Kill Trading in public matches. Doing so gave us the ability to test this feature on a large scale. Since then, we’ve heard a lot of player feedback, and have seen a few unforeseen effects on the Scorestreak system and Hardcore modes, so we’ve decided to remove the feature from public playlists today, Friday, July 14th. However, you’ll still be able to access the feature in custom matches. As we’ve said many times before, one of the best things about the Call of Duty community is the overflowing amount of comments and suggestions that come our way. Your ideas and opinions help us a ton as we continue to improve and support the game, so we couldn’t be more grateful. Please keep the conversation going and we’ll see you online! General Fixes and What's New • Genesis is now back in rotation • CTF has been removed and Epic Gun Game has been added (thru July 21st) • Weapons: Hailstorm – Ordinance: Akimbo rate of fire has been reduced to match the rate of other pistols M.2187: Fixed issues with some challenges not working as intended M.2187: Adjusted the Smart Show attachment from 8 to 5 pellets (does not change the effectiveness of the attachment) • Added the Proteus, Trek-50, and M.2187 to Gun Game and Epic Gun Game • Various map fixes Attack of the Radioactive Thing • Pack-a-Punch Axe now track progress correctly for bounties • Traps now correctly track progress for bounties • Charges fuses can now be turned in while holding an upgraded weapon • Various weapon bug fixes (Proteus, Volk) 7/7/17 Playlist Update • Removed Mayhem from the Featured playlist and added Capture the Flag (until July 14) • Temporarily removed Frontline from being playable on Ember in the Absolution Moshpit DLC playlist 7/5/17 General Fixes and What’s New • Capture the Flag win challenges have been changed to “Tactical Wins” in the Victories section of Operations in the Barracks. The tiers will remain the same: “Win 5/25/50 matches using the tactical rule set.” We’ll also be putting CTF as the featured mode starting on Friday, July 7th thru Friday, July 14thInfinite Warfare's new Proteus rifle accidentally included an aimbotJun 29, 2017 - PC GamerIf you found yourself being unexpectedly and repeatedly smoked in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare online combat over the past day or so, you can blame the new Proteus rifle that was added in the June 27 update. It's sniper rifle/shotgun hybrid that enables the user to select highly-concentrated long-range fire or a heavy up-close punch as the situation warrants. It also, for a brief while, came with its very own built-in aimbot that enabled shooters to kill up to three enemies at once, just by pointing it in their general direction.  The video above, via PCGamesN, clearly illustrates how the Proteus worked when it went live, which is absolutely not how it was supposed to work. As you'd expect, users of the Infinite Warfare subreddit, and the Call of Duty and Steam forums, were less than happy with the development. It's the sort of thing that's fun for a few minutes, but quickly stops being fun once it becomes clear that everyone's doing it, and nobody's going to stop.    Fortunately, Infinity Ward quickly took notice of the problem and issued an update, including patch notes that are almost comically understated: "Fixed an issue with the sniper mode of the Proteus having Target Assist enabled." It sounds so innocuous, doesn't it?  Naturally, some players aren't happy now that it's no longer a point-and-click murder stick: Redditors in this thread are calling on Infinity Ward to bring it back, or create a can't-miss weapon in the same mold, for use in custom game modes.  6/27 6/28 - Update and PatchJun 28, 2017 - Community Announcements6/28/17 General Fixes • Fixed an issue with the sniper mode of the Proteus having Target Assist enabled • Fix for an issue where the Black Sky Rig camo would unlock at the same time as Solar without having completed the Black Sky challenge 6/27/17 Featured Content and What’s New • Days of Summer Event! Log on Monday for a Free Supply Drop and every Wednesday and Friday for a free item from the Days of Summer collection! Plus, keep an eye out for new Days of Summer items in the Summer Hack each week! • Bounties in Zombies! • Grandma Knows Best Announce Pack • 2XP, 2WXP, 2XMTXP, 2X Keys until 7/5! • Turista 24/7 Playlist (TDM, Dom, KC) • Turista free to everyone across all playlists! • Hero Rigs o Warfighter – Omar o Merc – Reyes o Synaptic – Ethan o FTL – Salter o Stryker – Price o Phantom - Ghost • Weapons o M. 2187 (lever-action shotgun) o Trek-50 (single fire ballistic rifle) o Proteus (sniper/shotgun combo) o Gold, Diamond, Solar, Black Sky (non-loot) Progression Body and Heads for All Rigs General Fixes • Fix for a bug where the R-C8 may use an incorrect primary weapon while the player has an empty P-LAW equipped • 'Recently Collected' added to the QM screen displaying recent items • Fix for the progress bar not appearing for some Soul Challenges in zombies • Fix for a bug where a player using the Cold Blooded perk would see allied Wardens highlighted red when looking through a thermal scope, using the T.H.O.R.’s thermal vision, or using the Synaptic’s Reaper mode • Increased strength of emissive camos (including Black Sky) Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered standalone release comingJun 23, 2017 - Rock, Paper, ShotgunLove a duck and stone the crows, Activision are finally going to sell Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered seperately. Because they’re a gaggle of silly sausages, they originally launched the revamped version of 2007’s wildly popular Call of Duty 4 only as a bonus included in expensive editions of the wildly unpopular Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. Seven months later, Activision have announced they’re putting an end to this foolishness and releasing Modern Warfare Remastered separately. Oh, but it’s never that simple. The June 27th release date announced today is only for PlayStation 4, with other platforms to follow. What are you like! The silliest sausages. … 6/16/17 - PatchJun 20, 2017 - Community Announcements6/16/17 General Fixes • Uplink – Fixed an issue where a player could remotely pick up the drone, if they killed the carrier while standing at the position of a caught pass. • Propulsion Trait adjustment: Recharge rate of boost meter has been slowed down6/8//17 - PatchJun 8, 2017 - Community AnnouncementsGeneral Fixes • Various map fixes • Fix a bug for the X-Eon’s vertical kick • Fixed an animation issue where rapidly moving between prone and crouch stance wasn’t updating the character model state at the correct rate (snaking) • CWL Only: Planting and defusing bombs will no longer add to your Payload meter. These actions will still give Scorestreak points • Prep for this weekend’s featured mode6/1/17 - PatchJun 1, 2017 - Community Announcements**General Fixes** • Fix for an audio issue where the pass intercepted dialogue would play for the wrong team in Uplink and Defender modes • Fix for a bug where players could not call in their AP-3X if they had previously called it in and immediately jumped afterwards • Fix for some weapons not tracking in the Records section of the Barracks in Zombies • Prep for upcoming weekly featured mode • Fixed the jump spread on the Auger – Fury when Laser Sight is equippedAmazon leak points to Modern Warfare Remastered standalone release this summerMay 31, 2017 - PC GamerCall of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered is only available as part of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, which is a real problem for gamers (like me) who would love to replay the classic but aren't at all interested in Jon Snow's Adventures in Space—especially after the way it stumbled out of the launch tube last year. But that restriction on its availability may soon change.    Earlier this month, Charlie Intel spotted a listing on Gamefly for a standalone release of Modern Warfare Remastered that was slated to come out on July 20; shortly thereafter the PS4 version was listed for June 20, a 30-day advance that would fit with the timed exclusivity of Infinite Warfare DLC releases.    Activision declined to comment and the listing was quickly taken down, but now two more listings have appeared, this time on Amazon Japan, and with the same dates: June 20 for the PS4, July 20 for Xbox One. There's no mention of a PC release date, but for now I'm willing to put that down to an oversight rather than an indication that it's not going to happen. And it only makes sense that a standalone release will happen eventually. The wind is out of Infinite Warfare's sails, but there's no question that Modern Warfare Remastered has the juice to be a significant draw if it were available separately. The price in the Amazon Japan listing is concern, though: ¥7800 works out to about $70. I wouldn't expect that price to translate directly, but it does suggest that a standalone MWR will come in awfully close to a full-priced CoD release.  I've emailed Activision to ask if the leaked Modern Warfare Remastered date is correct. I'll let you know if anyone answers.  Call of Duty’s Playerbase is Down 76% from Last Year on SteamNov 6, 2016 - GitHypWhen will Call of Duty finally ride off into the sunset? It’s a question that gamers who can’t stand the repetitiveness of the series debate every year with those who still can't get enough and a question that surely keeps Activision’s investors up all night worrying around this time every year. Now, based on player and viewer counts, it looks like this year’s latest installment in the franchise might be the answer to that question as the king of shooters has taken its biggest hit yet while going up against other newly released heavy-hitters such as Battlefield 1 and Titanfall 2. While sales have been on a constant decline year after year, Call of Duty: Black Ops III did surprisingly well last year ranking as high as #4 on Steam with a peak of 63,681 players during its big launch weekend. Black Ops III also peaked at 190k viewers on Twitch which made it #1 for 2 days in 2015. [caption id="attachment_215705" align="aligncenter" width="771"]Call-of-Duty-Black-Ops-III-Launch-Numbers Call of Duty: Black Ops III (2015) Player Count Launch Numbers via GitHyp[/caption] [caption id="attachment_215704" align="aligncenter" width="771"]Call-of-Duty-Infinite-Warfare-Launch-Numbers Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare (2016) Player Count Launch Numbers via GitHyp[/caption] This year’s Call of Duty? Not so well, only pulling in a peak of 15,280 players and failing to even break the top 20 on Steam at #27 over the course of its launch weekend. Viewer counts have also been half of what they were last year with Infinite Warfare peaking at 101k viewers on Twitch. Looking at Black Ops III now, we can see that it has suffered a large player drop-off with the game most recently averaging around 5k players per hour. Infinite Warfare isn’t doing much better right out of the gates, averaging only 10k players per hour over its launch weekend. With last year’s Call of Duty losing 86% of its playerbase one year later, there might only be a couple thousand PC players left playing Infinite Warfare on Steam come this time next year and its likely only going to get worse for next year's fourteenth installment in the series based on the current numbers.