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Bloons TD 6

Bloons TD 6 - Update Notes! Version 31.0Apr 12, 2022 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/34128020/13baa87c9583086e20ef1da29a6b0b3ceb24a8f4.jpgBloons TD 6 v31.0 - Update Notes!Key New FeaturesNew Hero, Geraldo the Mystic Shopkeeper!A bold adventurer and seeker of fine things, Geraldo has explored the distant, mysterious reaches of the Monkey world to assemble his signature collectionGeraldo is almost nothing without his shop, so select the “Shop” icon next to Geraldo’s portrait when he is selected; the shop will remember its open or closed state for easy access & can be toggled open/closed for PC users with the Monkey Special hotkey (PageDown)Shop items have a variety of uses - some place on the map, some on the track, others target Monkeys or subtowers; they all must be pulled from the shop to the playfieldGet ready for a wild ride, as Geraldo is intended to be a “build” hero, supporting a variety of strategies that are designed to scale; heaps of dev and balance time behind this one - we hope you enjoy the mysteries!New Bloon Boss - Vortex, Deadly Master of Air!Affectionately known as speedy boi, but it may be some time before you feel any affection for this incredibly tough bossSpawns with a temporary shield of wind that for a short time blows away all projectiles that are too slow to pass through itNatural Bloon spawns are buffed by Vortex’s slipstream, moving at incredible speeds until they catch upOn Skulls Vortex stuns all nearby towers with a burst of lightning, activates its storm shield, and retreats a short distancePeriodically triggers a storm wave that destroys all projectiles in a large radiusDistributed placements and ranged attacks are key to victory - good luck!New AwesomeNew Beginner Map, Scrapyard!Old cars and other scrap go to die in places off the beaten track, but the Bloons have even found this remote location; defend the derelicts and don’t forget to play with the heavy machinery!Sorry to the players who submitted similar ideas during the competition, but we already had our own idea in the works for a while nowNew Trophy Store ItemsBloons: Cat Ear Bloons, Disguise GlassesCo-op: Pat Flex emote, Mind Blown emoteGame & UI: Sunshine Serenade - Fiesta Mix music track, 2 New Avatars - Super Monkey & Striker JonesReddit Banner Competition winnersBanner winner (Arrival) - by betapotataBanner winner (Beneath the Waves) - by CyliiaBig Changes / AdditionsNew Special Conditions for Custom Challenge victoryLeast Cash has no limits on earning cash & allows all forms of income generation, but rewards victory only if a player remains below a chosen cash spent threshold We've created a challenge for you to try this new condition outLeast Tiers limits victory to staying under a chosen value of tiers which increments for every tower/ upgrades/ hero/ level purchasedWe added these special conditions for victory as we thought they would be fun on their own, but we also have them in mind for the Contested Territory update coming later this year, as a variety of victory conditions will make the team dynamics needed ...Bloons TD 6 - Update Notes! Version 30.0Feb 7, 2022 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/34128020/ad1e03efe126efb27343157cbc92b56cfbe31528.jpgBloons TD 6 v30.0 - Update NotesKey New FeaturesCo-op Split Editing! We’ve wanted this for a long time and have had bits of it working, but we’re pleased to start the 2022 updates with this great quality of life feature.Players creating Co-op lobbies can now choose which Co-op split to use for the matchNot content with just the change in splits, we’ve added 2 new splits (Radioactive and Stairs) that will make their way into Co-op Challenges and even Boss Events, and of course also be an option for player-created Co-op games. We’re hoping to see some awesome content creator games and challenges come out of this!New AwesomeNew Map, Sunken Columns - absolutely a rock hard tribute to one of the new maps in Battles 2 but custom made for all the sight, overblockers, and co-op nuances of BTD6New Hero Skin, Psimbals - you thought playing several instruments was difficult? Try playing them telekinetically at the same time! A very different take on Psi - hope you enjoy!New AchievementsSticky Situation - Glue 500,000 BloonsBig Spender - Spend 1,000,000 cash in one roundThe Daily Reid - Win 365 unique daily challengesI'll Be Back - Spend 1,000 MM on Continues or CheckpointsNew Monkey KnowledgeBionic Augmentation - Allows Turbo Charge ability to grant boomers camo visionBonus Glue Gunner - Instead of a free Dart Monkey, you may now choose to start with a free Glue Gunner instead.X-ray Ultra - Allows Ultravision super monkeys to see, target and shoot through blocking objects.New Trophy Store ItemsHeroes: Striker Jones - german shepherd pet, ETn Beam Down placementMonkeys: Necromancer Wizard Chomp Zombies projectile swap, Heli Pilot Hummingbird petBloons: BAD Whale skinCo-op: Thinking Monkey emoteGame & UI: Flower Patch road spikes skin, Monkey Boost - Sugar Rush, Avatar 57 - Explorer Monkey Sub, Avatar 58 - Fusty Ice CreamLimited Time only {trophy items if there’s a seasonal}Bloon decal - daisy chain circletDruid Spring avatarObyn Peace emoteSo Buzzed profile bannerCompetition Winner bannersDoodle Brilliance banner by bonbonni (*Now chompypaw)Arcanum Necronicom by _Concilliabule_Big Changes / AdditionsSound controls - By popular request (and sometimes demand), you now have more audio control over your Heroes and chaotic critters.Pet sounds can now be toggled separately to other sound effects.Additionally Hero Voices has instead been moved over into its own slider.Trophy Store filters - If your Trophy Store inventories are like some of ours, we all know some organization was due.Added subcategory filters to each store section and the inventory to help find what you’re looking forClarifying as this was not mentioned in the Preview Notes - the Trophy Store will now be unavailable for use whenever mods are active. Removing any mods from the install directory should restore it again. To be clear the goal here is purely to prevent players from bricking their accounts if they do mod, not to detra...Bloons TD 6 - Update Notes! Version 29.0Dec 7, 2021 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/34128020/e833ac54cdfea7b7a6c4ebf135211ecf51579152.jpg​ Bloons TD 6 v29.0 - Update Notes!Key New FeaturesNew Paragon Tower: