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Burning Knight

Bad rock update (v1.3.1.4)Jun 4, 2021 - Community AnnouncementsChangelog: * Reworked the whole projectile system * Blue bullet slime doesn't shoot after death anymore * Dino is a bit more angry now * Halo buffed * Projectile light/poof effects wont work after there are 99 projectiles in game * Mob projectiles are capped at 199 * Removed Tags.Torch => Tags.MobProjectile * Removed Tags.Gramaphone => Tags.PlayerProjectile * Projectiles wont be able to hit mobs/paintings/tnt in rooms that there are no players in * All projectiles will die after some time now * The game will give up trying to process past time if it is more than 0.25 of a second * If player has more than 69 projectiles old projectiles will start to break * Improved missile * Added bounce cap of 8 * Killing shopkeeper gives you 3 scoure points now * Boss bullets will become scourged on 1st loop * Enemy bullets will become scourged on 2nd loop * Shopkeeper mood wont change if you are not in his room * Added "always cook second" to the loading screen jokes * Death/win screen will now have a note if the run was seeded * The player now actually drops all the items he collected on the run when dying (it was meant to work like that forever but was broken) * Some movement speed tweaks * Player sprite is now tilted slightly while moving * Ctrl+V works on beetroot now * Click to place bombs with bomb lamp * Removed aura from not reflectable projectiles * Added battery sfx * Fixed black bars not resizing (aka ui target not updating its size) * Mobs killed with explosive lamp will drop bombs on death * Unhitatble creatures wont get buffs from projectiles * Hopefully fixed ice level bug (rude but still) * Improved minimap * Bumped steamworks version * Upgraded monogame * Fixed weird rendering issues by flooring all rendering positions * Menu won't react to all keys/mouse buttons now * Old man will now greet you upon entering the game * Camera in menu wont follow the cursor anymore * level command now accepts second number for the loop * Changed how seeds work (internally), sadly probably breaks all old seeds * Changed how level saving works: loop levels are now stored separately instead of overwriting old files * Changed how scourged projectiles look * Flies wont deal contact damage anymore * Decreased room reward chance * Enemies in snow castle and ice ruins will now be cold immune * Exploding bees wont explode from melee/explosion kills * Ice queen hp buffed from 500 to 550 * Queen bees projectiles wont be reflectable in 3rd phase anymore (same for the ice queen) * Buffed cupguy by a lot * Buffed post-first area wall crawler * Buffed maggot * Player hitbox is now smaller * New gang painting * Dialog options are now instant-printed, improved ui dialog in general * Nerfed pharaoh 300 => 250 * Shells and some other particles will disappear in 5 instead of 10 seconds * Changed statues voice * Ice crawler projectile size buffed * Reverted to old map * Rave Cave level variant added * Nerfed red key attack speed, added 1 damage * Fixed permanent item stands missin...Fast-paced action-roguelike 'Burning Knight' goes fully open sourceOct 9, 2020 - GamingOnLinuxAfter recently releasing the first major post-release update, the developer of the action-roguelike Burning Knight decided to open source the whole thing. Read the full article here: Spooky Emeralds update - OUT NOW!Oct 2, 2020 - Community AnnouncementsI'm really happy to announce, that the major Autumn update is here! Featuring all sorts of cool new stuff, including: * Local Co-op * A month-long Halloween event * A new secret area Emerald Caves! * New items * New enemies * New paintings! * Even more new hats to choose from! * A lot of items were rebalanced * A lot of bug fixes, including: + Fashion Matters & Collector achievements bugging out + Weird graphical effects with flash setting off + Pass item spawning in the heart room + Breakable walls spawning in special rooms And much more! I hope you will enjoy the update, have fun!Steal everything and flee from the Burning Knight - out nowJun 5, 2020 - GamingOnLinuxWith some great lighting work, furious action and a good sprinkle of comedy Burning Knight is an fast-paced roguelike that's out now. Burning Knight is out!Jun 5, 2020 - Community AnnouncementsIt's finally here, guys! After 2 years and 3 months of development, Burning Knight is finally finally finally done! I've spent the past 2 months adding a lot of new content, such as items, the final 2 bosses, new secrets, and achievements. The game changed so much since it was last in the demo, and everyone who got their hands on it are loving the changes! Here are some of the new biggest additions to the game: Twitch Integration The item count is over 300 now! 3 new bosses! Looping! New Maanex minigame :P I hope you will enjoy the game as much as the playtesters! Have fun, Egor.Releasing on June the 5th!May 26, 2020 - Community AnnouncementsHey! Yes, it's finally happening. Yes, Burning Knight is finally releasing on June 5th at 5 pm GMT (10 am PT)! What a journey this was, thank you, everyone, for all your testing, support, and feedback! I'm excited, I hope y'all are too! So prepare for the 5th, we are going to do something special :D See you on June the 5th, Egor.Frozen Libary UpdateMar 17, 2020 - Community AnnouncementsThe development of the game is getting to its end :) I've just finished the final area, and at this point, very little of the content is left to add. Looking forward to releasing the game soon! Stay tuned for that! ADDED New biome: Secret Library New biome: Frozen Ruins New enemies New items Teleporters New achievements Added sensitivity settings for the gamepad axis Added floor brightness slider A bunch of new loading screen tips Glass chest Mana system Lava Healing item stands Melee weapons are now affected by projectile modifiers Introduced level variants Reworked projectile damage logic Sand and snow! Asset loading progress bar FIXED Scourges were nerfed Improved gamepad input Fixed Elon The Wizard allowing you to stack scourges Overscope updateFeb 9, 2020 - Community Announcements# ADDED * New biome: Jungle! * New jungle enemies * New boss: Queen Bee! * Scourges! + Scourge tokens + Scourged items + Scourge points + BK constantly fires with lvl 10+ scourge + A bunch of scourge-related achievements + A lot of new enemy prefixes + Scourged projectiles + Scourged mobs now emit particles * New room types! + Challange room + Dark market + Scourged room + Sub-shop rooms + Spiked room * Statues + Chest statue + Dice statue + Scourge statue + Stone statue + Sword statue + Warrior statue + Well + Fountain * A lot of new trap room designs * New NPCs! + Snek + Boxy + Roger + Gobetta + Vampire + Trash Goblin + Nurse + Duck (Dungeon variant) + Elon (Dungeon variant) * New treasure room layout generation algorithms * Item stands in treasure rooms now can be blocked by spikes and stones * A rare scourged treasure room * A rare scourged shop * New secret room designs * Room rewards * Awesome tile particles that drop from the sky * Added text particles to make it easier to understand item effects * Added heart and shield particles to healing animation * Wooden chest now has an xmas-skin * A lot of new sfx (like really a lot) * Biome-specific loading screen tips * New container type: shields * New orbital: prism * New pets + Snek + Crystal + Shield Buddy + Shield Pouch + Backpack * New spawn command * Give command now supports giving scourged items * Added awesome big doors for important rooms, like boss and treasure rooms * Shop room got a carpet and a sign now * A lot of new items! Including new guns and swords (and even an ancient revolver) * Protochest * New buffs + Invisibility + Invincibility + Raging * Added support for music speed change * Pausing now slows down the music * Added achievements for reaching biomes and killing bosses * Added item troll room :troll_face: * Added support for cheating death using items * Introduced sitting and sleeping animation for the player * The death screen now includes the death cause * Added trees * Chat easter egg (to active press '/') * Added secret music # CHANGED * Doors no longer can be exploded * Upgraded castle and desert tilesets * Renamed gun to revolver * A huge item save format improvement (-50% file size) * Improved pet following * bk:halo now fully heals you * If you enrage the shopkeeper once, next shops won't have any items in them # FIXED * Reward will not spawn in the tutorial * Fixed patch wall and reintroduced it back into the wall poolBoss UpdateNov 27, 2019 - Community AnnouncementsIt's been quite a while since the last major beta update, but I wasn't doing anything, so this update brings in a ton of new stuff! In fact, it's so much, that I probably forgot to mention half of it in this changelog :D ADDED * A lot of lore elements and hints * A ton of fresh and juicy sound effects!!! * Two brand new bosses! * Granny room * Dark mage room * New minigame with Maanex * NPC's now have voices! * Room rewards * Control hints now show cool icons * New enemies * New items * New pets * Implemented and added buffs! * Player now has stats like damage, speed, and range * Introduced vertical rooms * Chests! * A bunch of achievements, that actually work! * Discord RPC! * Cloud save!!!! * Projectiles are now animated when dying * Rocks and metal tiles (they rock!) * Item pool editor * Introduced new item type, consumable artifact CHANGED * Improved the coin and key animations by a lot! * Big changes to the collision system * Burning Knight (the knight, not the game) got an awesome new shader :D * Camera now follows the room center slightly, if it has any enemies in it * Balanced a lot of items * Projectiles are now way more juicy and pretty! * Screenshake was improved * Dialog boxes are now black * Game boot up was improved a lot in terms of audio * Rooms are now bigger * Connection rooms now appear not so often FIXED * Fixed aiming and bullets spawning from the wrong place * Fixed master volume not affecting some sound effects * Fixed voodoo doll being able to kill bosses * Fixed D4 not working correctly * Fire particle performance was improved * Fixed player dying while descending * Fixed being able to put items on item stands * You now can enter a seed from gamepad * Added a way to exit the game :eyes: * Fixed hearts and coins being super rare * Improved gamepad support * Fixed item saving issues * Fixed game crashing if you press any key while it's loading * A lot of fixes to the saving system * (there way too many fixes to list them all, so I've listed only the most important ones) Anyway, this