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Sneak peek: Character talentsSep 17, 2021 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/33962671/67c182cc38b16cb9acb0179f174fb4bb77cea9f4.png Hello everyone! One of the most exciting additions in the next major update is going to be the brand new talent system. Talents are class-specific buffs and extra skills that you will be able to unlock with experience points gained from completing missions in the campaign. Talents serve to make the roles of different classes stand out better while allowing you to shape your characters more to your liking. They also make characters more valuable to the crew because of their new, more specialized proficiencies – in some cases, choosing the right talents can even allow you to craft previously uncraftable items! Engineers get talents to specialize in crafting, research and exploration, or the core engineer tasks aboard the sub. Mechanics can specialize in maintaining onboard machinery, boosting the performance of appliances, or exploration and prospecting. Doctor talents make you more skilled in keeping the crew alive, in crafting and genetics, or in supporting the rest of the group on away missions. Security officer specializations are geared towards protecting the ship and crew, survival outside the sub, and maximizing onboard weapons’ firepower. Captains can focus their talents on mastery of sidearms, efficient progression in campaigns, and commanding large co-operative crews. Assistants get their own talents, too, to make the most of the learning, dying, or clowning experience. What do you think? Our goal with talents is to allow players to specialize more, without losing the ability to perform a wide range of tasks regardless of class. You can read more about talents on our blog. Talents will be released as part of the alien ruins overhaul update, planned for the end of October. Stay tuned for more news about the update!Fix patch and summer’s end greetingsAug 25, 2021 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/33962671/5fb3affc3818a8d260e5e2b648bdb83f36e965a3.jpg Hello everyone, it’s been a while – we hope you’ve all had a great summer! We’re now back at work after our summer break, and today we have released a patch with a long list of fixes – find out more on our blog and see the full list of changes below. Be sure to update your game to the latest version. With these fixes released, we are already busy at work on the next major update. Stay tuned as we write more about the long-awaited alien ruins overhaul, coming later this year! v0.14.9.0 Changes: - If multiple turrets have been linked to the same loader, the turrets can't be swapped individually (both need to be swapped at the same time to prevent turrets from getting linked to an incorrect type of loader). - Emergency lights don't cast shadows by default (they have such a short range that disabling the shadows usually doesn't make a difference visually, but improves the performance of the subs). - Allow closing the submarine previews with esc. - Made ballast pumps in Kastrull's drone indestructible (because they're impossible to access without breaking the walls/floors). - Made exploding coilgun ammo more expensive and increased the capacity of the ammo boxes a bit. - Made pirate subs immune to ballast flora. - Security's stun guns spawn fully loaded. - Reduced escort missions' base commonness. Doesn't have an effect in the campaign because the commonness is defined in the mission events, but fixes escort missions being much more common than other mission types in mission mode. - Destroying a reactor with explosives depletes the fuel rods. - Hide the equipment slots and character portait in wiring mode. - Added platforms behind Remora Drone's hatches. Fixes: - Fixed enemies sometimes not spawning at all during a mission. Happened when the game selected the "stowaway" event to occur during the mission. - Fixed pirate and escort missions not being available from late-game outposts. - Fixed occasional "unauthorized multithreaded access to RandSync.Server" errors when starting a pirate mission in multiplayer. - Fixed crashing with a "E_INVALIDARG" SharpDXException if an ice spire happens to generate on a very short level wall edge. - Fixed crashing when trying to spawn inventory items for a character who left before respawning during the previous round. - Fixed batteries always recharging at "full speed" when not full, regardless of how much power is being drawn from the battery. E.g. a battery that's only connected to a lamp drawing 5 kW of power would always recharge at the full 500 kWmin. - Fixed traitor items sometimes spawning in non-interactable or hidden containers. - Fixed turret rotation limit widgets working unreliably in the sub