Navarch of the Seas!Bringing all 3 paths together under the command of a sharply dressed, market-savvy, pirate-code-adhering military arch-commander. No need for a bigger boat here.We enjoyed bringing Navarch into the mix as it covers both military category and water-heavy maps. With an emphasis on boat farming, destroyer spam for early rounds, and pop farming with active use of hooks it makes it a very different and fun road to Paragon. Portable Lake spam in non-ranked games has also led to some good laughs.Co-op Lobbies 2.0!We have condensed the UI flow of co-op lobby creation, allowing more options to be picked after creating the lobby instead. Number of slots, Map, Difficulty & Mode are now all instead chosen within the lobby itself.Once made public, these elements cannot be changed, in an effort to prevent co-op teams coming together but then bailing if the host changed settings.Along with this Local Join Lobbies will now display player profile/avatar/banner rather than the map, as these feel like more important factors in a local search situation now.Co-op quick match buckets reworked into: Any game, Medium Game & Long Game. The removal of short/easy button is a response to players mostly choosing longer games and in the interest of encouraging players to try more options, even if they have to lean on and learn from their teammates. Short/easy games will still come up in Any searches, and players who want that can Create Match and make that public for other Any players to join.New AwesomeNew Intermediate map: Quiet StreetChill out and enjoy the holiday here! Doubles up Trophy Store tracks Winter Nights (new) or Sunset - Silent really well.Might look easy but side by side paths can create pierce-through issues when you least expect itNew Hero Skin: Ezili - Galaxili skinAnd so she’s back, from outer space…Galaxili’s vibe is very different from her main, we hope you enjoy the way she reaches for the starsNew Achievements: Davids vs Goliath, So Spiiicey Ninja Kiwi, No Harvest, Student Loans, New Trophy Store ItemsHeroes: Psi Bison petMonkeys: Village - Australia FlagCo-op: Emote - Cool Ben, Emote - Biker Bones RageGame & UI: Time Stop Matrix skin, Avatar 52 - Boomerang, Avatar 53 - Pirate Captain, Avatar 54 - Geometric Quincy, Music Track Winter Nights Chilled MixLimited Time only trophy items:We tried to make these extra fun to grab with enough time and Trophies over the holiday to do soAvatar 55 - Star Topper Adora, Mortar - Snow Explosions, Doomsleigh DDT skin, Elf Hat Bloons decal, Energised Christmas Tree totemCommunity Winner banner trophy items:Leaping Into Space: Player Banner 8, community winner GalaksyzFace The Sun: Player Banner 9, community winner BohrokkiBig Changes / AdditionsAdded 2 new sliders for people to play with in the Challenge Editor. An Ability Cooldown % modifier as well as a Remo...Bloons TD 6 - Update Notes! Version 28.0Oct 13, 2021 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/34128020/edbbb0fcae5c46282064421037d88c8c3425b7b0.jpgBloons TD 6 v28.0 - Update Notes!Key New FeaturesCo-op Boss Events!Play with friends or open up a public match and find how much fun co-op bosses can beDon’t be Player 3 - coordinate farming and placement to tip the fun:frustration ratio to the fun side (frunstration isn’t a word but should be)Ranked Boss leaderboards!Not content with just co-op Bosses, we wanted to give extra challenge through ranked playWhile not a race, Ranked Boss games time your play while the Boss is onscreen through the completion of the round on which the Tier 5 Boss is poppedLeaderboards are unique for 1p, 2p, 3p, and 4p so you can show up on multiple leaderboards but you will only receive rewards for your best normal and best elite placementNote there are timer penalties for stalling, so don’t try a stalling strat. Careful with those Cripple Snipers; put them on First.New Boss added - Lych, the GravelordWhile some BTD fans want to see all of the known BMC bosses, we wanted to make it clear that we are committed to introducing new content and mechanics to keep the BTD universe dynamic and challengingTrue to its name, Lych draws power from others, draining buffs from Monkey Towers and stealing any Monkey’s lifeforce when sold to heal itself (avoid buff Alchemists and other familiar activated boosts!)When damaged to a Skull level on its health bar, the Lych is ethereally immobilized as it revives undead MOAB class Bloons, releases the stiletto-fast Lych-Soul, and steals lives as long as it remains etherealRevivified MOABs and the Lych-Soul must be destroyed before Lych will return to normal stateDue to their sheer awesomeness, Heroes are immune to the Lych’s buff drain effectThe Lych can revive all MOAB class Bloons besides BADsNew Paragon - Ascended Shadow NinjaTo combat this new evil, the Ninja Paragon unleashes its triple mastery on Boss BloonsPainfully expensive but deals incredible damage, especially at high DegreeMore New AwesomenessNew Beginner Map - The Cabin, perfect for a dark, spooky night’s playNew Hero Skin - Viking Sauda brings all the axetasticnessNew Achievement - Perfect ParagonNew Boss Music track - Onslaught will play with Lych events but is not exclusive to Lych (not going to be a new music track per Boss, for game footprint issues)New Trophy Store ItemsHeroes: Sentai Churchill Scifi Drone petMonkeys: Monkey Village Canada flag, Glue Gunner Rat pet, Buccaneer Narwhal pet, Bats Upgrade FXCo-op: Pleeeease Monkey Emote, Panic Monkey EmoteGame & UI: Sun Temple Banner, Best Ben avatar, Action Psi avatar, Community Avatar Lead Zeppelin by waywardzuckLimited Time onlyHockey Mask limited Halloween avatarVampire Hunter Engineer projectiles swapJack-o-Lantern ZOMGVampire Cape BloonsHaunted House music trackGhosts’n’Candy BannerQuality of Life & Other AdditionsAdded a ‘Review Map’ option to all game modes which will allow you to look over your towers after any victory or defeat, mainly to look...Bloons TD 6 - Update Notes! Version 27.0Jul 25, 2021 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/34128020/b93b5683a05767e3184fb33f7cf93fee6315f8a9.jpgBloons TD 6 v27.0 - Update Notes!Key FeaturesNew Boss Bloon Event! Face off against the mighty hulk known as Bloonarius the Inflator!In Events intended to run each week, the Boss will appear on a different map to enhance the variety of tactical decisions around economy and placement. Bosses start appearing at Round 40 and the Tier 5 appears at round 120. Each