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1.3 Beta 5 now availableSep 10, 2021 - Community AnnouncementsJoining the beta Right click BallisticNG in your steam library and go to Properties Go to the betas tab on the window that opens From the dropdown select Beta. If the update doesn't automatically queue for download, restart Steam What is the beta? For 1.3 we're developing and implementing new modding tools and features, some of which will be part of the upcoming Switch version of the game. We're releasing beta builds for each new feature we add so the community gets to play around with them early. Unity Tools Notice While these beta builds ship with Unity 2020.3.5 ready builds of the Unity Tools, they are intended for our internal testing group only. If you want to import the Unity Tools, please make sure you're using Unity 2018.3.8 and import them from the public branch running version 1.2.5 of the game. Mods built with the 1.3 Beta Unity Tools are not compatible with previous versions of the game and documentation will not be available until the final release of 1.3. C.Y.G.O.N Tempest Livery Template A livery template for the C.Y.G.O.N tempest is now available. Our friends at Caged Element have given us the all clear, so it's now included! You'll find the template PSD alongside all of the others in the modding folder. If you're new to custom liveries, you can check out our documentation which covers how they work here. Here's a livery that community member Vista has already made! {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/25217624/39185631361e61b66e078c79a07bd775954e8e85.png Aster LB221 For those of you who have been with us for a while now, carving is back. The Aster LB221 is a fully realized version of the original cheat, coming back with its own category of tracks! The bike has a livery for all of the main teams and can be used to set leaderboard times. If you'd like to race other bikes on normal tracks, type carving on the menu to force the AI to also use the Aster with you ;) To select the bike you'll want to move up to the new Small Vehicles category on the turntable interface. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/25217624/7d299a9cf033620bdadea639795477455f4b9d65.png {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/25217624/ea862b5834d1d61eb9aa09c36b2641d6c972f592.png Ribble Raceway (and future tracks) Small Vehicle tracks are a new type of track which are designed for smaller vehicles, namely the Aster LB221 at the moment. Currently we have plans for 8 of these tracks, and to help make them are community members Kabelsalat and Brobama! Small vehicle tracks have lower top speeds but the tracks themselves are much smaller. We're allowing any ship to be raced on them, but ideally you'll want to use the Aster. They're 30% slower then the normal game, so if you want to race them at normal speeds you can use hyper speed to counter the speed reduction. In the future, custom tracks will be able to be setup as small vehicle tracks. We'll have template layout creator and blender files alongside the final 1.3 release for this. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/25217624/e1896f2148b15bdb14b2b...BallisticNG 1.3 Beta 4 + Switch Development NewsJun 30, 2021 - Community Announcements1.3 will be updating a few tracks to bring them up to spec with the rest of the roster. The first of these is Metro, which is the focus of this update. We also have some news regarding the game's switch port, which you can find below the beta release information. About Joining the beta Right click BallisticNG in your steam library and go to Properties Go to the betas tab on the window that opens From the dropdown select Beta. If the update doesn't automatically queue for download, restart Steam What is the beta? For 1.3 we're developing and implementing new modding tools and features, some of which will be part of the upcoming Switch version of the game. We're releasing beta builds for each new feature we add so the community gets to play around with them early. What's changed for beta 4? Metro ended up being a frustrating track to play primarily due to the long, thin tunnels that demanded an almost impossible racing line on higher speed classes. This updates overhauls the tracks scenery to fix that issue and give it a much needed makeover, opening it up more and better integrating into into Vega City. Thanks to Kabelsalat and Brobama for the super cool Scorpio construction vehicles! {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/25217624/19ccdc3545c903ae82c6ae37efbbb1433bf1efb4.jpg {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/25217624/517e51e5bb3a1bfb12442787cc7b487381939831.jpg {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/25217624/645f3fc1cafb2ff495cca98c6076cd3fc178a0dc.jpg Switch Development News {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/25217624/105429be439284b95876d309f42e481e5a33373b.png It's been a little bit since we initially revealed that we were developing a Switch version of BallisticNG. We've had time to get the game up and running and figure out what we need to do, and we're ready to give some more details on the port. We're targeting 60fps in singleplayer and online with support to up to 8 AI. Online will support 16 players with up to 8 lobby slots being available to AI. We're currently targeting 30fps in splitscreen, however we are looking for opportunities to further optimise to potentially get it going at 60fps. The game will run at 1080p when docked. The framerate targets above are for when the console is both undocked and docked. The game will have a battery saving mode which will cap the FPS to 30 across the board. Excluding the CRT filter, all retro effects will be available as options. The upcoming Layout Creator 3 and in-game campaign editor will be part of the port and cross compatible with PC. We'll be looking at services in the future to enable this, probably Mod.IO. Custom ships and tracks made for PC may potentially be playable on the Switch using the same service for hosting mods made in the internal game tools. There will be numerous llimitations and workflow requirements for this to work though, but we can talk about those at a later date if we get PC mods up and running. Online will not be cross platform with PC, however if sales provide the budget to get platform