editor. - Fixed barrels being misaligned on scaled turrets in the sub preview. - Stores don't offer/request sealed supply crates as daily specials. - Fixed campaign settings (radiation enabled, max missions) resetting when reopening the campaign...Update: Thunder Under The IceJun 17, 2021 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/33962671/3401fea9069f767fbc0886edb23119eaf8103b4a.png Ahoy! Thunder Under The Ice has just been released – take a look and find more missions, more guns, more events and a number of other fixes and improvements! See this earlier post for a summary of the update, and find the full changelog below for all the details. Be sure to update your game to the latest version to be able to host and join multiplayer servers. We hope you enjoy this update and wish you a beautiful summer! v0.14.6.0 Changes: - Submarine weapons can be swapped in the outposts. - Added Pulse Laser and Chaingun. - Added Canister Shells (a reloadable burst-type munition for the railgun). - Added escort missions. - Added pirate missions. - Option to choose multiple missions per level. - Made it possible to sell items on the sub through a new store tab in singleplayer. - Cargo now spawns in crate shelves and "Unit Load Devices" (large containers mostly used in cargo subs). The amount of cargo you can transport depends on the number of the shelves/ULDs, and the cargo mission rewards scale according to the cargo capacity. If there's no shelves or ULDs, you can still transport a small number of crates on the cargo room's floor like before. - Made upgrades affect all submarines. Old purchased submarines will have their upgrades overridden by the currently loaded submarine's upgrades. - The previous music track continues playing when the game switches back from the "intensity tracks" to normal music. - Made it possible to carry diving suits and toolbelts in hands. We could use some feedback on the way this works: is it intuitive, should there be a separate key for picking them up...? - The ice shards and exploding mushrooms in caves can be destroyed with weapons and explosives. - Added tracer particles to raycast projectiles (hitscan). - Increased sonar beacon range. - Color character names according to the team when using the Health Scanner HUD. - Allow combining elastin. - Character orders and ignore orders now persist between rounds and saved sessions. - Added indicators for the tasks the bots are currently doing when they are not following the orders. - Revisited the random (monster) events: more Watchers and Tigerthreshers, less Crawlers. Fixed a number of issues. Feedback appreciated. (WIP) - Numerous fixes and improvements on particle effects. - Changed how autonomous steering objective works. Captains now idle near the helm instead of standing next to the nav terminal. - Only show the "Save and Quit" button when the game can be saved. Renamed the button in the lobby to "Quit". Saving in multiplayer is done like in single player: on level transitions and on exit from an outpost. - Updated sounds for Endworm and the electrical discharger. - Increased the stun of smg rounds from 0.125 to 0.15 to give it a bit more stopping power. - Lowered Husks' health regeneration and bleeding reduction. Crawler Husks now regenerate too. Lowered their health a bit to compensate i...Update preview: Thunder Under The IceJun 11, 2021 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/33962671/3401fea9069f767fbc0886edb23119eaf8103b4a.png Hello everyone! The next Barotrauma update is on its way, to be released next week. Look forward to... New missions Cargo missions have been overhauled so cargo now spawns on shelves and in special Unit Load Devices. If you have none of those on your sub, a small amount of cargo will spawn on the floor. The more you can carry, the more money you will make. Escort missions of various kinds have been added: transport NPCs safely from one place to another, or move dangerous prisoners between outposts, or even pose as a transport vessel to flush out plotting terrorists. Pirate missions pit you against an enemy submarine, manned by hostile NPCs, that you need to defeat. Starting with this update, you can also have two missions per round to complete more objectives in one go. Submarine improvements New weapons! The pulse laser and the chaingun, along with their own special ammo types, and a new kind of ammo for the railgun are being added to improve your submarines’ offensive capabilities. Adding weapons to subs is now possible when docked at a colony. Submarine upgrades now apply to all your subs, not to individual boats. This way, changing to a new submarine won’t set you back in the game, and you can safely switch to a new submarine even below crush depth. Other additions Order persistence