Tier Boss must be defeated within 20 rounds of its appearance or it’s Game Over.Defeat the Tier 5 Normal Boss to unlock the Elite Boss for a whole new level of challenge. We mean it - Elite is bonkers monkey tough. Beating Tier 5 Normal and Elite Bosses award new badges to show off on Player Profile screens. An Elite badge is a true accomplishment - wear them with pride!Boss Events feature a checkpoint save system instead of normal continues, creating a save at the start of each new Boss Tier.Because of downstream Co-op and competitive Leaderboard features we intend to add in future updates, Boss Events can only be played while online.Difficulty Fair Warning - Bosses are designed to be crazy challenging! If you are new to BTD6, make sure you can win most hard modes and really know how to farm well and maximize tower damage before you take on a Boss. Expect defeat. Nay, revel in it - bathe in anguish then emerge smarter, more capable, and with improved tactics that help you get further each time. If you have built up a stockpile of Powers and Insta Monkeys, feel free to use them - they are not required but they are certainly fair game. And, yes, build those Paragons...New Paragon Tower Tier!Paragon status granted to Dart Monkey and Boomerang Monkey, unleashing the might of the Apex Plasma Master and the Glaive Dominus!Merge together all three Tier 5 upgrades of one Monkey Tower type to create an ultimate version that combines the powers of all 3 paths and deals incredible bonus damage to Boss Bloons.Paragon Tier has a significant XP cost and can only be unlocked after unlocking the Tier 5 upgrade of all 3 paths.In battle, Paragons gain strength by absorbing the power of all Monkey Towers of that type on the playfield - the greater the number and effectiveness of the Monkey Towers absorbed, the greater the Degree of Paragon you will create! Paragon Degrees start at 1 and reach a maximum Degree of 100.Once created, Paragons cannot be buffed by other towers, nor can their transformation price be reduced.Co-op Rejoining! We’ve been working on this for some time, and we are delighted to announce support for crashed/disconnected games. Player towers & cash will no longer be immediately distributed when a player disconnects but give time for the disconnected player to rejoin. If remaining players know the disconnected player won’t return or do not want to wait, disconnected players can be removed within the co-op menu depending on player position. Please note that some games will not be recoverable if multiple players disconnect...Bloons TD 6 - Update Notes! Version 26.0Jun 3, 2021 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/34128020/c45cddabb7c71660346abc25a5bb584879fdc042.jpgBloons TD 6 v26.0 - Update Notes!New AwesomeNew Hero: Psi the Psionic Monkey, a youthful hero who uses their mental abilities over any distance to hold and unravel Bloons from the inside outNew Expert Map: Sanctuary - where you can be mindful of the movement of things around youNew AchievementsSo Shiny!Glittering GoldGlorious GoldMagical GoldHook, Line, and SinkerMoving HouseSocial ButterflyAchievement of AchievementsTeam PlayerTeam Captain Ultimate Team-upNew Trophy Store ItemsHeroes: Etienne Roomba pet, Ezili Glyph Materialization placementMonkeys: Village Scotland Flag, Village NZ Flag, Village Banana FlagBloons: Beard Bloons decal, Old Timey MOAB-Class BloonsCo-op: Activate! emote, Tumbleweed emote, Skull and Crossbones emote,Game & UI: Music Track Tropical Carnival Octopus Mix, Avatar 42 - Corporate PatchCommunity Winner avatars- Avatar 40 Harlegwen PFP by u/Qqertynn - Avatar 41 Flash Bomb by u/_Concilliabule_ Limited Time only4 cool items you can be the first to grab when it gets nearer to shooting off fireworks (135 total trophy cost if you want to start saving!)Key FeaturesPlay Social - The Co-Op main menu button has been updated to make room for more social features, including the Content Browser and visibility to weekly Co-Op challenges when those are running. We’re keen to keep adding more fun ways to play together and share creations, so watch for more here in future updates!Odyssey Creator & Browser! You’ve been able to make your own Challenges - now put them together in player-created Odysseys! Use all of the features you’d expect from Challenge creation but put them together with a theme, Odyssey difficulty (including Extreme!), and Crew restrictions and make the best Odysseys you can dream up for friends and community.Monkey Teams: Stick to the chosen team to earn extra rewards! To mix things up with an alternative to the Golden Bloon, Monkey teams will be assigned to a random map in each category similar to the Golden Bloon, however for this event players have the option of beating the map using only their hero along with 3 randomly selected towers. If the game is completed without breaking this team rule then a small monkey money bonus will be awarded. Monkey Teams and Golden Bloon will alternate for variety, and both can be running while Collection Events are on.Big Changes / AdditionsFreeplay rounds from 121 to 140 have now been added in the default round set, so like the recent 101-120 additions, these will now be consistent rounds. Interesting, I wonder if Ninja Kiwi is up to something...Minor tweaks have been made to the previously added 101 - 120 fixed freeplay rounds.Player regions in Co-op are now labelled with their nameBug Fixes & General ChangesPerformance optimizations made to tower targetingLocalization corrections made - native and fluent speakers please keep flagging non-English translations that are bugging you!Resolved an issue where towers ...Bloons TD 6 - Update Notes! Version 25.0Apr 15, 2021 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/34128020/0bbda72d6b09d4bf458315dee4225d1d71afe878.jpgBloons TD 6 - Update Notes! Version 25.0New AwesomeNew beginner map ResortNew ETn skin for EtienneNew non-trophy Music Track Sails Again, playable anytime via the Jukebox. Spice Islands, Off the Coast & Lotus Island also now rock this awesome track by default.New Trophy Store ItemsHeroes: Sauda Crane Pet, Pat Super Jump PlacementMonkeys: Banana Farm Chicken, Monkey Village Brazil Flag, Monkey Village USA Flag (whoever makes the most noise gets their flag next, and by noise we mean youtube and twitch views!)Bloons: BTD4 Retro MOAB Skin, BTD4 Retro BFB SkinCo-op: Player Numbers Emote, Trophy Winner EmoteGame & UI: Sharp Sauda Avatar, Portable Lava