agnost...1.3 Beta 3 is now availableJun 1, 2021 - Community AnnouncementsThe last month of development has been busy as we start to standardise the game across the PC and Switch builds. This beta isn't focused on a single feature, but is instead more general in getting an engine upgrade to Unity 2020.3.5 available to everyone. If you are making mods do not update Unity on your end. We have not updated the Unity Tools package yet and you will irreversibly break your projects if you upgrade at this time. Stay with Unity 2018.3.8 for the time being. About Joining the beta Right click BallisticNG in your steam library and go to Properties Go to the betas tab on the window that opens From the dropdown select Beta. If the update doesn't automatically queue for download, restart Steam What is the beta? For 1.3 we're developing and implementing new modding tools and features, some of which will be part of the upcoming Switch version of the game. We're releasing beta builds for each new feature we add so the community gets to play around with them early. What's changed? Engine Upgrade After 3 long years we have finally updated to the latest and greatest version of Unity! We were originally going to only be using the latest versions of Unity for the Switch, but there's plenty of new useful features that we can take advantage of so we decided to upgrade the PC version to it too. The game is backwards compatible with all content mods developed on the Unity 2018.3.8 based tools so you do not need to upgrade Unity to make mods for this beta. In fact, the Unity Tools for the new version of Unity are not available yet, so don't upgrade until the final 1.3 release or you will break your projects! Note that certain parts of the Unity API have been removed in this new version of the engine, which could impact code mods that make use of it. Moving to asset bundles We've made pretty extensive use of Unity's resource folders for a lot of our on-demand asset loading. On PC this has been fine since the size of it is fairly small and a modern desktop computer can power through its initialisation pretty much instantly. On the Switch we don't have this luxury however, so across both platforms we're extracting our assets out into Unity Asset Bundles so we can load our asset when we need them. So far we have moved out ship prefabs, and while they're not part of the resources folder we have also moved out all of the internal tracks too. This gives us faster build times and allows us to better compress the assets to use even less disk space then they did before. Fix for a long standing hover issue If you've played BallisticNG long enough you've probably noticed that ships get really shaky at the top of their hover height when they're moving slowly, and when landing at higher speeds while pitching up it can feel like the ship is hitting a solid surface. This is now fixed! Ship hovering is now in general much smoother and works better across a wider range of track geometry. External Mods Mods can now be loaded from any folder on your computer! This i...1.3 Beta 2 is now availableApr 25, 2021 - Community AnnouncementsThe next modding feature has been implemented so it's time for another beta build. 1.3 Beta 2 is now available with custom livery support! About Joining the beta Right click BallisticNG in your steam library and go to Properties Go to the betas tab on the window that opens From the dropdown select Beta. If the update doesn't automatically queue for download, restart Steam What is the beta? For 1.3 we're developing and implementing new modding tools and features, some of which will be part of the upcoming Switch version of the game. We're releasing beta builds for each new feature we add so the community gets to play around with them early. Custom Liveries You can now add your own liveries to any ship in the game by simply placing PNG files in a folder. You're going to want templates to get started, so for the built in ships we've provided PSDs with everything you need included to get going. You can find these in the new Modding -> Livery Templates folder. This system also works for custom ships created using the Unity Tools, however like the built in ships mod authors will need to provide a template image with a UV layout for people to work off of. To get started, click this link to read the documentation. Campaign Editor fixes In the previous beta there were a few minor issues that have been fixed for this build. Most of these are issues with not limiting character types in text fields which are numbers only but the on-screen keyboard has also been updated to improve navigation and fix an issue where the caret position in text fields wouldn't immediately update. Changelog Modding Assets Added custom livery templates. These can be found in Modding -> Livery Templates Custom Liveries Added support for custom liveries. See the documentation for more information. Campaign Editor Entering numbers before letters in a custom value name will now remove them when submitting the change Fixed the data input fields not being assigned a text validation type and allowing invalid data to be entered Ships AI now start at the default livery if the players current livery is of an index higher then the AIs ship livery count User Interface The on-screen keyboard now has a grid design for better navigation. Vertical navigation wrapping has also been added The on-screen keyboard now has a minus key Fixed the caret position not immediately updating if using the on-screen keyboard to navigate text Commands Added debug_refreshliveries command to rebuild file path references to custom liveries (see the documentation for more information) Multiplayer Livery selections are now handled by name instead of index to accommodate that players may now have different livery setups 1.3 Beta 1 Now Available & Maceno Bay showcaseApr 17, 2021 - Community AnnouncementsMaceno Bay The Maceno Island expansions first track, Maceno Bay, has been completed! Here's a first look at the upcoming track : Screenshots {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/25217624/b88a863c88008819eaaf6df6b05a5aed76147158.jpg {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/25217624/640022f538a53c19eb84f56a9300598e815fd8b5.jpg {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/25217624/a25f13dae6bc1d13f465731e4574b0a68f48637e.jpg {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/25217624/012182a330f088cb17f286b44213289688b65af8.jpg 1.3 Beta 1 1.3 is going to be a major update focusing on new modding tools and features for both the PC and upcoming Switch version of the game. Most additions for the Switch will also be on PC, so we're developing them on PC first to give the community access to try stuff out as it's developed! This update focuses on the addition of a campaign editor, which can be accessed in the campaigns menu. Campaigns that you build in this new tool are also compatible with past versions of the game. Joining the Beta Right click BallisticNG in your steam library and go to Properties Go to the betas tab on the window that opens From the dropdown select Beta. If the update doesn't automatically queue for download, restart Steam Campaign Editor The campaign editor is an in-game tool that lets you build your own campaign lists without needing to know XML. Everything that you can do in XML is available here. Give it a go and let us know what you think! The campaign editor can be accessed via the campaign menu at the top. Saving a campaign reloads it so you can get straight to playtesting once you've backed out of it! {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/25217624/a765c6f7acd981c91f99041da889cfaf2bde8eb8.jpg 1.3 Beta 1 Changelog Internally this build is versioned as 1.3-d5. Engine Most file operations are now handled in platform agnostic code FIxed the autopilot disengage spinning the ship at insane speeds if disengaging immediately after engaging it The audio manager and mixer is now always initialised on the first frame of track loading if they're not already. This fixes many sounds in fast play ignoring the audio settings and playing at max volume. Music Custom music can now be loaded from any folder on your computer by creating external.txt in the User/Mods/Ingame Music folder and entering a folder path per line. Like the User music folder the game will also scan sub-directories. User Interface Ships now have updated descriptions (thanks Kekka & Brobama!) Fixed big arrow buttons not resetting their internal selection color status when disabled Gave the campaign menu some visual tweaks. Precision runs menu updated with the same visual tweaks as the campaign menu The campaign gamemode description scroll view is no longer scrollable and now auto scrolls over time Fixed the capital M on the onscreen keyboard being an N Campaign Fixed custom values being ignored when loading campaigns Campaign content is now validated. Any event that has missing content will now show what's missing instead of the event name and will...Limited time Maceno Bay preview now availableApr 1, 2021 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/25217624/f2e75f3a6af1d95d0e9c628c96eeed441767ffce.jpg We've just released a new update that adds a preview for Maceno Bay, the first track coming in the Maceno Island expansion. It will only be available to try today however, so better try it out fast! The track is available under the new Maceno Island category on the menu. Have fun :)BallisticNG 1.2.5 Released - Switch Port Announced - Maceno Island AnnouncedMar 10, 2021 - Community AnnouncementsBallisticNG 1.2.5 is now available. This update focuses on Model B content and adds one of our biggest community requests: multiplayer bots! We also have news regarding development of a Switch port and the next expansion DLC, so see below for that! Model B Tracks Remade All 4 model B tracks have seen an update. These changes rework the scenery to bring them up to scratch with the rest of the game, adds pitlanes, weapon pads for standard ships and introduces reverse variants. Check them out in the showcase videos below: Model B Ships Tweaked The Model B ship stats have been tweaked to improve their handling. Beforehand they were extremely twitchy and airbraking was particularly bad as you wouldn't keep much lateral momentum through corners. These changes make the ships more manoeuvrable but also makes them drift longer, making them less twitchy to manage at high speeds. Light Bridge Updates Light bridges used to be really finicky to play on because they had no walls and often didn't really follow a racing line. For 1.2.5 we've updated all of them with a new design that includes walls and repaths them onto better lines. Here's a showcase video: Multiplayer Bots Mulltiplayer now has bots! When you create a new lobby Novice bots will now fill in empty spaces. You can configure the difficulty to any of the difficulties in the game or just turn them off completely. It's important to note that AI don't have rubber banding enabled in multiplayer, so if you're used to the AI being harder because of rubber banding then you're more likely to school them in multiplayer. Here's some cool bot facts: Bots do not take up server slots. If somebody joins when a race with bots is happening, they'll simply just wait in the lobby like before and the bot for their player slot won't be spawned in the next race. Bots will use whatever ship folder the host's current ship is from, including custom ships. Bots are ran on the server and treated by everybody but the host as real players. We've also randomised spawn positions for each player, so your position on the start grid is no longer determined by the players join order. Vertical Splitscreen For this update we've implemented vertical splitscreen. The game will now default to this mode and you can switch between vertical and horizontal using the new option in custom race. Alongside this addition we've also fixed all of the splitscreen rendering bugs with ships, such as the ship still rendering in internal cam and airbrakes disappearing for the other player when you're in internal/cockpit cameras. UI scaling for splitscreen has also been improved, making the scale between aspect ratios more consistent and less prone to overlap in square ratios. Finally we've also updated our HUD system to support vertical ...Upcoming in 1.2.5Feb 13, 2021 - Community AnnouncementsLinux custom music crash fixed Alongside this announcement we have pushed an update that fixes custom music crashes. Right now the virtual music visualization effects don't work but we will be working on getting them working again in a future update. As a bonus our tilemap building tool is now available on Linux, and we've updated the Windows release to now use OpenGL. If you're making custom tracks you can grab it from the google drive folders here. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Multiplayer Bots First and foremost, a much requested feature has been implemented and will be coming with 1.2.5: multiiplayer bots! Bots are an optional setting for both Direct IP and Steam lobbies which allows the host to decide if they'll be added and set what their difficulty level will be. When enabled the standard roster of ships will fill in empty player slots. Updated Light Bridges To bridge gaps on the reverse tracks we use light bridges. They've always been really janky in that they've never had walls and some of them didn't flow well with the racing line. 1.2.5 will be addressing this with an updated design that includes walls and better integrates them into the tracks layout. In short, no more threading the needle on reverse tracks! {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/25217624/931f4485bf93f0dd0abd0d3aa3b6566306501a6f.jpg {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/25217624/7ba819ccd61247e827f453225fe94963e906e552.jpg Model B content overhaul 1.2.5's main focus is following up on 1.2.4 by updating the Model B content and giving it all some much needed love. Every Model B track is being updated to include a pitlane, weapon pads for normal ships, updated scenery and reverse variants. We're also taking this as an opportunity to address issues with the layouts and make tweaks to the Model B ships to make them feel better to control. Tokyo Bowl Here's a look at tokyo bowl, the first of the tracks to be updated! The track has been re-imagined drastically, with the track now being raised off the floor and the center housing vehicle parking and venues to make the most out of the huge area the bowl sits in. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/25217624/1cb201a6966a94022ae8d472c45bb9a0a28fe972.jpg {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/25217624/057db6e5565a1a0d7748e1b48b8dbf779f09734b.jpg There's also some HUGE news that we will be revealing alongside the 1.2.5 release, so stay tuned ;)BallisticNG 1.2.4: Model C Update is now live!Jan 7, 2021 - Community AnnouncementsBallisticNG 1.2.4 is now available! This update focuses on adding Model C specific content the game, with 4 new tracks designed around the Model C ships. All 4 tracks are free and part of the base game. Simply download the update to start playing them! Note for Linux users: We will be implementing a separate audio library for custom music in a future update to address crashing. We hope to have this out in the near future. Model C Tracks With 1.2 we updated the Model C ships to bring them up to spec with the other ships. They were in the game but inaccessible without custom tracks until 1.2 where we made them available on every track. The Model C tracks bring in 4 new tracks designed for these ships. You can even play them with any other ship and they'll all have drifty physics! Custom Ship Livery Locks We've added the ability to lock custom ship liveries behind campaigns. Like with the DLC liveries, if a ship creator decides to do this you will need to gold or platinum an entire campaign to unlock the liveries. This supports both offical and custom campaigns! More information can be found here: Attract mode After a suggestion in our discord, we've exposed the attract mode to the custom race menu so you can setup AI only races with ships and a track that you want. Attract mode is what the game launches when you idle on the title bar of the menu for a little bit. All ships are controlled by AI and you are simply spectating an endless race. Sony DualSense Definition The game now has a controller definition for the new Sony DualSense. The controller would work before but was detected as a generic controller. This added definition does the following: Adds default bindings for the controller Correctly Displays Sony DualSense on the menu instead of Wireless Controller Displays the Playstation button icon set on the menu. This now also includes the create button, updated options button, mute button and touchpad press. Rewired currently doesn't support DualSense features so if vibration is important to you then we recommend sticking to Steam's Input wrapper or Ryochan7's DS4Windows fork. Unity Tools All Unity Tools (custom ships, tracks and HUDs) changes can be viewed here: Full Changelog Credits Protonic logo added to Vista's credit listing Music Added Vonsnake - Combined Arms User Interface The red background for beating an event in hard mode now applies whenever the event has a platinum medal, regardless of whether hard mode was actually used or not Layout Creator Fixed tangent rotations being overridden when pasting shape data Photo Mode Fixed ship shadows still being enabled wh...BallisticNG 1.2.3 and Nova Park are now available!Nov 5, 2020 - Community AnnouncementsThis update is a smaller one and focuses on engine changes, new modding tools and modding tool fixes. Note for linux users We're continuing to investigate issues with custom music. We don't have a time frame on a fix at the moment but we will keep you updated with any advancements on the issue. Nova Park Return to Nova Split in this virtual blueprint of the park before it was destroyed. This track makes use of our lightmapper update mentioned below to provide more vibrant lighting. Nova Park is part of the free tracks expansions. Simply download 1.2.3 to get this track added to the Extras category on the menu. There's even more free content coming in the near future, so stay tuned! {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/25217624/b6bd150bdc75a34fd06c3f0573b7a3e330cbc5ee.jpg {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/25217624/da72183f6f180da100a4f5320be4632761fe12f2.jpg Unity Tools For the full Unity Tools changelog, see the what's new section of the documentation website: Lua Scripting Getting Started Guide Lua scripts can now be written for custom tracks! These allow you to build your own procedual animations and create new behaviours, gameplay features and modify stuff like ship physics and AI settings for your tracks. Scripts are sandboxed and can only access what the game tells them they can access, so are safe to have in tracks. The hologram on Nova Park is an example of Lua being used to drive an animation! Layout Creator Visuals Update Recently myself and community member Kabelsalat released two tracks based on layouts we created for each other and this update incorporates the style into the layout creator play mode. This is also the style that was used for Nova Park. Tracks are here, by the way ;) New Terrain Shaders Two new terrain shaders have been added that take the base established for the Terrain 4 Blend shader and implement vertex color based texture blending. We have also provided a .blend file with a material inside which will allow you to preview vertex color texture blending as you're painting them in Blender. Note: These shaders require the new Encode In Tangents options to be setup in a lightmapping options script to work, otherwise lighting will override the vertex colors used for blending. See the documentation website for more details. 