between campaign rounds means you will no longer have to assign the same order all over again at the start of every round. Crewmates – bots and people – will start a new campaign round with the same orders they had at the end of the previous one. Singleplayer: Sell items directly from the sub without carrying them: simply walk to the outpost merchant and use the newly added tab in the store. If this works well, something similar will probably be added in multiplayer too! Twelve new events that you can encounter aboard outposts for more story. Read more about it on our blog, and stay tuned for the release of Thunder Under The Ice next week!Two years of Early AccessJun 4, 2021 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/33962671/fe0b9c0bfdde1ec14ab5c4953c51c0662601b6d8.png The next Barotrauma update is getting closer, but before we get into the upcoming new content, we wanted to write a bit about something else. Tomorrow marks the 2nd anniversary of our Steam release, and looking back at the past year, we’re once again both amazed and grateful to see how far we’ve gotten and how many new submariners have joined us on our journey. Thank you to everyone who’s been with us and helped the game grow into what it is today! We feel the game and the community have taken a big leap forwards since the last anniversary: we’ve introduced some big, long-awaited features such as the explorable outposts, caves, the Abyss monsters from the legacy version, and too many smaller improvements and additions to count. Our player base has also more than doubled in size since last June! In our new blog post we talk a bit more about our journey so far, including some of the highlights and challenges we’ve faced during the game’s development and Early Access period. Take a look here, and have a great weekend!Fix patch for Embrace the AbyssApr 29, 2021 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/33962671/3ce796d9466e6c75565cb21b5ca10b995fb19085.png Hello everyone! We've just released a patch to address issues in the latest update. Notably, issues with submarine speed and maintain position, joining modded servers and voice chat quality should now be fixed. Please be sure to update your game, and see the full changelog below. A note about updating mods: Unfortunately, there may still be some issues with mods. If a mod fails to update automatically, please head to the in-game Steam Workshop menu and click "reinstall" next to the mod in question. If players who try to join your server get errors about mismatching mods, then you as the host may also need to reinstall mods in this way to make sure they're up to date. v0.13.3.11 Changes: - Adjusted autopilot logic to make it better at keeping the sub afloat when there's extra water on board. The maximum velocity of the autopilot is limited, which previously prevented it from emptying the ballast fully. Now it's only limited if the submarine is heading in the correct direction with enough speed, so if the sub starts sinking due to extra water, the autopilot can compensate and fully empty the ballast. - Made large monsters immune to sufforin. Fixes: - Fixes to issues that prevented mods installed from the Workshop from getting automatically updated and caused errors when trying to join modded servers. - Fixed an issue in the voice chat that caused audio crackling when multiple people were speaking at the same time. - Fixed inability to drag players who've ragdolled themselves with space bar. - Fixed certain submarines spawning with a non-neutral ballast level (Kastrull seems to have been the only affected vanilla submarine). Happened because the game would determine the neutral ballast level from the first nav terminal it finds in the sub, without checking whether that terminal controls a shuttle or the sub itself. - Fixed explosions using wall damage value instead of level wall damage when the explosion happens outside a level wall. - Fixed inability to place oxygenite tanks in oxygen tank shelves. - Fixed crashing when a bot tries to find a diving suit inside ruins. - Fixed minor wall draw order issue in Orca's top deck. - Fixed bots trying to treat nausea even though the only cure for it is to wait it out. - Fixed status monitor being messed up on mirrored subs that contain shuttles. - Fixed railgun payloads not exploding. - Fixed server sometimes assigning players who haven't set any job preferences as the captain, even if someone else wants to be the captain. - Fixed ancient weapon propelling the character in an incorrect direction when using it underwater. - Fixed sonar beacons not appearing on the sonar in the sub editor's test mode. - Fixed "easterbunny" traitor mission failing after the mudraptor hatches. - Fixed "changes to your character will be applied after the