LakeGame & UI: 2 Community designed Competition Avatarsu/ReconScoutTeemo Penguin Friendu/Cyliia Gloo GunnerLimited Time: It’s a surprise, but keep your eyes out for a new item that first weekend in MayKey FeaturesMini-Races - for granular ad hoc competition and more rewards! Don’t worry - you don’t have to race twice! Instead, all Racers now submit their scores to 2 leaderboards. The Mini-Race leaderboard (look for the tab button on the leaderboard screen) will segment players into smaller groups of 100 on a first come first added basis when your first time is recorded.We love the fierce competition at the very top of the full leaderboard, but for players unable to compete for those wickedly fast times, we wanted to offer the chance to shine on their own more granular leaderboards and enjoy the excitement of shaving just a fraction of time from your score to move up the standings.Yes, there’s a little Contested Territory (Bloons Monkey City, and Adventure Time TD) thinking here but we wanted to greatly expand the range of competition within those pools so 100 players per Mini-Race made sense for that.No, there are no badges for the Mini-Races, as it is incredibly important to us to not dilute the prestige of the main board rankings and badges.Veteran Levels have been added to the game! After reaching max level, players can now continue to earn additional Veteran Levels. Every one of these requires a substantial amount of experience, but that per level requirement stays flat.We have been listening to the feedback on this topic - ranging from requests to increase the Player Level Max, adding stats that would track total xp, or create a paragon-style system.We will raise the Player Level Max at some intentionally non-committal time in the future but only after we have further narrowed the delta between the available Monkey Knowledge Points including achievements and the total MK Points that can be spent.Veteran Levels allow the awesome number of super dedicated players to keep earning XP and compete for bragging rights on an upcapped scale, but without unbalancing the Monkey Knowledge system.And don’t worry about your Veteran Levels when we do raise the Player Level Max. At that time any Veteran Level player will start earning XP toward ...Bloons TD 6 becomes $2, hits an even more ridiculous player count recordMar 22, 2021 - PCGamesNI look at the Steam charts to see what's hot on Valve's platform. And every day, I am once again surprised to see Bloons TD 6 hanging among Steam's most popular titles. The colourful tower defense game suddenly exploded in popularity late last year after a substantial sale and some big Twitch streams, and now another discount has brought the game to even greater heights. Bloons TD 6 went 80% off over the past week (sorry, the sale just ended), which isn't even the biggest sale in the game's history. Nevertheless, it brought the game to a peak of 53,943 concurrent players yesterday, as SteamDB shows, up by over 10k from the previous peak in January, which happened after a 90% discount. Tower defense is a venerable subgenre of strategy games, and the Bloons series has plenty of nostalgia built up from its days as a free Flash game, but it's still wild to see Bloons TD 6 in comparable standing to Steam games as massive as Destiny 2 and Civilization VI. Read the rest of the story... RELATED LINKS: Steam's latest hit is… Bloons TD 6? Bloons TD 6 - Update Notes! Version 24.0Mar 10, 2021 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/34128020/8ff4df19e9594dcaed69d459cdbf21a888fd3cf1.jpg Bloons TD 6 v24.0 - Update Notes!New AwesomeNew Melee hero - Sauda the Swordmaster, to hack, slash and slice your way to victory.Melee towers have a long history of discussion by both dev team and community. We’ve enjoyed adding them to the mix with Pat Fusty, and several characters in BATTD. The design concept for Sauda has been around for a few years, and we truly hope the many, many players who have asked for a “sword hero” over the years will enjoy!New Intermediate map Balance. You can play it in CHIMPS right now using this challenge code: ZMUHSGKNew Benjamin skin Sushi Bento - treat him nicely or else there’s NO SUSHI FOR YOU!The Golden Bloon has returned! A chosen map in each difficulty will now contain an extra Golden Bloon every 10 rounds, these Golden Bloons can get tricky to pop on the higher rounds but do not cost any lives when they escape. If popped successfully every Golden Bloon will reward a small monkey money bonus. (Gold Bloons will not spawn in Deflation or CHIMPS modes)Golden Bloon is another design item we’ve had on the “add this” list since BTD6 was launched. We had fun adding the Golden Bloon to BTD5 and even more frustrating fun when it went into BSM2, so for BTD6 we wanted to take elements of each and make it work even better with the scaling power of BTD6. And who doesn’t love-hate treasure gobliny things!We’ve felt it ourselves and had feedback from players that they like chasing the Collection Reward bonuses on different maps and that they’d like to have a way to earn a bit more Monkey Money each game. Adding the Golden Bloon helps address those items, and making it evolve and stay relevant as late round power grows feels good to us from a design side. We hope you enjoy!New Trophy Store ItemsHeroes: Benjamin Matrix PlacementMonkeys: Ninja kiwi ninja pets for Ninja Kiwi fans (yes, we finally put a kiwi in the game!)Bloons: Flowers Pop FXCo-op: Dancing Monkey emote, Blooming Flowers emoteGame & UI: 3 Community designed Competition Avatarsu/mutamarkl: Tack Monkey - Congratulations!u/Kuzuyku: Powerful Sentai - Congratulations!u/Concilliabule: Intense Wizard - Congratulations!To the other 7 winners and the many contributors and voters - thanks so much for your patience. We didn’t want to flood the Trophy Store or profile inventory all at once, and we want each group of winners to have some time in the sun. The others will be coming in the next updates!Limited Time only: Obyn Bunny Pet, Obyn’s Eggs Avatar, Chocolate MOAB, Chocolate BFB, Bunny Ear Bloons, Dartling Easter Eggs projectiles for Buckshot & Hydra RocketsRace Pass IAPs have been added to the game (in a block of 4, or a discounted block of 12). Each Race Pass will grant unlimited Race Entries for one entire Race Event.Races have been a locus of some of the most dedicated BTD6 play in the game, and we’ve been putting a lot of effort into keeping Races challenging and