32-bit Lighting Lighting is now 32-bit instead of 8-bit. We haven't updated any internal tracks with this so this change at the moment is entirely for mod creators and Nova Park. Lighting will continue to be 8-bit until you rebake it on your tracks, after which the track will be upgraded to 32-bit. So what does this do exactly? Up until now lighting in BallisticNG has been stored using single bytes per color channel. This provides a whopping 16,777,216 po...BallisticNG 1.2.2, Utah Dam and Bling Pack are now available!Oct 13, 2020 - Community AnnouncementsNote for custom ships creators: This update makes big changes to the shield and weapon power stats and how they interact with weapon damages. This results in custom ships now being damage sponges in comparison to the vanilla ships. To make the transition easier for anybody who wants to maintain a balance with the vanilla ships, all of the updated ship stats are now provided in the Unity Tools packages as XML files. The stat prefab system now uses these too! Bling Pack Bling up your ship and show off with 4 new shiny liveries! This small pack introduces Gold, Iridescent, Platinum and Psychedelic liveries for every standard ship. If you were previously a donator in the game's Patreon days and already have the gold liveries then these new liveries are available to you at no cost! Modding The Unity Tools have had a few updates, see the documentation for more information: We're also pleased to announce the introduction of workflow tools! We're switching to Blender for our asset development so there's currently plenty of work being done to build tools to aid with the BallisticNG workflow. These tools are being built with the community in mind so they are free to download and to use however you like, even for non BNG related projects. A URL shortcut is now provided in the modding folder to link you directly to the downloads, or if you just want the link now: Right now these tools primarily consist of utilities to speed up UVing from an atlas texture, similar to what sprytile lets you do, but we'll be adding new stuff as we go. 1.2.2 - The Balance Update BallisticNGs combat is a system that hasn't had much attention in recent times. In singleplayer this has been fine as the AI were always at a disadvantage and the game was always balanced around that, but we've seen clear problems with how everything was balanced in multiplayer and this update has been long under consideration. This update focuses on adjusting combat to standardise the singleplayer and multiplayer experience, make needed changes to ship stat distributions, touch up the AI and give you a whole lot of new gameplay and HUD options. We've also scrapped the pilot assist and replaced it with separate AI assists. More info this below! Ship Stats Ship combat stats have been updated to bring the roster much closer together. This means every ship is now a lot more consistent with every other ship and firepower/shields makes much less of a difference then before. You'll still be able to bully a Tenrai using a Diavolt, but it's no longer a difference so great that it makes sense to just stick with Diavolt for that one trait alone. Weapons Weapons have been made weaker so the focus can now be more on the race then on combat. Modes like eliminator and team race are of course stil...BallisticNG 1.2.2 beta is now available!Aug 30, 2020 - Community AnnouncementsA beta for BallisticNG 1.2.2 is now available! What's the beta for? 1.2.2 is going to be making major changes to the game's balance to address a large disconnect between the singleplayer and multiplayer combat experience and better balance large combat encounters with lots of weapons going off. We're also focusing on the AI so it navigates the track more human like and is held back in the lower difficulties in a more believable way that reflects player piloting skills instead of just handicapping their raw speed. We've started this beta so you can help give early feedback on the changes. This will help shape the final release of this version. Give us feedback! This beta is very important in figuring out how the changes impact a wider range of players so we strongly encourage you to let us know what you think. You can do so in the Steam forums or on our discord, which you can find here: Before giving feedback please make sure you're on the beta version. To do this, make sure the version shown at the bottom right of the main menu says 1.2.2-beta. Joining the Beta Right click the game in your library, head to properties, the beta tab, select beta from the dropdown and then close the window. The game should then begin updating. If it doesn't then restart Steam. Ai Changes The Ai have seen major changes in how they navigate the track and how the game manages their difficulty level. Ai ships now navigate the track based on time instead of relying entirely on track sections. This results in the AI having a much higher resolution understanding of the track that greatly helps define their racing line. We're now also using this new higher resolution understanding of the track to tweak the Ais racing line, pitch control and airbrake usage to simulate the skill of a real player instead of just capping or artificially inflating their speeds. Ai will now also work with the ships grip stat instead of using their own, which now makes picking a higher handling ship an even better option for new players then before. All of these changes put more emphasis on a good