round ends" texts getting drawn behind the tab menu elements. - Fixed "IsToggle" setting not working on p...Barotrauma gets a colossal update to improve almost every part of the gameApr 23, 2021 - GamingOnLinuxBarotrauma, the sci-fi submarine sim I lovingly call a suffering simulator has just had massive Embrace the Abyss upgrade while in Early Access making it better than ever. Read the full article here: Update: Embrace the AbyssApr 22, 2021 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/33962671/3ce796d9466e6c75565cb21b5ca10b995fb19085.png Hello everyone! The Embrace the Abyss update has just been released. Please be sure to update your game to the latest version to be able to host and join multiplayer servers, and venture into the game now to find… Abyss monsters. New campaign features – side missions as world events, gate locations, optional radiation, and more! Abandoned outposts and related new missions. Numerous quality of life changes and player experience improvements. Please see this earlier post for a more detailed summary, and find the full changelog further down. We hope you enjoy this update! v0.13.0.11 Campaign changes: - Replaced "Lair" locations with "hunting grounds" in the connections between levels. Inhabited locations next to hunting grounds have a chance of getting abandoned and habitation can't spread through those levels to adjacent locations. The hunting grounds can be cleared by killing a boss monster in the level. - Beacon stations are shown on the campaign map. - Visual changes to the map to make it a bit more intuitive. - When you enter a level with a beacon station, you always get an optional side objective to restore it even if you haven't selected a beacon mission. - Added radiation on the campaign map: the intensity of the radiation around Jupiter is slowly increasing, which is forcing Europans to delve deeper under the ice. In practice, the radiation gradually destroys the outposts starting from the left side of the map, making it more dangerous and costly to stay in these areas. The intention behind this is to prevent players from farming resources indefinitely in the low-difficulty areas of the game before proceeding further. - Gating progress between biomes: you need a certain amount of money or reputation before you can enter the next biome. - Reworked exit points at uninhabited locations: there's a hole/tunnel above the start/end of the level the sub needs to enter to leave. Abyss: - Reintroduced Endworm and Charybdis. - Added floating islands that contain caves and rare minerals to the Abyss. New player experience: - Added in-game hints, designed to help with new player onboarding. Can be disabled in the settings. - Added text highlighting to mission descriptions. - Player-controlled characters get automatically assigned an appropriate order when the game starts to guide the player on what they should do and to make it easier to find the relevant device(s). - Changed the camera animation at the start of the campaign to show the entire outpost. - Display mission difficulty in the available missions list, the info tab, and the round summary. - Show an indicator when the campaign is saved. Changes and additions: - Added abandoned outposts. - New mission types for abandoned outposts: destroying the outpost, clearing a nest, hostage rescue and assassination. - Added entity subcategories to the submarine editor. - Added interactive submarine previews to the server lobby and "New...Update Preview: Embrace the AbyssApr 16, 2021 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/33962671/ec5fbab74a27c2cf1c826c8025a5d4ab37afd4a5.png Hello everyone! The next update, Embrace the Abyss, is coming next week. It’s a big update with a lot of additions to the campaign, new missions and monsters, as well as various changes to improve player experience; read more on our blog, and let us know what you’re looking forward to the most! Improving new player experience While Europa is unforgiving by its nature, we want to make Barotrauma a little less demanding to get the hang of. To this end, we’re adding… Contextual hints about the game that are shown when you encounter certain things for the first time during a round. More information in the info tab menu, and a new button for it to make the info tab easier to find. Interactable, large submarine preview wherever you see a thumbnail image of a submarine in-game. Mission difficulty indicators and boss creature health bars to help you pick your battles and win them too. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/33962671/be4cdbe3c7521e8127936639410ebfc2316226f4.png New campaign features We’re adding more story features to the campaign, in the form of slowly creeping radiation. On the flipside, you will need to take some time to build a reputation and upgrade your sub to be able to move to new areas of the map. Radiation can be turned off in the game settings for a more sandboxy experience. The update also introduces limited mid-round respawning for multiplayer campaigns, and side missions that are found as icons on the campaign map. Abyss monsters The update adds two deep sea monsters, the charybdis and the endworm, that only spawn in the abyss that is found below the normal level. The abyss itself has got a bit of a facelift, making it easier to access from all levels and adding mineral islands to make exploration more rewarding. Abandoned outposts Another major content addition are abandoned outposts: an outpost that is near monster hunting grounds may be taken over by outlaws and wildlife. New missions to clear out an abandoned outpost are being added too. As always, the update will include numerous other fixes, additions and improvements. You can already see some of those on our Trello, and check out the full changelog when the update is released, next week! {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/33962671/bd582880deeb433c053515af3b1828b92245a9df.pngSneak peek: Abyss creaturesApr 2, 2021 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/33962671/a8cc955d6db02bce6184c3742234ec056dc407ae.png Hello everyone! Thank you for joining our free event last week. It was wonderful to see so many of you – we had record numbers of people online playing Barotrauma! This week, it’s time to look at some more upcoming content additions. Read more on our blog, and let us know what you think about… Endworm and Charybdis The time has finally come to reintroduce two of the most sorely missed deep sea creatures that were in the game as placeholders in our earlier days in development. The endworm and the charybdis both dwell in the Abyss, the deep dark part of Europa’s ocean that is found underneath every level. Both creatures are faster than a regular submarine, tough, and very large. They also emit sound, which you can both hear and see on your sonar display – use that to your advantage! Besides these two creatures, we’re also adding abyss “islands”, floating land masses with caves and minerals, to make abyss exploration more interesting. The endworm, charybdis and other abyss improvements will be included in the next update, coming later this month!Try Barotrauma for free!Mar 23, 2021 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/33962671/d26a57450c8469fcebbc03485ddf9d42ddacef70.jpg Hello everyone! We are very excited to throw our first-ever play for free event. This is something we’ve seen a lot of interest in, so we hope many of those potential future Barotraumites who have been waiting for this opportunity notice: now and for the next 48 hours, you can download and play Barotrauma for free. Together with the free event, we’ve also secured a discount period – for our deepest discount yet. That’s to say, if you want to keep playing Barotrauma following your free trial, you can now get it for 55% off. Without further ado, welcome to Europa! We hope you enjoy your stay. P.S. Curious to see what you can look forward to with our game? Take a look at this feature sneak peek from last Friday for the latest glimpse into our development plans. The next major update is coming in about one month.Sneak peek: Shrinking mapMar 19, 2021 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/33962671/3ab7a814a48a4b0041579e58bbfa7754b679aa4d.png Hello everyone! The next major update is getting closer, and it’s time to introduce some more new features that are coming. Take a look on our blog for some more details about the… Shrinking campaign map As the radiation from outside Europa’s icy crust reaches ever deeper into the ocean where we all sail, we must keep moving. The next update will introduce a slowly progressing wall of radiation that destroys everything in its path and pushes the player onwards, into new areas of the map. While the shrinking map feature will be made optional, we are excited to bring this new expression of lore straight into the campaign map. We hope you will try it out and let us know if you like it! Reputation and respawning in campaigns We’re also making reputation a more significant factor in your campaigns: to be able to progress to a new part of the map, you will need to meet reputation requirements at certain points in your journey… or be able to pay for your passage. Time to complete missions to make a name for yourself, or to earn some coin! Finally, the next update will add the possibility of respawning mid-round even in the campaign game mode. There will be a slight temporary penalty to your stats when you do this, but it should make it a lot easier to get into an in-progress game and cut