working with community race ...Bloons TD 6 - Update Notes! Version 23.0Feb 1, 2021 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/34128020/678fc2d7dd8f120e505e947ec3efeb8efa40abfc.jpgWe’re back from holidays mini-update!New AwesomeNew Expert Map, Ravine!New Trophy Store ItemsMonkeys: Pineapple projectiles for Spiked Ball factory Bloons: Trucker Hats, Lantern BFB skin, Pow Pop FXGame & UI: BMC Street Party music track, Kabuki Ninja avatar, Heli Pilot avatarChallenge Browser changes / additionsChallenges now allow users to toggle between Player Completion Rate (current number, which displays % of players who have beaten the challenge) & Win Rate (displays the total % of wins against losses)Challenge Browser now supports an option to “hide” challenges from searches if you have already completed themAdded a ‘follow user’ option & ‘Following’ search to the challenge browserChallenges that have been greyed out in searches from a previous version of the game will now update to blue again if they are passed on a newer version without using double cash by enough playersChallenge browser now supports filtering challenges by maximum number of rounds & minimum number of rounds. This filter will unfortunately not work on existing challenges. Challenge browser win rates now support displaying >99% & 24xx Juggernaut pierce reduced from 100 -> 50xx4 Sharpshooter attack rate increased from 0.85 -> 0.75xx4 Sharpshooter damage reduced from 6 -> 5T5's both remain the same Boomerang Monkey Small price adjustment to push when you get this tower a little closer to when it’s useful. 5xx Glaive Lord price reduced from $40,000 to $35,000 Bomb Shooter Small nerf to the regular-Bloon power of MOAB Mauler’s domination. x3x MOAB Mauler bonus to Ceramic reduced from 4 -> 3x4x MOAB Assassin unchanged Tack Shooter With pierce and range on the base Tack Zone so high that increases weren’t noticeable the middle crosspath was underserved. To balance crosspathing we have reworked the base Tack Zone around lower values then improving them greatly for the crosspaths. xx5 The Tack Zone damage increased from 1 -> 2xx5 The Tack Zone range reduced from 46 -> 30xx5 The Tack Zone pierce reduced from 9 to 4025 The Tack Zone range increased to 50025 The Tack Zone pierce increased to 10 Ice Monkey Ice Monkey power is currently too bottom heavy and mid-to-higher tiers are neglected, so some tweaks to mid-tier upgrades have been made. 4xx Embrittlement price reduced from $3000 -> 2200x3x Arctic Wind price reduced from $3200 -> 2900xx3 Cryo Cannon price reduced from $2000 -> 1750x4x Snowstorm ability cooldown decreased from 60s -> 30 Glue Gunner Adjustments to top-path upgrades to make each step more noticeable. Very small nerf to the slow amount on MOAB Glue as it has for a long time held a dominating spot in MOAB support, but this same amount has been returned to the previous value at Tier 4. We are still looking at future improvements here, including reworking the priority tree of glue stacks. 3xx Bloon Dissolver price reduced from $2700 -> 26004xx Bloon Liquifier pierce increased from 1 -> 2xx3 MOAB G...Steam's latest hit is... Bloons TD 6?Jan 5, 2021 - PCGamesNI like to browse the Steam charts sometimes. It's partly for fun, just to see what weird games are climbing up the rankings, but it's also partly for work, as I now get to tell you that Bloons TD 6 is suddenly one of the top games on Valve's platform. Yes, that's the latest entry in the Bloons Tower Defense series, those games you probably remember playing in your browser over a decade ago. Bloons TD 6 peaked at 43,629 players today, as SteamDB shows. That makes it the 23rd-biggest Steam game for the day, sandwiched right between venerable hits like Terraria and Civilization 6. The game's daily highs have been steadily rising just before Christmas, when the Steam Winter Sale brought the price down just under one dollar. What can I say? Tower defense is fun, Bloons is cute and nostalgic, and one United States dollar is a fine price to pay for any videogame. A number of Twitch streamers, including xQc, picked the game up during its sale period, which certainly added to the popularity, as well. Read the rest of the story... Bloons TD 6 - Update Notes! Version 22.0 - Long live the Dartling Gunner!Dec 2, 2020 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/34128020/3e86c4608edbd16b62871456c72e333f41ac6b67.jpgBloons TD 6 v22.0 - New Awesome FeaturesDartling Gunner! After a long time in design and development, we are delighted to present the BTD6 version of this multipurpose beast tower!BTD5 and Battles players will notice a few key differences in the BTD6 version, most importantly not being able to detect camo without middle path and pushing Depleted Bloontonium style popping power into the second path 3rd tierSwivel speed added to all Dartlings, which was important for co-op syncLocking rotation added as a targeting option to the base tower for ease of use (and a related monkey knowledge ability that allows you to panic unlock all Dartlings - see Emergency Unlock)Variety of range and placement strengths and weaknesses across all 3 paths, with attention to crosspathing variety and tier 5 specializationHow do you get access to Dartling? Check the gift box on the main menu - it’ll tell you how many pops you need to unlock it and start blasting Bloons!Obyn Redfoot, Mountain Guardian skin and VO addedNew MapsBeginner map - SkatesAdvanced map - X FactorNew Monkey Knowledges & One EditEmergency Unlock (Dartling Knowledge; note this can’t be "tech-botted")Cross the Streams (Dartling Knowledge)Gorgon Storm (Dartling Knowledge)Grand Prix SpreeFirst Last Line of DefenseMonkeys Together StrongFlanking ManeuversAmbidextrous ‘Rangs changed to Recurring ‘Rangs, and all Boomerang Monkeys have now become Ambidextrous by default; if you had Ambidextrous ‘Rangs already, it will switch automatically to Recurring ‘RangsChallenge Browser with Win %, Ratings, and FavoritesNew browser-system to allow for easier searching of player-made challengesMany changes made to the storage and setup of custom player-made challengesPlayer-made challenges now record a soft clear-rate percentagePlayer-made challenges can be added to Favorites and will now allow others to ‘Like’ a challenge after an attemptBrowser-system will support a few different methods of sorting through challenges; Trending, Newest, Most Liked, Casual & Expert as wellAdditional browsing based on your