racing line and better pitch control as you climb up the AI difficulties. Weapon Changes Weapons have been re-balanced alongside ship shield and firepower stats to make eliminations harder and reduce the massive gap between ship defensive and offensive capabilities. The combat was originally built around the player dealing lots of damage to AI and the AI dealing little damage to the player. This had been the balance in the game from 2015 to now, which has proven to cause issues with Multiplayer since everybody is dealing the player damage which was insanely unbalanced. These changes remove that weaker AI design and puts everybody on an equal playing field, while reducing the damage of weapons to accommodate. Changelog (not final) Ai Increased minimum shield before pitting from 25% to 50% Ai now spread themselves apart a bit at the start of the race Reworked Ai/Autopilot rot...BallisticNG 1.2.1: Precision Update is now live!Jul 30, 2020 - Community AnnouncementsBallisticNG 1.2.1 is now available. This update focuses on reworking the precision runs with a new simplified time attack design and opening them up to custom tracks! Precision Update Removed scrape medal reduction mechanic. The mode is now based on time only with bronze, silver, gold and platinum medals. Grades from previous versions of the game are read as silver, bronze and gold awards. The precision delta is unlocked by getting a gold in every non custom precision run. Platinums are not required and are there for those who want the extra challenge. Skip detection in precision runs is now disabled. Skips are required for the platinum times. Afterburner is now enabled. Use of it is required for the platinum times. Note: Precision saves now use the time to determine whether to save the file. You'll need to beat your previous best to save the time so It's recommended that you delete your precision saves (User -> Saves -> Precision) if you don't want to run into any issues. Here's a guide for the platinum medals! Unity Tools Update information available here: All of the in-game sections have also been complete. This includes documentation on manually installing mods, using the layout creator, creating custom campaigns and using the in-game bloom and flare configuration tools for custom tracks. Note for Linux players We're aware of a crash with custom music and are investigating the issue. We're aiming to have a fix implemented for 1.2.2. Changelog Music Added continuous playback. This is enabled by default and can be toggled from the audio menu if you prefer the previous new song every race behaviour. Ships The airbrake open sound is now muted when the ship is being controlled by an AI Engine Added custom track support to precision runs Available resolutions are now written to the log file on launch Tracks All precision tracks updated with new bronze, silver, gold and platinum times Gave the precision tracks a slight visual and lighting update Animation scripts for custom tracks no longer update when the scripts object is disabled Achievements Updated the Precision Perfect achievement description to reflect the new medal system. VR Fixed the medal render on the precision run HUD not displaying Portals now render black. Because the game is configured to use a single camera for both eyes and because of optimizations in portal rendering, we only get access to the camera after the right eye is about to render, not giving us any opportunity to configure the portal for the left eye. This created the double vision that has been reported. For the time being we have disabled portal rendering in VR to save your eyes. BallisticNG 1.2 and Outer Reaches are now available!Jul 20, 2020 - Community AnnouncementsAfter just over half a year in the making, we're pleased to announce that the BallisticNG 1.2 update and the Outer Reaches expansion are now available! This update was originally planned to be 1.1.6 but because of the scale of changes to support Outer Reaches, we've decided to release this as 1.2 instead. Important: read before starting the game If you have been playing the 1.1.6 beta you don't need to worry about this. This is only for people coming straight from 1.1.5. With 1.2 we've changed up the game's folder structure to better organise everything and rewrite the backend to make it more adaptable for future additions if we need it. When you launch 1.2 for the first time do not have any files related to the game open anywhere, this includes viewing any folders. The game will migrate all of your data over to the new folder structure and it needs permissions from the operating system to do this. On Windows, having the game installed on your C drive might result in a failed upgrade as your user account will not have permission to modify files on this drive without administrator permissions. If the game is installed on your C drive or you are unsure where it is installed, run the game as an administrator. To do this, follow these instructions: Open your Steam library, right click BallisticNG and go to properties Go the local files tab and click the browse local files button Right click BallisticNG.exe and click the Run as Administrator option If you run into any issues with this then please come let us know on our Discord. We have an upgrade guide and a list of files that will help you manually update if you need to. Unity Tools You'll notice that changes to the Unity Tools have been ommited from this release's changelog. That's because we now have a dedicated documentation site that covers the changelogs and features! This site is still a work in progress and we have a lot to add, which will be coming in the future. 