back on waiting times in campaign servers. We hope you like it! {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/33962671/0a0ef32821f91365a9e7a0bd7e6e8178ea2b83a5.pngSneak peek: Abandoned outpostsMar 5, 2021 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/33962671/879f0982f51d7576cbc23b2dd331a7b0fa7a85d3.png Ahoy! We’re busy at work on the next major update, and one of the new features it will include is… Abandoned outposts The world of Barotrauma changes according to what you do or don’t do in it, and a location that is next to monster hunting grounds may become abandoned by its usual inhabitants. Then it will be your job to find and enter the affected outpost and evict whatever has made itself at home inside: Hunt down monsters and destroy their nests, or Deal with squatting outlaws and dispose of their leader, or Deal with outlaws and make sure they don’t come back later – destroy the station reactor for good measure. Get out alive. What do you think? You can get a more atmospheric glimpse of what’s to come on our blog. Stay tuned – this update is planned to be released towards the end of April, and we’ll write more about other new additions over the coming weeks! {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/33962671/83037bf1879c764a49f2787733a83d3c4195dbba.pngHotfix v0.12.0.3Feb 16, 2021 - Community Announcements- Fixed inability to permanently ban players who are currently in the server. - Fixed scrap items failing to load in saves done prior to v0.12. - Fixed bandage/plastiseal crafting exploit. - Fixed crashing if a bot tries to operate a turret that's linked to some other item than a loader.The Cave UpdateFeb 10, 2021 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/33962671/39e0140341ae610bb304b28053c05ae55371b4f3.png Hello everyone! The first update of the year, a small update that focuses on more cave content and various improvements, has just been released. As always, please be sure to update your game to the latest version to be able to host and join servers. Find the full list of changes further below, and here are the highlights: More cave variety – explore Forest caves, Mushroom caves, and Bioluminescent caves. These new cave types will be found in the later biomes, starting from the Europan Ridge. New cave hazards – prepare to deal with vines, gas vents, ice shards and other such dangers as you venture into caves. Newborn “hatchling” variants of three monsters – the mudraptor, the thresher and the crawler now have juvenile variants. The glowstick – this new kind of flare will come in handy on cave exploration trips. Sleeping in beds – this highly requested improvement isn’t just cosmetic, it also heals injuries slowly over time. Item stacking – now you can carry several of the same type of item in a single inventory slot to make inventory management, medical treatment and crafting more straightforward. Outpost store improvements – more variety and better deals with Daily Specials and Requested Goods. Font scaling – this has been requested time and again by those who play on bigger screens, and now you’ll be able to adjust text size to fit your needs better! New character variants enabled for modding – make custom monsters more quickly in .xml, the same way we made the new hatchling variants. PLEASE NOTE: With this update, submarines that you’ve automatically downloaded when joining other people’s servers will no longer be permanently stored on your computer. If you want to keep some subs you have downloaded from servers before, please back them up before launching the game – you can find your downloaded subs in the game’s local files, in the "Submarines/Downloaded" folder. This change does not affect your own campaigns or custom submarines you’ve downloaded for yourself from Steam Workshop, and backing up your subs is not necessary to continue playing. We hope you enjoy the update! v0.12.0.2 Cave improvements: - New cave types and improvements to cave sprites. - New cave hazards: exploding mushrooms, gas vents that drain oxygen and fuel tanks, sharp crystals that inflict bleeding and lacerations, hallucination-inducing plants. - Made the caves more narrow. - Position caves and ruins closer to the main path so the players won't have to swim hundreds of meters just to get to the entrance. - Completing a nest mission turns adjacent empty locations to "Explored". - Monster spawns are delayed up to a certain limit when most of the human players are exploring a ruin, wreck or a cave. - Show a sonar marker at the cave's entrance in nest missions. - Added some nest-specific level objects. Additions and changes: - Implemented stacking small items. - Decreased toolbelt capacity to 6 slots. ...Preview: The Cave UpdateJan 29, 2021 