interactions: Favorites, Your Challenges, Played Challenges, and Saved Games (up to 10)New Challenge Editor option: Regrow Rate10 new AchievementsReady Player One?Crash of the TitansA La CodeRegiftedCoupon CrazyInstant GratificationInsta CenturyLimited RunTools to DarwinPlus one more to find!New Trophy Store ItemsHeroes: Dread Pirate Brickell - Parrot PetMonkeys: 3 items in the limited time list belowBloons: Frozen Glacier MOAB, Snowflakes Pop FXCo-op: Ezili Facepalm emote, Celebration emoteGame & UI: Music Track - Jingle Bloons, Iceberg Pontoon, Monkey Ace Avatar, Dartling Gunner AvatarLimited Time only: Fusty the Snowman - Penguin Pet, Presents Upgrade Fx, Candy Cane ‘Rangs, Monkey Village - Elf Pet, Red Nose MOAB-Class decal, Santa Hats Bloon Decal, Retro Techbot, Bauble Mine, Happy Holidays emote, Ninja Avatar, Patch AvatarNoteworthy Changes / Ad...Bloons TD 6 - Update Notes! Version 21.0Oct 14, 2020 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/34128020/29cf17d0a237ab9bf0f752ecf52769b2ab234dfa.jpgNew AwesomeNew map Encrypted - Do you dare enter the ruins to discover the ancient secrets? At least 4 new spooooky AchievementsOathbreakers - Summon a giant army of the undead!Freaky Friday - Using Transforming TonicLiving on the Edge - Win non-CHIMPS/Impoppable with 1 life leftMonkey Fan Club - Create or Login to your Ninja Kiwi accountNew Trophy Store ItemsMonkeys: Super Monkey Bat pet, Ghost Upgrade FX, Sub Ducky PetBloons: Skeleton BADCo-op: Scream emote!Game & UI: Etienne Avatar, Mortar Avatar, Flamenco - Synthwave music track, Super Vampire Storm skinLimited Time Only during the Halloween event! Get these Trophy Store items while you can!Bomb Shooter Pumpkin Bombs, Banana Farm Candy Corn 'Nanas, Monkey Ace Bone Darts, Bones Pop FX, Hatchet Bloons, Frankenmonkey Avatar, Wolf Monkey Avatar, Coffin Drop skin, Grim Farmer SkinKey FeaturesStats summary now displays upon Game Over in freeplayA rather massive behind the scenes overhaul of the Buff Icons system, and they will also not clip out the edges of the map anymore.The Insta-monkey system in BTD6 has evolved a lot since launch, from a farmable mechanic to grant easier wins into more of a collection system. With this, we have found that while the initial intention was to give a nice beefy reward for any win, this has resulted in Tier 3 and 4 insta-monkeys being far too common while Tiers 0-2 are much more coveted with no farmable way to get them. We have decided to work on this by redefining the free reward earned on round 100, instead of being a random chance of Tier 3 or 4 rewards will now follow this logicBeginner maps: Insta reward range Tier 0 to Tier 2Intermediate maps: Insta reward range Tier 1 to Tier 3Advanced maps: Insta reward range Tier 2 to Tier 4Expert maps: Insta reward range Tier 3 to Tier 4Round 200 and higher remains at the past Tier 3 to Tier 4 regardless of difficultyBig Changes / AdditionsFollowing up on the changes in 20.0 in relation to making for smaller and faster updates, additional changes have been made to more efficiently and correctly clean up old bundles when updating before downloading new & changed filesAdded Hover/Tap and hold state to all medals on the stats screenOdyssey Menu now supports the display of a seasonal themeAdded in a ‘Loop’ option to the Jukebox for current songAfter having had a name set at least once before, Monkey Names can now be edited from the Player profile pageAdded Search Functionality to the Achievements menuHidden Achievements now appear in the Achievements menu and display progress before being completely unlocked. Description & title will remain hidden until the achievement is earned. You can find these by searching for ‘???’Added a new ‘More Money Pack’ offering 20 Cash Drops, 5 Monkey Farmers & 5 Thrive boosters at a discounted priceBug Fixes & General ChangesCo-op Purchasing multiple continues in a row should no longer end in situations where the game is st...Bloons TD 6 - Update Notes! Version 20.1Sep 7, 2020 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/34128020/7b770742d20cdc7e2b29c408761404773963595e.png This update fixes a number of issues found within 20.0.You can view the full 20.0 Update Notes here. Bug FixesResolved a crash that could occur when selling Etienne after a level upResolved a crash from selling Etienne with Drone Swarm active then immediately placing him againResolved an issue where placing then selling and placing Etienne again would not display his Drone Swarm in the ability barLoading a save on Mesa after removing 1 rock should now correctly load that they are removedResolved some Placement issues on MesaResolved an issue causing Odyssey progress to become stuck after using certain powersResolved issues with Robo Monkey’s left arm not acquiring the correct targetsResolved some multipliers adding together incorrectly for Bloontrap’s Cash generationResolved an issue with the Mauling MOABs skin not cycling through damage statesResolved some crashes related to loading specific save games from 19.2Resolved an issue where the Banana Farmers removing corn on Cornfield would scale to random sizesResolved an issue causing Admiral Brickell to have no highlight outline when selectedBloons TD 6 - Update Notes! Version 20.0Sep 1, 2020 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/34128020/fe796627ab31e4979700c053865d2061c4046092.jpg ​ New AwesomeNew air-based drone hero, Etienne!Etienne controls an army of drones to take out the Bloons from above & behind cover, watch out for his abilities which supercharge his drones temporarily & unleash a barrage of Bloon doom from aboveNew Advanced Map, MesaNew Admiral Brickell Skin, Dread Pirate BrickellExpanded Odyssey Events systemExtreme Mode added! When set to Extreme mode once your monkeys are placed they are used up! Be careful how many you use on early islands!Do note that Heroes will always fight by your side and will not be consumed in Extreme mode.Odysseys now display a stats summary at the end with a number of interesting details including total time takenFinalized all the map statues for Odyssey, this now allows us to make any map available during the event. Which maps would you like to see next?Added Clear All Monkeys / Powers options for crew selectionAdded a number of new Odyssey related achievements!Odyssey crew panels now show their category coloringOdyssey events now offer a replay option after being completed, but note that this does not increase