1.2 Changelog Music Added Vonsnake - To The Cosmos Added Xpand - SpaceRaver Added Xpand - Eons Added Xpand - Telomere Extension Added Xpand - Partial Added Vonsnake - Caliburn Added Vonsnake - Out There Added Vonsnake - Orbitronix Added Vonsnake - Beyond Added Xpand - Lightspeed Remastered Wyvern, Nexus, Diavolt, Omnicom, G-Tek, Tenrai and Scorpio. For soundtrack DLC owners, you can find the original versions in the Legacy folder. Music introduced in expansions are now prefixed with the expansions now Fixed Shiftdelete - The Only Way Is Up not being streamed and causing a small frame hiccup when loading Shiftdelete - Worldwide is now the song played when returning to a lobby in multiiplayer VR Added option to set which eye will be drawn in the desktop game window Custom Race Menu rewritten from scratch to be consolidated into a si...A look at the new light mapperJun 13, 2020 - Community Announcements1.1.6 is introducing a new light mapper, rewritten from the ground up with new features and improvements. This was originally designed for use on Outer Reaches, but now all of the internal tracks have been updated with general improvements and inclusion of these new features. And of course, all of it will be available for custom track creators! Here's a look at a couple of the updated tracks. On top of updating every track with the new lightmapper, a handful of tracks have also had some touch ups to add a bit more atmosphere and improve visibility. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/25217624/efddde95f302f759516a0c5c79eb2aecaed3957e.jpg {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/25217624/bf0a6655421195b803654262460ec9e74ab94593.jpg {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/25217624/2115f01cdef7afa705a9f10646bc9bbe1d445278.jpg {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/25217624/36d1d2b3443043bce4a689fefe4b655b6a283c37.jpg {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/25217624/753a8932261f66cd60ab82458fe751e42e4945af.jpgBallisticNG: Outer Reaches is coming July 20th!Jun 6, 2020 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/25217624/712ca78b888c13a5c3bf2ddd85ec6e65b7674391.png Outer Reaches is releasing for $2.99 on July 20th alongside the 1.1.6 update! Here's some final information and a recap of what's coming. Don't forget to add the expansion to your wishlist! Release Date Trailer Outer Reaches Liveries {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/25217624/25d7342398568eb3da2b6bdbc3302e8c894c251d.png {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/25217624/04fe1007e1429cdf5acf24bb111a14400183490c.png {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/25217624/666697f6cf4c27baf88272d543363599866b7ff9.png {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/25217624/5d70cf6b45b337fd2f2d63b61b1eab5bfab10c15.png {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/25217624/0409191bbe0c270148a263ccdee4d2880ac54622.png {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/25217624/379c45d2d6abde093c238bff40cf4e5a7a761403.png {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/25217624/b483e213782dcaee3a90ff7abb90ccc583ff81ad.png {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/25217624/f130058f0f470da252d08074a86a4955a9e40584.png {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/25217624/c25f7931c9ea6149cfc7e14373fc99b86e125232.png {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/25217624/f7442e8224fe2f89e131e808689531a892040c38.png {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/25217624/a1d8ae172032d7e93474c22dfdf5b9ec3ad183a8.png {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/25217624/41c1c565e542d7676bf0ad45f6391d43b801ac7b.png {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/25217624/20d4bedffef30416bad1df415487185028c1a793.png {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/25217624/61257fd22b4977839bf3cb36bf96ea9175bd3890.png {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/25217624/2e688d16f6895e3384d1e4d082e0f9be4e2d9b88.png {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/25217624/a41d3d0c3b8ff92074f46cf038fbd89cfbd44853.png {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/25217624/0c0ed2d64fc8fdb337c8646f60b345e19111eb6c.png {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/25217624/2fec47ab733135c1b487504f02ff05004481e168.png Tracks Recap Caldera Mars The plans to make mars habitable are well underway with the martian habitat project. This giant biodome offers a breathable living space and sets the standard for the first generation of extraterrestrial colonization. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/25217624/91b35ee8cd8aa8c15e00b1d114321b5ce0c4f68e.jpg {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/25217624/3de9aaaded9b1e91059098681d184a38f78225ec.jpg Project 9 Planet 9 Take to the skies and fly around the chilling climate monitoring station of the mysterious Planet 9. Smooth glides and vertigo await you in this low gravity thrill ride. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/25217624/76535c9bc522d3fdbef2ee48b3ea676212f34913.jpg {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/25217624/7e560b6ea15d452c42f5470dca9f4d5f3633b82e.jpg Haze Titan With the lowest gravity of the Outer Reaches planetary courses, prepare for vertigo as you drop down and climb up the dark mountainous landscape of Titan. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/25217624/fa7cede46196e61866135e7d551aefd59084d483.jpg {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/25217624/239225b871ee2c942b974ddf2ffd289dd8ab05fd.jpg Helios Descent Mercury Building on the foundation of a previously banned weapon, Helios Descent showcases the return of teleportation technology in this looping point to point circuit descending down the Helios Solar Farm. {STE...BallisticNG: Outer Reaches - Kuiper OverturnMay 25, 2020 - Community AnnouncementsHere's a look at the final track for Outer Reaches, and with it the wait is almost over! With the completion of this we hope to have a release date in the coming weeks. We'll now be adding some finishing touches to tracks, finishing off the new roster of liveries, getting the Orbitronix cockpit implemented and building the campaign. Kuiper Overturn Fly around asteroid debris in the Kuiper Belt with this completely zero graviity circuit, built for pilots with strong stomachs and a lust for something a bit crazy. On this track your ship automatically orientates to follow the navigation guides and you pitch to allign yourself with them faster, which is required to maintain your top speed as you would on any normal track. Pitching also alters your vertical height, which is required to reach some of the floating speed/weapon pads. As you're in space there's also no drag to resist the ship, so your top speed and intensity of drifts are also increased. Gameplay Screenshots {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/25217624/d33df90988fad7029c21cfafe1c8b5d573077904.jpg {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/25217624/02b865e01ce3d3ca10dbee7974ee2874988bc92b.jpg {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/25217624/6d6326fa75dcdbe141104e5d13530537e9963e4d.jpg {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/25217624/63a2a2cd7c73f37c33eaea1955ef03bcc54ace25.jpgBallisticNG: Outer Reaches - Port AresMay 17, 2020 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/25217624/712ca78b888c13a5c3bf2ddd85ec6e65b7674391.png Here's a look at the 5th and 2nd to last track for Outer Reaches! Port Ares Zero gravity and half pipes await you in the Mars transportation hub of Port Ares, the second open space circuit seen in the AGL and the first real test of G-Teks new generation of AG technology capabilities. Gameplay Screenshots {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/25217624/8825f03d0c7176f21a9b49db6166543c5b5951f0.jpg {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/25217624/575d3e7044e4b52ab0367d86ea0a7a40c51aca6d.jpg {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/25217624/7c31dad2ebfe437dfdb5d445dedb439c3d081e06.jpg {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/25217624/50b707617c8e1ac4f38b87d987761459fd49ffb4.jpgBallisticNG 1.1.6 - Beta 2Apr 14, 2020 - Community AnnouncementsThere's a lot going on under the hood right now and 1.1.6 and Outer Reaches are still a way off, so to keep you updated with some of the work here's another beta release for 1.1.6! This build has a preview of what to expect from the liveries in Outer Reaches. G-Tek, Wyvern and Hyperion have been updated with their new liveries and for the time being are unlocked from the get go. Important Notes 1.1.6 is not compatible with 1.1.5 for multiplayer. If you plan to play with others who are on the 1.1.5 release then please see the information directly below this. With this release the multiplayer versioning now also uses the game's version instead of an internal multiplayer version, so from now on everybody needs to be playing on the same builds for multiplayer to work. 1.1.5 and 1.1.6-d20 code mods are not compatible with 1.1.6-d33. For best stability you will need to disable them. Joining the beta We strongly recommend that you make a backup of your 1.1.5 install that you can run separately. Once your UserData folder has been upgraded to the User folder there is no option to downgrade it back. If you want/need to return to 1.1.5 for any reason you will want your old UserData folder or backup of the entire build ready to use. Right click the game in your library, head to properties, the beta tab, select beta from the dropdown and then close the window. The game should then begin updating. If it doesn't then restart Steam. Issues? Please share! If you run into any issues with this beta, especially with the UserData folder upgrade and new input saving, please let us know! The easiest way to tell us is on Discord via our bug reports channel. You can find that here: Also see this thread for info on the game's output log and how to send it our way: Notes From Beta 1 File Path Upgrader Make sure nothing in the UserData folder is open, including the folder itself or any sub folders in your operating systems file browser. The game needs permission to move folders and having anything open will deny it access. If something goes wrong then the game will report the issue to the debug console (ctrl + backspace) and the log file. When you first launch 1.1.6 it will perform an upgrade of your UserData folder. This moves everything into the new User folder which has a different folder structure to better organise settings and mod content. All data is first moved into a backup folder (UserData_BCK), so anything the game doesn't recognise will need to be manually moved from this folder into the new User folder. If custom tracks are manually installed instead of through the workshop the game will need to generate new menu cache files. New Settings Backend 1.1.6 introduces a total rewrite of the game's settings and user preferences management. Previous settings will be migrated over but preferences won't. Preferences are settings that are automatically saved. These use...BallisticNG: Outer Reaches - Helios DescentMar 11, 2020 - Community Announcements{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/25217624/712ca78b888c13a5c3bf2ddd85ec6e65b7674391.png Here's a look at Outer Reaches' 4th track and a rework of Marina Rush! New songs now available The following have been added to the soundtrack. These will be available in-game for the final 1.1.6 release and are available now as a free update to the soundtrack DLC! Vonsnake - Caliburn Vonsnake - Out There Helios Descent Building on the foundation of a previously banned weapon, Helios Descent showcases the return of teleportation technology in this looping point to point circuit descending down the Helios Solar Farm. This is a floorhugger track and the first track to make use of the new teleportation mechanic! Stay tuned as the next 2 tracks is where the fun really begins ;) Gameplay Screenshots {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/25217624/c6c69029fca2dd4c1763f6d515dcfeb0170f7d64.jpg {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/25217624/09b6be733fa6c725fbcd994709939fd792a0906f.jpg {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/25217624/8a4c2aa83012d42b818dac8292ec40045192957e.jpg {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/25217624/4bdb9bc03043a84b1b1f6f5f4798072b6e40105f.jpg New Marina Rush Based on community feedback since it's intial update in 0.9, Marina Rush has been remade to bring it into style with the rest of the game and improve on the layout. The new version is ever so slightly shorter then the original so we can push this out with 1.1.6 and not invalidate the top leaderboard scores. We also have another free track in the works that'll be coming shortly after Outer Reaches releases. A part of this new track is already on an existing track, see if you can find it! Gameplay Screenshots {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/25217624/a1bc1f64a4935b7044a75cd8f1a35b850df39d7a.jpg {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/25217624/8e36fd896619a54959a067d36af7ec21e940e638.jpg {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/25217624/97aa1f0a363bcd6415044e0fd1b125d178ea1e81.jpg {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/25217624/0a15b8340cc54c514e2e603e67cb2e3e093a4674.jpg