update is playable in our discord, if you want to give it a go :D Next update will bring the jungle area to the game, and it should happen relatively soon :)Sand & Oil updateOct 28, 2019 - Community AnnouncementsIt's time for another content update for the open beta! If you want to test it our yourself, hop onto our discord for a build! ADDED: * New biome: desert! * 6 new desert enemies! * New items: + Button (tmp name) + Sharp arrow + Ninjia bomb + Laser aim (WIP) + Can + Bomb shower + Crying bomb + Bomb pack + Black belt + TNT + Matches * Cheat window * You now can hover your items to see their names and descriptions (wip ui) * Crash reports are now dumped into crashes.txt * Pico8 :eyes: CHANGED: * Resprited baby slime * Most of the ui was moved into the top left corner to make it more visible * Replaced dagger with sword in the tutorial * Now you can play golf with your bullets * Items in secret rooms wont emit light anymore * Bombs now collide with each other * BK tells you, that there will be a boss battle * Secret room marks are much more visible now * Bomb item now has a separate sprite * Buffed the shop keeper * Crash reports will be also saved to the log file now * First treasure room is now always open * Updated the tutorial control explanation * Console was removed from the build * Turrets in the tutorial are now hidden FIXED: * Fixed items appearing the second time * Cage door is not explodable anymore * Fixed spectacles crashing the game * Fixed bomb pack crashing the game * Fixed ui banner displaying wrong depth * Removed boss healthbar * Fixed taking a disk from the gramophone overriding your weapon * Level door is not explodable anymore That's about it! See you soon in the halloween update!Bug & Feedback updateOct 24, 2019 - Community AnnouncementsGuess what? The first update from the roadmap is already here! If you want to test it our yourself, hop onto our discord for a build! In this build: ADDED: * Pressing B on gamepad will now duck in the game and go back in menus * Some basic lua mod loaders * Discord npc * Added new tutorial * The key * Pico8 emulator * Crying bomb, bomb pack, matches, tnt CHANGED: * Removed exploding guns * Some mobs will spawn only on the harder version of the level * Ui sliders are now much easier to use with gamepad * Now you interact with X * You can't interact with locks, if you don't have a key * You can't interact with stands, if you don't have any item and the stand is empty * Shop items will now become free right after you enrage the shopkeeper * Fog was nerfed * Each area is now 2 levels long * Reworked Burning Knight part * Entrance room will never contain traps * Chasms won't appear on the first floor * Chasms reworked * Player invincibility time was increased * Updated castle tileset * Movement keys are now remappable * Hub area was disabled for now FIXED: * Player no longer will get damaged by rolling into a wall (bug) * Fixed teleporting from the chasm right into another chasm * Fixed props blocking entrance into the shop This is the first update, since the public discord alpha, and it's a bit boring, but it improves the game a lot! In the next update, that will be released right on Halloween, the game will get some spooky stuff, as well as some cookies! If you want to test it our yourself, hop onto our discord for a build (it's free)!Welcome the new NPC's!Oct 15, 2019 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/34929013/9e71034cbd8a1a5d3e1ee88ee799c34aeecfe36d.gif {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/34929013/3d35ab48b9b9e83ab3fb08b597f37765256a1d7d.gifNew awesome lighting :OSep 16, 2019 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/34929013/283bd0d6991e8b3f457d6e026ee73861e02f0e26.gifSneak peak into the desertSep 1, 2019 - Community Announcements in Burning Knight: what's different?Jun 17, 2019 - Community Announcements A few super simple examples, as seen in debug mode. Hey, so I know that these days all of roguelikes have "amazing procgen" listed on their feature list as if they brought something new to the table. And I know how annoying it is to find out, that all that they did, was just taking the Isaac way. BUT This is not the case with Burning Knight. In fact, procgen in bk is so complex, that I had to write a huge blog post about just that! Good procgen takes a lot of time and effort to develop. Sadly, there is no magic alg, that just makes cool unique dungeons for you all the time, but that didn't stop me. I hope you will enjoy dungeons in this game as much as I do, I can literally spend hours just exploring cool dungeons in debug view. Take care! Even the floors (I bet you did not notice) are randomly generated, and combined with wall layout this creates stunning effects! Here is a single floor alg, that generates chess-like floor! Ok, here, have a cool shopkeeper, that loves soap: Plant a seed - save the runJun 3, 2019 - Community AnnouncementsS҉e҉e҉d҉ toolsMay 15, 2019 - Community AnnouncementsCheck out those new tools, that I made for speeding up the development! The best part about them is that they will be available as a part of workshop :) Here is a locale editor, that allows translating the game to other languages really easy (as well as a prototype of level editor): And this is dialog editor, for those, who like me, prefer working with UI and not json :)