the rewards earned. The thinking behind this to try different builds and create personal challenges for friends and community.New Trophy Store itemsNew Player Icons for Adora, Engineer, Brickell & BenjaminNew Hero items Obyn Ghost Wolf, Ezili Frog & Striker Jones Paradrop placementNew Bloon Modifiers Top Hats, Mo’ Monkeys pop fx, Sci Fi BFB & Steampunk ZOMGNew Co-op emotes Let’s Go!, OK, Crickets, & Sparkling HeartsNew Music Track Sunset - Silent NightKey FeaturesCo-op players may now change their hero in the co-op lobbyRaces will now display a popup showing how much faster/slower you are doing compared to your best time every 5 roundsFortification Bands have been added to skinned versions of MOABsIn-game update notes can now be viewed from the options page on the main menuBig Changes / AdditionsA larger overall behind the scenes change splitting up our assets and the way they load/download. This won’t have too noticeable an impact on this update but in the future should allow us to have more flexibility in cutting down the size of updates.This should also help with memory, and help us find memory leaksThere were some good requests for help in something other than a Quincy start, so we have tweaked the Expert Infernal map slightly to allow for some more varied starting strategiesPrevented a crash or game quit upon the last seconds of a final round from failing to award a completion medalLots of changes related to the way the game saves & loads, should improve load times and load certain other things in a more natural statePurchasing any trophy items should correctly trigger an immediate backup to the serverInstamonkeys in combinations of 110/101/011 and 220/202/022 should correctly be able to appear in their respective drop pools for all cases of randomised Tier 1 & 2 InstamonkeysIncorrect or ‘Unknown Po...Bloons TD 6 - Update Notes! Version 19.2Jul 21, 2020 - Community Announcements19.2 Update Notes: Badges should again display & award correctly on Race leaderboardsCo-op cash earnings after round 80 should be correct againRobo-Quincy performance issues with Fireworks placement animation resolvedSpike Factory 3xx Spiked balls can now be correctly buffed by AlchemistSpike Factory 4xx & 5xx crosspaths should no longer reduce their bonus damage valuesBoomerang 5xx and xx5 both use their correct DoT animations againMK point ‘Very Shreddy’ should work as intended againMK pre-game prep once again works with ‘just 1 more’ MK 19.1 Update Notes that are included in 19.2 Little Kiwi Bird has migrated back to Bloody Puddles!Updated Odyssey rewards screen to support more than 2 rewards at a timeTapping an empty hero slot in Odyssey crew selection now swaps to the hero pageDuring tutorial Quincy no longer shows Hero Booster as it cannot be purchased yetResolved some visual issues with viewing an Odyssey as internet disconnectsReworked some Odyssey handling when receiving rewards after event has endedResolved a possible crash that occurs upon selling EngineersResolved a crash for low-end devices when purchasing a trophy store item then selecting a different item before the purchase finishes processingOdyssey Monkey was sent back to boot camp and now correctly lifts his sword when the boat is in motionIn Odyssey after clearing at least 1 island losing lives then returning to menu without winning or losing your next will no longer set the current lives in that save game to your new ‘max lives’ if you lose or restart that gameImproved performance of setting a new name for a monkeyResolved some issues with ranking display & top 50 medal in racesResolved a bug with application of the freeplay scale that begins on round 81, this was causing a number of weird issues to occur after round 80 & in sandbox (including reduced cash)Resolved purchases of Red Hot Spikes only giving 1 pile (Should give 5 per 50mm)Fixed Wizard's xx2 Monkey Sense upgrade translation for PortugueseFixed Druid's xx5 Avatar of Wrath upgrade translation for PortugueseBloons TD 6 - Update Notes! Version 19.0Jul 8, 2020 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/34128020/60f9696f580f6c9964366ec9abac4d5867d41f3d.jpgNew AwesomerOdyssey Mode is here! Join Modysseus on an epic adventure each week!Earn Trophies by completing Easy, Medium, or Hard OdysseysChoose the Hero, Monkeys, and Powers that will allow you to win each map in that OdysseyUniquely themed Odyssey challenges each weekOdyssey badge to show off total Odyssey stars collected (find it in your Main Menu Profile)Trophy Store with a ton of monkeytastic cosmetic items including:Hero Pets & special Hero placement animationsCrazy Bloon Skins and decalsAwesome new Co-op Emotes of all varieties, even audio (apologies in advance!)Brand new Jukebox remix tracks never heard before!Signature Profile Avatars, with their own unique stylesNamed Monkeys for Custom Tower Names & stat trackingNew Octojones skin for Striker JonesIn keeping with Odyssey, the Lotus Island beginner map, sporting some new interactive techKey Notes and Other New FeaturesDouble Cash mode will now apply in co-op mode for players who own it!Odyssey Notes:Odyssey has been a long time coming - we wanted to make it as variable and customizable as possible at launch, with extensible systems that allow it to evolve update to update; thanks, awesomer community, for your requests and patience!Trophy rewards do not stack from difficulty to difficulty - the 50 Trophies from Hard difficulty is the maximum, so if you play Easy and win 15, then play Medium which has a 25 Trophy base reward, you will only get the 10 Trophy delta between those two reward levelsBadge stars also do not stack - the 5 stars from Hard is the maximum per Odyssey; we made both of these design calls so players do not feel compelled to play all 3 Odysseys to maximize rewards or bragging rights - play all 3 only if you’ll have fun doing that!Powers can be purchased in-game up to the value that you put into your Crew loadout; for instance, you don’t have to have 5 Supermonkey Storms to allocate 5 to your Crew loadout and doing that gives you the option to buy up to that Crew allocated number if you find that you need themA few things that work differently for Odyssey - no freeplay, no replays of completed maps or difficulties, and no co-op; our goal was to keep Odyssey purely focused on challenging, multi-map, single-player adventures - then evolve from thereTrophy Store Notes:Trophy Store has also been a long time coming, ever since we introduced Trophies in Races - some of you knew they’d be good for something!Races and Odysseys are the only way to obtain Trophies in the gameWe started with a wide range of Store items so that any stockpiled Trophies could be put to good use, but for all but the top Racers there should be plenty of items to go afterIntent is to offer a smaller set of new Trophy Store items with most UpdatesWe look forward to your feedback about which items you’d like to see more of!Remember you can mute co-op emotes if you are tired of seeing (and hearing!) themThe Bloon skins currently only ap...Bloons TD 6 - Patch Notes! Version 18.1Jun 2, 2020 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/34128020/2e8fdd5cd3f1e4a6e5d6b1c45bc2c44f88b0eb68.pngBug Fixes & General ChangesProfile stats should no longer be limited by integer capsRemoved glitched highest rounds from profile statsLoading saves & ‘Retry Last Round’ no longer count towards games played in statsAdmiral Brickell uses the correct XP curveFixed some sounds on Flooded ValleyResolved some placement issues between Frozen Over, Tree Stump & High FinanceBloons TD 6 - Patch Notes! Version 18.0May 26, 2020 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/34128020/6dde8687383c348c7bb386b9e13e282608911fc0.jpgAwesome New FeaturesNew water based Hero, Admiral Brickell2 Awesome New MapsExpert - Flooded ValleyIntermediate - Bazaar (Design by u/polavux, original post here.)2 New Monkey KnowledgesBank Deposits - Invest money into your banks to kickstart themAmbidextrous Rangs - Allow Boomerangs to swap their throwing handKey FeaturesAdded codeless ‘Local’ Matchmaking to co-op for users connected over the same wifiAdded Player Profiles, with lifetime records of your accomplishments.Players can view their own profiles, by interacting with a new avatar on the main menu, and pick up to 7 unique stats to share for anyone viewing the profileOther players will be able to view these shared stats on player profile popups found on leaderboards & in co-op lobbies.Added Player Stats recording to profiles & victory callouts to singleplayer gamesInsta Monkey collection pages now list your total collected # out of all 64 for each towerBug Fixes & General ChangesUpdated the text on the pre-game ‘update’ promptResolved some update messages not linking back to the correct store pageIncreased resolution for some victory callouts that were too smallResolved issues with some towers clipping their projectiles over their headsResolved some localization issues with JukeboxSwapping hero skin then loading save should no longer desync the portrait and modelResolved some UI panels displaying at incorrect timesHero upgrade pages should display the correct level when viewed in game nowResolved some issues with viewing challenge rulesMonkey Star Portrait in victory callout should display correctlyAchievement images on low-resolution devices should appear slightly less compressed now.Resolved an issue with UI panels appearing when they should notOptimized some code in the jukeboxIt should not be possible anymore to ‘miss’ an unlock if the game crashes on an unlock screenResolved some placement issues on Candy FallsDefault music for the map Logs has been set to Sunset SambaSquare towers place correctly on Frozen Over again Boomerang Monkey 400 Boomerang Monkey’s X is back on the hood Bomb Shooter 3xx and 4xx Descriptions updated to reflect range and frag changes Sniper Monkey x5x Elite Targeting has had an issue resolved where it was measuring track distance off-screen and thus triggering much later than intended on most maps Monkey Sub 2xx Advanced Intel no longer permanently breaks after being placed back down from a Door Gunner. Note that intel itself still can not apply when used as a Door Gunner Monkey Buccaneer x4x Monkey Pirates description updated & translated Heli Pilot x4x Towers in-transit from one location to another will no longer be sold when a platform that was supporting them is moved or destroyedx4x Redeploy should always drop onto the correct layer nowx4x Selling a Support Chinook will no longer occasional randomly sell other towersx4x Support Chinook will no longer crash the game attempting to redep...Bloons TD 6 - Patch Notes! Version 17.1Apr 19, 2020 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/34128020/72e8e5fd62cb744d4bb576ac34d58671cd87cb3b.pngBug Fixes & General ChangesResolved an issue preventing many specific achievements Resolved a rare crash upgrading Wizard to x5xFixed temple texture in the background on the main menuFixed removable object textures on spillwayFixed layering on Frozen Over from awarding correctlyResolved a save data issue causing decreased performance and memory crashesResolved an issue where 500 Monkey Ace would target DDTs (But deal no damage)Resolved an issue where 520 Monkey Ace could not damage DDTsWizard Lord’s minor Phoenix at x5x is now permanently permanent at all timesSupermonkey’s Darkshift now has audioMonkey Ace darts will no longer hit Camo Bloons without 520Effects will now render higher on Candy FallsImproved jukebox performance & added some polish that didn’t make 17.0Resolved an issue where 042 Buccaneer Bombs would not hit camoResolved an issue where recent 4xx Village buffs were lost at T5Engineers chosen as Door Gunners will now drop Sentries directly under the heliAdora can no longer target Door Gunners for sacrificeResolved an issue that could randomly cause multiple towers to sell at the same timeSniper Monkeys will no longer shoot during transit on regular RedeployResolved an issue preventing recently recovered Mana Shield from savingResolved a visual issue where Supermonkey xx5 Legend of the Knight’s Bloon Portal asset what not correctly clearing upon the tower being sold even though the effect endedResolved an issue attempting to redeploy a Dark Knight during Dark shiftResolved an issue where Dark Knight’s placed on Arctic Wind platforms could teleport onto water, instantly causing them to sell themselvesResolved a crash with Techbotting Dark KnightResolved a bug with turning off MK with an active door gunnerResolved a bug with spawning marines during redeployResolved a crash when collection events end while in a matchResolved a crash when restarting and hitting back on android at the same timeResolved an issue causing autostart to sometimes not work in co-opResolved a specific case crash during the tutorial You can see the full changes for 17.0 here.