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/33962671/39e0140341ae610bb304b28053c05ae55371b4f3.png Hello everyone! The first Barotrauma update of 2021 is almost here – we’re hoping to release it in less than two weeks. It’s going to be a fairly small update that focuses on fixes, a few content additions and a handful of important improvements. Take a closer look on our blog now, and check the short summary below for a quick teaser. The Cave Update More cave variety: explore Forest caves & Mushroom caves New cave hazards to make cave exploration even more dangerous Newborn “hatchling” variants of three monsters Item stacking: carry several of the same type of item in a single inventory slot Outpost store improvements: more variety and better deals with Daily Specials and Requested Goods New character variants enabled for modding – make custom monsters more quickly in .xml What do you look forward to the most? Let us know and stay tuned! {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/33962671/6c9d434ce16fee9a7997cfa9402f1a5a066b577f.pngHappy new year & quick player surveyJan 15, 2021 - Community AnnouncementsHello everyone, and happy new year! We’ve returned to our desks and are working on the next update. It will be a smallish one and focus on various improvements and also some new content (more cave content, notably!). We’re going to write more about the update a little closer to its release. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/33962671/b03383525fe8e142ebc78695137593a9278d29ed.jpg Besides working on the game, we’re always working to read what you write on our Discord and on the Steam forums (and more recently, did you know we also have a discussion board on our GitHub? Take a look!), but we also have a number of more specific questions on our minds. Things like… What’s your favorite player class? Take this quick survey to tell us that and a couple of other things. Thanks for your time! If we get a lot of answers, we may send another questionnaire your way, later. Have a nice weekend! Happy holidays!Dec 18, 2020 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/33962671/fdc961353504ab4b18c3373c4791d65215777d8d.png Hello everyone! We hope you’re enjoying the newly hotfixed Uncharted Depths update – thank you for all the comments and reactions in recent weeks, what a way to wrap up this year in development! With the five big updates we’ve released this year, Barotrauma has grown by leaps and bounds, and we’ve been thrilled to see our community continue to grow with it. Now it’s time for us to take a little Christmas break before heading into the new year and new updates, and we wish you wonderful holidays too. Find some more greetings on our blog, and see you next year!Hotfix for the Uncharted Depths updateDec 16, 2020 - Community AnnouncementsHello everyone! Thanks for playing the newest update and giving feedback. This time, we had the opportunity to make a hotfix to address some of the inconvenient issues in the update, and that fix has just been released. See the full list of changes below and please be sure to update your game! v0.11.0.10 - Fixed monster missions causing a disconnect in multiplayer mission mode. - Fixed bots getting removed from the crew when starting a multiplayer campaign, returning to the lobby during the first round and then reloading the campaign. - Fixed crashing when entering a new level in the campaign when an inactive pump has been infected with ballast flora. - Fixed ballast flora branches respawning instantly if they're destroyed while they're growing towards a target. - Fixed crashing when attempting to place components outside of the submarine in test mode. - Fixed inability to rewire beacon stations when rewiring is disabled on the server. - Fixed repair tools that aren't held causing a crash upon use (only affects modded items). - Fixed raycast weapons (revolvers, shotguns, SMGs) sometimes not hitting monsters in specific areas outside the sub. - Fixed submarine's price field being difficult to edit in the sub editor due to the value getting clamped above the minimum price while typing in the box. - Potential fix to certain projectiles (e.g. harpoons, spineling's spikes) sometimes causing erratic physics behavior and errors (ragdolls going crazy, submarine getting launched off at a high velocity...) when they stick to the submarine or to characters. - Fixed occasional crashes when swapping to another character's ID card with a mask or diving suit on.Sci-fi submarine suffering sim Barotrauma has a big overhaul in Uncharted DepthsDec 11, 2020 - GamingOnLinuxUncharted Depths is the name of the latest upgrade to Barotrauma, a sci-fi exploration sim that puts you and friends (or random people / AI) inside a submarine in the depths of Jupiter's moon Europa. Read the full article here: